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Dawn of the zombie boys: chapter 1

By Hypnopupos published May 15, 2019

A new biochemical gets out into a small town

*Disclaimer: This story is not mine originally, however, the author,NananaDangerous, has given me permission to post this edited version and he and I will be working together to finish the story so please don’t report me and enjoy. *


William Roberts glanced down at the digital display in his rig. 1:50 PM, damnit I’m going to be late! He thought angrily. The thirty five year old truck driver sighed and considered pulling over for the night. Looks like it might rain. Rain in addition to these shitty back mountain roads would not be a safe mix. He thought. He glanced back at the two hundred pounds of whatever the fuck the government had him hauling half way across the god damned country and sighed. Fuck it. I’m going to make this delivery tonight if it kills me.

And as William soon found out, it would.

Thirty Minutes Later

William spotted a dog standing in the middle of the road. William had always had a soft spot for animals and couldn’t allow himself to hit the poor thing. So he swerved his truck to avoid the Dog. In doing so he careened the truck off the side of the mountain.

The truck arched downwards landing directly utop a natural gas line. A mushroom cloud of fire and smoke rose up into the air, the steady stream of burning chemicals instantly mixing with the gathering rain clouds.


Dustin Demers awoke with a start, he had been having a terrible nightmare. Looking at his digital clock near his bedside table he noticed that he had overslept! He jumped out of bed quickly getting dressed.

“Mom! Dad!? Why the hell didn’t you get me up? Now I’m going to be late for school.” He shouted. He received no response.

Stepping out of his room he noticed that none of the lights were on in the house. “Mom?” he called as he walked towards his parent’s bedroom. Knocking on the door twice, with no response he slowly entered the room.

Empty. Strangely enough the bed seemed to be made up.

Dustin noticed outside his parents’ window that a thick fog had descended upon his sleepy little town. Creepy. Like something straight out of Silent Hill. He thought.

Dustin made his way out of his parents’ bedroom and into the living room. “Dad??” He called. Still no response. He made his way over to the TV and turned it on. The screen came to life briefly. Displaying one of those color test images and then flashing over to a black screen with two words illuminated on it in white. “DEAD AIR”

Sighing Dustin turned the television back off.

Dustin made his way over to the telephone in order to call someone, and find out what was happening but soon realised the line was dead.

Dustin was starting to panic now. He made his way outside his house. The fog was extremely thick he noticed. It also seemed to have a strange smell to it. Kind of nice. He thought numbly.

He noticed off in the distance movement and so he started making his way over to it.

“Hello!” he called. From his house he couldn’t really tell if the movement he saw was from a person or an animal or if he just imagined it in the first place. But as he got nearer he noticed it was a boy like him. It was hard to tell in the fog but he looked to be around fifteen to sixteen years old. So a little younger than Dustin. Dustin couldn’t help but notice how attractive the boy was. The boy hold medium length blond hair, a slender build, and a cute face. As Dustin got closer the boy’s clothing, or lack there of for that matter, became apparent. The boy was naked.

The boy was shambling around it seemed. Walking aimlessly.

Dustin started getting a little dizzy the closer he got to the boy. “Heelloooo, you allrrright? Wheere your clothes??” he called again. Not noticing how weird his voice was starting to sound. The boy stopped suddenly turning towards Dustin.

They were about ten feet apart now and the boy started walking towards Dustin. Still without saying a word. Dustin was starting to feel sleepy, and didn’t sense any immediate threat from the strange boy in front of him. So he held his ground.

Now the two were about five feet apart. The boy let out a moan as he suddenly lunged for Dustin.

From out of the fog a baseball slammed into the boy mid-lunge. The boy fell to the ground. “Quick before he gets back up kid, let’s go.” A figure grabbed hold of Dustin’s arm from out of the fog and started pulling the dazed boy somewhere. Dustin closed his eyes a started the fall.

The figure grabbed him just as he was about to hit the ground.


Dustin opened his eyes groggily. Looking around he noticed he was laying on a couch in a home that he didn’t recognize. The second thing he noticed was that he wasn’t alone. A boy sat in a chair opposite to the couch, staring at him.

Dustin sat up. “Where am I?”

The boy in the chair opposite to him smiled, “Glad you’re awake! I was worried you might have turned like everyone else I’m really glad you didn’t.”

“What do you mean?”

The boy frowned. “You know, the zombies??? Come on it aint rocket science kid, you’ve got to have seen a zombie movie before. Pretty similar to our situation isn’t it? You look like you’re my age, sixteen right? Anyways you’re the first normal person I’ve found. Other than my brother…”

The boy trailed off for a moment. A sad look in his eyes. Then continued, “So what’s your name? I’m Richard Desailles, but my friends call me Rich so you can call me Rich. We’re friends right? Of course we are I saved your life. Well sort of. I’m not really sure if those other boys out there are living or not…they certainly aren’t like any zombie I’ve seen before…anyways point is if you had stayed out there in the fog much longer you woulda turned. Or if I didn’t throw that baseball at that boy, he woulda got ya. Either way, you should be thankful.”

“Woah woah hold up,” Dustin said. “Oh my name is Dustin by the way. But hold up, zombies aren’t real dude.”

Rich sighed. “Alright whatever man, I know what I saw and I know what happened to my brother…”

At the mention of his brother Rich choked up and started to cry.

Dustin got up off the couch and ran over to Rich and hugged him. He wasn’t sure why he did it exactly but it seemed appropriate.

Rich hugged back. —OO—

Rich smiled at his sixteen year old brother. “Look dude I don’t know what’s going on but it’s going to be alright, Promise.”

Tommy smiled back. They had woken up that morning to find their house empty except for the two of them. Now it was an hour later and they were entering the gas station near their house to try to find out what was going on. The TV was out and the phone was dead, so this seemed to be the next best option for the brothers.

The two were both wearing bandanas to cover their nose and mouth from the fog. It wasn’t perfectly effective but it was better than breathing it in. The fog smelled funny, and Rich knew that wasn’t a good sign.

Rich took point entering the gas station. It appeared to be empty. “Shit!” He cursed, “Ï don’t think anyone is going to be here Tommy.”

Tommy frowned. “I’ll check in the back for someone, hey maybe while we’re here we can grab some snacks. Hehe nobody will mind one or two missing candy bars.”

Rich couldn’t help but smile, Tommy seemed to have a way of seeing the bright side to every situation. “Sure dude. I’ll grab the candy, you check in the back.”

“Good deal!” Tommy beamed and high fived his brother. Tommy made his way to the far end of the store. The door to the storage area was past the coolers so obviously Tommy grabbed a soda.

In the storage room Tommy could hear someone moving around behind one of the racks of boxes, “Heello!!!” he called loudly. The moving stopped. Tommy continued moving his way closer to where he heard the noise coming from. “Hey look I know you’re there.” he said cautiously. As he rounded the corner he was struck by a very odd sight. Jeremy McKormic the nineteen year old boy who worked the morning shift at this gas station stood completely naked in front of Tommy.

Jeremy was not a stranger to Tommy. He had dated Tommy’s sister just the year before. Of course he thought that it was kind of weird for a fifteen year old girl to be dating a nineteen year old guy, but he wasn’t about to start judging. Especially considering he had his own quirks that some people might consider inappropriate. Like the fact that he thought he might like guys. Alright so he was still sort of young to know for sure, but the fact of the matter was that he was getting a familiar feeling in his crotch looking at Jeremy in the nude.

“Ummm Jeremy-” Tommy started. Suddenly Jeremy lunged forward and forced tommy to the ground. Jeremy quickly pulled tommy’s pants and underwear off exposing his erect cock. Before tommy could object, Jeremy started sucking his cock. Tommy moaned in extreme pleasure as he felt his cock go deep down Jeremy’s throat. It didn’t take long before tommy cummed in Jeremy’s mouth. Jeremy swallowed it all and frantically licked tommy clean. Tommy was lost in a state of bliss as the transformation had begun.

Rich was wondering where his brother was and what was taking him so long so he walked into the back of the store. “ Tommy where are you?”

That’s when he saw….


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