You Need A Plan

By Willie Cici published May 13, 2019

Dane has a plan, but doesn’t have a contingency …

Dane Wallace stood upon the edge of the pavilion. He stared at the expanse before him: golden sand, bright azure waters, large umbrellas providing shade to the hundreds of beach mongers who dotted the coastline of the Caribbean playland. He smiled and nodded ‘yes’. He coursed his fingers through his gelled hair. His smooth, hairless body, slightly tanned, garnered the glances of many hotties enjoying the pool or walking towards the beach.

“So many women. So little time.”, Dane muttered to himself. He flexed for show, shamelessly. He watched young girls, old women and all of those in between gazing and lusting. He headed for the beach, after he assessed the prospects at the pool.

At the edge of the pool pavilion, Dane spotted a vendor, selling fruity drinks using the fruit as the container. “Two please.”, Dane said, as he pondered his next move. The bartender handed Dane two large coconuts, with straws bored into the center of the fruit. Dane held the two coconuts in his palms, as you would two full-figured breasts. He spotted a place to sit and sip his fruity drinks. He body glistened, his muscles popped, his sexy self emitted a magnetic vibe. (To see Dane on the beach, click here).

“What are you drinking?”, a voice called out.

Dane looked up and smiled. “Payday.”, he thought to himself. “I don’t know. It’s sweet. You want some?” He offered the second fruit to the shapely, bikini-clad brunette. She leaned over and flashed a little breast to the blonde stud. Dane smiled. “What do you think?”

“Sweet.”, the brunette said. “I’m Vanessa.”

Dane stood up and said, “I’m Dane. Let’s get out of the sun.”, Dane said. He led the bikini-clad brunette to an umbrella with two cloth lounge chairs upon a wooden platform. The two conversed and enjoyed the fruity drink. Dane wove his web, getting the brunette’s juices flowing.

After thirty minutes, the inevitable question followed. “Do you want to come back to my room?” Dane smiled. It was 11am and he had snared his first of the day. He rose from the lounge chair and followed Vanessa towards the main lobby of the resort, to the elevator. During the elevator ride, Vanessa groped Dane. As the elevator door opened, Vanessa tugged on Dane’s hand and dragged him to the hotel room near the elevator.

Ninety minutes later, Dane hurried out of the hotel room, grinning. He found the stairwell and descended the three flights to his floor. He reached his hotel room and opened the safe in the closet of the room. When the safe opened, he pulled out the wad of currency that he purloined from his drugged sex partner. After satisfying the sex-craved brunette, Dane grabbed his beach trunks, headed to the bathroom, and washed his face. He drew two glass of water. From the hidden pouch of his trunks, Dane grabbed the small glycine envelope, emptied the powder into one of the glasses of water and mixed the tasteless narcotic. He returned to the bed and handed Vanessa the spiked water. When she passed out, Dane rummaged through her purse and luggage and stole about $1200 in assorted currency. He did not steal all of Vanessa’s money, but enough to cause a dent in her stash.

Dane looked at the clock on the nightstand near his bed: 1:10. He walked into his bathroom and found his toiletries bag. He opened the small little bottle, secured two red pills, ‘Lung Fu Chuang Yeung Dan’, a Chinese herb supplement, and swallowed the supplements. Dane had a full day of victims to pursue. He needed his energy and his prowess for the rest of the day. He also retrieved another glycine envelope and pocketed it in the hidden pouch of his trunk, as he prepared for another victim.

Dane sauntered out of the elevator and strut towards the pool pavilion. It was day six of his working vacation. The stud thief had earned well, seducing the milfs of the resort and then relieving them of their currency. When Dane reached the pool, he surveyed the landscape and nodded ‘yes’.

“I know what you’re doing.”, a voice whispered behind Dane’s back. Dane turned to face the voice. “I know what you’re doing.”, the voice said again.

“Yeah. So do I. I’m standing on the beach staring at hot women.”, Dane said.

“I … know … what … you’re doing.”, the voice muttered. “Teach me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”, Dane said.

“You’ve got about $15,000 in that safe in your room.”, the voice said.

Dane stared at the handsome young man. He was a native to the island or at least the region. His stunning Latin looks betrayed his origin. He spoke with no accent, but his looks could not deny his Latin heritage.

“It’s simple. You target a hottie. Someone in their 30s or 40s. You seduce them, take them back to their room, fuck them silly, drug them and rob them.”, Dane admitted.

“Really?”, the man asked, incredulously.

“Yes. Every time.”, Dane answered. “Now, who are you?”, Dane asked.

“Guillermo. Guillermo Ladron.”, the man replied, extended his hand and smiled.

“Guillermo. That’s ‘Will’.”, Dane said. Will nodded ‘yes’. “Join me. We can try … those two over there.” Will nodded ‘yes’. Dane and Will walked along the beach chairs and patios until they spotted the two bikini-clad milfs. A little sweet talk, a little sweet drink, some tawdry dirty talk, and in less than an hour, Dane and Will escorted the milfs to the milfs’ hotel room. Dane and Will satisfied the horny milfs. Afterwards, Dane mixed the potent potable and served the spiked beverages. Dane and Will pillow-talked the milfs until they passed out from the narcotics. Dane and Will rummaged about the milfs’ wallets and purses, retrieved as much loose currency as possible and hurried out of the hotel room before the milfs awoke from their drug-induced slumber.

In the elevator, Dane handed Will his share of the purloined currency. “$300. Not good, but still, better than nothing.”

Will pressed his floor on the elevator control panel. Before they reached the 8th floor, Will said, “When are you leaving? I don’t want to tread on your business.”

“I have two more days. If you don’t mind.”, Dane said.

“No. I’m good.”, Will said. As the elevator doors opened at the 8th floor, Will stepped out of the elevator car and said, “Thanks. I learned a lot.”

Dane pressed the ‘doors close’ button on the control panel. He rose the elevator to the ground level, hoping to return to the beach. It was still early. He had at least four more hours of quality beach time.

The next day, Dane opened his eyes. He had broken the cardinal rule of the scam: don’t stray from the plan. He had succumbed to lust and alcohol last night. Instead of executing his plan, Dane seduced a Latin hottie. There was no payday. He was pursuing pleasure, not profit. As he rose from the Latin hottie’s bed, Dane searched for his clothes, finding them strewn about the hotel room.

“Where are you going?”, the Latin hottie said.

“I’ve … I’ve gotta go.”, Dane said, as he scurried to find his boxer briefs and white dress pants. He shook his head. “Walk of shame for me this morning.”, he thought to himself. He stared at his Latin hottie. “Was that the best I could do?”, he further pondered. “She’s not that cute.” Dane was truly disgusted. Not only had he abandoned his plan, but he lowered his standards. “I didn’t think I was that drunk to fuck that.”, he thought to himself. He donned his shirt, leaned over towards the bed and kissed his Latin hottie. “I’ll see you around.”

“I’m sure you will.”, the Latin hottie muttered, as he ogled Dane strutting out of the hotel room, his pert buttocks filling the white dress pants impeccably. “I’m sure you will.”

After a quick shower and change of clothes, Dane returned to the pool pavilion for another day of sex and payday. The pickings were slim that morning. Dane had already seduced many of the quality milfs. As he meandered about the pool, Dane spotted Will approaching an attractive woman. He studied Will’s moves and admired his style. In minutes, Dane saw Will and the milf walk towards the hotel. As the couple passed by Dane, Will said, “Are you ready?” Dane blinked his eyes. He heard Will’s voice. “Are you ready?”, Will said again. Dane nodded ‘yes’. “Good. Let’s go.”

Dane followed Will and the milf into the hotel lobby. They rode the elevator to the 17th floor and entered the milf’s hotel room. As she entered the room, the milf handed $500 to Will and kissed him. Will pocketed the currency. He faced Dane and said, “Take off your clothes.” Dane slowly removed his clothes and stood naked in the middle of the hotel room. Will had removed his jammers and sat on the edge of bed, wiggling his cock. “On your knees.”, Will ordered. Dane knelt before Will. “Suck it. Like you did last night.”, Will said. Dane licked Will’s shaft to the base of his ball sack. He suckled on Will’s dangling balls and then traced his tongue along Will’s stiffening shaft. When Dane reached Will’s cock head, he suckled on the thick, mushroom head and then swallowed Will’s rod. The milf sat in the corner of the room and watched Dane fellate Will, enjoying her private performance.

Will looked into Dane’s eyes. Dane was right: you need a plan and execute it. Will had no intention of burglarizing his customers. He intended to perform for them or with them, for the right price. Will also intended to bring Dane along as his partner. Will’s great uncle brewed a special island juice. His combination of powders and native liquids produced a juice that allowed Will to control Dane. At the bar the night before, Will and Dane were partying, talking up some blondes. Will spiked Dane’s drink and entranced the sexy thief. Will carried Dane to his room and started his training by force feeding Dane ounces of Will’s special island juice. By the end of the night, Dane responded to the sound of Will’s voice and obey whatever he said.

Dane’s active cock sucking prompted a pre-mature ejaculation on Will’s part. He shot his load on Dane’s lips. After wiping the cum from Dane’s face and feeding the cum to the kneeling Dane, Will said, “Get on the bed.” Dane lay upon the bed. Will promised an hour show. Only fifteen minutes passed. “I’m going to have to rethink this plan.”, Will thought to himself, as he kissed Dane’s cock and sucked the stud for the watchful eyes of the paying milf.

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