The Long Drive - A Sequel

By Willie Cici
published October 2, 2016

Cal encounters a stranger …

One of the comments I received from the original story read, as follows: Evil Stepdad sells off his son to a pimp…. Disney porn! - now we need a chapter where he is rescued by the handsome hunky prince. …and they live happily ever after.

That comment demanded this sappy sequel.

Cal woke up in a king size bed that faced the Pacific Ocean. The wall of windows invited the strong California sun into the spacious master suite. Next to him, asleep, was last night’s assignment. The muscled Adonis had secured Cal’s services from the modeling agency that now employed the young stud, the agency owned by Al Fisher, his estranged father’s good friend. Tired and ashamed, Cal rose from the bed and walked upon the balcony to gaze upon the ocean, to feel the cool breezes, to start his day anew. (To see Cal on the deck, go to click here ). Cal looked about and sighed. He returned inside and grabbed his cell phone: three text messages and a voicemail message. Again, Cal sighed as he reviewed the text messages. Al had arranged another modeling gig for him that afternoon. He was expected at the photo shoot at 12noon. Again, Cal sighed. What adventure would this new modeling gig offer him? More underwear to model? More photographers who wanted to feel him up? More old men to please? After six months, Cal had grown weary of his plight. The money he earned provided him a comfortable living, but at what cost? “There has to be more than this?”, he thought to himself. He entered the bedroom, found a bathing suit in his dresser, and headed for the beach, opting for ocean swimming instead of gym cardio. He exercised on the beach until his muscles tired and the early morning sun scorched his skin. (To see Cal on the beach, go to click here ).

As Cal returned to the house, he resigned himself to his fate, at least for that afternoon. He headed for the shower to wash away the sandy residue. (To see Cal in the shower, go to click here.) As he covered himself with a towel, Cal headed for the shower and set the water’s temperature. As he dropped his towel and entered the shower, he heard footsteps and then a voice. “I was wondering where you were.”, the man said. Cal turned around to see his host. The young man walked into the shower and joined Cal. The warm waters drenched his body. (To see Cal’s host, go to click here.) Cal thought to himself, “At least this one is a stud.” Cal knew the drill. He grabbed some soap and lathered the stud’s sculpted physique, his hands roving about the stud’s cobbled core and throbbing member. Cal stroked the stud’s cock until it stiffened hard and solid. Cal turned about and let the soap cascade about his back. The stud plunged his rock hard cock into Cal’s soapy ass. Cal pressed against the shower wall, stroking his cock in time with the stud’s thrusts. When the stud was ready, he pulled out his cock and sprayed his cum about the shower floor. Cal orgasm as well, cum flowing down the shower drain. Cal resumed bathing himself and the stud. As he toweled himself and the stud, he said, “You’re going to be a household name.”

Cal had heard these promises before. The stud’s promise did not impress Cal. Many a randy promoter or photographer had promised him fame. None had delivered so far. Cal thanked his host for a good time, collected his belongings, and left the beachfront home. In his pants’ pockets, he found folded currency. When he counted the money, Cal shook his head. “$300 to suck this prick’s cock!” Cal pocketed the money and drove along the highway in his 2002 Chevy Camaro convertible.

As he drove to his next modeling assignment, Cal contemplated his future. He wanted more. He knew that he had a mind and wanted a better life. For now, he would proceed to the gig, but he vowed to make changes in this life. He did not want to disappoint Al, his agent, the man who gave him a home and a living when his family turned against him. Cal could not go home. His dad had disowned when he learned that Cal was gay. His father would not answer his letters, emails, telephone calls, anything. Cal’s family refused to reply to any of his attempts.

When Cal arrived at the photo shoot in downtown Los Angeles, he met the photographer, Blake Douglas. He had worked with Blake many times. Cal hated working for Blake. The older man expected Cal to pose in the skimpiest of swimwear and drop trough as much as possible. Blake also expected his models to provide ‘special services’.

Near the end of the photo shoot, Blake approached Cal and said, “Listen. I have a favor. Quick money. Cash. I need you to pose with two other models. Some leather gear company. You’ll look great.”

“I’m not interested.”, Cal said.

“Al said …”, Blake continued.

“I’d rather not.”, Cal insisted.

“But Al said … “, Black replied.

“Fuck Al and fuck you. I’m not doing another one of your porn shoots.” When Blake did not respond, Cal continued. “That’s what it is, right? Leather bondage. I’m not interested. Get someone else.” Before Cal could walk away and enter his dressing room, the two models for the leather shoot approached Cal and physically restrained the young model.

Blake said, “I don’t think you understand.” Cal struggled and wrestled to get away from the two men. Blake used a stun gun to subdue the young stud. The two models, already dressed for the photo shoot, held Cal in place, while Blake’s assistants dressed Cal in leather straps and a harness. The two men then dragged Blake to a padded fuck bench and restrained the young man. By now, the shock wore off and Cal had regained consciousness.

“Can you hear me?”, Blake said.

“Yes. I can hear you.”, Cal shouted. He continued to holler until Blake strapped a ball gag in Cal’s mouth.

“Scream all you want.”, Blake announced. “The camera does not pick up sound.”

The two men and Cal posed for more than hour. The photo shoot depicted the young men in various positions mimicking ass play with Cal tied to the fuck bench. During the entire photo shoot, Cal held back tears, but succumb several times. “Why is this happening to me?”, he thought to himself.

When the photo shoot ended, Blake said, “Okay boys. Now for the real thing.”

Before the two models could fuck the restrained model, a man rushed into the photo shoot and struck the young models, knocking them to the ground. When Blake stood ready to attack the man, the man struck Blake to the ground. He drew a sword, placed it about his heart, and said, “Untie this man before you feel the wrath of my sword.”

Cal witnessed the entire episode. He could not believe his eyes. The man reminded Cal of a character from a 19th century novel. He stood, dressed in tight white riding pants, a white collared shirt and a black leather waistcoat, as if a nobleman of yesteryear. Cal had never seen the man before, but he was grateful for the man’s assistance and bravery.

The man untied Cal from the fuck bench and said, “Are you okay?” Before he could answer, the man unstrapped the ball gag from Cal’s mouth.

Cal, now standing erect, replied, “Yes. I’m okay. Thanks to you.” He took a moment to collect his thoughts. As he did, Cal stared at the dashing figure. He could not help but notice his rescuer’s physique and pronounced member, the tight white riding pants clinging so. (To see Cal’s rescuer, go to click here) “Who are you?”

“My name is William Hartford.”, the man said. Cal noticed that the man had an accent, European for sure. His English was stilted. He could not place the country of origin, but clearly, he was not American. “No one should suffer that treatment.”

“I don’t know how to thank you.”, said Cal.

“Your gratitude is sufficient. Let me help you collect your belongings.” The man followed Cal to his dressing room. Cal grabbed his clothes and exited the studio, before Blake and the models could launch another attack. As they exited the studio, the man said, “Would you care to join me for dinner?” When Cal hemmed and hawed, “I know no one in this country. Your company would be appreciated.”

“I’m hardly dressed for dinner.”, Cal retorted, pointing to his apparel.

“At my home.”, the man said.

“Sure. It is the least I can do after your kindness to me.”, Cal answered. As Cal and the man walked towards Cal’s vehicle, he asked, “How should I address you?”

“You may call me William.”, the young man answered.

“You must have a title? Your clothes …”, Cal said.

“Baron Hartford. But you may call me William.”, the young man replied.

As they reached Cal’s vehicle, William said, “Come with me. We can retrieve your vehicle later.” William led Cal to a vintage Rolls Royce limousine. The chauffeur opened the door for William and Cal.

Cal entered and reclined in the rear of the limousine. “Who are you?”

“I am … a man without a country.”, William replied. Before the vehicle drove off, Cal took a moment to remove the leather gear and don his clothes. As the car drove onto the highway, Cal hurled the leather gear out of the window. During the hour-long drive to William’s estate overlooking the ocean, the two men spoke about their pasts and their presents. Eventually, the limousine stopped at a massive stone and iron gate. As the gate swung open, the limousine slowly entered the driveway and headed for the estate. The home, modeled after a Tuscan-style villa, occupied more than an acre of prime beachfront real estate. When the chauffeur opened the door, Cal was stunned at the opulence and finery of the estate.

William and Cal entered the home and walked toward the great room of the mansion. As Cal stared at the rippling waves of the Pacific Ocean, William stared at the man whose life he spared. Cal felt the piercing stare of his protector. When he turned, Cal said, “Baron Hartford, I cannot repay you for your kindness.”

William approached Cal, took him by the hand and said, “I don’t want repayment.” He kissed Cal passionately and said, “I … I …” Cal returned the kiss with another. He roamed his hands about William’s chest and caressed his buttocks. William led Cal by the hand down a long corridor, to his bedroom. The moonlight filled the bedroom. The stars sparkled in the dark, blackened sky. William guided Cal to the bed. As they slowly undressed each other, their passion intensified and blossomed, sealed with kiss after kiss.

The next morning, Cal lay next to his protector. He knew that his life would never be the same. William rose from the bed, donned a velvet robe and walked down the hallway. As he entered an adjacent room, William grabbed his cell phone and placed a telephone call.

“Yes. As planned. No. He does not suspect. It’s for the best. From the first time I laid eyes on him. Yes, maybe, who knows. For now, I’m enjoying myself. Yes. I will. Good day to you, Mr. Fisher.” As he ended the call, William returned to his bedroom, removed the velvet robe and slid back into the bed. He nestled next to Cal and wrapped his hands and blanket about his lover’s well-crafted physique. “All mine.”, William whispered. “All mine.”

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