A New Playbook

By Sunfire God
published July 2, 2005

John has no idea why cum suddenly tastes so damn good.

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John Stevens was the star of the Oneida College football team, he was the quarterback, a junior. He was a born athlete, at twenty one he was six foot five and around 225 pounds of pure muscle. He had dark black hair and brown eyes, that made all of the girls on campus swoon. He was also a jackass to anybody who he felt was inferior. He usually kept his rants and putdowns to freshman and the computer geeks on campus, but one day he went too far, and his life would change a as a result.

“we fucking rocked tonight!” yelled John. They had just won their fifth game in a row, against there biggest rival Cumberland.

“yeah we can’t be stopped!” said Mike Roberts, the teams center and the glue that held the team together.

The coach came in and gave a speech telling how “proud” he was of everyone, it was a standard speech that all coaches give to their teams after a big win.

After the coach left the team started to get ready to leave, and party. John stripped off his uniform standing clad only in his jock, he loved to walk around clad only in his jock, it made him feel superior to the other junior players. He had a thick dick and a good set of balls, which made the pouch of his Jock bulge out. He looked at himself in a mirror and thought “the pussy can’t resist shit like this.” He stripped off his jock and hit the showers. His elbow was quite sore, so he decided to see the trainer for some ice.

After his shower John needed some therapy for his elbow. He put on some tight white briefs, and went into Dr. Jamison’s office.

“Hi there, John what can I do for you?” said the doctor. Dr. Jamison was gay, but no one on the team or the coaching staff new. He looked at John and thought he could eat him up, he would make some girl really happy.

“My left elbow is hurting like a mother fucker.” exlaimed John. “I think that I fell on one of the other teams helmets.”

“well at least it is not your throwing arm, come over here and let me put some ice on it.” said the doc. He looked at John’s elbow closely and decided it was only a bruise.

“Nothing serious John, just a bruise well ice it down so it won’t swell.” replied Jamison.

“So How are things going John?” inquired Jamison

“Well doc, something crazy happened yesterday. I was in the shower after practice when Some fucking faggot was staring at me. He must have been a student worker or something. I got so pissed that I wrapped a towel around myself and went out into the locker room. I acted like I wasn’t paying attention to him while he was sweeping. when he wasn’t looking I ran up behind him and grabbed the broom out of his hand.” said John

The doctor was furious inside, yet he did not show his emotions outwardly. If the guy was only looking what harm was done. John needed to be taught a hard lesson.

“What did you do to him John?” asked the Doctor.

“I beat the shit out of him with his broom, the fucking faggot begged me not to keep hitting him, but he deserved it fucking faggot.” said John.

“I guess he won’t do that again.” said the doctor.

“After the beating I gave him I know he’ll never be around this locker room again, Man I cannot stand fairies, how could a guy like another guy?” said John

“John I have something I the coach wants you to try if you would, Its a meditation tape that I have it will greatly improve your performance. I used the tape and I am doing ten times better in my basketball league.” said Dr. Jamison

“If it will improve my performance, I’ll try anything.”

Doctor Jamison walked to the windows of his office and pulled the blinds down so no one could see inside. He pulled the VCR and TV stand in front of John.

“John, when I turn on this tape, just look at the images on the screen and follow the directions of my voice Okay?”

“Sure thing Doc, but will this take long I have a date with Jennifer tonight, and I can’t wait to get some pussy, you know how that is Doc don’t ya.” said John

“Oh yeah John I know exactly what you are talking about.”

The doctor walked to the door, and locked it, and he turned the lights off. He hit play and the screen sprung to life.

“Just watch the images John, and relax.” “Just sit down and relax, focus on the screen. That’s it. Listen to my voice and relax. You just want to listen to my voice and relax. Feel your feet get all tingly. Now your calves and up to your thighs. It feels so good to relax….” Jamison could see John was relaxing. His eyes were getting somewhat glassy “Now, feel your whole body start to relax starting with your legs, now your stomach, that’s it, let it all go. Now feel your upper body and your arms, and fingers. It feels so good. Listen to Me John. As you hear my voice you will relax. See the screen how interesting it is. You can’t take your eyes off of it as you feel your neck relax. Now your face relax. You want to listen to me John, don’t you.” The screen was showing all sorts of weird colors and shapes, then it changed to a large black spiral, like a whirlpool.

“your eyes are closed now John, and the only thing in the world that matters is my voice.” “Focus only on my voice, I am going to tell you some things, and you will do whatever I say because my voice is infallible it can not tell you anything which is not the truth.”

“John tonight on your date with Jennifer, you will not be able to get an erection, and it will bother you greatly because you will be horny and frustrated.” said Jamison

“Yes sir.” said John

“From now on women will not arouse you physically but, In your mind you will still like women.”

“Yes sir.”

“Men will excite you physically now, you will become aroused only by men, but you will not understand why, because in your mind you still like women. All of your dreams and fantasies will be about men.”

“Yes sir.” “Yes sir.” said John

"you will start sleeping in the nude on top of the sheets. This will make you aroused and you will have to masturbate. when you ejaculate you will lick up your cum to clean yourself off. The cum will be the best the thing you have ever tasted, you will crave it. But you will only like women.

“Yes sir” said John.

“When I turn on the lights you will wake up and not remember anything but you will do as I have instucted you. Whenever I say “rubdown” you will resume this state, but go three times deeper.”

“Yes sir.”

The doctor stopped the tape, and turned the lights on.

“How about and ice pack for my elbow?” asked John

Dr. Jamison smiled John did not remember anything it had worked.

Steve Hogan was sitting in his dorm room studying for a history exam when the door flew open.

“shit, that bitch Jennifer, fucking pisses me off!” exclaimed John

“What happened?” questioned Steve.

“Well she was trying to give me a blowjob, but I couldn’t get it up, and the bitch laughed at me.” shouted John.

“That happens to the best of us John, don’t worry about it.” said Steve reasurringly.

“Well it doesn’t happen to me.” said John.

"I am going to bed, I have an early practice tomorrow, and I need the rest.

“I won’t bother you if I leave the light on while I study will I?” asked Steve.

“No I’ll be fine, I just need a shower than some rest.” said John.

John stripped down to his briefs and took his towel and shaving kit to the shower room with him.

There were’nt many people around and John went to the first shower head and began to rinse himself off trying to forget about his embarassing performance with Jennifer. He was soaping himself up when another student entered the shower area. This was a common occurrence so John just glanced to see who it was. It was a hispanic guy with mocha brown skin, and dark black hair, he took the shower head two down from John and began to soap his body up, he reached down and soaped up his ample cock and large balls, John was looking at the guy when he realized he was staring that freaked him out. He turned his head and tried to concentrate on his shower, but he kept wanting to look at the guy, he turned his head and stared at him again. The man was washing under his arms with his eyes closed and his cock was facing John. Unwittingly John’s cock began to harden, and it quickly sprung to a full erection. He began to stroke his cock, suddenly John realized what he was doing, and he was stunned, at the same time the other guy looked his way and saw John’s hard cock. John had never been so embarassed, he turned around and tried to will his cock down, it worked and it softened. The other guy continued his shower and left giving John a funny look. John was humiliated, he had no idea why he had gotten a boner in the shower, he wasn’t gay so he was confused.

He finished his shower and headed back to the room. Steve was busy studying and did not look up when John came in. John turned down his bed and started and put on his boxers and climbed into the bed. He lay down for a few minutes and began to feel very uncomfortable, kinda hot. He decided to lay on top of the bed clothes to cool off. This still did not make him comfortable so he took off his boxer, and lay down nude on top of the covers.

Steve heard all of his commotion and glanced over, John was lying nude on top of the sheets. He never did that.

“Why are you laying there like that?” asked Steve.

“I am burning up man, I had to cool off.” said John in a forced smile.

“Well you’ll cool off like that.” lauged Steve.

Steve turned around shaking his head, John was acting really weird, he thought it had to be because of his problems with Jennifer earlier. Steve returned to his studying.

John felt much more comfortable in his new condition. Steve got up a few hours later and went to sleep John was still awake, but he was lying on his side, so Steve thought he was asleep. Soon after Steve laid on his bed John’s dick began to come to life, and he began to feel very horny. His cock soon sprung up to its full eight inches and was leaking precum all over his sheets. John was terrified that Steve would see him like this, but he had to get some relief. He rolled onto his back and began to stroke his cock, it felt great.

Steve heard the creaking of John’s bed and peeked out of his half closed eyes and was shocked. John was lying on his back with his knees to his chest, stroking his cock and rubbing his balls with the other hand. In their three years of rooming together he had never seen or heard of John doing anything like this. He continued to watch, John’s breathing began to get faster, and he arched his back and his cock began spurting cum all over his chest.

John was in ecstasy he had never had such an orgasm, then he felt that what he had done was wrong he had to clean himself up so Steve would not know. His hands seemed to take a life of their own and he reached down and scooped the cum up into his hands. Then he brought his hands to his mouth and licked up the contents sucking the last drops from his fingertips. He was disgusted by what he had just done, but he could not believe how good it tasted. He lay there confused and humiliated by the days experiences.

Steve was amazed by what he had just seen, why on earth had he ate his own cum? He was having to keep from laughing, he could not believe what he had witnessed. He lay there tring to digest what he had just seen, and eventually they both fell asleep.

Part 2

John woke to the sound of his alarm clock buzzing, he glanced at the clock and it said six o’ clock he started to get out of bed, when he realized, he’d had a wet dream. He had dried cum all over his pubes, chest, and stomach. He hadn’t had a wet dream since he was in high school, he got all the pussy he needed so he did not have wet dreams. He glanced over at Steve, who was clad only in his briefs, lying on his back asleep, he noticed that Steve had an erection. He laughed to himself and started to get ready, when he felt his cock hardening again. His dick swelled to its full eight inches, John was confused, why would seeing Steve’s morning hard on make him get a boner?

He decided to get ready quick before Steve awoke, to see him in his strange condition. He grabbed his Jock and pulled it on, it looked silly with his hard cock tenting the front out. John said to himself, “man I need some pussy, to calm this thing down.” He pulled on his sweat pants and put on a T-shirt and headed to practice. His cock calmed down so at least he did not have a noticeable problem while walking towards the practice field.

He got to the fieldhouse, and went into the lockerroom to suit up for practice.
He entered and most of the team had already arrived. Steve walked to his locker and sat down on the bench he removed his shirt, and sweats and was sitting there only in his jock. His friend Alex walked over, wearing nothing but a smile. “Hey man, these morning practices are a bitch aren’t they.” exclaimed Alex.

Alex’s dick was about ten inches from John’s face, normally this would not
provoke a reaction from John, but today something was different. John was just staring right at his cock, taking in every detail, from the circumcision scar, to his piss slit. He could smell Alex’s masculine odor, and his cock started to respond.

“Did you hear me man?” asked Alex wondering why John was looking at him with that weird look in his eyes.

John realized he was staring and said, “Oh sorry man I guess I am still asleep.” John grabbed his discarded shirt and put it over his crotch to hide his erection.

“Well you had better wake up, cause We play Kent Saturday, and we need you to kick ass.” Joked Alex

“Yeah I just need to get some therapy on my elbow it is still kind of sore, I didn’t sleep well.” said John trying to come up with an excuse for his strange behavior.

Alex walked off and got ready for practice, while John just sat there trying to hide his hard cock. After about ten minutes everyone had went out onto the field, and John decided he had better get ready.

Dr. Jamison was looking out from his office window. He had notice John’s strange behavior, he was always the first one on the field. He peeped through his blinds, as John stood up dropping his shirt Jamison was ecstatic, John had an erection, and he had even leaked precum all over the front of his jock discoloring it.

John had to do something about his cock, he couldn’t go out onto the field in this condition, his hard cock would show through there practice shorts. He glanced around from side to side, making sure no one was around. He walked over to the door, leading to the playing field and locked it. He then walked over to his bench, and put his fingers under the waistband of his jock and slipped it right off. It caught on his hard cock, and his dick slapped against his chest when he pulled them off. John then did something that made the doctor laugh with glee. He pulled the pouch of his jock up to his nose and was sniffing them.

John, had no idea why he did that, and he started to through his jock down, but his mind stopped him. He put it back up to his nose and breathed in the musky smell again, and he reached down with his other hand and began to jack himself off. He was stroking himself at a very rapid pace, and the doctor was watching every second. “I wish I had a camera!” thought Jamison. John continued his show, he dropped the jock to the floor and began rubbing his chest and moaning.

John was getting close to orgasm, He reached down with his left and hand and let out a gasp, and shot his load right into his waiting hand. Just as he did the night before he took the contents to his mouth and devoured the contents greedily. He was disgusted, but at the same time he was in awe over the strength of his orgasm. John stood there nude while his cock went limp, savoring the taste in his mouth.

John picked up his jock, inhaling the pouch before putting it back on. He walked over to his locker and put on his shorts. He was reaching for his practice pads, when he heard a door open. John was shocked had someone seen his performance? He was relieved when he saw it was Dr. Jamison cause John saw that his blinds were drawn.

“John” said Dr. Jamison “How is your elbow, I was just in here catching up on some paperwork, The coach wants me to do some more therapy on it so you’ll be in top shape for Kent on Saturday.”

John looked up and smiled, the doctor motioned for him to come into his office.

John left his pads on the bench and walked into Jamisons office. He went inside and sat down on the bench in the center of the office underneath the humming florouscent lights.

“I think that your elbow needs a…” the doctor paused and John looked at him right in the eyes, “rubdown”

John’s face immediately went blank. Dr. Jamison was so pleased he never dreamed those years he had wasted getting that psychology degree, before turning to sports medicine would ever pay off like this.

“John did you do as I instructed yesterday” quizzed Jamison.

“Yes sir” replied John

“Good, and how did it make you feel?”

“Uncomfortable, and embarassed, sir.”

“Well next time you should think before you do such evil things. Now John, I am going to tell you some more things which are true, and will do just as I say.”

“Yes sir.”

“After practice, you will go home and do the following things.”

“first, you will start to dislike your body hair, and you will decide to shave your chest.”

“Yes sir”

“You will also, decide to shave your balls, and I want you to go to the nearest Adult store and purchase a metal cock ring, and wear it.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now when I touch your elbow, I want you to wake up and not remember this, but you will do all that you are told.”

Dr. Jamison stuck out his hand and touched John’s elbow.

John snapped back into reality never realizing what had occurred. The doctor continued to rub on John’s elbow, and John began to get an erection. This did not go unnoticed by Jamison.

John was so embarrassed he tried to hide his erection be leaning forward, but that did not help. Jamison continued rubbing on his elbow.

“How does that feel John?” asked the doctor.

“Much better, I had better get out onto the field.” John jumped off the table and his erection was quite obvious through the thin mesh fabric, their was even a damp spot where he had leaked through his shorts. John blushed and walked out of the room, hoping the doctor did not notice.

Part Three

John did very well in practice, he hit all of his receivers right in the sweet spot, and only had a few incomplete passes. The quarterback coach and the head coach were all impressed with his performance and they were confident they would beat Kent.

“Great practice, John.” said Alex, he was one of his receivers.

“Thanks man I guess I finally woke up.” laughed John.

The lockerroom was active as always after a practice. Nude and near nude
players were sitting around talking waiting for others to finish their showers.
The locker room had that typical locker room smell about it. John walked over to his bench and began removing his clothes. He picked up his Soap and put his towel over his shoulder and walked nude into the shower. This was his usual routine, he always did it this way, and he had never had a problem. He went
into the shower, and Alex hollered at him

“There’s a shower free down here!”

“Thanks I have to hurry I have to turn in an english assignment at 8 o’clock” said John

He put his towel on the hook outside the shower area and went inside. He made small talk with Alex while he soaped up. All but a few players had finished their showers, so only Alex him and a few other guys were still there. He glanced at Alex who was washing his dick and balls. John felt that tingling in his cock, he was entranced, he had no idea why but he was turned on by looking at Alex. John was confused he loved women and had never thought about men before. He was starting to reach for his cock when he realized he was in the middle of the shower at football practice with a leaking hard on. He turned and made a quick move to get out of the shower. Alex looked up at his sudden movement and thought he saw John with a hard on, but he decided he was seeing things and continued his shower. John trotted out of the shower his hard cock bouncing with each step. He grabbed his towel and wrapped around his waist.

He hoped Alex had not seen his dick he would think he was a fruit. He quickly dressed and went to class.

After Class John headed back to his dorm room, he had a date with Jennifer
tonight and he was going to ride her hard to get himself back to normal. He went to his room and it was five O’ clock he had two hours to get ready. He walked over to the mirror and decided he needed to shave before he went out tonight. The dorm rooms had a sink and mirror in them, he took out his shaving kit and took off his shirt and shorts so he would not get any shaving cream on them. He lathered up his face and began shaving. In a few minutes he had his face as smooth as a baby’s butt. He started to put his kit away when he felt he had forgot something, he rubbed his hairy chest with his hand and remembered that he had to shave his chest. He had never done this before but for some reason he felt he had to do it. He lathered up his chest and put a new blade on
his razor, and took slow strokes making sure he removed all of the stubble. He went from his neck all the way down to his the top of his underwear. He wiped himself off with a towel and washed the large amount of hair down the sink. He looked at himself in the mirror and was amazed at the difference, before the hair covered the contour of his muscles masking their definition. Now you could
see every line and muscle in all its glory.

He rubbed his newly smooth chest and his cock started to stir again. He
glanced at the clock it was five forty five Steve would be at work till at least six thirty. He pulled his briefs off and began to stroke his cock and rub his balls, he decided to do a little fantisizing to make it more interesting.

He closed his eyes and started to fantasize about Jennifer he was sucking on
her tits and she was moaning it was a really hot fantasy, then all off a sudden instead of Jennifer He was sucking on Alex’s nipples and he was moaning. John opened his eyes and quit jerking off why the fuck had that happened he never fantasized about doing things with guys only fags and chicks do that. His cock was still hard so he decided to try again, he closed his eyes and began
stroking again, he was eating Jennifer out and she was moaning and squirming it was really hot fantasy, John picked up the intensity of his strokes. He was approaching orgasm, then the next thing he knew instead of eating out Jennifer, he was sucking on Alex’s Cock. Alex was saying things like “You like that dick you cocksucker.” and “Suck that cock you fagboy.” Instead of opening his eyes and quitting the fantasy John realized he was physically turned on by it. His mind was repulsed that he would suck on another man’s dick he was straight and hated queers, but his body and cock needed relief so he continued jacking until he shot his load. John opened his eyes he had cum all over his bare abs, he reached down and scooped it up licking it from his fingers. John was freaked out he had just fantasized about sucking his best friend’s cock and had gotten off on it, to top it off he had ate his own cum again.

John thought to himself “Man if I don’t get some pussy soon I am gonna go
crazy.” trying to rationalize what he had just done. He started to put on his briefs when he remembered that he needed to shave his balls. He lathered them up and procedded to shave them, John felt odd doing this he had no idea why he was doing it but he did it anyway. He shaved his balls and he even shaved his asshole. He took quite a while getting done so he would not nick himself.
When he was finished he stood up and looked in the mirror, and he liked what he saw. Instead of his thick chest hair, there was now bare skin all the way down to his pubes. He even thought that his balls looked bigger without their covering of hair.He put on his briefs and started to get ready for his date. He put on a pair of Jeans and was looking for a shirt when Steve came.

“Hey Steve, What’s Up?” asked John as he was rummaging through his closet.

“Not much, I just got off at work, we were pretty busy down at UPS.” said

Steve put down his keys and glanced over at John, who was looking in his
closet. John had shaved his chest! “He is really acting weird.” thought steve.

“Hey man what did you do to your chest?” asked Steve

“I um I uhh shaved it.” stuttered John.

“Why on earth did you do that John?”

“I thought it would make my muscles look bigger, and Jennifer doesn’t like
chest hair.” explained John trying to come up with an excuse for his strange behavior.

“Well you must be pussy whipped to do something like that for a chick.” laughed Steve.

“You do what you have to keep hitting it.” Joked John.

“I’ve got a date with Jennifer tonight, so I won’t be back till late.”
exclaimed John.

“No problem man I have to Study late, and I could use the quiet.” said Steve.

John found a long white shirt and pulled it on over his smooth chest, the
fabric felt odd, against his newly smooth chest. He put on his socks and was putting on his shoes when the phone rang.

Steve answered, it and John continued to get ready. He heard steve say okay
and he hung up the phone.

“That was Jennifer, Her boss called her and she has to go into work tonight.” said Steve.

“Shit, I got fucking dressed up for nothing! Well I am going to go out for a
while anyway, no sense in staying here since I got all dressed up.” said John

“Well see you later.” said Steve.

John walked out of the dorm and got into his Jeep, he thought he would drive
down to the strip bar since he couldn’t do anything with Jennifer tonight. He drove to the redlight district of town and parked next to the stipclub. He started to go in when he looked across the street to a shop, which sold adult toys and books. He felt an urge to go inside, those shops where always good for a laugh though John.

He went inside, the walls were lined with all sorts of perverse devices. He
walked around the store and was looking at some magazines when the salesman came up. He was clad fully in leather and was obviously gay, people like that disgusted John and he was about to make a comment, when the salesman spoke.
Can I help you find something, John started to say no, but instead he said, “Yeah, I need a cockring, a metal one if you have any.” John was stunned he had no idea what a cockring was, but he felt he had to have one.

“Well we have several, we have gold colored chrome, and several others, and
they come in several sizes.” said the man.

“I want a shiny silver one.” replied John, he had no idea where that answer
came from.

“What size?” asked the man.

“I don’t know I’ve never worn one.” said John

“Well you’ll just have to try them on, and see which fits best.” said the man with a smile. The salesman couldn’t wait to help him so he could see the young jocks equipment. “Follow me over here.” said the salesman pointing to a portion of the room which was curtained off from the rest of the store.

John walked behind the curtain, and the man went to door and locked it, then he went to the display with the cockrings and took out several different silver ones carrying them back behind the curtain.

“I locked the door so we can have some privacy, don’t want anybody coming in
and robbing me blind while I am helping you. Here let me help you.” said the man reaching for John’s jeans.

“Hey man I am straight.” said John stepping back.

“Well if your straight then it wont matter if I help you.” said the man.

He reached forward and grabbed the bottom of John’s shirt and quicly pulled it over John’s head..

“That shirt was so long we couldn’t see what we were doing down there.” said
the man. He eyed the young Jock’s chest and noted its smoothness all the way to the top of his jeans. Next he grabbed the button on John’s pants and undid it, grabbing the zipper he unzipped John’s pants. John was humiliated to have another man remove his clothes like this he wanted to pound on the fag but his body and mind would not let him.

“Sit down in that chair.” said the man pointing to a chair over in the corner.
By the way what’s your name kid?" asked the man.

“It’s John.”

“I like that name it suits you, now sit down.”

John did as he was told and the man grabbed John’s sneakers and pulled each one off next came the socks. Then he grabbed the waist of John’s loosened jeans and pulled them off over his feet. John was now clad only in his briefs, he knew what was coming next and he was terrified.

“Stand up John.” said the man.

John did as the man said standing up clad only in his briefs. The cold air of the store made his nipples get hard further embarrassing him. The salesman leaned in and placed his hand on the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down. He picked up each foot and took off his briefs throwing them over in the corner with the rest of his clothes. John felt like crying, he wanted to put his clothes on and leave, but he felt he had to stay.

“See that wasn’t so bad was?” said the man.

“No I guess not.” said John strangely he really felt that way.

“Well let’s size you up.” said the man

to be continued..

“A New Playbook 4”

The salesman reached forward and placed his hand around John’s Cock and Balls. The touch of the mans hand sent a chill down John’s spine, no man had ever touched him there, and he was humiliated that he liked the way it felt.

The man said “I think this one will fit.” It was a shiny chrome one, he grabbed John’s genitals, and pushed the ring into place at the base of John’s cock and ball’s. The ring made his equipment jut out obscenely in front of his muscular body. The man squeezed on John’s cock, “I think it looks great on you. How does it feel?”

“It feels fine, not to tight, just right.” John answered, he wanted to kill the man for touching him there but his body responded. John’s dick quickly sprang to an erection. John’s face glowed red.

“I can help you with that problem.” said the man looking down at John’s engorged penis.

“I said I was straight man.” said John sternly.

“Fine, but if you change your mind, come around any time.” said the man winking at John.

John felt like puking, he hurriedly put his clothes back on, the cockring made his hard cock very noticeable in his tight jeans. He pulled his shirtail out to cover his midsection.

“Do you need anything else?” asked the salesman. “No, that was it.” said John

He paid for the ring and left the store. His mind was going a million different ways at once, he had no idea why he had just done that. He decided he needed to go home and take a nice long rest. He jumped in his jeep, and drove back to his dorm.

It was around ten thirty when he got back to the dorm, and Steve was up studying as usual.

“Get any action?” asked Steve.

“No man I struck out tonight.” laughed John flashing an awkward smile. “I am going to get a shower, did Jennifer call?”

“NO man, she didn’t I’ve been here studying the whole time.”

“Well as soon as I get done showering I am hitting the hay I need all the rest I can get before the game this weekend.” said John. He went to his closet and got a towel, and his other bathroom supplies. He stripped down to his briefs and went to the shower room.

No one else was in the shower so he stripped off his briefs and went on in. The water felt great, and it helped to relieve some of his tension. He soaped himself up, and reached down to look and feel of the ring. It made his genitals look huge, He liked the effect. He was also puzzled as to why he would wear something he had never seen or heard of before. He finished up his shower after drying himself off he put on a pair of boxers and went back to his room.

He went in put his stuff up, and lay down on his bed. Steve still had his nose buried in his books. As had happened the night before John began to get very hot and uncomfortable again, he felt an overwhelming urge to take off his boxers so he would cool down. He reached down and pulled them off and sat down on the edge of his bed. He felt much better now that he had removed his boxers.

Steve heard John rustling around and glanced over too the mirror on the closet door. How the mirror was positioned he could see the entrance to their room, which was quite convenient since Steve was often studying with his back to the door. When someone came in he could see who it was without raising his head. John’s bed was right beside the door and he could easily be seen in the reflection of the mirror. Steve was shocked by what he saw. John had shaved his balls as well, and he had some kind of metal thing around the base of his genitals which made them jut out from the rest of his body. Steve new this was a new addition because he had seen him naked only yesterday. John had no idea about the mirror since his desk was on the other side of the room. The two roomates while close did not bother each other’s personal belongings. Steve looked back down at his books, he was trying to figure out why John was doing these weird things.

John had no idea Steve was watching him, he stretched his arms and laid down on his bed with his back facing Steve. Once again John began to get horny he soon had an erection, he tried to will it down, but it did not work. He didn’t want Steve to see his cockring or his hard cock so he decided to lay down on his side and bring his legs towards his midsection to keep his crotch hidden.

Steve looked in the mirror again and got another surprise. John’s had changed positions. In doing so he had exposed his asshole, and it too was bare he had shaved his asshole! Only fags would shave their asshole, maybe the macho quarterback had a secret life thought Steve. He laughed to himself, and decided he had studied enough and got ready for bed. He stripped to his boxers and he positioned the door of his closet so he could get a good view of John, without him knowing it. He laid down on the bed and closed his eyes and lay still and silent waiting to see what would happen.

About thirty minutes later he heard John moving around. John obviously thought Steve was asleep. He half opened his eyes, after they had adjusted to the dim light, he could see pretty well. John was now on his back, his cock was hard, and the ring around it was quite obvious. John pulled his knees to his chest as he had the night before and he reached for some lotion from his night stand. He lubed up his cock and began to jerk off again. He stroked his cock with his right hand as his left rubbed his nipples. John moaned softly, steve almost broke out laughing when he did this. John quit rubbing his nipples and began rubbing his balls, he let out another soft moan. Then he did something that stunned Steve, he took his left hand and began to rub it around his asshole. He was rubbing his finger all around his smooth hole while he pumped his dick with his left. Only a fag plays with their ass like that when they beat off thought Steve. John let out another louder moan and arched his back, he unleashed a massive load of spunk all over his chest. As he had the night before he reached down and scooped it up eating every last drop. Well now Steve knew for sure he had to be a queer.

John was so embarassed by what he had done once again, why on earth was he messing around with his ass like that? At least Steve was asleep so he did not get to see it. He felt relieved after he was finished with his JO session, and he soon fell asleep.

Steve did not like the idea of living with a fag, or a bi, but he had no choice, and if he said anything to John about it, he would probably beat the shit out of him. He just resigned himself to it, they only had two more semesters anyway, and he fell asleep trying to figure out how he had not noticed this since they had lived together for three years.

John woke early the next morning, he had another wet dream during the night, he had dried cum all over his pubes, and abdomen. His elbow was hurting rather badly this morning, the game was only two days away, so he decided he should go see the coach.

John put on his clothes, and walked to the fieldhouse. He went to the coaches office, and explained his elbow problem. The coach told John to go see the Dr. Jamison, and see what he thought, he didn’t want to risk a serious injury by playing John with a hurt elbow.

John left the coaches office and went down to Jamison’s office in the locker room. He approached the door an knocked. Dr Jamison came to the door and opened it.

“Come in John, the coach called and said you would be coming.” said the doctor with a smile.

“What seems to be the problem?” asked Jamison.

“Well Doc, my elbow is really bothering me again, I think something else is wrong with it.” said John.

“Let me look at it.” said the Doctor. He took John’s elbow in hand and pulled on it and looked it over for several minutes.

“Well John, I am afraid you won’t be able to play for at least two weeks, you have strained some of the ligaments in your elbow.”

“Shit, now what are we going to do about the game?” said John, he was really pissed.

“Your health matters more than the game John, I have some treatments which will help it to heal faster. First I think that your elbow could use a…rubdown.” said Jamison. At the word Rubdown John’s face went blank, and the Doctor knew his conditioning was still working.

“John I want you to take all of your clothes off for me.” said the Doctor.

“Yes sir.” said John. He stood up and began removing his clothes as the doctor requested.

“I see you did as I told you, I really like the way the cockring looks on you.” Said Dr. Jamison

“John I want you to Jerk off for me while I videotape you.”

“Yes sir.” Said John as he grabbed his grabbed his cock and began to Stroke it for the Doctor.

The doctor watched as the cocky jock jerked off for him. He knew John would die if he knew what he was doing that was the best part. He watched John masturbate, then John moaned and shot his load into his left hand and ate the contents.

“John put on your clothes.”

“Yes sir.” John licked his hand clean than he put on his clothes, the entire scene had been recorded by the camera.

“John after you leave here I want you to shave under your arms, and shave off the rest of your pubic hair.”

“Yes sir.” said John

“Also I want you to go to the adult shop again, and purchase a dildo, and a buttplug that will attach to your cockring. You are to wear the buttplug at all times. I want you to use the dildo on yourself each time you masturbate is that understood.?”

“Yes Sir.” replied John

“I also want you to buy some gay videos, and magazines at the store. You will look at the magazines each night before you go to bed and you will watch the videos at least once a day, you will have no idea why you have purchased these items because in your mind you still like only women. When I count to three you will wake up and go do as I have told you. One..Two..Three.”

John sprung back to life and he had no memory of the last twenty minutes. “Well Doc, can you show me the exercises I should do for my arm before I leave?” asked John

“Sure thing John.” said the Doctor.

Doctor Jamison was enjoying humiliating the Jock, he knew his new instructions would freak John out when he did as he was instructed. The Jock would soon know how it felt to be discriminated against even if he had no idea why.

to be continued.

“A New Playbook 5”

John left the Doctors office and his arm felt much better, he was still pissed that he would not be able to play in the game on Saturday. He walked back to his dorm room, Steve was gone to work, so he had the room to himself. He decided he needed a shave so he stripped to his underwear so he would not get any shaving cream on his clothes. He lathered his face, and he shaved there first. Next, he lathered his chest, and he shaved his chest. He took of his underwear to shave his balls, he still was confused why he did this. He took great care in shaving his balls, and asshole. He started to put his things away when his conditioning came alive. “I think I’ll shave under my arms.” said John to himself. Why would he do that he thought, but the conditioning was too strong and he did it anyway. In a few short minutes his underarms were bare as his chest. “I might as well shave my pubes too, I think I’ll look better without them. A bare crotch is really sexy.” thought John. Why on earth do I think a bare crotch would be sexy protested a part of his mind. However the Doctors orders won out again and John procedded to take away the last evidence of his masculinity. Part of him felt like crying with each stroke of the razor. After a few minutes he was as bare as the day he was born.

He turned on the sink and used a wash cloth to clean off the residue of the shaving cream. He felt humiliated as he watched his manly bush wash down the drain. He sat there for several minutes wondering why he was doing all of these things. Was he turning queer? No he thought he still loved women, and thinking of doing something with a guy made him sick. He had to find out what was making him do all of these weird things.

He put on some white umbros without any underwear or lining, and a tank top. He decided to lay down and take a nap maybe sleeping would get him back to normal. He laid down on the couch in the room and fell asleep. He had strange dreams while he was asleep, he was naked on campus and everyone was laughing at his cockring and shaved crotch. Also he was forced to suck the rest of his teams cocks, he even had a dream about sucking off his roomate Steve, and then letting Steve fuck him.

He was still asleep when Steve came in from work. He walked in and noticed John asleep on the couch. He walked over to wake him up, when he noticed that John had shaved his armpits. He also noticed that John had a hard on tenting his umbros. Steve thought that John must have been having a hot dream. John was moaning softly, and Steve decided not to wake him. he went and sat his backpack and nametag down on his desk. John continued moaning and Steve sat down to enjoy the show after a few minutes John shuddered on the couch and Steve noticed a large damp spot appearing on the front of his umbros which made them transparent. Steve was floored the damp spot made it obvious that he had also shaved his crotch. Steve decided to have a little fun with this.

Steve went to his closet and got his poloroid camera and took a few pics of steve lying there in his vunreable position. He made sure he got shots where his spunk had made the shorts transparent his bald crotch and cockring were easily seen. He put his camera away and woke him up.

Steve went to the door to the room and slammed it. John woke up and nearly fell out onto the floor. He did not notice the front of his shorts.

“Hey Steve you just get in from work?” asked John.

“Yeah man I had a rough night, well you look like you’ve kept busy.” said Steve pointing at the front of John’s shorts.

John’s face turned bright red, he must have had a wet dream! He had flaunted his spunky crotch right at Steve. “I Spilled some water on my self a few minutes ago.” said John trying to come up with an excuse.

“Ohh was that what you did. You should be more careful next time.” laughed Steve sarcastically.

“I am going to go out for a while I have some errands to run.” said John he had to get out of there he had never been so humiliated.

John went to his closet and got some tight white bikini underwear, he kept his back to Steve so he could not see his bare crotch. However Steve was looking in his mirror, and he could see the reflection coming from John’s mirror. He was right John was as smooth as a five year old boy from the neck down, he had cum all over his crotch which he wiped off with an old sock. Steve continued to act like he was studying. John put on the underwear and turned around.

“Do you need anything Steve since I am going out?” asked John

Steve turned and looked at John standing in his underwear, they were so tight it was obvious he had no pubic hair.

“No John I am fine.” said Steve he wanted to laugh out loud.

John was wondering why Steve had that weird look on his face, he reached down to pull on his jean shorts when he realized why Steve was laughing. He had forgotten about how the underwear fit, it made it obvious that he had no hair on his crotch. John felt like dying. He pulled on his shorts and put on a tank top and put on some sandals and got out of there before he did anything else he would regret.

He got into his jeep and drove off. He thought about going to see Jennifer, but when he got to her apartment she was not home. So he decided to go to a bar. He drove to the section of town where all of the bars were located. He passed by the shop he had been into the day before, he slammed on his brakes and pulled to the side and parked his jeep. Yeah he remembered now he had to go to the shop again. He walked inside. The same man was in the store again. He looked up and noticed John.

“Well hello there John.” said the salesman.

“Hi.” said John He felt uncomfortable around the salesman.

“What can I help you with tonight? Is your cockring okay?”

“Yeah the ring is great. I need a couple of more things.”

“Just name what you need and I’ll help you find it.” said the salesman.

“I need a butt-plug, one that will attach to my cockring.” said John, he was confused he had no idea what a butt-plug was and it did not sound very appealing to him.

“Oh, I thought you said you were straight.” asked the salesman.

“I am, why do you ask?” said John.

“Well usually gay men use butt-plugs to loosen themselves up if you know what I mean.” laughed the salesman.

“No I just have to have one thats all.” said John.

“Well I have one which I think will fit onto your ring. Have you used one before?” asked the salesman.

“No, I don’t have a clue about them. I guess I need your help.” said John.

“Well my name is Michael, so call me that okay.” said the salesman.

Michael walked to the door and locked it again. He motioned for John to go behind the curtain again. John went back to the chair. Michael went and got the plug it was medium sized, it would certainly cause some discomfort initially, but he would get used to it pretty quick. Michael came behind the curtain and he noticed that John had shaved his underarms since his last visit. Maybe the Jock wasn’t straight after all.

“Do you want to wear it out of the store John.”

“Yes Michael, I do.” said John.

“Well take off your shorts and underwear, and lean over the chair.” said Michael.

John did not like how that last part sounded, but he had to have that plug. He did as Michael said and leaned over the chair. Michael took notice of his now bald crotch, man he was one hot kid thought John was so embarassed to have another guy see his bare hole and absence of pubes.

Michael put some lube on the plug. He knelt down behind, John. “First I’ll attach it to the ring.” said Michael. John was humiliated how could he let a guy do these things to him. He could feel Michaels breath on his balls and ass. Adding to his embarassment his cock began to swell. Michael grabbed John’s balls and gave them a squezze. John let out a moan, why was he moaning he thought to himself only chicks moan. Then he heard a click. The plug was attached to the ring.

“Is that it.” asked John.

“You must be naive kid, now I have to put that plug up your ass.” said Michael laughing.

No other man had ever touched his asshole and he was powerless to stop it. Michael took some more lube and put on his finger.

“I am going to put some lube in you so it will not hurt so much when I put it in. Just push out on my finger kid and it won’t hurt that bad.” Michael exclaimed

John felt michael’s cold slimy finger at his rosebud he tensed his ass muscles, then he felt him entering. He pushed out like Michael said, and his finger slipped inside. John was embarrassed even more because it actually felt good.

“Now that I have some lube in you I am going to insert the plug it is a lot bigger so It will hurt pretty bad.” said Michael

John looked down between his legs and nearly fainted that plug was huge, it was bigger around than his dick and it was several inches long. He felt Michael put it up to his hole. Michael started pushing and John pushed out, he felt his ass straining to accept the plug. He yelped in pain, tears came to his eyes.

“God you are tearing me apart.” he yelled.

“It is just about in place keep pushing Out.” said Michael.

John heard an audible pop, and the pain subsided somewhat though he was still in considerable pain.

“Its in place John how it is designed it is basically locked in place. You’ll have to pull on the chain and use your hands to get it out. You should also keep it very clean so you don’t get any diseases okay stud.” said Michael.

“Okay… I hope it doesn’t hurt for long.” said John as he stood up very slowly. The plug in his ass was rubbing his prostrate and it was causing his dick to stay hard. “Will that thing keep my dick up like this.”

“Only for a while you’ll get used to it soon enough.” said Michael.

John tried to put his briefs back on but his dick stuck out the top, so he just put on his jeans. He put the briefs in his pocket.

John was so embarassed he the big jock had just stuck something up his ass like some kind of queer he even let a stranger stick his finger up his virgin hole. What was the matter with him.

“Do you need anything else?”

“Yeah I think I’ll take a dildo, and some videos and magazines.” said John with a confused look on his face.

“Is the dildo for your girlfriend?” asked Michael.

“No… its for um me.” said John his face glowing red with embarrassment.

“Well you pick out the one you want from the display over there and the magazines and videos are in the back.”

John went to the display case and he felt quesy why did he the straight Jock want a dildo? There were tons of dildos in the case and he had no idea what the differences where so he just grabbed one, it was about seven inches long and a medium girth it even had a set of fake balls on it. He picked it up and was surprised that it felt almost real. He hurriedly took it over to the counter and laid it down so no one would see him carrying it eventhough no one else was in the store. Then he went back and got some videos. The videos where all gay porn, John had never watched gay porn before, but for some reason he had to buy it. He also got some magazines like inches, and playgirl, and some more hardcore fare. He carried his items to the front and paid for them. His bill was quite high. Michael told him how to care for his plug and dildo. While Michael was talking another guy had came in to buy a playboy magazine. John was humiliated the man had overheard Michael telling him how to care for his dildo, and he had seen the videos and magazines. The guy must have thought John was queer. He quickly took his purchases out of the store and got into his jeep making sure no one he knew was nearby. Once the coast was clear he drove for his dorm room.

To be continued…..

“A New Playbook 6”

John pulled into the parking lot of the dorm, it was eleven O’ clock on a Friday, most people were either out at parties or date, or they had went home for the weekend. He made sure no one was around and went into the building as fast as he could. He hoped Steven would have left for the weekend. He unlocked the door and went into the room. Steven was not in the room. John closed the door and locked it. He took the items he had purchased at the store and laid them out on his bed. He could not figure out why he would buy such things. He wasn’t gay and had no reason to have them. He started to get ready for bed. He stripped off naked as he had been programmed to do. As soon as his head hit the pillow he had an urge to look at the magazines. He tried to fight it, but he picked up one. The pictures made him sick, they showed men sucking each other off, and fucking, stuff he would never think of doing. He did not yet realize it, but the pictures were giving him an erection. He thumbed through the pages, and thought how could a guy let himself be photographed like that. He noticed his hard on, and he put the magazine down. He was humiliated, how could looking at naked men give him a hard on. He was disgusted, but he felt an urge to beat off. He started stroking his cock, when his left arm took on a mind of its own. He reached down and pulled out the buttplug, which caused some pain, then what he did next shocked him. He picked up the dildo, put some lotion on it, and sat it on the floor. He bent down and sat his ass right on it. He pushed down slowly, all the while still masturbating. He started bouncing up and down on the dildo, and he was surprised that he actually liked it, this embarassed him even more. He was burying the dildo all the way in his ass he had been at it for at least ten minutes, he was so caught up in his session, that he did not here the keys in the door.

Just as the door came open John started to shoot his load, and In walked Steve. John was speechless, He jumped up, the dildo, was still stuck in his ass.

“So, You like fucking yourself up the ass do you.” asked Steve sternly.

“No, its not like that I am straight.” pleaded John.

“Well How straight can you be with a dildo hanging out of your ass, and cum all over the floor, where you got off while fucking yourself?”

“I don’t know man I have never done anything like this before, you gotta believe me.” said John nearly crying.

“I don’t know, I think I’ll have to tell everyone what you were doing.” said Steve.

“No, man I’ll do anything just don’t tell.” pleaded John, looking ridicoulous with a large dildo sticking down between his legs, and gay mags all over the floor, flaunting his bare crotch at Steve.

“Well you’ll have to do something for me or I’ll tell,” said Steve.

“Anything, Just don’t tell.” said John.

“Well come over here and suck my cock you faggot cocksucker!” said Steve.

John did not know what to do, he couldn’t let anyone else find out his life would be ruined, he decided he had to do as Steve asked.

“I have never done that before, I wouldn’t know how to do it.” said John trying to get Steve to change his mind.

“I think from the looks of you, that you know your way around cock pretty good, now come over here, and get on your hands and knees.” ordered Steve.

As John came over to Steve, Steve got his camera off of his desk. He snapped pictures of the helpless jock, crawling on his hands and knees with the dildo sticking out of his ass.

“Back your faggot ass up against the wall, I want you to buck your ass and fuck yourself while you suck me.” said Steve.

Steve pushed John back into the wall lodging the dildo’s base firmly against the wall. Steve took off his shorts and boxers, his thick limp cock hung loosely between his legs. John could smell his masculine odor. His face was only an inch or two from the head of his cock. He felt like crying, he was humiliated.

“Alright quarterback, lets see some action, lick my ballsack you fag.” ordered Steve.

John meekly stuck out his tongue, and licked Steve’s balls. He felt like gagging, however he continued licking.

“Yeah suck my balls you faggot ballsucker!” said Steve.

John took his balls into his mouth and sucked on them as Jennifer once sucked on his. Hair got stuck between his teeth and adding to his shame he started to get a hard on.

“Buck your ass, and fuck yourself.” said Steve pushing John back against the dildo. The dildo was rubbing John’s prostrate sending waves of pleasure through his body.

“Now suck on my dick, but watch the teeth or the pictures get out.” Steve exclaimed all the while snapping pictures to entrap the fallen stud.

John felt like crying he hated queers, now he was doing what queers do. It sickened him to think about sucking on another mans dick, he pissed with it for christ’s sake. John looked right at Steve’s hard cock and opened his mouth. Steve shoved his dick in his mouth, it made John gag.

“Puke and die fag, your my own cockslave now.” said Steve.

Steve started face fucking John, slamming his cock all the way in and out of John’s mouth. John’s mouth strained to accomadate Steve’s eight inch cock. He could taste the precum in his mouth, and he was embarassed to admit to himself, but he loved the taste thanks to his conditioning. He started sucking harder and using his tongue on Steve’s pisshole, his body took a life of its own and he was bucking hard on the dildo. As he sucked, his own cock was leaking he took his left hand and began to jack himself.

“Yeah I knew you liked it you fag.” said Steve noticing John jacking himself.

John was humiliated he did like it, but he had no idea why, it was like someone else had made him do these things. He wasn’t gay but here he was fucking his own ass and sucking his roomates cock.

Steve let out a loud moan, “Don’t spill any of my cum you cumslut!” shouted Steve as he began to pump a huge load down John’s throat. John loved the taste he sucked as hard as he could to get at the cum. Steve pulled out of his mouth and shot the rest all over John’s face, he took a picture of this showing his dick shooting all over the quarterback’s tongue and face. John used his left hand and gathered the cum off of his face and took the contents to his mouth savoring every drop. How could he the straight Stud love to eat cum? He started bucking hard on the dildo to bring himself to orgasm, he shot a huge load of spunk right into his waiting hand, which he sucked into his mouth rolling the sticky contents on his tongue.

“Well, I see you enjoyed yourself fag.” said Steve.

“I am not gay, I hate fags.” pleaded John.

“Well these pictures and that cum in your mouth say otherwise.” said Steve. “From now on you are to suck my cock whenever I want you too, or the pictures get out. as you can see my face is hidden, but your cumsucking face fucking yourself while you suck cock is prominent and easily recognizeable.”

“Just don’t tell anyone about this.” said John as he removed the dildo, and just as he had been conditioned, he replaced it with his buttplug, which hung between his legs.

“You just do what I say and everything will work out, I’ll move out in a week or so, I don’t like living with a fruit, I’ll give you the pictures then.” said Steve as he picked the poloroids off of the floor. He put them in a box on his shelf. “I came back to get my lab book, but finding you was a bonus, I don’t know how I never realized you were gay.” exclaimed Steve. “I am going home this weekend, but on monday you do what I say when I say it or You’ll live to regret it. I’ll take these with me and put them in my safe at home.” said Steve as he picked up the box of photos. “Oh and by the way, take a shower you stink.” laughed Steve as he left the room leaving John in a puddle of cum still on his knees on the floor.

John was devastated, he had sucked his roomates cock like some fag and he physically enjoyed it yet in his mind he felt like puking over what he had just done. Would anyone else find out, he lay down on the floor and cried himself to sleep.

to be continued….

Story: “A New Playbook 7”

John woke the next morning still lying nude on the floor. He remembered what he had done the night before and it sickened him. He picked himself up off the floor, and looked at himself in the mirror. He was disgusted at what he saw, cum was dried on his face and in his hair, his hairless balls hung under his dick, and the chain from the plug up his ass fell down between his muscular legs. He grabbed some underwear and shorts and put them on, he put on a t-shirt to cover his chest. He looked around the room at the magazines, videos, and the dildo lying on the foot of his bed. He was humiliated, he had sucked another guys dick! At least Steve had left, he would not have to endure any more embarassment this weekend. And to top off a bad week he couldn’t play in the game today. John decided he needed some normalcy and decided to go get some therapy for his arm, before he went to watch the game from the sidelines He put on some tennis shoes,cleaned the cum off himself, and got in his jeep and headed for Dr. Jamison’s office.

Dr. Jamison was pleased with the way he was humiliating John, people like him had to pay for their bigotry, and what better way to treat a bigot than to make them what they hate. He heard the locker room door open and he saw John coming towards his office, he could tell from the look on John’s face that he had done as he had been told.

“Doc, can I get some more therapy for my arm, it is still bothering me.” asked John.

“Sure, come on in, and have a seat, I’ll see what I can do for your arm.” said Jamison trying to sound as if he was concerned.

“Man, I wish I could play today and maybe get some things back to normal.” exclaimed John

“Oh I understand perfectly well, sometimes not getting to play can cause all sorts of problems.”

The doctor took John’s elbow in hand and moved it through its range of motion. “It seems a little better today John, though I think it could use another…rubdown.” as soon as the codeword was said John took on the look of a blank slate.

“John I want to see if you have done as I instructed, please remove all of your clothes for me.”

as John began to remove his clothes the Dr. turned on a videocamera to record the Jock in his embarassing state. Soon John was standing naked before the doctor who was working the camera, he got closeups of his bald crotch.

“John turn around and bend over for me, and spread your asscheeks apart okay.”

“Yes Sir” said John, he turned around bent over and spread his cheeks like a robot. The Doctor loved it, he made sure to get closeups of the plug and chain connecting it to John’s Cockring. “John has anyone seen you like this yet?” asked Jamison he wanted to hear if he had been humiliated yet.

“Yes Sir, two people have seen me like this. Michael the salesman and my roomate Steve.” exclaimed John.

“What did your roomate do?” asked Jamison

“He came in while I was using the dildo on myself, he threatned to tell everyone, so he took pictures of me and forced me to suck his cock, while I fucked myself with the dildo.”

Jamison was thrilled the jock had been forced to suck a cock! He had to humiliate John further. “John You will do some things I am about to tell you.”

“Yes Sir” replied John.

“You and I will go to the beach tomorrow, but you will remember that you don’t have a suit to wear. You will ask me to help you pick one out.We will go and buy some swimsuits today, and you will try on, model for me, buy and wear the suits that I pick out wearing the suits will turn you on.”

“Yes Sir.” said John.

“Tomorrow you will go to the beach with me.” said Jamison.

“Yes Sir.”
“John put your clothes back on.” John procedded to put his clothes back on. After he had his clothes on Jamison continued his instuctions. “You will wake up and do as I have instructed, when I touch your forehead.” Jamison reached forward and touched John in the middle of his forehead.

John regained full conciousness not noticing the lost time, “So Doc, how long do you think it will be before I can play?”

“Oh I don’t know several weeks probably, but I know of a therapy which might help.” said Jamison

“I’ll do anything to get to play again.” stammered John.

“Well the therapy involves swimming in salt water, You would have to go to the beach to do it.”

“Sure Doc, lets go tomorrow, but I don’t have a suit to wear, Would you pick some out for me.” said John not realizing he was doing what he had been told.

“Ohh well yes John, you and I will have to go buy some then. We can’t have you going to the beach without proper attire.” said Jamison.

John was confused for a moment, why would he go buy swimtrunks with the team trainer, but he shrugged it off.

“Let’s go now we have plenty of time before we have to be back for the game.” exclaimed Jamison, he knew that John could not refuse.
“Okay let’s go.” answered John.

The two men walked out to Dr. Jamison’s car and got in. Dr. Jamison drove them to a large swimwear shop. They pulled in the parking lot, Dr. Jamison already had a hard on anticipating the embarassment that John was about to endure. They went inside, “What type of suit do you normally wear?” asked Jamison.

“I always wear trunks, I would never wear those bikini things, they look faggy.” exclaimed John.

This infuriated Dr. Jamison, he had to really humiliate John to make up for that statement.
“Well for the therapy you will have to wear a suit I pick out.” said Jamison.
You go back to the changing area John and I’ll bring some to you. John walked back to the changing area and sat down in one of the changing rooms. Dr. Jamison went to the racks and picked out the first suit for him to try on. It was a shiny gold micro bikini several sizes too small with a thong back. He carried it back to John, “here try this on.” said Jamison.
John was shocked, he had never worn a speedo style suit, and he had definately never worn a thong and he wasn’t about to wear one now. John started to tell Dr. Jamison no, when he felt compelled to put it on. He knew Jamison could then tell he had shaved his body, and he would also be able to see the chain coming from the plug. He tried to resist, but he found himself shedding his clothes, and pulling the tiny suit on. The suit was so tight, that he did not want to move, it came down to less than an inch above the base of his cock. He had to struggle to keep his balls inside the tiny pouch, luckily the chain was short enough that you could not see it unless he bent over.

“Come on out John and let me see how it fits.” said Jamison with an evil tone in his voice.

John opened the door and slowly stepped out into the open. His face burned red with humiliation. Making matters worse their were other people in the area, and some of them let out gasps, when they saw John. Jamison was delighted, the suit was so tight that John’s circumcision scar was outlined through the material. They came down so low on his waist that it was obvious to everyone in the area that John had a bald crotch. John hoped none of them recognized him from the sports page.

“That fits perfectly John, turn around for me and let me see the back of the suit.” John wanted to protest, but something would not let him. He turned around and flaunted his tight milky white butt to Dr. Jamison.

“Bend over and grab your ankles John so we can make sure that they fit well while you move.” instructed Jamison.

John was terrified, Dr. Jamison would be able to see the plug up his ass, and his shaved hole! He bent over as he was told and grabbed his ankles. His tight butt spread just enough when he bent down to exposing his hole, the tiny thread down the middle did little to hide the chain, or the obvious plug in his ass. Jamison noted the plug and was even more pleased when he noticed several people in the area had seen it too. John was humiliated complete strangers had seen him basically naked sticking his plugged asshole up on display.

“That’s enough John why don’t you turn back around and run in place to make sure they fit well during running movements.”
John stood up and turned around he started to run in place, light reflected off of the shiny material leaving litlle reflections dancing on the walls as he ran in place. The running caused the plug to rub against his prostrate, and he started to get an erection wearing the suit made John began to realize that he actually liked wearing the suit. Dr. Jamison could tell by the swelling of John’s cock, that his conditioning was having its effect. John’s cock began leaking precum which made a visible spot on the front of the material. “That’s enough John, I have another suit for you to try on.” Jamison handed John a white micro thong suit. The front material was designed to go sheer when it was wet.

John went back into the changing area and put the new suit on. The silky fabric felt wonderful on his bare skin, he was surprised that he liked wearing the suits. He stepped back out of the room. This suit was about the same size as the last one. Dr. Jamison, liked both of them, so he decided that John would have to purchase both of them.

“Well I can’t make up my mind John, I guess you’ll have to get both of them.” smiled Jamison.

“Okay, doc, we’d better hurry we have to get back for the game.” said John, who still felt odd wearing such a revealing suit in front of another guy.

“Well get these two suits and we will head back for the game.” said Jamison, “And don’t forget to meet me at ten in the morning so we can go do the therapy at the beach.”

John went and put his clothes back on, and paid for the suits. He and Jamison went back to the stadium to watch the game. John was terribly disapointed with the outcome his team did awful with the backup quarterback, he felt as though he let his team down. He left the stadium and went back to his dorm. He took the swimsuits out of his jeep when he got to the dorm, and he brought them inside and laid them down.

Story: “A New Playbook 8”

John sat down and thought about the things he had done. He was so embarrassed he had done things that made him sick to his stomach, and he had no idea why he was doing it. He looked at the things around his room: the dildo on his bed, the videos, and magazines. He wasn’t gay so why was he doing this? He decided he might as well get ready for bed. He stripped off his clothes and lay down on his bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow his conditioning took over, he soon found himself looking at the magazines, then he started to masturbate. Next he lubed up the dildo and sat it on the floor and began fucking himself in the ass just as he had the night before when he was caught. He wanted to cry, but he realized that he actually enjoyed it. This humiliated him even more. He soon shot his load onto the floor. He bent over with the dildo still lodged in his ass and licked the cum off the floor like a dog. He was so confused with his actions. Adding to his humiliation, he felt an urge to watch the videos. He put one in, and he soon sported another erection. He started the horrible ordeal all over again. He fucked himself twice that night, and he went to bed a confused and humiliated man.

John woke the next morning. He had cum again during the night. He remembered having dreams of sucking cocks and getting fucked up the ass. He looked at the clock and realized he had to go meet Dr. Jamison for his treatment at the beach. He quickly put on some clothes, threw the suits he had bought into a gymbag and headed out the door.

John really hoped this new treatment would get his arm in shape soon so he could get back to the one thing which was normal in his life–football. He sped his jeep over to the field house and picked up Dr. Jamison.

“Hey John, did you bring your suits with you?” asked the doctor.

“Yeah, I have them in my gymbag. So Doc, where to?”

“Just head down to the boardwalk. They have changing rooms there so you can suit up.” Dr. Jamison was wearing regular swim trunks and a tanktop. He could not wait to humiliate the jock even further.

John sped down to the beach in his jeep. He was still a little uneasy about going to the beach with his trainer, but he thought that the Doc knew what he was doing. They arrived at the boardwalk, and John found a parking space.

“Okay John. Let’s head over to the locker rooms so you can change.” said Dr. Jamison.

They both made the short trek over to the locker rooms and went inside. John looked around and did not like what he saw. The locker room had no stalls or partitions. He would have to change in front of the men inside.

“John, why don’t you put on the white suit?” instructed Dr. Jamison.

John felt a strange compulsion to do as the doctor had asked. He looked around at the other men in the locker room and took off his shirt. Then he removed his shoes and pulled off his shorts and underwear. He could not believe he would take his clothes off and expose his bare body to strangers like that. Some of the men gasped when they saw John, while some others gave admiring glances. John quickly pulled on the tight suit trying to cover at least a little of his body. Dr. Jamison was pleased he could tell that John was very embarrassed to be exposed like this in front of other men.

“Okay John, put your stuff in a locker and come with me,” said Dr. Jamison.

John walked over to a locker and put his things inside. He was so embarrassed. He thought that all of those guys must think he was a fag or something. “Okay Doc. Let’s get this therapy over with quick so I can get out of here,” said John.

“Well, follow me down to the beach, and we will get started.”

John followed Jamison out onto the beach and he could feel everyone staring at him. John’s suit outlined his dick and balls perfectly, and worst of all, his ass was out in the open. He felt like running back to the changing rooms, but he felt he had to go with the doctor.

They made their way down towards the beach. “Let’s start the therapy John. First let me see your arm. It looks like it needs a rubdown.”

John went into his suggestive state as soon as Jamison spoke the code word.

“John, you will do everything I tell you without question. When you do as I ask, it will arouse you.”

“Yes sir,” replied John.

“When I touch your elbow, you will return to normal but will do everything I ask,” instructed the doctor.

Dr. Jamison reached out and touched John’s elbow. John immediately regained full consciousness.

“First off John, I want you to run to the pier and back for me to loosen up your muscles.”

John started to say no, since he would bounce all over the place in the suit, but he felt that he had to do it. He also felt weird sort of like he was horny. He thought he felt his dick twitch a little bit. He started to run towards the pier; his dick and balls bounced with each step he took. The cockring only added to the problem. The running also caused the plug up his ass to rub his prostrate with each step. He soon felt his dick beginning to swell. There was no way the tiny suit would contain his cock. He was terribly embarrassed. People on the beach were stunned to see a jock running down the beach with a half hard cock and balls flopping only barely covered.

He continued running, but soon his dick had risen to full attention, over half of his dick was sticking out the top of his trunks slapping his stomach with each step. Beads of precum were running down the side of his dick making his trunks transparent adding to his embarrassment. It was also obvious to everyone that he had shaved his entire body. He hoped none of his teammates would see him this way. He got to the pier and turned making his way back, ignoring the whistles and obscene comments from men and women alike.

Dr. Jamison was amazed at the sight running towards him. John, the cocky jock, had a hard-on slapping against his stomach running at full speed towards him, and he hoped his ordeal would end soon. The doctor knew that John was wanting to die, but the boy’s ordeal had just begun!

The End.

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