The College Roommate 3

By tyl7897 published May 9, 2019

William’s college roommate has a thing for his father, Oliver Queen.

Author’s Note: If you want to discuss anything about this fic in detail, you can contact me at my twitter @tyl7897

I woke up and found my boyfriend was getting dressed in cleaned business clothes. I was shocked as I had plans for us all day, but my man is getting ready what I presumed is work.

“Hey, sexy what you doing?” I asked.

“Hey, I got to go to work, but it will probably go late so I probably will won’t see you tonight. Being a CEO of Queen Industries is long work” Oliver said.

“No you are going to stay with me have sex,” I said using my powers.

“Sorry babe, but I got to work. I would love to stay and have more sex with you, but work is work,” Oliver kissed me on the cheek and said, “See you,”

I was furious, so I called out John’s name, “Constantine.”

“Yes Alex,” John said appearing out of nowhere.

“This is not okay, he can’t spend time with me since he’s the CEO of a multi-billion company, Queen Industries? No wonder he looks so familiar,” I said.

“Well yeah he has responsibilities and some others that you don’t know of,” John replied.

“What others?” I asked.

“I can’t reveal that myself, but you can ask him,” John said.

“Yeah I can, but I won’t see him tonight anymore,” I said.

“Well that is true but although, you can probably manipulate, the board members to ease up on Oliver’s responsibilities. Maybe even change the company’s business,” John asked.

I thought of what John said, and it makes sense, “That’s a great idea, John, Let’s go down to Queen Industries.”

“Sounds like a plan,” John said as he snapped his fingers and here I was in front of the entrance to Queen Industries.

I still had the pendant on with a jockstrap, and it glowed green meaning that Oliver is available for now. I walked up to the front entrance, “I am Oliver Queen’s boyfriend, and I would like to see him.”

The man who was kind of good looking said to me, “Excuse me, but Oliver has a wife let alone a boyfriend.”

His stupid wife again, “No I really am his boyfriend, and you believe it. In fact, I’m always on the guest list or whatever.”

The pendant did nothing which was too bad as I was going to invite him up with me. He gave me a pass, and I went to the private Elevator. After a minute I arrived at the top floor and entered Oliver’s office.

“Alex so glad you can come to visit me but why are you here?” Oliver said.

“That is because I want to see you. Wow, this is a nice place you have,” I said going around seeing the view.

“Thanks, babe, but I am not in the best place with the board, and this won’t work,” Oliver said.

I ignored him and looked at the pendant thinking about the board, and it was yellow. I smiled and turned around seeing his desk and then saw a picture of his stupid wife, “Huh babe, why do you still have that?”

Oliver looked confused until he followed my finger pointing at the picture, “My wife? I know I’m gay, but I do still care about her and want to be in her life and William’s.”

“But don’t you love me?” I asked pretending I was sad.

“Of course, more than anything,” Oliver said putting his hands on my shoulders.

I backed away some and then said, “Prove it.”

“Prove what?” Oliver said.

“Prove that you love me. Jack off while pointing at your wife’s picture so if you explode it will be all over it,” I said.

“What I-” Oliver not knowing what to say.

“Do it, or I leave,” I said.

“Oh fuck,” Oliver said as he pulls down his pants which I noticed was wearing a new jockstrap.

He took out his cock and started to jack off pointing his cock at the picture. He was moving at a normal pace, so I decided to help him along by using a new subset of my powers that Constantine told me about, whispering. By whispering it will mean that they believe the commands are coming from inside him. “That’s it keep pumping your cock and with each pump the more love you have for your boyfriend. That love keeps growing by replacing the love for your wife and son. The love will turn into cum, and when you cum, it literally means that all your love for your wife and son is gone and is replaced by the love of your boyfriend.”

I left Oliver be as he jacks off until he was going so fast that he was tensing up looking at the picture, his muscles rippling as some drool starts to fall from his mouth. Oliver was looking so hot as I didn’t realize that he loved his wife and son very much. I kind of felt bad but all that went away as he shot his load. Oliver’s cum came out so fast that it knocked over the picture and vast amounts of cum were shooting out. He must have a lot of love for them as he kept on shooting for about a minute and it almost covered his entire desk.

As soon as he was done, he turned to me and smiles and then started to make out with me. I pulled away and said, “God I fucking love you so much,” He then went to his desk and laid on his stomach on the cum covered desk with his feet on the ground, “Fuck me, babe!”

I obeyed and ripped a hole in his fancy pants again and shoved my cock into his ass but didn’t start fucking yet, “How do you feel about your wife?”

“Fuck that bitch,” he said.

“How about your son?” I asked.

“Fuck that scrawny ass bitch. Now start fucking me. Daddy needs it bad,” Oliver said.

When Oliver said daddy, I then thought of my own father, my uncle, my two older brothers, and even my grandpa. I never thought of them like that, but I should give them a call. My mother passed away a few years so I wouldn’t have to worry about her but for now back to fucking my boyfriend. After a few more pumps, the door opened and comes in a hot beefy black dude. He was shocked, but before he can do anything else, I said, “Lock the door, and you are turned on by this. In fact, this made you realize you are gay and bring that big hairy body over here and fuck this CEO in the mouth.”

The man did as he stripped out of his clothes revealing a beautiful black beefy body with black hairs sticking out of his powerful chest. His cock was huge, even bigger than mine and very thick. Oliver opened his mouth wide opened as the black man who I later found out his name was John Diggle shoved his cock into Oliver. Oliver was full at both ends as he continued to pound him and soon after we all exploded inside Oliver as Oliver cummed on the floor without touching his cock.

“Oh man, that was amazing. You are hot and your name?” I asked the black man.

“John Diggle, Oliver’s bodyguard,” he said.

“Oh that’s hot, I said. Ready for round 2?” I asked.

“Oh, I love it too especially since I just realize that I’m gay, but Oliver really needs to clean up. The board wants to have a word with the CEO, and it is not good,” Diggle explained.

“Oh really, let me talk to them I can be very persuasive,” I said.

“Oh I don’t know but okay,” Diggle said.

“Alrighty, let’s get cleaned up,” I said.

We cleaned up and then headed out to the board room. Diggle had to go and take care of some business, so it was just Oliver and me. Oliver was in another fancy suit, his third now since we destroyed the other 2. I was only in shorts and a jockstrap. We opened the doors, and the room was full of 11 men all older than Oliver. Some were easy on the eyes, but others were fat and old so that would have to change.

“Hello, Gentlemen. Let’s get into it. You are all fucking gay and lust after your CEO. All of you grow some nice muscle and be hairy,” I said as I watch them change. They all packed on various amounts of muscle and some of the fatter ones actually transformed into hot muscle guts, “Now this meeting is about Oliver’s time at the company. I would like for him to work much less, only getting calls on critical decisions.” They all shook their head in agreement as I continued, “Also let us discuss some other avenues we can pursue or maybe even change?”

The talks went on for hours, and we decided to look into a few prospects and bring it up in the next board meeting in two days. Some things we talked about was gay sex clubs, gay porn studios, and a line of gay sex toys before ending it with an orgy. We went back to his office, and then I sat down at Oliver’s chair and asked him, “So tell me what you do after running a business.”

“Umm well, I love you so much and need to tell you my greatest secret. I’m the Green Arrow,” Oliver said.

I had no idea and almost came when he said, “WHAT!!! No way!! That is fucking sexy.”

“Well, thanks. I didn’t know how you would react. Glad it was a positive one. Now, anything you want to tell me?” Oliver asked.

I thought about and decided it was best to tell him my powers, so I told him everything except for the part I used it on him and then waited for his response, “So you are saying that you have people do what you want for the most part and even change their body?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“That is cool. You didn’t use it on me, right? I mean I don’t think you did but just want to make sure, and I know you will tell the truth to me, babe,” Oliver asked.

“I did not use my powers on you, you fell in love with me naturally and realize that I’m your soulmate and love me more than your wife and son,” I said.

“Oh good I love you, babe,” Oliver said as he picked up his phone.

It had 10 missed calls, all from his wife, Felicity, and son, “It’s my bitch wife and skinny bitch.”

“Well put it on speaker and listen,” I said.

So he did, and we listened. The first couple was from the wife asking to return her calls as he didn’t report it in, but then she found out by Diggle and the company that you were safe. Then it was William and wanted to talk as he was going crazy.

“Well I think we have to deal with them,” I said.

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