Stretch: Creamed

By KickIt published May 8, 2019

Politician Charles is accidentally infected by his intern and has some policy changes for the governor.

The governor’s office had been fielding calls left and right until the state declared an emergency. Charles, the lieutenant governor, had been working practically non-stop while the real governor was off playing golf or sipping drinks by the pool, or whatever wealthy white men did in their free time. Charles was fairly certain he’d only been hyped up by their party to fill the role of the conservative black man. Sure, he did hold the same beliefs as the rest of his party, but it was difficult to ignore the benign racism that many of the staff displayed towards him.

Disregarding the ringing phone, Charles filed a few papers into the desk and pulled up his email. He’d been poring through information regarding the virus he’d heard stories cropping up about left and right. Colleges across the nation reported hundreds of cases of indecent exposure from young men with less bright futures, as well as the prison system becoming overrun with young, utterly indecent homosexuals.

As of late, he’d spent time repressing the public’s curiosity. News stations and papers across the state had been ordered to not report on it, though it didn’t prevent it from exploding across social media. Charles had been told it was an accident of some researchers attempting to prevent erectile dysfunction and, until they cured it, proof of its existence was to remain a strict secret. He couldn’t lie and say it wasn’t… interesting. Charles was barely thirty-four and mostly still fit, despite copious desk work.

The only part of the whole virus thing that made Charles opt out was the whole piece that suggested all those afflicted gained a preference for homosexual activities. He was staunchly against that lifestyle and, frankly, didn’t understand why anyone would want to live to find other men to shove their dicks in.

Even still, Charles had become enamored as he scrolled down some articles and saw the larger-than-life genitals that he practically fell out of his chair when a knock sounded at the door.

“Excuse me, Mister Montgomery,” a nasally voice sounded. “Dinner is here.”

Nigel, one of the younger interns, had been a great help in the last few months. The two had grown close after several all-nighters, to the point that Charles had been illegally paying him for his hard work. He figured someone doing the same work as him shouldn’t be making nothing while he was making more than enough to support himself.

The fit blonde cracked the door open and stepped in with bottled water and a Styrofoam to-go box. Nigel was in his mid-twenties, still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. He was a first-generation college student and was eager to become the first in a line of politicians. Coming from a similar background, Charles was willing to support him in whatever way he could.

When he sat the food items down on the desk, Charles noticed Nigel catch a few drops of sweat from his jaw.

“Are you not feeling well?” Charles demanded, suddenly unsure if he should accept the meal.

Nigel shook his head with an easygoing grin. “Not at all, I ate first, and the chicken is really, really spicy. I paid for delivery from some place that just opened across town, some guys I go to college with told me that it’s ‘sinfully good’, whatever that means.”

Charles popped open the container, taking note of the alleged chicken. It was covered in a white gravy with crushed red pepper on top, served with a side of French fries. It smelled so good that it made Charles realize how hungry he was. He grabbed the plastic utensils from in the container and tore into the chicken.

“One more thing,” Nigel interrupted him. “Governor McClaine’s secretary called and said he’s returning to the office.”

Charles felt the chicken catch in his throat, though the heat was not as intense as he figured it would be. “When?”

“Like an hour?” Nigel shrugged. “She said he had some new prison policy and wanted to do a live Q and A online ASAP.”

“Damn it,” Charles leaned back. He was supposed to be meeting the daughter of one of the senators that night for the first time. “Call Senator Grant and tell him that I can’t make it tonight. The job comes first, after all.”

Charles moved the mouse over and accidentally reopened the window with all the inhumanly large erections. His mouth felt dry for a moment, and he quickly reached for the bottle of water.

“Mister Montgomery?” Nigel said, as though he’d been speaking for a moment while Charles hadn’t been listening. “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

Charles glanced back, noticing the top button of Nigel’s shirt had been opened to reveal his collarbone and a tuft of thick, black chest hair.

“No,” Charles snapped out of it. “I just want to eat for a moment in peace and then set the webcam up for the governor.”

Nigel nodded and quickly dismissed himself, though the dark spots in the underarms of his shirt did not escape Charles’s notice. Whatever happened, Charles was sure he could handle a cold or the flu. He’d been vaccinated for it when the virus started becoming more prominent, not that there was a vaccine for the gay dick virus.

Biting down on a red pepper fleck, Charles felt the heat suddenly bloom within his mouth. Suddenly, the collar of his shirt was too tight. He quickly discarded his violet tie and released the top two buttons on his shirt. Even half a bottle of water wasn’t enough to slake the growing heat on his tongue. Still, Charles had to get things in place before the governor arrived.

Closing the food bin, he stood from his desk and headed into the hallway. He’d been co-opting the governor’s office for himself for practically as long as the two had been in office, but he still had to defer to the governor on the rare occasion he visited.

A large portrait of the governor hung at the end of the hall, though Charles had long since grown bored of mocking the older man. Daniel McClaine had pretty much been handed the role by the businesses in the state under the promise he’d sign whatever legislature they pushed his way. It was underhanded and made Charles loathe being a politician.

Stepping into the east storage room, Charles found Nigel rummaging through a box, though he had discarded his dress shirt for the tight, white tank top underneath. More of his chest hair spilled from the top of the tank and his sweaty armpit hair stuck out from underneath his arms. The heat in Charles’s mouth flared back up and he found himself swallowing dryly.

“What are you looking for?” Charles wondered, reaching up on the top shelf for where he’d stashed the web cam before.

“The printer is out of paper and all that’s left out there is the expensive cardstock,” he replied. “Probably shouldn’t print my school papers on that.”

“You’re right, but I think the rest of the regular paper is in the storage room on the other side of the hall.” Charles gestured that way with his thumb.

“Oh!” Nigel quickly moved towards Charles, brushing his entire ass across Charles’s groin in the tight space. When the younger man’s hands touched his hips, Charles flinched backward and knocked several boxes from the shelf.

“Shit, are you okay, Charlie?” Nigel quickly grabbed the slightly taller man’s shoulders to steady him. “What happened?”

Charles met Nigel’s brown eyes, the sweat glistening off his face in the dim overhead light. Something about him that he hadn’t noticed before was beginning to set in. Had Nigel always had such full lips? He’d bet they would look perfect wrapped around a fat…

“Charlie!” Nigel clapped him on the arm once to snap him back to reality.

“I-I’m fine, just a bit of a head rush from sitting down all day,” he lied. He wasn’t sure what had come over him. Sure, he’d enjoyed looking at impossibly built men as of late, but he’d never thought about being with a man. That was gay, and Charles was definitely not gay.

“Do you need me to help you back to your office?” Nigel released his shoulders.

“No, I’m fine now, get back to work.” His voice rang out with more authority than he’d meant for it to and Nigel looked as though Charles had slapped him when he finally left the room.


Charles sighed heavily as he closed the door to his office. The stress of the governor suddenly visiting must’ve been getting to him. Sliding back into his desk, he quickly plugged the webcam in. A few clicks later and his face appeared before him on the screen. He somehow hadn’t realized he’d been sweating, though his dark skin was sporting the same glossy sheen as Nigel’s. It made him look a little younger, a certain daze evident in his eyes.

It suddenly occurred to him what he was seeing was exactly the same thing as the porn in the tab in the back. The thoughts of dicks, sweating, thousand-yard stare, unquenchable thirst, had he been infected? How? When? More importantly, was Nigel also infected? The thought of the young ingenue kneeling before him with a bloated rod and those pink, puffy lips wrapped around his dick almost made him cum.

His bulge was absolutely noticeable in the khaki slacks that adorned his legs. He reached down with a shaky hand and busted when his hand contacted his bulge. A moan ripped from his lips, the beige fabric quickly darkening from the average-sized load. In the brief afterglow, the scent of cum floated up to his lips and he felt his mouth begin watering.

The palm of his hand was wet with the load and he had very nearly touched it to his tongue when the door slammed open and a thick older man waltzed in.

“Is everything set up? I have exactly thirty minutes for this conference and then I have a flight to Cancun right after,” Daniel barked. In his forties, Daniel was a strong country boy. He was built like a brick shithouse and smarter than the town that had raised him. Charles had never thought much of him before, but that latent, horny part of his brain suddenly wanted to put him in his place.

“Yes sir,” Charles quickly moved out of the chair, having momentarily forgotten that it looked like he’d pissed himself. Thankfully, Daniel was too absorbed in rehearsing the answers to the questions that some CEO had given him to notice that Charles was not well.

Daniel’s face scrunched up when he took a seat, the heady odor of Charles’s cum lingering in the air. “When was the last time you took a shower? Jesus, Charles, I know you’ve always been the type to work yourself to death, but it smells like a locker room in here.”

Charles felt a blush creep into his cheeks, though Daniel had already shifted his attention. He was definitely the type to toss an insult and expect others to ignore it. Unfortunately, Charles also couldn’t ignore that he was still completely erect, maybe even more than he had been before.

Taking a seat in the chair next to Daniel’s that Nigel frequently occupied, Charles crossed his legs, hoping that he could hide the perfect slippery wetness his cock was currently trapped in.

The keyboard clacked loudly as Daniel navigated to the streaming site. He cleared his throat loudly and then began his spiel about a new policy regarding prison security in the wake of the ‘illness’. From where he was sitting, he could see the governor’s face and, right next to it, the legs of a naked man with an impossibly long cock.

The governor either hadn’t seen the tab that Charles had mistakenly left open or he had chosen to ignore it. After all, why did it matter if his lieutenant was a huge cock-hungry whore? Charles recoiled, but… the thought was certainly attractive. He’d always wanted to be on top of Daniel, the real governor instead of the lieutenant, and, if he knew the virus like he thought he did, it was certainly possible.

Charles carefully reached towards the bottle of water he’d left on the desk, making sure not to get his arm in the shot where the people viewing could see. Removing the cap, Charles quietly loosened his belt and popped the button on his slacks, several inches of hard brown meat visible through the soaked white fabric of his briefs. Springing his dick, a thick trail of precum dripped from the head onto his dress shirt.

Hoping that Daniel wouldn’t notice, he aimed his cum slit down into the bottle. Charles deposited as much precum into the water as he felt like he could get away with before Daniel noticed him handling his dick. Stowing the hard member back in his pants, he quickly rebuttoned them and then handed the open water bottle over to the governor. A fake smile was plastered on Daniel’s face as he gleefully guzzled down Charles’s infection. Daniel was only five minutes into the thirty-minute presentation, could he last the rest of it without the virus overcoming his senses?

Hopefully not, Charles thought.


Daniel had started sweating at the fifteen-minute mark, though he attributed it to wearing a full, three-piece suit. He shirked the jacket and kept going relatively unshaken. Charles had quietly palmed his dick the entire time, growing more and more aroused at the thought of his dick buried inside Daniel’s ass; seeing him absolutely begging to get fucked deeper and harder.

Charles had gotten so absorbed in his fantasy that he almost hadn’t realized Daniel was beginning to wrap up without succumbing to the virus. Maybe precum wasn’t as strong? In a flash of brilliance, he reached over and grabbed the mouse and minimized the front window to reveal the shredded man with a huge dick underneath. A video of the man masturbating had been looping in the background as long as the two had been sitting there.

Confidence shaken, Daniel struggled to keep focus and quickly became enamored with the sight before him. In that moment, Charles pulled his cock back out and shoved it in Daniel’s face. It absolutely reeked of musk and cum, the scent filling Daniel’s nostrils and making his toes curl. In that moment of weakness, Charles grabbed the back of the governor’s head and quickly shoved as much of his thick cock into Daniel’s mouth as would fit.

There was no resistance. Daniel simply submitted to the rough facefucking, one hand coming up to position Charles’s cock in a way that would allow him to go deeper in his throat. Charles felt amazing hearing the wet slapping of his balls against Daniel’s chin. The tight throat of another man brought him more pleasure than he’d ever gotten from a woman, not that he would have ever considered being with a woman after that.

Nigel burst into the room a moment later, having been watching the broadcast from the other room. The second Charlie’s cock had entered the screen, Nigel’s shot up like a rocket. He’d felt kind of hot since his ass had touched Charlie’s cock earlier, but he hadn’t attributed it to wanting dick. Seeing the governor voraciously choking down Charlie’s beautiful brown member had awakened Nigel to needing that in his mouth as soon as possible.

In fact, Nigel carelessly walked into the camera shot, forcing Daniel out of the way. Nigel grabbed Charlie’s massive dick his hands, pulled it from Daniel’s mouth, and then slipped the head in between his throbbing lips. It seemed like way too much dick for one man to have, in Nigel’s opinion. He knew black men tended to be above-average, but it was making him hornier than ever that Charlie’s cock head barely fit in his mouth.

Seeing the blissed-out expression on Nigel’s face made Charles cum, the massive load spilling out of Nigel’s mouth, all over his chest hair and tank top. With a dick sliding across his lips, slurping off the excessive cum, Nigel looked like a perfect bottom, just as Charlie thought he would.

Daniel acted offended, but he didn’t waste the opportunity to free his own dick from its confines. The modest few inches were still getting worked by his cum-soaked hand. The submissive governor had already cum once, though he definitely hadn’t softened in the least. Charles realized he had the two right where he wanted them.

Pushing the computer monitor and keyboard out of the way, Charles didn’t notice the webcam fall over to perfectly to continue catching the entire scene.

The lieutenant bent his superior over his own desk and spread his cheeks, the untouched pink hole almost gleaming to Charles’s intoxicated gaze. The scent of another man was too much to bear and Charles’s still-sensitive dick pulsed hard while it shot rope after rope across Daniel’s exposed hole. Seeing what a mess he’d made, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to dive into it with his mouth or shove his dick in first. However, that lingering need to top the man who had always held himself over Charles won out.

There was more than enough cum to lube up the insertion, though it almost seemed as if his hole perfectly stretched to welcome Charles’s already-bigger cock. Of course, Charles didn’t believe that the virus really did make dicks bigger at first, but he was made a believer. Daniel’s hole held so tight that, before Charles noticed, he could feel the head of his shaft begin to push out against Daniel’s tight abdomen.

Nigel was lost in a daze. His mind was addled by the fact that he’d even had Charles’s dick in his mouth, to the point where it was than enough to feed his spank bank for years. Prior to the virus, his cock had been a thin seven inches, but his rough tugging had filled it out to a thick eleven inches, too big for anyone besides an infected bottom to take.

Not wanting to leave his favorite intern left out, Charles grabbed the dazed boy by his arm while he pounded away at Daniel and shoved his face in between his sweaty ass cheeks. Like a natural, Nigel’s tongue shot out and began working Charles’s hole. Somehow, being called Charlie while he was like that made him feel right. Charles was a stiff businessman, but Charlie was stiff in another way entirely.

Daniel’s mind couldn’t see anything wrong with what had happened. He was supposed to be boarding a flight to Cancun to relax, but he couldn’t imagine the resort on the beach would be any more relaxing or pleasurable than taking a foot and a half of fat black dick straight up his ass. In fact, Daniel was enjoying himself so much that he thought it might be nice to do nothing but get fucked for the foreseeable future. With how good getting his asshole stretched felt, his stiff four inches suddenly felt less important than they ever had.

Getting close to his fourth load of the evening, Charlie leaned down over Daniel, fucking him into the desk as hard as he could before he finally busted inside the older man’s guts. Daniel’s smaller dick shot out a healthy load but couldn’t match the sheer amount of molten hot cum that was pumping into his stomach. Daniel moaned as his tight stomach slowly grew into looking as though he was about to be a father.

When his orgasm finally passed, Charlie had to take two steps back to completely pull his overgrown dick from Daniel’s ass. Nigel wasted no time trying to claim as much of Charlie’s cum as he could, the fit blonde shuddering as his lips and tongue worked as much fat cock as he could at once.

Staring down at Nigel’s muscled, tan ass made Charlie suddenly wonder if fucking Nigel’s hole would feel better than Daniel’s. The thought of dominating the younger intern made him blow his fifth load of the evening all over the blonde’s face.


The three sweaty, infected bodies grinding against each other on social media had not gone unnoticed. Despite having a little more than three thousand in the audience when the governor went live, the three men fucking had gone viral. Nearly two hundred thousand had been watching when the feed was cut suddenly cut by the state. If there was any doubt left in the minds of the country that the virus was real, they were thoroughly dashed. Panic arose when the remaining straight men realized it was only a matter of time before they all ended up infected.


This one’s for you, Mutabear!

I actually totally forgot I posted this story, despite the last chapter being rank 1 for the ‘hot’ category in January. As a result, I have no idea what my plan was for next, but I do have an idea for at least one more chapter. I kind of want to do something late-game because I feel like a lot of stories never show you what the world is like after the transformation has run its course. After that though, I have no idea what I’m going to do, so I’m all ears if y’all have any bright ideas. If you’re into that, you can follow me on my nsfw twitter @kickitbara if you want! I mostly rt porn and lewd stuff, but I also post pics occasionally too!

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