All The King's Men, Chapter 1

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published September 27, 2016
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Andrew needs someone to mow his lawn.

So I wrote another demon-like story and tried submitting it a while ago but it didn’t get approved due to vore. Hopefully this one is most GSS friendly :)

All The King’s Men, Chapter 1

Summer had hit the city hard this year, and there was no way Andrew was going to be doing any lawn work. A personal trainer by trade and a bodybuilder by aspiration, Andrew had the body every woman loved and every man wanted. He ate healthy, got enough sleep, and made no excuses to himself to miss a work out. He had married an older woman who had recently divorced and was loaded from alimony from her ex-husband and she took care of his expenses while he pretended to work 40 hours a week at the gym. Andrew certainly did work while he was away, but most of that work involved fucking young college sluts for cash, or free if he was feeling generous. You’d think women wouldn’t pay for sex with a man but you’d be wrong, if you were to lay eyes on Andrew. His light brown hair turned slightly blond in the summer, and his blue eyes shimmered under the summer sun. In other words, he was a panty dropper. Lucas had heard him bragging to his bros at the gym about how he could get this old cougar to pay for anything he wanted while he had fun all week. But more importantly, he had heard that him complaining about doing yard work, and that is where Lucas could help out. Lucas strolled over to the trio guffawing and making a ruckus in the gym. “Hey, I overheard you saying you weren’t looking forward to doing yard work this summer. I’ve been looking for a part-time job to earn some extra cash. Do you think I could help out to earn a few extra bucks?” Lucas inquired. Andrew eyed him up and down considering. “Well, you’re a spic, so you’ll fit perfectly in with that job,” Andrew replied. Lucas towered over Andrew’s 5’8” at 6’6”, and he was very obviously Hispanic with dark, caramel skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair. He was well-muscled and clearly worked out a lot, but Andrew was slightly wider in his lats and did not look afraid to back down from a challenge. Instead, Lucas flashed a smile and said: “Yeah, I guess you’re right! So when can I get started?” Andrew chuckled. “Today would be great. The grass is getting long and interfering with my sunbathing.” He texted him his address and told him to come over later in the afternoon.

Lucas arrived around 3PM while Andrew’s cougar-wife was out with friends for the day and wouldn’t be coming back until later tomorrow night. Andrew was schmoozing a young blonde girl by the pool when Lucas walked into the backyard. “Hey boss, I’m here!” Lucas shouted. Andrew, not breaking away from the blonde, shouted back, “Mower’s in the shed.” Lucas frowned. He walked up to Andrew with papers in hand and held them out with a pen to Andrew, who was wearing sunglasses with blue reflective lenses that resembled a visor, making him look like a buff version of Cyclops. “What’s that?” Andrew asked incredulously. “Contract for the job. You can see the money amount per hour clearly on the front page. I’m in school for business and we’re supposed to get a signed contract as part of a class.” “Sure sure, whatever.” Andrew grabbed the pen from his hand, scribbled his name, and went back to his blonde, while Lucas got to work mowing the lawn. Around 30 minutes later, Andrew jumped back from the blonde he had been making out with. “Sa-sorry Kim, I can’t do this anymore. Can I get a raincheck?” He escorted the blonde out of the back yard and back to her car while she protested the entire way, and put her into her car and waved her goodbye. Andrew didn’t know what had overcome him, but all of a sudden he was suddenly disgusted by making out with Kim. The very thought of him made him gag now. She just seemed vile. Andrew shook his head, moped back into the backyard, and continued sunbathing. A few minutes passed before Lucas walked up to him. “Hey boss, you look thirsty. Want a drink? Maybe lemonade?” Lucas asked. “Sure, I think there’s some in the fridge. Thanks.” Lucas went into the house and returned a few minutes later with a glass of tall, cold lemonade. Andrew took a sip and as soon as the first sip hit his lips he couldn’t stop drinking. It was AMAZING! “Did you make this?” He asked. “Sure did. Family recipe. You like?” “Hell yeah! Can I have more?” “Sure thing, boss.” Lucas fetched him another glass and resumed mowing the lawn. After he had finished, he put the mower away and went to Andrew to get his payment. “All finished boss. Did you want to pay me in card, cash, or check?” The hunky Latino asked. Andrew looked over at Lucas and smirked. With a swift motion, he pulled down the green board shorts Lucas had been wearing and engulfed Lucas’ cock in his mouth. The lemonade had made his mouth extra juicy and ripe for mouth-fucking. Andrew had never done anything with a guy before, but the more and more he looked at Lucas and his glistening biceps as he mowed the lawn, he became overcome with a lust for him. Andrew continued sucking on Lucas’ cock like he was dependent on it for air until Lucas finally came….and came…..and came…..and came down Andrew’s throat. It may have been his imagination, but Andrew thought he could actually feel the hot liquid moving down his throat and into his stomach and felt as if he almost grew a little bit bigger somehow. “Whew! That was….unexpected. Thank you,” Lucas said. “But you haven’t gotten your tip yet.” Andrew pulled down his black speedo revealing his erect 7” cock. He spat a little into his hand, rubbed his rosebud with it, turned around, and impaled himself on Lucas’ much bigger 9” and thick dick. He figured it was going to hurt from all the girls he fucked, but Lucas somehow felt right in there. Andrew felt like he had just had a major epiphany in life. He continued to grind his ass into Lucas as Lucas stood there in mild shock and delight. Eventually Lucas grabbed Andrew’s hips and began fucking him with his own rhythm in a brisk motion that went down to the hilt and back again to give Andrew some deep thrusts. Andrew’s ass felt like it was massaging Lucas’ dick, begging it for it to be filled with Lucas’ milk. “Oh yeah papi, fuck that ass! Fucking give it to me hard!” Andrew screamed out. Lucas bit his lower lip and continued his assault on Andrew’s ass, plowing into it with thrusts so hard a normal person may have broken a hip. Andrew could feel something welling up inside his pelvis. It felt like a pressure that he couldn’t quite describe, almost like he had to pee and take a dump all at once. It was a foreign feeling that he had never felt before, until that feeling started cascading and turning into the most intense pleasure Andrew had ever had, and right there, on the marble walkways surrounding an enormous lagoon of a pool, Andrew had his first hands free orgasm courtesy of Lucas, and he shot what must have been a few quarts of cum all over the ground beneath them, as it coated both of their feet and rose a little to cover their toes. “I think I’m gonna cum,” Lucas announced. Andrew was still in lust with Lucas’ thrusting and could barely put a single thought together, let alone a sentence, so he blurted out: “Cum in me! Oh my god, gimme that cum! I want it so bad!” His tone was almost a begging, pleading, as if it were the only thing he had ever wanted in the world. “Your wish is my command.” Lucas smirked and began his ejaculation into Andrew. It was subtle, but if Andrew had not been wearing his sunglasses, if one were to have looked in his eyes during Lucas’ orgasm, his eyes would have seemed to almost glow and then change to green slowly. Andrew felt as if he had been split in two and both of him were floating in a vast expanse of space holding hands and feeling blissful, before one of him seemed to get tugged by the feet through a wormhole and disappear, but it didn’t seem to matter, since he was happy now. In the real world, Andrew sighed a sigh of relief, as if a huge pressure had just been lifted from him, and as Lucas finished his ejaculation into Andrew, he pulled out, brought Andrew to his knees, and finished his finale all over Andrew’s face and sunglasses. “Eat it.” Lucas stated. Andrew gladly grabbed the sunglasses off his face and licked them thoroughly clean, and grabbed what was left on his face and shoved it into his mouth gratefully. When he finished, he placed the sunglasses on and stood emotionless, like a statue in place. “A little pro-tip: always read the fine print of a contract. Though I guess that won’t matter now that you belong to me, body and soul!” Lucas, or should I say Lucifer, cackled loudly. Had Andrew not been such a horndog and intent on cheating on his spouse, he’d have had time to read the contract and realize he had agreed to enslavement and giving up his soul by asking for lemonade, and then giving a blowjob and receiving an orgasm. In return he had gained eternal youth in servitude, and his body had never looked better and would permanently be fixed in a hunky, beefcake fitness model mode. And the part of Andrew that remained was quite happy with this, because that’s all he ever really cared about or wanted. Lucas laid down in a lawn chair while Andrew grabbed oil to rub on his muscles to make them glisten in the sun, and when he was done with that, he fed Lucas grapes, massaged his feet, and sucked on his cock while Lucas reclined and enjoyed it all. “I think this will make a great base of operations for my continued conquest,” he declared. Get that wife of yours to give it to you or something.” Andrew hummed in agreement with Lucas’ cock down his throat as he continued sucking and Lucas achieved yet another orgasm, shooting a nice thick gallon load into Andrew’s eager stomach.

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