Game 2: Round 2

By BlueMoonRose published May 2, 2019

The Game has begun and changes have already started. What further twists will the boys encounter.

During one sweltering afternoon in the middle of a balmy summer, three young men sat in a basement moaning their orgasm in unison. Travis, a tall twink, lay sprawled across a chair wearing only a bathrobe. Caleb, a beautiful muscle god, was leaned back in his seat cum drenching his briefs, the only garment left from his recent transformation. And finally, Juan, a Mexican cub, laid on the floor, cock shooting cum all over his stomach and chest through the fly of his boxers.

“Wow,” Tray sighed, “That was like totes amazing. I didn’t even touch my willy at all.” He giggled at the his own phrase not noticing the stares he was getting from the other two boys.

“Player 1 begin the round.” The robotic voice of the game announced, breaking the building mood in the room. Tray giggled again and quickly pressed the button before the other two could stop him to question what was going on with this game. The lights spun, this time it landed on blue. “You are gay and that is true, and social justice is important to you.” Tray’s eyes swirled with red, green and blue lights as his mind was warped in order to fit with the game’s will. He stayed in this catatonic state until Cal snapped his fingers in-front of his face.

“What’s up hot stuff?” Tray said shaking his head clear of the colored fog. “Did I, like, zone out again?” Cal looked to Johnny with concern as the bigger boy got up from the floor to return to his seat. “What?” Tray asked looking at his two friends. Then the thought struck him and he got up and raced into his bedroom. Within two minutes he sashayed back with two boxers that were still the size of Tray’s original form of 485 lbs. “Here boys, clean undies since you made messies in what you’re currently wearing.” He said giggling and tossing the boxers at the too boys.

“Can we change in your room?” Cal said and then stopped for a moment to blink in surprise, “Hey! My stutter is gone!” His eyes lit up with excitement, “Johnny! Johnny! My stutter is gone! Ashley was right! This game is life changing for the better.” He tapped the button and then took the boxers and began walking to the bedroom to change in privacy. However before he got to the door, the game landed on the blue light.

“Why wear clothes at all? You’ve got the bod so show all the boys and have a ball.” Cal froze in place and then returned to the table dropping his soiled briefs as he walked revealing a beautiful six inch soft cut piece of meat that was worthy of an art museum, and was as thick as a twinkie.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Johnny cried on shock. Tray was too busy staring hungrily at his naked friend. “Why the hell are you just sitting there naked?”

“Why not?” Cal answered, “We’re all guys, plus Tray here doesn’t seem to mind. Do you cutie?”

“Not in the least hot stuff.” Tray said enthusiastically, “Would YOU mind if I joined you?” And with a quick nod from Cal, Tray stood up, shucked his robe and sat on Cal’s lap straddling the bigger man, and the two began a passionate make-out session.

“Guys!” Johnny said shock and worry filling his voice. “What are you doing? What if Tray’s mom decides to come down and check on us?” His fear was well placed because Tray’s mom had a habit of coming down and checking on the boys for snacks or to tell them when they got too loud during the later hours of the night. Johnny couldn’t imagine her reaction if she were to come down and see her son having a naked make out session with one of his two best friends. Their moms were liberal, but he was almost certain not that liberal.

“Then you best take your turn so that I have get up and take mine.” Tray moaned as Cal began to kiss down his neck and chest. Then Cal’s mouth found a nipple and he began to suckle the puffy pink flesh. Tray let out a loud moan of delight. Johnny heard the floorboards above him creak signaling that Tray’s mom had gotten up and begun walking to the basement door to investigate the noise.

Quickly he hit the button and sent the lights spinning in their dance. It landed on green as Johnny heard a distant voice call, “What’s are you boys up to down there?”

“How responsible you are. Surely you’re a Daddy to boys near and far.” The game announced as the door to the basement began to open. Then all of a sudden reality began to ripple and change with Johnny as the focal point. The hair at his temples began to lighten until two patches of stunning silver sat highlighted against his pitch black hair. His beard became a perfect salt-n-pepper speckled mass upon his face, just as laughter lines began to form on his face. As he aged from a twenty-two year old cuddle cub into a forty-five year old daddy bear, reality outside of himself changed to fit the new narrative. The woman at the top of the stairs vanished as reality changed from it being Tray and his mom’s house to it being Johnny’s house with Tray and Cal living with him. This change meant that Tray had moved out of his mother’s house several years ago.

Though the basement apartment remained for the most part untouched, there were several differences in this new reality. The table and chairs changed from simple cheap card table and folders to a nicer mahogany set. The grease stained couch transformed into a nicer black pleather sofa with accompanying loveseat. The biggest change was that the crumb covered threadbare queen that was morphed into a sexy black and red dark oak canopy bed.

Through the whole ordeal, Tray and Cal never stopped their coupling session. By the time everything was done they were on the floor, Cal having pinned Tray under him and nipping at the nap of his neck as the skinnier boy moaned in delight.

Johnny, or Daddy Jon as his memory now corrected him, sat in his chair and sighed as his two boy toys intertwined on the floor. “Hey guys, how about you take your turn before you two cash in your V cards.”

To be continued…

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