The Second Dose

By Esper
published May 2, 2019

Damian didn’t notice the side effects…

This is my first attempt at writing a story. I hope you like it.

Damian Mesmeri, an intelligent eighteen year old college junior, was dreading the next day. He was a lean young man of Asian Caucasian descent with shoulder long gold blond hair. His skin was a natural light tanned brown. His obvious treats from his Japanese mother were his lean figure (the scale never tipped over 61 kg) with a swimmers build and the almond shape of his blue eyes. Damian also inherited his mothers intellect and interest in natural sciences. Damian wasn’t interested in sports, unlike his elder twin brothers and much to his fathers dismay.

Damian’s parents divorced when he was 10 years old and his brothers were 12. He stayed with his mother while his brothers moved out with their father. Damian entered high school at the same time as his brothers. The time there wasn’t easy for him. His brothers blamed him for the divorce and took to bullying Damian at school and their friends copied them.

Damian tried to ignore the verbal abuse. But when his brothers got physical with him, he went to his dad. When nothing changed Damian tried talking with his teacher. After that it got better for him. The physical bullying stopped pretty fast and he was able to ignore the rest.

The high school coach came to Damian’s house to talk with his mother. A few month later Marvin Sand was a regular guest and soon the new boyfriend to Damian’s mother. He encouraged Damian to train his body but the boy remained lean and thin.

Damian graduated high school with 16 and a full ride scholarship to one of the most elite colleges in the country. His father was the head of the sports faculty at the college and his mother a graduate and professor of the medical faculty. Damian’s brothers entered the college at the same time as him. They got scholarships for gymnastics. The twins moved into the dorms and their father wanted his youngest son to do so, too. But the college forbade Damian to move into the dorms, since he was a minor and lived just half an hour away.

Marvin managed to get a position at the college as the new swim coach at the same time. He promised Damian’s mother to keep an eye on the boy. He even got Damian to train with the swimming club, where Damian managed to make some friends.

Damian had to move into the dorms right after his 18. birthday. His father had arranged for a single room in the same dorm as his brothers and other athletes. The dorm was near the science labs and the old part of the university where most of Damian’s courses took place. Each of the four floors had a group bathroom with showers and a common room with a TV. Damian’s room was on the third floor where mostly football players lived. His oldest brother lived on the fourth floor with most of his athletics team members. And the younger twin had his room on the second floor with the swim team members.

Damian dreaded his new living situation because the sports teams began bullying him soon after he started college, thanks to his brothers. Now in this dorm, his ways to escape were even more limited than before.

To end his last week at home, Damian went to the pool building after classes. He waited for the time when the swim team was long gone and the pool was only open for another hour. Only a handful of other people were in the pool building at that time. Damian ignored the creepy feeling in his stomach and went to the lockers to change into his swimwear.

As Damian entered the pool he noticed only the lifeguard and no one else. He began his stretches and jumped into the water to start with some slow laps for warm-up, then he swam for forty minutes until his arms and legs were exhausted.

“Damian, that was good.” A familiar voice called out, as Damian climbed out of the water.

He turned around and looked at Marvin, his mothers boyfriend. “Thank you.” He said, while searching for his towel.

“You’re 18 now, right?” Marvin asked, eyes lingering on Damian’s body. The boy had changed over the past week. His muscles were better defined and he looked more like an adult. But there was something else entirely different and Marvin couldn’t figure out what.

Damian began feeling uncomfortable under Marvin’s intense gaze, but he ignored it. “Weren’t you there for the party last week?” He moved to the bleachers looking for his towel.

“Noo… I had another engagement.” drawled Marvin. He followed Damian and stopped right behind him. He sniffed discreetly and his mind started spinning. His thoughts focused on his dreams from the last five years. The dreams he didn’t think about when awake. The dreams of dominating this cute and innocent boy. Just like he did with other students, he wanted to fuck Damian.

“Your mother asked me to move in with her. I waited so long for this…”

Damian turned around and looked at Marvin in surprise. It was like seeing him for the first time. Damian hadn’t noticed just how handsome the man was. Marvin was in his thirties and 6.2 feet tall, packed with 130 kg of pure muscles. He loved to go to the gym and it showed. His eyes were green and intense, his hair was light brown and of middle length. He styled his hair in a “out-of-bed” look and had well groomed stubble. His six-pack led to a happy trail that vanished in his red swim shorts.

“She asked you to move in?” asked Damian. “When did that happen?”

“Oh, just today. And when she tells you, you should act pleasantly surprised. We don’t want to upset her, do we?” Marvin spoke with authority. He couldn’t believe his own actions. Since the boy walked into the pool area he obsessed over Damian’s mouth. He wanted a to feel those lips on his dick. He wanted to compare the feeling to the expert blow-jobs from his girlfriend. Or the really soft lips and the enthusiasm of his twenty year old student boy toy from this semester.

Damian was momentarily stunned by Marvin’s behaviour. He had never spoken to him in such a malevolent tone. Marvin used the slight pause to lose the distance between them and grabbed Damian’s wrists. “I wanted to do this for years. You are finally old enough for what I have in mind.”

Damian struggled to get his hands free, but Marvin was much too strong for him. “What are you doing?” he asked loudly in hopes of alarming someone.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Marvin held Damian’s wrists with one hand now. He opened the bow on his shorts with the other hand and pulled the cord out. “You should understand what’s going on without explanation. Or are you as dense as your brothers tell everyone?”

A few seconds later Damian’s wrists were bound with the cord, hard enough to hurt a little. Marvin proceeded to remove the cord from Damian’s speedos.

“Why…?” Damian didn’t understand.

“You see, your mother is hot. Really hot. But with her schedule we can’t burn up the sheets like I need it. And you look so good today. I can’t stop thinking about you. And you want me to take charge, I can see it! You want to take her place and give me release whenever I need it.”

“What? Are you insane?” Damian screamed, then added confused: “I want you to take … charge?”

Marvin couldn’t believe his luck. It seemed like Damian followed his suggestions without much hesitation. “Yeah, you want me to take charge and follow my lead.” Then he removed the cord from Damian’s speedos and bound his underarms to the elbows to restrain his movements further. Marvin noticed a change in the boys struggle. He felt the need to get away and a kind of fear at first, now Damian’s struggles seemed almost sexily suggestive. “That should do.”

Damian didn’t understand what was happening. Marvin was supposed to be his friend. But now he was being meaner than anyone before. “Stop… please… why… are… you… doing… this?” At the same time, he found it nearly impossible to resist Marvin’s commands.

“Good boy. Now help me take these shorts off.” Marvin couldn’t explain his actions at the moment. His mind was hazy with lust and the need to get off. He reached for the boys wrists and pulled him forward. Damian stumbled and fell to his knees, only the hand on his wrists kept him from falling on his face. There was a little blood on the floor where he scraped his knees.

“Oh… that hurts.”

“Toughen up little man.” Marvin put Damian’s hands on the waistband of his shorts. “You will do as I say. Isn’t that right D.?”

Damian shook his head. “No…?” Just one word, spoken without resolve. But in his mind he found the idea alluring. Maybe he should play along? But he didn’t want his first sexual experiences to be with another man. He was not gay.

“You want me to hurt you?” Damian struggled to get away from Marvin. But he couldn’t break the hold on his wrists.

“Well… Seems like I need to play my trump.” Thought Marvin. He knew how much the boy loved his mother. He did almost everything to help and protect her. So much so, that he never mentioned his brothers tormenting him to her. He rather suffered in silence than making his mother unhappy. He observed Damian closely whenever they were together at school and at home. Throughout Damian’s high school years, he protected the boy from bullies whenever they got out of hand. At home, when he was with the family, he figured out what to do to break this cute teen he lusted after from the first time he saw him. Now he would get the shiny price he only ever reached in his dreams.

Marvin pulled the blond boy nearer and whispered in his ear. “What do you think will happen to your mom if you resist?” his tone was evil in its pleasantness. “You know how your mom and I train in the gym, right? What do you think will happen to her career after an accident there?”

Damian looked at the floor not understanding what was happening.

“Think about it. Her hands could get crushed so easily under the weights. Just one accident and she will never be able to work as a surgeon again.”

“No!” Damian struggled harder against Marvin’s grip. His mind seemed to clear, the longer his mother got threatened.

“Oh, just believe it.” Marvin leaned back and forced Damian’s chin up with his free hand. He wanted to see the struggle in his eyes. “But you can save her. Just do what I tell you, follow my suggestions, and your mom is safe. Don’t you want to protect your mother? I want just a blowjob for today. You want to do it, don’t you?”

Damian shook his head but he couldn’t form the words to deny the demands. He tried to reason with Marvin instead: “What if someone sees us?”

“The pool is closed for the night.” Marvin grinned. He sensed his victory. “I locked up when you came in. We have all the time I need. Now come here and start sucking.”

Damian hesitated. His stomach and ribs hurt from the punches. His mind was reeling fro the threats Marvin made for more pain and hurting his mom. He didn’t want to do what Marvin wanted. But there was a small voice in his mind telling him to do everything Marvin wanted. He should follow the orders. And he couldn’t risk his mum’s health. With shaking hands he knelt before Marvin, uncertain what to do next.

“Get going now!” Damian saw no other way. Just like years before, when the jocks ganged up on him to beat the shit out of him, he resigned himself to his fate.

“Take my shorts off now. You know you want it. Little queer boy.” Marvin said sternly.

Damian tried to resist, but he couldn’t. Marvin’s voice was just too compelling. So he tried to do as he was told, but moving his hands was awkward. He tried to pull the shorts down but they stuck on Marvin’s hips.

“Try harder D.” Marvin made no move to help. Moving from left to right, Damian disengaged the waistband, muttering under his breath: “This would be a lit easier if you untied me.”

“Yeah, maybe for you. But I like you in this position.” Marvin grinned down at Damian. “Now I want you to take my cock and sniff it. You need to learn how a real man smells.”

Damian jerked the shorts down to Marvin’s knees and was eye-to-eye with his semi hard dick. Damian had never been so close to the genitals of another human. He flinched back a little.

Marvin had trimmed pubes around the base of his dick. The half hard organ seemed quite big, just like the low hanging balls. At half mast Marvin’s dick was already over 8 inches long and quite thick.

Marvin waited a heartbeat for Damian to lean in and smell, like he told him to do. “I said: Sniff my cock!”

He grabbed Damian’s head with both hands and pulled him to his crotch. Damian sucked in a surprised breath. To him the musky odour with a bitter-sweet note under it stank. He coughed and tried to pull back.

“Oh no, little queer boy.” Marvin held Damian with both hands in position. “Tell me how you like it.”

“It stinks.” Damian tried to struggle further but something in his mind stopped his actions.

Marvin let Damian’s head go and looked in his eyes. “Tell me again! You love the smell, don’t you?” he pressed his crotch back in Damian’s face.

Tears of humiliation burned and Damian’s eyes. He got another nose full and found it better than before. Nearly intoxicating. “You’re right, it’s so good…”

“That’s the scent of a man. I knew you’d like it.”

Damian thought the smell couldn’t get much better, but he didn’t want to get used to it. But his body betrayed him. His own dick started to swell, and his speedos did nothing to hide it.

“Look who’s getting excited.” Marvin grinned evilly. “You’ll like the next part even better. I know I will. Stick your tongue out.”

Damian did as he was told. With beet red face and tears in his eyes he knelt on the floor before his mum’s big and muscular boyfriend, mouth open and tongue stretched out.

“Stay this way.” Marvin took a few steps to the bleachers and set down legs spread wide. He rested his hands behind his head and said: “Come here Damian.”

Damian thought about a way to get out of the situation but couldn’t find one. It was like a compulsion to do as Marvin said. He flinched when he scraped his knees as he crawled over to Marvin.

Marvin grinned and waited. He knew that from now on he would have the control of this cute boy. When the threat of harming Ai didn’t work, the video of Damian sucking him off would. The boy was too soft to stand his ground against him. He looked down at Damian, enjoying the pleading look in his eyes.

“Please stop now.” Whispered Damian.

“If you don’t want to get more bruises or risk your mothers health, you should stop there and do as I tell you. You will say how much you want to suck me off. And when I’m close to coming, you will beg for me to shoot in your mouth. You will swallow my cum and say how much you like the taste.” Marvin leaned forward and forced the younger man to see his resolve. “I will remind you on the way, so don’t forget your part.”

Damian’s mind crumpled a little under the force of Marvin’s will. He nodded and put on a fake smile.

“Very good D.” Marvin leaned back again. “Now a few pointers for you. No biting. No scraping teeth. Use your tongue to lick around the head and entertain me.”

“I’ve never done anything like this.” Damian said. “Please be tolerant.”

“You were made for sucking real men and pleasuring them. You will learn quickly.” Marvin stopped talking and gestured Damian forward. His dick twitched in anticipation for the younger man’s mouth.

Damian saw the throbbing. He had no idea what would happen, but hoped the penis would not get too big. It seemed quite big now and wasn’t at full mast.

Damian knelt on the floor and used his bound hands to keep himself upright. Marvin sat before him and waited. The compulsion got stronger. He kept the fake smile on his face and asked: “Marvin, would you please let me suck your cock?”

“Do as you like.” The man smiled at Damian with cold eyes, his voice pleasant. “Just go for it.”

Damian leaned forward and opened his mouth. His experience was non-existent. He got his first real kiss just two months ago. From a girl he had classes with. They continued going out together on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The girl was just figuring out how unexperienced and socially awkward Damian truly was. But they were willing to put effort in their relationship. So Damian had no experience in giving or receiving blowjobs. He could only compare what he was doing to what he had seen in online porn.

He took the tip of the semi hard cock in his mouth and began licking the tip.. Damian didn’t want another beating, so he had his teeth as far as possible away from Marvin’s dick. The taste was as bad as the smell at first, but he ignored it. His mind tried to convince him it was the best he ever tasted. Damian’s concentration was on his breath and his slack jaw, so he ignored it.

Marvin got excited on the sight of his dick vanishing in the warm mouth of this young man. The feeling was even better than imagined. The boy was good at it, too. He took his phone out to record the action.

Marvin felt relieved at Damian’s submission. The blowjob was better than expected. There were no scraping teeth, just the right sucking motion. Marvin felt his dick hardening rapidly. “I need to calm down.” He thought to himself. But the little voice in his head told him to just let go. He would be able to hold out as long as he needed to. He listened to the voice and told Damian: “That feels good.”

Damian let go of the cock and looked up at Marvin. “Thank you.” Then he resumed sucking. It got harder to take the whole mushroom head in his mouth after a little bit of time. Marvin’s cock was fully hard now at 10 inches in length and so thick that Damian’s hand barely reached around.

“Come on D. Take it deeper.”

Damian closed his eyes and tried to take the cock deeper. He struggled, but managed to take more. With every forward Motion Marvin’s cock vanished a tiny bit more in Damian’s mouth. With every backward move Damian’s tongue messaged the underside of the cock. He changed directions when only the tip was at his lips.

Marvin enjoyed the blowjob, even subpar as it was. His fantasies of having sex with Damian were coming true.

“You are good at this.”

Damian let go of the cock. The upper half of Marvin dick was glistening with his spit, the veins were throbbing and the flesh felt hot in his hands.

“Thank you.” Damian stroked the cock with soft hands to give his jaw a little reprise.

“Don’t just stare at it, suck it!”

Damian took a deep breath and sucked the head in. With his eyes closed he concentrated on his breathing.

Marvin waited a few moments for Damian to go deeper. Then he placed his hands on the back of a boy’s head and forced him deeper. Damian tried to pull back. He couldn’t breathe. As Marvin’s cock hit his limit he choked. His eyes teared up as he started to panic. Just as Damian was about to hit Marvin he felt himself relax and calmed down. Marvin released him at the same time.

Jerking back Damian coughed and glared at Marvin.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” Marvin asked softly. “You want my help for going deeper!?”

Damian remembered his role at the last moment. He schooled his face to an expressionless mask and said in a monotone voice. “Yes, please.”

“And now with a little more enthusiasm, little bitch boy!” growled Marvin. He became more aggressive without him noticing.

“Yes, please help me.” Damian said pleadingly. He didn’t even notice it. The compulsion was harder to resist now.

“You asked for it!” Marvin grabbed Damian’s head and forced him to his cock. “Now open up!”

Damian couldn’t try to resist. He opened his mouth and concentrated on his breathing. Marvin pushed his cock deep until Damian gagged. Then he let a little loose, just to push deeper. In just a few strokes Damian’s nose was pressed in Marvin’s pubes. Breathing got even harder for Damian and the scent was overwhelmingly good. Damian overcame his gag reflex but now he had to control himself not to moan.

Marvin felt his orgasm coming as his dick entered Damian’s throat. He pulled Damian’s head all the way down his dick and held him there. With a loud “Oh! FUCK YEAH!” his body tensed.

Damian’s face was pressed into Marvin’s abs and pubes. He struggled to get away, to breathe. But Marvin held him tight, his grip being more powerful than before. Damian felt Marvin’s body tremble and the cock in his throat getting even bigger. He heard Marvin’s shout and felt something warm spurting down his throat.

After the fourth spurt of cum, Marvin let his cock slide back until only the head was left in Damian’s mouth. “Get a good taste of this,” he mumbled through his moans and shot another three loads. Damian savoured the taste unconsciously. It was bittersweet and a little salty and the best he ever tasted.

“Oh, that was great.” Marvin said. “Don’t forget to swallow D.”

Damian followed his orders. Then Marvin started to lazily move his hips. His dick sliding slowly in and out of the younger boys mouth.

“Now look what a mess you made.” Marvin looked down at Damian’s swimming trunks. He angled the camera there to show the boys dick head had sneaked it’s way out under the waistband of the speedos. Without Damian realising he had shot a generous load of cum over his abs and thighs the moment Marvin made him taste his juice.

“Now, why don’t you clean that up?”

Damian hadn’t noticed the camera before, but now he glared at Marvin. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing for you to worry about.” Marvin said pleasantly with a hint of glee in his eyes. “This is just something for my later entertainment.” He got angry again, when Damian didn’t follow his earlier order. “I told you to clean up the mess you made!”

At the command Damian stopped struggling and glaring at Marvin. The younger boy tried to clean his abs, but he didn’t have enough movement to do so. “I can’t. Please free my arms.”

“No way!” thought Marvin. He leaned down and scraped the cum from Damian’s abs. “Eat every bit now.”

Damian recoiled at the thought and jerked back. “Please don’t make me do it!” Damian pleaded. He really didn’t want to eat his own cum. He still had the taste from before in his mouth. Until now he had struggled with the situation, but that was over now. His resolve strengthened. He wanted this to stop.

But Marvin overpowered him easily. He forced Damian’s mouth open with his free hand and stuck his cum coated fingers into his mouth. “Suck it up, boy.”

Damian wanted to bite the fingers off Marvin’s hand but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Marvin waited a second and watched Damian’s struggle. When Damian didn’t start sucking, he positioned a foot on his crotch. The threat was clear and Damian hesitated only a moment before sucking the fingers clean and swallowing his cum.

“Very good.” Marvin tousled Damian’s hair. “Now smile for the camera before I remove the cords.”

Damian tried to resist but after tasting his cum he just felt like he had to do whatever Marvin told him to. So, he looked up at Marvin’s face and smiled brightly.

“It suits him,” thought Marvin. “He looks even hotter now. I’ll leave it at this for now.”

He reached out and removed the cords on Damian’s arms. “Now go to the showers and leave.” The young man was a sight to be seen. His eyes shone feverish. His lips were swollen from the sucking and his face was pale under the red flush of the humiliation. His abs and thighs were smeared with cum, his arms showed red markings from the cords.

“You won’t tell anyone about this.” Marvin commanded. “If you tell anyone what happened here your mother is going to regret it.”

Damian knelt on the floor without responding. He hadn’t moved a muscle since swallowing his own cum. His mind had fled to a place, where nothing could reach him. But in this stage is mental barriers were low. He heard what Marvin said and found he needed to follow his orders.

“And be prepared for our next session tomorrow.” Marvin added to his last command. “We will meet in the gym like always. Just don’t think about today too much and focus on the good parts. Like how my cum tastes so good and how much you liked sucking my cock. I’m sure you can’t wait to taste my cock again.”

With that Marvin walked towards the pool. Looking back he noticed Damian still hadn’t moved. Grinning to himself he remembered one other student behaving the same. That one became a real cockslut after their second session. It must have been something about his cock. Hopefully Damian would be the same. He saw Damian leaving as he dove into the water.

Damian left the pool in a daze. He had showered and changed just like Marvin had told him to do then he left for his room in the dorms. His mind kept up on the way and just thought started to spin in circles.

“Why did something like that happened to me? Why did his cum taste so good? What will Marvin and I be doing tomorrow an the gym?” Damian lay in his bed, the room dark, and couldn’t sleep. The spiral didn’t stop.

To be continued…

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