Game 2: Round 1

By BlueMoonRose
published May 1, 2019

The Mysterious Game has found its way to a new set of boys. What will their heaven look like?

It was a sweltering afternoon in the middle of summer, when three friends gathered together in the basement of the eldest friend, Travis. The overweight video game addict was sitting in a white grease stained tank top and three day old blue plaid boxer shorts, so zoned into an online tournament that he didn’t even notice when his mother let his two friends in and led them to the basement. The youngest, Caleb, was holding a white box under his thin arm.

“Ah come on Tray.” The second visitor, Juan, said as he fully entered the basement, “You promised to not play that stupid machine when it’s game night. We aren’t even late this time!” There was a slight spice to his voice that, coupled with his dark features, made his Mexican ancestry very clear. Travis didn’t respond, even as the two boys sat down at the small card table. See, though Travis did live with his mother, the full basement was finished and made a cozy little apartment, or at least it would if Travis wasn’t such a slob.

Though he had a college education, Travis only maintained a menial job at a local fast food chain, making just enough money to help his mom with bills and pay for his video games. Juan, though thinner, was just a sloppy and lazy. Working at the same shop as Travis, Juan, or Johnny as his friends called him, was just as lazy, preferring to stay home and smoke pot than to try and better himself or the world around him. Caleb, or Cal as the other two boys called him, was the shyest of the three. The only reason he was even friends with Tray and Johnny was the fact that his mom and Tray’s mom were friends and had forced the two boys to hang out as children.

The three friends made it a point to get together to play board games at least once a month and had kept this tradition through the years. Today was Cal’s turn to bring the game for them to try. “C-c-come on, T-t-tray.” The shy bespectacled bookworm stuttered out as he set down the white box on the table. Thin fingers fumbling to open it. “T-t-time t-to p-p-p-play” his speech impediment was a big part of why Cal was so shy and didn’t have any friends with the exception of Tray and Johnny. It was at this moment that Tray’s tournament ended with him being killed by the reigning champion of the game.

“Fuck! I almost had him!” Tray screamed, throwing his controller at the TV. Johnny took the opportunity to run over and shut the TV off before Tray could collect his controller and start another tournament. “Hey! What’s the…? Oh, Hi Johnny. When do you get here?” Tray said genuinely surprised to see his friends in his apartment.

“It’s game day.” Johnny said more than a little annoyed at being ignored, “We’ve been here for about three rounds, setting up and trying to get your attention.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Tray said, blushing profusely as he got up from his gamer chair and walked over to the table and sat down to join his friends. “You know how I get. So, what are we playing this month?”

“I-it’s a g-g-game called S-s-seven R-rounds of Heaven.” Cal said, “A g-girl I-I w-work w-with, A-Ashley, s-said i-it w-was awesome.”

“It looks like a simon says game.” Johnny said unimpressed. “So, who is going first?”

“I’ll go, I’m the oldest after all.” Tray said reaching out and slapping the center button. The lights began to dance in a brilliant spiral.

“Welcome to Seven Rounds of Heaven.” A robotic voice began as the spiral captured the eyes of the three boys, “A few things before we start. 1) pick your playing order. 2) Once you start you must play till the end. 3) At the end decide if you want to stay in heaven or come back to earth. Ready?”

All three boys mindlessly nodded and robotically said, “Ready.” Then the lights slowed to a stop. “Player 1, begin.” Before he could think about what he was doing Tray reached out tapped the center button again. As the lights repeated their spiraling dance all three boys shook their heads, freeing themselves of the daze they had slipped into. The lights spun for a quick second before landing on the red light. As the red light flashed the game’s voice rang out through the hidden speakers. “Twinkle Twinkle little twink, no one wonders what you think. Thin and soft and youthful too, hope you like your new tattoo.”

“Wha…?” Tray was confused by the rhyme, then he felt his body heat up but it wasn’t a bad heat. In fact it carried with it a very erotic pleasure as it radiated from his center and out into his fingers and toes. When the heat reached his head, his eyes rolled back and his mouth dropped open to let out a moan of ecstasy. The other two boys watched in horror as their friend’s body began to bubble and shrink, magically losing weight and mass, transforming from a 489 lbs slob to a slim, yet soft 195 lbs. while the clothes on his body did not change the mess that had previously flooded the apartment vanished, cleaning itself up.

“Oh wow.” Tray said, “That was totes amazing.” However, his joy was ended when he opened his eyes and looked down to find his new body. “Like WTF?!” He screamed patting himself all over. Scared and amazed at the new body, gone were the stretch marks, gone were the rolls, and instead was the perfect twink body swimming in his old clothes.

The other two boys stared as Tray stood up and his old boxers, now several sizes too big, dropped to the floor. As Tray stripped off his shirt and walked to his room to look for a robe to cover himself, Cal and Johnny both noticed that the second part of the rhyme came true. In the small of Tray’s back, sat a neon pink butterfly tattoo. The perfect gay tramp stamp. They both giggled. “Dude, you look like one of those guys from Queer Eye.” Johnny laughed as Tray came back in wearing a white bathrobe.

“Hey I don’t mind.” Tray said nonchalantly, “I just lost all that weight mom’s been bugging me about. Plus that was an amazing feeling. It felt like fucking the tightest pussy in the universe.”

“How would you know? You’re a virgin.” Johnny teased emphasizing it by lightly hitting his friend in the shoulder.

“I-I w-wanna g-go n-n-next.” Cal said slapping the button before Johnny could react. The lights spun quickly before landing again on red. “The God of Beauty has blessed you, with a body that makes others love the view.” Again heat began to build, this time within Cal. His body bubbled and grew. Perfect washboard abs, solid square pecs, and broad shoulders ripped his shirt at the seams. His jeans, likewise, were torn to shreds because of his legs bulging into a new muscular form that matched the rest of his body.

“Dude!” Johnny said excitedly, “You look like you just stepped off of Baywatch.” He didn’t eat a response since Cal was still in the thrall of the orgasmic pleasure from his transformation. Sitting there in just a pair of pure white briefs, Cal was definitely a sight that could strike lust in any woman or gay man, and jealousy in any straight man. Excited to get a similar body, Johnny quickly hit the button to start his turn. The lights spun and once again landed on red. Johnny was so excited that he didn’t hear the rhyme that the game stated describing what his transformation would be. Instead, he was busy stripping down to his boxers excitedly looking at his body.

The warm feeling began in his stomach and immediately threw Johnny to the floor, downing in wave after wave of erotic ecstasy. As his hands roamed his body he felt silky hairs grow and spread across his chest and down to his expanding stomach. He felt a perfect 5 o’clock shadow grow into place on his face, and his pecs bloom into two large pillows. Johnny growled his orgasm as the changes finished up leaving him the perfect cuddle cub.

To be continued …

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