SubX part 16

Series: SubX
By abracadabra923 -
published April 30, 2019
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part 16


Jacob drove. They were headed for a dance club, which Mason wasn’t too thrilled about but maybe some cute stranger would grind on him.

“What a way to celebrate a victory series,” Jacob said. He looked extremely hot, with a white tank top, faded shorts, his mohawk freshly cut, smoky eyeliner, red tinted lips, a hoop in one lobe and an inverted cross dangling from the other.

“You know,” Naoto said from the back seat, “we’ll have to stop winning eventually. It was never supposed to go that far. People are going to get suspicious if the Redfield Raccoons never lose on their home turf.”

“Sure boss,” Jacob said. “But what else am I supposed to be happy about since you’ve cut me off from my prime source of dick? Now I have to send hole pics on Grindr like a medieval peasant.”

Mason didn’t have to turn around to know Naoto was rolling his eyes.

“Maybe…” the boss said. “Maybe I’ll hand out some SubX again. If you’re a good boy.”

“Sir, I’ll be the best boy, sir. Ain’t that right, Mase?”

“I dunno,” Mason said, looking out the window. “Sex without SubX was really different. You can talk and all that shit.”

“Sure but until you’re exclusive with someone, why not fuck some sex-zombies?”

“Zip your lips,” Naoto said. “We’re here.”

Jacob pulled half into a driveway and the back passenger door opened. Naoto shuffled to the side.

Ji and Westin climbed in, making out as soon as they were belted up. They both wore caps – backwards to stay out of the way of kissing. Ji had a strongly ripped t-shirt and Westin wore a studded collar with a dog tag.

“Ew,” Mason made. “Get a room you gross homos.”

The wrestler boyfriends only chuckled onto each other’s mouths.

Admittedly, if Mason had had a boyfriend as hot as Ji or Westin he wouldn’t have taken his lips off that one either.

Jacob turned the dubstep up but it didn’t fully mask the smooching sounds. Mason retreated into his phone to check social media.

His heart skipped a beat. He needed a moment to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

He drew a deep breath.

“Holy fucking shit! You’re not going to fucking believe who just made a fucking coming-out post!”


Mason slapped his boyfriend’s ass for the hundredth time and leaned forward, driving his dick in even harder than before. The boyfriend was on his back, looking up with eyes still red from choking on Mason’s dick.

Mason put his hand on the muscle hunk’s throat and applied light pressure. He slapped the sharp face with the other.

“You like that, faggot?!” Mason yelled.

“Yes, you’re so good to this dumb faggot. Oh fuck.”

Mason spat on his boyfriend. “I’m gonna… cum in your ass… you little bitch… mark you as the homo you are.”

“P-please Mase, ruin this faggot’s hole,” the hunky boyfriend said. He grabbed his own leaking dick and jerked off as fast as Mason humped into his ass.

“You’re so pathetic, little bitch…” Mason huffed, out of breath. “Everyone will see what a… disgusting cum lover you are and… uh fuck… getting close…”

“Me too.”

Mason broke character and leaned in for a relatively gentle kiss.

The boyfriend shook and flexed his beefy torso as cum ropes splashed up his abs. The orgasm made his hole clench so tight that Mason climaxed with a scream, muffled by his boyfriend’s tongue.

The lean athlete drained his load into his bigger boyfriend, then held still with their forehead’s touching for several hot breaths, and finally pulled out.

“Fuck, that was amazing, babe,” Mason said.

Sex without SubX-interference was really different. Mostly better. This guy’s bottoming skills for example were a twelve out of ten when he was conscious and into it.

“Thanks. It was pretty good,” the hunk said, breath heavy. “For a fuck without bondage, at least.”

Mason wiped his dick on a damp towel and cuddled up next to Hudson. He nuzzled his head into the quarterback’s neck and put his hand across Hudson’s pierced chest.

They kissed and cooled down for a minute.

“Feeling like you’re getting it all out?” Mason asked.

“Yeah totally,” Hudson said. “Last week I couldn’t even say the words, but now? I’m gay. I’m gaaaay!”

The words echoed through the empty house. Hudson’s parents were out. The boys chuckled and kissed again.

“Glad to help a teammate out,” Mason said. “Although, I can’t say who helped who more. I wouldn’t have come out for years if I wasn’t dating you.”

“Anything for a teammate. Haha. To be honest though,” Hudson said, looking at the ceiling of his room, “I miss it a bit – the persona. It was still a fun act to put on, sometimes, even as it was eating me.”

Mason raised his eyebrows. “How much of it was an act? You’re not that different now. You just talk about things other than fucking girls for once.”

Hudson pouted. “Thanks… I think.”

“It’s part of what makes you so hot to dominate, babe. If you… wait.”

Mason had gotten a text and leaned off to the side to take a look.

Jacob wrote:

Movie night at my place. Boss finally lets us use SubX again. Hallelujah!

I’ve invited 15 guys just so you know

You in?

Mason looked to the side – at his wonderful boyfriend.

He had something better than a SubX orgy. He had a fun, caring lover with a colorful mind and a multifaceted personality – still somewhat repressed but working on it.

Mason wrote back:

Obviously yes and I’m bringing Hud to zombify cause I wanna see him top you again

He was a horny teen boy who liked to fuck muscular jocks. What did you expect?


This wasn’t nearly supposed to be this long. Why does this always happen? Let me know if you enjoyed it and what you would do with SubX at

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