Hunting Godhood

By Gerbil-Bee
published May 28, 2019

Peren believes that there is a way out, but what will it cost him?

***“Light is the basis of all life. Light is the strength of the soul. Light can blind. Light is not kind. Only with balance, can the Sun and the Moon both impart their light upon us. The Sun will always reveal the world. It is by the light of the Sun that we see all things. It is the Sun’s light that allows us to reach out beyond new horizons. The Moon will always shroud the world. It is by the light of the Moon that we see safety. It is the Moon’s light that allows our people to remain hidden from danger.”

  • Chint’xe Meditations: Duality of Lights***

    Peren made haste for the Hunter’s Hall. The path was darkened, and the torches that would have lit his way were all knocked down. Embers and coals were littered across the pathways, giving their last lights to offer whatever illumination they could. Peren knew that it would mean his doom if he took the main road, so he quickly detoured into the dense jungle woods. As the Hunter’s Hall came into view, he saw light coming through the windows. It was as untouched as the Great Hall was initially. Hiding in the bushes outside, Peren waited. He needed to know if the Hunter’s Hall had been compromised.

    To his immediate relief, Peren heard shouting. “Reinforce the door, and cover the windows. Burn more wood and oil! We need all the fire and light we can get!” Peren could hear orders being barked back and forth. “Come on, hurry! This sickness has already taken control of the entire village. We cannot stay here for long. How are those supplies coming along?” Peren knew that the people barricaded within the Hunter’s Hall were not infected. He quickly made for the closest window, jumping over the sill and rolled across the floor when he landed into the Hunter’s Hall. He breathed heavily and started crying. For the first time this night, he was safe. “Peren, you…you’re alive! Thank the Sun God!” This voice was familiar. Peren looked up and saw his father standing over him. “Father!” The father and son hugged tightly. “I had thought you were lost to the monsters themselves or the treacherous Elders. I had a bad feeling that something was afoot about the Elder council when they called all of us in for the night, so I instead offered to come check on the Hunter’s Hall.” Peren’s father, Huurkon, walked around the Hunter’s Hall. It was well fortified, at least for the time being. He briefed his son on the situation. “Your brother is here to, though some were not as lucky. A number of hunt-groups were out scouting tonight, and not everyone has made it back here.” Wulk was sitting with his hunt-group, but they were short three members. “We tried to scout around the woods, but so far we have not had alot of luck.” Huurkon rubbed his chin and paced around. "The infection spreads quicker with each passing second. Those who remain in the village are trapped by the Elders, and the outskirts of the village are teeming with these strange monsters. Whatever sickness has taken root in this village, it has gotten to the animals as well.

    Peren could hardly fathom that even the animals were changing. He looked outside one of the boarded windows. In the shadowy reaches of the woods, he could make out the shape of a creature. It looked like one of the horses from the nearby stables, but this one’s head was all warped. It’s head held the distinct parasitic mouth and looked as if a worm was transfused from to it from the neck forward. It had no hair, just sagging, crawling skin. The hooves were turned to fingered, beastly hands which it now had three pairs of. What once was a singular cock of a horse became a series of tentacles and ovipositors that connected to it’s swollen stomach. The creature made a deep, gutteral roar. It was dragging along a number of hunters and tribesmen that it had captured. They were all wrapped by one of its tentacles. The infected stallion made its way clear into the illuminated space, so that it could show Peren just what it could do. It pulled forward one of its captives. Peren recognized the poor man as one of the tribe’s champions, a God-Warrior. Peren’s father was one himself, and it was a station that many young men strove for. To be personally blessed by the Gods was a true feat of one’s life. Peren watched as the champion was dragged out. Aside from being naked, the champion was unharmed. His body made him worthy of being a God-Warrior; brown skin, hulking biceps and pecs and abs that were chiseled from stone themselves. The champion was shaved bald, instead having markings and paint across his clean head and along his chest, arms and legs.

    The champion attempted to fight the corrupted steed as he was pulled forth, but the monster quickly attacked with its mouth. It released a number of tentacles from its mouth that smothered the champion’s face. With two hands, it held the champion down. Two other hands to lift the champion’s legs up, spreading his loins apart. The beast retracted its head and roared as its tentacles and ovipositors began to crawl into the champion’s ass. The champion screamed in agony and horror as he was being defiled. He kept praying to the Sun God, any of the Gods that he swore faith to. As the corrupted stallion pumped its seed and slugs into the champion’s body, it enveloped its prey’s head with it’s mouth. A sickly gurgling noise came from within as Peren saw the beast fill the champion up. “Son, it is best to not look at them when they do that. It only serves to demoralize us further.” Huurkon drew Peren away from the window as other infected beasts came into the lighted space to initiate their mutant orgy. Hunting dogs, cats, horses, nothing was spared from the Great One’s infestation. The larger the creature, the more fun the Great One had in redesigning it.

    The corrupted creatures laid out their uninfected prisoners and set about to infect them. Among the beastial orgy was a gaunt frail figure. It was one of Gaob’s followers. He was chanting and praying to the Great One as he fucked a champion. He whispered into the champion’s ears, ever persuading him to renounce his faith. The vile cultist was straddled on top of the champion as the man was being held down by four minions. His face was being fucked by a spider minion, and the cultist was jamming his tentacled tongue into the champion’s ears. Reaching his brain, the skeletal man was scrambling his brain, making it easier for the Great One to enter him. The champion moaned with each thrust as his mind melted away. The other captives were already losing their own sanity. Smiling, laughing, tears of joy, however they were expressing themselves, they were all too far gone now. As the night went on, the holdouts within the Hunter’s Hall were tormented by the pleasurable screams of the orgy outside. As it dragged on, more of the infected creatures came out from the woods to join in on the psychological wear and tear.

Peren and his father began to hatch a plan with the others. They could not stay within the Hunter’s Hall. They would have to flee into the jungle sooner or later, but they would need supplies. Huurkon suggested that they make a break for a storage den located to the East. It would offer them the best chance to get supplies, and the storage den was also far off from the village. From the den, they could make their escape away from the village through a tunnel.

Putting the plan into motion, the holdouts threw their torches out of the window, aiming to set the surroundings on fire. If they raised enough smoke by burning down the Hunter’s Hall, it could give them cover to flee to the den. As the Hunter’s Hall was set ablaze, Huurkon and the other adults stayed behind to buy more time. Peren and the younger adults ushered the remaining fledgling hunt-groups towards the storage den. The plan worked remarkably well. It went off with very little issue, yet as they made their way towards the storage den, they could hear swift movements and slithering. There was movement in the bushes as they ran towards their destination. As the group ran, they were ambushed by ghoul-like humans. These were Gaob’s most loyal followers, those who had drank the potion in order to afford themselves visions.

They leaped out from the bushes and grabbed whoever they could lay hands on, dragging their hapless prey back into the dense nature around them. The adults tried to fend them off, but many were dragged into the night themselves. Two soldiers, Koht and Temma, were waylaid as the survivors escaped. The ghouls had cut them off from the others as they lagged behind. “Damn it.” Koht muttered. He clutched his battle-axe in his hands and swung it at a charging ghoul. The monstrosity hissed as it evaded the warriors attacks. It hissed at Koht and opened its mouth. A long tongue lashed out, hitting Koht in his chest and knocking him down. His weapon fell besides him. “Koht! No!” Temma shouted. He rushed over to help his friend, but before he could assist him, a ghoul emerged from the shadows and lept onto Temma’s back, wrapping itself around his torso. Its mouth gaped open with a horrid gurgling sound. With one quick lunge of its head, the ghoul’s entire jaw was locked onto the back of Temma’s head. Inside the ghoul’s mouth, injectors pierced into Temma’s skull and brain, injecting a mind numbing component. At once, Temma’s knees grew weak and he groveled onto the floor. His eyes rolled back and his mouth hung open as it twitched and strained. The ghoul began to sap the warrior of his energy. \

The ghoul grew another set of hands to further restrain the hunk. As Temma bucked back and forth, the ghoul’s flexible feet were tightly holding onto his waist. The ghoul’s long horse-like cock dropped down and entered Temma’s ass. “Nnnggg….oh…ooooooohhhhh!” Temma body tensed as the ghoul ravaged him. Once the warrior was sufficiently put under, the ghoul detached its mouth from Temma’s head and proceeded to unleash its tongue to wrap around the warrior’s head and choke him. Temma’s muscles flexed as he moaned and gasped for air with pleasure. The ghoul’s numbing poison hardened his cock as it swung back and forth with each thrust of the ghoul’s cock into him.

The ghoul that was assaulting Koht had now rammed a tongue into Koht’s mouth. His eyes were rolled back as his head shook violently from the tongue invading his body. After a couple minutes, the ghoul retracted its tongue and let out a high-pitched howl. Other ghouls were alerted to their location and approached from behind the shade. They drooled with hunger and lust for the two soldiers. Unable to protect themselves, the two soldiers were used and abused by the group of ghouls. Their mouths were stuffed with their long cocks, their hands were forced to jack them off and they were both being double-fucked by two ghouls. Their moaning grew louder and more desperate as they neared their climax. The tongues that were wrapped around their cocks acted faster before consticting their cocks harder. The two warriors surrendered as they let their loads loose. The ghouls continued to have their fun even after the warriors were spent. When they had tired of their prey, the ghouls dragged the two back to the village.

“Don’t look back! Just keep running!” Huurkon warned the group not to do so or else they falter and get taken. As the group neared the outside of the den, Huurkon urged his son to take the others inside. “Get inside the den, we’re going to collapse the entrance. It should buy you time to find the tunnel and get out of here!”. “You guys have to come with us! We’re not leaving you!” Peren begged. The other survivors agreed with him. As the ghouls closed in on the entrance, Huurkon discharged some of the remaining adults to go with them, but he remained resolute. He would stay behind. Jutah, Lomuh and Gorka stayed with him. The others hurried down into the den. Peren locked eyes with his father one last time before he struck the entrance with a weapon. The entrance collapsed upon itself and the survivors retreated further into the storage den as the dirt caved in.

“Well men, we make our last stand.” Huurkon stated. He brandished his war axe in hand and eyed the surrounding jungle. It was silent. Not a stir in the leaves or wind. Jutah spoke up, “Perhaps they won’t follow us here. Maybe we can make a run for it as well.” Jutah, Lomuh, Gorka and Huurkon were all champions. They were respected God-Warriors, championing the cause of the Sun God himself. Their bodies were all kept in great shape to reflect the values and virtues of the Sun God’s teachings. Their prowess in battle were next to none, and they were decorated with war paint. Jutah had reddish-brown hair, long and tied with beads in front of his ears. His clean-shaven looks were often the basis for comments on his appearance. Lomuh had a beard and a hairy body, but even that was not enough to cover the muscles on his body. His hair was toussled, like a disturbed patch of grass. Gorka had black hair, straight and cropped. He wore a headband around his head and his eyes were like those of a tigers. He had sideburns and a shaven stubble, but it was clear that he still held onto his young, good looks. Huurkon held onto a charm around his neck. “Sun God, bless us…bless our children. Deliver them to safety.” The others followed in the prayer.

As the men prayed, a skittering sound rang out, dull at first, but it was getting closer. Accompanying it was a sickening crawling noise. Huurkon finished the prayer and quickly drew his weapon. He could not see it, but that infested terrain was creeping closer, and whatever was making that skittering, insect-like sound, it was no small beetle. “Huurkon, there is still time to run.” Jutah whispered. He had his weapons drawn, but he did ever so slightly begin inching to the back. “They are probably all around us now. Even if we were to flee now, there is no telling how far we can get.” Gorka postulated. He kept his eyes focused on wherever the approaching noise was loudest, but it seemed to be coming from everywhere.

“We are champions of the Sun God. We will never give in. We fight to our last breath. We have done our part now. We have ensured that those young boys can live to see another day’s sun. Now we must simply bide them time.” Huurkon rallied his men together. They formed a group back to back, in front of the caved in den entrance. The slithering, squelching and movement of slippery skin against the ground was now clearly sounding. The Tormentous screams and loud moans of the still-uninfected were carried along the winds. All the same, the wind carried chanting and fervent groans and grunts of those who have already been taken. “Ready yourselves!” Huurkon commanded. The bushes began to rustle. The trees shifted and shook. The ground beneath them trembled. “Ahh……look at this.” A raspy voice rang out. From the shadows, a man appeared, robed. “Elder Fatu…” Lomuh hissed. “I will have the pleasure of converting the four of you.” The elder taunted. He spread his arms out and began to chant. He first laid his eyes on Gorka. As Gorka growled and rushed at the elder, he could feel his cock harden. He immediately froze up before he could strike a blow at the elder. There he was, an inch away at killing one of these traitorous elders, but yet his body wouldn’t move. He looked up and met the elder’s cold eyes. Gorka could feel something in him stir. His cock hardened the more his gaze was fixed upon the elder. “Yes, that is right. Just keep looking into my eyes. Meet my gaze, let him into you.” Fatu encouraged. “Do not fight it, Gorka. You know that deep down, you are a slave all the same.” Gorka couldn’t believe his eyes as the Great One entered him. He was flooded with visions of himself being fucked by tentacles. A goofy grin crawled across his face as he dropped his weapon and fell to his knees, tearing off his clothes and gear. Fatu cackled as tentacles flooded out from underneath his robe. He promptly discarded of his own garment, revealing that the lower part of his body was nothing but a mass of tentacles and insectoid appendages.

Gorka opened his mouth as Fatu’s ovipositor came out from behind the snare of tentacles and alien parts. The champion took the cock in his mouth and sucked on it furiously, drinking of Lomuh’s seed. He couldn’t get enough. Fatu’s cum was too much for the champion as it overfilled from his open mouth, dripping across his paint-adorned chest. The tentacles gently wrapped all around Gorka, guiding him in his new duty. Fatu’s insectoid extensions grappled onto Gorka’s shoulders and head, pressing him further into the tangle of tentacles. Fatu pushed the champion into his tentacled cluster until he was properly ensnared within. Gorka was helpless, only being able to squirm and moan. The elder withdrew his ovipositor, making Gorka whimper and beg for more of his master’s seed. “Oh, such an eager pup. Very well…let us show your friends what a good servant you are.” Fatu brought out a new tentacle, it was think, oozing and the mouth twitched and wheezed. The elder’s tentacles slowly reached up and helped part Gorka’s mouth. The tentacle rammed down into Gorka’s throat and the champion’s eyes rolled back. His body tensed and his cock shot up. Moaning and convulsing, Fatu’s tentacles constricted the champion’s body where they had previously been wrapping around. Gorka tossed and turned, unable to resist the Great One. The tentacle in Gorka’s mouth, now embedded into him, his body and mind, began to suck any last ounce of resistance the once-proud warrior had.

With each loud squelch, Fatu drank Gorka’s own seed through the tentacle that ran down his throat. And with each slurp, so too did the elder consume the champion’s mind. “You champions are easy to defile. Once you are without your minds, you make the perfect cattle for the Great One. Your bodies will make for perfect hosts for the breeding of new young.” Fatu teased. Gorka continued to writhe in agonizing pleasure. His expression was blank. “You bastard! Traitor!” Lomuh growled. He charged forward, blade in hand. “You will die!” He cried. "Huurkon knew that Fatu was baiting him. “No, stop! Do not attack him!” Huurkon held his hand out to try to grab his friend, but Lomuh was already out of reach. From the cover of the bushes, a beast jumped out and ambushed Lomuh. Pinning him down on all fours, the beast was clearly a mutated cattle. The horns had become two entwined tentacles. It’s head became a four tendriled mouth, a long ovipositor tucked within. Like the corrupted horses, it’s hooves had become muscled claws, and it’s tail now ended in a myriad of smaller tentacles and injectors. From the foul beasts gut was a light, and the clear silhouette of egg-slugs and worms inside. The cattle had become a living, moving pod.

The beast roared as it opened its mouth. It’s ovipositor moved down to poke and prod at Lomuh’s mouth. The warrior held steadfast and clenched his jaw closed. “No!” Jutah clenched his weapon harder. He would have went to help his friend in need, but the creep had began to approach, infecting the ground between the two uninfected champions and their captured allies. Fatu appraoched Lomuh as the creep moved forth. As it consumed the area that Lomuh was on, small tentacles began to grow and reach up, rubbing against Lomuh’s body. As he was pinned down chest-down, the creep covered over his chest, slightly massaging him and sucking on his nipples. The elder lurched forth, his tentacled mass moving with him. Gorka was already lost, his body was a sweat-glossed, cum-covered mess as his legs moved forth with limp mannerism as Fatu moved. “It’s ok…soon you will join your friend Gorka. Wouldn’t that be nice?” Fatu lowered his upper body, shifting himself through the tentacle snag. He reached over and pressed Lomuh’s head down, forcing his face to meet the creep-infected ground. Sensing flesh, the creep began to adhere to his face. It begged to enter the warrior as it crawled across his body. The beast on top of him lined its ovipositor cock with Lomuh’s prostate. With a growl, it tightened its grip on Lomuh and plunged its cock in. Lomuh resisted screaming, as that would spell his fate. But as hard as it was, the warm feeling began to develop inside of him as the beast pumped its young into him. Groaning, Lomuh’s breath became heavy. Fatu pressed his face harder into the creep, smothering him. The creep began to fill his nostrils. With no breath to draw, Lomuh struggled, his body tensed up and he squirmed in place, trying to escape. The beats tore away Lomuh’s gear and clothing as it pumped faster and harder.

Jutah looked around. He began to panic. “I…I can’t die like this. I can’t!” Jutah turned around and began to run off, away from the others. “Stand your ground! By the Sun God, show some faith!” Huurkon called after Jutah, but he kept running. Huurkon growled and brandished his weapon. “Damnit…” He muttered. Before Jutah could even leave the clearing of the den, he was stopped by four robed figures. “Greetings, brother Jutah. Please, stay. We have much to show you.” The main figure of the group unveiled his hood. It was one of the tribe’s priests, C’you. The others did the same, removing their hood. They were all priests. C’you put his hand on Jutah, he looked at the champion with his kind eyes. C’you was young, younger than Jutah. If anything, he was around Peren’s age. He was a child prodigy if anything. At a young age, he could recite the poems of heroes and knew word-for-word, the entire chronicle of the Sun God. He became next-in-line to become the head priest of the tribe, and was even on his way to become an elder. Despite his skinny frame, his word was respected. His intellect was valued by the tribe, and thus, he often held sway over the rituals performed by the village warriors and hunt-groups.

C’you planted his hands firmly above Jutah’s chest, feeling him. His eyes flickered with an odd sensation. Jutah couldn’t look away. He felt calm with C’you. The priest began to move his hands around Jutah, feeling his strong shoulder, squeezing his pecs and running a finger along his abs. “You will make a fine consort.” C’you smiles. "The Great One rewards those who are devoted to him. He told me to go out and convert the others. He told me that I could have anyone that I wanted, so long as I had a hand in converting them. “Your body is strong, Jutah.” C’you’s voice was soft, almost motherly. He raised his hand to stroke Jutah’s cheek. “I grew up watching you. As a young boy myself, I was stuck reading scriptures and writing in scrolls. But I always had a nice view: You. I always saw you outside, training. When I was allowed to wander, I followed you.” C’you moved closer to Jutah. He embraced him, drawing him into a hug. He wrapped a leg up around Jutah’s waist and pushed his forehead against his. “I saw you wrestle the boars, the bears, the lizards and snakes. You won each time, and came home covered in the blood of your enemies.” C’you licked Jutah’s cheek. By now, Jutah’s mouth hung open a little, his face was blank as he looked off into the distance. C’you had always been silent. No one knew what he thought of things. He rarely spoke, only speaking when he needed to orate a passage or recite passages. His past with Jutah was not one of coincidence. Even with the Great One’s influence over the priest’s mind, his feelings for Jutah were not coming from falsity.

One would not call it love outright, but C’you was fascinated with Jutah. The champion was everything C’you wished he could be. Fate had steered him towards being a priest, but Jutah was his polar opposite. When Jutah’s time came to be inducted as a champion, C’you was the one to paint his body. They exchanged a few words during the process, but it never rang in Jutah’s head that the young man held him in high regards. Rather, in an effort not to offend the priest, Jutah dared not to speak out of turn with him. C’you outclassed him as a priest. Jutah felt that his words were not worthy of him.

The priest looked straight into Jutah’s eyes. “Jutah…I want you. I want you to be my mate, my consort, my….devoted.” C’you wrapped his legs around his waist now. Randomly, Jutah moved his hands to support C’you, moving his hands to hold up the priest’s loins. “I….uh- ah, I….” Jutah was at a loss for words. C’you was so stunning. His cock began to harden. C’you opened his mouth and smiled, licking his teeth and lips. “Jutah, don’t you want me?” Jutah’s breathing grew heavy. “I…I do…want you.” C’you smiled. “Do you want to please me?” The question provoked Jutah to respond. “Yes.” The answer satisfied the priest. “You would do anything for me, would you? You wouldn’t stand to let anyone hurt me. You know, I hurt easily, and there are bad people out there who wish to hurt me.” C’you batted his eyes like an innocent child. He lowered his butt lower, so that Jutah’s cock nuzzled length-wise between the cheeks. This act of seduction only fanned the flames within Jutah. He didn’t know why, but he needed C’you. He needed to prove himself to the priest.

“The Great One has blessed our courtship.” C’you relished this. This was fate. His hands lowered to grip Jutah’s biceps. The priest closed in to kiss Jutah. the champion’s eyes grew wide as he fell to the intoxicating aura. The kiss went on indefintely. It started off slow, C’you moved his hands about, feeling Jutah’s biceps and squeezing is muscles. The priest forced his tongue into the champion’s mouth, exploring his insides. Jutah thusted in response, pushing his cock along, rimming C’you. The priest ended the kiss for a moment, looking at Jutah. The champion’s mouth was covered with saliva. Jutah panted. “Please…convert me, C’you. Please take me…I want you.” C’you smirked. “I thought you’d never ask. Prepare yourself, my soon-to-be-mate.” C’you and Jutah kissed again, starting off slow, same as before. But then the tempo changed. C’you began to grow agressive. He wrapped an arm around Jutah’s neck and grabbed the back of his head as well, pushing him deeper into the kiss. Jutah, unprepared, began to struggle with the forceful priest. He grunted, trying to keep up with the pace with his thrusts. C’you’s tongue thrashed about in Jutah’s mouth. The priest’s body twitched and convulsed in Jutah’s hands. His legs wrapped harder around his waist. His torso spasmed as C’you began to draw something up from the back of his throat. Forcing himself onto Jutah, C’you pushed harder on the kiss, bending Jutah’s head back. With the kiss widening the champion’s mouth, C’you began to force up slugs from his throat, letting them crawl into Jutah’s mouth as they kissed. Jutah, now aware of what was going on, tried to break away from the kiss as he struggled. His arms would not move, however. He couldn’t muster his strength to throw C’you off. He began to buckle and crouch down as the slusg entered his body. Muffled howls and cries came as Jutah’s eyes rolled back. Mixed feelings ran through the champion’s head. As his body lowered, he thrusted hard.

Now in a full squat, C’you could indulge himself. The creep emerged around them locking Jutah’s feet in place. C’you’s cock, now essentially an ovipositor in and of itself, lowered itself between Jutah’s spreaded legs. It looped behind the champion and entered his ass, fucking him and laying C’you’s seed within him. The champion would become his. The Great One’s blessing was given. Squatted down, Jutah’s legs trembled. The kiss continued to flood his guts with slugs as C’you filled him with his seed. C’you reached down from his head to feel the champion’s strong back. He squeezed the champion even harder as he squirmed, unable to fight back. The creep sprouted a tentacle below Jutah. It immediately shot up into Jutah’s ass. The sudden assault weakened him, and C’you pushed him down on his back after withdrawing his own cock. He fucked Jutah as he laid on his back, pinning his arms down and continuing to kiss him, depositing more worms and slugs into his guts.

Huurkon watched in horror as he remained the only one uncorrupted by the cult and the Great One. He steeled his resolve and held strong to his beliefs. The three remaining priests that came with C’you slowly approached him. By now, Lomuh had fallen to the beast and surrendered himself to its advances. He thrusted back against the beast with each pump, gasping and moaning with pleasure as his mind slowly dripped away. Elder Fatu drew closer to Huurkon. He had decided to let the ghouls have their way with Gorka, who was now being savagely fucked by the ghouls and creep tentacles.

Elder Fatu stood just mere inches away from Huurkon. He instructed the priests to begin chanting. As they did, the creep began to produce pods, which quickly matured to produce worms within them. Fatu bent down and reached over to put a hand on Huurkon’s cheek, but the champion slapped it away. “You will not touch me, traitor!” Huurkon roared. Fatu reeled back and hissed. two tentacles shot out and grabbed his arms, pushing him back against the collapsed tunnel entrance. The champion strained, but he could not fight against the empowered elder. “You will learn to love the Great One, as your friends have. You will learn to please him, devote yourself to him, give yourself to him. This doesn’t have to end with force, Huurkon.” The elder’s voice spoke with slight reverberance. “Look into my eyes, Huurkon. Just think…you won’t have to wait long before Peren, Wulk…all of us…can be together again. There is no pain in his service. No famine, nor hunger, nor sorrow.” Fatu preached of all the good that the Great One was doing, how the village was being united like never before. It preached of the endless possibilities that the tribe would have under the one true religion. “Heresy! I will never renounce the sun god!” Huurkon shut his eyes as Fatu’s eyes began to flash. “Priests…it seems we must enlighten this one. He will be forgiven, with force.” The elder commanded. Two of the priests moved over to begin removing Huurkon’s gear and clothing, disarming him as well. They brought out a black oil and began to apply it to Huurkon’s body. The third priest attempted to pry open Huurkon’s eyes. “Be one with us, brother. Love with us, brother.” They chanted. The pods that were growing around the clearing began to glow and vibrate. The worms inside began to stir.

“No….no! Stop- let go of me!” Huurkon tried his best to keep his eyes closed, but the priest’s strength had been amplified by the Great One. The champion’s eyes began to open into a slit, and widened from there. He tried to look away, but Fatu put his face directly in front of Huurkon’s, following the champion’s gaze wherever he could. Huurkon grunted and groaned, flexing his muscles as the Great One’s will was being conveyed to him through Fatu’s eyes. “Oooh…..nnnghh….uh- ahhh…” Huurkon’s cock slowly rose up. The third priest held his eyes open as his brainwashing began. After being completely stripped, the two priests began to take turns sucking Huurkon’s cock. Their tongues slithered and wrapped around and constricted the champion’s cock, running through into his cock itself to draw the seed the Sun God had blessed.

As Huurkon’s breath grew ragged and heavy, Fatu opened his mouth. Three, thick ovipositor tentacles emerged. “Huurkon…are you prepared?” Fatu asked. Huurkon nodded vehemently. It had not taken long for the elder to break him. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, desperate for the elder to take him. The ovipositors launched out and entered Huurkon’s mouth. The champion groaned as his mouth was filled, and Fatu began to pump his eggs into him. The three priests lifted Huurkon’s legs up and their tentacle-cocks rammed into the champion’s ass, fucking him for all he was worth.

The last vestige of the Sun God’s champions had now fallen. Even as the tribe’s greatest warriors, they had failed to resist the seduction of another being.

Gorka was being defiled by the ghouls, his body twisting and jerking and bending to the will of his assailants. The ghouls were filling his ass and mouth with their cocks. They bit into his skin, tasting his blood and his body bore marks, scrapes and signs that the gouls were being very forceful with him. Lomuh was pinned between the beast and a swarm of minions. Pods had been placed under him, their tentacles shooting into his ass and providing the slugs and worms inside a way into his body. His body was writhing in pleasure, a smile on his face as he slurped from the cock of a mutated horse.

C’you was straddled on top of Jutah as the champion was on all fours like an animal. The priest mercilessly fucked the champion with speed and strength, impregnating him with his egg, seed and spawn. Jutah’s stomach was clenched, and his abs were tight. His muscles flexed with each pump. With his hands wrapped tightly around Jutah’s chest, and his legs reaching around to stroke his cock, C’you bit down on Jutah’s neck, drinking his blood, tasting his new mate. Jutah was in heaven. He ouldn’t believe how lucky and blessed he felt that C’you had chosen him to be his consort. He wanted to be the best as he could be for him. Reciprocating C’you’s thrusts, he howled like an animal in heat, bucking his hips back and forth. His toes wiggled and his breathing was rapid as he was impregnated. At the climax, C’you reached his hands up to cover Jutah’s mouth and pinch his nose. He began to asphyxiate his new consort as he fucked him. Jutah thrashed around violently, but remained on all fours like a good dog. He was losing his breath quick, but he knew that it was all for him. It was all for C’you. As his muscles tensed and tightened, C’you let go, allowing him to breathe. Jutah’s cock erupted, shooting a trail of cum out in front of him, fertilizing the creep and allowing new pod clusters to grow where it had landed.

Lomuh’s seed was being deposited into a pod. The hungry worms within consumed his cum and grew stronger, larger, thicker. As he came, he shook violently. This was the release that he had been seeking. The Great One’s image and will was hammered into his head, He was serving a god, a real god. The Sun God was no longer the light he looked to. The beasts that were fucking him were impregnating him themselves. His stomach distended just a bit, as if he had just eaten a full meal. His body was perfect for incubation of new young.

Gorka was drenched in cum and fluid. The Ghouls were impregnating him at such an alarming rate that their young were already tearing out of his ass, and crawling off to find their own host. Slugs were pushing their way out of his stretched hole, worms were slithering up from his throat with each choke. With each birth, his job was not done. The ghouls proceeded to fill him back up. The fallen champion had become a slut for his new master. He found solace in the fact that he was carrying the young of a god inside of him. He was happy to be the catalyst that they needed to come into the world.

Elder Fatu was personally fucking Huurkon now. Because of his status as an elder, he was favored by the Great One, and it showed. He was not as favored as Myeko, C’you or Gaob, but Fatu was given the Great One’s permission to deliver Huurkon to his fate. Violently fucking him, Huurkon was filled with the elder’s seed, ass and mouth. He couldn’t help it. He needed the elder inside of him. He needed to please the elder, because that pleased the Great One. As his mind and body were broken beyond measure, Huurkon came several times. Each time, he came into a tentacle that fed his cum back into his own mouth so that he could cum again and again and again.

After the champions were spent, they were brought back to the village’s center. A ritual had begun. Gaob was presiding over it, with C’you assisting him and the other elders. All of the corrupted champions of the Sun God were assembled around the ritual circle. A deep chanting came from the crowd. The champions, elders and C’you began to recite the prayers and calls dedicated to their former god. The Great One would proceed one step at a time. First, he would claim no rival. He would personally have the tribe call the Sun God and bring him into the world under a physical manifestation. He would conquer the Sun God and make him into a special plaything. With the Sun God out of the way, then it would be time to address those pesky runaways.

The Great One did not worry. Peren and the survivors escaped his clutch, yet they still remained in his grasp. He simply allowed them to walk away was all. He knew that they would meet again. As the ritual commenced, the Great One began to shape and craft a physical vessel for himself. He had an appointment with Nixx’kli, Great Chint’xe God of the Sun. “He has reigned long enough.” The Great One mused. “It is time for the sun to set on this tribe.” The Great One began to pour his efforts to craft the perfect body. He would create a face no man nor god could ever resist.

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