All For One

By Gerbil-Bee
published April 30, 2019

The Great One descends upon the village.

This one is kind of a long read as I didn’t know where I could cut the story off at. Taking some advice from the comments, I decided to input more dialogue and some background-building info where I could. It might not be much, but its a start. I seem more focused on making this a nearly absolute lose-lose situation for the tribe. Anyways, please comment and give me feedback. Thank you and enjoy~

The moon hung high in the sky, it’s light slipping through the windows of Peren’s hut. He shifted in his bed with great unrest. Xhocc had set off many moons ago, almost seven months ago. His promise to save the tribe gave everyone hope, yet the village was dying out. It had been nine years since the women all died out from the unknown disease. Sisters, mothers, clanswomen, it claimed them all. Peren’s mother had been one of the tribe’s most skilled medicine women’s. His father often remarked that he took after her more than him, indicating his soft features and even brown hair. Peren’s light brown skin was also something he got from his mother. Overall, he contrasted with his younger brother, who took after their father.

Peren was alone in his family’s dwelling. There was no doubt his father was in attendance to the gathering of adults at the great hall. His younger brother, Wulk, was probably out hanging with the other teens his age. As Peren tried to settle himself down to sleep, he just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. Before she died, Peren’s mother had often spent time with him, teaching him everything she knew. Among her vast knowledge of the herbs and plants around the tribe’s territory, she also imparted on him a form of divination. She taught Peren how to estimate and calculate odds and luck based on the readings of the moonlight, the pattern of stars and the formation of the night sky. As Peren laid in bed, his eyes gazed out of the window. The brightness of the moon was indubitable, but there were no stars tonight. Instead, what clouds were present were in an odd shape. They seemed to bend and swirl, as if winding across the sky, encircling the moon. This wasn’t a pattern he was taught, but Peren thought that any pattern he wasn’t taught or familiar with was an omen of bad things to come. As he closed his eyes, finally finding solace in sleep, he was abruptly awoken by shouting and noise coming from the village proper.

Xhocc and the hunters arrived in the village. They were greeted by some of the men and boys present. “Xhocc, he has come back?”, “Did he find anything? Are we saved?”, “What did you find?”, these questions were murmered and spread across the gathering crowd. Most of the people outside were just the teens who were out playing amongst each other. All of the important adults in the village were in the Great Hall. As the young boys huddled around Xhocc, they continued to ask questions, yearning to know if Xhocc has found salvation for them. The other hunters, unwisely ignored, promptly went about their business. One of the boys approached Xhocc directly. He had a sturdy frame for his age, about a year or a half off those of the hunters he had already given to the Great One. The boy’s name was Excca, he was the only child left in his family. Aside from himself, all of his other siblings had been sisters, who were promptly claimed by the disease years ago. As Excca walked up to Xhocc, he bowed in honor of the older male. “Please, tell us that you found a way to save us?”, he begged. As he stayed there, crouched in a bowing position, he looked up to meet Xhocc’s eyes. Excca gasped, barely heard by the others. Xhocc’s eyes were glazed over, blank. Excca slowly rose up to stand, looking up to Xhocc. As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t move. Xhocc looked into Excca’s eyes, the Great One penetrating his mind through this window into his body. “This one will do.”, The Great One mused. Xhocc grabbed Exxca by his neck and lifted him up, forcing his mouth onto the younger boy. He held onto his lower jaw tightly, while his other hand grabbed his hair. Forcing Excca’s mouth open to accept the Great One’s gift, he regurgitated slugs into Exxca’s mouth. As he struggled, pounding and hitting at Xhocc to let him go, he began to succumb to the Great One’s corruption. Fluid and saliva dripped from his mouth and onto his pecs as he swallowed hoards of the slithering invaders. The onlookers stumbled back, not knowing how to respond. As Xhocc let go of Excca, the young tribesman caught himself, stood up and faced the others. His eyes were glazed over, a trail of white fluid stained his mouth and lips and dripped from his sweaty, glistening pecs. Excca tore off his loincloth and raised his hands to the sky, as if beholding it. He roared out. “HE HAS BROUGHT SALVATION!”. At once, the Great One’s tentacles, which had been hiding in the shadows and dark corners of the village gateway, lunged forth, ensnaring the young tribesmen who were present. The tentacles invaded their mouths, wrapped around their face to obscure their vision and forced themselves into their holes. Bound, gagged and raped in the air, the Great One refused to allow them to alert the rest of the village. As more of the Great One’s tentacles swarmed through the village’s gates, they navigated through the dark corners and spaces. They infiltrated the lightless homes and buildings, forcing the Great One’s will on whoever was inside. Under the cover of the night, the infestation had began.

Uhan, Myeko, Buuto, the twins and Hinn had slipped towards the village’s greater housing quarters. Knocking over embers, dousing braziers and snuffing any light along the way, their job was clear. They would eradicate any light in the village to allow the Great One’s tentacles to remain unseen and unhindered. Uhan and Buuto would find an empty storehouse to lay low in, birthing more slugs and worms to invade the village with. Hinn would infiltrate the warrior’s garrison and take over the village’s fighters. The twins would accompany Hinn in this task. Myeko’s task was to take care of the adults gathered in the Great Hall, then he would move on to the Hunter’s Hall and acquire the other young hunters-in-training there. If the plan went well, the entire tribe would be assimilated and converted to the worship of the Great One with no problem.

As Uhan and Buuto each found a storeroom at opposite ends of the village, they laid down on their backs. Immediately, their stomaachs began to pulse. Their chests rose and fell as they dug their toes into the dirt. Groaning in mixed pain and pleasure, the Great One’s spawn within them began to awaken. Uhan was nestled in the village’s East storage room. As the worms and slugs poured forth from his ass, they devoured whatever food there was in the storage room. Uhan’s swarm ate and grew as he writhed on the floor, moaning in pleasure as his children crowded around and over him. The noise attracted two wandering night guardsmen. Armed with their spears, they decided to investigate the storage room. Opening the door, they were treated to the horror of a Uhan, nothing more than a hot mess, with a swarm of worms and slugs crawling around the room. The guards were frozen and shocked that such a sight could exist within the village. They needed to run and alert the Elders, but something willed them to stay. Uhan’s body was releasing mind-numbing pheremones. The guards were locked into place, helpless to resist the Great One’s smell. Their strong chests breathed in the scent over and over again. One of the guards, younger than the other, with a shaven stubble on his sculpted jaw, threw his spear to the side and walked in. His hair was straight and tied back into a chopped tail. His chest was massive, with some degree of shallow hair along the deep ridge and plains of his abs and pecs. “Runh, help me…theres…so many of them.”, Uhan pleaded. His voice was laced with tingling tones of pleasure and excitement, more than a cry for help. Runh, the younger guardsman, approached Uhan, crouching and kneeling down amidst the swarm of growing worms and slugs. “There are so many…”, He repeated. An engorged worm slithered up to him as the guard embraced it, feeling its warm, supple skin. The worm opened its mouth, licking Runh with it’s many tongue-like tendrils. Munh whimpered and stroked the worm like a cock, opening his mouth to allow the worm’s tongue a taste of himself. Uhan continued to groan, his body convulsing and trembling as he breathed in and out, like a woman in labor. He looked to the older guard, Kuvoh. The cleanly bald, older guardsman had already removed all his garments and had closed the door to the storeroom behind him. Stroking his cock, and running a hand over his tattooed body, he knelt down besides Uhan and allowed the swarm of Uhan’s children to overcome him, just as the pheremones did.

Uhan continued birthing a never-ending mob of worms and slugs, as if whatever was inside of his body multiplied indefinitely. Like cells and bacteria, there was no end to this unnatural procreation. As soon as they burrowed out of Uhan’s anal cavity, the newborn parasites either made haste for the outside world, flooding through the windows or made for Runh and Kuvoh, who’s bodies were grunting and squirming in place, covered with worms and slugs seeking entrance into them. Since Uhan had made the hut his nest, after he had laid himself down, a creeping, living cover crept around the room. This terrain was just as the webbing had been in Myeko’s visions. This sickness, this infection….it spoke to all that the Great One now held dominion in this land. The Great One’s touch expanded as this infection did. Pods, tentacles and other growths sprouted from this overgrowth. Descending from the cieling, tentacles were holding Kuvoh’s legs up as he laid on the ground, on his back. Exposing his ass to the foreign assailants, three to five worms were already in the process of burrowing inside of him with the occasional slug finding space to slip in through the sweat and fluid. A large tentacle with a head that opened like a flower was promptly attached to his face, flooding his throat with the Great One’s alien seed and eggs. Kuvoh wiggled in place, restrained. With his legs held up, he scrounged about, ushering more of these invaders into him with his free hands. Runh had not fared much better. The Great One’s spores, laced within the pheremones, were already rooted within him. The larger worm he had been caressing now face-fucked him, jamming it’s consolidated, penile tongue down his gullet. Tentacles were constricting his wrists, spreading his arms out as he positioned himself in a crouching position, bent forward just enough for his abs and pecs to poke out. Covered in sweat and saliva, slugs were forcing their way into his anal cavity as others sucked at his nipple and skin. Attached to his penis was a large pod, similar to the one’s from the Great One’s chamber. Befitting Runh’s erect, nine inch cock, the worms inside the pod were busy at work, pillaging the guard’s seed and entering his urethra, making their home inside his body.

As the Great One’s influence expanded, the creeping terrain did so as well to mirror his growing hold on the village. Fleeing villagers who passed by the East store room were ambushed by the Great One’s tentacles and minions. They were dragged into the dark corners and violently imparted with the Great One’s will. No one could sound the alarms or raise any attention before being silenced by a fleshy tentacle shoved down their throat, or a minion launching at their face. The Great One delighted in this revel of corruption. He savored each and every body being introduced to him. He took note of the bravery that the unassimilated adults showed, shielding the teens and younger men from harm, but in the end their actions were in vain; The Great One claimed all. To enforce his will, and perhaps to indulge himself in his twisted celebration, he forced newly assimilated fathers to personally induct their virile sons. He commanded them to fuck them to inject them with the Great One’s seed. The men who were bound had their mouths forced open and were face-fucked and fed with eggs and slugs. The Great One took a different approach to these morsels. He wouldn’t take their mind just yet, he wanted these meaty meals to know their folly. The Great One would break them into its service. He watched as Myeko dragged his family out from their house. Squid minions were ordered to restrain each brother and father, spreading their legs and arms out. As the jaw of each minion forced each man into a headlock, Myeko was free to suck and slurp at their cocks, drinking their essence of masculinity. The Great One liked this taste, growing fond of it ever since he first tasted Xhocc. As Myeko sucked his brothers and father dry, he forced their cocks to become erect. When they had become so, he attached some of largest pods from the Great One’s brood to them. Myeko’s family had a history of having some of the longest and fattest cocks in the tribe’s history, and it made sense that they would deserve the best that the Great One had to offer. He went by to each man of the family to personally induct them.

First was his oldest brother, Raekk. Raekk essentially looked like a more solid and gruff version of his youngest brother. His brown hair sat and swept around, covering one eye like a dashing prince. His physique was literally the opposite of Myeko’s: Bulging biceps, pecs and abs like mountains, godly mountains. A river of fine, but noticeable chest hair ran down his continental body. A five o’ clock shadow hung on his face, further adding to his princely good looks. “Brother….please, don’t do this! Fight it!” Raekk begged. His other brothers chimed in. “This isn’t you, little brother! This isn’t what mother would have wanted!” Yonnu, the middle pleaded. “Let go, let go, let go, let go! Mother above, I don’t want to die!” Avaam screamed, the youngest of Myeko’s elder siblings. No matter how much they asked and begged to be released, Myeko simply smiled at them, his face displayed his eery devotion to his new god. “Brothers, brothers, do not cry…do not complain. He has seen our village’s plight, he is here to help us. If you see everyone around us suffering, do not be alarmed, for the suffering is short. It will soon be outweighed with immeasurable pleasures and riches.”, Myeko preached. “The Great One has chosen us. He CHOSE us to be his faithful!” The fanaticism was pure in Myeko’s voice. It rang out as true as priest’s. His rambling speech went on as he gestured to the other tribesmen around them. There were those who had yet to succumb to the Great One’s voice, they were all being dealt with. Tentacles, creep and spawns of the Great One were everywhere. Wrapped around man and boy alike. Everyone in the village had already come of age or undergone their rites of passage, so the Great One did not discriminate on who it claimed. Added to that, with the tradition of the village, everyone looked so fit and muscular in one way or another. Every male in the village was a man in their own right. Left and right, Myeko’s family looked on in terror as their village was consumed by the Great One’s infection. Men were sent into sexual frenzies after being corrupted, seeking out the uninfected to vent these new desires on. Fathers, warped of their minds, were raping their beautiful, manly sons from behind as they were restrained by the Great One directly from his tentacles, or the growing creep that permeated the area. Raekk saw his friend and hunt partner Galuun, now inducted, sucking at an ovipositor, swallowing load after load of the Great One’s intoxicating nectar. Besides him, with great reluctance, were his younger brothers, arms tied and eyes blinded as they squirmed while they were forcefully fed the same juice. Galuun had put each of them in a necklock, employing his massive arms.

“Cast away your fears, your doubts. Let him in…let him in.” Myeko was chanting at this point, reciting the mantra of the Great One as he kissed Raekk, dabbling some of his saliva on his lips. Raekk whimpered, betraying his once-stoic demeanor. He cried out as Myeko attached the pod to his hard cock. His abs flexed and strained as the pod drank of his mind and body. “Uhhhhnngh- ah! Oooh…n-no, no! PLEASE!” Raekk roared. He grunted, shaking his cock around in an attempt to remove the pod. In no time at all, he wore out and it seemed more like thrusts as the pod only tightened around his inflated manhood the more he tried to remove it. “Raekk, my brother…let him in! You will see beauty…so much beauty!” Myeko whispered into his brother’s ears. Raekk mustered his strength and lunged forward, attempting to bite his brother. This person before him was no longer his brother, he was something else. Myeko’s new reflexes proved the better one, as he quickly dodged. The smile on his face faded for a moment as he quickly glared at Raekk. With one fell swoop, he slapped his brother square across the face, leaving a red mark. “Do not speak such heresy, Raekk….do not speak at all. I shall not allow you to speak any more words of dissent against our new god.” Myeko stated. He delivered his brother’s punishment in the form of an even more agonizing process of assimilation. Myeko chanted and called forth a slug. This one was different from the others. It was paler, more fleshy-looking. It had emerged from the infected ground beneath them as if it had been there all along. This slug was at least double, if not triple the size of a regular egg slug. It’s mouth had two open flap-like mandibles. As Myeko chanted, he brought the slug up in front of Raekk’s mouth. The eldest brother recoiled in disgust, gritting his teeth in his best hopes to prevent this monster entry. But Myeko had his ways. He grabbed the pod attached to Raekk’s cock and gave it a couple squeezes, each squeeze harder than the last. Raekk held fast, screaming behind clenched teeth. To add to his torment, the minion behind Raekk drew up two tubular tentacles and attached them to Raekk’s nipples. From the tentacles, emerged two sagging slugs that simply served to suck and feed from a man’s pecs, which they began to do. Raekk began to buckle under this assault. His legs shook and grew weak, his body heated up and sweated. At long last, he was nearing his breaking point.

Myeko gently lifted Raekk’s head up from his chin. “Raekk…my dearest….oldest brother. I am sorry to have to do this to you, but the Great One cannot abide by such resistance.” He uttered. Raekk, tearing up and heavy in breath, looked his brother in the eye. A flicker of a fighting spirit still burned. His tears ceased and he spat into Myeko’s face. Myeko frowned and took the opportunity to force the slug onto his brother’s mouth. With a heavy grunt and a groan, Raekk’s body trembled as this new slug deposited slugs into him. Flailing and fighting to break free, Raekk’s muscles contracted and contorted with every desperate move. Myeko watched and simply gave the command for the minion behind his brother to “do it.”. The minion revealed it’s python-sized cock, it’s head shaped like the opening of a pod itself. It plunged into Raekk’s virgin hole as his legs were lifted into the air. It seemed like he was sitting in a slightly bent back chair in the air. The other minions proceeded to do the same with Myeko’s other two brothers. Myeko looked to his father, who he saved to witness this moment. He had been spared from the corruption thus far, but Myeko would personally attend to him. Karem had seen many fights in his years. He wrestled the other youths of his generation growing up and advanced to a high position among the tribe’s fighters. His body was that of Raekk’s, honed and taught, but he was decorated with his tattoos and markings, denoting him as one of the tribe’s most respected seniors. His brown hair was only just beginning to show some streaks of gray. Myeko walked up to his father as he was made to grovel and watch as his oldest children were raped and invaded by his own son, by the Great One. Myeko called off the minion behind him as his father was released, but he immediately pushed his father onto his back against the cold, corrupted floor. Tendrils came up to bind Karem’s hands and feet as Myeko laid on on top, both hands on his chest and his legs flanking the sides of his father’s torso.

“Father…look at me. I have become so much more! You don’t have to worry about me anymore. I have achieved a higher purpose…I have become that which you have always wanted for me!” Myeko rejoiced with tears in his eyes as he stared directly into his fear-stricken father. He regailed his father the same way as he had before, telling of the Great One’s cause and his powers. He told him of how Xhocc had delivered him and his friends to enlightenment. All the more, he tightened his grips on his father’s pectorals, feeling them and rubbing them. At the end of his speech, he looked at his father and drew close, kissing him and licking his face with the many tentacles he held within his body. Karem was speechless for the most part. All hope of salvation was lost. He only managed to utter a few words, trying to cut deep into whatever human part of Myeko remained. “You…are not my son. You are not the boy I watched grow up, who cuddled against his mother during the winter’s cold and jumped with passion each time his brothers had returned home from their hunt. Whatever you are, know that I loathe you and your existence. Know that you have damned my family! My tribe! A FALSE GOD CAN NEVER DELIVER SALVATION!” Karem shouted his ultimate edict, but was cut short as Myeko’s eyes began to glow. As ammusing as the Great One found futile resistance to be, he had decided that Karem’s spotlight was to be turned off.

Karem watched with seething hatred as Myeko’s eyes continued to glow. His son closed the distance between them as he sunk in for a kiss. With his eyes open at all times, he beaconed Karem into the service of the Great One. The kiss was warm and wet, and the more Karem tasted Myeko’s saliva, the more he felt compelled to listen to his son. As he stared into his son’s eyes, he felt the Great One’s gaze upon him. All objection vanished as Myeko broke away from the kiss and playfully whispered into his father’s ears. “There is only us….only one, The Great One.”. The mantra sunk into Karem’s conciousness as he repeated after his son. “Only us…only one.” His face relaxed and he opened his mouth even more to allow whatever Myeko had inside of his mouth to pour forth. A cock-headed ovipositor emerged from Myeko’s mouth and rammed into Karem’s throat, depositing egg-slugs into his father’s strong body. After pumping a number of loads into his father, he got up and wiped his mouth. Myeko commanded that the minions would have his father, as he was triple-penetrated by three squid minions, a spider minion to his face and a pod to his cock. His writhed with pleasure, moaning loadly as his body was bent to the Great One’s will. His last concievable sight with his own eyes was that of his fellow tribesmen being fucked consumed and infected all around him. His own children turning against each other. Raekk still held out some resistance, but Myeko would now turn to snuff the last embers. A father shed his tears, knowing full well that he was not able to protect his own children when they needed him most.

Myeko turned to Raekk, still being raped endlessly by the squid minion. The slug continued to feed the oldest brother and the pod equally sucked whatever cum the virile male produced. Myeko had his smile back on as he looked at his brother. Raekk was all but broken, but the face of one who would remain defiant till the end still wore on. Myeko ordered the minion to lower his brother some as he revealed his own cock. Raekk’s eyes widened at the sheer size of his brother’s transformation. Myeko’s cock grew into the size akin to an anaconda, the bigger ones that dwelled in the jungle. The veins that ran along the side pulsed and Raekk could make out several worms and slugs crawling beneath his brother’s literal monster cock. Was he going to use that on him? Raekk groaned as he swallowed another load that the slug fed him. He looked at his brother and whimpered, againt trying to wriggle free. Myeko stroked his cock, and it moved with a clear mind of its own. The head of Myeko’s cock opened up, revealing a maw of tentacles and a host of worms and slugs within. The Great One’s minion positioned Raekk above Myeko’s cock and as the young man’s cock charged upward to meet the older son’s stuffed ass, the minion shoved Raekk down against the cock’s attack. “MMMMMNNNNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHH!” Raekk cried out, Myeko’s cock dug into his body, worming its way through stuffed innards now teeming with slugs and eggs. Myeko proceeded to impregnate his older brother, siring him in the name of the Great One. He removed one of the slugs attached to his brother’s nipples and sucked on the perked tit himself. Raekk groaned and grunted as he was defiled. His occasional moans indicated that he had began to accept the Great One.

The Great One commended Myeko for bringing him his family. He joined in on the assault on his family, calling forth his unused tentacles to further torture Myeko’s father and brothers. As the orgy went on, someone was lurking from a yet unclaimed shadow. Peren trembled, his hand clapped over his mouth. He wanted to scream, he wanted to run, but for now, all he could do was stare in silence and shock as his friends and elders were all viciously raped and mind-fucked by the Great One’s invasion. The plague that claimed the lives of the women devastated him, but this was beyond that. His entire life, everything he knew was now turned upside-down and everywhich way. He spotted his own hunt group being held down by their families or otherwise performing the same actions that Myeko had done. Peren could only cry soundless tears and move back each time the infected ground crept closer to him. Having had enough of this, Peren knew that he needed to find his brother and father and get the hell out of this damned place. He grunted once, refocusing himself and made off into the shadows that the Great One had yet to lay claim to.

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