Boyfriend Training

By Willie Cici
published April 29, 2019

Dane’s friend, Mark, does not understand how he controls Tristan, Dane’s slave. He learns … unwillingly …

The two friends strolled out of the elevator of the luxury condominium, having spent the last two hours at their health club in downtown Manhattan. “I don’t understand why you have to treat your boytoys like slaves.”, the one friend asked.

Dane closed his eyes and shook his head. He grabbed the keys of his condo and opened the door. “Mark, you’re an alpha. I’m an alpha. Our boys are our slaves. They have to be trained to accept their place. They have a role to perform.”

“But it’s so …”, Mark whined.

Dane cut off his friend. “Demeaning? No, it’s not. It’s very simple. You have to train your slave. First, a good slave must remember that he is your faggot. When he enters your home, he must shed his clothes. He can wear his jockstrap, but that’s it. That establishes his place in your home. It allows you to exert your dominance.”

Mark walked into the spacious living room of the condominium. Dane entered the kitchen and prepared a cocktail for himself and his guest. As he entered the living room, Dane handed the beverage to his friend. “Second, your slave must know his place. ‘I am yours, my master. I surrender to you’: that must be his mantra.”

Mark shook his head. “I don’t want a mindless slave. I want a lover.”

Dane stared at his friend. “No, you don’t. You want someone to submit to you. For your pleasure. That’s your right as the alpha. He’s your faggot.”

Mark shook his head again. As he gulped his beverage, the two friends heard a voice. “I’m home.”

Dane smiled. “Good. You can see Tristan in action.”

Tristan walked into the living room and approached his lover. He leaned in and kissed Dane. “Good evening, Master.”

“This is my friend, Mark. Why don’t you make him another drink? As I taught you.”, Dane said.

“Yes, Master.”, Tristan replied, bowing his head. He took Mark’s highball glass and walked into the kitchen.

“You see. Servile and respectful.”, Dane said.

“He’s cute, too.”, Mark replied.

“Of course.”, Dane answered. He made a face, as if saying ‘Did you doubt?’ Minutes later, Tristan returned to the living room, wearing only a baby blue jockstrap. He handed Mark his highball glass and knelt at Mark’s feet. “Tristan, tell Mark our basic rule.”

“I belong to Master. I surrender to Master.”, Tristan replied.

Mark sipped his beverage and smirked. “Do you like belonging to Master Dane?”

“I belong to Master. I surrender to Master.”, Tristan repeated.

Dane smiled. He rose from his seat in the living room and walked over to the bookcase. He retrieved a red marker and approached Tristan. He wrote on Tristan’s arm. “Master Dane’s faggot.”

Tristan leaned over and kissed Dane’s shoe. Mark watched the entire ritual. He marveled at Dane’s control over his sexy boytoy.

“Tristan, kneel and stroke your cock. Get yourself hard. And keep your eyes on me.”, Dane ordered. Dane walked over and stood behind Mark, who was sitting on a leather chair in the living room. Tristan kneeled in the middle of the living room, unveiled his hefty member and stroked his cock. Mark watched the young stud slowly and methodically stroke his cock. When his hand needed lube, Dane dipped his hand in a vase on the bookcase and found a tube of lube. He tossed the tube to Tristan who squeezed the lube on his cock and resumed his stroking.

“Thank you, Master.”, Tristan said, massaging the lube on to his genitals.

Dane stood behind Mark and crouched over so that Tristan stared at both Dane and Mark. Mark sipped his beverage and stared at Tristan, watching the young stud masturbate at Dane’s command. Dane said, “See how he obeys. See how happy he is. Happy. Calm. Relaxed. Obedient. Servile. Ready to please his master.” Dane lulled Mark with his steady, calm voice, a constant soundtrack to Tristan’s slow, methodical jerking-off. Mark wanted to close his eyes, but could not take his eyes off of Tristan and his engorged, throbbing member. “See how he obeys. Because he’s Master Dane’s faggot. Faggots obey. Master Dane’s faggots obey Master Dane. Calm. Relaxed. Obedient. Servile. Pleasing his master.”

The more Dane spoke, the more Mark watched Tristan stroke his cock. After almost fifteen minutes, Mark closed his eyes and buried his head into his chest. Dane grabbed the red marker and wrote on Mark’s forearm ‘Master Dane’s faggot’.

Several minutes later, Mark opened his eyes. He resumed watching Tristan stroke his dick. He fondled his junk and felt his cock getting hard. Mark looked at his groin and spotted the red-ink writing on his forearm. He felt a sudden wave of euphoria, a surge of energy that left him delirious. “Finish your drink.”, Dane insisted. Mark finished his drink and continued to stare at Tristan’s sexy show.

“Why don’t you join Tristan?”, Dane whispered into Mark’s ear. “You know you want to.”

Mark turned and stared at Dane. He rose from the leather chair, removed his shoes, his sweatpants and t-shirt and stood next to Tristan wearing only his boxer briefs. “Take off the briefs.”, Dane ordered. Mark removed his briefs. “Now, kneel next to Tristan.” Mark knelt next to Dane’s boytoy. Tristan squeezed some lube on Mark’s cock. “Stroke it.”, Dane ordered.

“Yes.”, Mark said.

“Yes, Master.”, Dane insisted.

“Yes, Master.”, Mark uttered.

Dane smiled. “Don’t stop until you cum. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”, the two studs replied.

Dane sat in the leather chair where Mark was seated. He watched Tristan and his new slave stroke their cocks.

“Now. Repeat after me: I belong to Master Dane. I surrender to Master Dane.”

“I belong to Master Dane. I surrender to Master Dane.”, Tristan and Mark repeated.

“Again.”, Dane ordered.

“I belong to Master Dane. I surrender to Master Dane.”, Tristan and Mark said again.

“Again.”, Dane ordered.

“I belong to Master Dane. I surrender to Master Dane.”

“Keep saying it until I tell you stop and don’t stop stroking your cock.”, Dane ordered.

The two studs stroked their rock-hard erections, repeating the mantra. Within minutes, the two studs began to moan as the pangs of climax neared closer and closer. Finally, the two studs blast their wads within a minute of each other. Cum dripped from their cocks, but they did not stop repeating the mantra. “I belong to Master Dane. I surrender to Master Dane.”

Dane smiled as he watched his sex toys. “Stay there.”, he ordered.

Tristan and Mark remained on their knees, repeating the mantra. Dane grabbed his cell phone and texted his friends, who lived in the condominium. Within minutes, the doorbell rang. Dane opened the door and greeted his friends.

“Mark. Tristan. These are Master’s friends. They want to play with you. What do you say?”

“I belong to Master Dane. I surrender to Master Dane.”, Tristan and Mark replied.

Dane’s friends high-fived Dane. They stripped out of their clothes and stood naked in front of the two studs. Tristan and Mark swallowed Dane’s friends cock and sucked the young men. Dane resumed his seat in the leather chair.

Dane admired his handy work. The sedative laced in Mark’s beverage and the added serum in the beverage Tristan prepared created the perfect environment for Mark to accept the visual stimuli of Tristan’s subjugation. The hypnotic effect of suggestive sounds and sights entranced the hapless Mark, who succumbed to Dane’s subtle, yet powerful induction. Unable to resist, Mark fell into Dane’s control.

That night marked the beginning of his Mark’s training. Dane wanted Mark, but his half-hearted alpha ways interfered with Dane’s desires. Dane resorted to the hypnotic take-over only when all else had failed.

Dane’s friends tired of the boys’ mouth. They positioned themselves, forced the boys to their hands and knees and plowed their tight boy pussies. Tristan and Mark howled as they enjoyed the painful pleasure of their training.

“Who am I?”, Dane asked.

“Master Dane. I belong to Master Dane. I surrender to Master Dane.”, Tristan and Mark answered.

“Very good.”, Dane muttered. “All according to schedule.”

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