The neighbourhood hypnotist

By All about the eyes
published April 28, 2019
3837 words

After getting interrupted while trying to hypnotise Brendan, Steve sets his sights on his neighbour.

The classroom was emptying. I said I was staying behind for my German class but it was really because I knew Brendan was getting changed before training. He was also always the last person out. He sure did take his time, but at least it allowed Steve to finally get a shot.

Brendan was pulling off his shirt without fully unbuttoning it, trying to rush to be ready. Steve loved his smooth body and tried not to stare.

“Have you got German today?” Brendan asked.

“Yeah, doing as many as I can”

“Right” Brendan said making eye contact with Steve as he undid his pants and pulled them down.

“Do you not find it hard doing so many subjects?”

Steve was fighting the urge to glance down at Brendan’s body and package. He was now standing in front of Steve in his underwear, flapping his shorts in the air before putting them on.

“Uh, it’s not too bad. It’s just a case of handling stress.”

Brendan put his shorts on, turned and picked up his jersey. As he put it over his head, he continued speaking casually.

“It wouldn’t suit me in that case. I can’t handle stress when there’s too much to do. I even get stressed with matches sometimes.”

That was an opening. As Brendan tucked his jersey into his shorts, Steve stood up. He was surprised that Brendan was even being vulnerable about getting stressed. He found it quite cute actually. He leaned against the table facing Brendan, trying to match his height.

“Really? If you get stressed, I know so relaxation techniques that will help. I can show you now. It will just take 5 minutes”

Brendan looked up at the clock. He should have already been making his way to the soccer pitch.

“Maybe another day, I’m already meant to be there nearly.”

“If you can spare just 5 minutes, you’ll perform twice as well.”

Brendan looked to the side and bit his lip in thought.

“Okay then, but I can’t be too late.”

Steve couldn’t believe it. Brendan was in front of him, completely willing to allow him to use his “relaxation techniques” on him. He felt his dick twitching and his breathing speed up. He stood up properly and started to prepare himself.

“No problem. I need you to sit down. Here on the table is fine.”

Brendan sat down and Steve placed his hands on his shoulders. He then took his index finger and held it between himself and Brendan’s face, between the eyes.

“So, this technique requires you to concentrate on a specific spot. I want you to look at my finger and really start to focus on it.”

Brendan’s blue eyes stared at Steve’s finger. Steve was hoping this wouldn’t make him hard as he tried to get Brendan under his control.

“Now, I want you to take a deep breath in as you remain completely fixated on my finger”

Brendan took a breath in as Steve begun moving his finger a little from side to side.

“And breath out”

As Brendan exhaled, Steve could feel the shoulder under his hand relax.

“I want you to continue with those breaths and follow my finger. You can just do that silently for a few minutes…”

Steve started moving it and was pleased to see Brendan comply, his eyes following Steve’s fingers left to right.

A few minutes passed and Steve had started to slow the movement of his finger. Brendan’s eyelids were ever so slightly drooped.

“As you breath in deeply, I want you to feel a wave of relaxation move through your body”

Brendan took a deep breath as his eyes dutifully followed the finger. Just as he was exhaling, the door flew open with a bang. Brendan jumped.

“Bren! Would you come on!? We are waiting for you?”

Brendan shook his head. He looked at Steve with a confused faced and then passed him to Callum who was standing at the door. He looked back at Steve and seemed to remember what he agreed to.

“We’ll have to try that another time then” he smiled, standing up from the table.

Steve took a step back as Brendan grabbed his gear and ran out. He could feel that his dick was hard - he couldn’t believe how close he had gotten. He also couldn’t believe that it was Callum who ruined the opportunity for him.

Callum was Steve’s lifelong neighbour. They grew up with the same neighbourly-friend group but became more distant when they got to high school. Callum was smaller than Steve, he had blond hair and blue eyes. He was also the subject of Steve’s first wet dream, which had made him realise that he was into guys. Callum was one of Brendan’s best friends. Steve realised that this may be the best way to get Brendan - he would get Callum first. Time to pay his neighbour visit.

Knock knock

Callum opened the door to see Steve standing there. They were neighbours but he hadn’t called to the door like this in a year or two. The two drifted apart, not because anything bad had happened, but they had different friend groups at school. They also had different priorities - Steve was quite academic while Callum wasn’t majorly focused on any area in particular of school life, he was just kind of relaxed about everything.

“Hey Steve. I wasn’t expecting to see you when I opened the door!”

“Yeah, sorry about the impromptu visit. I was bored at home and thought it was a while since I called down.”

“Oh sure - come in” Callum said as he opened the door for Steve, “I just need to get changed out of my gear and shower”.

“No problem, will I wait in the living room?”

“Well, you can wait in my room if you want.”

“Cool. Is Sam home? Maybe I could chat with him.”

Sam was Callum’s older brother, just two years apart. You could tell they were brothers but Sam had ginger hair, was slightly taller and had a few freckles. They were both slim but Sam always had the older-brother upper hand when it came to strength. Callum knew that he won on personality though. He was more agreeable than his brother, who could often come across as a bit arrogant.

“No, I’m not sure where he is. I imagine he will be back soon enough though.”

The two headed upstairs. Callum went into the bathroom and Steve went into Callum’s room. Steve sat on the bed and looked around the room. He had a couple of posters up, some toys from their childhood and a few modern gadgets around. It was a really clean room, which made sense since Steve knew Callum was a really clean guy.

Steve was already planning what he would do with Callum. He was confident that he would be able to get him under his control. When they were younger, Steve remembers that he used his height and strength against his neighbours to pin them down and tickle them. He remembers they would beg him to stop and that it was always a good way to get them to do what he wanted. It might be a good way to get Callum to agree to be hypnotised. Besides, once he has been, he would forget that the tickling ever happened. He remembered Callum was particularly ticklish - he may have even enjoyed it.

Callum wrapped himself with a towel, still dripping with water. He needed to go back to the room to get dressed - maybe he shouldn’t have told Steve to hang out there. He sucked it up and entered the room.

“Excuse my nakedness. I normally don’t have anyone waiting in my room, sadly.”

“Don’t worry about it. We’re all grown ups here.”

Callum smiled and he grabbed a t-shirt from his dresser and threw it on. He got some boxers and slipped them on beneath the towel, ensuring none of his private parts would fall out. Dropping the towel away, he pulled on some loose tracksuit bottoms.

“I haven’t been in this room in ages. This used to be Sam’s, right?” Steve checked.

“Yeah, I don’t know why he changed. He’s got the small boxy-shaped room now.”

“I remember having wrestling matches here.”

Callum smiled at the memory. He and the other neighbours would often use beds in each other’s houses as ‘wresting rings’, throwing one another across the rooms.

“I remember you had the signature move with that arm twist - the arm lock. It was really, really sore!”

Callum laughed. He had forgotten that.

“Yeah, but I remember it was no use because you could just escape so easily. I remember you knew I was ticklish - it was my downfall as a wrestling champion” Callum joked back.

“Are you still that ticklish?” Steve asked as he stood up.

Callum immediately started backing away. He knew what was coming next. He backed into the chest of drawers but Steve had already reached out a finger and poked him in the belly.

“Ah - haha - stop - please”

“Why?” Steve teased as he poked Callum’s side, “you’re still ticklish?”

“Haha ye- yes!” Callum shouted as he buckled over, trying to defend his body.

Steve grabbed Callum and threw him on the bed with force. He jumped on the bed too, grabbed Callum and turned him onto his back. He grabbed his hands and pinned them over his head. He was able to hold them there with one hand while the other got to work. He started with the armpits.

“Hahahahahahaha! Please stop - pl - plea - plea - he he easeeeeeeee!”

Callum’s legs were flailing but Steve was sitting by his side and unaffected. He kept tickling even through Callum’s screams of laughter, and he was laughing a lot.

“Hahahahahaha - I - Hahahahah - I’m be - haha - begging - hahahaha” Callum tried but couldn’t even finish his sentence.

Callum started rocking from side to side and moving his arms, hoping to break loose. He could hardly think straight - he felt completely helpless.

“Okay, Callum. If you want me to stop, I’m going to need you to -”

Steve was cut off when the door suddenly swung open. He turned his head back and saw Sam standing in the doorway with an amused look on his face.

“What’s going on here then?”

Steve continued to pin Callum down but stopped the tickling. Callum was panting after his ordeal and was trying to use this moment to save himself.

“Plea - please… gasp please. It’s too much.”

Steve looked at Sam and knew there was only one way forward here. How else would this look?

“Come help me Sam!” he shouted playfully, even though this wasn’t a game.

Sam shrugged and walked over. Callum started to panic-laugh at the thought of what was coming.

“No! Haha - please don’t! Sam - SAM! No! Guys! Please, don’t!”

Sam took over grabbing his brother’s arms and Steve immediately used the opportunity to start on another area. He went down to Callum’s stomach and started wriggling his fingers along his sides.

“Hahahahahaha please! No - no - no! Hehehehahahahaha!”

Sam was laughing too, but his laughter was at his brother’s torture. Callum’s t-shirt was beginning to ride up too. Steve transitioned to Callum’s bare stomach, hoping it wouldn’t seem too weird given the current circumstances - he was just trying to get the best reaction out of him.

“Hahaha - my bel - hahaha!” Callum shouted with tears of laughter coming down his face. “My - hahaha! Bel - be - hahahaha! Belly!”

Steve continued his tickle torture for another few minutes before moving on. He was enjoying this a lot after all.

“Do you want us to stop?” Steve prompted Callum.

“Ye - yes pleas - hehehehehehehehease!”

“You’re going to have to give in and let us know who your bosses are”

“You hahaha and Sa - hahahahaahaham!”

Sam looked at Steve and laughed too. He let go of his brother’s wrists.

“And don’t you forget it!” Sam said as his brother rolled on his side, trying to escape.

Steve wasn’t done yet though. He kept tickling Callum’s side, making him curl up even further. He was still laughing and still trying to defend himself. Sam looked at Steve with a look that said his brother had enough. Steve kept going.

“Come on, Steve” Sam implored. He stood up and walked around to Steve. He put his hand on Steve’s shoulder and tugged it gently. “I think he’s had enough”.

Suddenly, Steve stopped tickling Callum. He turned and grabbed Sam, and started tickling him instead. Callum rolled off the bed still panting and ran out the door, still chuckling as he did. At least he thought it was all in good fun. Sam was trying to cover his stomach, ribs, legs and underarms all at the same time and he was failing.

“Hahaha please! I helped you! Haha please! Hahahaha pl - hahaha!”

Steve knew that Sam was just as ticklish, if not more ticklish, than his younger brother Callum. Callum didn’t even come back, clearly too happy to have escaped to worry about his brother.

“Plea - hahahahaha! You’re the boss! You’re the boss! Hahaha!”

“Whose boss?”

“Mi - hahaha mine!”

“What does that make you?”

Steve grabbed Sam’s left arm and pinned it down. He started tickling his armpit and then alternated to his ribs. Sam was trying to respond but also couldn’t help but thrash about on the bed.

“I’m hahahaahaha!”

“You’re what?” Steve taunted as he smiled.

“Your - hahaha - employee!”

“Hmmm, I don’t think so… employees get paid!”

Steve dug into his side getting a good tickle in.

“Hahahaha! Please! I’m - I’m haha”

“Come on, Sammy! Spit it out.”

“Hahahaha! I - hehehe! I’m your servant!”

“Once again, I don’t think so! Servants get paid too. You don’t get paid”

Steve snapped up to Sam’s neck and started there, making Sam push his cheek again Steve’s hand in retaliation.

“Oh my - hahaha Please! Haha I - I’m - hahahaha! I don’t know! Haha please, boss! Please! Hahahah”

“Do you normally call your boss ‘boss’?”

“Hahaha n - no! Haha Please haha please, sir!”

Sam couldn’t even make sense of what was going on now. He just wanted this to stop.

“A bit more than sir”

“Hahaha wh - what? Hahaha!”

“Come on. Give it a go!”

“Ma - Master!? Hahahaha!”

“Good boy! So what are you?”

“A slave! I’m a slave! Hahahaha!”

Steve kept tickling. He wanted more.

“Just any old slave? You’re not somebody’s slave?”

“Hahahaha! Yes! Yes! Hahaha I am! Hahahahaha”

Steve turned Sam and pinned his other arm down. He held his two hands in place and looked him in the eye.

“Say it again then.”

Sam was finishing up the last of his laughter and was panting. He looked up at Steve and knew what he had to say.

“Haha - ha… heh… I’m your slave, master.. hehe”

Steve smiled and let go. Sam sat up, looked at Steve and gently laughed while still panting a little.

“You got me good there - I admit. You really got me.”

“I’m quite skilled in the art of tickling. Lie down and catch your breath.”

“Good idea.”

Sam fell back onto the pillow and rested his head on his hands.

“Wow - I’m actually worn out after that.”

“Can I try something?”

“If it’s tickling me again, then no.” Sam responded smiling.

“No no. It’s something else.”

“I don’t like the sound of that. But I can’t really say know. You’re the master after all” Sam said, still joking around.

“Can’t argue with that logic. Well, it’s guided meditation. I’ll even sit over there so you know I won’t get you again.”

Steve grabbed the desk chair and sat down. Sam stared up at the ceiling and was still panting.

“Yeah, okay. What’s guided meditation involve?”

“It’s hypnosis.”

“Oh. Have you done it before?”

“I read an article online and I wanna try it” Steve lied.

“And why do you want to try it?”

“Because it helps you relax. And you look like you need to relax.”

Sam looked up at the ceiling again and tried to calm his breathing.

“Okay, sure. Fire away.”

Happy that he convinced his new subject Steve got himself comfortable in the chair and began speaking in a clear, calm manner.

“I want you to focus on a point in front of you… just focus on that point and listen to my voice… I want you to take a deep breath…”

Steve saw Sam’s chest raise and he took in a deep breath.

“And release…”

Sam did as he was told.

“As you focus on my voice… and as you focus on that point in front of you… you might even feel that your surroundings vanish… you feel how easy it is to relax… you feel how easy it is to listen… you can feel your feet start to relax… you feel that relaxation completely enveloping them… all tension falling away… that’s right… falling away from your feet… feeling that relaxation move up to your ankles…”

Sam’s feet flopped outwards in response.

“That’s it… now let this feeling of relaxation move up to your legs… moving through them and removing any stiffness… still listening to my words… still focusing on that point in front of you… you can feel complete relaxation from the tips of your toes all the way to your thighs… and it is even moving up further… you feel it in the tops of your legs… moving into your pelvis… removing all tension and allowing you to relax… deep relaxation…”

Steve could see Sam’s slow and steady breathing. He had no doubt that this was working.

“Continue with those slow and steady breaths… each one making you feel more relaxed… you might even notice this sort of relaxation is like the relaxation that helps you feel sleepy at night… this sleepy relaxation is moving now up to your stomach… if there is any tension left there… you can feel it moving away… the relaxation has also spread to your hands… just allow your fingers to fall open… that’s it… now the feeling of relaxation is moving simultaneously along your hands and stomach… all the way up your forearms… up your arms… and up to your chest… you feel that sleepy, relaxing feeling all up your body now… the feeling of relaxation in your arms and chest is now moving up to, and meeting, in your shoulders… that’s right… double the relaxation… it’s such a nice feeling… you might even feel yourself smile with pleasure…”

And Sam did smile. His eyes were looking a bit more vacant too. He was still looking at the ceiling, but now he had a nice goofy smile too.

“Yes… that’s right… let that wonderful relaxation get rid of all the tension in your shoulders… and move up to your neck”

Sam’s shoulders were completely loose now too.

“That lovely feeling of relaxation moves up your next to your face… relaxing your jaw… allowing any tension to release… allowing it to fall open to whatever position is natural… now moving up to your cheeks… and your nose… soon it will reach your eyes… you can already feel your eyes getting heavy with relaxation… you find yourself blinking… each time finding it more difficult… the relaxation now moving to your eyelids… making them heavy… and close down… sleepy relaxation… as you yourself… SLEEP…”

Sam’s eyelids had closed and his breathing way slow. Steve could see he was completely relaxed.

“In this deep, and special sleep… you are completely oblivious to everything around you… the only thing important to you is my voice… these suggestions go directly to your subconscious mind… where they are accepted… these thoughts become established… firmly fixed… deeply in your inner mind… these suggestions remain with you… long after you open your eyes… “

Sam was completely motionless, just absorbing every word coming from Steve’s mouth.

"You find it easy to focus your attention on my voice… you find it easy it accept my words… is that okay?”

“… yes”


Steve turned towards the door. Did he just hear what he thought he heard? He stood up and walked to the doorway. He looked down to the right and saw Callum seated, with his arms and legs flopped out. His eyes were closed and he was breathing deeply. He must have been listening in after he left. He might have tried playing along and gotten himself tranced. Steve leaned down beside Callum.

“Callum… how do you feel?” he whispered.

“… relaxed…”

“Good… you want to keep relaxing…”

“… yes…”

“You’re going to stand up and come to your bed, okay?”

“… yes…”

Callum slowly stood up. He plodded into the room and Steve guided him to a space on the bed.

“Lie down, Callum.”

Callum lied down beside his brother. They both looked so cute, completely entranced and ready to be made into slaves. This had worked out better than Steve had hoped.

“Okay… you are completely relaxed… you are also very open to suggestion… you will do whatever I tell you… understood?”

“… yes…” the brothers droned.

“Good… you will repeat after me and it will be your new complete truth… I am your master”

“You are my master”

“You will obey me without question”

“I will obey you without question”

“You are my slaves”

“We are your slaves”

“You are both completely obedient”

“We are both completely obedient”

“The most important thing in your lives is to obey me”

“The most important thing in our lives is to obey you”

“Good slaves. When I count to five, you will wake up, open your eyes and become the slaves you were born to be. One… two… three… four… five!”

The brothers opened their eyes and sat up. They both looked at Steve, waiting for a command. He moved towards Callum and lifted his t-shirt, gently rubbing his stomach as he stared back at Steve vacantly. He certainly wouldn’t be interrupting the next time Steve tried hypnotising Brendan. As a matter of fact, he may just play a role in it.

Steve wanted to play with his new slaves a little longer but he needed to get home. It was the weekend and Steve’s younger brother had invited Brendan’s younger brother to spend the night. If Steve could get him under his control, that would be another good step in making Brendan his.

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