The Unexpected Gift Is Often The Best - Part 2

By Tha Avnanizeis published April 27, 2019

Dave gets to unwrap his new Toy and play with it.

The next day, Dave drove to a town 20 miles from his home and found the sex shop he’d googled before. He bought some glass and rubber plugs, dildos, a vibrator, plenty of lube, enema kit and condoms suitable for anal. He wanted to be ready for anything just in case. He also went to the food store and bought some nice steak, and sides together with a nice bottle of red wine and a chocolate tart.

He really hoped that Bobby would turn up and submit. He had taken a risk sending Bobby away but he needed to prepare and Bobby needed time to create and assimilate the memories of their Saturday meeting by going to the Daily Grind and jerking off wanting to be owned. Dave had no clue if Bobby had ever been to the Daily Grind. This way, he knew for sure. He hoped the anticipation would make Bobby more eager to submit. His fear was that Bobby may decide to be just good friends but he hoped his alteration of Bobby’s memories would ensure that wasn’t the case.

He realized a slight mistake in his plan as he hadn’t given Bobby an exact time to return. With nothing better to do he played some games on his PS4. He didn’t bother to change out of his ratty t-shirt and sweatpants, they were comfortable. It had just gone seven o’clock when there was a knock on the door. Dave stopped himself from rushing and he leisurely waited to answer the door until the person outside had knocked again, this time more gently and tentatively.

Dave opened the door and wasn’t expecting to see Bobby as he was. He was in his dress uniform, it was black with more medals than Dave had expected, covered in gold thread. His white shirt was crisp and his tie a deep black. The golden buttons where gleaming as were the shoes. Bobby wore a green beret on his head. The smell of his musky aftershave hit Dave. He smiled at Dave with such warmth and gave a proper salute. There was only a slight tremor in his hand.

Dave smiled back motioning him in and, after leading him into the lounge, told him to stand for inspection. He stood there legs wide apart, hands held loosely behind his back, as Dave walked around him running his hand over Bobby’s chest and stomach and then down his arm and over his ass. Bobby didn’t hide the erection tenting his pants but Dave didn’t touch it just yet.

“What do you want, Bobby?”

Bobby’s voice quavered with emotion

“I’ve given this a lot of thought, just like you asked of me, I want and need to be yours, Master”

Dave walked behind Bobby and slid close until his chest was flush with Bobby’s back, trapping Bobby’s hands with his stomach. Dave rested his head between Bobby’s shoulder blades and, while both hands moved to fondle Bobby’s erect cock and balls, he whispered to Bobby,

“Are you really sure about this? You will be nothing but what I want you to be. I will come before all else, including the oaths you’ve sworn as a soldier. You will own nothing and will have no will power to refuse me anything. Your body will be my sex toy to use how I see fit and with whomever I see fit. You will do whatever I want. Is this what you want as there is no turning back if you accept this?”

“I want it all, Master, please don’t send me away. I couldn’t bear it.”

Dave let go of Bobby who whimpered thinking he was going to be sent away. Dave walked round to face him and saw how miserable Bobby looked thinking he was being rejected. Dave looked at him for a while watching Bobby beg him with his eyes to accept him whilst his body showed that he feared being sent away, even his erection was deflating. Eventually Dave smiled and opened his arms,

“Come here, boy, I accept you as my slave”

Bobby rushed forward and collapsed in Dave’s arms pressing his body completely into Dave’s. He rested his head on Dave’s shoulder and gripped Dave tightly taking deep shuddering breaths that tickled Dave’s neck. Bobby’s beret fell discarded on the floor in his rush to get to Dave. His body was quaking as he released all the tension from his body.

“Master, I was so scared you wouldn’t accept me and I need you so much.”

“Well you’re mine now, boy, now and forever.”

“I’m yours, all of me is yours.”

Dave pushed his hand under the jacket feeling along Bobby’s muscular sides and then began to pull the shirt out of the uniform’s pants before one hand went into the back of the pants to feel Bobby’s ass. It was firm, warm and hairy under his hand, he squeezed it feeling how muscular it was. Dave’s index finger felt along the crack finding the entrance to his hole and Bobby breath stuttered. At the same time, Dave’s other hand roamed up the smooth skin of Bobby’s back feeling the strong back muscles which rippled under his touch.

“You like that don’t you?”

Dave pulled Bobby’s ass forward while squeezing it so that Bobby’s re-engorged cock was pressing against his thigh which he had shoved between Bobby’s legs.

“Oh Master, I love it. I’m yours to play with.”

“Are you hard for me, boy?”

“Yes master, I love you touching me and my cock’s hard for you. I’m so horny. I’ve been horny all day knowing I was close to being yours.”

He thrust his cock firmly into Dave’s thigh back and forth, riding Dave’s thigh.

“Can you feel it Master? I loved it when you played with it last Saturday. I’ve not been able to get you out of my mind. I’ve cum so many times remembering it. I wanted to submit to you in Daily Grind right there and then, but you were right to make me think about it properly. I know I am meant to be yours. I love you, Master”.

“Good. For all your strength, you’ll be a gentle lover, won’t you, Bobby? You’ll never seek to do me harm in any way?

“Of course, sir, I love you, I’m always be gentle with you, you’re the most important person to me.”

“I should be, I’m your Master. Remember, though, whilst I’m your Master at all times, if we’re in public you won’t let people know I’m your Master. Instead, you’ll act only as my romantic and besotted older boyfriend. You will show me easy affection, be romantic, and put me first in all things, but you will defer to me subtly. In public you’ll call me Dave or babe.”

“Yes, sir.”

Dave pulled his hand from Bobby’s back and slipped it through Bobby’s close cropped hair before grabbing Bobby’s head to be able to reach his lips, Bobby’s hair was too short to grab. He licked into Bobby’s mouth which opened up easily and eagerly to his assault. Their tongues played with each other, Bobby never tried to dominate the kiss but surrendered to Dave. Dave could taste Bobby’s toothpaste as he must have cleaned his teeth just before coming over. At the same time, he continued to squeeze Bobby’s ass before swirling his finger around Bobby’s entrance, not seeking entrance but just playing with the muscles there. Bobby was so pliant in Dave’s hands and kissed as if Dave was the most important person in the world, which he was to Bobby.

When they pulled away from the kiss, their lungs desperate for air, Dave loved that Bobby’s lips were swollen. Dave leaned forward sucking Bobby’s bottom lip between his teeth and, pulling it slightly, nibbled on it. When he let go, the bottom lip was wet and much plumper than before. Bobby just stood there looking lovingly at Dave.

Dave slipped his hand inside the lapels of the jacket and moved up to the shoulders to take the jacket off. Bobby’s shoulders were strong and wide under his hands. There was a swoosh as the heavy jacket dropped to the floor.

“I’m going to unwrap my present now and see you in all your glory.”

“I’m yours to unwrap, sir”

Dave pulled on the tie until it came away from Bobby’s neck before he threw it on a chair. He opened the top two buttons and moved his nose along Bobby’s pulse point. He smelled Bobby’s musky aftershave and his own unique smell which included a faint odor of gun oil. There was a slight nick on Bobby’s neck from a razor and Dave licked at it, Bobby moaned as he was so turned on. Enjoying Bobby’s reaction, Dave licked along the crease of his neck before nibbling on his earlobe.

“You nicked yourself when you shaved, babe”

“I’m sorry, Sir, I wanted to be well groomed for you so I shaved twice and got too close the second time. I’m sorry I failed, I wanted to be perfect for you!”

Kissing Bobby’s neck and running his hand through Bobby’s short hair, Dave reassured him,

“That’s okay, babe, I appreciate the effort.”

Bobby relaxed

“I went for a pedicure and manicure for you too, I even tidied up my pubes. I’ve not had a girlfriend for months, nor time to get one with the transfer, so I hadn’t bothered to groom myself and I had a bush down there.”

“What a good boy you are! Just to be clear, there’ll be no more girlfriends for you. You’re mine now.”

Dave nibbled harder on Bobby’s earlobe

“Just yours, sir! I’m yours alone. Oh God, I’ve never felt so horny. You’re everything I could ever want and hope for, you’re so sexy and amazing. It’s so hot that you own me and are only Kyle’s age. I’m your daddy-slave. I can’t believe I get to be yours, it’s like a dream come true.”

Bobby declared, during which Dave let his hands roam the front of Bobby’s body, cupping his bulge (it was at that point that Bobby had gasped how horny he was), before finding his belt which he unfastened and pulled out of the belt loops. Dave threw the belt on the same chair as the tie. He unhooked Bobby’s pants and opened the fly, allowing the pants to open in a wide “V”. Bobby’s regulation white cotton boxers, already transparent from the precum, revealed his groomed pubic hair and heavy balls while Bobby’s cock sprung out of the hole, happy to be freed from its tight prison. Dave couldn’t resist taking it in his hand finally without any barrier. It was smooth, warm and slick to touch. It was cut and the head was red, large and bulbous and the length had a wide girth. It was glistening with precum which Dave spread over the length with his hand. Bobby thrust his hips forward looking for more relief. Dave slid his hand up Bobby’s dick repeatedly twisting at the end to polish the head. Dave gave it a more forceful squeeze resulting in a grunt from Bobby,

“This is mine now, Bobby, you won’t cum without my permission, it doesn’t matter how much you want to cum, you wait. Your orgasms are mine to grant alone.”

Bobby stuttered when saying

“Yes, sir”

And his cock throbbed hard as Bobby was more turned on from being made to surrender even this. Dave pushed Bobby’s cock down and let it go, enjoying watching it spring back up. He repeated it a few times.

“You’ve got a nice cock, babe”

“I’m glad it pleases you, sir, I’ve never been embarrassed about others seeing it in the showers or locker room.”

Dave wiped the precum sticking to his hand on Bobby’s shirt. He grabbed Bobby’s left arm unfastening the buttons on Bobby’s shirt sleeve before doing the same to the other. He then unfastened each front button of the shirt. Dave slipped the shirt off the same way he had the jacket. Bobby was now stood in only a tight white tank top which showed off his muscles, his strong shoulders and pecs. In addition his cock was pointing up, bobbing up and down with his pulse.

“Damn, Bobby, you’re perfect!”

Bobby blushed at the praise from his Master - the man he loved deeply.

“Thanks, sir, but I’m nothing compared to you”

Dave looked at himself, he was lean and muscular in his own way but nothing was pronounced. The best way to describe him was wiry. He was nothing like his new boy, Bobby was 6’3 while Dave was only 5’11. Dave chuckled realizing Bobby had definitely rewritten what was perfect and sexy for him in his mind to fit Dave’s appearance.

“How much time do you spend in the gym to look like this, boy? Arms up in the air.”

Bobby lifted his arms immediately and answered, while Dave lifted the tank top up and over Bobby’s head.

“We’ve a lot of PT, sir, but mainly it’s from training exercises and active duty. We’re required to keep our bodies at peak physical fitness. I suppose now that I’m not just leading a team, I’ll have to do more PT to keep it up.”

Dave caressed Bobby’s sides with his hands, starting at his hips, his thumbs rubbing along the ridges of Bobby’s abs stopping at an obvious scar from a past bullet wound four inches above his hip before continuing. Dave looked at Bobby, he had a well defined chest, good shoulders and amazing abs showing a pronounced “V” going to his pelvis. There was no excess fat anywhere. Bobby still had his arms in the air. Dave continued up from his ribs over Bobby’s armpits, which were slightly damp, and up to his inner arm.

“You can lower your arms now and place them around my neck.”

Dave held onto the muscular arms while Bobby lowered them around his neck. Dave moved his hands to the biceps and squeezed them, feeling the strong muscles move beneath the skin. In doing so, he saw Bobby had two tattoos on his right bicep. Dave touched them but reminded himself to ask about them later. This wasn’t the time for any potential bad memories. Dave leaned forward, braced his right arm around the base of Bobby’s back and took Bobby’s left nipple into his mouth and sucked. Bobby took a sharp intake of breath letting his head fall back, leaning his weigh into Dave’s arm around his back, and gave out a deep sexy moan. Bobby’s cock jumped in pleasure. Dave felt his own cock do the same as Bobby’s change in position ground their cocks together.

“Your nipples are sensitive then, Babe? Good to know. Soon I’ll know all your pleasure spots.”

Just then he brought his teeth to bear, biting and pulling at the nipple. Bobby gasped out,

“Oh God”

Dave chuckled as he licked and blew on the now erect and puffy nipple

“Just Dave, babe”

With Bobby’s arms still around his neck, his clothed torso pressed against Bobby’s naked one, he let his arms go wherever they wanted. He gently licked into Bobby’s welcoming mouth. He eventually ended the kiss and moved round to stand behind Bobby, on the way tracing along Bobby’s Adonis Belt and the top of his pants with his hands as they nestled on the curve of his ass. Bobby’s hands dropped to his sides as his Master moved. Dave, pulling himself tightly along Bobby’s back, slid his hands around Bobby’s waist which made the hairs on his right forearm tickle the top of Bobby’s cock leaving a stripe of precum along his forearm and making Bobby moan even more. Holding Bobby at the waist, and nestling his own cock between Bobby’s loosely clothed ass cheeks, he ordered

“Bend down and take your shoes and socks off for me, Boy.”

Bobby immediately bent at the waist and began to untie his shoelaces. This motion spread his ass cheeks further and pushed it further into Dave’s clothed cock. As Dave was only in loose sweatpants, it didn’t create much of a barrier. At the same time, Dave’s arms were trapped between Bobby’s abs, thighs and cock. Next Bobby kicked off his shoes and then pulled his socks off. As soon as he had done that, Dave hooked his fingers in the top of Bobby’s boxers and pulled them, and his pants, sharply down his muscular thighs. Dave rubbed his right hand down Bobby’s naked hip and outer thigh until he reached where the pants had been stopped from falling due to Bobby’s muscular thighs

“Stand and shake them off for me and then kick them off.”

With that command, Bobby stood up and shook his hips left and right causing his ass to rub seductively against Dave’s engorged cock that was nestled fully between Bobby’s ass cheeks. It was obvious that Bobby was pushing his ass into Dave’s cock to give pleasure to his Master. After only a few more shakes, gravity dropped the pants to the floor and Bobby kicked them off sending them in the direction of the chair that Dave had thrown the tie.

Dave ripped off his own t-shirt and threw it on the floor. He dropped his own sweatpants leaving himself also naked. He stepped away from Bobby to get a good look at his new possession. Bobby was stunning, his legs were muscular and toned, his hips and waist small compared to his wide shoulders and bulging arms. His cock was fully erect, leaking, and curled up towards his abs. Bobby, however, was looking at Dave’s body as if he was seeing perfection and had died and gone to heaven. Dave walked back slowly, letting Bobby get his fill, loving the adoration. When he felt the edge against his legs, he dropped on the sofa.

“Kneel, boy, show me that you’re my slave”

Bobby dropped to the floor as if his wires had been cut.

“Good boy, now cross your right ankle over your left ankle, and sit back on your heels”

Bobby shifted into the position.

“Widen your legs far apart so I can see your cock easily, head bowed, eyes down and your hands resting upwards on your thighs”

Bobby did as he was told and looked the perfect slave.

“This is your initial kneeling position, boy. When I tell you to kneel, with no further orders, you will adopt this position until I instruct you as to what I want.”

“Yes, sir”

“You look good like that. Now crawl to me, Bobby, I want you to kiss the tops of my feet before climbing on my lap facing me with your knees straddling me.”

Bobby didn’t need to be told twice before he was crawling on his hands and knees towards Dave.

“When you crawl make sure you sway that ass properly”

Instantly, Bobby’s crawl became more seductive. When he reached Dave’s feet, he kissed both lovingly before scrabbling to sit on Dave’s lap with his knees resting on either side. Dave pulled Bobby’s ass apart so he could nestle his own painfully erect cock comfortably between Bobby’s cheeks but not penetrate. He cradled Bobby’s pert ass in his hands, he really had a soft spot for it.

“Remember, Bobby, however much you want to, you can’t cum without my permission.”

“Yes, sir, I remember”

“Now I’m going to play with you while you answer some of my questions.”

He reached between the cushions and pulled out the bottle of lube. He lubed his hands and caressed Bobby’s cock and balls. He unhurriedly slid his hand up Bobby’s cock and rolled Bobby’s balls in the palm of his hand.

“How old are you, boy?”

“Mmm, I’m …. 43, sir.”

“You had Kyle young then?”

“Yeah, his mother and I met at college and, as we were only in our early 20s, we fucked like rabbits any chance we got. A condom split when she was on antibiotics and she ended up pregnant. We didn’t know that antibiotics could stop her contraceptives from working. Oh, sir, I don’t know how much more I can take. I really need to cum, please sir!”

“You’ll wait until I say you can cum.”

Then jacking him off harder, Dave asked

“You didn’t stay together?”

“No, I enlisted … oh God sir, … and she said that she couldn’t be with a man who was a soldier, she is a hippy, so she dumped me. Later, when Kyle was born, she wasn’t caring for him …. mmm … properly so I sued for custody with the help of my parents. Kyle stayed with them when I was away on tour and I joined them afterwards. It was only when he was 18 that I got my own place as my parents were getting old and tired of us being with them.”

Dave stopped his ministrations and made a tight fist with his right hand.

“Fuck into my hand, boy, and move your ass up and down, making sure my cock can slide between your ass cheeks.”

Bobby rested his hand of Dave’s shoulder for balance and started to lift himself up and down on his knees and thrust slowly into Dave’s right fist. Dave took his left hand and smacked Bobby’s ass

“Do it like you mean it, boy!”

Instantly Bobby increased his thrusts and Dave had to hold his own cock in place so Bobby’s ass could rub along his cock properly. Bobby once again moaned deeply and threw his head back, his toes curling in ecstasy.

“Oh, sir, I’ve never felt so horny. …. mmm …. I’m just your fuck toy!”

“Good boy, keep on fucking yourself into my hand like that. Remember I’m in my early twenties so we will be fucking like rabbits whenever I want, at least we don’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancies”.

“You can use me as often as you need, Master, I’m yours.”

Each time Bobby pulled back, Dave twisted his hand and rubbed his thumb over Bobby’s piss slit before tightening his hand for Bobby’s thrust forward. Bobby was leaving a growing pool of precum on Dave’s stomach.

“Kyle obviously sees his Mom now”

Dave leaned forward to suck on Bobby’s right nipple and Bobby stopped moving for a few seconds, lost in pleasure and moaned hard. Dave could feel Bobby’s cock thicken in his hand. Dave slapped his ass slightly and Bobby immediately began to thrust again.

“Sir, I can’t take much more, mmm … she had rights to 2 weeks twice a year and alternate Christmases … but since he’s been 18 whenever he’s been pissed at me he’s fucked off to her. He didn’t want to leave Bram …. mmm .. erton to come here and certainly didn’t want to help set up, so he’s left me to do it. My buddies from my old team all volunteered to help on Sunday, as long as I supply the booze and food and also record the games to watch after we’ve finished.”

“What type of soldier are you and who are this team?”

“I’m Special Forces, Sir, I command four Green Beret teams but, before this promotion, I was the commander of the Kappa team. There’s twelve in the team and I’ve never had a closer group than them. We’d all die for each other. As soon as they knew I needed them to help, I knew they’d volunteer. They’re the best.”

Dave smiled and began to move his hand to jack off Bobby to meet his thrusts

“Then they deserve to be my slaves too, don’t they boy. I want them and you want me to have them, don’t you boy? You want them to experience this pleasure. It makes you feel hornier knowing they’ll also submit to me.”

“Yes, sir, they need to be yours. Oh God sir, I’ve never held off so long.”

“Are they stationed here permanently?”

“No, they’re still going to be based in Bramerton, I’ve moved to the West … Oh, God … Coast Command Staff but they’re here for a month while my 2IC gets used to the … mmm. … command and the team gets used to the new member that replaced me. They’ll also be staying while they do joint training exercises with three SEAL teams that are shipping in.”

Dave smiled seeing all the new potential recruits he could possible have. Sunday looked like it could be an interesting day. The month was looking better and better too.

“Now Bobby, remember your last girlfriend? What was she called?”

“Stacey, sir”

“Well she gave fantastic head. I want you to remember exactly what she did and, kneeling between my legs, give me head the same way.”

Bobby slid down Dave’s body and, ensuring his body never left contact with Dave’s, he knelt between his Master’s legs. As soon as he had steadied himself, he instantly took Dave completely into his mouth. It was only seconds before his eyes watered and he began choking on Dave’s cock. He pull away with a pop, his gag reflex was too strong making him ready to vomit. Dave rubbed Bobby’s Adam’s Apple before saying

“Bobby Boy, instruction mode.”

Instantantly Bobby stopped retching and looked at Dave intently

“Now, Bobby, you’ll find that your throat opens up easily for my cock because it knows it belongs there. It feels completely natural for my cock to go down your throat, it’s like it’s one of its natural homes. It feels very comfortable and wonderful to have my cock there and you love the feeling. You like deep throating me and you never gag. Now when I count down from 3, you’ll wake up, take my cock back into your mouth and show me exactly what Stacey did. 3 .. 2.. 1.”

Bobby instantly sucked Dave into his mouth and dropped down until he lips were around the base of Dave’s cock and his nose was being tickled by Dave’s pubes. He breathed hard through his nose as he sucked for twenty seconds while swallowing around Dave’s cock head. Bobby’s eyes never left his Master’s. Dave had never been deep throated like that, Bobby’s throat enveloping the head of his cock felt amazing.

“Jerk yourself off while you suck me off, boy. You can only cum when I cum.”

Bobby’s right hand curled around his cock and he began to jerk off. While lifting his head, he twisted it to allow his tongue to caress more of his Master’s cock, his cheeks hollowed out on each up stroke before going down and up smoothly with a changing tempo. Every so often Bobby would only focus on the crown, his tongue giving kitten licks to the ridge or piss slit, or would sink back down fully and swallow Dave’s cock whole before humming.

Dave, with anyone else, would have been embarrassed how quickly he was brought to the edge of cumming, but this was his adoring slave. When he knew he couldn’t hold off any longer, he held Bobby’s head down so his cock sunk down into Bobby’s throat before fucking into his mouth and cumming hard. While he was still fucking Bobby’s throat to milk out the final spurts, he watched Bobby go rigid and then felt the repeated splash of cum hitting his calf as Bobby moaned around his cock. When Dave was spent, he let go of Bobby’s head. Bobby slumped back onto his heels, his head resting on Dave’s knee as he gasped hard to fill his lungs with air.

“Was that good, boy?”

“Yes, Master, it was amazing and I’ve never cum so hard. Thank you for letting me suck your cock and swallow your cum.”

Dave run his hand over Bobby’s face as they both recovered.

“You’re welcome but you got your cum everywhere! Clean my cock before licking all your own cum up”.

Instantly Bobby leaned forward to clean Dave’s cock, slurping obscenely, before licking his own fingers and Dave’s leg. Seeing he had got some on the floor, he bent down to lick the floor and couch. Dave looked on, basking in the power he had over Bobby as his ass was sticking up in the air while his head skimmed the floor to clean up the mess. Dave opened Bobby’s ass cheeks to see the puckered hole and Bobby didn’t even miss a beat in his licking.

When there was nothing more for Bobby to lick up, Dave pulled Bobby onto the sofa on top himself, loving the feel of his boy’s firm body pressed against him. Not ready for anything more for the moment, they leisurely made out, Dave tasted himself and Bobby in his slave’s mouth. At the same time, Dave considered all the possibilities of what they could do next. Dave felt great, Bobby was an amazing slave and he still had his ass to tap. However happy he was with Bobby, he couldn’t wait to have more boys to add to his collection. He just needed to get the subliminals ready in time for Sunday. This Unexpected Gift was a gift that kept on giving.

After a while, Dave said to Bobby,

“Put on my sweatpants, and make us some dinner. You’ll find steak and sides in the fridge.”

Bobby lifted himself off the sofa and grabbed Dave’s pants before pulling them on. Bobby filled them out nicely. Dave has been wearing those pants all weekend and a surge of possessiveness hit him seeing Bobby in his sweatpants. He liked seeing Bobby wearing his dirty clothes. Bobby bent down and gave Dave a deep kiss before walking into the kitchen. Listening to Bobby opening doors and draws to find what he needed, Dave laid back comfortably on the sofa and rested his hands behind his neck thinking how he could get used to his new life.

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