The Unexpected Gift Is Often The Best

By Tha Avnanizeis published April 24, 2019

Dave had the perfect opportunity to enslave Kyle until all his plans unraveled. Sometimes you get something better than you expected.

Dave had been lusting after Kyle for the whole semester. Kyle Gifney had transferred into his cohort because of a scheduling conflict this term in their third year schedule and they had been made lab partners. He was tall and a member of the wrestling team. He had arms to die for and piercing blue eyes. They were both studying engineering, the only subject they didn’t share this term was that on audio visual technology which Dave had a huge affinity for and Kyle did not study.

They were in the middle of a laser experiment when Dave said “I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can get back to Jepson Ridge, this year has been brutal. I definitely need some RNR”

Kyle looked at him strangely, “Jepson Ridge? Wow, my Dad has just told me that he has been transferred there, we’re going to be there for at least the next five years.”

Dave smiled back, “Great, it’s a nice town.”

They carried on doing their experiment with Dave giving Kyle info on Jepson Ridge and what to do. As Dave was driving back the next day he offered to give Kyle a ride back which he quickly agreed to

“Man, you’re a lifesaver, my money is really tight at the moment.”

That night, Dave knew that he had the perfect opportunity. He knew that his parents were going to be away for the next three weeks, first to see his Mom’s parents before taking a two week cruise to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. He was already 21 so they didn’t have a problem leaving him at home alone. He had been working, in his spare time, on a subliminal program that used images and sounds that would make a person completely obedient and open to suggestion after watching it but, if they were not fully controlled, they would be compelled to run the program again and again until they reached the correct state. He was going to find a way to make Kyle his sex slave next year but now he had the whole summer to do it instead. He just had to find something that Kyle would watch, he smiled porn would be guaranteed to work. He made sure that the subliminals tied the obedience to his image and included his address. He finished burning the DVD writing “Best Porn Ever” in the top before getting into bed. He smiled to himself, he couldn’t wait for this Summer”.

The next day he drove back and he and Kyle had an easy chat while listening to great music on the radio. He drove Kyle up to the address Kyle had given him.

“Here you go, man, you’re in a sweet part of town. Just around that left turn is a great coffee shop, Daily Grind, it’s independent and they do the best food and great coffees and it’s good value too”.

“Thanks, man, I owe you.”

Before Kyle could get out the car Dave reached into the glovebox and passed the DVD to Kyle.

“Hey, I thought you’d like this. Let’s call it a house-warming gift”.

Kyle looked at the title and rolled his eyes and smiled.

“I’m going to miss all the easy pussy at college being here so this is going to be handy. I’ll have to leave it here, though, as I’m off to stay with my Mom for the next month and she lives in a hippy commune. No electricity or cell phones and lots of Mung Bean but I won’t need porn there as you can have as much sex as you can ask for. Who doesn’t love some hippy “more love less war”. I’ll leave it here and watch it when I’m back. Maybe we can meet up when I get back.”

Dave didn’t know how he managed not to cry out in frustration and instead managed to chuckle. All his hard work and plans for the next three weeks had just gone up in smoke. He had to wait at least a month before he would finally get his hands on Kyle and his parents would be back making it much more difficult.

“Enjoy, man. See you when you get back. You’ve got my number.”

Dave drove off wondering what he was going to do with his next few weeks.

It was Tuesday evening, he was still in his sweats and T-shirt, playing on his PS4 when there was a knock on the door. Dave paused his game and walked to the door and, opening it, was met by the most drool worthy man he had ever seen. He was obviously a soldier, but his jacket and hat were missing and his shirt was untucked and loose at the neck. He was tall, with chestnut brown hair cut close, he was obviously well toned.

Dave smiled and said “Yes, can I help you?”

The man had a vacant expression and his blue eyes were unfocused “I am here as requested, open and obedient, sir”

Dave couldn’t believe what he was seeing

“Come in.”

“Yes, sir”

He led the gorgeous man to the lounge and got him to sit down.

“What is your full name?”

“Lieutenant Colonel Robert Edgar Gifney, sir”

The surname got Dave’s attention and when he looked for them, he could see Kyle’s features in this man’s but this man made Kyle look second rate. Who needed flank steak when you could have Filet Mignon? Dave’s cock began to chub up as he watched the man sitting attentively on the couch.

“Did you watch any porn?”

“Yes, Kyle left a DVD on his bag when I went in his bag to check it for dirty laundry. It was the Best Porn Ever. After eating, I put it on. I watched it three times. I was jerking off to it but then I knew I had to come here to you, Sir.”

“Are you Kyle Giffney’s Dad?”

“Yes, sir”

I smiled, I knew why he was here and that I had him.

“I will call you, Bobby”

“Yes, sir”

“Listen very carefully, you trust me completely and are completely obedient an open with me. You also know that everything I say is true, anything in your memory that conflicts with what I am saying will be discarded”.

Dave watched Bobby lower his shoulders as he relaxed nodding his agreement, but his eyes were now focused completely on Dave. Dave knew that the plan he had for Kyle wouldn’t work for Bobby but he was always good at thinking on his feet.

“Do you have wife or a girlfriend or boyfriend, Bobby?”

“No, sir, I’m new to the town and I split with my last girlfriend about four months ago, she wanted more commitment than I was prepared to offer so we split. She was a real bitch about it. Shame because she was dynamite in the sack. What she could do with that mouth of hers was sinful, she must have worked as a hooker before because she had to have had loads of practice. She loved my cock and my abs and pecs. She loved to ride me playing with my abs and pecs. Mind you, I loved her tits, they were stunning with nipples that were perfect for sucking on. She loved when I’d play with them while she rode me. ”

Dave knew by the way that Bobby was talking to him that Bobby was being completely open with him and was telling him exactly what he was thinking. Dave knew that Bobby was already his.

“If there anyone living with you other than Kyle and do you expect anyone?”.

“No it is just us, Sir”.

Dave smiled at him.

“Thank you, Bobby, You know what I say is the truth. You know that you have always been different, Bobby, you’ve always craved a man to tell you what to do, for you to obey. It’s why you joined the army, it was great as a raw recruit with your sergeant shouting at you and telling you want to do. Yet, as you’ve got more senior, you’ve been the one making the orders and you have got increasingly frustrated and stressed. You thought being ordered by your superior officer was enough but now you have realized that you need someone to control your life completely. Someone to let you finally relax and just do as you’re told with no responsibilities other than obeying. You hate all the responsibilities you have.

Last Saturday after Kyle left you went to the Daily Grind near your home. It was packed but you saw there was a space at my booth and you asked if it was okay to join me. You had used your surname to order the coffee and when I saw it on the cup, I’d asked you if you were related to Kyle and, after I told you how I knew Kyle, you told me that you were his dad. We chatted for hours, I was easy to chat to and you opened up to more than you had with anyone, as we talked about Jepson Ridge and you relaxed finding you really liked me and wanted me in your life. I’m a toucher and you loved that I touched you, leaning in when I touched you. When I slipped my arm around your shoulder to whisper something to you, you slid along the booth to sit beside me so you were completely under my arm and pressed against me. You didn’t move away afterwards.

“It didn’t take you long from my demeanor to realize that I was naturally dominant and that I could be a Master and you began to defer to me as you started to entertain the idea of being mine. You weren’t surprised that I’d worked it out when I eventually dropped my hand on to your thigh and you relaxed into it letting your leg go pliant under my hand. You liked me being possessive and taking control like that. You knew I took a risk being so blatant like that if I’d read it wrong but you liked my assertiveness and bravery. I said “Do you like that, boy?” and you had nodded, too overwhelmed to speak, but you widened your legs to give me easier access. My hand moved slowly up your inner thigh. It didn’t take long for my hand to go for your hard cock which was fully erect and throbbing as submitting to me arouses you greatly. As it was busy, I’d been discrete. I’d just rubbed along the length of your clothed cock and you had sighed in contentment and smiled at me realizing how beautiful I was, how perfect I was as a Master and feeling hornier than you’ve ever felt. Do you remember it, Bobby? Do you remember how turned on your were?”

Dave had been watching Bobby and it was hard to miss the tenting in his pants and the red blotches on his cheeks, Dave moved to sit next to him and put his arm around Bobby’s shoulders and pulled Bobby’s head into his neck. With his other arm, pressing his body against Bobby, he pulled Bobby’s leg against him, and began to rub the hunk’s hard cock. It was warm and thick in his hand and moved under his touch. Bobby moaned and spread his legs. He sighed and looked up at Dave with such love.

“You were so turned on, you knew that you had met the perfect Master, your Master if I thought you were worthy and accepted you. The one you could surrender to completely. The thing you have wanted forever. The person who would own you completely: your body, mind, feelings, hopes, fears and possessions would be his. You knew you would be gay for your Master, gay for me. You had wanted to tell me that and beg me to make you mine as I repositioned you to give myself easier access to your cock. It meant you were pressed against me from head to foot as I continued to play with your cock. You had never felt as safe or horny as you felt as you knew that you could be mine. You surrendered under my touch knowing that you were now mine. You have never wanted something more and you wanted to show me that you could be a Good Boy. Can you remember it?”

Bobby was only capable of a breathy “Yes, sir” too taken with Dave’s fingers on his cock.

After one last quick squeeze of his cock, Dave stepped away from him and sat on his own chair and Bobby let out a whimper.

“You’ve always wanted a Master. One who you would put before all others even yourself. Your Master’s, my, wants and happiness are more important than anything else. You will obey immediately and to obey brings you more sexual pleasure. You know that I am that Master. The one who will own you completely. The one who you wish to worship with your body. All your body and holes are there for my pleasure alone. You love me more than you’ve loved anyone because you finally have found the man who you can surrender to completely. The fact that I am your son’s age makes it even hotter to you. You are always horny for me, for me to use you as I want. You want this don’t you, Bobby?”

Bobby nodded his head “More than anything, Master”, his pants were showing a wet patch from his arousal.

“You will carry out my commands immediately. You have no resistance because this is who you are and because you want to please me. You have no secrets from me because you trust me completely and I own all of you including your secrets. Your body is mine whenever and however I want it. You love to suck my cock and love me fucking you and you will find more pleasure from me that you’ve ever had with anyone else with your orgasms being stronger than ever before.”

Bobby was there breathing raggedly, his cock was juddering in his pants wanting relief.

“You told me you wanted me to be your Master and you my willing slave. However, I told you to spend a few days thinking about it, to decide this is what you really wanted because once you have surrendered to me, there will be no take backs, you would be mine forever to use however I want. I gave you my address and told you to come round on Wednesday evening after you had a few days to think about it, deciding whether you want to be mine. If you do not, I told you that I would accept that this was not what you wanted and we could be the best of friends. You were disappointed because you already know that you want to be mine but you deferred to me. The last few days you have been hornier than ever and have jerked off more times cumming hard thinking of being mine. You have considered whether you wanted to be my slave. You’ve come to realize that you love me deeply and want to be mine. You can’t wait until tomorrow when you can surrender completely to me forever. That’s right, isn’t it Bobby?”

“Yes, Master, I need to be completely yours forever. Please, Master, make me yours, I love you!”

“And I will but only when you come round on Wednesday and show me that you can be a good slave, you just have to be patient”

“Yes, Master”

“Now, Bobby, this state of obedience you are in now is not needed normally as you will obey me in all things, but if I want you to return to it, if you hear me say “Bobby Boy, instruction mode” you will return to this state immediately being more open and obedient than you were the last time I said the phrase. What is the phrase Bobby?”

“Yes, Master, ‘Bobby Boy, instruction mode’”.

“Good boy. Now when I count to 10 you will get up and leave my house to return tomorrow. You will go to the Daily Grind coffee shop near your home, you will act normally, you will order a coffee and give them the name Gifney for your cup. You will sit on a booth suitable only for 2 which is private and would have been best to hide me groping you. If it is unavailable you will sit in the coffee shop ordering drinks until it becomes available. You will sit there and remember the Saturday where you found out you could be mine. Your memories will fill with the images you see in the coffee shop today. In addition, you will remember my image, smell and touch, you will place them in your memory of Saturday but will not remember coming here tonight. When you leave the coffee shop, you will take your coffee cup with you and leave it on your bedside table. You will believe it is the coffee cup from when you met me on Saturday. You had kept it as a reminder of you finding your Master. Without that cup we may never have talked and you wouldn’t have found me. Just looking at it in bed will remind you of me rubbing your cock in the coffee shop and you will get horny and jerk off and cum. When not in bed, it has reminded you of me and that you want to be mine and that I wanted you to consider it properly. Each time, you have looked at it, you remembered how safe you felt and how happy you were to surrender. You have already decided more and more that you want to be mine completely.

“You will go to bed tonight, you will jerk off looking at the cup, you can’t wait to be mine. Knowing that you only have to wait a few more hours. When you return tomorrow evening, you want to show yourself off to the best. So you will be dressed to impress and will be well groomed. You desperately need me to accept you as my slave. You will be scared that I won’t accept you and you won’t have the perfect master you crave.”

Dave watched Bobby there, his pants were tenting obscenely and wet patch had grown to the point it was obvious. His face was flushed and he was lifting his pelvis trying to find release. Dave hadn’t stripped Bobby as he had always enjoyed unwrapping his presents slowly. He gave Bobby a quick kiss and fondled his package sticking his finger in the slick wetness forming on his pants. He eventually counted out to ten. Bobby got up walked to the door, opened it and left without looking back. Dave could only hope that the instructions held and he hadn’t missed his only opportunity to touch this god.

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