What Men Want

By TheGrower published April 28, 2019

Ryan’s cheating catches up to him

Hey guys,

I’ve had a story in my head for months now and I finally decided to have a go at writing it down.

This is my first story. Comments welcome :)


That bitch!” Ryan fumed, slamming his gym bag into the locker. Someone had messed with his gym stuff and he knew exactly who: Stacey. It was exactly the sort of crazed shit his girlf…ex-girlfriend would pull to get revenge.

It definitely wasn’t Ryan’s fault it had happened. Hell, how easily all those other chicks fell into his 16-inch biceps was proof of that. And none of them had any complaints about his not-so-little buddy either. Stacey only has herself to blame, freezing over like that and refusing to put out.

Though he should have been more careful. He knew from past experience that broads with big gobs were a double-edged sword. They blew your brains out like no other but it was often a side-effect of their compulsion to fuck-and-tell. It wasn’t his fault his dick kept finding its way into Stacey’s best friend, Missie was it? Mia? Michelle, maybe? He knew he didn’t care.

Psycho Stacey was cunning though. She knew after confronting him he’d come to the gym to unwind. He pumped iron every day so of course she targeted this sacred time. He prioritised his workouts above everything else. The exercises involved were often grueling but the great views helped to motivate him. They regularly served as a good climax to his routine too.

Stacey had always suspected Ryan did more than just admire the sights and that’s why she retaliated by drawing all over his workout gear with her lipstick. She hadn’t even done it in English. They were all these weird little symbols. She was trying to cockblock him. Her text all but confirmed it. “I hope you find what you desire.” Crazy bitch.

Ryan wasn’t going to let her attempts ruin his session. He was a grafter at heart and so would find a way.

Beginning his gym ritual, Ryan stripped out of his street clothes, leaving only his tight black boxers caressing his large package. He grabbed his familiar grey sweatpants, pulling them over his modest, hairy legs. God damn it, why’d she have to ruin THESE pants? He’d had them since he started lifting all those years ago. They’d lasted a long time but really that wasn’t a surprise: leg days were such a rare occurrence because, as all bros know, a big ass only attracts the wrong sort of attention.

Finally he draped his loose fitting emerald workout shirt over his torso. While it showed off his sculpted pecs, it shrouded his six lean abs and light body hair. He was here to work not be on display, after all. Besides, the girls always seemed to like having something to unwrap.

Ryan stopped to catch a glimpse of himself as he headed for the weights. Short military-cut blonde hair, clean-shaven face, and piercing blue eyes. He knew he was hot. But as he inspected himself he noticed something else. Those weird scribbles had disappeared. Gone. “Invisible ink? She always was a coward,” he spat under his breath.

Today was going to be a long one. Ryan knew he didn’t want to see what she had done to the rest of his stuff anytime soon. A light jog would be a great warmup. His eyes roamed the cardio section and settled on a treadmill behind a cracking piece of talent. Her clothes, what little of those she had, clung to her in all the right ways highlighting both of her key assets: those juicy tits and that pert ass. Her legs looked smooth so he knew she took care of herself. Probably down there too. Yeah, how she dressed showed she knew what guys wanted.

After ten minutes, Ryan slowed to a stop. He pulled up his cherry red compression top to mop his brow and admired himself in the mirror. He had to admit the shirt showed off his assets in all the right ways: fought with his biceps, caressed his pecs, and outlined his grater six-pack. The way it clung to his newly waxed skin felt incredible. How his matching cherry red compression pants showed off his package also had definite benefits. If jogger girl was lucky, maybe she would find out what perks a donkey dick brings. He smirked to himself and prowled on.

What to do first? After a few seconds of taking in his surroundings he let out a heavy sigh. Legs. Ryan knew he would avoid it if not tackled now. And he’d rather suffer a few squats than hurry back to Stacey. He found an empty rack and loaded his weights. 10kg, both sides. Pathetic compared to his bros but, for him, every missed squat was another bedded bird and Ryan was content with this tradeoff.

It was as Ryan struggled with the sixth rep that she appeared. One of those girls who wanted that Kim Khardshian behind. Her ass was enormous. A jiggling pair of twins no guy could deny. She knew guys wanted something big back there.

The distraction of her doing donkey kicks allowed Ryan to fight through his set. And the next. And the next one after that too. Just as he went to start his fourth round, a hand smacked his left buttock, knocking him off balance as it wobbled. As he dropped the weight onto the safety a dumb guffaw filled the air.

Hey, Ry. Taking it easy today?” Ryan, while rubbing his stinging left cheek, turned to see a familiar face and let out a grunting chuckle. He punched the slight man playfully in the arm.

Alright Chase! I didn’t expect to see you today.

Tell me about it. My head’s banging from the sports’ social. And that chick I pulled is still sleeping it off at mine,” Chase mused. Though, as he continued a bitterness entered his voice. “But coach told me I needed to work harder if I wanted to remain at Fly Half.

Chase was strong but he didn’t show it. Being on the rugby team he was often accused of coasting by due to his disproportionately slender frame. Shaking his mousey brown hair, he looked at the bar and smiled. “Dude, great timing. You’re still warming up. Mind if I jump in?

Ryan was taken aback as Chase rushed past. Warm-up? His eyes followed the Fly Half to the bar. 10kgs? He absentmindedly began to massage his left cheek. Why had he done so much on such a low weight? Ryan was known to be one of the few guys who never skipped leg day and even found a way to work it into every other day too, no matter how tenuous the link.

He looked down at his baby blue low-cut stringer vest and behind at his giant ass. Ryan felt a sense of achievement as he admired his years of hard work. His micro compression shorts would have been white had the demand of his derriere been any less. Instead the material became translucent as it stretched over his smooth, watermelon-sized cheeks, revealing the peachy tone of their bare skin. He wasn’t an underwear guy. His junk demanded freedom. As did the bottom of his ass for that matter. The way it spilled out of whatever material tried to withstand it made him proud.

It didn’t take long before Chase finally finished up and got out of “Big Ry’s” way. Ryan placed plate after plate on the bar, grunting as his ass clapped and jiggled throughout the squats. The female attention it bought made him smile. Yeah, they wanted it.

Ryan kept using his glutes until they were impregnated with fire. Swear poured from his body as he caught the eye of Kimmy K’s protege. He turned on the charm, flashing a shit-eating grin, performing a sultry wink, and bouncing his hungry 10 for attention. It didn’t work. She had the audacity to laugh at him. Some girls don’t know a good thing. Ryan stormed off, feeling his rear end rub together with each stride, and returning his focus to the workout at hand.

Keeping up the momentum it was time to work chest. He had always enjoyed bench pressing at this gym, next to the functional area where all the gym’s talent did their many classes. The way their ample coconuts waved to the world always started his blood pumping. All guys wanted to see a good rack.

Trying not to get too distracted for now, Ryan loaded up the bar. Like with the squats he struggled to find the correct weight. His head was a mess. This Stacey stress was clearly messing with him and he needed to find release. Resting between sets his luck change. She was there, the only fling Ryan bothered to learn the name of: Amanda.

Her chest hadn’t changed: there swayed two balloons attempting to break free as they jumped around. Sat almost drooling as he remembered their previous encounter, Ryan felt his monster harden and pull his florescent yellow posing pouch away from his body, the string falling deeper into the crevasse it suffocated in. The matching crop-vest didn’t even attempt to go over his chest, instead resting taut atop the two sandbags that formed his pec shelf. Amanda was the only girl who ever rivaled his chest in size. But he knew she wasn’t any real competition.

The aircon blowing over his balls snapped him back to reality. Beaming, Amanda waved to get his attention. Ryan pouted and bounced his chest for her. She laughed, blushed, and nodded before resuming her routine. It was a date. They’d catch up in the showers after and hammer his stresses away together.

With a newfound focus, he finally felt the usual full chest burning he knew his pecs demanded. Roaring as he racked his final rep, Ryan beat his chest as he felt the sweat flow from him, gagging slightly after accidentally catching a whiff. That was it: his workout was over.

Swaggering over to the mirror Ryan admired his handiwork. He had a trinity of bulging assets: his cock, chest, and cheeks. Each one demanded admiration. The meaty airbags inflated on his front were the perfect counterbalance to his beach ball behind.

He was difficult for the ladies to miss so Ryan put on a show. He began by making his pecs dance, feeling them ache as they hefted up and down, wishing for a hand to greedily grope these substantial mounds. He next became mesmerized with the bouncing of his ass, clapping it. He loved the feeling of his buttocks being massaged as he plowed his end away. His cock stiffening but that too was part of his display.

Ryan’s eyes ogled every detail on his body: from the tight cloth clinging onto the crest of his pecs at the front to the string perfectly framing the delight of his rear. The wet spot that grew on his tormented posing pouch was the final act. Smirking he remembered the task at hand. Amanda was waiting.

Striding into the locker room, his blood turned cold. There was Chase with that bitch. Stacey. Ryan knew if they were here together it could only mean one thing: she was trying to make him jealous by getting with his bro.

As he entered the room he could swear Stacey flicked her eyes over what she had lost and curled up the ends of her mouth into a wicked grin. It was then she pulled Chase into an intimate kiss. Ryan remembered how she had done that with him years ago before things got bad. Heck, she was even grabbing at the Fly Half’s cock as she had Ryan’s way back when. It made him reminisce about those late night fuck fests they used to have. Round after round, there were a few times they’d even seen the sun come up. She always did know guys wanted a slut.

Abruptly Stacey drew away from a puzzled Chase. Brushing past Ryan, he could swear he heard her spit: “Enjoy being what you always wanted.” She slammed the door behind her.

Ryan snapped back to reality. What was he doing again? He started to tug at his dick through his jock while thinking. As the answer failed to surface, he scratched at his bare chest and gazed upon his surroundings. He was in the locker room which could only mean one thing.

Hey Big Ry! You’re FINALLY done!” Chase beamed at the mountain of a man, tracing his finger over the larger man’s left pec.

Instinct took over as the rugby player was pulled into an erotic kiss, Ryan’s tongue locking with his prey’s. Big Ry’s calloused hand fondled the smaller man’s junk while Chase grabbed at everything that jiggled. He took delight in seeing Ryan’s pole at full mast, how it fought with the mesh of its jock prison and leaked like a faucet.

To avoid being disturbed they moved into a private cubicle and Chase resumed his exploration of the larger man: feeling him, tasting him, smelling him. Ryan knew guys wanted to smell his dedication so he never showered after his workouts. His pits smelt like a high school locker room but this natural aftershave only made guys harder. It kept his shaft attentive too. But what really drove the men wild was the scent of his badly stained mesh jock, ripe with the joys of his numerous conquests.

Ryan felt a tongue dive between his cheeks and heard Chase squeal in delight. The aroma of stale sex mixed with that of heavy squats between those glorious globes. The only thing that beat it was the strong, salty taste of stale semen and determination. His experience to date had shown that guys wanted a bottom.

Now slick from his dominator’s licking, Ryan got on all fours and drew Chase’s 8-inches into his ample ass. The smaller man started riding his bro’s bouncy behind, causing Big Ry to withe in ecstasy. When the Fly Half finally found his cum-dumpster’s perky nipples, Ryan howled in pleasure.

The two grunted away in unison, a rising euphoria building throughout their bodies. The sensation reached its peaked and Ryan heard a loud moan from behind him along with a warmth blossoming between his cheeks. As Chase pulled out, the bigger man unsheathed his monster from its mesh cage and tugged it to eruption over his lover’s spent body.

They both collapsed onto the tiled floor and lay in each others arms. His bro had finally let him have it. His ass felt great. But Ryan knew he wanted more.

As they embraced the afterglow, a big-chested behemoth stormed into the room.

Ryan, you cock tease. What took you so long?” The man roared.

How could Ryan have forgotten about Adam? He was the whole reason he had come into the locker room.

Fuck Ry. You really are a slut.” Chase cooed as Ryan untangled himself.

He’s not the only one!” An erect Adam taunted as he warmed-up his dick. "

Yeah bro, all guys at this gym want the other men.” Ryan added.

As the big man made his way to sate his latest desire, the scent of ass started to stir Chase’s second wind. Salivating he had to know:

How did you get so good, bro?

Adam placed his dick between Ryan’s expansive pecs, fucking away as the big man thought. He had worked hard to become an object of desire. He thought about all the exercises he had done to build his ass and chest, recalling in an instant every rep and the set to which it belonged.

Chase, entranced by the smell started to suck on Ryan’s cock through his jock. Big Ry realised how lucky he was to find this gym. All the bros here had been waiting for a bottom like him. They helped him however they could: providing an oozing rod to sit on as he squatted and a gift-giving cock to blow on as he worked chest. He even found a curious tongue always explored his hole whenever he bent over to deadlift. They helped him become the object of desire he was today. And he fucked them all as thanks. The gym remained as it always had: by bros, for bros. No women in sight.

After eating Adam’s seed, Ryan climaxed in Chase’s mouth. He then gave his answer.

What can I say, bro?” Ryan boasted. “I just know what guys want.

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