Remote Control Daddy

By Sonya Esperanto. Adapted by: Sixmote published December 18, 2015
A young man turns his father into a remote controlled robot-zombie. But a neighbor will do anything to get the remote that controls him. Gender-swap version of Sonya Esperanto's MCstories story.
“Hey dad would you like to take part in my experiment?” Toby asked his dad.

“Why of course honey. Anything for my little boy,” Toby’s dad smiled.

“Cool. You have to come follow us in the basement dad,” Toby said to his dad.

“Ok kidoo,” his dad smiled.

Toby’s dad Jason Cameron followed his son and his Japanese friend Yoshida into her their house basement which her son and his best friend had converted into a scientific lab where they conduct their experiments.

Toby was 18 years old; Blond hair, blue eyes and skinny. He was a genius kid with a very high IQ. His friend Yoshida was also the same.
Both kids were geeks who weren’t streetwise.

As for Jason Cameron he was a slender, muscular and attractive Blonde which he owed to his German ancestry going back to generations since the Civil War, in her late 20s and despite the fact that he was a CEO, he wasn’t too bright to ask questions about anything. Her Blonde hair was also tied back in a pony tail.

Once inside their basement Toby’s dad saw all his equipments.

“Please sit down Mr Cameron,” Yoshida said to Jason.

He was pointing at an armchair that resembled execution chairs in prisons. Jason went and sat down there. Behind the armchair were some more mechanical contraptions linking them by wires to the main control panels and computers which Toby started working on.

“Thank you for volunteering Mr Cameron,” Yoshida said to him, as he placed the helmet on his head, attaching his ears and eyes to the goggles.

“He’s locked in,” Yoshida said to Toby.

Toby sat down by his computer and then started turning on the programmes.

“I shall proceed,” Toby said, as he punched in some button codes into the computer.

Electricity ran through the wires connecting Jason’s armchair to the machines and computer that Toby was working on. Energy was plummeting towards the helmet that Jason had on his head. Jason's back arched as he shook.
Once it was done they turned the power off.

Once the power stopped working between the “chair” and the “computers”, Yoshida lifted the helmet out of Jason’s head. Jason’s beautiful face and sky blue eyes had turned cloudy white but when they cleared they turned to there regular color.

“I think you can now test the remote control that we designed,” Yoshida said to Toby.

Toby got off his seat and then went to a table where a “remote control” laid.

The remote control was as big as a SNES Joystick. It was a wireless remote control like the PS3 joystick. Overall it had 10 Buttons on its surface and an extra circular side-scroll button that had a small stick in the middle of it, like many remote controls for remote control cars or helicopters or even the joystick for the Microsoft X Box console.
U was for stand up

D was for sit down

Toby pressed the ? button. Jason stood up automatically without saying a word or blinking an eye. His face was blank.

“It works,” Yoshida burst out in joy, watching a live human being transformed into a person he can control with their new remote control design.

Toby held onto his remote control and walked towards where Jason stood. Toby and Yoshida stood together, behind Jason.

Toby pressed the circular button stick forward and his dad moved in front of them, like a robot. Jason walked all the way towards the first step of the basement stairs.

“So how do we get him to climb up?” Yoshida asked Toby.

Toby smiled. He pressed the circular button stick forward and the U button at the same time. Jason walked up the steps like a zombie. The kids chuckled behind her and followed her behind. Once they were on the top, Toby told Yoshida.

“Yoshida could you open the door?” Toby asked him.

“Can’t he open it?” Yoshida asked.

“No. I didn’t have time to install more commands on this remote control pad,” Toby annoyingly told Yoshida.

Yoshida sighed. Yoshida puhed the basement door open. Toby continued making his dad forward like a remote control robo slave. He made him move all the way to where the kitchen was.

“So what else can we do with her?” Yoshida asked Toby.

Toby looked at all the buttons he had. He pressed the K button and all of a sudden Jason dropped down on his knees.

“What else can you do with him?” Yoshida asked Toby.

Toby pressed C button. Jason dropped down then on all fours. His blue eyes stared blankly towards the kitchen wall.

Toby then pressed the stick forward and Jason crawled forward.

“Wow cool. Maybe we can ride her like a horsey,” Yoshida suggested.

“Good idea,” Toby smiled.

Both kids climbed on top of Jason. With Toby using the remote control to make Jason move forward by pushing the button stick forward. He made him carry them all the way to the living room with Yoshida screaming with excitement.

“Giddy up horsey. Giddy up,” Yoshida cried.

Once in the living room both boys got off the man. While he was still on all fours Yoshida patted Jason on the head.

“That’s a good horse,” Yoshida said.

Toby laughed alongside his friend. Toby then pressed the C button again and his dad moved himself in a position that he could be on his knees. He then pressed the K button and his dad stood up like a robot.

Toby then pressed the }button and Jason moved her arms forward as if he was carrying some invisible basket.

“Cool you can make him walk around and carry things,” Yoshida said.

Toby pressed the }button once more and his dad drop his arms to her side.

Toby inspected the only 5 other buttons he had not used yet. There was the Z button. He saw it and then pressed it. Within a minute Jason motioned his body to lie down on the floor with his arms by his side and his back to the floor and he was now staring towards the ceiling.

Toby pressed that same button again and Jason got up and stood on his two legs.

“Press some more buttons. Press some more buttons,” Yoshida eagerly told Toby.

Toby then saw the P1 button. He pressed it and his dad punched his right fist into the air. He then pressed the P2 button and he punched his left fist into the air.
He then saw the L1 button. He pressed it and Jason kicked his right leg into the air.

“Cool he is a real live video game character,” Yoshida screamed in excitement, being a video game freak himself.

He saw the L2 button, pressed it and Jason kicked the left leg into the air.

“Man this is so cool. Let’s take him outside for a demonstration. Next time we see that guy Cyrus we can kick his ass,” Yoshida screamed with joy.

Cyrus was a neighbour who went to the a nearby college as Toby and Yoshida and he was known to be a bully who bullied and harassed younger and shorter kids. He was also pretty wealthy.

While both kids joked about the prospect of a Robo-Jason beating the crap out of Cyrus, Jason just stood there like a mannakin.
“Can he speak?” Yoshida asked.

Toby pressed the one of the 2 small button on the back. “Can you speak” Toby said.

“Can you speak?” Jason said like a robot.

“That's awesome” Toby laughed.

“That's awesome” Jason repeated with an expressionless laugh.

* * *

The two nerds were walking on the street pavement. Jason was walking ahead of the 2 boys and Toby was controlling her movements with his remote control. he walked two metres in front of them.

Cyrus stood only three metres away from him. He was much shorter than he was and whenever he saw him picking on her son he always defended his son and told him to leave his son alone.

Cyrus was a cocky smartass tough and sometimes even vulgar and violent kid. He had brown hair, brown-green eyes and resembled that evil kid who bullied Michael in that 2008 Halloween remake done by Rob Zombie.

“Oh hello there Mr Cameron. How are you today?” Cyrus asked him in a sarcastic and disgusting sneering tone.

“Kick his ass Tobe. Kick his ass,” Yoshida told Toby.

Toby made Jason move forward and when he was close to Cyrus, he moved his left leg higher. Cyrus already knew that something strange was going on here and asked himself why is Toby’s dad behaving like a robot and why is his son playing with a remote control.

Cyrus pretended to be beaten and pushed himself down on the floor.

“Please don’t hurt me anymore Mr Cameron. You win. You win,” Cyrus cried.

The 2 boys idiotically ran ahead of Jason and looked down on Cyrus. They laughed at Cyrus but they laughed like a bunch of oblivious fools.

“My dad finally beat you Cyrus,” Toby taunted Cyrus.

Cyrus slowly got up and ran away.

“Get your dad to chase him.” Yoshida said

“No we got what we wanted.” he laughed.


Cyrus knew exactly what they had done. He saw how weird Jason was being and he saw them holding the remote control.

Cyrus went to the house and saw in the window that Toby and Yoshida had fallen asleep at the TV. Jason was standing like some robot in the corner of the room.

The window was open a little so he climbed in. Jason looked like he was staring at him but Cyrus stepped to the side and saw he was just staring straight at nothing.

The remote was on the table and Cyrus took it. He worked through the buttons. Jason moved erratically like he was out of control but Cyrus soon got the hang of it and started making Jason walk, jerkily to the door and together they went home.

Cyrus moved closer to Jason, putting an arm around his shoulder as they sat on the couch.

“I have been dreaming about this for a long time Mr Cameron or should I say Jason. I now know why many people think blondes are dumb and if anyone found out that you allowed your own son to use you in some dangerous mind control experiment they would be make you the laughing stock. All those times you defended your own flesh and blood against me had been all for nothing. Now here you are, reduced to being nothing more than a remote control bitch,” Cyrus whispered to his ears.
Cyrus got up and picked up the remote control. He pushed the ?button. Jason stood up.

Cyrus made Jason move forward by pushing the circular button’s middle stick. He made Jason walk all the way towards the stairs. He then made him climb up the stairs by pushing the ? button and the stick at the same time.

When they finally got to the top floor he made Jason walk all the way to a bedroom door.

He made him stop in front of his bedroom door. Cyrus went over and opened the bedroom door. He once more made Jason walk towards the side of his bed.
He closed the bedroom door behind them.

“Your son is a gifted genius but streetwise about people???” Cyrus laughed sarcastically.

Cyrus then used the remote control to make him go on her knees. Once he was on her knees he took off her shoes. He then made him stand up again.
He slowly removed all his clothes.

“You are a natural,” Cyrus said to him

He sat in front of him by the end of the bed and he used the remote control to make her go on her knees, by pressing the K button.

“All those times you thought you were a tough man and here you are bowing down before me,” Cyrus chuckled, after having made the proud CEO kneel before him.
He put a hand on his head, trying to shove her head down but couldn’t.
“I am going to enjoy playing with you” Cyrus laughed at Jason.

“Too bad I did not design that remote control. If I did I would have a button to make you open your rude but beautiful mouth,” Cyrus belittled him.

He then used the remote control to make her instead go on all fours and then climb onto his bed. he was on all fours on his bed.

Cyrus placed the remote control on his desk and then also took off his own clothes. He then climbed on top of the bed
He thrust his cock up his ass. He kept on thrusting his cock into his ass.

As he fucked him and he was grabbing hold of her pecktorals, squeezing them really hard. His fingers even reached her nipples. He pinched her nipples and even pulled at them.

“Man Jason your ass feels nice. You really are nice to fuck in the ass. If anyone who really hated your guts saw you now they would say how the mighty has fallen,” Cyrus taunted her.

After fucking him for more than an hour, he withdrew his cock.

He then went back to the remote control and made him lie down on his back, on his bed, by pressing the Z button. Once he was lying on his back he put the remote control down on the floor and then climbed on top of him.

“I actually think you are a beautiful man Jason but you have behaved badly towards me many times.

He was fondling with his pecktorals roughly.

“Oh you have got nothing to say to me now slave. That’s right. You are my slave. My slave. I can do whatever I want with you and there is nothing you can do about it,” Cyrus taunted him.

He then pressed his lips to his, kissing him.

“Nothing personal Jason. If you were my slave I think I’d spend more time home than outside and more time here in my room than playing video games downstairs. Maybe I can buy you off your son. Maybe trade my PS3 and my video games for you. That way I own you permanently and always have your ass at my disposal. Besides I think you’re attractive,” Cyrus spoke in a kinky tone.

He then slowly pulled on her right nipple.

“Maybe once I own you maybe I can tattoo your back. I know what I can put. How about ‘I belong to Cyrus’

After an hour of lying down on his bed Cyrus put back his clothes on for him and let him lie down on the bed, under his blanket.

Cyrus’ parents won’t be back until the middle of next week. Cyrus was no fool. He wanted Jason for himself and he didn’t want her to be some remote control slave for the rest of her life. First thing tomorrow morning he was going to call his friend who was a genius like Toby and Yoshida. The plan was that he was going to take Jason out with him for a while to his friend’s lab

He knew his friend could severe the link between Jason’s brainwave and the remote control. At the same time he wanted his friend to do two other things: restore Jason to his normal self and to make him always be ‘obedient’ to Cyrus, like some willing slave. That way he was always his for as long as he wanted.

He retired to his room for the night. He knew that Jason could not close his eyes and so covered his eyes with a blindfold and then slept next to him and even lovingly hugging him.

“Tomorrow I am going to make you all mine,” he whispered to her.

He licked her ear lobe and then kissed her cheek. He then fondled with Jason's Blonde hair.

“Nothing beats blondes. Nothing,” Cyrus complimented


Cyrus made Jason crawl into a van which he owned. His driver drove him all the way to his friend’s house. He sat at the back with Jason, making sure that his property suffers no injury as he was not capable of defending herself while under the power of the remote control.

They finally arrived at his friend’s house. His friend was also another wealthy guy and also a college student.

Cambyses was like the older brother he never had and the two were very close the same ways their fathers were close.

His friend’s name was Cambyses and he greeted Cyrus (and Jason) at his front doorstep. Cambyses took them all the way to his basement lab. He studied the remote control and how Jason responded to it.

His lab was similar to Toby’s but 100 times far more sophisticated and more advanced. Jason was made to sit down in a chair and a helmet put onto his head. Cambyses did the same thing to her what her son did yesterday but only inn reverse.

“Now I am going to make her totally obey you,” Cambyses told Cyrus.

Cambyses led Cyrus to what looked like a small booth that resembled ones where you can go inside and take your own pictures.

Cambyses began the procedure. He was “brainwashing” Jason with pictures of Cyrus, telling his brain that he has to obey him even when he is his normal self.

After an hour Cambyses led Cyrus out of his booth and then removed Jason’s helmet. he was back to her normal self again and stood up.

“Where the hell are we???” he asked Cyrus and Cambyses.

When he looked closer at Cyrus he gulped.

He is my Master whom I must obey, he thought.

he dropped down on her knees, grabbing onto his right leg and kissing it.

“Forgive me Master. I have no right to speak to you in such harsh language. Please forgive me. Please,” he begged him now like some scared religious devotee.

“It worked,” Cambyses told Cyrus.

Cyrus was more focused on Jason. He put a hand on her blond hair, fondling it.

“I don’t want you to ever speak like that to me again or to ever defy me. Do you understand that slave?” he said to her.

He was testing his control over her. he nodded her head, without even looking up to him.

“Look to me when I am talking to you,” he ordered her.

The kneeling CEO looked up to her Master.

“Now I want you to do something for me. I want you to give me a nice blowjob and while you’re at it, I want you to finger fuck yourself. Got that slave,” he ordered her around.

“Got it Master,” Jason bowed and did as was told.

“From now on you will always love me and be loyal to me. You will never betray me nor run away from me nor turn against me. You will always know your place with me and to never challenge me on anything. Are you seeing anyone?” Cyrus asked Jason.

“Yes.” Jason said

“Tomorrow afternoon you will break up with whoever it is you are seeing. In fact after tomorrow you will never go out on dates with women for dinner. You belong to me and I am the only person you are allowed to have sex with. Am I understood!” Cyrus further shooting down his orders.


“Knowing you Cyrus I think you are going to give this poor man too much work,” Cambyses chuckled.

No rest for the wicked, as they say.

“Thank you very much for this Cambyses. How much do I owe you?” Cyrus asked.

“Let’s say $50,000 but willing to cut you half if you think you can introduce me to another guy. Like your new slave here. Do you think he has any friends?” Cambyses asked Cyrus.

“Do you know many men in your working place that you can introduce to my friend over here?” Cyrus asked Jason.

“Yes Master. Many of them are divorced, Master,” Jason told her young Master, no emotion on his face or voice.

“You know I am starting to like helping you like this Cyrus. I can start charging money from other guys if they want a blonde all for themselves and this time they don’t start sleeping around and more faithful,” Cambyses suggested.

As for Jason a part of him blame Cyrus for turning him into a slave but most of her enjoys being obedient and loyal and loving towards him. he may have thought of him as the son of an asshole and an arrogant malicious asshole before today but now he was his bitch who only lived to be whatever he wanted her to be.

Cyrus just smiled at his Blonde pet, playing with his hair.

“I can see a future here where every guy like me in San Francisco will have his own Jason to play with everyday and every night,” Cambyses envisioning where his MC-related work will take him next.


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