By Hypnothrill published April 22, 2019

College student Josh comes home to find his father has changed…

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written anything, so I wanted to do something short and basic, a variation on some of my favorite themes. It’s got more graphic sex scenes than you’d usually find in my stories, which I hope some of you guys will appreciate. Let me know in the comments section below!


Josh got out his key for the front door. He hadn’t expected to be home this early; it was barely past 1:00. But then both of his afternoon classes had gotten cancelled—apparently both of the instructors had called in sick or something—and so he figured he’d just head home and chill out for a while. His older brother Parker had all his classes in the afternoon, and his dad was at work, so he figured he’d have the house to himself.

Huh, that was weird. The front door was unlocked. Had Parker just forgotten to lock up before he left, or was someone still at home?

“Hey, I’m home early!” Josh called out as he walked warily into the foyer. He could hear some faint noises coming from the other side of the house. “Park? Is that you?” he asked as he stepped into the living room.

Then someone stepped out of the master bedroom—not Parker, but their father Neil, dressed in only a towel. His face was flushed, as though he had a fever, and there was an odd manic glint in his eyes.

“Joshua!” he said in a husky, breathy voice, “I didn’t expect you home so soon! I’m so glad you’re back, son! I have so much to show you.”

“Dad… what are you…?” Something was wrong here; Josh could just sense it. His dad seemed… different somehow. Had he always had such a broad chest, such prominent pecs, those bulging veins crisscrossing his arms and shoulders?

Trying to keep from staring, Josh looked up into his father’s grinning face and stammered, “What… what are you doing home from work so early?”

Neil just kept on grinning, his mouth fixed in a stiff smile and his eyes gleaming hungrily as he stared intently at his son. “I didn’t go to work today. Funny story actually. Just a little while after you left this morning, I was almost out the door and these two men stopped by, said they were here to check the meter. Turns out they were after something else. They had something they wanted to show me.”

“What are you talking about, dad? If they weren’t here to check the meter, then what did those guys want?”

Neil pulled at the towel around his waist, letting it fall to the floor. “They wanted to show me their big dripping dicks. And they wanted to show me how good they’d feel shoved up my tight asshole. And you know something? They were right. You’ll see.” As he spoke, Neil reached down to fondle himself, giving Josh a good look at his father’s red swollen dick; it looked inflamed, with angry veins popping up on the shaft and the flared head slick and shiny from a steady stream of thick precum that kept dripping down the piss-slit.

Too stunned to even formulate a response, Josh backed away in fear.

“Don’t worry, son,” Neil said, his smile never wavering as he walked towards Josh, his hard throbbing cock leading the way. “Taking a big dripping dick up your ass is the best thing ever! If only I’d found that out when I was your age, I wouldn’t have wasted all those years fucking pussy. Now, why don’t you take off your pants and let daddy show you how it’s done?”

That’s when Josh realized he needed to get the fuck out of there. He started running towards the front door and had almost made it out of the living room before his father tackled him from behind.

“Get OFF of me!” Josh screamed as he tried to break free from his dad’s grasp. But it was no use; Neil had always been a big guy, and he seemed super-strong all of a sudden, his bulging muscles flexing as he pinned his youngest son to the ground. Josh could feel the weight and heat of his father’s hard-on as it prodded against his lower back.

“Don’t fight it, son,” Neil urged, trying to restrain his son’s flailing limbs while tugging at the waistband of Josh’s shorts. “I tried resisting at first too, when those two guys jumped me, but then I realized how silly I was being and just gave in and then everything started to feel so much better. Both of them had such wonderful dicks—big and thick and veiny and red and swollen and leaky—they just felt like they were made to go up my tight hole. Delicious too! They both tasted just as good as they felt. Especially when I got to lick all my salty gooey ass juices off the tip.”

Just then, Josh heard the front door opening, and he shouted out, “Help! Help! Come quick—dad’s gone crazy!”

A moment later, his older brother Parker entered the room. But he didn’t look shocked by what he saw. In fact, to judge by the big grin on his face, he looked rather pleased.

“Don’t fight it, little bro!” Parker smiled as he watched Josh desperately try to squirm out of their father’s iron grasp. “Sure, his big dick hurts a bit going in. But then he starts thrusting and hitting your boy button and it feels SO GOOD! Dad really knows how to use that big cock of his—he’s such a stud!” Parker reached down to grope himself and Josh could see the tent in his grey sweatpants, along with the big wet patch on the front.

“Thanks, son,” Neil nodded, “Now can you give me some help with Joshua?”

“Sure thing, dad!” Parker said cheerfully as he reached into his sweatpants and pulled out his own hard dick, which was just as red, just as swollen, just as veiny, just as big as his father’s—and was also dripping a steady stream of thick precum at the tip. He knelt down and waved his hard-on in Josh’s face. “Here, bro! Suck on this! It’ll loosen you up a bit!”

Josh tried to twist his head, to get away from the big red dripping dick that was dangling over his face, but with his dad’s naked body pinning him down on the floor, it was difficult to move at all. He tried keeping his head down, practically burying his face in the living room carpet, but he could still feel his brother’s hot thick precum dripping down onto his cheek.

And he could smell it. Oh god could he smell it. That strong musky odor wafting from his brother’s cock, that sweaty raunchy manly odor that was going straight to his head, making him feel dizzy. Making it hard to breathe… Hard to think… Hard to… Hard… Hard…

“That’s right, little bro. Just breathe it all in. Deep breaths. Get a good whiff of what a real man oughta smell like. That’s right.”

Josh’s head was swimming, drowning in a sea of man-smells. Somewhere deep in his mind, he knew this was wrong, but his big brother’s dick just smelled so gooood…so ripe… so funky… so manly… so sexy….

His muscles began to relax, and his jaw went slack, his lips parting just enough that the thick droplets of Parker’s precum began to dribble down into his mouth. Yummm…. they tasted just as good as they smelled… Without thinking, Josh opened his lips a bit more to slurp down more of those thick salty musky man juices that were dripping from the tip of his brother’s dick.

Now that Josh had stopped resisting, his father had no trouble pulling down his shorts and underwear. Parker looked on approvingly as their dad lined his huge swollen dick up against the entrance of his youngest son’s hole. “One whiff of dick sure does the trick, doesn’t it, dad? Kevin was the same way. When I went over to his house and told him I wanted to breed his tight hole, he kept trying to fight me off and shit, but then as soon as I rubbed my dripping cock in his face, he sure changed his mind quick! He opened up and took my big dick like a pro. And afterwards, when his dick started swelling up and dripping, Kev even returned the favor. It took him a little while to get the hang of it, but I taught him what you showed me, about how to fuck a hole like a real man.”

“Good work, son! Your friend Kevin’s one hot piece of ass. I’m glad you taught him how good it feels to have a man’s big dripping cock up his hole. I can’t wait to tap that ass.”

“Hey, I’m going back over there this evening. When Kev’s dad comes home from work, we’re going to show him how good it feels to get fucked. Why don’t you come along?”

“Good idea! But I’ve got to focus on fucking your brother first!” Neil replied as he continued rubbing the tip of his throbbing dick against the rim of Josh’s asshole, getting it slick and shiny, fully lubricated with globs of his thick, musky precum.

If someone were looking closely at Josh’s hole, they might have seen the precum actually seeping inside, slowly snaking its way towards his prostate, as though it had a mind of its own. Even as his mind was lost in the amazing smells and flavors of his brother’s precum, Josh could feel his ass tingling, loosening wherever the precum hit it. He felt all gooey inside. Gooey and squishy. Gooey and squishy and ready. But ready for what?

Neil watched as his son’s hole began to twitch. “It looks like he’s ready!” he said as he pushed the giant flared head of his cock inside Josh’s virgin asshole. It slid in smoothly, like a hot knife gliding through butter, as Josh gasped in pleasure at the feeling of his father’s big swollen dick filling his gooey, squishy hole. His gasps turned to moans as Neil grabbed hold of his son’s hips and began thrusting harder, hitting Josh’s boy button every time.

“That’s it, dad!” Parker cried out as he slapped his hard dripping dick against his younger brother’s panting, lolling tongue. “Fuck him hard! Teach him how good it feels to take a real man’s dick up his ass!”

For his own part, Josh couldn’t formulate words to express what he was feeling right now. He could only groan in ecstasy. And his pleasure only grew deeper as the infectious precum in his ass and mouth began spreading throughout his body, changing his basic biology, making him more like his father and brother.

As he continued fucking his son, Neil reached down and stroked Josh’s dick. The boy was rock hard already, and Neil could feel Josh’s cock swelling in his hands, the veins beginning to bulge on his shaft. He reached up and felt a pearl of precum that had formed on Josh’s cock head. For now, it was only a drop, but soon it would become a whole stream.

“You love it, don’t you bro?” Parker said while looking down at Josh, who had a look of ecstasy on his face as he sucked on the tip of his older brother’s dripping dick like a baby sucking on a bottle, trying to slurp down all the thick salty fluid he could. “You love having dad breed your ass, letting him show you how real men get fucked!”

“Yesshh…” Josh moaned, thick precum dripping down his lips as he momentarily stopped sucking on his brother’s dick. “Love it… fuck me daddy… breed my ass… like a real man…”

Hearing his youngest son beg for it was all Neil needed to push him over the edge, and he suddenly shot a huge load of cum up Josh’s ass. The geyser of cum hitting his prostate triggered Josh’s own orgasm, and he shot a load of cum all over his father’s hand, his cock swelling even bigger as he came. But unlike a regular orgasm, the swelling never went down afterwards, and Josh’s cock never stopped dripping. When he finally stood up, his father’s hot cum dripping down from his no-longer-virgin hole, Josh was the proud owner of a red, veiny, engorged, dripping cock that looked just like the monsters that his father and brother were sporting.

“Thanks daddy!” Josh said, before pulling Neil into a deep, sloppy open-mouthed kiss, their hard dripping dicks dueling as they ground their bodies together. “Thanks for showing me how good it feels to get fucked!”

“Anytime, son!” replied Neil as he proudly handled Josh’s thick swollen dick, running his fingers over the bulging veins. Just think—he’d made that!

“Say…do you think you could teach me how to fuck ass as well as you can?”

“Sure thing, son! In fact, my hole’s twitching a bit right now, it’s so hungry for that big dripping dick of yours.”

“Hey, what about me?” asked Parker, not wanting to be left out of the family fuckfest.

“It’s hungry for your big dick too, son!” Neil smiled. “In fact, my hole feels so loose and gooey now that I bet I can take you both at once. Double dicked by my two boys, their hard dripping cocks rubbing together side by side. Doesn’t that sound hot?”

“Sure does, dad!” Josh and Parker both shouted in unison. And soon all three of them were back rolling around on the living room carpet, which was already beginning to reek of sweat and semen and musky dripping precum. Of course, before the day was through, they would fuck countless more men, spreading the infection, showing the world how good it was to take a big dripping dick up your hole. But for now, they were just keeping it in the family.

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