Manly Hairy High School Graduates

By here4hairymen published April 21, 2019

One high school makes sure all of their graduates are real men

Chad was halfway through his senior year at the prestigious Men’s Preparatory Academy. A private high school with a reputation for placing nearly all of their graduates in elite, highly competitive colleges, often with full scholarships, Chad’s parents had fought hard to get him enrolled his freshman year. And their efforts and financial investment had paid off. Chad was getting a world-class education, kept in peak physical condition with intense gym classes and sports requirements, and there were preliminary signals from several universities that suggested Chad would have his pick of where to go next fall.

Beyond academic successes, Chad had made a lot of lasting friendships with other students. There were only fifty people enrolled each year, so everyone knew each other fairly well within each grade in the Prep Academy. Chad had befriended most of the guys in his class, which included his four very close friends Zack, Taylor, Chris, and Jake. Since meeting each other the first week of freshman year, the five of them were always spending time together in school and out of school. They would go to movies, play video games at each other’s homes, and on occasion some of their parents would even take the group of boys on vacations together.

But in the past few weeks, Chad was becoming concerned that maybe this group was starting to fall apart. Two of the guys, Zack and Jake, seemed to be distancing themselves from the group. They both had big birthdays within the past month, the first two in the group to turn eighteen, and since then they were hanging out with the rest of the group less and less, always having lame excuses for why they couldn’t get together.

Before discussing it with Taylor and Chris, Chad wanted to think some more about what may have caused this. He also wanted to keep an eye on Zack and Jake, because maybe he was making a big deal about nothing.

A few days later, Chad was in history class. All five of his friends happened to be in this same class, which had always been fun because otherwise they all had slightly different class schedules.

Chad was sitting with Chris on his left and Taylor on his right. Jake was directly in front of Chad, with Zack to the right of Jake.

The lecture had begun, and Chad’s mind started to wander. He was glancing around the room, when his eyes settled on Zack. The left cuff of his white, button-down shirt (part of the uniform at the Prep Academy) had hiked up slightly to reveal two things. He had a dark blue, thin, plastic bracelet on his wrist, which was buried in a very thick amount of long, black arm hair. While all five boys had changed a lot since freshman year, Chad didn’t remember Zack having hairy forearms. And he didn’t think Zack was the type to wear a bracelet either.

Chad finally turned away, trying to refocus on what the teacher was saying. After a few minutes, the teacher posed a question to the class.

Jake raised his left hand in a bid to answer the question. Chad looked up and his eyes froze. Thick, curly, blond arm hair coated the exposed portion of Jake’s forearm. But as dense as the hair was, it didn’t fully hide the blue, plastic bracelet he was wearing.

Chad was lost in his thoughts. What had happened to his two friends? Apparently they had both simultaneously made leaps and bounds with body development, and what was with the bracelets? Was that some act of friendship between the two that was meant to exclude the other three guys? Or were they part of some secret club or cult?

Chad didn’t know what to do, and was wondering if he was really over thinking everything. But he couldn’t deny that deep inside, he felt some sadness for what had happened to his group, and also… jealousy? Jealous that his two friends had seemed to really surpass the rest of them in turning into men.

At least he too would be eighteen in a few short days, and was looking forward to being officially considered a man.

Chad’s birthday was on a Tuesday. His parent’s threw a party that evening, with all of his family in the area. Afterwards he went out with Chris and Taylor to a movie, then a late night snack at a diner. Zack and Jake had texted Chad that they couldn’t make it, which at that point was only to be expected, but they both wished him happy birthday and congratulations on turning 18, and said they hoped to see him soon.

The following morning while Chad was walking into school he received an email from the Vice Principal.

Chad, As you are aware, the Men’s Preparatory Academy prides itself on placing all of our students in the best colleges, with full scholarships whenever possible. You are due for a discussion about your plans for college. You have an appointment with me this Friday afternoon at 2pm. Plan to discuss the colleges that you are currently considering, as well as criteria which might inform other colleges that may be appropriate. See you Friday. Mr. Hunter

Chad made a mental note of the meeting, already feeling prepared having talking through all of his options with his parents already.

At 2pm on Friday, Chad headed for Mr. Hunter’s office. He was going to miss his last class of the day, but he assumed that a meeting with the Vice Principal took priority.

Mr. Hunter’s door was closed, so Chad sat in one of the 3 chairs in the waiting area outside.

Five minutes later, Mr. Hunter opened the door. His physique always intimidated Chad. He had a high and tight haircut, strong jaw, thick black mustache, wide shoulders, and powerful chest and arms that his white button-down and tie could not conceal. His piercing blue eyes and dominant nature always made Chad assume that Mr. Hunter was formerly a drill sergeant in the military.

“Chad, enter,” Mr. Hunter commanded.

Chad walked in and sat in a chair across from Mr. Hunter.

“Close the door, boy,” Mr. Hunter instructed.

Chad quickly got up and did as he was told, then sat back down.

“Your records show that you just turned eighteen. Is that correct?”

“Yes sir,” Chad replied. He never used the word “sir”, but somehow in this instance it seemed appropriate.

In a split-second, Chad felt cuffs close around each arm and leg, and the prick of a needle in his neck.

He was terrified, but couldn’t move or speak.

“Thank you, men,” Mr. Hunter said, looking over Chad’s left and right shoulders. Chad couldn’t turn to look, but could feel the presence of men on either side of him.

“Don’t panic Chad, this is a natural part of the graduation process at the Prep Academy,” Mr. Hunter said, as he loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt.

“You see Chad, our success is based on the metrics of college admissions and scholarships. When I started here about fifteen years ago, our stats were nothing to write home about. I was tasked with finding ways to get our numbers up,” Mr. Hunter explained, ending his sentence with a little smirk.

“I assessed what tools were available and came up with a plan. I tasked your biology teacher, Mr. Wilson,” Mr. Hunter nodded while looking over Chad’s right shoulder, “to use his training and education to create a way to deliver selective genetic elements from one person into another person in a way that would integrate and change the genetic makeup of that person. Luckily Mr. Wilson is well-studied, and he was able to do this without much difficulty.”

“Then I needed to decide what genetic changes I would like to implement in the boys here, and from what source. It turns out that your math teacher and track coach Mr. Barnes was the solution I was looking for,” Mr. Hunter glanced over Chad’s left shoulder, “He has the highest IQ of all the staff here, coupled with several desirable, masculine, physical features that I have chosen for my students.”

“So here’s how this works, Chad. The injection you were given has two purposes. One, to fully sedate you, and two, to chemically prime your body to receive, accept, and integrate the genetic elements from Mr. Barnes that I have selected. In the time I have been speaking, the chemicals Mr. Wilson created have been making their way through your body, and you are now ready.”

“Mr. Wilson, please prepare Chad for Mr. Barnes,” Mr. Hunter ordered.

Mr. Wilson walked in front of Chad, a distant, stupefied look on his face.

“One thing I forgot to mention, Chad. I have both Mr. Wilson and Mr. Barnes under my hypnotic control. Something I picked up in my military training. They will have no recollection of any of this.”

Mr. Wilson pulled a lever, and the chair Chad was sitting in reclined flat into a bed. Mr Wilson then pumped the chair like a barber’s chair, so Chad was raised up higher. Next took off Chad’s shirt, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them down, along with his briefs.

“Now Chad, this next part of the process is critical. My best advice is to let it happen, because fighting it will only make it harder on you. Dan - I mean, Mr. Barnes - proceed with the genetic transfer.”

On command, Mr. Barnes walked into view of Chad. He was completely naked. What Chad couldn’t stop looking at was how hairy Mr. Barnes was. He had no idea. The black, thick, long, curly hair covered his body from his neckline down to his feet, all over his arms, legs, chest, and stomach. Despite all of the hair, Chad could tell Mr. Barnes was ripped. Eight pack abs, huge biceps, and a shelfed out chest. The other thing Chad couldn’t stop looking at was Mr. Barnes’ gigantic penis. It had to be at least ten inches long, and six or more inches around.

And the penis was coming towards Chad. More specifically, Chad’s butt.

Mr. Wilson came over to Chad with a bottle of lube, and methodically applied it all over Chad’s virgin hole. He even put the tip of the bottle into Chad’s but and squirted. Then he went over to Mr. Barnes, and put a copious amount all over the giant penis. It seemed like Mr. Wilson was using half the bottle.

The time had come.

Mr. Barnes pushed in.

Chad winced, but couldn’t make a noise because of the sedative.

He felt his hole stretching like it had never stretched before. It burned and hurt, and it wasn’t stopping.

He looked down and saw the hairy man between his legs just pushing his penis deeper and deeper into him.

Then it happened. There was a powerful wave of pleasure that coursed over Chad’s body. Mr. Barnes had found his prostrate. Chad’s penis became hard, and started leaking precum.

“That’s right. You like this, don’t you, boy?” Mr. Hunter said.

Chad looked over and saw Mr. Hunter naked, coming toward him. His body looked peculiarly similar to Mr. Barnes: top physical condition, covered in thick black hair, and a giant penis swinging between his legs. Further accentuating his huge cock and balls was a blue, plastic ring wrapped around the base.

Mr. Hunter rubbed a hand through his hairy chest, and tugged at his enormous cock. “In case you’re wondering, I was the test subject for our approach. I think it worked well,” Mr. Hunter said, getting turned on by what he had done to his own body.

“While Mr. Barnes fucks you, I want to make sure you know you are mine.”

Mr. Hunter started dragging his enormous cock and balls all over Chad’s face. Strings of precum started smearing all over his cheeks and forehead.

Mr. Barnes was deep in Chad now. All the way in. He started to thrust his hips accompanied by animalistic grunts. Each thrust rubbed against Chad’s prostrate, the waves of pleasure negating any pain from having a giant penis inside him.

Mr. Barnes’ pace picked up. He was dripping in sweat, and getting louder and louder with each thrust.

Suddenly he let out a loud, guttural groan, pushed all the way inside, and stopped moving.

His penis was pumping volley and volley of semen deep into Chad. After two minutes, Mr. Barnes pulled out, leaving a wide, gaping, hungry hole behind.

Mr. Hunter stopped rubbing his cock on Chad’s face and stepped back.

“This is the best part, Chad,” Mr. Hunter said.

All three men stood over Chad and watched.

Chad felt a tingling feeling deep inside him, presumably where Mr. Barnes’ sperm was planted. But the feeling started to spread, radiating out in all directions. He felt it travel up to his brain, giving him a feeling like he just drank a lot of coffee. He felt the tingling that had spread all over his body start moving to the surface of his skin, and turn into an itching sensation. Lastly, he felt a warm, pulling feeling down in his crotch.

All three men were smiling as they stood over Chad.

“Another perfect specimen of masculinity, ready for college,” Mr. Hunter said quietly to himself.

“Time to tell you more about what has happened to you, boy,” Mr. Hunter said.

“Your intelligence has just increased, likely by about 20 IQ points, making you an academic shoe-in for any college. Physically, you have been modified for superior masculinity. While this technically is not necessary to get into college, few people will be able to resist the attraction and draw of a particularly virile young man. That will help pave your way more than you know, including with my connections at several colleges who now seek out the type of men I produce.”

“In terms of the specific genetic elements that were transferred to you, there were numerous genes associated with brain development and function. Then there were genes to turn you into what I think are the most masculine men. Genes to promote muscle growth and mass, along with genes to regulate your metabolism, so you can maintain your newly muscular and lean body. You were given his genes to develop copious amounts of hair over your entire body, which, I might add, grew in particularly nicely on you. You were also given genes to deepen your voice, and enhance your penis and balls to be the size of Mr. Barnes and me.”

“This,” Mr. Hunter said, dragging his large, hairy hands over Chad’s new body, his erect cock resting on Chad’s shoulder, “is the final product of the Men’s Preparatory Academy.”

“And Chad, you should know. There was one unintended, but enjoyable consequence of this genetic manipulation. While Mr. Wilson was able to create a solution that transfers the genes of choice, there is one gene that always travels with the others. Mr. Barnes is apparently bisexual, and now you are too,” Mr. Hunter said with a big smile.

“Which means you will now really enjoy this.”

Mr. Hunter walked around and positioned himself between Chad’s legs, enjoying looking at the how wide open Chad’s hole still was in the absence of Mr. Barnes’ cock.

He lined up the head and started pushing in.

At the same time, Chad felt someone pulling down on his jaw to open his mouth.

It was Mr. Wilson.

He too had an enormous penis, that was now making it’s way into Chad’s mouth.

For more fifteen minutes, Chad lay naked in the Vice Principal’s office, getting spit roasted by his biology teacher and the Vice Principal. At the end they both coordinated their ejaculation so that Chad’s stomach and hole was getting flooded with semen at the same time.

After all three men had used Chad, Mr. Hunter pulled out a key from his deck and removed the cuffs around Chad’s wrists and ankles.

He pulled Chad up, and stood him in from of a full length mirror.

Chad studied his new body. Muscular, coated in thick, fur, and a giant penis hanging between his legs. He couldn’t believe what he looked like, it was amazing. He was hot. He was a real man. A masculine, virile man. Without even touching himself, his large penis ejaculated all over the mirror.

Feeling a mix of disbelief and appreciation, he looked over at Mr. Hunter.

“Good boy,” Mr. Hunter said, as he removed the blue, plastic ring that was around his cock and balls.

He grabbed Chad’s left arm, and placed the blue ring around his hairy wrist.

“Welcome to manhood. Your friends Zack and Jake are waiting for you.”

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