Office Spells - Kittykitty Bangbang

By Oddballs
published April 21, 2019

[FURRIES] Garrett reports to his work like a good girl.

“In the last quarter,” Garrett says as he walks in front of the illuminated screen before the inner circle of executives sitting and paying attention, “We managed to improve the figures of the previously established proposals. However the production rate is going to get finicky around this time of year as always, so it might be a good idea to discuss different methods on how to go about keeping it going successfully.”

“Right.” Mr. Edger nods and stands. The screen turns off and the window blinds slowly open back to let the daylight back in while Garrett returns to his seat. “That about concludes it for today. Let’s get to work.” The various men get up and walk to their respective directions.


“I have to say, you’re really contributing well, Garrett.” Mr. Edger says with him and the lion in his office, “Keep this up, and you’ll make top executive by Spring.”

“Thank you, sir.” The lion nods.

“Things have been going surprisingly well, even before we started expanded. And here I thought we would’ve taken a hit by now since Mr. Bongo signed on.”

“O-Oh?” Garrett fidgets a little just from hearing the ape’s name. His member is already tingling from imagining that smug grin.

“The first couple of weeks he was here, I’ve received the expected complaints, but it’s been quiet about him for a long while though. Heh, even his personnel is mildly surprised by his tamed conduct.”

“A-Ah I see…” The lion says with an awkward chuckle. For once he’s thankful for a pint-sized penis, because with anything bigger he’d be tenting his pants by now.

“He’s also been giving great reviews for your performance at work.”

“AHEM! Ah…” Garrett coughs a bit.

“I don’t know what you’re doing,” The stylish tiger says, “But things have been very beneficial around here.”

“Great, good. Yep. Things are very success- yes, thigns are good.”

“Are… You ok, Garrett?” Mr Edger asks, “You seem a bit flustered.”

“Oh yeah, I just forgot I um… Had a dental appointment this morning and I’ll need to reschedule.”

“I see.” Mr Edger nods, “You yes, which reminds me. Speaking of whom, Mr Bongo needs to go over several cases and decisions by the end of the week, but he can’t get away from his building. I’ve recommended you, if that’s alright.”

“Yeah! I mean, yes, sure, I can take care of that.” The lion nods.

“Fantastic. As I’ve mentioned, you’re his favorite, and in my experience it’s best to keep with familiarity if it bears fruit.”

“Understood.” Garrett nods.

“Excellent.” Mr Edger smiles and stands to shake his hand, “Keep up the good work, I’ll see you next time.”

“Alright, thank you, sir.” The lion shakes his paw and leaves the office.


The car drives into the parking structure of Bongo International, and the lion soon enters the building. Carrying his wheeled case of varying work-related articles, Garrett walks to the front desk to the fashionable receptionist.

“Hello, I’m here to see Mr Bongo for today?”

“Oh yes, Mr Opus, good to see you.” The buff rhino behind the counter nods and shakes his paw. “Mr Bongo has been very busy, he’s had to work from his lodging suite. You will have to meet him there instead of his office this time.”

“Ok, understood.” The lion nods. Lodging suite? That means when a boss has to sleep at his place of work rather than go home…

The rhino leads the lion to the elevator and they traverse deeper into the building and then walk into an alternate elevator.

“So… Um…” Garrett talks idly, “Did uh… Mr Bongo mention anything about our meeting today? I uh, I want to make sure I get everything right.”

“Oh yes! Thank you for reminding me.” The handsome packyderm then walks out of the elevator opened a brass-plated cabinet, “Let’s see… Oatsen, O’Higen, Ojete, ah Opus.” He takes out a fancy parcel from the cabinet and turns around to the golden brown lion, “Mr Bongo had this package specifically arranged for you.”

“Alright.” The lion says as he takes it. An odd fluttery feeling goes up his back as he can already sense what this could be. It’s a small case with the letters J-P engraved on the surface.

“When you’re ready to begin your meeting, go ahead and go knocking. And uh, heh heh” The rhino chuckled, “I apologize in advance if he’s not decent when he answers the door. When he has to work from his suite, he doesn’t even have time to get ready.”

“Thank you, sir.” Garrett nods as the rhino walks off. The lion clears his throat and looks to the regal door that supposedly goes to Mr Bongo’s suite. Gulping, the lion goes into a small bathroom and opened the small case…


“Right, yes, got it.” The gorilla says impatiently as he holds the phone to his ear, “Look, I’ve dealt with these jackasses before, they always try to haggle the deal…” He scoffs from the response on the other line, “No, literally, they’re donkeys! The family owns the company, and they really are ‘jackasses’…” He rolls his eyes, “Look, I’ve been up since 5AM, I don’t give a shit about being polite…”

The ape is dressed in almost his usual attire; he managed to get his pants on and buckled, but his shirt is only part-way buttoned and also untucked. The necklace that Greg gave him is still dangling upon his chest hair, he hasn’t taken it off in days.

His suite has at least 3 different desks with various supplies and devices including a couple of computers for work, with a large king-sized bed between them, including an extravagant bathroom across the room.

“Oh my g- Fine, fine! I’ll take it up with them by tomorrow morning… Yes, great, just talk it over with Bryon, and he’ll get things rolling…” His large fingers push on his brows, “Right, great. Bye.” He hangs up and tosses his phone to the desk. “Jeeeeeesus Chriiiiist.” He groans, “Nonstop with these idiots, I swear to God…”


“Shit, what NOW??” He growls, “What is it?!?” He yowls out while looking at the door, his expression immediately shifting as from the entry.

Garret’s golden thighs rub delicately together as he rolls in his case and shut the door. His manly fists angle playfully on his sides, his feet are in dainty black shoes with smooth socks that reached up to his calves. The lion feels a welcoming draft within his short skirt, this one is blue and white and reaches to just above his knees. On his buff torso Garrett wears a formal uniform from a Japanese highschool – a white top with a blue collar piece on his shoulders and chest with a dainty bandana perched at the peak of the parting of the shirt, with his pecs contained in the satin bra underneath.

“Heh,” The thirsty monkey grins as he tugs his belt up a bit, “Is it 3 O’clock already?”

“Y-Yessir.” The lion nods, blushing as he sees a preview of Mr Bongo’s hairy chest and a peak of his round gut through the polyester. “I’ve brought some things Mr Edger wanted to go over with you.”

“Alright, alright,” The gorilla says as he strides over, almost skipping to the lion, “How about we… Put your homework on hold right now.” The primate takes the lion’s paw away from the case. Garrett gulps before the fat ape gets closer, his arms drawing in as Mr Bongo plants a big hand on the door right next to his head.

“Mnnhh…” The lion’s knees already feel super weak as that alpha’s hot breath meets his neck fur.

“You have any idea how many moron’s I’ve been talking to all day?” The ape says as he starts to pet the lion’s hip with his other hand.

“Hohh…” Garrett brings his paws up to his chest as he lets that meaty hand travel down.

“Mhhhhhhhhh” The ape says as he moves his face in and starts to sniff his flaring nostrils over Garrett’s fur, “Hohhhhhhhh Jesus…” The ape growls as he smells the sugary fragrance of the lion’s cologne, “Nffffffhhhhhhhh”

“Nnnnnn” Garrett moans as Mr Bongo continues to sniff deeply from his neck, even smooching and glomping on him.

“You been a good little girl, sweetie?” Mr Bongo mumbles as he continues to sample the feline.

“M-Mhm…” The lion nods, “I-I… I’ve been doing all my homework and coming on time…”

“Hegh, that’s great to hear, little lady.” The sneering ape says as he backs up, “You got a kiss for daddy?”

“Hehehe…” The lion giggles before he darts his face in and pecks the ape’s cheek.

“Goddamn you’re adorable…” The ape says at the flustered kitty’s face.

“Hehehehehe…” Garret darts in again and smooches Mr Bongo on the nose.

“Heh heh, you ARE a good girl.” He grins as he fluffs his fingers into Garrett’s facial fur, cupping his cheeks and mushing his soft mug around, “Fffffssshhhit…” The ape huffs as he digs his fingers into Garrett’s well-groomed mane.

“Nnnhhhh…” Garrett blushes as the internal shift starts to happen again. His knees are more drawn to each other. The lion’s booty feels lighter and warmer, while his anal and deep inner spot gets noticeably hotter while the blood in his penis starts to evacuate from his organ while the stimulation still electrify its senses. His cheeks grow warmer too as his pecs starts to feel tingly. Even Mr Bongo can see a subtle sheen play across Garrett’s golden fur as the manly specimen starts to purr.

“Ohhh yeahhhh,” Mr Bongo growls as he moves his hands to Garrett’s chest and begins to cup his pecs.

“Oooooohhhh,” Garrett coos as his back arches so the monkey can get a fuller grip of those square-shaped pillows. Even with the bra on, they are very pronounced. The lion used to use these male mammaries to pop and bounce them to get a slender bottom boy at a bar to giggle and worship him. Now he’s busty stud flexing his pecs for the superior boss to fondle and roll.

“Fuck yes, you are fucking gorgeous…” Bongo says as he holds and grips those masculine hips. The lion blushes as the sleazy ape continues to firmly knead into his hips.

“Mnnhhh, ahhh…” The lion starts to squirm as his paws clench in front of him, “Mr Bongo… You’re making me so hot an moist…”

“Yeeeaah?” The monkey says with a slight pitch as he reaches down into the lion’s skirt.

“OoH!” Garrett gasps and jumps as two of those thick sausages immediately presses that honeypot.

“Lil girl getting sweet and juicy for daddy?” Mr Bongo grins as he toys with the lion.

“Ohhh, ohhhhhh, M-Mr Bonnnggg…” The lion stands helpless as those fingers twirl in circles on his gooch, pressing harder and really digging in there. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Aaaahhhhh!”

“That’s right, sweetie.” The ape says as he deliberately drives the kitty crazy, “Let it out. Let it out for daddy.”

“Ahhh! Ahh! AHHH!” Suddenly Garrett jerks and squeaks out loud, “AWW! Ohhh! OHH!” He mewls out loud as a thick white juices started drooling from his panties, “Daddyyyyyyyyy”

“Mew for me, baby girl, that’s it.” The ape huffs hungrily.

“Ohhh… Ohhhh…” Garrett’s masculine bosom rises up and down, panting from the forced orgasm, brought on just by the ape pushing and rubbing in his perineum.

“God, I love playing with ‘little’ girls like you.” The ape snickers as he withdraws his cum soaked hand.

“Mmllllmmm” The lion purrs and coos, the pupils and irises dilating so his eyes matches his J-pop theme ensemble, “My panties are all…”

“I know.” The ape smirked, “Go ahead and take them off, baby girl. You won’t be needin them anyway.”

“Yessir…” Garrett bends over, his face getting hotter as he can feel the gorilla’s gaze as he strips. He discards the ruined panties, feeling a very odd yet freeing tingle in his nude state under his skirt.

“Huuhh…” Bongo ponders for a moment before he picks up the case that Garrett had before, “Hey, kitty?”


“Be a sweetie and put this case over by my desk for me?” He holds it up, “And while you’re at it, open it up and separate the files according to quarters and dates?”

“Yessir.” The beefy lion nods before he accepts the case with both paws, and turns to walk.

‘I wonder if what Greg told be about this thing works?’ Bongo says as he plucks up the delicate vial, ‘The OTHER stuff that it can do…’ His eyes leer down where the skirt gives him a tantalizing preview of those buttcheeks as it wafts above it. ‘Garrett just came, and according to that secretary he fucked a while ago, he usually doesn’t feel up for it for hours…’

Doing what his collegue told him a while back, Bongo firmly presses his thumb and his index fingertip against the round glass of the pendant. The crystal fragments glow from the added pressure. Bongo glances from the pendant to the lion before he angles his other index finger at the tiny bottle, and then gives it a -tap- with his fingernail.


“Hnnh!” Garrett’s tail twitches and he shudders as he feels an odd sensation in his groin. His fur stands on end as his gooch feels… ‘fine’. A minute ago, it was pulsing with afterglow, but it’s gone.

Bongo looks to the floor and sees the lion’s semen evaporating into shimmering white mist before it dissipates completely. “Hoooo hoo hoohooo…” Bongo chuckles wickedly as he leers at the lion.

According to Greg, pressing the vial and then tapping it undoes the previous orgasm of whomever it’s used on. The boar also told Bongo of a couple of other tips on how to operate it too – a lot of what he said seems confusing, however, but he has the jist of it, more or less.

“So when I do this… Then uh…” He mumbles as he puts the tip of his index finger onto the pointed end of the vial with a tiny glass orb on the bottom and starts to move his finger as if in a very subtle circular fashion. “Put him in heat?”

“A-Ahh…” Garrett’s tail flinches as his thighs tense a little. His gooch is beginning to feel very hot.

“Ooooohhhh…” Bongo grins evilly as he presses on the narrow tip of the bottle.

“Ahhhh, nnnnhhhh!” Garrett’s thighs push together as he holds the suitcase in front of his lap as his rear starts to flare in his fluff.

“That’s right, little girl…” The dirty monkey sneers as he bewitches the lion, “Get nice and juicy for me, little kitty~”

“Nnnnhhh! Aaawwwrrrrrr~!” The buff lion squirms on the spot as his anus gets very famished while his small penis blooms with overwhelming pleasure. The glans of his petite little meat oozes constantly with pre as is coats the underside of his adorable member and dribble from his plump, golden balls.

“Awwwww, you like that, sweetie?” Bongo mutters quietly as the glowing crystals in his pendant continues to enchant the hapless lion, “Wanna wiggle your lil…”

Before he could finish his thought, the lion’s tail flags up and his hips wiggle his bottom as a shudder goes up his manly spine, “Heh, damn, this thing’s way ahead of me.” The gorilla chuckles as the lion endeavors to put the case onto the desk.

Garrett whines as his gooch is practically on fire, begging for at least 100 cocks to jam inside him. Just as the feline turns to look over his shoulder, he gasps as he feels that large, round, loose and boundless belly push onto his back, just as a large hand on his hip and another on his abs, “Ahhh! Awwrrrrrrrr!”

“Mnnn, you are smoking hot, little girl…” The ape growls as he digs his hand under that skirt and starts to grope one of those golden buttcheeks.

“Mr Bongooo, aahhhhhh…” Garrett squirms as lets the hairy boss grab him from anywhere.

“You’re such a horny little girl, aren’t you?” Mr Bongo grumbled. His fat fingers push onto that mound and scooped it firmly and pushed his palm into it, while his other hand reaches and rubs onto Garrett’s abs under that schoolgirl shirt.

“Eeaahhh! Mnnhaahh!” Garrett just rolls his eyes up and moans uncontrollably. He has never felt this full of lust. So in the throes of arousal to let a fat and lecherous older gentleman molest and lick him suddenly makes him unbelievably wild and crazy, even to a point where he’s acting like some helpless little lady.

“Hhhhhhhhgggggghh…” Bongo starts to grab and squeeze at Garrett’s pecs. The lion gasps and moans as his chest starts to push itself into those busy hands, blushing madly from his manly bosom gets a thorough crop again and again.

Mr Bongo steps out of his pants, fumbling his big zebra stripe briefs and pulling his throbbing cock out of the seam-slit of his tighty-whities. Garrett pants and purrs out of control as his tight sphincter twitches winks under his skirt. The lion keeps having to catch himself from drooling, his asshole feeling so empty and starving while the ape oils his cock up with lube.

“Get on the desk.” Mr Bongo says as he shoves the case out of the way.

“A-ah! Nhh!” Garrett doesn’t even think to protest as he’s practically forced to climb onto the desk. The boss can’t wait a second longer. He NEEDS to give it to that pussy – in every meaning of the word.

“A-Aahhh…” Garrett mewls as he looks over behind him as his tail almost does all of the work for him to unveil his ass of his cute skirt.

“Beautiful.” Bongo grins at that primed bubbly booty. “Yeah… Open that little cunt nice and wide for me…” The ape says as he angles his short but thick member into Garrett’s crack – Bongo’s penis being 5 inches long and as thick as a beer can.

“O-Ooohh… Mnnnhhh!” The lion whines and jerks as his pucker widens around the coming dick. His anal muscle twitches before is starts to actively swallow the ape’s meat!

“Awwwww yeah…” The monkey grins as he slides in, “Yeah, you’re pussy is fucking great…”

“Ahhhwwwwwllll!” Garrett’s paws grip the desk’s edge as he arches his back while Mr Bongo grips his hips, “Ohhhhhh”

“Yeah, that’s right, sweetie…” The pervert sneers as starts to hump his underwear-clad pelvis into the lion, “Moan for me… Moan for Daddy.” He pushes his musky pit into Garrett’s naked butt firmly.

“EEEErrrrhhh!” Garrett squeals as his soft dick gushes a glob of pre on the desk. Unable to get erect, the lion moans as he mushes his front on the desk, his member drooling all over the wood.

“MMMmmnn yeah…” The gorilla starts to groove and push his groin into the lion’s tender ass. With his hands grabbing those hips, he rolls his big monkey butt in and out of Garrett’s behind. The lion’s legs spread as they also twitch a bit, the feline purring nonstop as his ‘pussy’ squeezes and hugs around the ape’s meat.

“Ffffffuck yeah…” Mr Bongo huffs as he opens up his shirt to let the heat out. He leans down so his flabby belly pushes down onto the lion’s back as he bumps his front onto that rump.

“Ohhhooohhhooohhh” The lion moans out as his haunches push themselves backward even more to goad that member in even more. Mr Bongo’s cock is perfect! It fits so well inside of his ass! He has absolutely no memory of anyone’s manhood getting in so easily, and Mr Bongo’s meat is so thick to start with! How did his sphincter get so loose and smooth??

“Start talking, honey…” Mr Bongo says as he plants both his big hands onto the sides of Garrett’s back.

“Hhhhiii’m a dirty giiirrrl,” Garrett moans, “I’m a huge and horny sluuuuuuut.”

“Mnnhh yeah you are” The gorilla pushes his fat pelvis to shove his dick into that well placed G-Spot.

“AAWWHH!” The lion yelps as his penis spurts out more fluid, “I’m a girl! I’m a bad, bad girl!” He keeps himself up as the gorilla hilts him firmly, his hormone-hazed mind too heavy to think clearly.

“Fuck yeah, keep saying it, sweetie,” Mr Bongo says as he starts to pump his meat repeatedly into Garrett’s hole.

“Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah” The lion jerks as his buttcheeks jiggle with each soft slap from the monkey’s short but fast thrusts, “I’m your little girl~ You’re making me so wet, Mr… O-OOohhhh” Garrett feels a harsh rush up his spine that makes his dick throb with flaccid lust – even just talking about it makes him unbelievably horny!

“Yeah, you like a big, fat daddy?” Mr Bongo says as he shoves himself in there again and again, “Big fat daddy shoving his big fat cock in your pretty little ass?”

“Ohhhh I do~” Garrett moans, “I wanna big fat daddy fucking my little pussy-” He stammers, “I-I-I mean ass, I”

“Shhh, neh,” Mr Bongo sneers as he puts his fat fingers into the lion’s mouth, “You had it right the first time.” His cock flexes inside of Garrett’s anus.

“Mmnnppphh” The lion rolls his eyes up in orgasmic bliss as he starts to suckle on those two fingers lodged in his muzzle. With his fingers covered in saliva, Bongo tucks his hand further, started to roll and press his fingers around the lion’s very moist genitals, “OOOH! Awww!”

“Whose your daddy again?” Bongo sneered.

“Y-You are,” The lion moans, “You’re my daddy!”

“Who’s a good girl?”

“I-I am!” Garrett whines, panting and moaning, “I’m a good, good girl!”

“I dunno, I’m not convinced…” Mr Bongo taunts as he diddles with the lion’s small dicklette.

“ENnnhhhh! I wanna be a girl, I’m a good girl, I’m a daddy’s girl!” The lion whines out more and more.

“And what do you want me to do?” The gorilla says as he continues to shove his meat into Garrett.

“Fuck m-my… Fuck my pussy,” The lion moans out.

“Mnnhhyeah, here,” One of the gorilla’s hand-like feet pull up the chair in front of his desk and slumps down.

“Meep!” The lion feels his tail pulled and he skids off of the desk. He turns around before he’s prompted to widen his stance over Mr Bongo’s lap.

“Have a seat, little lady.” The monkey smirks as he has the lion’s moist butt hover above his throbbing cock. Garrett bites his lip as his ‘pussy’ crowns the ape’s cock.

“A-Awwwooohh!” The lion sits on the gorilla’s lap, his eyes then going to the exposed manboobs covered in a layer of bushy hair with a necklace adorned on the primate, and then that huge bowl of jelly wobbling with the excessive movements, “Hooohhhhlllllll” The lion moans as his paws go to grabbing onto Mr Bongo’s manly chest.

As the affected person of the recurred ritual, Garrett sees little to no perception of the amulet.

“Fuck yeah, ride your daddy…” The ape huffs harshly as he rails up into the lion’s ass.

“Oh, oh, oh oh oh” Garrett moans out over and over as that fat meat presses every single button inside him.

“Shhhhit, yes, yes, fuck yes,” The gorilla’s lips pucker as he shoves harder into that hole, “SSSHHHHHIT”

“Cum in me, Daddy” Garrett begs, “Fill me, fill me, please fill me, ohhhh!”

“GHH!” Mr Bongo clenches his eyes as the moist anus squishes on his member, “FFFFFFUUUUCK!”

“Ohhhhh!” The lion mews and gasps, his buttcheeks bouncing and twitching from the hot flood gushing inside of him. Garrett whines in bliss as he rolls his hips, his paws still grasping onto Bongo’s shoulders.

“Yeaahh,” Mr Bongo sneers as he moves Garrett up to pull his thick cock out and flop down, covered in spunk. The lion climbs off and stands in front of the ape, right before the boss reaches his hand into that adorable skirt and make the kitty jerk and gasp.

“Meeew!” Garrett jerks as his small petite penis is diddled again, that thumb pressing on the underside with the other fingers rubbing the top.

“Got some milk for daddy?” Bongo says as he pleasures his schoolgirl, leaning forward and putting an arm on his thigh as he plays with the little penis.

“Ohhh! Ennnh! Meeewwww!” The lion squeals occasionally as the ape fondles him thoroughly. His arms strain and his fists clench and wiggle on either side of his hips

“Hey, I might be a goddamn sleaze,” The gorilla smirks, “But hell if I ain’t a gentleman.”

“Mmmnnhhhoooh daddy…” Garrett coos bashfully. Within the vial’s confines, the jewels glitter lowly, once again catering to what the big horny ape has in mine; the lion’s penis regains its ability to grow erect.

“Heh heh heh” The filthy gorilla licks his thick lips as he makes the lion squirm. Garrett whines and mewls and purrs out of his control as his arms reach up and cringe at his own chest, “You are a very nice kitten, honey.”


“Here, lemme get that for you.” Bongo says with that very dirty grin and lewd eyes as he unlatches the lion’s skirt from the back. Garrett gasps lightly as he feels his backside waft a small draft as the dainty curtain of his school uniform uncovers his golden butt. The lion’s face goes red hot as the small skirt leaves his body and presents the pecker in plain view! Standing at barely 3 inches, the lion’s small penis throbs and drools, as if being embarrassed and exposed before a powerful man like Mr Bongo makes the lion horny behind believe.

“You have a pretty little package, sweetheart.” The horny ape says as he rolls a fat finger around under Garrett’s nicely sized balls – both nuts about the size of a chicken egg.

“M-Mmmhhh! Ohhhh!” Half naked from the waist down, the lion pants and purrs as his soft scrotum is brushed by the man’s fingers and then his palm. “Sooo warm…” Garrett purrs as those fingers glide under his orbs and the palm cups and rolls into them.

“Anyone ever tell ya your sac feels like fuckin silk?” Bongo says as he caresses those balls with one hand and then massages the underside and top of Garrett’s adorable little rod, “Damn, sweetie. You may be tiny, but you’re sporting a diamond here.”

“Mnhhheheheheh…” The lion giggles with a blush. Even after he’s shot his load, Bongo will always take an opportunity to play with a hot number like this kitten. Predatory types like him get a keen kick out of toying and flustering someone, especially when guys have a persistent sex drive like Bongo.

“Tell ya what.” The monkey then gets on his knees before the standing feline. Garrett’s face goes on fire as the big bad boss looks up at him, his fingers still tantalizingly pinching that petite manhood, “Since I imagine you don’t git a lot of action on your little tic-tac here…” Garrett’s penis spurts an ooze of pre from that comment. The lion’s eyes widen as that ape goes down, and lets his tongue out…

“MEEP!” Garrett squeals right before his paws grasp his muzzle! His little meat jerks as that thick, wet sliver licks up his dick. “OOOORRRMMMFFFF” The lion pushes his knuckles into his teeth as Bongo tickles his tiny meat with the tip of his tongue.

“Ahhrr, ahhrr, ahhrrr, ooooohhh!” Garrett mews again and again as the gorilla puckers his lips and kisses the lion’s little loin. The squelching pull of the lips under the cock, the wet pop from the suction, given a very just reprieve when Bongo pushes his wide nostrils into Garrett’s fluffy balls. “Hhhhoooohhhhhh.” The lion swoons as the ape sniffs and nuzzles his soft kitten-makers.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Bongo says as a large hand goes to hold Garrett’s hip, “I take good care of mah girls.”

“A-A-Ahhh…” The lion’s buttcheeks flex, his balls get hotter, and even his nipples push under his uniform shirt. Bongo raises a brow as he notices this reaction, down to the copious precum practically pouring from that pink mushroom on Garrett’s pubic bush.

“Hahahaha, you like it when I talk to ya, baby girl?” The ape pushed as he rubs his opposite hand onto the lion’s thigh.

“Mnnhhh!” Garrett feels at his abs with one paw and then his other paw tucks his fingers into the neck portion of his schoolgirl top.

“Heh heh, nice…” The gorilla says. He takes a second to look at his amulet. The purple crystals in the glass twinkle subtly within, “I think I might be getting you a little too wet, huh?”

“H-Heh hah, hmhm…” The lion curls his ears back as his testicles start to tingle madly.

“Like when you’re at school,” The ape continues, gently caressing the lion’s hips, his fingers sliding down and groping both of those velvet buns before roaming back to feel those thighs, “Wiggling your butt under your skirt, giggling as your panties holds your sweet goods… Givin all the fellas a flirty wink as you skip past on your way to class…”

“Ohhhh… Hohhh… Hohhh!” Garrett’s pecker goes rigid as the small penis curls into a cute ‘comma’ posture. His paws go up and dig his fingers through his mane as his back arches, pronouncing his pelvis with his twitching dicklette.

“Then you go sit on your teacher’s lap.” Bongo taunts as he deftly tickles a fingertip on the sensitive underbelly of the aroused member, his own manhood already reinflating just teasing the lion.

“Hrrr, hrrr, hrrr, hrrr!” The lion’s chest pounds as he goes on his tippy-toes. His cock aimed directly at the dirty boss…

“Then when you’re on your teacher’s lap…” Bongo as he starts to rub his thumbs onto Garrett’s navel, “You lift your tail…” Almost like he was there, Garrett’s tail curls up and stands behind him. “He reaches into your dress…” The lion’s eyes widen as he feels those fingers dip into his inner thighs again, “And fucks your hot, juicy cunt.”

“A-AHHH!” Garrett suddenly yowls as his gooch was pushed like a button! His solid pecker immediately shoots at Bongo’s naked chest with a gush of white! “AHhhhhHHHH!” A thick finger slides down his perineum, “ENNGHH!” A third gush of cum paints onto the gorilla’s huge gut, “HaaAAhhhh!” Garrett squeals as his undercarriage is handled and pushed up, his balls rolled in a big warm palm while his small member once again coat’s the ape’s doughy physique. “A-Aaaoooohhhh…” Garrett moans and pants, his penis immediately looming downward from his orgasm, throbbing weakly at 2 inches on his crotch.


“Yes, yes, fine, it’s all done and accounted for.” Mr Bongo says at one of his desks, holding a phone to his ear while setting over a form or two. He’s working with his work shirt open to show a peek of his muscular moobs and his round stomach. There comes three hard knocks at his door.

“Come in!” He calls out while still on the phone. A rather posh fox in a sharp suit walks into the suite and gives the chubby primate a bit of a wide berth. Mr Paul Bongo is a CEO, right? Yet he is in his place of employment dressed like THIS? “Yeah, I’m on it as we speak, one sec?” He says last-minute to the vulpine. The fox irked at him; so informal… “Yes, Donk-Kord Co. is applying with us… Good. Great. Bye.” He nods and sets the phone down. “Yes, how can I help you?” He asked sternly to the person.

“I am looking for a Mr Paul Bongo?” The rich vulpine says “I gather I may be at the wrong place?”

“No, I’m the guy.” Bongo says as he leans back, letting the folds of his shirt fully show his rotund belly, “What do you need?”

“Ah…” The fox nods, “I represent Fyre Fold corp, I am here to pick up the documents for the signed stock agreements?”

“For fuck’s sake.” Bongo grumbled as he opens the drawers of his desk, noting the fox’s subtle cringe. He’s talked to these types before; posh and polished. If Bongo isn’t fixed in a choking monkey suit, he may as well be a braindead redneck. Over the years in his career – or more like months – Bongo has more or less a complete lack of decorum to spare specially for these people, assuming he had any at all to begin with.

“Told them a million times to fuckin fax them… Don’t have to come all the way over here…” He pulls up several folders out from his desk and held them up to the disgusted fox, “Here you go. Signed and sealed, was just on their way to the damn machine today.”

“I will take them off your hands then, um… Sir.” The vulpine says as his paws take the folders. His nose wrinkles as he promptly turn-tail and strode from the office – the place simply reeks of sweat and poor hygiene…

Bongo watches as his door open and shuts. “Egh, believe this guy?” He grumbles as he kicks back in his chair, “Lookin at me like I ain’t got no class.”


“O-Oooh, careful there.” The ape jitters as a smile quirked on his mug, “Almost made me nut right there.”

Underneath the desk perches a buff and nude lion, wearing only a magenta garter on his right leg. His mouth is glued into the moist bush of Bongo’s pelvis, his jaw pried wide open around that cock while his paws knead and feel at those hot and wide thighs.

“Seriously, lookin at me like I’m some kinda cross-eyed jackass.” Bongo muses as he leans in his chair, his hairy muscular legs tucked under his desk with his hand-like feet caressing and gripping Garrett’s buttcheeks.

The lion purrs endlessly as he nurses that beer can of a dick, vibrating it and massaging it with his tongue as his saliva drools along the fat hairy balls nestled below. He arches his back and pushes his bubbly rear against those feet as they fondle his bum. “Hllllmmmhhhfffff” His eyes flutter up with his lips curling around the huge log in his mouth. He’s been sucking on this monkey for at least an hour and a half, but he just doesn’t want to stop.

“I mean it’s not like I’m shoving a banana up my ass like my old frat house in college. Hahahaha, fuck, you shoulda been there, little girl.”

“M-MmmNNhhh~!” Garrett shoves his face into Bongo’s meat.

“WOO!” The ape suddenly jerks forward, his hands grasping onto the arms of his chair, “E-Easy there, kitty! You’re really going crazy down there!”

The lion blows Bongo’s member more and more vigorously. The thought of a frat house full of horny, nude, wild, shameless college guys, using, humiliating, spanking, teasing, tickling Garrett.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!” Bongo’s sweaty face distorts as his large lips curl into a strained tensity. His balls are reeling, Garrett’s not letting up – he’s going for the load! “Nngh, yeah, git it, git it in there, pussy-girl,” Bongo says as he grabs for that head with both hands.

“Mmgghh!” Garrett grunts and slurps loudly as those big legs start to tuck and lock around his body, right for those furry thighs lock his head into place and jam his face into the monkey’s heavy bush! His gag-reflex nowhere in his throat, the lion’s paws stay planted onto the chair under the gorilla while his knees dig onto the floor while the mouth-filling cock jerks in his maw.

“Eat it, eat it good, that’s it, UH!” The ape snarls as his fat wobbles from his short seated thrusts into the feline’s muzzle. After only a few bumps of lust into the trapped slut’s mouth, Bongo clenches his eyes and throws his head back as his hot and heavy tank prepares to unload. “FFFFFFFFFSSSSHHHHHHHHHIIIIT”

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