Fatherly Coaching 2: Hogs on the Team

By mcbaer published April 20, 2019

The new training regime introduced by a college coach helps a father and his son redefine their relationship.

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Piers remembered hearing a knock on the door of his home office, getting up to open it, expecting to see his son who had just returned home from today’s college classes, but instead finding some massive, pierced and tattooed man with a truly enormous gut hanging out from his workout clothes, waiting for him in the hallway. He didn’t even have a chance to ask who he was or what was the meaning of this before finding himself tackled to the ground, the man starting to tear off his clothes as he pulled another singlet, just like the one he was wearing and began pulling it onto his body. Piers screamed for help as the man grinded against him with his obscene bulge, calling him daddy, telling him not to worry because soon he was going to love it as much as he did. He couldn’t believe it, but his voice sounded so much like that of his son’s. He moaned, asking if it was really him, begging for an answer as to what had happened to him, why he was doing this… Piers didn’t understand what was happening, as soon as the fabric touched his skin, he began feeling so impossibly horny, he suddenly didn’t care one bit about what his son had to say, he just wanted to fuck, right now. He tried to ignore his rapidly hardening cock and push back against those thoughts, but it was becoming so difficult as Alan began telling him about everything.

It happened earlier that same day, their whole football team had gathered in the locker room after finding a note from their coach, it said that they were supposed to wait for him there before their training session. Everyone was already on the edge by then, but it was that other coach at their college who had been acting strange all week, Mr Harris was nothing like him, right? He might have been a world class wrestler back in the day, bur he had definitely mellowed out since those times, treating them more like a friendly uncle than someone who had been hired to give them the most intense workouts ever. Most of the guys weren’t suspecting anything yet, they were just chatting with each other or simply minding their own business, but Alan simply couldn’t get rid of that odd feeling in his gut. He was good friends with one of the players from the other team, the one supervised by coach Reynolds, he’d seen what happened to him over the past few days… Josh becoming a completely different person practically overnight. They used to play video games together nearly every evening, until Alan got a text from his buddy, saying that he probably won’t be making it this time around. Their coach was having them all stay for an extra training session after class. He hadn’t heard from him since then, only seeing him a few times in a huge group alongside his other teammates, but he wasn’t even sure which one of them was Josh. They’ve all changed so much… growing absolutely massive beards, starting to smoke those ridiculously huge cigars… they used to be a swimming team, but now everyone looked like seasoned powerlifters. It was just surreal, and yet nobody was asking how something like this was even possible. It was almost as if all the professors and the entire college administration were scared of them… of coach Reynolds in particular…

Alan was still feeling anxious… why was everyone pretending like this was normal, like nothing out of the extraordinary was going on here. Was it just him going crazy…? He really needed to clear up his head, maybe take a breath of fresh air… he got up and after figuring that their coach might be taking a while, he had decided to take a short walk, only to discover the door to their locker room had been locked shut. Everyone was so tied up in whatever they were doing that they haven’t even heard him when he mentioned it at first, but as soon as they did, they looked absolutely freaked out. Carter, their team’s captain immediately ran up to the other door leading to the gym hall. This one opened right away, but apparently that didn’t mean they were free to leave. He could only hear Carter gasping in shock at what he saw in the doorway, and then slowly backing away with a terrified look on his face. Alan didn’t know what was going on, all he could see was a large, cardboard box… being carried by a pair of impossibly huge, meaty arms. He gasped and nearly screamed in shock when he got a full view of their owner. The fact that after seeing what happened to Josh he’d managed to recognize who it was made it even more terrifying. He didn’t want to believe it, but somehow Alan just knew that this enormous, hirsute beast he was looking at, used to be their coach.

He looked more like some gigantic, big bellied gorilla, than the man he’d seen only earlier that same morning. Covered from head to toes in an impenetrable pelt of greying, long fur, with arms so wide and massive that it seemed like a miracle that he’d even managed to fit through the doorframe. He was always a big, well-built man, but now he was approaching a truly inhumanely large size. How could this happen to him? He was a former wrestling champion, the kind of a man who should have been able to easily defend himself, and yet he ended up just like everyone else who dared to go against coach Reynolds. He saw him slowly walking forward with that completely clueless, absent-minded look on his face, tons of drool leaking out of his half open mouth, soaking into his incredibly bushy, wild beard that grew so high up on his cheeks that it really made him look like more of a beast than a man.

“Good morning boys… daddy just had a meeting with Master Reynolds… we talked about the new direction our team will be taking from today on forward…”

Coach’s voice sounded strange, as if he was in some strange trance, coming out slowly, in short, brief gasps. A moment later he suddenly dropped the large box he was carrying and Alan discovered why that was. Before the box even hit the floor, his hands shot up towards his massive, swollen nipples as he began pulling and pinching them like a madman. Everyone took a step back when they heard him helplessly moaning at the top of his lungs, and then saw him repeatedly thrusting his hips forward. The bulge sprouting in his singlet was just enormous, pressing up against his mammoth belly, the fabric completely wet with precum and stretched so tightly you could see every vein on his gigantic, leaking cock.

“Master Reynolds told me about his new training regime… his players just wouldn’t stop rutting and fucking each other… Master said that he couldn’t let them do that… not if he wanted to have a team full of biggest, most alpha acting men he was training them to be… they weren’t supposed to be fucked… only to fuck and dominate others all the time… he needed another team of cum hungry pigs they could plow and feed their loads to whenever they needed… now… you know that daddy always wanted the best for you boys… he didn’t want to agree until Master Reynolds showed him how good it feels to have his ass split wide open by a cock of a real, alpha man…oh fuck… daddy knows you’re gonna love it as much as he did boys…”

Everyone saw coach Harris suddenly turning around, showing them his furry backside, there was a huge, round hole cut out at the back of his singlet, giving them a full view of his beefy ass. Alan couldn’t believe just how much cum there was hanging from the impenetrable layer of hair covering his buttocks. Thick, long ropes swinging from left to right whenever he moved, slowly stretching out longer and dropping onto the floor. Nobody said anything as he shoved two fingers inside of his hole and began fucking it wildly, moaning so loudly that it was hard to believe that nobody had heard him yet. That suddenly seemed like their only hope of getting out of his, some of the guys were trying to get the other door open, but without any success, even though they were bashing at it as hard as they could, it wouldn’t even budge. Those loud thumps appeared to have finally captured coach’s attention, he languidly turned around with a dazed and horny look on his face, sucking on the two fingers that were filling up his ass just now. Completely coated and dripping with white manseed, making Alan realize that the thing thickly covering the beard around his mouth wasn’t only just his spit. Everyone was losing their minds, banging with their fists on the door, screaming and shouting for help, they had no idea what was happening, but deep down must have known what was coming for them. Even Carter was trying to get as far away from their coach as possible, shoving himself against the wall, turning his head towards it as if to convince himself that what he was seeing in front of him wasn’t real.

Piers could hear his son’s voice growing even more excited, he told him that he thought he could somehow get through to coach Harris, he alone knew what had happened to him, he’d already seen it all when it came to his friend Josh, he was sure that he could somehow get through to him, remind him of who he used to be… but he was wrong. Coach Harris was so caught up in playing with himself, toying with his meaty, swollen nipples, his constantly leaking cock, sucking on his cum stained fingers that he probably hadn’t even heard what he was saying. Only when he saw him getting closer, it was as if he suddenly remembered what he was supposed to be doing here. Alan couldn’t have imagined that someone this enormous could move around so swiftly, he didn’t even have a chance to do or say anything before the coach had pulled out something out of that box he brought with him and had him pinned down on the floor. He was so strong… he tore his clothes apart with his bare hands without the slightest hint of effort. Alan said that he begged his friends to come and help him, but nobody dared to get anywhere close, but soon it didn’t matter anyway.

It was like some switch had been flipped inside his head when that singlet had been pulled up over his body, Alan saw his athletic frame abruptly swelling up, a gigantic belly appearing in place of his toned abs, fat moobs with big, round nipples following suit, he looked at them and was so turned on he couldn’t even comprehend it or fully take it in. He felt the coach pressing down on him with his massive bulk, but he wasn’t fighting him anymore, not a single thought about trying to take off that singlet even had crossed his mind. He began grinding his ass against the enormous, throbbing cock behind him, moaning and grunting as his body continued to change. Constantly growing fatter, countless tattoos appearing on his skin, drawings of huge, horny pigmen wildly fucking each other… just like he was going to fuck his teammates very soon. Alan told him that he didn’t attempt to fight that urge for even a second. As soon as he had crawled out from underneath his coach he began doing the very same thing to his former friends, overpowering them without any slightest hint of trouble, forcing them into the same singlets that turned them into fat, horny pigs like him in mere moments, the whole locker room soon turning into one, massive orgy. Piers knew that he should have felt disgusted and shocked by what he’d been hearing just now, all those things about his son pushing his throbbing cock inside his friends loosening up holes, showering them with cum, getting fucked himself and loving it, but instead he was moaning and pushing his own ass against his son’s crotch, needing so badly to have it filled. When he heard that Alan’s friend Josh and his big, biker daddy Ron were already on their way to claim them as their personal pigs, he began to squeal in delight, watching as his belly swelled up bigger to match that of his son, make him into as much of a horny pig as he was, completely overriding the man he used to be, turning him into a horny, sex crazed animal that simply could not wait until all of its holes were stuffed with fat, meat of a superior, alpha man. Feeling his son’s cock grinding against his ass, he began to squeal again, even louder than before as a fountain of cum erupted out of dripping pigdick, completely soaking the entire front of his singlet.

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