Part 7: The Head of Maintenance

By astrolub published April 18, 2019

Alex thinks he might be able to escape if he can just find some big tools.

Author’s Note: Thank you again to all those who have taken the time to comment on past parts of this story. The suggestions are really interesting, and though I haven’t responded to all of them yet, I will say, the more detailed you can be on what you’d like, the better. For instance, I got a request for a lifeguard, but nothing specific about it (twink or jock? uniform fetish? tat’d up? David Hasselhoff fetish?). Anyway, this part is yet another that is completely different from the others so far. I’ve gotten dinged in the ratings on mind control, so I wanted to try to focus this transformation more on the mind and less on the body (though there is a significant physical change). Category-wise, this was a request, of twink to a top jock. It also has some str8 sex, which I’m worse at writing than gay, so my apologies for that. Since this is a gay site, I tried to keep it vague and brief. Let me know what you think!

Part 7: The Head of Maintenance

Alex stayed in the lobby after all the other guys had deserted it. He had watched guys throw things, listened to the arguments and debate, and watched them all disappear and figured that none really knew how to get out of this situation. He thought he might.

Alex might not look like much, his slight form belying a bit more of an intelligent spark within. His short stature and lack of any real meat on his bones led others to underestimate him, if they even acknowledged his existence. That might be why the only jobs he had had were ones he fought for, though his current maintenance related work on an apartment complex was certainly not his dream job.

Cleaning up a clogged toilet for the jocks who partied too much, to replacing a light bulb for people who were completely ignorant and had lived under Mommy’s and Daddy’s care for 18 years … it was just not what he wanted. But he was saving, and learning, and one day thought maybe he’d get a general contractors’ license and maybe get to work for himself. It was in his 10-year plan, hopefully by the time he was 35.

The only real benefit from his job was the occasional MILF who filled out a maintenance request form when all they really wanted was a good fuck. As a mutt white guy, he was fairly average, but he had laid enough women that he had learned how to make them want to come back for more. And more. And a lot more.

Alex thought that maybe, just maybe, he might be able to figure out how to get out of the resort, and maybe even build a makeshift water craft. It really shouldn’t be too hard. For instance, take a door off its hinges. Unfortunately, he examined the door and didn’t see any hinges. Which confused him because he wasn’t sure how they opened without hinges, since they didn’t slide.

Failing that, maybe a sledge hammer would work. Or maybe there was a carpentry shop with saws. Or something that he could use to try to break through a wall or something else to get out.

So, after spending longer in the lobby than the others, he left, and he went searching for any sort of maintenance or utility room where he might find something he could use. After searching for about 20 minutes, he found a conveniently labeled door, “MAINTENANCE: STAFF ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT.”

Trying the door handle, it conveniently opened, and he saw, like the others before him, a vast room with all the equipment he wanted.

As he stepped through the door to start searching for specifics, he unfortunately did not look down. He stepped right into a slick puddle of water, and as his feet continued forward, his upper body compensated to keep his center of mass in place, and fell back. Hitting his head, he blacked out.

“Hi Alex, I’m sorry to bother you again.”

“No problem, Mrs. Peel,” Alex responded as he stepped into Apt 362. “Your slip said that your pipes were clogged again?”

“Oh yes, I need you to snake them,” she responded, her voice going low and sultry.

Alex smirked and left his shoes at the door, stripping off his utility belt. It was annoying they didn’t have smaller ones, he almost had to wrap the belt twice around his waist to keep it up, making it harder to get out of for easy, well, you know.

He followed Mrs. Peel to the bedroom and tried not to look at the pictures of her and her husband. “He looks like a douche, anyway,” he thought, “and it’s not me who’s cheating, it’s her.”

Not giving it another thought, Alex stripped off his pants, boxers, and pinstripe button-down shirt, as Mrs. Peel undid her blouse and shimmied out of her skirt. Alex’s 6" long, thin dick had already risen to the occasion at the door, and with little fanfare he proceeded to pleasure the woman for over a half hour. She laid there and bucked, while Alex held her down with his stick-like arms Leaving her satisfied, he made her clean off his dick with her mouth, sucking her juices from his still hard dick.

Alex dressed and opened the door to leave when–

“Hi Ms. Henderson, your maintenance request said you need something lubed up?”

“Oh, yes, I hope that wasn’t too detailed,” the vapid woman in Apt 629 breathed as she let him in.

Fortunately, his supervisor didn’t care. “No, not a problem, now let’s get this taken care of.”

“Mmmmmmmm, yessss.” She took his hand and practically dragged him to the bedroom. As she took off her clothes, Alex stripped his off, too, pulling his boxerbriefs off over his curved legs, after taking off his pants and tshirt. His bare, flat chest pressed against her large breasts as they kissed before he travelled down to prepare her for a deep dicking. These MILFs were too easy, but it kept his over-producing balls at reasonable levels so he didn’t mind that they weren’t necessarily his favorite. But he was a young guy – at this point, he’d pretty much fuck anything that moved. Or didn’t move.

An hour later, he withdrew from the woman’s loose cavity and put his clothes back on. He went to leave her apartment and–

“Mrs. Morrison, it says here that you need, uh, a big hose for, uh, something?”

The woman looked slightly embarrassed and pulled Alex from the threshold of Apt 113.

“Hey! Not so ruff, we can save that for later,” he winked at her.

As she slammed the door, she pushed him up against the wall and kissed him, roughly, feeling his growing erection through his pants. “Take those off so we can get to business,” she hissed and practically skipped to the bedroom.

Alex shook his head and muttered, “dumb blondes” as he shucked his shoes and took off his tool belt. He pulled the t-shirt off over his budding chest and left it in the entryway, leaving his pants by the bedroom door and stripped off his briefs as he got to the bed. The current lay, Mrs. Morrison, had tiny breasts relative to what he was used to, but he loved that she liked his thick dick up her back door. Not needing to go through any foreplay, Alex spit on his hand, rubbed it over his dick, and plunged it in with little fanfare. The sex was mechanical but he made Mrs. Morrison moan, and got his rocks off while he was on the clock, so who cared?

Leaving her satisfied 45 minutes later with a healthy double deposit, he pulled his clothes back on and left to go to the next–

“Mrs. Seaford, the slip just says you need help with something?” Alex asked.

“Right, come on in, Alex. There’s an issue in the bedroom that I think only you can solve,” she pulled him by his lean, thick forearm to the bedroom. She ran over to the bed and sat down, patting the area next to her. Taking the hint, he sat down, too.

“The last few months have been uh-MAZE-ing, but a little quirk has come up,” she started, as Alex was already pulling his shirt up to expose his hard 6-pack.

When the shirt was tossed unceremoniously on the floor, he responded, “Oh?”

“Yeah, so, my husband kinda found out–”

–Alex jumped at that and started to run–

“–No, no! It’s okay! He found out, and he’s fine with it. But he has a request: He wants to watch.”

Alex looked at her, incredulously. “What?”

“I want to watch,” a deep voice sounded from the doorway. Alex turned and saw a big bear of a man, covered in hair with a large, hard dick pointing out from his crotch.

“Um, I should, uh, go?” Alex responded, unsure of himself.

Mrs. Seaford stood up and took him by the wrist, pulling him gently back to the bed and kissed his neck. “No, really, it’s fine,” she kissed down his chest, licking around his nipples and down his stomach. She pulled off his pants and briefs, and took his hardening, 7" into her mouth. Alex leaned his head back and closed his eyes, and when he felt Mrs. Seaford move, he opened them to see her husband sitting in a chair, slowly stroking himself.

Figuring he wasn’t in any danger and was still going to get laid, Alex let himself enjoy the stimulation, including when the woman mounted him and rode him. Alex didn’t last long, surprising himself, and five minutes later he was getting dressed and leaving through the door–

Alex knocked on Apt 269. When the door opened, he saw the young couple that had moved in just last week.

“Hi, the maintenance card says you need help with a,” he looked down, “O-ring?”

Mr. and Mrs. Menendez looked at each other, and pulled him into the apartment. Figuring his reputation preceded him, Alex didn’t fight it.

“That’s right,” the woman said, already pulling her shirt off and unhooking her bra.

“O-ring, O-face, O…ing, whatever gets you in here, stud. We want to sample the goods,” the other man said as he started to feel Alex’s muscular chest through his tight shirt. Alex moaned as the man breathed on his neck and gently flicked at his nipple studs, while the man’s wife undid Alex’s belt and pulled his pants down to free his raging erection. The couple pleasured him as he pleasured them, sucking on Mr. Menendez’s thick uncut Latin cock while his wife sucked his, then switching. Finally, Alex double-dicked Mrs. Menendez with her husband, the two cocks pressed tightly together in the young woman’s tight opening. All three came together, spasming as the two men released thick loads of cum into the woman. When she lifted off, Mr. Menendez turned around and sucked all the juices from Alex’s still hard, thick penis.

Satisfied, Alex left the apartment and–

“Hi Mr. Patel.”

“Hi Alex, come on in,” replied the man in Apt. 401.

“I wasn’t sure what the issue was, the writing was hard to read, so lemme know and I can go get the right tools.”

“No, looks like you have all the right equipment,” Mr. Patel responded as he looked the tall man up-and-down.

Alex smiled.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” Mr. Patel led the way.

When they got to the bedroom, Alex was glad that he had gotten away from briefs lately, finding his jockstrap much easier to take off over his muscular ass and thick legs. “I’m not gay…” Mr. Patel started to say before Alex put his finger over Mr. Patel’s lips.

“Me, neither,” he responded.

Alex looked over to the chair to see Mrs. Patel, naked, fingering her clit with one hand and breasts with another. Alex raised his eyebrows in a “come here” gesture, and she rose and walked to the two men on the bed. She proceeded to give Alex head, enjoying playing with his guiche with her finger. Mr. Patel stroked himself to an easy erection, watching them. When Alex was nice and hard, his 7.5" thick cock an angry red, Mrs. Patel retreated back to the chair and Mr. Patel presented his hole to Alex. Unceremoniously, Alex spat on Mr. Patel’s hole, rubbed it for a moment with his cockhead, and then plunged in.

He fucked the man for a quarter-hour, switching positions twice, and leading to Mr. Patel’s own orgasm in each position. What finally led to Alex’s release was when Mr. Patel’s hole clenched for a third time as he was running his hands over Alex’s hard chest, playing with his large nipple rings and sending shivers of stimulation across Alex’s body. Alex released a large load into Mr. Patel’s hungry hole. He pulled out, leaving the man to drip on the bed and him and his wife to clean up.

Alex threw his pants on and left shirtless–

“Dude, I’ve been calling you all day, my pipes need some serious snaking,” Dante, from Apt. 741, said angrily.

“C’mon, I had some real work to do today,” Alex replied as he walked in the door.

“Sure, sure, I know, but you know I can’t get enough of all you,” the man felt up Alex’s firm arms and chest, before settling on his growing trouser snake.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom,” Alex suggested.

As the two men walked the short distance, Alex stripped off his pants, jock, and tank top, glad for the loose uniform requirements of a maintenance man. Anything more formal would likely have been too tight for the jock’s tight, muscular body. He wouldn’t admit it, but he loved playing with Dante because the man was almost his complete opposite. Dante’s ebony skin contrasted with Alex’s milky white, Dante’s thin body contrasting with Alex’s bulk. They were matched in the dick department, both sporting thick, 8" cocks, but Alex didn’t care about that for Dante: It was all about Dante’s giant booty.

Both were naked by the time they got to the bedroom, and Alex pushed Dante onto the bed, face down. Dante, knowing what was coming, shoved his ass up in the air, and Alex got to town, diving down and licking all over the hole, tongue-fucking the winking rosebud to get it nice and ready for a long fuck. He reached under and stroked Dante a little, but focused more on Dante’s chest and back than his dick. He wanted to show Dante that it was about Alex’s pleasure, he was the alpha.

When Dante was moaning continuously and his knees were almost going to collapse, Alex shoved a pillow under Dante and aimed his dick at Dante’s quivering hole. Alex loved this part, using his curved bar Prince Albert to line things up from a distance, and without warning rammed his thick dick into Dante’s hole. Dante gasped at the penetration, and Alex gave him a moment to adjust. He then slowly pulled out, just so the tip was left in, and thrust back. He continued for the next half hour, varying his pace, position, angle, and thrust length, such that by the time he was done, Dante was an incoherent mess. Dante had probably cum at least twice by this point. When Alex was finally getting close, he pulled all the way out, and then rammed back in, burying his dick all the way to the hilt so his massive balls slapped up against Dante’s heavy ass. With a roar, he unloaded for what seemed like over a minute, and then he collapsed on Dante’s sweaty form.

They laid like that for several minutes, Alex making sure his seed was staying put, before he withdrew. Dante opened his mouth, and Alex obliged, putting his slightly softening dick into Dante’s mouth so he could clean it off. When it was just wet with spit, Alex got up from the bed, put on his jock strap and pants, and left the room.

Alex raised a muscular arm to his head, feeling through his brown buzz cut for any blood or bruising. Feeling none, he got up off the floor and looked around. The puddle he had slipped in was gone. However, at the door was Michael, wearing a clean, pressed suit.


“Michael,” they greeted each other.

Michael looked the man over. Alex was almost as tall as he was, filled with gym-based muscle, and wearing loose pants and a tight shirt with the sleeves ripped off. He wasn’t over-built, but he looked like he would be at home as a backup on a college football team.

“Is there any way I can convince you to wear a nicer uniform?”

“Aww, c’mon, man. I only took this job ’cause you said I could fuck the guests and there wasn’t a dress code.”

Michael exhaled and shook his head slightly in moderate - but partly feigned - frustration. “Fine. But you need to wear your name tag. And we’ll get you something similar that at least has the resort staff colors. Otherwise, guests won’t know you’re staff.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Michael responded.

Michael reached into his pocket and pulled out a name tag, pinning it to Alex’s shirt: “ALEX: HEAD OF MAINTENANCE.”

Author’s Post-Script: How was that chapter? As I said, something very different than the others so far. I tried to build the physical transformation in a little at a time, and focus more on the mental changes which were also gradual. However, I’m not really sure if I nailed what y’all’re looking for with respect to a real “Mind Control” kind of story. I don’t want to do a basic hypnotist thing, that’s not this story, but I’d like to do better, if I can, on what folks want with respect to the mental changes. In this particular chapter, the physical was definitely secondary, and I did not go into detail on them, in contrast with the last part (Pool Boys). Anyway, as usual, please leave any comments on how you liked it, any requests (more detail = more likely I can do it), and let me know how I can improve!

Oh, and I’ve been putting out one part every day so far … that’s going to change soon, likely with this one. I have lots of travel coming up, and while I’ve been using this as a distraction from work, I have some deadlines coming up that need to take priority.

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