Luke and Locker Room Banter

By AwesomeJohnsonD
published April 18, 2019

Another mortal another wish. A redhead named Luke gets bullied at the gym. The wondorous Djinn comes in to offer his assistance making some changes that surely backfire.

Here is another one guys. I generally wanna do this series in smaller formats but do have a few long ones on the way. I hope you enjoy and plan to update with another chapter next Wednesday. AwesomeJD

Djinn Amir simply smiled at his next master. His name was Luke. A scrawny redhead barely reaching 5’5”. His body skinny and lanky with no real muscle definition whatsoever. To make matters worse his pale, white alabaster skin was covered in dark red acne at the ripe age of twenty-four. To be fair he was “trying” in a sense. He was currently working out at the gym, even though his coordination prevented him from getting any real significant workout in. He would simply try a few weight machines, maybe free weights if he was up to it, and some cardio but he did not have the knowledge of a bodybuilder, and it truly showed. His weak grunts echoed through the gym as he attempted to lift a mere ten pound dumbells. This earned the unwanted attention that always prevented him from going to the gym in the first place.

The hardest part for him was the overall intimidation. The other male gym goers would simply point and laugh, mocking him in between their sets. Luke simply tried his best to ignore him even though his feelings were only amplified when he would go to the locker room. Luke believed they only would follow him in even though they weren’t finished with their workout to show off. A little “showboaty” and conceited but it would typically make Luke feel like a lesser man. It was sad in a way, this was the only place to workout for miles and the staff almost accommodated the muscle heads bullying. Hell, it seemed like they were never around.

There was one guys who was the absolute worst. His name was Jonah and he was truly Luke’s archenemy. Jonah would constantly make absurd gestures and would harass Luke, calling him “gay” and “fag” whenever he walked by. It was pathetic really, Luke was a straight guy, a virgin, but definitely straight. Just because he was smaller, weaker, and less attractive did not make him gay or any lesser.

Luke finally gave out one last huff before making his way to the locker room. The Djinn simply stood by as he watched a few of the other gym goers, including Jonah, point and begin to follow.

Amir reappeared standing in the corner of the locker room not making himself known to his mortal just yet just as the others followed in.

“Get a nice pump in today you little queer.” Jonah said forcing Luke into the corner of the locker room.

“Come on man. I….,” Luke was cut off.

“Ohh come on man.” Jonah said in a almost comedic voice, mocking Luke. “Oh come on man,” he repeated hitting Luke in the shoulder. He was pushed back further into the corner and pulled his arms up to his head to hid his head. Jonah went for another hit making Luke flinch, only to laugh and walk back out to the gym.

“Fucker,” Luke whisphered.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY!?,” Jonah said loudly turning around.

Luke only receded, “Nothing geeezzzz.”

“That’s what I thought.” Jonah finally left followed by his goons into the weight room.

Luke sat on the bench rubbing his shoulder. I wish I was bigger than that asshole.

Like clockwork Amir made himself appear out of thin air scaring the hell out of Luke. “WHAT THE HELL!” Luke screamed, “HOW DID YOU DO THAT!” Luke was simply stunned at the stunning Arabic man before him. He was huge with muscle covering every inch of his body. He was even stunned by the hair that seemed to cover him head to toe. While straight, he definitely appreciated the good looking man.

“It is I, Djinn Amir, here to grant a mortal three wishes.” Amir smiled his classic grin, “I can fulfill all your hopes and desires. Simply say I wish and I will work wonders before your eyes.”

A thousand questions were running through Luke’s mind but he simply shoved those aside still unbelieving. “Listen dude, I am tired of being messed with just leave me alone.”

“But I can’t leave you alone, you are my master.” Amir replied.

Luke rolled eyes and stood up. He was done with the nonsense. He was was going to change in a bathroom stall and then go home, where he would need to do some research to find another gym. But when Luke stood and he tried to shove his way past Amir, but his hand simply went through him. Luke stood frozen, his hand inside this ethereal deity. He only felt the unmoving air before him but yet his hand was inside a….ghost.

“Ahh master you do see I am not like you,” Amir frowned, “but it is rather unpleasant have your hand rest on my lung.” Luke quickly receded only making the djinn laugh. “I just kid master! I feel nothing.” He quickly started waving his own hands through his body.

Luke just shook his head. “Okay so I get what, three wishes, is that what it usually is?”

“Only three.” Amir confirmed.

“And like…why me? I don’t have a lamp.”

Amir rolled his eyes. “Do you really want to get into semantics. I know your mind is drowning in thoughts. Tell me your wish master!”

Luke thought for a second and a spark of genius hit him. “I wish I were bigger than Jonah. I am tired of being bullied.”

The Djinn smiled and clicked his fingers. “Your wish is done. You will get amusement out of this I have summoned him to the bathroom.”

“Won’t he see you?” Luke asked. The djinn only raised his finger silencing him.

Jonah came walking back into the locker room shouting, “Be right back I gotta take a piss all of a sudden!” He quickly turned to Luke and his expression turned to anger “What are you still doing here you little bitch.” He quickly grabbed his stomach and hunched over moaning. “Ahhh what the fuck.”

While Jonah did not know what was happening Luke quickly took notice that Jonah was getting smaller. It was noticeable on his arm first as they were exposed in his tank-top. Arms that could bench one-hundred and eighty pounds were quickly depleting. Jonah felt his arm and quickly made his way to the mirror. It was the first time he stood up straight and his pants quickly fell to the ground. He looked over at himself and saw that, while his arms were shrinking significantly, so was his entire physique. His tank was becoming less filled out and longer, covering most of his crotch as his height fell, quickly flowing to his knees. His tall 6’4" frame quickly became 5’6", then 5’0", until stopping at 4’10". He was much shorter than Luke now. His legs became short and lanky, losing all the definition in his thighs but oddly keeping a nice perky posterior. He could see that his body was losing most of its hair leaving him with smooth tan skin. While Luke could not see Jonah’s junk shrouded in the now, overly large tank-top, Amir assured him that it was miniscule now, only 3 inches in length erect.

Jonah turned to Luke, “What did you do! Please…help.”

Jonah curled on the floor as his frame became smaller. His arms and torso were similar to Luke’s now as one of the straps to his tank top slipped off one of his shoulders. He stood up again and his underwear slipped to the ground and Jonah’s cheeks turned red from embarrassment. He quickly turned to the mirror again and was shocked at what was before him. He was small now, short, lanky, skinny, small. His body only weighing one-hundred and twenty pounds with no muscle, no body hair, and no real sense of manliness he once exuded. His facial features had soften making him seem a lot younger than he once was. Pehaps, he was younger.

He pulled up his underwear up, covering his modesty, but the tank top and shorts were a lost cause. Too large to even stay on his wimpy frame. Holding his underwear in place, he turned to Luke, “What happened to me! I…..I…..I’m small.”

The Djinn took such amusement in the change just chuckling and smiling as Jonah had his meltdown. “Ahh master well done. You really showed him.” Jonah quickly tried to make a run for it, hightailing it out of the locker room and surely away from other people.

For Luke, the whole scene before him was amusing but he felt somewhat bad for Jonah. Be it the good person that he is, he saw that his wish totally backfired. He did not want Jonah to become small, he wanted to become big. Jonah was simply a casualty in all of this, and now, years of hard work at the gym were for nothing. And Luke could not get over the fact that he changed Jonah’s physical characteristics. He simply looked like a man-child with a memory that would surely cause some PTSD. He had surely got his revenge, he just needed to use another wish to fix this.

“Hey. So that was cool and all but he is going to be like, somewhat messed up from that whole ordeal. Like mentally fucked up. And what the hell did you change his age?” Luke said.

“Oh but master I simply interpreted your wish as revenge for what he did to you earlier. And yes I changed his age to be a few years younger than you. Now you will really feel bigger than him."

“Well you kind messed another person up for. That’s not cool.” Luke said.

I am sorry if I was suppose to direct my magic at you.” Amir apologized, “Let me make it up to you! You still have two wishes.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “Fine I wish Jonah was normal again. Hopefully he learned his lesson.”

Amir shook his head, “I am sorry master but I cannot undo a wish. The wish you inflicted on Jonah is permanent.”

“Seriously! Like he’s stuck like that?”

Amir nooded. “Sadly so.”

Luke felt a pang of sadness. “How can I make this up to him?” While it was unusual for Luke to feel so guilty to his former bully, there was still a pang of remorse for what he did to another person.

“Uhhhh I wish Jonah is happy in his new body.” Luke said.

Amir smiled and snapped his fingers. “It is done.”

Luke nodded. At least he did something about Jonah. Now he could focus on himself.

“Finally, one final wish for me. Now please don’t fuck this up. I wish I had the physique of someone who works out constantly and loves his body.”

Amir smiled and snapped his fingers, “It is done and I have fulfilled my duty.” He body dissolved into the air.

“Hey what the…..” Luke almost swore but his body tensed up. He quickly made his way to the mirror and lifted his shirt to see a six-pack begin to form in his abs. His pecs were also growing as he noticed his stance straighten and widen and his arms thicken with muscle. Luke poked one of his pecs feeling it grow and the sensitivity in them made him moan in pleasure. He began to feel the rest of his body, his hands almost like lightning on the skin. He shredded his clothes off rubbing himself until he reached down to his cock feeling it harden and grow in length. His once 5 inch member become a whopping 8.5 inches in length, dripping in precum. His ass cheeks and thighs swelled, filling with hardened defined muscle, a feeling that caused him to moan with pleasure. Feeling his cheeks with his hands was incredible and he slapped his ass loving the feeling it gave him. He looked in the mirror seeing the beginnings of a five o’clock shadow, something genetically impossible for him until now, sprout into a full length red beard in seconds. His body was also sprouting red hairs making him rub down the itch, but only making him feel more pleasure from the touch. Even his pubs grew making a nice formiable bush against his new set of dick and balls.

His legs began to lengthen and his height skyrocketed to 6’6” as his body finally stopped filling with muscle. He took a look at his face to see the acne was clearing and his jawline square away giving him the face of a model. His hair lengthen into a barbered cut, shaping into a handsome-as-hell hairstyle. He was absolutely cut from head to toe and he had a dick that anyone would die for, male or female. The once small lanky one-hundred and thirty-five pound man was now exceeding two-hundred and twenty in solid muscle. He turned his backside to the mirror and admired the new globes that extended out. Spanking them one more time feeling the electricity volt through his body. His balls had become significantly heavier, pumping precum out like a faucet due to the exploration of his body. Luke felt every ab, every cranny of his now massive frame. He tweaked his nipples only wishing he had piercings to help with the sensitivity. He reached around beginning to feel his asshole, something he never did before, sliding a finger in to “test the waters”. This only made him moan and he kept sliding it in and out losing control of his senses.

He continued to rub his body as the feeling did not fade even after the growth had ended. With a few quick runs of his cock he shot spurts of cum on the bathroom mirror. The largest he had ever came in his life. It lasted for nearly a minute before he caught his breath. When he was done, he began to grab his clothes only to realize they did not fit. He looked and saw the tank-top and shorts Jonah had left behind earlier. With such convenience, he quickly pulled the tank-top on only feeling the sensation of lightning on the skin. He began to feel himself again, the fabric only enhancing the feeling making it almost unbearable to wear it. It was too much pleasure.

He quickly took it off and did another round of rubbing himself off, oddly, his whole body and sometimes his cock, ass, and nipples, switching between places frequently. He even got to licking his biceps to add a little something in. It was simply to pleasurable to stop. He came a second time spreading his seed on the locker room floor.

Realization dawned on him when he went through the same cycle four more times. His whole body was sensitive and he was constantly loving and rubbing it. Then he realized he was hoodwinked by the Djinn. Now his body would be as sensitive as a cock for the rest of his days. The wish echoed in his head,* I wish I had the physique of someone who works out constantly and loves his body*. He surely loved his body now and he was hotter than a model on Instagram.

He quickly began to try and figure out a solution to his problem but first he had to figure out how to get out of the locker room without cumming.He went to reach for a towel, at least it was something, but as soon as the fabric touched his skin. He was at it again.

“Well fuck.” Luke said rubbing himself again sticking his finger in his ass ready for the sweet relief.

Jonah ran out of the gym and ducked into a nearby alley nearly having a panic attack. He had stupidly fled leaving his keys at the gym in his shorts. Now he stood mostly naked terrified at what he had become. Hell, he felt like he was in his teenage body with how small he had gotten and all the muscle he had lost. The once thirty-three year old bully was simply a twenty year old pipsqueak now.

In an instance his head felt dazed and he didn’t feel so worried anymore. In fact, he liked being out in his underwear. He oddly felt happy overall. He looked down to see his underwear shrink and shift turning into a black leather jock strap. He also noticed a black harness appear on his chest and. A collar around his neck with the name JoJo on it. He went to reach and touch it and once he did he felt compelled to fall on his hands and knees. He was so confused as to what was happening but oddly made it more horny.

He was still contemplating why he was doing this until someone came running for him.

“There you are pup!” A man yelled wearing an all leather outfit and cigar in his mouth, “What err you doing running around out here. Jonah looked at him but felt some kind of connection. “Look boy you forgot your favorite toy.” The man pulled out a dog tail shaped but plug and promptly stuck it up Jonah’s ass. He could feel the sensitivity of it, like it was always met to be a part of him. But it was not as good as his master’s cock, that always made him truly happy.

“Now we gotta get you home. Don’t want anybody seeing you. Were gonna have a good time tonight.” The man quickly connected a leash to JoJo’s neck and began to walk down the road. JoJo could not help but stick his face in his master’s crotch, feeling pure bliss from the smell. He could feel his small dick erect in his jock.

“Woof” barked JoJo, completely oblivious to his old life. He followed his new master home, happier as ever, shaking his ass the entire way.

The Djinn simply smiled admiring his work. He had now made two more horny men in the world and another summons would come any moment. Cracking his knuckles, Amir faded into the cosmos ready to relieve his hardened dick.

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