The Dating Chip

By Hypnosmiley published April 25, 2007
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Man signs up for a program that helps people find their perfect match

How could she do this to me? We dated for 5 years and she just throws me away like a used tissue.

I loved Rachel but I knew she was a cold hard bitch from the start!

I never thought she would be cold enough though to break up with me on my birthday, on the answering machine! COLD BITCH!

Crying from my broken heart I went in search of a new girlfriend. Not being the most attractive man I decided to try the net first.

After surfing the net for a while and looking at the obvious sites, I decided to do a little porn surfing instead. Just as I was about to unzip my member, I saw a flashing advert up the top like a banner. So I clicked on it with nothing to loose.

Welcome to the new age of dating. The new scientific way of dating! THE CHIP. Like most of everything about your potential mate but not all? In this dating agency you can change it with a simple button. AND ITS FUN. Once you have the chip installed it’s a race for you to find the one you want before someone finds you. Call today.

Well what did I have to loose. I sat in this sterile office and filled out a preference card. Well lets see I like to look my woman in the eye so 6"1. Green eyes, brown hair, toned and Athletic. Must be a Non-smoker. That’ll do I’m not picky.

I completed important details of address and contact details were given as a pre requisite to play the game you need to be able to find the person and you can be found.

The chip was inserted at the nape of the neck. It was explained that it operates like hypnosis. Once the person is put into the change state they remain that way for a maximum of 48hrs. Unless the person I control is satisfied with the changes. Aware of what is happening but unable to stop it as they type the changes and the chip downloads it to the brain.

It was just a matter of day surgery. I was out and didn’t waist any time. Logged straight on to the web. With a simple log in it brought matches of my preferences up. The search was on I decided to try and find someone in my area. About two hours went by when I found her everything I wanted but she smoked but hey! I can change that. I grabbed my remote and programmed her sequence so I could just point and click and get ready for the download when I found her.

I ran for the door, just as I was about to open it the doorbell rang.

I open the door to find a tall guy standing there about 6"1, green eyes and in good shape. “Can I help you? I’m just on my way out.”

He looked me up and down “Kurt?” in an excited and smirking way.

“Yeh that’s me?” “Look ive gotta ……”

He lifted a remote and pressed a button.

I fell completely silent and could feel my face go blank. The guy grabbed me and took me back inside the house.

“Well I suppose I should introduce my self. I’m Kyle your new partner. Now I know your straight but that’s nothing a simple little keyboard command wont fix. Lets see you’re a little chubbed around the edge. Well a morning routine can fix that. In fact you’re going to be my jock before too long. Jeeze im getting a little turned on”

Kyle reached into his pocket pulled out a cigar and started to go through the motions of clipping and burning the end before placing it in his mouth and lighting the cigar. He drew on the end of the cigar and blew puffed and blew each time making the flame of his Zippo retaliate violently as clouds of thick billowy smoke exhaled from his mouth. He caped the Zippo and took a deep inhale of his lit cigar. The end glowed he removed it and exhaled a long thick billowy smoke. And he smiled a wicked smile. "Don’t worry their Kurt my boy you will be able to this to and you’ll like it.’ "God bless this chip! Now I activated yours, mine deactivates, your mine and no changing. He walked away and turned on my computer and began to type the new commands.

In side my own shell of a body all I could think was “no” this cant be it I don’t smoke and I’m not gay. Damn. That’s when I realised I didn’t list woman or man on my preference. I left my self wide open for the attack.

I felt a small jolt to my body and another and another. I suddenly had the urge to run a mile and come back and do a set of push-ups, chin ups and crunches. Oh god its starting…. Or was it? …….. I usually do that, hang on no I don’t im no athlete, no wait I run, don’t I? No its ok maybe It wont work. Kyle reappeared “here we go”

He began to undress me. Shirt then pants leaving me nothing but my jocks. He still had his cigar and the smell of it was making me nauseous. He moved around smoothing his hands over my body. I felt violated “feeling sexy yet” he asked. “Fuck you, you arsehole im not gay” I shouted in my mind and wanted nothing more than to clock one right across the jaw.

Gagging and gasping for air another set of jolts went through my body and another then another. Suddenly the smell of his cigar smelt sweet and rich. Oh shit it really was working. I hate smoking. Didn’t I? Wait no I didn’t I smoked a cigar on the hour every hour and when I did I felt like a man should feel, masculine strong brutish, not only that I got excited and turned on. Watching someone smoke turned me on too and when I saw some one I’d have to light one up as soon as possible.

Kyle could see me attempting to smell the smoke his grin widened. “One more major one baby” with that he ripped my underwear away and revealed my flaccid penis. “Still nothing hey” he began to caress me and smooth his hands over my cock and arse. I felt tears rolling down my face. I was being taken advantage of and nothing I could do. Kyle took a puff of his cigar held the smoke and then put my cock in his mouth releasing the smoke around it. The tears streamed down my face. He placed my cock down and let it hang, Flaccid and lifeless. The fact that I was not getting excited seems to disappoint him.

Then… Jolt Jolt Jolt. Blood began to flow to the appropriate areas. I sniffed the surrounding and the sweet aromatic cigar smoke filled my nostrils my dick began to swell to its full eight inches. It felt good to have my butt caressed. It was then when my heart skipped a beat and I realised how attractive Kyle was with his green illuminated eyes and his tone body. His smile broadened once more. He placed the cigar in his mouth and drew on it. The end glowed red it was very intense the thrill it sent through my spine I felt like I was going to burst then but he grabbed my rock hard cock and stuck it into his mouth and let the smoke bellow of it. His tender stroking was too much to bare I came with a loud cry and Kyle drank it all in.

When he was finished Kyle walked over picked up his remote and pressed release. I Stretched walked over to Kyle and took his cigar and placed it in my mouth, I took a deep in hale and slowly blew the smoke I Kyle face. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in close, nose to nose I could smell a mix of cigar smoke, sweat and that made me hard again in a second. I kissed him passionately and ran my hands down his chest and abs lifted his shirt over his head never loosing his gaze. My cock hard jutted against his thigh. I reached down and felt his thickness pulsing through his jeans, but as I went to unzip he stopped me?

“Hold onto that thought lover. you haven’t been for you run this morning. When you get back ill give you a work out.”

It’s now 12 months down the track Kyle and me live together and I’m in the best shape of my life. I enjoy a fine cigar and watch my boy bring out a birthday cake with sparking candles that twinkle in his green eyes. Thanks to technology I found the love of my life with a flick of a switch…………

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Category: Reprogramming   Tags: #chip #mind control #cigar
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