Part 6: The Pool Boys

By astrolub published April 17, 2019

Four of the guys try to escape, find themselves trapped in The Grotto, and think they have a plan to escape being reprogrammed into a gay fetish.

Author’s Note: This is the first part to involve multiple guys in similar - yet different - transformations, and it hits A LOT of different fetishes. This is a part I’ve been looking forward to since I started the story, and it’s over twice as long as any of the others so far. It also involves primarily younger guys (legal!) and some jock/twink transformations (though not the main ones I have planned in later parts), so I suspect (hope?) that this will get a lot of juices flowing, since I know those are among the most popular. I will admit that this took some turns I did not plan out, but the story just seemed to go in certain directions. As always, please let me know how you like it!

Part 6: The Pool Boys

Danton, Oliver, Jordon, and Lukas all took different paths, started at different times, but all ended up banging at the same door before Lukas actually tried the handle and the door opened into the center of the resort. The area was surrounded by the resort’s rooms on all sides, but it was an outdoor courtyard with a tiki bar on one side with tempered glass tables and wooden chairs, numerous lounge chairs scattered about with large umbrellas shading them, and a vast pool in the middle. Above the tiki bar was a large sign painted in bright, rainbow colors that read, “The Grotto.” The pool deck looked like a white and blue tile mosaic, but it felt soft, like a playground floor made of recycled tires.

The pool itself was oddly shaped, had two raised hot tubs at one end, with waterfalls cascading from the hot tubs into the main pool. That was the deeper end and the bottom was difficult to make out. Surrounding the hot tubs and deep end were rock-like structures with tropical plants, built up and also cascading with little waterfalls into the main pool. It all looked very expensive.

The guys took in the sight at slightly different times because the swiftness of the door opening resulted in them toppling on top of each other.

By the time Lukas, who had the unfortunate luck of being on the bottom of the pile, had gotten up and shaken shaken the non-existent dirt off his t-shirt and shorts, the other guys had scattered across the courtyard trying to find another way out. Unsurprisingly, there was none. Indeed, when they tried the door that had let them into The Grotto, it, too, was locked and there was no way they could get it open. Danton, in frustration, grabbed one of the wooden chairs and threw it at the door as hard as he could, his lanky muscles straining at the effort. It just bounced off, the doors not moving at all in response to the assault.

For lack of much else to do at the moment but maybe try to bounce ideas off each other, the four men sat down near the bar under one of the umbrellas to try to take stock of their situation. Oliver and Jordon sat next to each other, while Danton and Lukas took the other side of the rectangular table.

Neither Oliver nor Jordon were at all used to being nor feeling trapped. They had both come from WASPy, high-status and -wealth families. They hadn’t known each other growing up, but both were in the same year and frat at a private, New England college. They relied on their looks, confidence, money, and family for everything, and their similarities made them fast friends. Their physical appearances were quite different, though. While Oliver was pale (or would be if he spent less time outside), Jordon had a darker olive complexion, betraying his Greek heritage; neither had any tattoos nor piercings. Oliver’s hair was a dirty blonde, while Jordon’s was black as ebony. Oliver’s blue eyes contrasted with Jordon’s deep brown. However, their builds were very similar, each being almost 6’ tall, and moderately muscular while still lean. While in college, they were known among both their frat brothers and the sorority sisters to often tag-team the same girl, being not only inseparable in their social life, but in their bedroom life. The girls had no problem with that, finding the young college studs a great lay with contrasting but fulfilling equipment: Oliver was above average at 7" cut, but thin, while Jordon was a bit below average at 5.5" uncut, and thick. The rumor was that their dicks were the same size, by volume.

Both Danton and Lukas are the foreign students of our chapter, but they speak excellent (or maybe slightly broken) English for our purposes. From France, Danton was an average, nondescript, lanky guy with moderate musculature and in his final year of college. He was not unintelligent, but his temper too often got the better of him and betrayed what cooler thinking might have revealed. His single rebellious streak against his parents was getting his ears pierced, though this was hardly rebellious in the 21st century. Lukas was from Holland, raised by the sea, his parents owning a bakery in the touristy town. He had gone to college in America to try to break out of centuries of what he perceived as little ambition from his family, yet in his heart of hearts, he longed to go back, settle down in the same town, marry a nice, pretty woman, and have children, repeating the cycle. The simplicity of that in the modern world was incredibly attractive to the small town boy.

Having paused our tale for the exposition, we again find the four sitting around the bar table trying to figure out what to do. Lukas was looking down at his hands, distraught; Danton was fidgeting angrily; and Oliver and Jordon were looking around, visually searching for any sort of escape.

Danton was the first to speak: “What do we do?”

“Dunno,” Oliver replied.

Several more minutes of silence commenced, before Jordon spoke. “Well, we can’t just sit here.”

“What do we do, then?” Lukas asked in a soft, quiet voice.

Again, several minutes of silence.

“Fuck this shit!” Danton exclaimed. English profanity was something he had spent a long time learning and perfecting in America. “We need to find water or something to drink. Or we die. Or turn homo and our lives to be over.”

The three other men exchanged worried looks, knowing that he was right. “Okay, so we have a problem, we need to find a solution,” Jordon suggested.

Oliver responded, “Let’s do a careful search around and see if we can find any source of liquid that might not be tainted.”

In lieu of any other bright ideas, the guys agreed, and they split up. Thirty minutes later, they were all back at the bar, sitting at their table, with nothing to show for their efforts but a sheen of sweat from the tropical heat. Used to being naked and banging broads together, Oliver and Jordon had been the first to strip down to just shorts, removing even their shoes due to the soft material coating the courtyard. They had done this during the search, such that when they all got back to the bar, Danton saw their state, shrugged, and did the same. Lukas was shy, but his softer, mildly pudgy features led him to be even hotter than the others, so after a few moments of internal debate, he also stripped off his shirt and shoes.

By this point, it was late-afternoon, and none of them had eaten nor had anything to drink for several hours. They had also lost water through sweat, and all were starting to get desperate.

It was Lukas who got the idea first: “What about the pool?”

“Huh?” asked Oliver.

“The pool. It’s water, right?”

“Yeah…” Jordon responded with a drawn-out syllable.

“Oh! I see: What if we to drink it?” Danton asked.

“But they said the water was contaminated,” Oliver looked at the two foreigners incredulously.

“But they said they laced every ‘clean source of water’ with the nanites, but pool water is for swimming. It has lots of filters and it has lots of chemicals. So even if they put the nanites in the pool, shouldn’t they be gone by now?”

Jordon and Oliver looked at each other in thought, looked at the pool, and back to Lukas. The logic seemed to make sense, and neither of them could argue with it.

Danton, however, did: “Don’t you think they would have thought of that? Nanites are tiny, the root word is ‘nano,’ as in 1 billionth of a meter small. Pool filters don’t filter that shit.”

Lukas replied, “But what about the pool chemicals? It smells very strong of chlorine that could destroy nanites. We might get a bit sick, but we would live until help comes.”

Danton opened his mouth to respond, closed it, opened it again, and responded adamantly, “I still think they have thought of that. Why trap us out in this shitty courtyard if not?”

“Do you have a better idea?” Oliver asked.

Danton’s mouth opened once and then closed shut, tightly: He did not.

“Is there an alternative?” Jordon asked.

Again, silence.

Finally, “I am not doing it, I will wait it out or determine something else. If there is no obvious solution now, does not mean one is not there,” Danton responded. “But feel free to drink it up and fuck yourselves over, but don’t expect me to save you.”

The other three looked at each other, and shrugged. They were extremely thirsty by this point, and they saw no alternative. So, as Lukas got up, Jordon and Oliver followed, and they walked over to the pool, feeling the soft pool deck beneath their feet. Lukas, more used to open water, crouched down and dipped his mouth to the calm, gently rippling pool surface, and slurped. Feeling no different, he drank some more. Jordon and Oliver watched him carefully, and seeing zero indication of anything awry, followed suit but used their hands to bring the liquid to their mouths. Danton just watched, stoically, from the table, arms crossed over his lean, lightly muscled, hairy chest.

When the three were done, they walked back to the table and sat. Danton tweaked his nipple and asked sarcastically, “Does this turn you fuckers on?” Jordon reached across and smacked him hard, shocking Danton and knocking him almost off the seat.

Temper flaring, Danton scrambled up. Lukas jumped up and scrambled away, looking to avoid what seemed to be a brewing fight. Jordon and Oliver both jumped out of their chairs, ready to defend their masculinity and “no homo bro.”

Danton’s anger at the overall situation - and at being pushed - was not easily diffused, and he lashed out at both Jordon and Oliver when confronted. While he was taller, he was less muscled, and even if it were an even one-on-one fight, he would never win against two.

However, Jordon and Oliver were feeling magnanimous, and they saw an opportunity: Un pour tous, tous pour un, to use the Latin – in other words, fuck it all, they were in this together. As Danton took a swing at Jordon, Oliver went low and grabbed Danton about his waist. Startled, and with the air knocked from his lungs, Danton could not react in time and was dragged to the pool. A moment later, he was submerged, with Oliver and Jordon standing abreast at the pool’s edge. Danton flailed and sputtered, choking on the water that he had inhaled and trying to get his head above the surface. It was but a moment later that he realized the pool in that area was only 4-ft deep, and he could stand.

Glaring at everyone else but finally realizing there was really nothing that could be done, he stripped off his soaked shorts and stalked towards the pool’s stairs, walking very deliberately up and not looking at any of them. His member, concealed by a thick foreskin, was shriveled and smaller than usual due to the evaporative cooling, buried in a dense, dark bush.

After at least a minute of the three glaring at each other, Lukas called out, “Okay, guys, maybe we should just calm down. We have nothing to gain from fighting, and we still need to figure out how to get out of this mess.” The other three still glared at each other.

Trying a bit harder, Lukas yelled, “Okay, I’m tired, I’m going to nap.” He proceeded to pull one of the lounge chairs out from under an umbrella in order to bask a bit in the warm sun, not thinking about the dangers of skin cancer.

A few moments later, the tension left the other three young men and they decided to follow suit. The last few minutes had been slightly physically taxing, but the mental toll of the last several hours was exhausting.

Several hours later, Lukas, Jordon, and Oliver awoke to a loud splash sound and arose to see Danton in the well lit pool. While they had slept, the outdoor lights had lit to illuminate the area, and the pool itself included several submerged lights that gently alternated colors through a soft pastel spectrum. The seabreeze was coming in, wafting over the resort, giving the air a slightly salty smell and taste, and despite not having eaten for half a day, none of the guys were hungry.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Oliver yelled.

“Swimming, what it does look like?” Danton responded.

“I thought you were afraid of the water?” Jordon replied.

“Naw, the water est très bonne.”

Jordon and Oliver looked quizzically at each other, only to hear another splash as Lukas jumped in, splashing them in the process.

“Dude!” they shouted in unison.

“What?” Lukas called back.

“What.the.fuck?” Jordon and Oliver both said again, together.

“I’m hot after all that sun, and as Danton said, ‘the water is erg goed.’”

Oliver and Jordon again looked at each other in disbelief, wondering primarily what had gotten into Danton, but also wondering why Lukas had just jumped in and seemingly purposely splashed them. As they looked at each other, their eyes slowly widened, and they both said again, together, “Dude?”

Failing to capture the attention of Lukas and Danton, who were now lazily near the hot tubs, Oliver and Jordon looked more closely at each other, their features slowly changing before their eyes as the water from Lukas’ splash fell from their skin in small drops and rivulets.

Oliver’s initial changes were proceeding much more quickly than Jordon’s. While Jordon appeared to shrink slightly, by about 2", the same thing happened to Oliver. But, Oliver’s pale skin could be seen to yellow and darken slightly, matching Jordon’s skin tone. Oliver’s hair rapidly darkened, framing his face with raven-black locks that lengthened to the middle of his neck. Jordon’s dark hair also grew to the same point, and both their hair developed a soft wave. While Jordon’s eyes lightened and became a piercing cyan, Oliver’s eyes remained mostly the same, if only becoming a deeper blue like two hidden, very deep pools one might find in an undisturbed tropical forest.

As both of them shrank in height, their muscle tone diminished. In the end, they were left with tight, visible, but not protruding abdominals, and pecs that jutted a mere half inch from their chests. Their forearms showed lean, muscular strength, and their upper arms were similarly lean but firm. Their legs only lost a little muscle, remaining strong but not disproportionate, while their feet grew to a size 12-13 shoe, looking large on their bodies. If this was not distressing enough, both appeared to regress slightly in age, appearing just old enough to stay legal in your jurisdiction.

As the water continued to fall from their bodies, it took all body hair with it, leaving the boys appearing fresh-faced and smooth. As the last drops to leave their chest were about to fall, they reversed course, and each teen felt a small pressure that became pleasurable as it grew, revealing tiny curved bars through their pert nipples. The ends of the bars that faced each other had tiny fish heads, while the ends facing their arms had tiny fish tails. The water continued to fall and before it left each’s crotch, it restored Oliver’s foreskin, and then evened out each’s penis to just shy of 6", but thick.

Neither knew what to say or do, the bodies that they were familiar with having disappeared to be replaced by … this. They kept looking at each other, mouths slightly agape, appearing as identical as identical twins, save the shade of blue in their eyes. At the same time, they both jumped up, still looking at each other.

“Dude! What.the.fuck!? Stop that! Stop copying me!” They both said in unison. At this point, they heard deep laughter from the pool, and both turned their heads to look at its source.

While time had slowed for Jordon and Oliver while their transformation progressed, more drastic changes had happened more quickly for Danton and Lukas.

Danton had shrunk from his 6’ 3" frame, losing five inches to reach the same height as the new Jordon and Oliver. His skin remained the same, pale shade, while his build was slightly more muscular than the new twins, but still less than he was before. It was a lean build, optimized for swimming, and his feet had remained disproportionately large relative to the rest of his body. His body hair had almost completely disappeared: It was completely gone from his face, and there were just soft traces of the lightest black silk between his moderate pecs that travelled down to the family jewels, spreading out to surround his fully erect, 5.5" penis. The hair on his head had lightened from dark brown to almost a radiant blonde, a shade that might appear to glow if the sun was just right, and it was slick back with water that carried it to just above his shoulders. His earrings had disappeared, but his nipples were now pierced the same as Jordon and Oliver. His age had also regressed to about the same as Jordon and Oliver, but his eyes had shifted color to a deep midnight blue.

Lukas had changed the most. He had shot up from his 5’ 6" height to just over 6’. His softer features were now firm and angular, yet still slightly soft: It was the build of a college wrestler, firm with muscle, prominent arms, chest, legs, and ass, yet still a thin layer of fat to keep things gentle. Lukas’ skin color remained the same, a gentle peach, and his body had a similar hair pattern to Danton’s, though his pubic hair surrounded a more generous, 8" endowment also encased in a thick foreskin. He had no facial hair, but the hair on top of his head was much longer than the others’, reaching to the middle of the shoulder blades of his muscular back. His eyes had turned the color of dense sea foam. He had no jewelry adorning his body, save for a ring that curled around his right middle finger. The ring was of a curious design, gold in color, forming an incomplete circle. Where one end would have met the other, it took a 90° turn and travelled farther up his finger, branching into three spikes. The tip of each was adorned with tiny sapphires, and the point at which they split had a slightly larger diamond. Lukas had no tattoos on his skin, but he was behind Danton, and he could see what appeared to be a small tramp stamp above he left asscheek: The image of a merman.

Lukas’ laugh had been the one to call Jordon and Oliver, having deepened from a mid-range to one that would make a baritone jealous. When they turned to look at him, their mouths opened even more, stunned at the changes to the guys in the pool.

“Come on in!” Lukas called. Jordon and Oliver stayed still, and then the gold ring glowed ever so slightly. Both Jordon and Oliver felt a tiny click in their minds and wordlessly moved in sync to the water’s edge, diving in, and emerging next to Lukas.


“Shhhhh…” Lukas replied. “Boys, suck my tits.”

Again, his ring glowed slightly, and Jordon and Oliver moved at the same time and put their mouths on Lukas’ large, firm nipples, tonguing, sucking, and ever-so-slightly nibbling on them, trying to bring out the most pleasure. As he looked at both teens, he cupped their asses and saw the same tramp stamp tattoo above their left asscheek.

Danton stared at the blissed out boys and was, up to this point, completely ignorant of any of his own changes. All he saw was the other three, and while stunned for the relatively short period in which the last paragraphs transpired, he now took this opportunity to dart away.

“Stop!” Lukas yelled at him, and Danton stopped mid-stroke, floating in an odd position and elevation in the water, one that should not have been possible. “Danton, come back.” Slowly, Danton turned around and swam gently back to the trio.

“What the fuck is going on!? What the fuck happened?! What did you do to them?! How are you controlling me!?” He sputtered, his deep eyes glowing with fear.

“An interesting question,” Lukas mused, “but one that would take too much exposition. Have you even noticed your own changes?”

With that, Danton looked down at his own body, and became horrified at what he saw, and also horrified when he noticed his rock-hard erection.

“What happened?”

“Again, too much exposition. But let’s try something. Let’s see, if I do this, and think this, and twist this here, maybe press this …” he muttered as he fiddled with the ring. “Oh, fuck it. Get your ass over here.”

Danton swam over so his butt was within reach of Lukas’ hand. Lukas pressed his ring to Danton’s tattoo and Danton’s legs vanished, becoming a roughly four-foot-long tail with a fluke at the end (since the two parts at the bottom that his feet had turned into were in the plane of his body, not perpendicular to it). The appendage was colored similarly to Danton’s eyes, and it glistened slightly with small scales that shone with an iridescent quality in the pool’s colored lights. The seam between the scales and his upper torso formed a V-shape, following an inch or two below his obliques, the scales blending smoothly into his skin. Danton kept his new, large ass, and the scales shifted to smooth skin at his hole to not hurt anything that penetrated it.

When Danton had transformed, losing his legs, his body hair also disappeared. As did his penis. He still felt it, and he still felt that it was hard, but he wasn’t sure where it was. More concerned about that than the fact that his legs had turned into a fucking tail, he used his hands to search where his groin had been. He felt something similar to a seam, almost like his ass, or the opening to a female organ, and as his fingers felt over the area he shuddered in pleasure. His fingers pried further in, and found his penis, releasing it from the recess and letting it hang freely. During this process, he didn’t realize that he was able to maintain his elevation in the water without trying.

Lukas watched Danton’s brief search, only partially distracted by the twins on his nips. When Danton had released it, he again turned to Lukas, in rage, fear, and curiosity.

“It’s okay, everything’s okay now, come here,” Lukas said in his deep voice that sounded fatherly, despite the physical appearance of a man in his mid-20s.

Danton’s body betrayed him, operating independently of his mind. With a slight motion of his lower half, he again was right next to Lukas. Lukas realized that it might be hard to do this with the twins sucking on his chest, so he directed, “Jordon, Oliver. Go somewhere else in the pool and 69 each other. Suck each other, but you can’t cum.” The two boys quickly swam off, submerged to about two feet below the surface, and sucked each others’ dicks, their hair gently moving about their heads in concert with their sucking. Their eyes illuminated the immediate area around them, but they didn’t need light to know how to do what they were doing.

Lukas returned his attention to Danton. “Here’s the deal: The nanites were obviously in the water, and they transformed us. I’m the alpha, and you’re my bitch. Your body is now built for male pleasure, and you will experience that pleasure. And, you get a choice: You can either keep your straight, moderately homophobic mind as-is, and be content in the idea that you didn’t give in, despite your body fulfilling its desires. Or, you can give in and just accept what happened.”

Danton stared at him defiantly.

“Look, it’s your choice. I, personally, don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t choose the second, you’d be much happier. I can also guarantee that you really will be happy. But I can also guarantee that you will not get this choice again.”

Danton stared at him still.

Lukas sighed. “Okay, I can give you a small taste of what life will be like with your body. Or feel. Well, no, taste and feel. Start by sucking my dick.” Lukas’ ring glowed slightly again, and Danton dove under the water and swallowed Lukas’ large, erect phallus. Lukas gave a single thought, and in an instant, his own legs and feet disappeared, becoming a long tail with a fluke at the end, sea foam green to match his eyes. His penis stayed out during his transformation, and he used his new, longer appendage to gently push Danton’s head down, all the way down, to where his balls would be.

While Danton had Lukas’ large dick in his mouth, his world revolved entirely around it. He forgot everything else, where he was, who he was, the situation they were in, and even breathing, his skin now able to take in oxygen from the water. All that mattered was pleasing the organ that was now a fair bit down his throat. For several minutes, all he did was suck, and then he felt something else penetrating him. Lukas was fingering his ass.

With this new sensation, Danton’s thought processes were fixated now on two things, and he derived pleasure from both. When Lukas decided Danton was ready, he pushed him off his penis, spun him around in the water, and plunged his cock into Danton. Danton’s world now revolved around his hole, and nothing else mattered. His only thoughts were how to please what was buried in his chute. He undulated, he clenched, he writhed, and he was stationary, instinctually knowing how to do it all to give the phallus maximum pleasure. He was rewarded when he felt a warm current flow into him, and then Lukas withdrew.

Danton turned around, very quickly coming down from the sex high, and his anger returned. “What the fuck did you do to me? You just raped me! How could I be okay with that?!”

Lukas appeared momentarily sad, but his countenance took on a resigned look, and he tapped the ring, pointing it at Danton. The diamond glowed brightly for just a moment, and Danton froze in the water. After the moment passed, Danton looked at Lukas and asked, “Can we do it again?” Inward, Danton felt like he was banging against a clear glass box, screaming against what his body was now doing. But outwardly, Danton appeared to have fully embraced his lot as a sex-obsessed merman.

Lukas replied, “Maybe later. For now, why don’t you get out of the pool and straighten things up while I talk with the other guys.”

Danton nodded, quickly traversing the pool, and as he put his arms on the surface to hoist himself out, Lukas’ gold ring glowed softly and Danton’s legs returned. However, instead of being naked, a tight speedo with no apparent seam between the cloth and his skin appeared around his waist, hugging the contours of his ass, asshole, and cock and balls. The color was the same midnight blue as his eyes.

Lukas swam over to Jordon and Oliver, and en route, he, too, transformed back, his body hair also reappearing. For himself, he did not need to use the ring’s control, he could mentally change between his human and merman form.

Jordon and Oliver were still sucking each other off, which Lukas watched for a few minutes, rubbing his own erection, before deciding he needed to have the same conversation with them as he did with Danton. For their sakes, he hoped they would choose wisely.

He spoke loudly, “CUM!” Jordon and Oliver froze, but one could see their minor convulsions as they pumped several ounces of semen from their engorged balls, swallowing it all down. After giving them a moment to relax, he brought them above the water and his ring glowed briefly. As if a fog had lifted from their minds, they looked at Lukas, and each other, and moved back in fear and disgust, both drinking the water and spitting it out, trying to remove the taste of each others’ ejaculate from their tongues.

Lukas rolled his eyes, and said, “Guys.” To no reaction. He said it louder, “Guys!” Still nothing, so his ring glowed briefly and Jordon and Oliver stopped, and looked at him.

“Okay, let’s do this quickly and as painlessly as possible. We’ve all been transformed, nanites, gay, trapped, etc. I chose to accept it and I was apparently the first, so I have some control over the situation. Yeah, you might not think it’s fair, but what the fuck do I care, this is what we’re stuck with. And to be honest, I like it. Now, I have a question for you, are you two related?”

Jordon and Oliver looked at each other and answered at the same time, “Yeah?” as though it was obvious.

“Hmmm,” Lukas replied. “Okay, how?”

“We’re brothers.” “Twins.” “Duh.” “Can’t you” “see that?” They answered, trading off every sentence.

Lukas looked at them and yes, he could, indeed, see that. “Okay, so, what were you just doing?”

“You made me suck him off!” they both exclaimed at the same time, pointing at each other while looking at Lukas.

Lukas raised his eyebrows, it was indeed an interesting situation: Partly converted, partly accepting of the change, partly oblivious to the change, and yet partly aware of the change.

“So, identical twins? Do you guys like twincest?” Jordon and Oliver looked at each other and then at Lukas.

“Eww.” “No!” “Gross!” “We’re not fags” click “We thought about it.” “Once.” “Growing up together, we” “shared a room” “but we never” click “sometimes” click “occasionally” click “maybe once a week” “we would” “help each other” “out.” “I mean, it’s” “not like it was every” click “but frequently” “it was just” “a brojob” “and there was nothing” click “it felt good and we” “liked it” “a little” click “a lot” “but it’s not like” “we ever did it” “in public.” “I mean, what” “the” “fuck, man!”

Hearing the dialog in stereo, and changing in tone, was fascinating to Lukas, who wondered if this had been his own experience before quickly forgetting that thought. He did not actually hear any sort of click sound, but he was slightly aware that something was changing their thought process, like a sixth sense. If it hadn’t been obvious from the changing tone of their response.

During the explanation, he could see the twins’ dicks, which had been completely soft, slowly inflating in the water as they were standing in the 4.5’ deep area. He also enjoyed seeing the lights dancing off of their nipple piercings.

“Okay, so, guys, what do you think about sucking each other off?”

“Dude, why are” “you making such a big” “deal about it?” “We’re guys,” “we like getting our” “rocks off and” “my bro” “knows exactly” “what I like,” they replied. “If it” “gets other” “guys off who like” “to watch us,” “so what?”

Lukas smiled. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a challenge and things would go more smoothly. “So guys, how do you feel about this?” With that, the three sapphires on the end of his trident ring glowed, catching the eyes of Jordon and Oliver, causing their own eyes to glow in response. In a moment, it was over, and they collapsed slightly into the water as their legs were replaced with the bottom half of a merman. They were again identical, except that Jordon’s was a brilliant cyan, and Oliver’s was a deep, cobalt blue.

“Woah!” they exclaimed together. “This is awesome!” The two twisted and turned, admiring each other, and playfully zipped around the pool much more quickly than humanly possible. When they had completed a single circuit, with Lukas watching (though they had stopped paying attention to him), they again examined each other, this time touching everywhere with their hands. They felt the lack of a seam between the scales and their skin, and they probed each others’ asses with their fingers. After a very brief exploration, similar to Danton’s, they found their cocks, their foreskin having been what had changed into the folds that kept their dicks hidden until needed in order to improve speed in water. Their converted foreskin had a muscular tip which kept tightly shut on instinct until they wanted it released, and when out, they had limited control of the muscle that acted to gently massage the roots of their dicks and help maintain erection (though that was far from needed).

“Jordon, lemme fuck you!” Oliver exclaimed. Not waiting for a verbal answer, Jordon gave a physical one and twisted around. Oliver plunged his cock into Jordon’s hole and a fog similar to Danton’s descended upon both of them as their entire world centered around the pleasure in their dick (for Oliver) and ass (for Jordon). Being young and highly sexualized beings, Oliver shot his second load for the evening within a minute. Without speaking, he withdrew from Jordon, his penis being enveloped by his foreskin and tucked back against his tail, he turned around, and Jordon plunged his own dick into Oliver’s hole. The rapid fucking continued with Jordon lasting even less time than Oliver, shooting a massive load up his new brother’s hole, and withdrawing.

Only slightly spent, the sexual haze was still lifted from both their minds since neither their penis nor asshole were being stimulated.

“So, uh, guys?” Lukas asked.

“Yes?” they replied in unison.

“I take it you like this?”

Jordon and Oliver looked at each other and exclaimed at the same time, “Fuck yes!”

“Sounds good,” Lukas responded. The diamond on his ring glowed for just a moment, again catching the twins’ eyes, and then went dark again. Nothing appeared changed for the two brothers, who felt no different than before.

“Alright, guys, get out of the pool, I need you to help Danton clean up.”

“Okay,” they responded. As with Danton, when they got to the edge of the pool their legs returned, but they were clad in tight-looking speedos, one a light cyan, and the other a deep blue. They went over to the shed that had a sign, “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY” on it, and got out two brooms to start sweeping.

As for Lukas, he laid back and floated on the water, his legs splayed open, his dick hanging lazily on his stomach with a slight drool of precum, his arms behind his head, and a smile on his face as he looked up at the stars. They looked a little different here than in Holland, but that didn’t matter, he felt content with his new role and that of his friends: The Pool Boys.

Somewhere Else

On their window into the hotel, Lucy and Gabe saw Jordon and Oliver frozen on the lounge chairs, and Danton in front of Lukas in the pool. They weren’t actually frozen, it was just an instant in time in which Lucy and Gabe chose to exist, for now.

With a single thought, they brought Lukas’ mind into their world and gave it a form with which Lukas was familiar.

“What the…” Lukas said, looking around, both at the large naked men and the overhead view of The Grotto. The pool with the two hot tubs looked an awful lot like a dick and balls, the surrounding rocks and foliage near the hot tubs looking like pubes.

“Let’s be quick and to the point with this one,” Lucy suggested to Gabe.

Gabe nodded. “Okay, here’s the deal: We’re the ones who brought you here,” he gestured to the resort, and both he and Lucy momentarily flashed to their initial green-screened and red-sequined personas, “and here,” he gestured around them. “We’re offering you a bit of a choice, since you seem like a decent guy.”

“Right. We want to make you our head pool boy. You’ll get to basically have all the guys you want to do with as you please, and as an added, one-time limited-offer bonus, we’re giving you the special ability to have a bit of extra control over the nanites.” Lucy looked at Gabe.

“Right, the nanites.”

“What do you mean?” Lukas asked.

“I thought you said this was the smart one?” Lucy looked at Gabe.

“He is, this is a shitload of stuff to take in, give him a moment,” Gabe responded, exasperated.

Lucy sighed. “Okay, I’ll spell it out. We know you’re gay. We want to give the gay guys we captured – err, lured … err, brought here,” Gabe nodded at Lucy, “a bit of a better experience than the others, especially the homophobes. You drank the water. It had the nanites. You’re going to be transformed. You’re at the pool, so the obvious choice is a pool boy. But we need - or want, or we’re offering - one guy to be in charge and have control over the other pool boys. And we’re going to give you special powers.”

“Woooooo!” Gabe made a ghost-like sound and moved his fingers in Lukas’ direction.

Lucy rolled his eyes before continuing, “As I was saying, this isn’t just an ordinary gay resort.”

“No shit!” Lukas broke in.

“Oh! It speaks! Anyway, this isn’t just an ordinary gay resort, this is a gay fantasy. And some guys get off on fantasy, as in mythical creatures. We want to make you into a merman. And with that comes some extra control over various things. You’ll figure it all out later. But you get to wear a swanky ring. Again, you’ll figure it out later. Do you accept?”

“Um…” Lukas paused. “What if I don’t?”

“Then you don’t get a choice in the matter, we’ll do it anyway, only we’ll find someone else to be in charge and you’ll basically be their slave. Do you want that?”

Lukas shook his head back-and-forth.

“Right then, so it’s settled. Oh, and one other thing,” Lucy told him, and turned to Gabe.

“Oh, right. The other guys also have to choose: Do they want this, or do they not? It’s a bit of a special thing given the mythical nature of their change, power, abilities, sex, hot guys, did I mention sex? Anyway, each of them needs to be given the opportunity to choose whether they accept this life, or not. It won’t make any change in how they’ll act, but they’ll be a lot happier on the inside.”

“Any questions?” Lucy asked. As Lukas just started to open his virtual mouth, Lucy butted in, “Good. Bye!”

Lukas’ avatar disappeared from the white area and his mind was returned to his body. With a thought, Gabe pulled them out of that moment in time and they watched events unfold at the pool. As Lukas issued his commands to Jordon and Oliver to suck his sensitive nipples, Gabe turned to Lucy and asked, “Do you think it was fair turning him gay first, before offering him the choice?”

Lucy smiled at Gabe and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Does it matter?”

Author’s Post-Script: So, this one was longer, but the muscular twink is a fantasy that I particularly enjoy, so I wrote this one for me (though the mythical part I wrote for fun, not a particular fetish of mine). The merman component is one that I’ve been thinking about since the beginning: The story already has a bit of a magical realism component (come on, high school English!!), and I see no reason not to add some fantasy changes (after all, it’s all fantasy, anyway). I wanted to do justice at least to the setting of The Little Mermaid, which is why it was Lukas who became the dominant one, and I also wanted to solve the problem of where the fuck is the penis on a merman?! As an added bonus, there was a little something for the guys who have a foreskin fetish. I also plan to play a bit with elementals from classical European mythology – I loved the Zelda games, especially Ocarina of Time, where you had different guardians of different elements with representative gem stones. So, you might recognize that a bit. Anyway, not every change is going to include mythical/fantasy characteristics like this, but I do have a few more planned out. Finally, I will again apologize that I suck at writing sex. That’s why this focuses on setting up the characters and changing them, rather than non-stop fucking.

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