Techno-Glory Hole, Testing the Limits

By Mr. Knight published April 17, 2019

Asher get’s creative with what TGH has to offer and discovers more than he was looking for

WARNING On this episode, the story takes on a sudden darker route so I’m making a trigger warning about: depression and suicide. After you see the note between parenthesis, the sexy stuff will be over and the plot is going to move in another direction. I recommend you stop reading there if you’re just in for the erotica.

Asher spent the rest of the day experimenting with the TGH, not only getting quite a few more loads from unwilling strangers but also experimenting on what he could change about people since he had been so focused on dicks that he had missed on some important details.

The first big thing was sexuality, he found a nice beefy asian jock in his list called Jeong and when he went in to check what he was doing, he saw him at the gym. Feeling naughty, Asher started messing with his emotions to get him all pumped up with his routine, so much that he wouldn’t notice how his originally 6 inch dick was hard as a brick and now measuring 8 inches, giving quite the show to everyone else in the gym. Asher couldn’t access the other people in the room to set up a scene so he had to get creative, boosting up Jeong’s arousal every time he was looking at another dude as if conditioning a mouse to press a button.

He was at it for a while but the jock didn’t seem to get the message. On the meantime, Jeong had finished his routine and still oblivious to his monster bulge, started walking to the locker room. Asher found the issue while he was walking there, apparently the TGH measured sexuality in a triangular slide with a bunch of tags for “likes” and “dislikes”, the bottom point being asexual, left corner attraction to males, right corner attraction to females. Jeong was almost 100% straight, and apparently not that interested in sex. BORING. Asher changed his sexuality making him bisexual and super into sex in a second, then proceeded to check Jeong’s sexuality tags, again BORING, he was into big tits, small butts and tight pussies like the most normie of normies but after Asher tapped the screen a few times, he now was also into domination, breeding butts and leather.

On the 2 minutes Jeong took to get to the locker room, his sexuality had completely shifted and he wasn’t even aware of it.

Asher couldn’t keep Jeong unaware of his massive hard-on once he got to the locker room, luckily it only took a small boos to his confidence to stop giving a fuck about it, and the other 5 guys in the room watched (some more interested than others, but all amazed) how this asian jock stripped down, grabbed his towel and put it on his shoulders instead of covering up as he walked over to the showers with a huge ass dick swinging completely hard at every step. One of the guys followed Jeong to the showers, and Asher made sure the jock felt a rush of arousal everytime their eyes met.

Soon enough, the lucky dude that followed Jeong to the shower had the jock’s big dick inside him, they were giving quite the show since they didn’t even bother going to one of the private showers. Asher was quite amused by the result, he hadn’t made Jeong any sort of exhibitionist but he was apparently enjoying this more than he had “influenced” him to love it. After breeding the first dude, a second asked for a turn and Asher filled up Jeong’s balls in a heartbeat before he felt like refusing. He watched Jeong go at it like a fucking stud and felt himself strangely proud of how happy the man looked. Soon after the second breeding a member of the staff came in to stop the fuckery since apparently one of the other dudes had snitched on them.

Asher decided to leave Jeong go on with his day, he probably had a lot of things to think about.

Earlier that day, a group of college girls had ordered a pizza to be delivered into a dorm room. Asher had heard the order and even tho it was Jeff’s turn to deliver, he insisted in going in his place. Taking an extra empty box, Asher completed the delivery and used the empty box as an excuse to walk into the boys dorm, pretending to be lost as he walked as many halls as he could getting his watch close to the room doors.

Now that he could access the data, he had collected 34 college boys on his little de-tour and even tho 8 were not his type, he got into servicing the other 26.

Not a single one of those 26 was straight anymore once Asher was done with the first check-up round, 9 of them were already bi/gay so he didn’t edit those except making them a bit more sexual when he felt like they could use the boost, he made the remaining 17 bisexual except for one, that looked like a complete moron and was jerking to some awful straight rape porn when Asher first got to his profile. That one completely lost interest in females, and got a fetish for being dominated by huge dicks in return. Serves him well.

Asher then started round two, getting them to cum one by one inside his ass or mouth. Most of them were in their rooms so they were able to go ham on Asher’s invisible holes, one had to keep himself together during a lecture as Asher’s ass milked a load from him that ended up dripping out of his shorts, another was walking on a street and Asher’s tongue made him hide between two dumpsters until he shot two whole loads into Asher’s mouth and on to the pavement, a few of them were room mates, and Asher made them suck each other while he switched back and forth sucking them on the hologram, claiming all those loads on his mouth at the end.

Our thirsty protagonist was having a blast, but once he had claimed the 25th load, he closed the image of the very surprised dude looking at the huge load he had just shot under his dorm’s desk and got ready to handle the last one.

He was one of the originally gay ones, Marcus E. Peters, 21 years old. Asher liked his profile a lot on the first round so he didn’t feel like changing anything, apparently he was a power top, 100% gay and SUPER into sex, right on the left corner of the triangle.

With him, Asher learned about personality and body changes.

(Sex ends here! Don’t read forward if you’re not into more serious stuff)

Since he didn’t spend too much time on his profile on the first round, he had just seen him on the bus, excitement and happiness quite high on his info table. But now after the almost two hours Asher had spent getting all of this boy’s dorm neighbors balls dry, Marcus was sitting alone on a park bench, smoking a cigarette and looking completely miserable, by the look of his emotional status on the tablet he was holding tears back.

Asher forgot about his quest for never-ending cum almost immediately and focused on Marcus. He was short, of average attractiveness and very slim. His style was all over the place, he was wearing some comfy clothes that were meant to fit a bigger frame and just looked shaggy on him. He wore his hair long but on a very tight bun as if trying to hide it, he had thick prescription glasses and Asher didn’t need to look into his file to know he probably couldn’t see shit without them.

Our protagonist just lied on his bed there and observed the scene, trying to figure out how the happy boy he saw earlier on the bus could have gotten to this point so far. Marcus took out his phone and Asher quickly zoomed in the image on the hologram ignoring Marcus’s floating dick right next to his face to see what he was looking at. He was looking at a dating app, by the looks of it, Marcus had spent the last few weeks if not months trying to get a bottom to dominate.

The last messages were from someone called “SubPupGeek”, Marcus scrolled down through the whole conversation, they apparently had been talking about meeting for a week, Marcus had been hesitant despite being very turned on by SubPup’s ass pics and pretty face, him only sending side-views of his decently sized dick and not showing his body or face. At the end of the conversation they had agreed to meet today at a cafeteria to get to know each other and maybe go down to SubPup’s place to fuck afterwards but the meeting was supposed to happen over an hour ago, the two last messages were SubPup saying “where r u?” half an hour ago and “I guess ur not comng…” 10 minutes ago.

Asher was quite puzzled by this, Marcus obviously wanted to meet with the submissive boy despite his awful spelling and he was feeling terrible for not showing up.

Going into his profile trying to find the reason, Asher scrolled past the “current mood” controllers on his tablet where he usually controlled arousal and all the fun stuff, and found two tabs on the bottom, called “Base Personality” and “Boundaries”. Tapping on the first, Asher found out a new set of slider depicting a man’s whole personality and Marcus was a hot mess, despite being super turned on by controlling others and asserting dominance, his self-esteem, assertiveness and confidence were almost zero, he had super high anxiety and “flight” responses, super high expectations for himself that he at the same time felt he wasn’t going to achieve etc.

Getting a better idea of the issue, Asher went to boost Marcus’s self-esteem but was met with a pop up.

-Warning- This variable is currently maxed out at this value because of the effects of: Boundaries - Adolescence - Bullying

Asher navigated to the Boundaries tab and was received with three sub tabs: “Traumas”, “Health Related-Limits” and something called “Soul’s Reach”. Tapping on the Trauma tab, he found out that Marcus had apparently had a pretty rough childhood, his parents were a straight up mess and left him feeling like he needed to prove himself constantly for approval. He got bullied in high school by pretty much everyone on his school, and his whole sexuality had developed around idealizing the power they had over him, lastly, Asher’s heart skipped a beat when he got to the last one.

Marcus had tried to commit suicide twice in high school, and by the looks of his current trauma levels, the psychology sessions had kept him safe for the first years of college but his self-esteem issues were carrying him back to a really, really dark place.

Asher stopped reading, the multiple loads all over his body were already getting dry and stinky, he suddenly realized how much of an effect this power power could truly have aside from the fucking, body changing and minor inconveniences he could cause someone. He started thinking about helping people live better and punishing those who hurt others… He wasn’t ready to become some sort of dick-gushing batman, but he had one thing clear.

He needed to help Marcus, and he didn’t have much time left.

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