ShredExtreme - To the Point of Obsession

By Willie Cici published April 15, 2019

Cody is obsessed with his muscles. Can ‘ShredExtreme’ really deliver? … .

“I want more. I want … I want my muscles to pop, to explode. To …”, Cody whined.

Cody’s long-time high school friend, Blake, had heard this chorus of complaints ever since sophomore year, when they tried out for football. “How ripped do you have to be?”, he said. “Look at you? Does Debbie complain?”

“Shit! I forgot.”, Cody said. He ran to his locker, still dripping wet from his shower. Cody grabbed his cell phone, ran to the mirrors, and posed for a quick selfie. The college sophomore employed lust-filled discretion, arranged for a quasi-nude selfie and posed. He stared at his image in the mirror. He strategically positioned his towel to cover his babymaker. He had promised Debbie a new pic, but he knew better than send a dick-pic. He stared into the lens of his cell phone and snapped the selfie. (To see Cody’s selfie, click here). “That should work.”

Blake shook his head at his friend, watching Cody’s narcistic behavior. “Debbie must have low standards. Pasty ass white boy. You’re lucky she doesn’t like real men.”, Blake said, as he grabbed his junk and wiggled his prize tool in Cody’s direction.

Cody laughed at Blake’s protestations. Blake, the anti-stereotypical black man, could have snared Debbie and her shallow ways with a snap of his fingers. Cody knew that Blake’s wealth and stunning looks lured many women into his bed.

Cody’s infatuation to achieve physical perfection infiltrated other aspects of his life. In addition to spending more time at the gym, Cody refrained from weekend parties. Parties involved alcohol. Alcohol were wasted calories, substances that warp muscle. Cody chose to avoid the near occasion of temptation. He would have none of it.

Cody’s cell phone dinged. He read the text message and smiled. “I gotta go.” He paused for a moment, and devilishly smirked. “Debbie got off work and wants me to come … over.” He fist-bumped Blake and said, “Can you blame the girl?”

“Like I said: low standards.”, Blake teased as the two friends finished dressing.

Cody’s gym pursuits reached a fork in the road. He was spending more time at the gym, but was not achieving the results. One day, as Cody walked into the gym, he stumbled across a friend, Gary Peters, whom he had not seen in months. Gary smiled when he noticed Cody and gave Cody a thumb’s up. He wore a pair of light grey sweatpants and a form-fitting, black long-sleeved, compression gear shirt. Cody could not help but admire Gary’s incredible physique. (To see Gary, click here)

“Gary, you … look … incredible.”, Cody exclaimed.

“Yeah. You too.”, Gary replied.

“Nah! Not like you. You’re ripped, dude!”, Cody insisted.

“Ever since I started using ‘ShredExtreme’. I never believed in these over-the-counter powders, but this shit works.”, Gary bragged.

Cody could not stop staring at Gary. Every muscle, every sinew, every inch of his body, Cody scanned. “Must be expensive?”, Cody asked.

“No. Not really.”, Gary said. “But, there’s one side effect that I …”, Gary added, but stopped short of saying. Cody made that face as if asking a question. Gary drew closer and whispered. “All I want to do is fuck.” Cody smiled.” Gary stared at his friend. “Fuck anything. As long as I bust my nut.”

Cody stared at his friend and said, “You mean like … dudes?” Gary nodded ‘yes’, hating to admit his reality. “Yeah. I ain’t taking that shit.”

“Well, it’s better now that I am back to one scoop a day. When it was two scoops, it was bad. Really bad. Veronica almost broke up with me. Riley did.”, Gary admitted.

Cody did not want to ask. He just assumed to feign ignorance. “Well … uh … I’ll see you around.” Cody hurried away from Gary, shaking his head. “I ain’t ever sucking a dick for muscle.”

Cody’s pursuit of physical excellence proved costly. As part of the university football team, Cody had access, in the off season, to the Training Center. However, NCAA rules limited the time he could spend at the gym. Cody obtained a membership at a local gym, ‘CrossFit South Beach Gym’, and started spending his free time at the gym. As he spent more time at the gym, Cody formed new friendships with the muscle studs who worked out late nights, showered, partied and smoked weed. Cody assumed he could mask the pot smoking and pass his urine screens, but he failed two screens in a row. His grades had also suffered. By the end of the Spring Semester, Cody found himself practically dismissed from the university, having lost his scholarship. His parents had warned Cody that his obsession with body building would lead to no good. Now, his parents informed him that they would not pay for his Junior and Senior years in college. He had wasted his opportunity at an education. He would have to find the money to pay for college without their help.

Cody could not believe his parents. They had extensive resources to help him. If Cody would stay clear of the weed and bring his grades up during the Summer Session, the university would reinstate the scholarship. The cost of the Summer Session was a mere $5000, a drop in the bucket, given Cody’s parents’ wealth. ‘No’ was the answer.

Blake offered Cody a place to live. Blake and his parents lived in lavish comfort. On the second floor of the three-car garage were servant’s quarters. Blake’s parents did not have live-in staff. As the servant’s quarters were vacant, Blake offered Cody the servant’s quarters. He could live with Blake and attend Summer Session.

Blake’s generosity resolved Cody’s housing dilemma, but Cody did not have the funds to pay the tuition for the Summer Session. He canvassed the Internet, the newspapers, any resource, to locate a paying job that would front him an advance of $2000, the minimum the university demanded that Cody pay for the Summer Session.

Finally, Cody read an ad online, seeking videocam models. “Have things sunk this low?”, he thought to himself. “What have I got to lose … except my self-esteem?” Cody completed the on-line application and arranged for an interview the next afternoon. That night, Cody drove to Debbie’s house with Blake. As he and Blake waited for the girls, Cody told Blake about his interview the next afternoon.

“Videocam model? Have you lost your mind?”, Blake said. “Does Debbie know?”

“Nobody knows.”, Cody said. Blake shook his head. “What? Don’t you think I could model?”, Cody asked, lifting his t-shirt, bragging about his physique and good looks. (To see Cody, click here).

“Yeah, if they want pasty ass white boys.”, Blake teased. “Videocam, stupid. That means fucking. On camera.”

Cody heard Blake’s admonishment. “Are you sure?”, Cody asked. “I ain’t doing that.”

“Just cancel the appointment. I’ll … ask my father if he can find you something. Anything. I’ll even loan …”

“No. You won’t. The apartment is more than enough. I ain’t taking money from my friends.”, Cody said sternly. “If your father can find me something, that’s different.”

Debbie and Keira exited the front door of Debbie’s suburban home. A night out, the movies and then, maybe some action, was the respite that Cody desperately needed.

Dirk and Troy stared at the blonde stud seated in their office. “You asked me why I’m here.”, Cody said. “That’s my story.” Cody lowered his head, trying to avoid eye contact with Dirk and Troy. His shame forced him to his point.

Dirk and Troy turned to stare at each other. Dirk then cleared his throat and said, “No, Cody. This is not for you. I’m not …”

“Please. You’ve got to help me. I’m begging.”, Cody exclaimed, practically in tears.

Troy looked at Dirk and said, “I agree with Dirk. This is not for you, but … Dirk can offer you a job at the gym he owns downtown. And, we can spot you the $5000 for your tuition, upfront.” Dirk nodded ‘yes’. Troy turned to Cody and said, “How does that sound?”

Cody could not believe his ears. They were the first words of hope that he heard since Blake offered him a place to live. “I cannot … you got a deal. You won’t regret this.”, Cody rose from his seat and shook Dirk and Troy’s hands.

“Let’s drive over to the gym and get you signed up. Employees are automatically members, so you can train at the gym in your off hours. We’ll work around your summer class schedule.”, Dirk said. Dirk rose from his chair. “The gym’s close. ‘CrossFit South Beach Gym’.”

“I’m a member there. Cool.”, Cody replied. The trio walked out of Troy’s office. Near the door of the office, Cody noticed the canisters of ‘ShredExtreme’ on the credenza. Cody pointed to the canisters, “Do you use that stuff?”

“Yeah. Every day.”, Troy answered. “Why do you ask?”

“I thought about using it. Heard it has some side effects?”, Cody replied.

“Had some side effects. If you use one scoop a day, you’ll be fine.”, Dirk replied.

“Are you sure?”, Cody answered.

“Yeah. I’m sure. I own the company that makes it. The prior owner was … it doesn’t matter. I spent serious money to make it safe.”, Dirk answered.

Troy handed Cody two cannisters of ‘ShredExtreme’. “On the house.”, Troy said. Behind Dirk’s back, Troy whispered to Cody, “Two scoops a day. It works better.”

“You sure?”, Cody whispered back. Troy nodded ‘yes’. “Thanks.”

Cody, Troy and Dirk drove in their vehicles to the gym, the site where Dirk and Troy became addicted to ‘ShredExtreme’. Dirk purchased the ‘CrossFit South Beach Gym’ from the profits the webcam earned. He used the gym as the training hub for the webcam boys. Dirk, Troy and Sly routinely trained at the gym alongside the webcam boys and the regular membership.

When the trio reached the gym, Dirk suggested that Cody join Dirk and Troy’s training session. Cody agreed. Cody met with the general manager of the gym, who completed Cody’s hiring, filling out tax forms and general information. Afterwards, Cody hurried to his vehicle, retrieved his gym bag from the trunk and joined Dirk and Troy for a 90-minute session. Dirk and Troy were impressed with Cody’s performance. They suggested to the manager that Cody should join the training staff.

As the trio walked into the locker room, Cody thanked Dirk and Troy for their kindness. “I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you.”, Cody said.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure it’ll all work out.”, Troy said, a wry smile pursed upon his lips.

“Yeah, Blake. Look at me.”, Cody said. “I thought this over-the-counter stuff was crap, but, after six weeks of using ‘ShredExtreme’ …” Cody said, as he stood in the locker room wearing only his uniform shorts. His chest was sculpted, his abs, ripped, his legs formed like trunks of a tree. He was beautiful and clearly much improved. (To see Cody, click here).

“Dude, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it.”, Blake said. He paused and then added, “You still pasty.”

Cody leaned over to Blake and said, “And horny like a mother fucker. Debbie comes over almost every night. When she doesn’t, I go bar hopping looking for more pussy. Older women. These milfs are freaks. They spend the night and fuck all night. I try to get them out before your mom and dad sees them.”

Blake stared at his friend. “Don’t worry. They know you’re a big boy.” He looked at his watch and said, “It’s 10pm. You up for some drinks, food, whatever.”

“Yeah. Let’s go to ‘Baxter’s’. Drinks and hos.”, Cody replied.

The two friends finished showering, changed into some casual clothes and drove to ‘Baxter’s’, a bar close to Blake’s home, in the Miami suburbs. The two studs easily seduced two hotties back to their beds. Blake entertained his partner in the pool house, while Cody, in his garage apartment.

Cody convinced the university to reinstate the scholarship. He had earned straight ‘As’ during the Summer Session, raising his grade point average to 2.65, several percentage points above the 2.50 minimum. Ten weeks of clean urines also convinced the university that Cody could be trusted. Cody succeeded in ridding his weed fascination when he became employed by Dirk and Troy at ‘CrossFit’. The members knew Cody and accepted him in his new role.

Dirk noticed Cody’s physical improvement. Troy could not wait for Cody’s full-blown development. He knew the effects of two scoops would soon take hold of Cody and slowly infiltrate his mind, personality and being. Troy knew that sexy Cody would make a wonderful addition to the webcam boys. Pre-Shred Cody was hot. Shred Cody was getting hotter and hotter by the day.

By the end of the football season, Cody had carved himself a body that entertained a gaggle of women. When Cody was not working, he spent his time on campus, at the dorm, the library, living his life as most college students. His antics in the dorms was the stuff of legend. He bedded an entire wing of giggling naïve freshmen girls in less than month. The cute ones, he banged twice and thrice.

Cody’s obsession with his body did not abate with the ‘ShredExtreme’-fueled improvements. “If two scoops gave me this body, then three scoops.”, Cody thought to himself. He started using three scoops every day. By the end of the Spring Semester, Cody’s body morphed into a muscled dream. He continued to attract the attention of the co-eds on campus, but his fascination with the muscled studs at the gym began to worry Cody. He never entertained homoerotic thoughts, but lately, his mind began to focus on the gym studs and their cocks, buttocks and perfect nipples.

One day, near the end of the school year, Dirk invited Cody into his office at the gym. Dirk asked Cody about his plans for the summer. Cody hoped that he could expand his hours during the summer. As Dirk spoke to him, Cody’s mind wandered: Dirk and Cody in the shower at the gym, Cody on his knees sucking Dirk’s cock.

“When can you start?”, Dirk asked.

“What?”, Cody said.

“Cody, I’m offering you a management internship at the gym, not just extra hours. Are you interested?”

“Yeah. I just …”, Cody replied.

“Are you okay?”, Dirk asked.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Why do you ask?”, Cody said.

“You’ve been fondling your junk for the last three minutes.”, Dirk said.

Cody’s eyes bugged. “I … I …”

Dirk rose from his desk and walked to the door. He locked the door and turned to face Cody. Dirk walked behind Cody and massaged Cody’s shoulders. He lowered his hands and caressed Cody’s sculpted pecs, tweaking his pert nipples. Cody closed his eyes. The reality was better than the daydream. Dirk whispered into Cody’s ears, “How many scoops?”

“Three.”, Cody replied.

“I knew it. You’re so horny that you’re fantasizing.”, Dirk whispered.

“I … I …”, Cody stammered.

Dirk walked around Cody’s chair and leaned against the edge of his desk. Cody stared at Dirk’s crotch. His cock had tented in his gym shorts. Cody fondled Dirk’s junk. “It’s okay.”, Dirk said, as he stared into Cody’s puppy sad eyes. “It’s okay.” Cody lowered Dirk’s shorts. His engorged cock flopped over the edge of his shorts and jockstrap.

“Cody.”, Dirk said. Suddenly, Cody realized that he was still day-dreaming. “What’s wrong?”

“Um … nothing. I’m … just distracted. I …”, Cody tried to explain. He remembered Dirk’s last comment. “A management internship. That sounds great. I’m …”

“You’ve been a welcome asset here at the gym. The internship also involves the main company, ‘ShredExtreme’.”, Dirk explained.

“That sounds interesting. I’m in.”, Cody said.

“Good. Now, I need you to get me the name of your NCAA compliance officer so that I can get this internship approved.”, Dirk said, as he rose from the desk and shook Cody’s hands. “Don’t want to fuck up the football scholarship.”

“No, Sir. Thanks.”, Cody added as he walked out of Dirk’s office at the gym.

As Cody walked into the gym, towards the ‘Trainer’s Desk’, he found a handsome man near a rack of weights, pumping iron. Cody stared at the young man. He was incredibly attractive. His physique was near perfect. As Cody checked in, he learned that his 1pm cancelled. Cody opted to change out of his trainer’s uniform and exercise as he waited for his next appointment at 3pm. When Cody returned from the locker room, he noticed that the handsome, young man was waving to him.

As Cody approached him, the young man said, “Can you spot me? My guys ain’t here.”

“Sure.”, Cody said. “You mind if I work in with you?”

“No. We’ll spot each other.”, the young man said. Cody and his new friend worked out for the next ninety minutes. They talked about working-out, exercising and sports. The whole time, Cody could not take his eyes off the young man’s impressive bulge. The compression shorts the young man were form-fitting. Every ridge of the young man’s cock was visible to the naked eye. When the two men entered the locker room, Cody removed his work-out gear and wrapped a towel around his frame. The young man shed his clothes, grabbed his towel and strutted proudly in the locker room towards the showers. Cody could not keep his eyes away from the young man. He followed the young man into the showers. The young man entered one of the stalls, but waved to Cody and invited him into the stall. Cody paused for a moment. He knew he was about to cross his Rubicon, but he cared not. His cock was filled with lust. He wanted the young man.

Cody stepped into the shower stall. The young man closed the plastic curtain and turned on the steamy shower water. Cody removed the towel draped around his waist. The young man filled his hands with shower gel and lathered Cody’s naked frame. The touch of the young man sent a tingle along Cody’s body. He could feel the naked man’s cock rising, pressing against his buttocks. Cody turned around. The young man lathered Cody’s chest, his groin and then his cock and balls. Cody closed his eyes as he enjoyed the warm, soapy massage of the young man. He felt the pulsating warm waters cascade upon his muscled frame.

And, then, he felt something he had never felt before: a man’s mouth sucking his cock. The young stud had enjoyed hundreds of blow jobs from pseudo-virgins and girlfriends over the years, but never a man’s tongue twirling about his cock and making him hard like diamonds.

And, then, he felt the young man’s hands bobbing upon his thick, juicy rod. The two studs stared into each other’s eyes and kissed. Cody then felt the young man press upon his shoulder, forcing him to his knees. As he knelt before the young man, Cody stared at the semi-hard, dangling phallus. He closed his eyes, opened his mouth wide and swallowed the young man’s cock. “Suck it, like you want your cock sucked.”, Cody thought to himself. He bobbed up and down on the young man’s rod, getting the young man hard. As his cock expanded, Cody could not negotiate the length and girth of the young man’s cock. He nibbled on the young man’s balls, as he stroked the young man’s massive cock. Finally, the young man grabbed Cody by the hands and bid him to rise. The two studs grabbed some shower gel and stroked the other’s cock until they shot their good down the shower drain. Once they climaxed, the two studs kissed and finished showering. The young man grabbed his towel and motioned for Cody to wait to leave the shower stall. The young man walked out of the shower stall, his towel draped over his shoulders.

Cody wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out of the shower about two minutes after the young man. When he entered the locker room, Cody hoped to see the young man, but the young man was nowhere to be found. He had not even learned his name, but Cody knew that he would not forget the young man.

Blake’s parents offered Cody the garage apartment again for the summer. The two friends enjoyed their summertime escapades bedding the local female population. Blake’s mom seduced Cody from time to time. Cody obliged the sexy homeowner. He could not deny her plea and Cody was so horny that he would not think of denying her request.

Cody’s preoccupation with the studs at the gym had become a constant, gnawing distraction to the unsuspecting stud. Any chance he had to bed a sexy female, Cody took the chance.

On the first day of Cody’s internship, Dirk asked him to report to corporate offices where he first met Dirk and Troy. When Cody arrived at the offices, Dirk met Cody and showed him to his office where he would be working alongside one of the corporate executives. As Cody walked into the office of the executive, his eyes bugged out. Standing, before his eyes, was ‘the young man’ from the gym.

“Hi. I’m Sly Daniels.”, Sly said, as he extended his hand.

Cody shook Sly’s hand. “I’m Cody Armstrong.”

“I’ve seen you around the gym.”, Sly said, trying to be evasive.

“Yeah. I’ve worked there last year as a trainer.”, Cody replied.

Dirk sensed something between the two close-in-age studs. “Cody earned one of our management internships. He’s going to work with you on the marketing expansion campaign.”

“That’s great. I need the help.”, Sly said.

“Good. I’ll leave you two to start working.”, Dirk said. He exited Sly’s office, but turned around and said, “I’m leaving you in good hands, Cody. Do everything he says.” Dirk exited the office.

The two studs stared at each other and smiled. Sly walked to his office door and closed the door. “They were bragging about you for so long that I had to see for myself. You’re never there when I go to the gym, but I made sure you were there that day. And then I saw you.”

“Is he your …”, Cody asked.

“He’s my guardian and I love him, but …”, Sly answered. He coursed his hands upon Cody’s dress shirt, form-fitted to his sculpted chest and cobbled core. “You.” Sly kissed Cody and fondled his buttocks. The two studs released from their embrace. Sly looked at Cody and said, “Later.”

After a full day at the office, around 4pm, Dirk interrupted Sly and Cody and said, “Troy and I are headed to the gym. How about we call it a day?”

“Sounds good.”, Sly said.

“You, too, Cody. You’re part of the team.”, Dirk said.

Dirk, Troy, Sly and Cody filed out of the ‘ShredExtreme’ corporate offices, headed for their respective vehicles and drove to the gym. The boys exercised and pumped weights, enjoying the expert services of the gym’s best trainers. The trainers teased Cody and his ‘boss man’ new job, but he took it in stride.

When the boys finished exercising, they sauntered to the locker room to take a shower. After they showered, the boys dressed. Cody stood in front of the mirror, fixing his hair, posing for a selfie. (To see Cody in front of the mirror, click here). Sly stood next to him and whispered, “You wanna get something to eat?”

Cody looked at his image in the mirror. “Sure.”

“And, then …”, Sly said, as he grabbed Cody’s ass. Cody laughed and nodded ‘yes’. “Good. You drive.”

The two studs walked out of the locker room together, carrying their gym bags in tow. Dirk and Troy stared at the two young studs.

“Do you care?”, Troy asked his friend.

“I planned it all. I knew Sly wasn’t for me. He’s been my …”, Dirk confessed.

“Robin. I know, Batman. You were taking care of him. But, now, he has …”, Troy said.

“I’m gonna set them up in an apartment, near campus, so Cody can finish his last year. If this internship works, he’ll have a job. A real job. Not a webcam boy.”, Dirk said. “I know you told him to take two scoops. He’s been using three. The minute I saw him sucking Sly’s cock in the shower, on the security video, I knew he was using three. We’ll get him back down to one, so that he can regain his mind.”

“Spence would never do that.”, Troy teased.

“No. He wouldn’t. He’d turn Cody into … a porn star.”, Dirk teased back.

Troy laughed as the two friends walked towards Dirk’s vehicle, put the top down on the convertible, and drove away, headed for a night of sexual debauchery among the beautiful people of Miami Beach.

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