Construction Site

By Willie Cici published April 15, 2019

Hank arrives at a construction site to conduct some inspections and finds some interesting developments …

Hank Reynolds stepped out of his Ford pick-up truck and grabbed his padfolio. For Hank, a municipal building/construction inspector, he arrived at his last inspection site to perform his most hated duty: mid-construction inspections. Contractors were always busting his balls about code compliance and cost-overruns. He wanted to check out the worksite, make sure that the job site complied with state regulations and get the hell home. He planned this last inspection on Friday afternoon so that he could finish and head home early.

As he reached the worksite, Hank spotted a young man wearing work boots and tight white shorts. The work belt around his waist and the hard hat finished his ensemble, but the shorts and no shirt looked out of place. Hank understood the young man’s desire to go shirtless. His cobbled core and gym-honed chest demanded shirtless, but on a work site, it looked ridiculous. Moreover, the remote location, where few women would even enjoy the shirtless stud parading about the worksite, did not justify shirtless. (To see the young man, click here).

“Where’s Jeff Taylor?” Hank asked the shirtless young man.

“He’s inside.”, the young man answered in a wispy tone of voice that did not fit the man.

“Okay. Thanks.”, Hank replied, not sure why the young man sounded so effete.

When Hank entered the interior of the building under renovations, he spotted another young man mixing concrete. “Have you seen Jeff Taylor?”, Hank asked. The young man turned to face Hank. The handsome lad did not answer Hank. He nodded ‘no’. “Do you know where I can find him?”, Hank asked.

The handsome lad stared at Hank. (To see the handsome lad, click here). “He’s my boss. I’m not his.”, the handsome lad replied.

Again, Hank heard a tone of voice that screamed effeminate. “What the fuck is up with these guys?”, he thought to himself. As he walked deeper into the work zone, Hank stopped in his tracks. He faced a man, naked as the day he was born, a work belt strapped about his waist, his flaccid member dangling to his inner thigh. (To see the naked man, click here).

“Who are you?”, the naked man asked.

“I’m the code enforcement officer.”, Hank said. He did not know what to say. The man’s nudity left Hank off-kilter. His gay-as-fuck tenor did not help matters. “Why are you naked?”

“Too hot for me.”, the naked man said.

“But, isn’t dangerous?”, Hank asked.

“I’m protected.”, the naked man answered.

Hank scurried away from the naked man. It was too much for him to handle. As he walked around the work site, he found a man wearing a pair of jeans and a white athletic shirt, pulled up at the waist, his perfectly tanned physique on display for the world. “At least this one is dressed.” (To see the jeans-wearing man, click here). “Are you Jeff Taylor?”

“Yes. I am. Who are you?”, he asked.

“I’m Hank Reynolds. The code enforcement officer.”, Hank replied, still rattled from the sight of the naked man and his tool.

“Oh, yeah. We’ve been expecting you.”, Jeff said.

Hank smiled. “At least this one doesn’t sound like some fag.”, he thought to himself. “Care to show me around? This shouldn’t take long.”

“Sure.”, Jeff replied.

Jeff escorted Hank around the worksite. After fifteen minutes, Jeff said, “You want something to drink.”

“Yeah. Sure.”, Hank said.

Jeff walked near the rear wall of the construction site and opened a cooler. He grabbed two bottles of a lemony-colored beverage. He handed the bottle to Hank and said, “It’s an energy drink. You’ll love it.”

Hank drank the energy drink. He was thirstier than he thought. He guzzled the bottle’s contents in less than a minute. When he finished the energy drink, he turned to Jeff and stared at the stud’s ripped physique. “I bet he has a nice cock.”, he thought to himself.

“Yeah. I do.”, Jeff said.

“Yeah, I do what?”, Hank said.

“Have a nice cock.”, Jeff said. “That’s what you just said to me.” The look on Hank’s face betrayed his thoughts. “I have a boyfriend. You can’t have this.”, Jeff said, as he fondled his junk. “But Bud and Rack are going on break. Maybe they could help.”

“I … I’m not sure.”, Hank said.

“It’s fine. Not a problem.”, Jeff said, as he pulled two more bottles from the cooler. He handed the bottle to Hank and said, “Drink.” Hank drank the energy drink. He heard Jeff say, “Bud, Rack, come here.”

Bud and Rack approached Jeff and said, “What’s up?”

“He needs cock.”, Jeff said.

“Lots of cock.”, Hank exclaimed. The tone of his voice resembled the other workmen on the job site. “Like now.”

“Sure thing.”, Bud said. The burly workmen whipped out their cocks and wiggled them for Hank.

Hank dove to his knees and sucked Bud’s cock. He could not believe how much he loved having dick down his throat. “This is so …”, Hank mumbled.

“Don’t talk. Suck.”, Bud said. Hank did not disappoint. He sucked Bud’s cock, while Rack stood by and watched his co-worker enjoy Hank’s novice mouth handle Bud’s tool. (To see Hank blow Bud and Rack, click here).

Rack tired of waiting for Hank’s mouth. He turned Hank around and shoved his cock down Hank’s warm, wet mouth. “My turn.”, he said to Bud. Rack bobbed his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of Hank’s mouth. “Suck my dick.”, Rack shouted.

Hank grew tired. Jeff walked over to the trio, grabbed the back of Hank’s neck and said, “Suck it, fag. It won’t suck itself.” Jeff forced Hank to bob on Rack’s cock. As he sucked Rack’s cock, Jeff said, “Bud, shove it in. He can handle it.”

Bud pulled Hank’s trousers down to his ankles and slid his hard cock into Hank’s virgin hole. “Grab your knees.”, Bud ordered. Hank, lacking the agility for that position, collapsed on the ground, falling to his knees. “That works for me.”, Bud said. Bud placed Hank on all fours and resume fucking Hank’s ass. Once Hank got settled, Rack shoved his cock into Hank’s mouth.

Jeff watched Hank pleasure his boys. He needed Hank distracted as he grabbed Hank’s folder and walked around the job site filling in the boxes for the inspection. Jeff needed smooth sailing for this project that he promised on the cheap. Inspectors only cost money. As Jeff finished filling out Hank’s paper work, he noticed Bud and Rack bending over the kneeling Hank. “Break time’s over, boys.” The two men zipped up their pants and returned to the work site.

Hank lifted his head and stared at Jeff. “Get dressed, Hank.”

Hank listened to Jeff’s words. He found his clothes and dressed. Jeff handed Hank his leather folder and said, “I’ll look over the problems you identified in the mid-term inspection. Come back in two weeks for a check. Friday afternoon works."

“Thanks. Yeah. Two weeks. Everything will be fine.”, Hank replied. The effeminate tone had not disappeared, but had faded. Hank walked out of the construction site. He felt tired, a little sweaty, and had a nasty taste in his mouth. He spotted the cooler and said, “Do you have anymore of that energy drink?”

“No. I’m sorry. It’s the end of the week. You know how it is.”, Jeff apologized.

“Sure. I understand.”, Hank said. “Have a good weekend.”

“Will do.”, Jeff said.

Hank opened the door of his pick-up truck. He turned around and faced Jeff, who was standing near the entrance of the construction site. Next to him was standing the young man wearing the white shorts. The two men waved to Hank as he drove away.

“Go get your shirt. We’re going home early.”, Jeff said.

“Yes, Boss!”, the young man replied.

Jeff slapped the young man on the ass. He grinned as his sexy boyfriend with the buns of steel sashayed inside the construction to fetch his t-shirt. He could not wait to start his weekend. He just hoped he had enough energy drinks back at the house.

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