A Rite of Passage

By Willie Cici published April 15, 2019

Iago accepts an invitation to witness and participate in his friend’s tribal coming-of-age ritual …

Iago Santiago stood in the dressing room of the photographer’s studio. He stared at his image in the mirror, wearing the costume of a native American, bedecked with tribal tattoos and a stereotypical headdress. His agent had scheduled this gig a month ago to allow time for Iago to grow a beard. The Latin stud took advantage of the time and revved up his time at the gym. He had other modeling commitments, but this one intrigued him.

“We’re ready, Iago.”, a voice called out.

Iago opened the door of the dressing room and walked into the studio. “You look fabulous.”, the photographer’s assistant said. The make-up artist also commented on the sexy vibe. “Ug! Me wanna fuck.”, the photographer’s assistant said.

“That’s not funny.”, Iago said. The assistant laughed, thinking that Iago was teasing. When Iago did not laugh, he said, “This whole photo shoot is ridiculous. Why not hire a Native American?”

“They’re not attractive enough.”, the assistant said. “We need a sexy Indian.”

Iago heard that answer and could not believe that someone, in 2018, would actually say that answer aloud. He approached his agent and whispered, “I’m not doing this shoot. It’s racist.” When the agent threatened Iago with the damage to his career, Iago reluctantly agreed to continue. He posed for the photoshoot and followed the photographer’s instructions. (To see Iago at the photoshoot, click here). When he finished the photoshoot, Iago returned to his dressing room, thoroughly disgusted with himself. When he entered the dressing room, one of the production assistants stood near the dressing room door.

“Can I help you?”, Iago said.

“I heard what you said and I wanted to thank you.”, the production assistant said. He entered the dressing room and extended his hand and said, “I’m Elan.”

“Elan. What’s your … Ind’ … Native American name?”, Iago tried to ask. He was ready to say ‘Indian’, but caught himself.

“It’s Elan. It’s means ‘friendly’.”, Elan said. “It used to be ‘Stud that howls in the night’?”

Iago laughed. “Okay. I deserve that. I don’t know a lot about Native American culture. And TV and movies usually get it wrong.”

“This is true. I want to invite you to a tribal festival that I’m attending in two weeks.”, Elan said.

“Really? That’s so cool.”, Iago said.

“The festival marks the coming of age of the male members of the tribe. The first ritual happens usually at fifteen. This ritual marks the end of childhood considered at 20.”, Elan said.

“Are you celebrating the ritual?”, Iago said.

“I am, but late. I ran away from my tribe in my teens but I’ve made my peace. I never celebrated the ritual when I turned 20. The chief wants me to celebrate the ritual.”, Elan answered.

“I’d love to come, but will I be able to participate?”, Iago asked.

“Yeah. I already spoke to the chief. He said you can, if you don’t mind getting really entrenched.”, Elan

Iago stared inquisitively at Elan, “Entrenched? How?”

“Wearing tribal gear.”, Elan said. “It would be like wearing a jockstrap and loin cloth.” Iago winced. “I’ve seen you wear less for the camera.”

Iago nodded ‘yes’. “Okay. I’ll go.”

“Good. We can drive together if you want.”, Elan said. He shook Iago’s hand and said, “I can’t wait.” Elan walked out of the dressing room, leaving Iago to change into another costume.

Two weeks later –

Iago and Elan boarded Iago’s Jeep Wrangler and headed north towards Montana de Oro, a nature preserve on the coast. Elan got a ride to Iago’s home in Ventura the night before they planned to leave for the Festival. The young model may have had little education, but he understood money and real estate. With the profits of his first national advertising campaign, he purchased his beachside property in Ventura. From Ventura to Montana de Oro, the drive along US-101 would take two hours, give or take, depending on traffic.

During the ride, Elan explained some of the peculiarities of the ritual. When the boys reached a gas station to fetch some water and stretch their legs, Iago asked, “Elan, repeat for the me the ‘kakahumokopa’.”

Elan took a deep breath. “Okay. Part of the ritual is for a man to learn discipline. If you focus on pleasure only, you cannot learn discipline. In the ritual, a wahine dresses you in a ‘kakahumokopa’. It’s like underwear, but it restricts your member.”

“Restricts your member?”, Iago said. “Like …”

“It gets wrapped up so that you can’t touch it.”, Elan said, pointing to his crotch.

Iago sipped his water. “Okay. Anything else I should know.”

“We’re going to smoke a little weed.”, Elan added.

“Fine with me.”, Iago said. “Sounds like my kind of party.” The friends fist-pumped and returned to the vehicle to continue their trip.

Iago and Elan reached the Tuhingamua tribal compound around 3pm. When they arrived, to observe tradition, Iago and Elan parked the car at the state park’s lot, obtained a weekend parking pass, and walked the half-mile to the compound. The tribe prohibited cars on the compound. The two physically-fit men did not complain. After the 2 ½ hour ride, they relished the fresh air of the Montana de Oro State Park.

As they entered the edge of the tribal compound, a woman approached Elan and welcomed him. Elan introduced Iago. He whispered to the woman, “Mema hou.”

“Tama pai.”, the woman replied.

When Iago questioned Elan, he said, “She says you’re cute. Nice ass.”

Iago felt self-conscious. “What did you say?”

“I told her you were a model.”, Elan answered.

The two men walked further into the compound. Elan encountered his immediate family, his brothers and his father, Mingan. He introduced Iago to his family. They escorted the two men into the family’s dwelling.

“Where do we go for the ritual dressing?”, Elan asked.

“The mahine will come when the karere summons you.”, Mingan said. “In the meantime, we eat. Better now. You fast for two days.”

Iago and Elan sat down at table. Mingan called upon the women to serve the meal to everyone seated at table. Iago did not question the time of the day. He understood there was a fast during the ritual. When the meal ended, all of the women rose to clear the table and leave the men alone. Mingan rose from the table and returned with a wooden tray. On the tray, Iago noticed green leafy vegetation and rolling papers. “I know what that is.”, Iago said.

“I am sure.”, Mingan said. The men rolled their joints and smoked the potent tobacco. Mingan, too, enjoyed the tobacco. He smiled as he toked on his joint and said, “Good shit.” Everyone roared with laughter. “You young ones don’t know anything.”, he added.

At around 6pm, Iago heard a wail. It reminded him of the Muslim call to prayer, but not the tenor. Mingan stood at the table and said, “The mahine will soon arrive.”

Atop the Hill of the Sun, a young man stood proudly and called out upon the valley below. He was the ‘karere’, the herald of the chief of the tribe. “Tuhingamua. Tena kohikohia inaianei nga tau katoa. Kua tata te wa. Ka tata te ra. Kua tae mai te wa.” The young man faced the four corners and repeated the phrase, calling out the members of the tribe, announcing the festival and summoning all those to gather. (To see the ‘karere’, click here).

As the ‘karere’ summoned the young men of the tribe, Mingan heard a knock upon the door. He opened the door and smiled. “Welcome, mahine.”

Two matronly women entered the dining area and said, “The karere has summoned. Are you ready?”

“Yes.”, Elan answered. He looked to Iago and said, “It’s time to go.”

“Do we bring our bags?”, Iago said.

“No.”, Elan replied. The two young men followed the mahine out of the house and down the tree-line lanes of the tribal compound. They reached an area the housed several tents. The young men entered the largest tent. In the tent, about a dozen men, all 20 to 23 years old, stood waiting further instruction.

“The mahine will robe you. Discard your clothes.”, one of the mahine announced.

Elan started to undress. Iago followed suit. Slowly, he found himself practically naked, except for his Emporio Armani trunks. Elan smiled at his model friend. “Of course, he’s wearing haute couture.”, he thought to himself.

The mahine approached Iago and lowered his trunks, exposing his flaccid member. The mahine took white silk-like material and wrapped Iago’s groin and buttocks with the material, creating something like underwear. With the straps of the material, the mahine then wrapped Iago’s flaccid member, tying the ends at the tip of mushroom head. Iago could urinate, but little else. Iago could not help get aroused as the mahine manhandled his junk. When they finished, Iago’s cock stood proud, wrapped in the white silk-like material. The mahine then kissed the wrapped phallus and said, “Kakahumokopa.”

Elan watched Iago as he, too, underwent the ‘kakahumokopa’, the ritual wrapping of the penis. He was amazed at how Iago participated in the tribal ritual. He knew he had made the right choice.

When all the ritual participants had their penises ritually wrapped, the mahine began to sing a song. They led the participants by the hand out of the tent.

Standing near the tent was a tall man, wearing a leather vest, a leather garment that resembled a kilt and sandals that strapped along his lower legs. The karere stood next to the tall man and said, “Hepai Tanamoe, to matou rangatira, te tono ia koe ki te whai ia ia. Kua tae mai te wa.” The tall man, whom Iago assumed was the chief, began the procession from the compound and led the ritual participants into the terrain of the parkland. The sun has started to descend, creating an eerie feeling.

Iago followed Elan along the procession. Whatever they smoked had kicked in an hour ago. Even when the mahine were wrapping up his cock, he felt calm and relaxed. He would have preferred the mahine to suck his dick, but he was sure he could find some Indian poontang some time this weekend. Elan’s sisters were hot, and were not off limits.

Finally, Hepai Tanamoe. the chief, arrived at the ritual site. A roaring flame filled the space. The kahere bid the participants to sit around the fire and listen to the words of the chief. (To see the ritual fire, click here ).

Chief Hepai stood near the center of the flame and doused the flame with a reddish powder that created an incense-like smoke. When the area was filled with smoke, the Chief shouted, “Tuhingamua.” The young men sat around the fire and watched the flames soar and reach higher and higher. Iago smelled the sweet-smelling fire. It reminded him of incense from church, but not that choking smell he hated. “Tuhingamua.”, the chief shouted again. This time, Iago watched the chief cast another fistful of powder into the flames. When the powder reached the flames, the sweet-smelling smoke grew intense.

Iago stared the flame. He felt his cock thicken and harden. He wanted to touch his member, but could not. The ‘kakahumokopa’ restricted access to his member. His mind filled with thoughts of his girlfriend and how she would nibble on his mushroom head and deepthroat his cock. As he smelled the sweet smoke, Iago’s thoughts turned to the present. He looked to his left and to his right and gazed upon the beauty of the young men seated around the fire. His thoughts turned erotic, as he envisioned Elan sucking his cock. His cock grew harder, pressing against the tight fibers of the ‘kakahumokopa’.

Hepai Tanamoe spoke to the participants. “Kua manaakitia e koe nga tangata ke ki to iwi. Ka kitea koe e tika ana?” Iago did not understand what the chief was saying. Elan and some of the participants spoke to the chief, nodding their heads ‘yes’.

“E hiahia ana koe kia uru atu ki to iwi?”, the chief asked.

“Ae, ko ta matou, he rangatira nui.”, Elan and some of the participants replied.

Hepai Tanamoe then shouted, “Tuhingamua. Tuhingamua. Tuhingamua.” With every shout, he hurled another powder into the fire, which created a purplish haze of smoke that filled the air and intoxicated the members surrounded around the fire.

When the purple haze disappeared, the chief asked, “Kei a koe te iwi?”

Iago heard the chief’s words. For the first time, he understood the chief’s question. “Do you belong to the tribe?” He answered as did the others. “Ae, ko ta matou, he rangatira nui.” The ancient words came from his mouth. He did know how, but they did.

Hepai Tanamoe smiled. He removed his leather kilt and exposed his dangling member. Iago stared at the incredibly huge phallus. “That’s why he’s the chief!”, he thought to himself. He watched the first seated ritual participant lick and suck the chief’s cock. The chief walked the perimeter of the fire pit. When he reached Iago, the chief smiled. He slid his massive phallus into Iago’s waiting mouth. Iago did not know if he could swallow the chief’s huge, hard cock, but he did. It felt natural for him to suck the chief’s cock. When the chief pulled out and approached another participant, Iago spotted the kahere standing next to the chief. His cock, not as large as the chief’s, was equally impressive. Iago sucked upon the kahere’s cock. When all the participants had sucked the chief and the kahere’s cock, the chief shouted, “Ahi wamu lago atom ahu.”

Elan and five other participants stood and slowly unraveled the kakahumokopa and exposed their cocks. Elan stood in front of Iago and slid his cock into Iago’s mouth. Iago stared into Elan’s eyes and smiled. He opened his mouth and swallowed Iago’s dangling cock. Elan closed his eyes and whispered words that filled Iago’s mind. He sucked Iago, making sure that his balls and every inch of shaft enjoyed his warm, wet mouth. The sun had set and the flames of the fire cast an orange light upon everyone who sat around the fire. For minutes, Iago sucked Elan’s cock, until the young stud climaxed, shooting his load down Iago’s throat.

Elan and the five participants then positioned their partners on their hands and knees. Iago felt a wet, slippery substance upon the folds of his buttocks. He then watched Elan place a polished marble object in his mouth. After Iago wet the polished marble object with his spit, Elan took the object and slowly pierced Iago’s anus. Iago and the men howled. The Chief shouted, “Tuhingamua.” Elan removed the object and then slid his cock into Iago’s hole. Iago bobbed back and forth on Elan’s rock-hard cock.

For the rest of the night, until the dawn, Elan and Iago performed the rituals of full manhood. The sun rose and awakened the ritual participants. They bathed in the nearby brook and soaked in the river mud pools, letting the mud massage into their skin, exfoliating their bodies and rendering a smooth, hairless frame. By afternoon, the bathed stud returned to the fire pit and listened to the Chief narrate the oral history of the tribe. As the sun set, the kahere built another roaring fire in the pit. The Chief then stood, sprinkled more incense upon the fire and shouted, “Tuhingamua. Tuhingamua. Tuhingamua.” With that, the now-coupled participants resume their foreplay. Iago fondled Elan’s member, stroked it and used the slimy substance of the nearby aloe plants to massage Elan’s cock. The tribal stud’s cock thickened quickly. Elan wiggled his junk, invited Iago to suck his cock. Iago smiled and obliged his mate. For the rest of the night, Elan and Iago sucked and fucked, as did all the participants in the tribal ritual.

In the morning, the Chief gathered the sexually-spent participants and returned to the compound. The participants returned to the dwellings on the compound for the morning ritual. Elan led Iago by the hand and dressed Iago in the native dress. (To see Iago in his tribal dress, click here).

Elan smiled. The Chief encouraged the members of the tribe to find suitable mates, as the tribe’s population was dwindling. For those members who would not take a bride, the Chief encouraged the tribesmen to recruit new members. Elan had lusted for Iago since the first time he met the young stud model at one of the photoshoots. He knew Iago would make the perfect tribesmen. Elan would fulfill the tribe’s initiative and gain a suitable mate. Iago was hot, sexy and studly, but more important, he would be a good provider. Elan wanted a lover who would support him. Iago fit the bill.

For Iago, the fire ritual marked his admission into the Tuhingamua Tribe. He had endured the ancient rite of passage and now stood with the Tuhingamua. Elan was his brother and his lover. His life would never be the same.

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