The Militia: Part 2

By Bear-Cub Sandwich published April 15, 2019

Aidan’s transformation back into a gay man progresses as he undergoes psychological evaluations, anal probing, and massive hair growth. Can he withstand the Militia’s attempts to turn him gay?

I woke up on the ground in the tent. I felt full, and could tell the plug was back in me. For the moment it seemed like the militia guy was still asleep so I decided to keep laying on the ground and recover my strength. Yesterday had been an intense day, but my nerves were calming down. I wasn’t exactly proud of how much cum I drank the day before, but I chalked it up to whatever they were drugging me with. I could live with myself drinking cum or getting fucked as long as they didn’t turn me gay. I wanted to… Well, I wanted to not want it.

Women were in my thoughts that morning. I was picturing a short blonde woman with perky tits, and my imaginary gaze drifted down but I couldn’t picture a pussy. There was just a haziness where it should have been, I couldn’t remember what it looked like. It gave me a moment of panic, but all those thoughts faded as I heard the militia man groan as he sat up on the cot.

“Morning, Aidan,” he said. “How ya feel?”

“Fine.” I wanted to keep all my answers short and unresponsive so he wouldn’t talk to me.

“Did I ever tell you my name?” He hadn’t. Without me responding he added, “It’s Josh.”

He stood up and I noticed he was wearing a camo jockstrap again, still so hairy around his groin, but today I was much less grossed out by it. I guess having his dick inside me naturalized it in a way. He caught me staring at it.

“Come here and sit on my lap, I’ll jack you off real quick.”

“No, thanks.”

“I wasn’t asking.” And he picked me up and forced me onto his lap, back to front. He injected something into my arm, probably the same stuff as before and it helped me relax a little.

He started by rubbing my jock and then slid it partially off to get access. I got hard without trying and he started jacking me quickly. Then he switched to his backhand as he cupped my balls. I came pretty quickly, he scooped up the cum and had me eat it. I was surprisingly complacent.

“We can talk over breakfast. Real breakfast this time.”

He led me to the main tent where I first met Captain Mike, but this time there were several folding tables and chairs set up with glasses of water, plates of eggs and toast on them. No-one was there yet so Josh led me to a nearby seat and had me sit down. It pushed the plug further into my ass and I gasped for breath as it massaged my prostate.

“Eat up.” He instructed. He’d said we would talk about my manufactured lust over breakfast but he was eerily silent. Within a few minutes of eating the tent filled up with all the men I’d seen the day before. Everyone was wearing a camo jock and everyone was hairy just like Josh. The man sitting across from me caught me staring at his hairy pecs, they were nicely pelted and he had perfectly rounded nipples.

“So Aidan,” the guy began, “you’re probably wondering how everyone’s so hairy here, since you’re staring so much.” I took a sip of water to avoid staring more. “You’re probably thinking, ‘What are they putting in the water?’ but it’s nothing in the water. It’s actually the side effect of the shots we use in the rehab. Nobody seems to mind though. It starts slow at first, noticed anything yet?”

I shook my head no. Josh decided to add, “He may not have noticed, but I did this morning.” He reached down under my jock and gave my dick a good tug. I was suddenly aware of a much bigger bush than I’d had the day before. My body’d always been pretty smooth but I had a small cushion of a bush. Now it felt wiry, and was pushing against the jock. “Aidan, this is Paxton, he helped Mike develop the shots you’ve been given so he’s just bragging. Finish your food, I need to get you to your morning appointment.”

I finished my toast and followed him out of the tent while groping myself feeling the new bush. I tugged on it and it was definitely real. When I pressed it down it sprang back up. It was a humid morning as we walked through the camp, and he led me to another large tent I hadn’t seen yet and held open the folds for me.

Inside was what looked like a dentist’s chair. Before having me lay down he used some lube from a nearby table to pull out the buttplug, and it slid out easier than the day before. As it left my body I shivered. I was empty again. He had me lay on the table and then strapped my arms and legs down. I had thought about fighting it, but I knew better after yesterday. The way I was laying, nothing could go in my ass, so I knew I could withstand whatever they did to me here. The less I had stuff in my ass, the better. Josh left and a few minutes later, a hairy, naked Captain Mike entered.

“Hi Aidan, I’m here to show you some videos and get a sense of where you’re at so we can adjust treatment.” He pressed a button on the chair I was laying on and I felt something start pressing against my ass. “Don’t fight it. You must’ve known something like this would happen.”

Eventually it made its way in and started slowly going in just far enough to send a shiver through my body and then back out.

“Okay, so to begin: How would you describe your sexuality?”

“I’m straight. I’ve told you guys that so many times. I can’t change that and neither can you.” As though the chair didn’t like my answer, the speed of the pumping increased and my breath became uneven but I tried to fight it.

“Sure you can say that, but do you know how much cum you drank out of that tub last night? Twenty ounces, that’s the size of a Coke bottle. And is it true you told Josh that he tastes good? Those don’t really seem like things a straight guy would say.”

I said nothing. There was no way I’d drank 20 ounces of cum, he had to be lying. The probe kept thrusting at the same speed but my breathing had steadied, I was getting used to it.

He continued. “Moving on, you’ve been told that you were gay up until very recently when you underwent conversion therapy. Do you have any memories of being gay?”

“No, why would I, I was never gay.” The speed increased and my dick started to twitch against my new bush.

“And if I were to present you with evidence to the contrary, would you rethink that answer?”

“No. I wouldn’t.” Faster pumping, and further into my ass than before.

He got up briefly and returned with a video monitor. He clicked a button and on-screen appeared a hairy asshole. I averted my eyes. “Can you tell me who this belongs to?” I shook my head no, and he advanced to the next image. It was my face, but with a beard. “Is this you?” I nodded yes. He advanced to the next image, I was in a tuxedo kissing another dude in a tuxedo. It looked like a wedding. He looked older than me, with some gray hair but not horribly old. “And do you recognize this man?” I shook my head no. “Interesting.” The probe had been hitting me so hard I could start feeling pressure inside my balls.

He continued speaking as he cycled through photo after photo of me with this guy I had no memory of. “This is your husband, Calvin. Sorry you don’t remember him, you two look close.” He stopped on a picture of me and this Calvin guy spooning in bed together, it was the first photo where I didn’t have a shirt on, and my chest was so hairy. Calvin had a bit of a gut and it was lovingly pressed against my back. ‘Why did I find that loving?’ I thought to myself. Captain Mike asked, “This spark anything?” The pulsing slowed a little.

I shook my head no again. “No, it doesn’t. These have to be fake I was never married and I never had a hairy chest like that and I’ve never seen this guy before. It can’t be me. I’m only into women.”

“Memories are interesting, Aidan. They’re never truly gone even if you’ve suppressed them. You could never forget how to tie your shoes because that knowledge is part of your body. If you’re so straight, your body would remember what a vagina looks and feels like. Describe it to me.”

I stammered out a “Well, it’s soft and…” my voice trailing off as I tried to conjure up what a pussy looked and felt like. It was so hazy. Ultimately I couldn’t do it. Captain Mike unstrapped my right arm and moved my hand onto his dick. Instinctively I started stroking it.

“See, you do remember how to stroke a man’s cock. Or rather, your body remembers.” He clicked another button on the monitor and a video started playing. It was me, or the not-me that was hairy getting fucked by that Calvin guy. My eyes were trained on the monitor and for some reason I kept stroking Captain Mike. The pulses in my ass timed themselves with Calvin. When he thrusted, I felt it deep in my ass. On screen I looked to be in bliss. My nipples were being tweaked as I was fucked missionary style. As I jacked him off, Captain Mike kept moaning. On screen I started moaning, and I couldn’t avert my eyes. While laying on the table I got uncomfortably hard which was only intensified by the realistic thrusting of the probe. I started moaning too. The video was nearing its end as Calvin quickly pulled out and started face fucking me until he exploded in the hairy-me’s mouth. All of a sudden I could taste the salty cum in my mouth. I snapped out of my trance and stopped stroking Captain Mike’s dick in real life. “Did you just fucking cum in my mouth?” I asked. He shook his head. “Don’t fuck with me I could taste cum in my mouth for a moment.” “Your body must be remembering. That’s enough for today.” He injected a shot into my arm. I was getting tired of this.

For the next several days Josh took me back to that tent and every time I got probed and had to watch myself get fucked by Calvin. Captain Mike’s questions were pretty much the same every day, “Tell me about your childhood.” “What was your father like?” “How was your relationship with your mother?” Usual psychologist questions I didn’t see the point of. And every day he asked me what a vagina looked or felt like. And I still couldn’t give him an answer. Soon I couldn’t even imagine what tits looked like. And every time I watched that video, I could taste Calvin’s cum in my mouth for longer and longer periods of time.

Each day it seemed like my hair was growing more and more. My bush was now even bigger than Josh’s, the jock couldn’t contain it any longer. When he would lube up my ass I could feel it matting down the growing hair in my ass. Nothing on my face changed, but I’d come to have an extremely hairy stomach, and it was creeping closer to my pecs with a line that shot straight between them. I grew increasingly used to these changes, and I told that to Captain Mike. He just laughed a knowing laugh.

Every morning and night Josh fucked me in the tent. I found myself thinking of Calvin and that salty taste came back to my mouth. I’d only cum twice since arriving and I desperately wanted to. Something was holding me back. But one night, after he came in my ass, Josh gave me a small rubber ring and commanded me to put it on.

“Put it on what?” I asked.

“Your cock,” he said, cupping my balls and sliding the ring down and around them. “With this, you are finally allowed to cum again.”

I fell silent, something about the pressure on my balls brought me back to ‘sanity’ for a moment. My dick fell limp. “Okay…” I said, my voice trailing off. “Can you describe what a pussy feels like for me so I can jack off?”

He stood up off the cot and I watched his dick swing as a drop of cum dripped off it. Why had I let him put that inside me, I wondered. “Are you telling me you don’t know?” He crossed his arms over that hairy chest.

“Fine then, I’ll just sleep.” And I laid down on the ground and tried to fall asleep but the pressure from the cock ring kept me up. I needed to cum.

At some point in the night I woke up, my balls aching. I tried slipping the ring off, but it wouldn’t budge around my engorged balls. I started to feel desperate, and started stroking it. With my other hand I was tweaking my nipples which by now had grown hairy. So hairy. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on my arousal. The blonde woman from before wouldn’t manifest. Suddenly I thought of Calvin and my mind cleared up. I could feel my dick getting harder, but it wasn’t enough.

Josh was laying on his back, snoring, completely asleep. I stood up as slowly as I could and stared down at his body. He wasn’t wearing his jock anymore and his dick was lazily draped across his thigh. My cock grew harder still. I needed release, the type I knew my hand couldn’t provide. My eyes darted to the night stand and saw, sitting out on it, a set of arm and leg restraints. I knew them well by this point.

As slowly and as carefully as I could, I managed to tie down his arms and one of his legs. As I tightened the third knot a little too tight, he woke up, and started kicking at me. “You’re gonna fucking regret this!” he seethed. I managed to hold his last leg down and tied it up.

I became suddenly sad looking down at his panting, pelted body. My dick was throbbing and even just looking at Josh all tied up sent shivers through my body. I turned to the exit and looked at it for a minute. It’d be there even if I did something unspeakable. I turned back to Josh and a smile grew across my face.

“I’ll ask you again, what does a vagina look or feel like? I need that image in my head. I need to know what it’s like so I can hold onto my sexuality from you fuckers.”

He glared back at me. “I’m not going to tell you. Why would I?”

“Because I know a way to make you talk. I’ve seen how things work around here. And I’ve heard that gay guys that fuck other guys don’t like getting a dick up their own ass. And you’re obviously a top so I’m gonna fuck you until you tell me what I want to know.”

Josh’s eyes immediately took on a look of mild panic and he started to squirm against the restraints. Too bad for him I’d seen first-hand how to tie strong knots. “Somebody, come quickly!” He shouted out. And we heard no response. “Aidan’s going to fuck me!” And again, no response.

I propped up his ass with a small pillow and started tongueing his hole. I thought back to my disgust the first time I’d seen his hairy crack but this was different. I had a hairy ass too now, and this didn’t scare me. His hole was surprisingly pliable, quivering with lick after lick and soon his entire hole was damp with my spit. Josh wouldn’t stop moaning. I thought he was faking it.

I spat on my cock, slicking it up. The head just peeked through from the foreskin, ready for pumping. I pressed it against his asshole. “Tell me!” I demanded.

“I…” he moaned, “I can’t!”

And I pushed my cock into him, as far as I could. His entire body tensed up and he started to buck his hips as I grazed his prostate. I got my whole six inches into him and just started wailing my hips into him. I’d never felt each thrust so powerfully before. My breathing became heavy as I pounded and pounded against his ass. My balls kept smacking his ass and my pubic hair compressed against him with every thrust, bouncing back in preparation for more penetration.

I could feel my own prostate getting grazed by the butt plug as my ass sucked it in with every thrust. I looked down at Josh and could see his face in ecstasy. ‘It has to be fake,’ I told myself. ‘No one could actually like this.’ Soon my body was moving on its own, and I could feel sweat on my brow and sweat forming on my chest. I didn’t even feel close to cumming after minutes of intense pounding, I was holding back the feeling of orgasm through sheer willpower.

Still humping, I leaned down so we were chest to chest, and I could feel his hot breath on my face. He called out again and no one answered. I felt something pulling on the butt plug. At first I thought it was just my imagination, but suddenly it was gone, and I heard it hit the ground. I was too preoccupied with fucking Josh to look back, but I could hear some mumbling behind me.

“Quick, arms!” Josh yelled, and immediately two men swarmed my sides and pulled my arms down hard onto the cot and tied them to the same spot as Josh’s. But I didn’t let it stop my thrusting, not when I was finally letting myself get close to cumming.

Josh reached up his neck and started to kiss me. “Man you really are coming along, aren’t you, recruit?”

I couldn’t kiss him back, and I could feel my orgasm dying down as I felt increasingly empty without the butt plug. Without any warning, a man was behind me and stuck his dick in me. I could feel a hot, sweaty, hairy chest against my back and his dick was the perfect length to hit my prostate with every thrust.

Energy surged through my body. I felt full and my speed increased even more. The feeling of approaching climax came back. There was hot breath on my neck and hot breath on my face. I started to kiss Josh back. His dick was pressed against my chest and his pre-cum was mingling with the sweat from my chest. The man fucking me was fucking at a different pace than I was fucking Josh and my prostate was going crazy.

“I need it!” I shouted into Josh’s face. My balls kept slapping his ass over and over and eventually burst as I screamed out in ecstasy. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Fuck!” I breathed in really hard, panting aggressively. “I… I fucked you. Fuck you. Fucked… you…”

I couldn’t stop pumping, and I could feel every drop of cum as I shot it into him. Every second another shot into him. One shot of cum into him for every one I’d been given. I could feel my cum traveling up my shaft and making his ass warmer. My thrusts started to slow but my cock kept pulsing cum into him as the guy behind me kept fucking it out of me. My prostate was heaving in and out as it kept pushing out more and more cum. My body had been saving it. I had been saving it.

But the guy fucking me didn’t stop, he just kept humping me and I could feel my eyes roll back. I was held down so tightly that I couldn’t pull my dick out of Josh. He was smiling. He started talking to me as I continued heaving as my prostate was attacked.

“How dumb are you to think I wouldn’t like that, recruit?” He started grinding his dick into my stomach until he came and I could feel all the stickiness and I wanted him to lick it off. Soon after, the man fucking me came in my ass and I felt the familiar warmth I’d come to recognize, and even maybe like a little.

He pulled out. And was replaced by another guy who wildly fucked me. And came in me. And then another and another. “It’s the whole militia,” Josh said. They’re here for you, to help you.”

And guy after guy came in me, my ass was panting harder than ever before, and I had no choice but to just take it. I couldn’t even pull my dick out of Josh. At one point, my dick got hard again and I humped him until I came again, everything was blurring together. Eventually, everyone was done. I must have taken eleven or twelve loads. It seemed that it was over and I started to breathe more calmly again.

My thoughts strayed to Calvin for a moment and I could practically taste his salty cum. I thought about all the cum in my ass and how it might taste. I suddenly sensed another person behind me and I felt like he would be the last.

The person spoke in a familiar voice: “My turn now, recruit.” It was Captain Mike. I don’t remember what it felt like being fucked by him. I just remember ecstasy, and I remember thinking that if I could withstand this, I could withstand anything. When he was done with me I fell asleep on top of Josh, dick still inside him. The Militia mens’ cum hadn’t yet begun to dry, and it felt… nice. I’d lost, and I had become okay with that.

When I woke up, I was back on the dentist’s chair, but I wasn’t strapped down. I was in a fresh, clean jock, and it seemed like my body’d been cleaned. My ass felt empty, but in a different way than before. Now it felt empty but… well used. Satisfied.

Captain Mike walked in carrying a clipboard, I was surprised he didn’t have the video monitor. “Morning,” he greeted me. “Seems like you had a lot of fun last night, it took us quite a while to get you clean as you slept it off.”

“It was a moment of weakness. I’m still straight, I just really needed to cum.”

“Here’s how this is gonna go: you clearly aren’t straight anymore, and given a few weeks back in the real world, exposed to your gay life again, you’ll be back to normal. So this morning you’ll be cleared to leave, after a final examination. No stroking, no probe, just some questions. Okay?”

“Who’s going to pick me up? Are there even any roads out here?”

“Don’t worry about that for now. Okay, let’s begin. I’d like to ask you one last time, what was your relationship with your father like?”

“I don’t have a ton of memories of him. I’m not sure why, there’s just a haze over that part of my life and memory. I guess it means I didn’t care enough about him to really remember him.”

“And what did he look like? Do you remember that?”

“No, why?”

“He loves you very much. It’s your father that’s come to pick you up today. He sent a photo ahead, said it was from your childhood.” Captain Mike removed a photo paper-clipped to the clipboard and handed it to me.

In the photo I was a sixteen year old, just leaving for junior prom at my high school. I was in the center of the photo, wearing a suit I remember renting from a tuxedo store. My mom was standing on my right, looking proud. And on the left was my father, I guessed, the haziness started to clear as I looked on it more. He had a bit of a gut, and a really kind smile. He also looked really proud.

Captain Mike gestured to someone standing in the entrance of the tent to come in. I looked up from the photo and saw a man I’d been watching on the monitor for weeks now. The man I’d been watching fuck me. The man whose cum I couldn’t forget the taste of.

It was Calvin. My husband.

My dad.

To be continued…

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