Techno-Glory Hole, The package

By Mr. Knight published April 15, 2019

After signing up to beta-test some strange new sex technology, Asher discovers that he has the opportunity to fuck whoever he wants!

Hello everyone! First time posting here, this is an idea that I tried telling a while ago but never got into developing. If you like the idea, let me know and I’ll write more chapters!

It had been a month and a week since Asher had signed up for that beta-testing program he saw on-line and at this point he had already assumed nothing was going to arrive, so he was a bit confused when a good looking mailman knocked on his door to deliver a package.

He signed the receipt while thinking of inviting the mailman inside to breed his needy butt, aware that he would never be bold enough to be so straightforward with anyone and hoping that he would read between the lines when he said “Thanks a lot!” as the mailman was leaving, which sadly didn’t happen so he resigned and closed the door. It had been about two weeks since Asher had had sex, and it had been a quick Grindr hookup that didn’t even satisfy him because the other dude came almost as soon as his dick got inside Asher’s butt. Asher was an average man, his body was a bit out of shape and leaning into the chubby side of things because of all the pizza he got to eat at work, but his big butt and handsome face was enough to get him laid.

Turning back into his small apartment, he walked back to his room excited to see what the mysterious box could be holding. He didn’t realize that it was related with the beta-testing until he sat on his desk and read the name on one of the sides of the box “Lewdky, For the Lewd and Kinky”. He remembered the cringy name from that website that promised free samples of exotic and hight tech sex toys to those who applied in exchange for feedback. He had found it by chance one day while taking care of his morning wood and filled the form in a rush, barely giving any thought back on it for the last weeks so he didn’t even remember if there were any description on the kind of feedback he was supposed to deliver.

With the help of some scissors he got the top of the box open and looked inside, expecting some huge ass dildos, a Fleshlight or some accessories like a cockring or some harnesses. Instead he got out a smart-watch, something that looked like a tablet, some sort of platform and nothing else. No instructions, no chargers, nothing. Completely puzzled, he checked the logo on the box again to see if he had read the thing correctly and then went back to examine the items.

The watch was already on, it showed the time and had a small button on the center that, when pressed, changed to display to a simple “4” and then back to the time. It looked kinda nice tho, so Asher put it on and then grabbed the tablet.

It looked pretty simple, on/off button, volume regulators and all the usual stuff on the sides, a decent 10'' screen but no brand on the back, just a black plastic with the speaker holes in the bottom. Asher tried to turn it on and after a few seconds, the “Lewdky” logo showed up on screen while the thing started loading.

Turning his attention back to the platform while the tablet was loading, Asher still couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be. He guessed it was positioned correctly on the table because the “bottom” had four small stumps that he supposed were legs, but the rest was just a block of black plastic with a metallic surface on top, a small digital screen on one side and one simple button with a lock symbol. Pressing the button did nothing at all, so Asher decided to just wait and see if there was any instructions on the tablet.

After a short while, the screen flickered for a second and the display changed.

-Welcome, Asher.-

Asher frowned upon reading his name on the screen before writing any info into it, but shrugged it and assumed the thing was programmed before delivery to his info. The screen went black again, and then the typical tablet desktop showed up with the time on a corner the usual “settings”, “camera” and “browser” icons and a single app called “Lewdky”

Asher booted up the Lewdky app and it opened with a happy gingle. The screen showed a few options now, “Access data”, “Favorites”, “Recordings”, “Achievements”, “Profile” and “Exit”. Before he could tap anything else, a pop-up appeared with some much needed information.

-Welcome to Lewdky! From this app you can access, modify and enjoy all the men’s data you have collected! Would you like to go through the tutorial?-

“Men’s data? The fuck is that supposed to mean?” Thought Asher, and proceeded to accept the tutorial hoping for some clarification. The display slided to the right and a video started playing.

A handsome men on a lab coat, around 40yo appeared on screen and started talking with a german accent.

“*Thank you for purchasing the Tecno-Glory Hole! On this video, we will show you how to get the most out of this revolutionary new technology! First, we’re going to talk about the Gentleman Assimilation and Watch Device”*"

The camera got closer as he walked over to a stand holding a watch just like the one Asher was wearing now.

This useful device will analyze every person that comes within 5 meter of it and, if they are a male over 18 or the local consenting age, save their information as well as set them up for future access.

“Set men for future acces? Hold their information?” Before Asher could stop to ponder what this meant, the video kept on going.

The device you’re now holding to see this video is the main tool in the set! It’s called the “Control Unity for Men”, from it you can easily access all the information you have recorded in the last 24 hours, apply all modifications you see fit and display it for personal use!

The last piece in this set is the Matter and Energy Assorting Terminal

The camera now shows a platform just like the one Asher has on his desk.

This terminal can generate interactive representations of every assimilated men, as well as non interactive visualizations of their surroundings! We hope this video was given you enough information! Stay tuned for updates very soon!

And with that, the display went back to the previous menu. Asher was even more confused than before with all this mumbo-jumbo about “assimilation” and “displays” but decided that he would learn more by investigating the app.

The first option was “Access Data”, so he tapped on that.

The app loaded for a second, and then it showed a list of four men, Asher was the first on the list, but he flinched a bit when he saw the mailman on the second position, followed by two unknown men. There were also some information there about them, full name, age and profession. Asher’s full name was on display, “Asher J. Butler”, 25, pizza delivery man. His photo showed him with a neutral expression looking at the camera. The mailman was apparently John Aaronson, 29 and unsurprisingly, a mailman. He looked rather serious in his photo, but still pretty attractive. The second man was “Walter T. Lewis”, 34 and another mailman. His picture showed a smiling black man with a shaved head. The third was “Charles Allen”, 42 and a trucker. He was a big bear, complete with white hair and a warm smile.

Asher didn’t remember taking that picture so the whole thing started scaring him a bit, but still his curiosity took the best of him and he tapped on John the mailman’s profile.

The screen turned into a very detailed list of information about John. Asher flinched again when he found there a full-frontal nude image of the mailman, his eyes went immediately down to his cock, flaccid but still pretty promising. Apparently he was straight, married, 5’7, enjoyed getting his dick sucked, big butts and cumming on people’s faces but disliked using his ass, other’s feet and using condoms.

Asher’s cock twitched in his pants while reading this information, and was completely hard by the time he was done. He tapped the image in hopes of getting a better look at that dick, but instead the image disappeared and a bunch of sliders and edit options appeared on each bit of info. Before he could react, Asher’s attention turned to the platform. The digital screen showed now John A. and the metalic surface glowed dimly for a second, before images started rising from it like holograms.

The first thing was a flat display showing the mailman walking up to his van and getting in. Asher recogniced the street because it was just a couple block away from his house. “This must be real time!” He thought, and grabbed on his dick imagining the voyeuristic treasure this was.

Before he could do more, the display started showing something else. Appearing much more slowly than the live video, a real-size model of Johns dick and balls showed out of thin air!

Asher’s heart started pounding super hard, the dick seemed to react to the movements John was making on his van too, so this must have been also in real time. Shifting through the options in the app to see what more he could see, Asher found that he could slide to the sides to see more info like John’s current mood that showed a few emotions in sliders depending on how much he had, and details on John’s dick and testicle size, cum production values and current load percentage.

Asher couldn’t help playing around with the slides, he found out that he could make the John in the screen look happier by sliding his “happiness” value, and make his balls grow or shrink in a few taps. John seemed a bit uncomfortable with this on his van, but was mostly distracted driving so he didn’t seem no worry too much about it.

That’s when Asher decided to touch John’s “arousal” value, he started to slide it up slowly to see him react, but waited for him to park the delivery van before getting it high enough. The displayed dick started twitching and growing slightly, still trapped into John’s underwear so it slided to the side.

Asher moved the platform closer to get a better view of the dick, but even tho John’s image moved with the platform, the dick did not, so he tried to push the hologram closer. He expected his hand to go though it or something, but both the voyeur and the mailman jumped in their seats when Asher’s hand tapped the dick.

Asher removed his hand, a bit scared to keep going, but John was too horny and just ignored the feeling, jumped out of the van and climbed up to the back, closed the door and took his dick out.

Asher was drooling with the sight, John started jerking slowly and the displayed dick reacted to his every movement, he soon realized that the “hologram” also had smell, and hesitant at first, decided to give the dick a little lick.

It was too subtle for John to notice, but the taste of his precum gave Asher the courage he needed to go further. This time John reacted when he felt an invisible mouth wrap around his thick prick. Asher noticed the arousal getting lower on his tablet and fear going up, so without getting the dick out of his mouth, he slided fear back down and turned arousal to the max. John’s face relaxed immediately when arousal started going up, but his face turned to a moan and the instant the arousal bar hit the limit, he started cumming inside Asher’s mouth.

Asher did not mean to do that, he could feel the cum inside his mouth at the same time he saw similar shots spray all over the packages John had to deliver. He was super turned on by the double sensation, and now with a better understanding of how things worked, we quickly navigated the menus of the app to make John’s balls full again, made his dick a bit bigger and got three more loads off him in less than 5 minutes before he shot his load all over the apartment floor.

John seemed confused and exhausted, but happy, and this time not because Asher touched on his happiness meter.

Asher turned off the tablet and the platform, now more aware of the situation since his blood was flowing from one head to the other again.

He had the power to manipulate the minds and bodies of every men that came close to him in the last 24 hours.

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