SubX part 11

By abracadabra923 published April 13, 2019

part 11

Jacob looked sexy in a stinger top and cute when he nervously chewed his lower lip.

Mason and his big friend waited in a dingy room filled with eerie equipment, walls lined with tattoo art.

“Scared, big boy?” Mason asked, to mask his own concerns.

Jacob huffed. “Fuck off, midget.”

Mason reclined on the uncomfortable plastic chair. “I feel like we’ve become great friends. I hope Oliver isn’t getting jealous. Why didn’t you two get pierced together?”

“Good question, bro,” Jacob said, looking serious. “We don’t do everything together but I’d have expected him to ask. He went on his own, probably on a whim. He’s a spontaneous fellow.”

“Not to pry, but… You don’t seem as much alike as I always thought ‘the Buffs’ were.”

“Yeah,” Jacob said, drawn out. “We’re friends since middle school. Got into bodybuilding together. Got on the team together. I feel like we’ve drifted apart. Don’t get me wrong-”

Jacob leaned in to whisper, just in case the piercer was about to return. “Fucking Oliver is a dream come true. But it’s just not the same as sex with a person who is… you know, present?”

“Are you going to stop?”

“Fuck no, half my SubX is reserved for him. Every time he’s over, we bang. But I’ll get sick of it one day, I feel. Those raging teen hormones aren’t going to carry me along forever.”

Mason chuckled. “And then you’ll settle with a cute twink and a puppy in a house in the suburbs.”

Jacob grinned. “I think there are going to be a looooot of dicks to be drained first.”

A woman with more ink than skin entered from the backroom. “Sorry for the wait. Who’s first?”

Jacob pushed the stringers of his tank top off his shoulders. “Me, please. These here.” He handed over two little black ring.

Mason held onto his small, classic studs. He thought rings were a bit too much - too obviously gay. Unless you were extremely manly like all the teammates who had opted for them.

Jacob sat down and the woman wiped his nipples. The Buff swallowed hard. Mason didn’t have the heart to tease him.

They headed to Jacob’s place, with a detour to pick up a meal to eat in the car.

Jacob led Mason to his room upstairs and turned on the TV, handing Mason the controller for player 2.

“You know,” Mason said, “every time I’ve been here, I thought it was a really nice room.” Besides the bodybuilding trophies nothing hinted at the room’s owner. The space was bright, clean and tasteful, almost with a feminine touch. “I just figured it’d be more, you know, football-y.”

Jacob chuckled. “Don’t feel like straight acting at home. I’d put rainbow flags and posters of hot naked dudes everywhere, but I guess that’s got to wait till college. Hey, can you set a timer for three hours?”

Eventually it was time to give the piercings a first wash. Jacob unashamedly dropped all his clothes on his bed before leading Mason to the bathroom.

“You ready, bro?” Jacob asked once the smaller athlete was shirtless. “Three, two, one.”

They tore off their band-aids at the same time. It definitely looked hot. Mason almost regretted not opting for the rings right away. He used wet wipes to clean a trickle of dried blood from his chest.

Jacob just stepped into the shower and let water do the job.

“You know what, Mase?” the big guy said, over the rushing stream. He had his ass to his guest and had to half turn to speak. “Call me crazy but I have an idea for who to rank next.”

“Always open to suggestions,” Mason said, stepping closer so he didn’t have to shout. Although no one was home, yelling about which teammate to turn into a sex slave next was still awkward.

“Each other.”

“Uh… W-what?”

Jacob turned around, dick semi erect. He drove his hand through his mohawk to push droplets out. “I want to know what I’m like on SubX. You don’t have to take your turn if you’re chickening out.”

“Let’s do it,” Mason said, his mouth faster than his thoughts.

“Hm,” Jacob made and looked in the mirror. “Don’t want to tear out my rings in a fit of lust. Let’s see…”

The big jock grabbed broad surgical tape from a cabinet and cut off two strips. He handed those to Mason and cut two more for himself.

Once Mason had secured his nipples with the transparently white tape, Jacob was done cutting his strips into two little hearts to put over his own nipples.

“Cute,” Mason commented. “And slutty.”

Jacob winked and clicked his tongue before wandering back to his room in the nude.

As if the bodybuilder’s physique hadn’t been reason enough to envy him, he also had a mini fridge in his room. Shaking a tiny bottle of a protein drink, Jacob sat down on his bed, legs far apart.

“This is what I give Oliver every time he comes over. Well, not every time. Sometimes I just wanna talk about shit or game or lift.”

He downed the bottle on one go and scooted back on the bed.

“Alright, Mase. Let’s see what I’ve got. I hope I have no anti-compound left in my system.”

Mason stripped, his heart pounding. In a few seconds, he’d be able to do anything to his new friend. He set up his phone to record from the desk next to the bed.

Jacob was lubing up his hole, transitioning straight into finger fucking.

Mason chose a hardstyle playlist on the jock’s TV and fast beats filled the space.

“Jacob? Is it already working?”

The big boy only groaned.

Mason jumped onto the bed and held his hardening dick over Jacob’s face. The mindless sex zombie shot up and threw Mason onto the bed, taking the offered dick in his mouth mid-swing.

“Holy fuck!” Mason shouted as the beefy jock deep throated him on first try.

He felt Jacob’s throat close around the mushroom at the same time a tongue tickled his balls.

“Fuck, you’re a talented little slut when your brain’s turned off.”

The slut came up for air, looked Mason in the eyes with a grin dumber than any before, and licked along the shaft. One of the slut’s strong arms was holding Mason down by the hip, but the other had made it to the slut’s fuckhole and wet slurping sounds came from both ends of the volunteer sex zombie.

While the slut went expertly up and down, Mason wondered for a moment if he should keep his inhaler handy to bring Jacob’s mind back afterward or if it wouldn’t work on someone else.

Out of the blue, the zombie slut hopped onto Mason’s crotch, making the bed creak and shake. It sat down with its massive thighs apart and rubbed its crack along Mason’s spit-slick shaft.

Mason pointed his dick upward, using the free hand to explore the bumps of the slut’s torso, everywhere but the heart-shaped tape.

Sinking onto the top’s dick, the slut had a blissful, open mouthed expression with the collected drool from the blowjob dripping down its chest.

Mason felt as if his mushroom was being kissed. He looked between the slut’s buttocks and saw its hole moving like a living, breathing thing.

“Fuck, you’re good.”

As if able to understand him, the slut sank farther, taking his full length. Greedily, it rode back and forth, making the bed scoot an inch each time.

Mason didn’t have to do anything but also didn’t get to do anything. The slut had him pinned with its full weight and went wild. The slut’s torso bent over and it propped itself up with its beefy, flexed arms next to Mason’s face. In fact, their faces almost touched.

Mason leaned up and pressed his lips on the slut’s open mouth. The power bottom responded by frenching as if digging for treasure in Mason’s orifice.

After another round of rapid fucking and then another round of kissing, the ride slowed down and the slut broke their lip contact. Instead of picking up speed again, the slut came to a stop altogether and let Mason’s dick slip into the cold, unsexy world outside its ass.

The slut - Or was this Jacob again? - rolled off the bed and roamed his closet with fast, heavy breaths. He stepped into a jockstrap and was pulling on a polo shirt when he paused, looked down at his quarter-dressed self and blinked hard.

“What… why am I… oh, wait what?” He looked over at Mason who still rested on the bed, awkwardly covering his wet, pulsating dick. “Did it happen?”

“Sure did, big boy,” Mason said with an honest smile.

“How long did we fuck?”

The smaller athlete stood up and consulted his phone’s recording. “Barely three minutes.”

“Oh fuck, I must have had some anti-shit floating around my blood still.”

“Don’t worry,” Mason said. “You are a straight 10 out of 10. Want me to send you the video?”

“Please. And you don’t have to flatter me, bro. If there’s something I should know, don’t spare my feelings.”

“You’re very aggressive. That’s not a criticism, though. Just watch the vid.”

“So…” Jacob said, playing coy. “Want me to rate your topping skills on SubX? Let me warn you, I’ll be brutally honest. I mean, we can just finish ‘sober’, but I don’t feel satisfied, you obviously didn’t cum, so I’d say…”

“Alright, fuck it. I’ll become a brain dead sex zombie. I’m just not sure I can. SubX tends to give me an asthma attack.”

Jacob waddled out of the room. It was kind of cute to see what an effect Mason’s dick had had on the bottom jock’s walking style.

“Here,” Jacob said. “My mom’s inhaler. It’s a different brand, so I’m not sure it’s going to work.”

“Ha, that’s the kind I had before. If it doesn’t work, just hand me my regular one. I’ll put it here.”

After those arrangement were made and Jacob had set up his own phone, they moved back onto the bed. Jacob took his shirt off but remained in the jockstrap he had put on during the de-slutting process.

Mason received a SubX laced protein beverage and took his time drinking it.

“I’m almost ready to shoot my load, actually,” he said. “What happens if I cum a minute in? The substance lasts for, like, ten minutes.”

Jacob knelt between Mason’s legs, rubbing his own beefy thighs. “Same thing the others do once they cum. They keep messing around.”

“We’re gonna cuddle?” Mason asked with a giggle, jerking himself.

“Something like that,” Jacob said.

Mason felt an orgasm approach. He wanted to signal Jacob to hurry up and sit back on his dick but his throat closed up. He reached for the ‘wrong’ inhaler which relieved him of his impending suffocation but didn’t clear his mind.

Mason needed to cum. Finally Jacob’s ass moved into view. Ass… fucking… flash needed to… fuck… fuck… cum… cum… flash deep into the hole… drilling the slut… flash ass dick ass dick ass dick… fucking… cumming…


The fuckmeat entered him… he needed to ride that dick… flash milk it with his virgin ass… take it deep… slide down all the way… flash anal orgasms… his whole existence was to get assfucked… ride it out… flash ass dick ass dick ass dick… fucking… cumming…

“Uhhh, did we do it?” Mason asked.

He was still on the bed but with a pillow covering his dick. The cover stuck to his skin where cum streaks had dried.

“Yep,” Jacob said, cheerfully. He was playing a shooter on the edge of his bed in the nude. His jockstrap hung off the bed post next to him.

“Um… My hole kinda burns.”

“Haha, yeah. You fingered yourself a bit. The fuck was over pretty fast so you had nothing else to do.”

Mason tried to move his legs together and winced. “Fuck, how deep did I finger myself?”

“You were pretty enthusiastic. I already sent the video of you topping to your phone.”

“How was I?”

“Honestly? Brutally honest? 7 out of 10. You’re probably an 8 or 9 but it was over so fast.”

“I’ll accept that,” Mason said and scooted up to his muscular friend. He kind of wished he could cuddle a bit with the hunk before him. “Fuck, I almost pity all the straight guys we ass raped. Funny they never figure out something is going on.”

Jacob laughed hard. “Can you imagine Hudson turning to one of the guys in the locker room and going, ‘I just showered and my rosebud is suddenly on fire. How bout you?’ cause I struggle to see that happen.”

Mason slipped his boxers on and pulled the surgical tape off his chest. Jacob had removed his tape hearts already.

After recovering for a minute, Mason sat down at his host’s desk and looked at the footage he had received. It was weird watching himself with a blank expression ramming his dick into the thick jock ass that currently sat two feet in front of him.

Mason’s zombie self had pulled out at the moment of climax and showered Jacob’s face with his cum. Then Jacob started slipping his jockstrap off and the video ended. It just cut out, awkwardly. The moment of Jacob turning the phone off wasn’t captured.

Had Jacob…

Then Mason noticed that the beginning was missing, too - the 30 second set up before dick met ass. Yeah, Jacob had simply edited the boring parts out on both ends.

The total bottom wouldn’t have used the opportunity to take the anal virginity of his partner in crime. It was too absurd on multiple fronts.

“Mase, care to join me for a round?”

“Sure,” Mason said and got up, feeling the wet spot on the bottom of his boxers where a bit of lube had escaped his hole.

He must have fingered himself hard.

Did ya boi Mase get ass raped by his bestie just because? We may never know the answer. (It’s yes)

How about we learn more about SubX and visit a sorely neglected friend… next time.

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