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By rubbrsome - jacketrat@hotmail.com
published April 9, 2019

The detective arrives at his final destination: The Source.

The detective knew what he was going to see. It wasn’t a secret. He could see it clearly through both the eyes and memories of the men that had come before him. Yet nevertheless, seeing it with his own eyes took his breath away. There was just something about experiencing it for yourself. Seeing it through the eyes of another man didn’t do it justice. One had to see it in person to truly understand that magnificence of THE SOURCE.

Brett Janson stood on the interior surface massive sphere. Accessing the memories of the lab students that had opened the fracture and travelled to this place, Janson thought it might be a Dyson’s Sphere. But that was only a theory that hadn’t been proven. But looking around, he estimated that the sphere must be several hundred kilometers in diameter. He could actually see the far interior wall that was several hundred kilometers away. It was all around him; in every direction he looked, the surface on which he stood curved upward to show the interior surface of the massive sphere. He felt as if he were standing at the bottom of a bowl.

There were many things that he was marveling at. And it was hard to pinpoint which aspect was more insanely wonderful than the next. The first was the gravity within the sphere. He was actually walking along the interior surface of the sphere. And even though the sphere’s size was enormous, there was still a curve to the surface in which he stood. No matter which direction he would walk in, the floor always curved slightly upward. It was this upward curve that verified that he was inside a massive sphere.

And walking along the surface, defying gravity, were millions of men. He recognized humans immediately. But very quickly, he saw bodies that weren’t human. Some were humanoid, while others seemed quadrupeds, and strange creatures that would require a poet to accurately describe. There were creatures that Janson would describe as “lizard-men”, while others were some kind of fur-beasts. As the detective stared in amazement, he realized that he could actually sense them. He was privy to their thoughts and memories, and had a perfect sense of who/what they were, and where they came from.

The other crazy thing he noticed was the sense of time. Where ever he was, whether it was in another dimension or perhaps a different reality, time seemed to work differently here. He got the sense that time was moving infinitesimally slower within the sphere. He knew this because of the sensation in his cock. Looking down, he found himself continuing to jack himself off. He watched as his fisted hand moved up and down along his shaft. But as he stroked up and down, the movement left a ghostly contrail in its wake. It was like watching your flesh stretch backward as you moved. But it wasn’t just the motion; it was the sensation too. The feeling of jacking off seemed elongated and stretched. With it, the pleasure seemed to increase and heighten. Taking him to an altogether different plane of sexual experience.

For a split second, the detective thought the deceleration of time may get him to cum. He could feel the increased sexual energy rising with him. And Janson found himself arching slightly backwards, and thrusting his hip forward as he stroked himself. He was so ready to unload. He needed to unload. He was there. GOD-DAMMIT HE WAS THERE!!! But he kept being denied. The frustration clung to him like a cold and wet towel. He could find no release.

The detective continued to slowly walk forward. Like a moth to a flame, he kept moving in one direction: forward. He shuffled, his legs were more apart than usual to accommodate his jerking. His knees remained slightly bent. With one hand, he kept stroking his shaft, and with the other, he had begun to pull down on his ball sack.


This is crazy, he thought. But having access to all those that had come before, he understood what they were telling him. But he didn’t at the same time. He knew he wouldn’t fully understand until …. What? Until he moved forward.

He kept moving. Stroke. Step. Stroke. Step. Move. Forward. Another step. And stroke. Forward.

The detective understood that his direction wasn’t in front of him. Even though he was moving that way. In fact, he understood that his final destination was actually above him.

As the detective looked up, he found himself looking into a light that was exponentially more brighter than the sun, and for some strange reason, he could look directly into it without damaging his eyes. As he stared with wide eyes, he knew without a doubt that he was staring directly into THE SOURCE. And it was located in the exact center of the sphere, hovering in the air as its core. There was no sound coming from it, no heat or radiation.

The only thing radiating from the brilliant light SOURCE were a vast multitude of access ports. The ports appeared beams of light, branching out in all directions around the inside of the sphere. There must’ve been millions of access beams, each reaching outward like some kind of three-dimensional spoke on a wheel. These beams of light had a white-bluish color as they branched outward to the interior sphere wall.

With so many beams radiating outward from the SOURCE, the detective didn’t have to walk far to find himself standing next to one. And as he approached, he marveled at what he was looking at. Again, he used the memories of the others to try to understand. But even the other men didn’t know, or couldn’t comprehend what the beams were. Again, there was the word access port, conduit or portal. But somehow, the detective knew that such words were inadequate and couldn’t fully describe what he was approaching. It was these things and yet it was also so much more.

The beam of light was transparent, clear as if it were glass. But as Janson approached, he could see his own reflection within the reflective surface. And along with his reflection, there was another image. The detective’s mouth dropped open as he recognized the frozen image of Royce Thorne. The elderly man was naked, hovering in midair inside the beam of light. His body was arched backwards, with his face aimed skyward towards and staring directly into the SOURCE. The man’s mouth stretched open and to its furthest as if caught in a frozen scream. But what caught Janson’s attention most of all was the naked man’s cock. His massive cock stuck forward as a thick cannon, immensely swollen and inflamed. And emerging from the cock was a massive ribbon of cum, frozen in mid-flight like the man that had ejaculated the liquid. The detective had never seen so much cum in his life. Thorne must’ve shot gallons. The white ribbon of jizz stretched upward, ascending up along the beam until Janson lost sight of it.

The detective stared. His mind processed what he saw. But even with his own brain, and the minds of the others, he couldn’t fathom what he was seeing. What the hell is this?


The detective never stopped stroking. As he shuffled closer to the beam, he watched as the body of Royce Thorne continued his slow ascent up the beam and towards the center of the sphere. When Janson was just inches away from the beam, he reached out with one hand to touch it. Palm forward, it pressed flat against the surface as if it were a pane of glass. The surface was perfect and without blemish. There were no scratches and distortions. And yet, as he looked down, the detective watched as an opening materialized. A hole had just appeared. An opening the exact size of cock, and positioned directly in front of it.

There was no hesitation. No thought or consideration. No questioning on whether he should or shouldn’t do this. As soon as Brett Janson saw that hole, he instinctively reacted. He inserted his cock into the hole. It was like slipping a hand into a glove. The fit was perfect, and the effect immediate. With time moving at snail’s pace, the detective felt everything as if each point were spelled out to him. The first of which was the hole closing in and around his cock. As his tip pushed into the beam, the device actually locked onto his cock. The transparent material beveled down around his mushroom shaped glans, preventing him of the ability of withdrawing his cock.

But just as he felt the beam locking onto him, he was also acutely aware of the electric sensation of his cock’s transformation. There came a distinct sizzling sound, almost of a circuit being fried. And as he looked down, he could see his cock within the beam. The tip was being transformed. The swollen and purple flesh was turning into a brilliant reflective chrome. It had started at the tip and slowly spread down towards the bottom ridge of his glans. And as the transformation slowly progressed, the detective began to feel it. It was spreading within him. Growing within him. GROWING. RISING! CUMMING!!!

He let go. With both hands, he pressed his palms against the surface of the beam and looked down as he watched his cock explode. A massive jet of cum shot outward from his silver-tipped cock. But as it entered the beam, its movement was quickly slowed down to a crawl, almost as if somebody had hit the pause button. And with it, the detective understood that his orgasm was being slowed as well. It felt like seconds … no minutes had gone by, and yet he was still orgasming …. STILL CUMMING!

It wasn’t ending. He wasn’t stopping. His cock was still slowly shooting cum, still exploding outward to be caught in the beam’s frozen energy. And inside the detective’s mind, he began to reel at the intense pleasure and pain of his orgasm. That it was still there, growing and rising within him.

He couldn’t take it anymore. It was too much. Just too fucking much. With his palms flat against the beam, he actually began to push. He tried to push his body away, to pull his cock out of the hole. But it was locked onto him, sealed and bonded to him. He looked down at his crystalline cock tip, having a hard time telling the tip and the beam apart. And watching as more and more cum continued to be expelled slowly from him.

christ fuck shit oh fuck oh my god oh ugh fuck

Deep down, the detective knew that he was trapped. He knew that it was hopeless. But even though he knew this, irrationality began to override rational thinking. He still had to try. He still must try! He had to give another push. He relaxed for a moment. He allowed his body to move slightly forward with the intent of suddenly vaulting himself backwards. But as he moved slightly forward, his cock slipped and extended further into the beam. His cock inserted beyond the tip, just a half-inch down his shaft. And as he entered further, his orgasm intensified, doubled and tripled. Causing another massive wave of cum to burst outward and be caught.

The detective responded with a “knee-jerk” motion. He tried to vault himself backwards, arching his back, pressing against the beam and desperately trying to get his cock out of the trap. But he was caught. And when his muscles began to burn from the strain, he couldn’t help but relax and move forward again. The effect was instantaneous. His cock slide just slightly further in. Another quarter inch. But his orgasm increased, like one long sustained note, and expelled more jizz into the beam.

The man’s mind was reeling. He didn’t know what he was feeling by this point. Pleasure. Pain. It was all the same. He couldn’t tell the difference. It was a sensation that wasn’t meant to be felt. And yet … it was still coming … still cumming.

Everything was happening so quickly and yet time didn’t seem to be moving. The detective wasn’t sure how he come to the conclusion of what he would do. Maybe deep down he always knew. That the voices … the other men had told him what to do. That the voices …

Something suddenly occurred to him. The voices. The minds of all the other men. They were gone. There was pure silence inside the detective’s mind. He could only hear his own thoughts. And suddenly, and most painfully, Janson felt alone. Terribly alone. Fearfully by himself.

Again, everything was happening at once. It was all happening too fast. He was still cumming. His orgasm wasn’t ending. He could feel his cum slipping out of him, flowing forward uncontrollably. He looked down at his cock frozen in the beam. He watched as the white ribbons continued to extend outward and upward into the beam. By now, after minutes of one long and continuous orgasm, his stream of jizz stretched several meters. He had never shot so much cum in his life. The pleasure (or was it pain?) kept building. And he wanted nothing more for it to end.

But more than anything, he didn’t want to be alone anymore. He wanted … NEEDED … the voices back.

Then something caught his eye. The detective looked up, taking his eyes off his cock, and looking straight ahead into the beam. And … then … he saw them. All of them. Thousands. Millions of them. Men. All of the men. Each and every one of the voices that had been in his thoughts. Part of his mind. Part of him. They were in the beam. Trapped and bonded. One with THE SOURCE.

The multitude of men were staring at him. All of them, appearing as ghostly apparitions. Their naked bodies hovering in mid-air. Each of their eyes blazed with blue intensity as they smiled broadly back at him. Many of them were motioning with their arms, beckoning the detective to join them. Others were nodding with approval, seeming to know what the man was thinking.

It didn’t take any thinking at all. Just like when he saw the hole for him to put his cock in, his body had responded on instinct. It did so again, now. As soon as Janson saw all the men trapped inside the beam, he didn’t think. He acted.

Brett Janson thrusted his cock forward, pushing himself further into the hole. His mind exploded, his orgasm grew and his cock erupted. He had only thrusted in a half inch. But it was intensity beyond imagination. Just as he had felt himself stopping, he immediately forced himself to thrust himself again. Deeper. Harder. Further. MORE!!!

His jizz was shooting forward. The length of the white ribbon had doubled. But more than that, his cum had spread out as if a cloud and had begun to take shape. It wasn’t random, but seemed to be forming something. He looked down at the fluid erupting from his cock. And noticed with dismay that his cock wasn’t even halfway into the beam. He needed to push in again. He needed to go in hard.

The black man steeled his resolve. He needed to find his strength. With several deep breaths, he readied himself for the assault. And counting to three, and launched himself as if beginning a race. He vaulted forward. pushing …. Pushing …. PUSHING!!! As his cock penetrated into the beam, it began to slow down. It was as if his cock was being caught in quick-drying cement. It lost moment and finally stopped. But during all the movement, Janson had felt his orgasm ascend to the next level. His body felt like it was on fire. Heat radiated from him. Every nerve ending seemed like it had been electrified. And he had literally watched as his cum ribbon had tripled in its flow rate. It was no longer a thin ribbon but a thick stream of white jizz.

Again, he noticed that his cum stream was flowing into a shape. The white, milky substance was coalescing into a form. Before his eyes, he watched as his cum continued to flow into the beam. As more and more of his cum gathered into the form, the shape began to solidify. But it was hard to focus on his cum. As more and more of his seed shot out, his orgasm kept enhancing with each passing second. His balls continued to churn and flow.

The detective was breathing hard. He couldn’t catch his breath. He was exhausted both mentally and physically. It was too much. Just too fucking much. He just needed a moment to get his breathing under control. Just a moment. He looked down and saw that his cock was now more than halfway into the beam. More than halfway … good. Almost there. Jesus fucking christ I’m almost there!

Who the fuck am I kidding? I … can I do this? Can I … can …. ?

Then he looked up again. He saw them. The men. And they were all looking back. Looking at him with their intense eyes and broad smiles. They wanted him. They were waiting for him. All of them were there for him.

The detective felt his strength. His power inside rose. And with one great and final thrust, he pushed his cock in, thrusting it all the way in to its base. As he inserted himself into the beam, both his entire cock and balls entered the SOURCE’S access port, bonding fully and permanently. And in that brief flash of a moment, the detective had a small awareness of what was happening to him. He couldn’t describe it with accurate detail; he could only use a crude form of metaphor. He would have described the SOURCE as a ultimate supercomputer, or the universe’s biggest brain. And the beams that radiated from the SOURCE was its nervous system. And basically, Janson had just permanently grafted himself into the nervous system and accessed the SOURCE’s brain.

It wasn’t just his cock that exploded. The whole world seemed to explode. Everything seemed to brighten, a warm rush of energy enveloped his entire body. And the billions of male faces he had seen inside the beam suddenly found their way into his thoughts. Welcoming him forward, embracing him and merging both their thoughts and bodies into one cohesive SOURCE.

His eyes opened to their widest. Inside him, he felt his balls empty with their last of its cum. More than that. It felt as if his balls shriveled and decayed. It was pain and pleasure mixed into one. The last drop of cum flowed out of his spent cock. And he watched as the milky cloud finally revealed its true form. His cum gathered together, morphing itself into a body. A human body. A man.

The naked man hung suspended in the beam. His naked form was perfect. He was curled inward in a fetal position. But then he seemed to come alive, beginning to stretch outward and move. When the man raised his head, the detective gasped because he suddenly understood. He recognized instantly who the man was.

But before he could think further, his whole body seized as the last throes of his climax took him. With his cock and balls fully inserted into the beam, he felt his whole body being pulled in. With once last effort, he arched himself backwards. All of his muscles seized as the pleasure broke him apart. His fingers and toes curled into fists. He looked upward towards the SOURCE, opening his mouth as if ready to scream in pleasure.

Brett Janson felt himself frozen. His whole body was frozen. Suspended inside the beam. Caught in the moment. But as he hung, he felt himself begin to rise. Upward toward the most brilliant light that had ever existed. And as he rose, he felt the arms of billions of brothers embrace him. They pulled him upward, pulling him into the tightest and richest hug he had ever experienced. Everything was becoming bright. The light was intensifying, blinding him until there was nothing but pure white.

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