Jockfun: Revelations

By Rozza22365
published April 7, 2019

Tyler, the school reporter investigates Coach and the jocks to find the cause for all the changes at Jockland High.

It was a beautiful day; the sun was shining in a clear sky. There was a light breeze in the wind and a calmness to the morning. It was 7:30 am, and the students of Jockland High had just finished entering into the grand hall, excited for the day ahead. Tyler, a small 17-year-old boy, sat on his desk in the radiant sun rays. Tyler was a smart kid who did well in all classes, except for sports class. Though Tyler wasn’t fit, he wasn’t horrendously overweight or underweight. He could run and sneak about but was useless in a fight. Most kids didn’t pay him attention though. Tyler wasn’t nerd level ugly or weird, but he didn’t exactly fit in with the jocks. He had a well-shaped face and black hair which was styled as a fauxhawk cut. Tyler was currently trying to figure out what was going on at school. As the school reporter, it was his job, and since he had just got back after two weeks of illness, he needed to catch up. As he had heard, some nerds had been ‘turned into jocks’ on the nerd night event at school. Then his boyfriend Danny told him that the school was being changed into an all-boys school. It was too much for Tyler to take in at one moment, so he decided to do some research on Coach and his second in command Jackson.

Tyler was on his laptop looking up and down a site about veterans in the area. The one thing Tyler knew about Coach was that he was ex-military; this was due to all the tattoo’s he had on his arms. If Coach was a vet, then he would be here somewhere. Ten minutes passed and nothing, he decided to widen his search to nearby towns. But still nothing. He changed his search bar and decided to go for the first alternative, searching with Coach’s image. At first, it was articles upon articles about how he had curbed bullying, obesity and increased sports funding, which was all true, so far Tyler hadn’t seen one jock threaten a nerd for lunch many or laughs. He continued his search until he found a buried article from a couple of years ago. It was a military news site. “Exemplary officer transferred to American town while off deployment.” Tyler was intrigued by the article’s openness. He read on and discovered many interesting things about ‘Coach’. At no point does the article refer to Coach by his name other than that ‘future Coach.’ Though it was noted that he was still in the military, the article suggested that he was setting up a career for afterward, instead of some conspiracy.

‘This needs further investigations. Coach seems to have a cover for his part in this. Let’s look at Jackson and what he and Coach talk about’ Tyler thought to himself.

Tyler opened outlook and typed in Jackson’s email and password. Jackson was very predictable when it came to tech or anything that required some intelligence. He also knew he wouldn’t be on now as he would probably be broing out before sports. Tyler looked through the messages. Not much from Coach but he sent a lot, talking about numbered goods being taken and being successful, whatever that meant. Tyler could usually decipher Jackson in a second, but for some reason, his brain wasn’t having it at the moment. The bell for the first period went off, and Tyler shut down his laptop.

Tyler left for the first period which was sports. Tyler walked through the school avoiding the gaze of the jocks. Even though he didn’t fully believe what was going on, there was definitely a change at school. Jocks were everywhere, and they were different. They all wore a kind of casual uniform. It was black shorts with a white t-shirt and dark, trendy jacket, topped off with a backward black cap. Their behavior hadn’t changed too much though. They still flexed and said ‘bro’ an uncontrollable amount of times. Tyler also noticed something else strange too. There was a lot of new staff around. He didn’t know when they came, but they were similar to the jocks. They were fit young men. They had short hair that was styled smartly, either gelled off to the side or pushed out forward. Their attire was similar too, a black t-shirt with the school logo tucked into black shorts. Tyler neared the locker rooms. He entered the locker room, only to be greeted by a strong musk that assaulted his sense of smell. Tyler looked around the locker room to see it had been upgraded a lot. It was bigger as well as if hundreds of students could change at a time. Tyler looked to the corner to see six pasty white, zit covered nerds changing. In between, them was Danny his boyfriend changing with them. Odd, Danny didn’t usually change with them; he and Tyler would change together. Danny was a cool kid, but not cool enough to be in with the jocks. His body wasn’t ‘swole’ enough for them. Danny was quite thin but had some height as he was about 5’9, which put Tyler’s 5’7 to shame. Danny wasn’t a cool kid by wealth but naturally. His tanned skin and cool brown hair made him attractive to all. Even though Danny was cool to everyone in the school, he was helpful and friendly to most people. He ran the LGBT group at school, which he was very successful at doing.

“Hey Dan,” greeted Tyler happily gave his boyfriend a hug from behind.

“Keep your voice down” whispered Danny agitatedly.

“You don’t know if its enough for the jocks to take notice of you and take you away” he continued fearfully.

“Ok, so Coach is very weird, like secret government plan, taking over the world weird” joked Tyler.

“This isn’t a joke!!” Danny raised his voice as he said that some jocks turned to look at him. He turned quickly not to gain attention.

“Tyler, things are happening here that are odd. Girls are all gone, jocks are increasing in number while every other group is dwindling. Last week I lost four from the club, I saw them two days later, hanging out with jocks looking like them as well,” cried Danny.

“I’m looking into it” Tyler stated seriously, comforting his boyfriend.

Tyler got changed, but as he got his stuff out the bag, Danny snatched them and forced them back in.

“Tyler there’s a uniform for sports now! And anyone not wearing it gets taken!” warned Danny.

“What? I didn’t know about this. When was it implemented and what do I need?” Tyler responded.

“Last week, and its the same as what the jocks wear, white t-shirt and black shorts but they have to be tucked in, or it doesn’t count. I have a spare since I knew you wouldn’t know,” sighed Danny.

Tyler got changed in the clothes Danny gave him as he said. They both left and stayed next to each other. The gymnasium had been improved too. There were new machines and more climbing apparatus. The boys all moved into the center of the hall where they ran into a formation. Tyler suddenly noticed that they were surrounded by many of the new staff he had seen.

“Right you lot, you know the warm-up routine, down and give me 200,” boomed a loud voice that scared everyone but the jocks. Tyler followed Danny’s example and began doing press ups, thankfully he was fit enough to do them, but he looked around and saw some who weren’t. The staff around the sides moved in row by row and picked out the weaklings. They were then escorted out by two jocks, sometimes forcibly, back into the locker rooms. ‘Where were they going?’ thought Tyler.

The rest of the sports class was intense. It felt more like a training day for recruits. Tyler was dumbfounded though as people who couldn’t complete it, were dragged out back into the locker room, where there was an uneasy silence. Tyler also noticed the jocks new behavior. They were very attentive and focused on this class. Usually, they fucked about and enjoyed themselves, but now it felt almost religious to them. They did every command given and replied with an enthusiastic ‘yes sir.’

As class finished, they returned to the locker room. The whereabouts of those taken in class was a mystery, they weren’t here, but their stuff was. Danny changed quickly to get to his club meeting, he kissed Tyler and ran. Tyler slowed down, looking around, no one seemed to care about the missing kids, and weirder the jocks all changed at a similar pace. When they got to the end, they put their caps on backward which Tyler swore made a buzzing noise. Tyler left with before the jocks, hidden from them on his way out. He looked at the time it was 12:10 pm. How had the sports class taken so long? He went to the cafeteria to see any more changes in how the day went on. He moved throughout the school this time with more of the new staff around, but he couldn’t see any of the usual staff about. Tyler entered the cafeteria to see what had changed here. Thirty-five of the tables now belonged to the jocks, two tables full of kids from Danny’s gay club and three tables with nerds. Tyler sat on an inside window ledge where he got out his lunch to watch what was going on. It was mostly usual behavior from jocks. Jokes, flexing and showing off, it got so ‘bro-ish’ it looked as if they were all closer to each other than just friends. Tyler viewed the rest of the kids. They all had their heads down, quiet and generally looking scared. Tyler saw a boy sit down on an empty table by himself. It was a nerd called Jacob, and he looked terrified. Tyler wanted to go and sit with him to ask him stuff, but before he could move even an inch, five jocks came and sat down on his table. They were all smirking and playfully joking with him at first. Tyler moved closer he overheard them talking about him joining them in the locker room for some tips. He heard a faint ‘no’ from Jacob, but the jocks ignored it. They picked him up and ran him out to the locker rooms, leaving his food and bags. No one in the room batted an eye, not even the new staff.

Tyler was left in shock, maybe Danny was right. People were being taken away and had something done to them. Tyler decided to walk through the jock tables to see who these new jocks were. He calmly and confidently postured himself, straight back and firm face, even though the jocks could beat it out of him. Tyler walked a bit, getting closer, the loud shouting like expression of the jocks overwhelmed every other noise. He continued slowly through the tables moving his eyes side to side. And bit by bit he noticed some of the jocks, he recognized some of the names. ‘Oh fuck’ Tyler thought, these were nerds before. He knew some of them, he looked to the table next to him and saw those taken in the last sports class. They all looked and acted like jocks. Somehow they had been made swole, adopted jock behavior’s and then fit in perfectly. Tyler was scared now, he moved to get away and process everything, but before he could, Jackson and his boyfriend Jordan, who he remembered was a nerd too, and four jocks surrounded him.

“What’s up bro?” asked Jackson bluntly.

“Nothing much, just wondering why all these nerds are jocks at the moment” replied Tyler loudly, going on an offensive.

“Ummm… well I’m not sure what you mean bro, they always were,” Jackson hit back, struggling to think up a cover story. Jordan whispered something in Jackson’s ear. Tyler only made out ‘Coach’ and ‘not to let him know.’

“Yeah they were always jocks bro, and even if they weren’t Coach has lots of clubs to help them be like us,” Jackson stuttered, trying to think of words to say.

“So what happens in the locker room? Loads of people get taken and seem to end up like you,” Tyler fired, putting Jackson on the spot, speechless, made him feel strong.

“We just give them the gear and the next thing you know they’re one of us, maybe we should put you or Danny…” There was an abrupt end to Jackson’s confident counter, as the caps on all the jocks started vibrating holding them in place and keeping them silent.

“Ah, so the gear is what changes them. Well, thanks for that stupid… What the fuck” Tyler Continued just seeing the jocks stuck in a trance has the cap vibrated. He looked around it was every jock in the cafeteria, no even the jocks in the hallways outside.

Tyler used this odd event to make a break for it and go to his next class. As he was about to exit he looked back at the jocks, the trance had ended, but the jocks had gone back to being normal as if they forgot about the whole encounter.

The bell rang and the afternoon period began, he had history class with Mr. Morrison, who he could talk to. Mr. Morrison was a lively old teacher who always had an answer for every problem. Tyler entered the class and saw a group of nerds, who had retreated to an enclave in the back. He went to go and sit down with them. He sat next to Adam, a nerd who looked particularly agitated by recent events.

“Hey Adam” greeted Tyler hoping to gain more insight

“H…h…hey” stuttered Adam quietly, trying not to gain the attention of any jocks.

‘Poor souls, doubt I will get anything out of them now’ thought Tyler.

Tyler looked around the classroom at the jocks. They were all laid back and relaxed. They all talked about the same stuff lifting, football, and video games. And they all looked the same as each other: same clothes and body sizes. The only differences were voices and hair color, since the caps covered their short hairstyles. The door opened, and Tyler waited for his lively old teacher to walk in. His heart dropped as; instead, a young, fit man walked in. He was just like all the other new staff. He had to be at least 6’6 in height; his clothes clung tightly to his bulging muscled frame. His face was clean shaven, and his facial skin looked soft which gave him an innocent look. His brown hair was neatly styled to the side and glowed in the sun. As he moved to his desk, every jock in the classroom suddenly stopped and looked attentively, as if waiting for him to speak. Once he set up at his desk, he moved to the front of the class.

“Right class,” He shouted aggressively, undermining his innocent look.

“My name is Mr. Cortez, but you will address me as sir. I know some of you are wondering where Mr. Morrison is, well he’s on break for the next six weeks, and there will be no questions what so ever about it,” he ordered as if addressing a troop of soldiers.

Tyler’s heart dropped as low as the nerds around him. This was impossible, Mr. Morrison wouldn’t do this, would he? Tyler wanted to ask, but Mr. Cortez looked like he might beat him if he did. Tyler let it slide, for now, there were other people he could go to.

Mr. Cortez started his lesson as if he was picking up from his last non-existent one. Before they had been doing politics around the civil war, But Mr. Cortez was going over famous battles of the revolution and WW2. To Tyler and the nerd’s, it was easy to do, but the presence of the jocks kept them quiet. However, there was one boy, Charlie who despite being overly capable of this level kept answering every question correctly. Charlie was nearly just like Tyler. He wasn’t deep into nerd culture or fond of jocks. Though the jocks never gave him much grief, he was the nerds punching bag. His quiet and submissive personality made him a free-for-all for their insecurities and envy.

It was in class however were he shined most as his intelligence outdid even the smartest of nerds. Charlie attempted to gain favor with the jocks, but the jocks didn’t seem too interested in him as he also wasn’t ‘buff enough’ for them. He found himself most comfortable in Danny’s LGBT group. Mr. Cortez was impressed with Charlie, and so were the jocks, who also seemed to be enjoying this lesson more than they usually did. About forty minutes in and Mr. Cortez started smirking around Charlie. He finished another slide on the board and went over to his backpack casually and put his hand in, he moved it around once or twice, before removing it.

“Well, it looks as though I left something important in my office. I can’t continue without it,” said Mr. Cortez with a slight smile on his face

"Hmm… how about Jackson, Ryan and… " He began rubbing his chin as if he was thinking hard about who else he needed to complete this mundane task. “Charlie” he bellowed happily. Jackson and Ryan jumped out of their seats and stood by the door staring back at Charlie with lustful eyes as if they were about to be given some new toy. Charlie sat still his eyes, focused on Mr. Cortez, whose smirk had turned into a large grin. Tyler could see from the side that he was on the edge of tears; he knew what was about to happen to him. That he would be taken away and he would come back as a jock. “Charlie, you need to go now” soothed Mr. Cortez impatiently, as if sending someone to their execution. Charlie got up slowly and walked over to the jocks, who also now wore genuine smirks on their faces as if they were his friends. They each put a hand on both of his shoulders and walked him out. Tyler was on edge, he needed to see what was going to happen to Charlie, so he could get evidence of what the jocks were doing. He waited five minutes and then shot his hand up.

“Mr. Cortez… sir. Can I go to the bathroom,” Tyler gasped as if he was desperate.

“Ok Tyler, you can go,” Said Mr. Cortez, after thinking about it.

Tyler got up and fast walked out the door as if he was really desperate, but once out he made a run for the locker rooms, that was where they turned everyone. Tyler ran through the school, looking in each classroom as he went. Every teacher had been replaced by the new younger, more swole, male teachers. It was as if the whole school had been replaced. Tyler reached the door to the locker room, he braced his nose and mouth for the overpowering rank smell he was about to go into. As Tyler entered the locker room, he felt sick at the smell. He looked around the locker room and saw no-one. He heard noises from the shower room and so crept slowly. He moved into each shower cubicle, the dumb sounding voices of Jackson and Ryan getting louder as he got closer. As he got closer to the end, he saw on the opposite end a secret door in the cubicle.

‘This must be where they turn their victims into jocks’ Tyler thought

“Ugh I forgot how Coach told us to activate these new helmets” shouted Ryan. Tyler moved up to the entrance of the door and quickly looked for a hiding spot. He saw a mountain of school towels and football jerseys in the corner and immediately rushed to jump on them. He lay his head down on a sweaty Jersey. He brought a navy blue towel over his head like a blanket, so he was covered from sight. Although he had got slightly dizzy from the musk, He got out his phone and recorded.

Jackson was sitting down on a bench with Charlie who was all cradled up, and in tears, Jackson seemed to be comforting him. Jackson stroked Charlie slowly, attempting to calm him down. Ryan returned from some small room at the side, he had a golden football helmet in his hands and walked over to the other two across the room. Charlie saw the helmet and panicked more, Jordan trying to calm him down still.

“Come on bro, it will be all over in a sec” spoke Jackson softly.

“W…w…why a…are… you… being… so nice. You’re never like this to me,” stuttered Charlie, weeping heavier.

“That’s just Jackson, he likes to calm em down before the brocess. I just like to dump the helmet on ya head. And speaking of dumping helmets on heads,” Ryan grinned. Charlie’s eyes filled with fear. “Up ya get so we can start and turn you into one of us.”

“Wait… no… pl…please, PLEASE,” Charlie begged, but Jackson got up and lifted him, so he was standing. He held his shoulders firmly. “NO… I BEG… PLEASE, GUYS” Charlie continued to beg.

“Don’t worry, bro you will be just like us in a bit” comforted Jackson trying to ease his mind. Charlie gave one tear before Ryan slammed the Helmet on his head. Tyler expected screams of pain, but the helmet made a weird suction noise as it went on Charlie’s head. All Tyler could do was watch Charlie suffer.

Charlie felt as the helmet sucked itself onto his head, it was a perfect fit. The next thing he felt was a plunger engulfing his hair and the top of his head. Next, a velcro strap within the mouth guard shot out, attaching itself to his lips, forcing them open and blowing air into him. His mind was trying to think about what would happen next. It raced from scenario to scenario, each one worse than the previous. He tried to scream, but all he could muster was a muffled whimper.

“MMMPPHHH” cried Charlie trying to force the helmet off his head.

“Stop trying to escape, the brocess is about to begin. You’ll be one of us in no time,” taunted Jackson.

The helmet made a slight buzzing noise, and in an instant, his hands came away from the helmet and stayed by his sides. Charlie was confused; why was he moving his hands away.

“Haha bro, you got mind hacked.” chuckled Jackson. Charlie looked up at the jock confused.

“What’s that bro,” asked Ryan.

“Its apart of the new MK 2 helmets. Before nerds spent ages trying to free themselves, which sometimes slowed the brocess a bit. So now the helmet can mind hack you not to attack it.” explained Jackson.

“Wow, wonder who thought that up,” intrigued Ryan.

Charlie looked at them in distress as he was truly stuck. The helmet vibrated and made a slight buzzing noise. Charlie’s head and vision started getting fuzzy.

“Ah, the brocess begins. I always wanted to see the MK 2 in action as it changes how we turn you into a jock. Before it just like deleted smart stuff, but now it sucks out smart stuff and turns it into muscle juice. It’s so we can make better jocks out of each nerd.” Continued Jackson

“Huh,” said Ryan stupidly.

“As Coach said, if we need a bigger jock, then we put the nerd through more lessons which they love. Then once the brocess begins, they have more smart stuff to turn into muscle. If we need a smaller jock, then we just stop them from going to a lesson or two. Either way, they’re all gonna join us,” finished Jackson, a wide smile as he looked at a frightened Charlie.

Charlie’s fuzzy head started thinking about maths, specifically certain equations and topics. Charlie didn’t know why he was thinking about them, but before he could think them through thoroughly the helmet made a sucking noise, and they were gone. He tried to remember what he just lost, but he couldn’t find it. It had just disappeared for good. The helmet made a bubbling noise as some liquid in the back of it had just spawned. It quickly evaporated into a blue mist and forced its way down into Charlie’s mouth. The mist was cold and sent shivers throughout Charlie’s body. Suddenly his body tensed and blue veins started showing all over.


“Ah, that’s just your knowledge turning you big. Once it gets sucked out of you, it turns into some kind of juice that then turns into like weird air. It gets sent through the sides into your mouthpiece and forced into you,” explained Jackson, getting excited at what was happening.

Charlie’s head thought up more top topics, equations, and knowledge. But the helmet sucked them all out quicker each time until the air going into Charlie’s mouth was a continuous flow. Charlie looked down at his body as it slightly grew in mass, before turning to muscle. His body pumped up with mass again and then into muscle again. This process would continue until most of his knowledge was depleted. Charlie looked down, as his body grew in size. He was 5’8 before, but now he looked 6’4. He watched in horror at his giant size ten hands and feet continued to grow. His dick began growing as well, from a 5" to 12". He was more afraid now as the rest of his body seemed to be growing without end. His calves looked as if he was a runner, his biceps and triceps looked as though he had been working out in a gym for the last two years. And while this all happened, he forgot that his knowledge was being sucked out. As his body grew again, his smaller clothes began ripping apart. His jeans were shredded, and his shirt was nearly gone. Eventually, it stopped, but the helmet had one last thing for him. His head cracked and reshaped, squaring out his jaw and his head was getting larger. He had the body of a jock now.

“Look at you bro. you must have had a lot of knowledge to be that big,” expressed Jackson admirably.

Charlie suddenly remembered about his knowledge being sucked out. He tried to think about what was lost, but he couldn’t think of anything. All he was left with was the basics, enough to pass his exams.

“Don’t worry about your clothes man, the helmet will sort those out for you,” joked Jackson.

The helmet made another buzzing noise, and Charlie’s skin started getting cold. He looked down and was horrified to see his clothes all changing. His t-shirt had repaired itself before changing fabric. It felt more like a jersey now, his jeans shortened up to his knee’s and then softened up, his smart brown shoes turned black, raising slightly as small studs popped out underneath. He rubbed his eyes as he saw them turn into football cleats. Now blotches of navy blue spread over his clothes like a plague before they were engulfed, making the clothes the school standard colors. A big yellow 116 then developed on top of his jersey. Under his jersey football armor started forming, pushing it out and making him bigger. His socks snaked their way up to his knee’s. His arm hair started lengthening out into a big brown forest before turning into a separate entity, which turned into white arm sleeves that stretched up to his elbows. Charlie was now in full football gear.

“There we go bro, looking like one us on the field now, but I doubt you want to look like that all the time. Ryan get him some school clothes,” ordered Jackson, Ryan nodded and went off and brought back a jock strap, some black shorts, a white t-shirt, and a black jacket. The same thing all the jocks were wearing, almost as if it was like a uniform to them.

“It doesn’t have a school logo yet, but this should help you fit in,” Said Jackson.

“So we getting him out of the armor,” asked Ryan.

“Not yet, last bit now. At the moment he’s a dumb nerd, the helmet just needs to make him think like us, like a jock,” explained Jackson, this time with a friendly smile, happy to greet his new bro.

The helmet made a beeping noise, and Charlie’s head was flooded with new information. ‘Jock, jock you’re a jock’ kept repeating over and over. ‘you’re a really good football jock, you’re a quarterback’ then repeated twice, before going back to the first lines. ‘you’re a really good bro and do what you’re told’ stuck itself in his head, which he tried to ignore but failed to. ‘Obey Coach, obey staff, have fun with your bro’s.’ The final part then played, ‘You hate nerds, you hate non-jocks, you want to turn them.’ This then repeated a few times. Charlie kept denying, it wasn’t him. but on the sixth repetition, Charlie couldn’t ignore or deny what was being forced on his empty mind and he accepted it as his new truth. He was a jock, he played quarterback in football, he was very popular with every bro he met, and he did everything he was told to. He had a hatred for non-jocks and desired to turn them into jocks. As his new mindset formed, new memories and knowledge were implanted into his brain. He had a new vocabulary, which was made up of simpler words and using ‘bro’ or ‘bruh’ at the end of each sentence. His memories now convinced him that he was always a jock, and made him friends with every jock in school. His goals were to work out, play, bro-out with his bro’s and convert non-jocks to jocks. A light on the helmet glowed green to show that the process had ended. Jackson and Ryan undressed him and put his new football gear in a duffle bag which they gave to him. They dressed him just how they were. However, Jackson began fiddling with the inside of Charlie’s cap.

“What you are doing bro” questioned Ryan.

“Switching on Charlie’s cap. There we go, now he shouldn’t be able to switch it off, even if he tried to,” approved Jackson, fitting it on Charlie’s head, backward.

“Switch what off, bro,” Ryan continued, intrigued.

“Oh its some switch, that sends you obedience messages, bro. Eventually, we should all become obedient jocks even without a cap or helmet,” Jackson revealed.

“But we’re wearing hats, bro” Ryan replied, slightly worried.

“Ryan bro, do you not want to do what Coach tells you?” disputed Jackson.

“Good point bro, I obey Coach, and he takes care of me,” Ryan reminded himself.

“Good, bro. I think these caps also like, let Coach send messages to us or something. Anyway doesn’t matter we’re all jocks here,” resumed Jackson. Jackson and Ryan embraced their new bro and hugged him into their group.

Tyler was amazed and frightened at what he saw. He managed to record every detail. However, his head had become dizzy from breathing in all the rank musk of the sweaty towels. His vision went blurry, and he couldn’t move. He saw the outline of Charlie walking over to him. Charlie picked the towel over him and put it in his bag before looking directly at Tyler.

“Oh look here bro’s, we got ourselves another bro,” chuckled Charlie.

Jackson and Ryan walked over big grins on all their faces. It looked as though it was the end for Tyler, but the jock’s caps buzzed quietly, and they all said in unison. “Yes Coach, we will bring him to you now” as if possessed.

Jackson and Ryan picked Tyler up and ran him out, Charlie following behind, making sure no-one in the classrooms looked. As Tyler’s body wasn’t being assaulted by the smells of the locker room anymore, his vision and control came back to him. But before he could scream or struggle he was thrown to the floor of Coach’s office. Tyler looked up and saw Coach sitting in his chair, a large smile beaming off his face. Ryan and Charlie stood to the side of him and helped him up, holding onto his arms and shoulders. Jackson moved over to Coach, to his rightful place as second in command.

“Ah Tyler Andrews, I’ve been waiting for this,” Coach bellowed, sounding quite happy.

“Wha… what the fuck is going on!” Shouted Tyler.

Ryan confiscated Tyler’s phone and threw it to Coach.

“It’s Coach, but then you haven’t been turned yet so I will let you off. Well, Tyler do you want to hear my ‘evil’ plan, I mean it’s not like you can do anything but join it,” invited Coach sarcastically as he smugly showed Tyler the footage he had just got and deleted it. Tyler’s heart stopped; he had no way of proving anything now. He nodded in silence.

"Well I knew you would, such a good reporter aren’t you, always wanting to find the truth no matter what. What did you manage to find out about me? He asked

“I know you’re behind everything here, that you’re still in the military,” Tyler confessed.

“You did an excellent job but let me give you the rest. Let’s start from the beginning then shall we?,” Coach complimented.

“Well all this starts a few years back, I was called into a meeting with higher brass in the military. I had no idea what the hell was going on, but they explained that the country is a mess. Society is chaos, in a way its similar to school. The nerds troll online; jocks take it out on nerds who troll more, while everyone is subject to the process. So we needed a simple solution, to make everyone obedient, to make everyone the same. A bunch of our scientists then came up with the helmet. Next, we needed a test subject school; this one proved to be the most diverse, so we chose it. Then all we needed was a group to make everyone conform to. The nerds were our first target, but their smart egos took over, and they just kept putting each other down over wrong answers or test scores. We tried the more political kids, but they just kept outdoing each other with stupid comments. It was also apparent that neither of these groups could do anything which required strength. So that left us with the Jocks, which turned out better than what we thought at first. We discovered that the jocks get enraged so easily because they care so much for their school. They bully nerds because they hate nerdy behavior. Even if you’re gay or whatever, they just want you to be a jock. We thought though that the jocks may cause infighting over petty things like girls, muscles or wealth. But no, they don’t care at all. In fact, they can get so close that love each other like brothers, hence why they say, bro, all the time.”

“But that’s madness” interrupted Tyler.

“I’m still explaining Tyler, hold your questions,” Coach answered calmly.

“I recruited Jackson and the original jocks; they didn’t need mind control, they agreed to everything. I even let them choose the first targets. It was Jordan and his friends Bradly and Connor. They converted and fit in with the jocks perfectly. After that, we hunted one or two at a time, mostly loners so as not to attract attention. But then our last principal noticed the disappearances and confronted me on this. Of course, being military we disposed of her… quickly. Then my superiors made me principal, and I started ‘nerd night’. I took every jock, and we turned nearly all the nerds in the school. In one night nerds had gone from being the most prominent group to the smallest, and with the jocks now holding the majority I only needed one last thing, the staff under my control. The previous staff were let off last week, and the military sent me guys to help keep order. Now we can finish off the last nerds with both, none of them should survive past Wednesday. Once you all turn you’re gonna be my obedient troop of jocks, ready to do what you’re told,” explained Coach.

“You can’t get away with this!” yelled Tyler in frustration at how well Coach’s plan worked.

“Unfortunately Tyler, I will. Next Monday, our brother school Jacksonville high will be shipped a load of helmets for their team, and the process will begin there too, in fact from next month the process will begin at every high school across America. Can you imagine, every school teaming with jocks who love each other, their school and their country. That will be two months from now, and no-one will question it. Colleges will be next after that. Then we will have generations of obedient youth prepared to do what they’re told. They will enjoy freedom, so long as they know who’s in charge,” Everyone was going to be reduced to dumb jock level intelligence, including him and there was no way he could escape. He hoped that he could see Danny his boyfriend one last time as he was, but if he came, he would get turned to. Coach grew a cocky smirk on his face, one of absolute victory. He and whoever he was working with had won.

“Don’t Worry though, the conversion is painless and quick, I also have someone special for you to meet.” sympathized Coach sarcastically “Danny!,” He shouted. Tyler’s heart dropped. Had they already got to his boyfriend and the club? How? He was fine earlier. Tyler’s fears were realized quickly as a big brutish jock walked in. He had the eyes of Danny, but his body was different, like a stranger. Danny held a helmet in his hand and smiled dumbly.

“Hey, babe ready to join us,” He said happily.

“This can’t be! How could this happen?” Shouted Tyler.

“They got me after sports this morning, they took me for the brocess as you left then it was twenty painless minutes, and now I’m a jock,” Danny grinned. Tyler was speechless.

“And your club?” Tyler cried.

“We gonna get em before the end of the day, already sent an after school meeting texts and emails,” Danny said unemotionally, destroying what he had built.

Tyler was gone for a second, his emotions at rock bottom, he wished it were a dream, but it was real. He began crying softly.

“Don’t worry babe, once I put this on you, we can put this all behind us, and we can enjoy being jocks,” Danny continued, trying to get Tyler to calm so he turns easy, as he knew Tyler would resist. Danny looked to Coach, who gave a silent nod to go ahead and turn Tyler. Danny took two steps closer to Tyler, but as he did, Tyler saw, and a spark hope or overwhelming fear took Tyler.

“Oh no Danny they got you, but you’re not gonna get me. I will get out and find a way to undo this!” Shouted Tyler, struggling in Ryan and Charlie’s grip. Charlie and Ryan tightened their grip on him, holding him as he thrashed about trying to break free. Tyler couldn’t break it though, deep down he knew this was it but couldn’t accept it. He continued to struggle, but Danny was close enough to put the helmet him.

“Danny doesn’t do this; it isn’t you! I don’t want to be like this! Coach, I will do anything you want. I can be a good reporter. You need those, don’t you?” begged Tyler one last time before the helmet descended and latched itself onto his head. Tyler hoped something would go wrong or be different to Charlie’s conversion, but like Charlie’s conversion, the helmets plunger engulfed the top of his head, followed by the velcro strap and the same buzzing noises.

“MMMMMPPPPHHHH” Tyler screamed but it was too late, he knew that he would turn as Charlie did.

The plunger activated and one by one, his news reporting, maths, science, English literature, and language knowledge was sucked out and turned into the blue juice. Tyler tried to grab onto each bit of knowledge disappearing, but it was no use, they were gone and wouldn’t come back. The juice at the back of the helmet formed into a mist and was sent straight into his body. His veins started glowing, while a cold chill ran through them. Tyler felt as the muscles swelled underneath his clothes. His chest and arms grew first. His biceps grew out turning his weak arms into thick logs of a larger football player, this extended down his arms to his hands which were now size 13. His chest inflated as massive pecs dominated his upper body and beneath his stomach tensed, making way for a well-defined six-pack. His shirt struggled to hold onto his body and was ripped apart, as the growth spread down towards his hips and legs. His hips widened out to meet his broad shoulders, squaring out his body, his dick grew to 15" creating a large bulge that impressed the jocks in the room. His thighs and calves expanded, becoming stronger and muscular. His feet ripped apart the shoes, growing from size eight out to fourteen. He felt his body itch next as hair sprouted all over. Tyler looked in horror at his new body; he was a brute. The helmet made some more noises, and his skin started radiating the cold. His shirt and trousers grew until they fit his new body before becoming a lighter fabric. This was his uniform forming. Tyler looked on in horror as his white shirt lightened more before turning into a white jersey. His baggy trousers shortened up to his knee’s and clung to his skin. He lost his balance slightly as studs popped out of his repaired shoes, which looked more like black cleats now. From out of his shoes came two white socks that stretched to just below the knees. Tyler’s football armor then sprang from underneath his jersey, pushing out his top and making him feel even bigger. Next, his arms became itchy as hair sprouted along it and grew out becoming longer than they should be. Tyler started itching them but was confused when they took on a texture similar to socks. He watched as they turned into a pair of white arm sleeves that clung to his skin. Blotches of navy blue formed out of nowhere on his shirt and football trousers, developing quickly over them. Once in full colors, a large yellow number ‘89’ appeared on his jersey. This was his uniform now; this was his new body and life; all he needed was new memories and mindset.

“MMMMMPPPPHHHH” Tyler cried again, as the first set messages started appearing in his head ‘jock, jock, you’re a jock.’

“Don’t worry Tyler, once this is all done, you will be free like the rest, you will be mindlessly obedient, but that doesn’t matter when your with your bro’s,” Coach mocked.

“MMMMPPPPHHH” moaned Tyler trying to free himself from this, he didn’t like what Coach was saying, he didn’t want to be obedient or dumb.

The helmet continued sending its messages, ‘jock, jock, you’re a jock,’ and Tyler kept trying to ignore them. It had repeated five times now, and Tyler felt as the messages had subconsciously embedded themselves in his head as they had got past his guarding mind. Tyler tried to remember the bits about him that he wanted. ‘I’m a news reporter for the school, jockland high’ he paused. ’ huh jock, I’m… a jo… no, I’m a… a…’ Tyler struggled as his mind forced his new mindset out. ‘I’m not a jock!’ he shouted in his head furiously before being calm. ‘I’m a… a… oh god it’s hard to think what was my job again’ he thought confusedly. The messages repeated again. ‘Huh, I’m a jock. That makes sense, I’m also a linebacker, I hang out with my bro’s and do what Coach tells me, yeah Coach takes care of me, also I hate nerds and need to turn them into jocks like me’ Tyler’s new mindset entirely took over. He had fallen. “Tyler” spoke Coach calmly. Tyler snapped out of his trance and obeyed Coach. He wanted to, but the helmet stopped him.

“Are you finished? Are you one of mine now? Nod if you are,” asked Coach, Tyler nodded.

“Ahhhhh, so now boys, there is nothing on this planet that can stop us from taking over this school. You should all get ready for our school trips to other nerd night events in the near future. Let’s get this one dressed,” Coach said cockily.

The boys undressed Tyler and then dressed him up in the improvised school uniform. Coach put the cap on Tyler and tightened it, any trace of Tyler or dissenting thoughts would now be squashed. It buzzed, and a Dumb face fell over Tyler as he was now entirely under Coach’s control.

“Thanks, guys and thanks, Coach.” cheered Tyler in his new deeper and dumb voice.

“You’re welcome Tyler, always good have my jocks wondering about. Now I believe you all have a club to get to,” smiled Coach.

“Yes Coach,” They all said leaving.

Coach went back to his computer; he opened his military communication and recording application. The screen displayed an image of the US with hundreds of thousands of red lights, with few yellow and green ones dotted in between. He opened a side panel changed the status of his school from yellow to green; his school had been converted.

‘Now to see where to send my troop of jocks…’ Thought Coach arrogantly.

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