Re-Educator Chapter 1

By EdIam
published December 8, 2015
7549 words

Jake created an invention to change the world. But first he wants to change his bully.

Jake Henderson was a nerd. In fact, many would say that all they knew about him was that he was only a nerd, if they said anything at all. Having had no real friends throughout his childhood, he was lucky in the fact that he had grown up with a very supportive family that allowed him to really focus on his science skills without worrying about socializing much. As a result, he had been accepted to one of the most prestigious schools in the country or, as his older brother, biggest supporter, and best friend John Jr., said, “Damn, kid. That’s where, like, every famous nerd went!”

It did, in fact, prove to be a smart decision. Jake lucked out and was assigned a roommate that was almost as nerdy as him and nearly as smart. Eric Michaels quickly became the only real friend Jake had ever had. In this particular school, roommates were assigned (to the best of the administration’s ability) by major. Jake and Eric both were studying experimental science and, thus, were in many of the same classes. They became study buddies, lab partners, and best friends. But there was something that had always bugged Eric. Eric had always been very open with Jake and never really felt like he had the same experience with his friend. Jake was almost like a trap door when it came to his years prior at college. All Eric really knew was his parent’s names were John and Maria and his older brother, whom nearly everyone called JJ, and he had always been close. Eric had always wanted to pry a little to find out what caused his friends silence, but Jake always seemed to avoid the topic. Eric didn’t mind though. His friend had proven to be intelligent, kind-hearted, and funny whenever they hung out, so it wasn’t a big deal that he didn’t share every detail of his life. The curiosity remained, however.

Eric finally had his chance late December in their third year of school. When their recent discovery proved successful and the previously very antisocial Jake suggested they celebrate by going out and drinking, Eric didn’t hesitate. Jake never even mentioned alcohol, even though both had turned 21 within the last few months, but Eric could hardly blame him. They had worked so hard the past few years on their Re-Educator and finally seeing it working properly made him want to drink the night away himself! And, as a bonus, perhaps a few drinks might open his friend up a little bit.

So, after about three huge mixed drinks and several beers, Jake and Eric stumbled clumsily into their dorm room with a loud boom.

“I am far too drunk to function right now, my man,” Eric exclaimed as he fell into his bed.

“Oh, Eric. You’re not done yet. You only had five beers and I had seven and you need more so you’re getting as drunker as me. Ha! Drunker! Besides, we need to celebrate the greatnessness of our achievement!” Jake responded.

“Fine, fine, fine. Pass me one more beer. Just one more. But if we’re gonna do this, we gotta relax a little bit. Maybe at least, like, play a game or something. I will pass def pass out if we aren’t focusing on something. All those chicks at the bar kept me mighty focused and were mighty fine and you made me leave. So now you’re my entertainment.” Eric smiled mischievously.

“My oh my, what would Susie think?” Jake asked as he opened the mini fridge and grabbed a beer for Eric and a beer for himself.

Eric thought briefly of his girlfriend. He really had grown to love her since the night they lost their virginity to one another last May. “I’d never cheat on her, you know that! Six months strong! Besides, who else could I get? I’m not what most chicks consider prime beef.” Eric sighed as he opened his beer. Jake never would have said it out loud, but he disagreed completely. The truth was that Jake was gay had always had a crush on his roommate. His red hair, stubble on his face, piercing green eyes behind sexy black glasses, and sinewy, Irish white skin had always turned Jake on. At 5’11’, he was a little taller than Jake and had a very natural wrestler build to him. Though Eric was as nerdy and smart as Jake and never did really exercise, he seemed to be blessed with amazing genes that granted him a somewhat naturally looking muscular build.

Jake, on the other hand, was a little shorter than him at about 5’9” and slightly stocky. He wasn’t really what anyone would call fat. He just never really worked out so had a slightly thicker build. He knew with his dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and boyish looks he probably could find a guy for himself, but he focused almost all of his attention on his schoolwork. In fact, this was the first time he had even gone to a bar! Despite his massive crush on his roommate, he had always been able to control himself and even when drunk, he found himself able to do the same. Though guys interested him, Jake never really felt the need to pursue anyone. The crush on his roommate was enough to suffice in that area of his life. A couple times a month, Jake would masturbate to the thought of Eric stumbling in on him in the shower and joining him, but that was really the extent of his hormonal needs. Jake just cared so deeply about his education and what he could do with it that his sexuality took a backseat.

“Naw, buddy. You’re a good looking guy. Trust me. But a game with the beers you say? What do you mean?” Jake asked inquisitively as he sat at his computer desk, leaning back a bit and causing a little dizziness to form. He jerked forward as Eric looked at him and laughed.

“I don’t know man. Something simple, obviously. You can’t handle much else. Maybe just, like, truth or dare. You don’t do the truth or the dare, you have to chug. Sound ok?”

Jake stared at his friend cautiously. He never really liked to open up to people. And, really, when he thought about it, his lack of trust in other people was all because of one person: Alex Smith. Alex had been Jakes neighbor growing up and being roughly the same age, had pretty much been in Jake’s life from the beginning. And Jake was relentlessly bullied by Alex as far back as he could remember. It seemed like no matter what he did, Alex, and later, Alex and his thugs, would find something to make fun of him over it. As a result, Jake had decided at a young age that keeping to himself and focusing on his own growing intellect was far better than putting himself out there and at risk of further ridicule. Ultimately, though, Eric had proven to be a fantastic friend. Jake figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a little fun with him, even if it meant revealing a couple secrets.

“Ok, fine. Me first though. Truth or dare?” Jake finally said with a smile.

“Sweet,” Eric said as he turned to face his friend. “I’ll go with a truth.”

“Ok, umm…this is kind of hard to think of questions. Umm…ok. Have you been with, like, kissed or anything, any other girl while dating Susie?”

Eric stared at his friend. Instantly, he brought up his drink and took three giant gulps. “Ok. Truth or dare?” Eric said with slight guilt.

Jake laughed at his friend. He was proud that his first question had already made his friend drink but felt for Susie. Jake never doubted how Eric felt for Susie but being a young, attractive man in college must make it hard for Eric not to spread his wings at least a little. “Um, dare, I guess.”

Eric was a little disappointed. He already knew what question he wanted to ask. He didn’t want to go too far with his shy roommate, however. No matter how drunk he was, he didn’t’ want to scare him away from a couple truths. “Ok, I dare you to…umm…I don’t know. Drink?”

“Hahaha, this is already getting lame, Eric.” Jake laughed as he brought his beer up to his mouth. Taking a fast drink and bringing it back down, “Ok, truth or dare?”

“Truth. Dare is kind of lame, as you could see.”

“Ok.” Jake blushed as a question popped into his mind. “How big is your, umm, penis?”

Eric looked up at his friend. Though Eric was straight, Jake had let him know from the very beginning that he was gay. It made him a little uncomfortable at first, but combined with their shared love of science and inventing along with the fact that Jake came across as more asexual than anything, he kind of let it go and forgot about his homosexuality. Sometimes, Eric thought Jake did check him out, but it was never anything too inappropriate, so he just let it go. This was as close to hitting on him or being overtly sexual he had ever gone. Eric eventually just smiled at his friend. Jake looked a bit nervous and shocked that he had even asked the question.

“I’m about 8 inches. Aaaaand moving on, truth or dare. Please say truth!”

“Thanks for the, uh, answer. And, ok. Truth.”

Smirking a bit, Eric confessed, “I actually do have a pretty good question. I want you to know that you’re my buddy and I trust you and you can trust me. So please, fill me in. You never really talk about growing up beyond your family. Why are you so secretive about it all? What happened to you when you were younger?”

Jake stared at his friend with wide eyes. He didn’t think his friend was even remotely curious about him. Why would he be? No one other than his brother had really ever showed any interest in him. He believed his friend, though. He could trust him. Taking a few moments, a few deep breaths, and Jake finally began to speak.

“I had a bully.”

Even though Eric found this to be a bit strange as he, too, had been bullied, he held his tongue as Jake took a moment.

“But not, like, a normal bully. He was evil. Seriously. His name is Alex Smith and I lived next to him. He, umm, put me down all the time. Literally all the time. It seemed like he got a sick pleasure out of making me feel bad. And, well, it really affected me. He was terrorizing me at home, at school, everywhere.” Jake took in a deep breath as Eric noticed a single tear begin to fall down his face.

Jake couldn’t believe that he had started crying. But for him, it was as though a Band-Aid had been ripped off a wound that had never really healed and now, it was beginning to bleed all over the place as it had done for years.

For his part, Eric was surprised at how personal Jake was getting so fast. Sitting up from his bed, Eric flipped his legs over the edge, knocking off several pairs of recently sewn clothing from the edge of his bed. Deciding to take the opportunity to learn about his friend, he bent down to pick up the mess and as he began refolding one of the shirts, he asked, “How is that even possible? You’ve had a bully, what, for like 21 years now? Didn’t your parents or teacher stop him? Didn’t they ever talk to his parents? And your older brother seemed really protective of you every time I met him.”

John sighed deeply. “JJ is awesome and has always been there for me because we’re really close to the same age. Mom and Dad told me that when I was a baby, he would sit next to me and guard me,” Jake said with a smile as another tear fell down his face. “And yeah, he tried, but Alex only had his dad because his mom died when he was a baby and his three older brothers were always mean to him too and always had his back along with these two minions of his named Zeke and Carl and my parents knew all that stuff about his mom dying and his dad being alone and stuff.”

Jake began to get visibly angry. “So they always told me to try to let it go because he had a hard life. And the teachers were the same way. So I kind of just let it happen and kept on trying to ignore it. No matter what I did, though, he would make fun of me for it. And even now, I get accepted to one of most prestigious schools in the entire country to research cutting edge science and to truly try to change the world and he gets in on a wrestling scholarship. A wrestling scholarship! I swear he only took it because he wants to terrorize me all the dang time. It’s just gotten to be too fu—oops…I mean flipping much,” finished Jake as he blushed and begin to softly cry a little harder.

Eric felt horrible for Jake. He had no idea that Alex was even at the school. He thought he remembered maybe seeing a guy talking to Jake a couple times. He wasn’t really talking to him; more talking at him. But Eric had never really thought much of the situation. He was just a jerk being a jerk. And Jake never let on that this guy was harassing him or affecting him at all. Since the moment they met, Jake had been an incredibly quiet guy who never even dreamt of cussing. Now here he was, nearly saying the f word because it worked him up so much. From what Eric had gathered, his parents had raised him to be really religious and therefore didn’t really condone cussing. He did, however, find it odd that despite how religious they were, Eric knew they accepted Jake’s honest homosexuality. All in all, Eric was positive that Jake came from an amazingly supportive and loving family. He just couldn’t get over how much this Alex guy had obviously harassed him almost to the point of insanity.

“I know this might be a bit, um, rude and mean. But when we were making the Re-Educator, I kind of always thought that maybe I could use it to make bullies not bully too.” Jake said as he wiped away tears. Eric stopped folding one of his several pairs of newly constructed pants and stared with his mouth agape at the suggestion.

“Jake. We made that to teach people things. Not to change people.”

“I know, I know. And I get that. But, I mean, come on. How is this not teaching? He was raised in a house that ignored his bullying. He borders on being a sociopath for heaven’s sake. Not even borders, he probably is a sociopath. Isn’t this just teaching an evil person not to be evil?” Jake pleaded with his friend.

Eric really didn’t see this the same way his friend did. But looking at his softly weeping friend, Eric’s heart couldn’t help but feel for him. He had been bullied too, but clearly not to the extent that Jake had dealt with. “I wouldn’t say I condone it or anything, but I do see where you’re coming from. But we didn’t make it to change a mind, man. We made it to help the mind learn.”

“Yeah, I know. But I just wanted to try a little something. I just need to see if it works. I know this is coming out of nowhere and I guess I really wasn’t going to do anything until I got home tomorrow with my brother because I know I can depend on him. I wasn’t even going to mention it to you. But now it’s out there. I made a little enhancement piece for the machine. To try to make it kind of more powerful so you can completely re-educate someone. I don’t want to do anything too crazy or anything and who knows? It might not even work. I just want to try it out today. And you really have been my one and only friend. Maybe if it doesn’t work, I’ll just leave it be. But…well…can I try it on you maybe?”

Eric was stunned. “What? I don’t know. Dude. What?”

“Eric, please. I’m not trying to be, like, evil or anything. I just really need to do this. He’s been terrorizing me my entire life! I can’t just let it keep happening. I need to stand up for myself!” Jake passionately exclaimed.

“I get that, Jake. But seriously, just listen to me. This isn’t…”

“I know it’s not the greatest thing to do, and I know that it’s kind of immoral and all that stuff, but I have no other idea how it will stop! I know if I could fine tune it, I can make it be more than just, like, an education thing. You know, if I fine tune it to be more about changing AND teaching a mind. And, in all honesty, I built the new little thingy on the side. I know I should have told you because it did distract me from the main project and stuff. I swear I only worked on it while you were out with friends or Susie. But I knew that when we started building this thing that I had to use it for this and I had to make sure it could do it. I just have to. And I just know it. I feel like that jerk will end up following me all my life somehow. Just to make me miserable,” Jake explained drunkenly in his long monologue that seemed to be well thought out.

Eric and Jake sat silently for a few moments as Eric focused on his folding so he could think of the best way to word what he was thinking. “Jake. You know very well that I had bullies too. Of course I’ve thought about doing the same thing to the ass that terrorized me in high school.” Eric finally finished folding the last of his newly sewn shirts, jackets, and other clothing he had prepared for his family and set them next to him. “But I don’t think…”

“This is different, though, “Jake stood up suddenly and interjected. “Alex has been bullying me from the moment we were born. He and I lived next to one another forever and there wasn’t a single day I can remember without him at least saying or doing one thing to hurt me. He was just born a mean person. I want to help him realize that treating people that way is wrong.” Eric was slightly ashamed to admit that his friend’s passion and intensity was slightly frightening to him. He felt a little scared for his safety while seeing the desperation in Jake’s eyes as he spoke. It really did seem like he was at his wits end.

Eric stumbled over to his friend slowly. As he put his hand on Jake’s shoulder, he stated, “I know this is affecting you, man. I’ve never seen you like this before. You always seem so, uh, stoic. But I don’t know if I can let you try it on me. We worked so hard on it for so long and I understand the power it might have if we tried this. I was bullied too and it’s…”

Jake angrily pushed his friend away, “Don’t say that it was hard. This is hell for 21 years of my life. This isn’t just some bully. This is Alex Smith. The cruelest man to ever live. He was horrible to me from the first moment we met and he got even worse when I came out and he found out. When I came out, he refused to call me anything other than Filthy Queer. He’d beat me up and throw rocks at me and had his little minions always harassing me too. I got it occasionally before, but when I came out, it never ended. He occasionally would at least let me walk by. But not since I came out. Even on campus, he’ll call me Filthy Queer. Sometimes even around adults! His little minions and his constantly changing girlfriends would just laugh at my pain. He just doesn’t care. He emotionally manipulates everyone around him because his mom died giving birth to him and he’s got a single dad and so everyone feels bad for him and it’s just not fair that he might be ruining countless other lives with his evil.”

Taken aback by the sudden outburst, Eric took a few steps back. Jake sighed, “Look, I’m sorry. I know I’m usually so quiet. I’m just nervous about going back home and having to see him again constantly every day. I feel like I’ve held all this in for so long and getting it out is just a bit overwhelming.” Jake took a long deep breath. “Look. Eric. I just want to see if this will work.” Jake wiped a few more tears from his eyes and looked directly at Eric. “Can I please just try it out to see if it will work? All I will do will see if it works. Nothing more.”

Eric thought about it. He knew the time and effort Jake and he had put into getting their ‘Re-Educator’ up and running. They had fiddled with sound waves, studied how the brain registers them, and went through trial and error after trial and error. But finally, a week ago, they had perfected the machine just five days before it was due. In essence, what they had worked on was a machine that would allow people to learn a skill much quicker. They knew that with this machine, they could possibly revolutionize how education itself was done. In essence, they could help a person learn anything by only hearing the teaching through a special microphone/speaker combo that would go directly to the learning centers of the brain. With this, people could learn French in an afternoon, learn karate (within their physical capabilities) in a few sessions, or even learn every word in the dictionary in the time it takes to have someone read it aloud to them. The best part was, during the process, the learner wouldn’t even realize they were learning! They would merely accept their knowledge as though it was something they already knew! This machine was to be used for education only, as Jake and Eric had discussed. They knew instantly, as well as their professor they presented it to, how dangerous the machine could be.

They had taken the machine to their final presentation with Professor Simons. During which, Jake read a how to manual for using a sewing machine. Eric had made sure to tell Professor Simons that he had never even seen a real sewing machine in his life. After Jake inserted specially designed earplugs into his and Professor Simons ears that blocked the special waves the machine produced, he began to read the manual into their Re-Educator, and Eric began to quickly sew an expert looking hat. Then a jacket. As Eric put on his newly made clothing, Professor Simons sat with his mouth agape. The professor realized that through the extended presentation, Eric had now showcased his newfound amazing skill with a sewing machine in less than a few hours.

So while they were beyond excited that they had produced this technology, only Eric, Jake, and Professor Simons even knew it existed. Professor Simons had told them that there was no way they could let anyone know until they could perform further studies to limit it to only being used for educational purposes. How he was going to ensure that, Eric wasn’t sure. Until they could, though, Professor Simons instructed the students to keep close surveillance over the holidays and they would discuss it further when they returned to school in January.

So it was with no joy that Eric relented. He understood that this machine was insanely powerful and the ideas Jake had expressed earlier weren’t educational. They were, ironically, the re-education of a bully into a non-bullying lifestyle. Eric truly had no idea what Jake had planned for Alex and Eric wasn’t sure his friend should mess with someone like that. But as he looked at Jake, his heart broke and so did his will. He had to help his friend. He knew it.

“Fine. Just give it a try.”

Jake beamed. He was so excited to test out his Re-Educator in this much more advanced way. He wanted to try to not only teach a person how do to something but teach a person how to act. That way, Jake could use it to finally get Alex to leave him alone for good and hopefully keep him from bullying again. In fact, Jake hoped to let Alex fully understand what it’s like to be gay a little first for a little payback, but ultimately, make him a model citizen. At this point, however, Jake didn’t care about the moral dilemma changing a person may be; he wanted Alex to know how it felt to be the weak, shy, gay kid. But first, he wanted to see if it would work. Thus far, it had only been used to teach. But Eric had just agreed to let him change a fundamental part of him in order to see the extent of the Re-Educators ability to influence the brain. In the agreement, Jake agreed to put him right back to normal afterwards, of course. And Eric saw no reason not to trust his best friend.

“Ok. So. I’m going to try to do kind of what I had talked about earlier with you. Kind of, like, what I want to do with Alex. Ok?”

Eric sighed. He had to admit, he was a little nervous, “Fine. But put me right back. I don’t want to be your full guinea pig. I just want to help you out here. Agreed?”

“Agreed. Now just sit there while I read this to you.”

Eric was a little surprised to see that his friend had prepared a little statement to read. As he thought about it, though, he knew Jake to be very careful when he was experimenting. He was sure that whatever Jake planned on saying, he had planned it fully. And it did comfort Eric at least a little knowing that he had previously planned on reading this prepared script to his brother. Jake would never do anything to harm JJ, so there was no way he’d do anything to him either.

Eric sat across from his friend, still feeling slightly drunk. He swayed a little as his friend picked up the Re-Educator. He watched as Jake applied the two earplugs attached to the machine they had installed after presenting to Professor Simons. He stared as Jake turned on the complicated machine. He nervously kept his eyes on Jake as he switched a few more switches, applied a new tiny little speaker to it, turned a few knobs, and attached a new machine that Eric realized was probably the amplifier Jake had mentioned earlier. Sweat dripping down his brow, Eric started to worry about what was about to happen. What if it didn’t work and it broke Jake’s heart? What if it did work but it completely scrambled his brains? Is he only doing this stupid thing because he’s way too drunk? As the fear began to spread from his gut into his throat, Eric opened his mouth to protest and change his mind. But before he could, Jake began.

“You will listen to all my words. These words are important to you. You will listen fully to what I’m saying.” Jake noticed as Eric’s eyes began to gloss over. Eric remembered this feeling and the how the voice coming from the machine sounded. But this time, it was so much more intense. Eric felt like his ears had expanded to insane proportions and only the noise from the machine could get in. It eclipsed every other noise to the point that he couldn’t hear anything else if he wanted to. But he didn’t want to. The sounds coming out did sound much like his friend Jake, but it had a sugary feel to it. Like it was an addicting aroma but in sound form. He could feel his brain just seep in all the noise as it entered. It was the perfect voice and that voice knew what it was talking about. There was no way this voice was wrong.

“You are gay. You have always been gay. You fall for other men. You want to be with other men. You want to be with other men sexually. You form romantic and emotional connections with men. You are open to everyone and proud to be gay. You know this to be true.”

As the words entered his brain, Eric had no problem agreeing. Yes, he remembered how he lost his virginity to Susie last semester. She had been so cute with her nerdy pigtails and when she asked him on a date, he couldn’t say no. They had fucked. She was just his type with that blonde hair, big breasts, and a quiet, shy personality. Sure, they were dating now. But Eric realized now that that really meant nothing. He was gay. He had always been gay. He knew this. It was just true. Though the past memories of finding girls attractive were still there, it didn’t change the fact that he had always been gay.

Jake stared at his friend as he brought the Re-Educator down and set it next to him on his computer desk. Eric just kept staring forward for a few seconds. Jake knew that this was standard when using the normal Re-Educator, but with this amplified one, he thought it might take even longer for the brain to rationalize the new information. He waited with baited breath as the eyes that seemed so unfocused began to slowly gain intelligence again. Eric looked right into Jake’s eyes. Jake noticed he was still sweating.

“I’m not so sure about this anymore, Jake. I don’t want the thing to scramble my brains or something.”

Jake looked at him with confusion. He knew that before, the client would think that they knew the material they were learning before using, sure, but it didn’t really create any amnesia. Did Eric really think he hadn’t even used the device? Or was he messing with him?

“Are you sure you don’t feel different? I did use it, man.”

“Dude, you know I’d remember it, especially considering that you might be changing something pretty big about me. What was it that you were going to do anyway?”

Jake blushed. “Well, I was gonna use on you what I plan on using on Alex. I was going to make you…umm…gay.”

Eric looked at Jake like he was insane. “Well that wouldn’t be a good experiment for me though. You’d have no data to collect. You should have waited for your brother like you had planned.”

“What do you mean?” Jake asked with confusion.

“Well, obviously trying to turn me gay. I mean, what you wrote would be a big change in this bully you had, but how would it have affected me?”

Jake took a moment to process what his roommate was trying to say. Jake smiled at him, putting the pieces together. “Are you saying you’re gay, Eric?”

“Well, yeah. I kind of just figured you knew that. I’m gay and I’ve always been gay. Is that really a big surprise to you? I mean, you’re gay too. Didn’t you ever sense it?”

“But what about Susie? You told me you had sex with her last semester and all those other girls you told me you had crushes on? Or that mysterious girl you avoided talking about during truth or dare? What about those pics you showed me of that chick from that one movie you have as your background?”

Eric looked at Jake a bit confused. Clearly, the questions were bizarre to him. Of course he’d always been gay. Why would his friend even think of all of that? “Dude, I did all that to cover up, clearly. I mean, I’m open and proud. Sure, I remember it, but I’d rather be with a guy. And, well, I guess I put her on there because a lot of other dudes have pics like that. But, well, I guess I’ll get to work on getting a new background if it offends you so much,” Eric smiled as he teased.

Jake just stared feeling completely dumbfounded. Did it work? Jake wasn’t entirely sure that Eric wasn’t messing with him. He had to have some proof. “Um. I hope you don’t mind when I ask this, but, like, you know I’m gay too, right?”

“Yeah, you told me that when you moved in.”

“Well, uh, do you find me attractive?”

Eric looked at his friend. He did think he had a bit of a cute quality to him. But Eric was into blondes with big pecs. He did like his shy, quiet personality though. “Honestly, you’re more of a friend. So I guess I can see your attractiveness, but I’m not into you in that way, buddy. Sorry.” Eric stood up and walked over to his desk, logged into his computer, and Jake noticed he went to Google and typed in: ‘hot blonde guys tumblr’. Jake wasn’t sure if his friend was just really committed to this little fake out or if he really was trying to find a better picture for his computer.

“No, no. I understand. I, uh, feel the same way about you.” Jake said as he looked at his red headed friend. Jake had always figured Eric had some kind of clue that he had found him attractive. As a result, he also knew that Eric made a conscious effort to never even be shirtless around him. Even though Jake loved imagining his 5’11” friend with the slight wrestlers build naked, he had never even seen more than his arms and legs. He never even took off his socks! Though the lack of seeing anything too scandalous drove Jake a little mad, Jake chalked it up to a straight guy being a little nervous around a gay guy but never making a big deal about it. After all, Eric was straight. It was a fruitless crush. But now…

Jake was embarrassed about what he was considering. After all, his friend trusted him. There was no way he could manipulate his friend into being with him. Even if Jake had never kissed a boy, there was no way he would want his first kiss to be with his manipulated and mind altered best friend. That would be immoral beyond belief. But Jake desperately wanted to know whether or not his machine worked. Quickly, Jake thought of a way to prove it worked.

Excited and still feeling the loss of judgement in his drunk mind, Jake put the earplugs back in his ear and raising the Re-Educator back to his mouth said, “Eric,” instantly Jake could see Eric relaxing as a sexy shirtless man appeared on his computer screen. “You know it’s weird to be clothed in our apartment when we are alone. When it is the two of us, you are always nude. It is so uncomfortable to be clothed in my presence when we are alone. You are not embarrassed at all by your nudity when around me.” Proud of his quick thinking, Jake put the Re-Educator back on his desk.

A few seconds later, Jake saw Eric shake his head a bit. Looking at the screen, Jake saw Eric scroll past the shirtless man to another and then another. As if in shock, Eric looked over to Jake suddenly. A look of horror appeared on his face. “Oh my God, Jake, I can’t believe I’ve been in these things for this long! Yuck, man, it feels so wrong!”

Jake looked curiously at his friend, wondering if he was still acting. But as he stared, Eric stood up and instantly untucked his polo. Quickly pulling it over his head, he displayed his wonderful, pale chest. Jake couldn’t believe his eyes. His friend had an amazing chest that even his imagination couldn’t have created. It was pale with average yet well-defined pecs covered by a fine, fuzzy covering of lightly red hair in the center that stretched down to a wonderful small yet appealing belly. He really did have a dream body. But Jake couldn’t stare for too long as Jake quickly picked up his feet and removed both socks. His size 13 feet looked pretty amazing too. Though Jake didn’t really have much of a foot fetish, his friends’ feet did make his penis stir a bit. Light red hair covered the tops of his huge, manly feet.

The button on his fly was next followed quickly by his zipper. Jake was incredibly surprised to see that his roommate was going commando! He could already see a light red bush through the open fly. Jake thought that it was more than likely possible that he was out of underwear prior to heading home tomorrow. He probably just wanted to let his mother do his laundry for him. Getting lost in his wandering mind for a moment, Jake gasped as Eric pushed his pants down to the floor, kicking them away, revealing a sizable erection and two impressive, low-hanging balls. Jake noticed that Eric seemed to shave his ballsack but kept his pubes relatively trimmed. He wondered if this was a new thing as he had only recently began having sex and Jake had never even thought about messing with his own bush or balls. Susie might like it like this.

“Oh man, Jake. I can’t tell how you much better this feels. Sorry for freaking out there for a moment. Don’t even know what I was thinking before.”

Smiling compassionately, Jake assured his friend that his nudity was just fine. Reciprocating a generous smile, Eric sat back down and continued to scroll passed sexy men. Jake just stared, unable to do anything. The view was just too good!

Jake noticed his friend’s cock rising as he scrolled past the pictures on his computer. Eric stopped at a blonde guy with some of the biggest pecs he’d ever seen. Clearly, Eric had found a man that peaked his interest. Jake watched as Eric right clicked and selected ‘set as desktop background.’ Eric closed his program and just stared at the man on his computer as his clearly large, thick, ivory pole stuck straight up and slightly to the right. It looked to be even larger than the 8 inches that Eric had said it was, but Jake knew that his inexperience may mean he hadn’t measured recently. All he knew was that it was at least a couple inches larger than his 6 inches. Jake was ashamed to admit that in that moment, he desperately wanted to make his friend want to shove his purple headed dick into his mouth. But Jake knew that that was insanely disrespectful to his friend. He could never betray his trust to that degree.

Jake also knew that, clearly, his Re-Educator with his amplifier worked. His friend was now a gay man who legitimately thought it was weird to have clothes on while alone with him. And what’s more, these new aspects of his personality didn’t conflict at all with who he was before. To Eric, the machine was never even used. He honestly thought that this was how it always was. Jake wanted so badly to take advantage of the situation, but he knew he couldn’t. His parents hadn’t raised him that way. Making his friend get naked was bad enough. So Jake decided to set things right.

After he got one last look at his friend staring at the blonde guy and lightly pet the beautiful ivory cock that Jake wanted, he set up the Re-Educator one more time. He glanced at the paper he had read earlier and changed a few key words as he said, “Eric, you are straight, you have always been straight. You fall for women. You want to be with women. You want to be with women sexually. You form romantic and emotional connections with women. You are open to everyone and proud to be straight. You know this to be true.”

A couple seconds later, Eric began to rouse. Looking instantly at the picture on his computer, Eric laughed, “Oh man, what was I thinking!” Instantly, he found his previous picture and replaced it. “I clearly have been drinking far too much.” Still laughing, Eric stood up and walked back over to Jake. He was a little worried that the picture of the man on his background may have made Jake think he was gay for a few moments and the last thing he wanted to do was give his best friend false hope. So, as his erection began to deflate, Eric stretched out his arm and placed his hand on Jake’s shoulder again. “Sorry the thing didn’t work. Maybe you can keep working on it over break and then you can get that Alex guy back some other time.” Taking a moment and considering if it was appropriate, Eric leaned down and gave his friend a quick hug. His bare chest hair tickled slightly as it rubbed against Jake’s chin on the way down and Eric’s sizable semi-hard cock rested on Jake’s knee as he lightly squeezed his friend to comfort him. Taken aback slightly, Jake just smiled and put his arm around his friend.

“Thanks, buddy. Let’s get to sleep. We gotta sober up so we can set out for home at, like 7.”

With one last squeeze, and Jake slightly lifting his knee to feel the presence of the beautiful cock for a quick extra second, Jake let go and Eric followed suit. Walking back to his bed, Eric didn’t notice Jake staring at his bubble butt.

After Eric had moved his newly made clothing to his computer desk, climbed into bed, and was safely under his covers, Jake smiled, got up, and slipped into his pajamas. Climbing into bed, he thought that perhaps he would maybe be a little selfish and keep Eric nude. At least for a little while.

“Good night, bud.”

“Good night, Eric.”

Jake set his alarm, laid down, and then fell asleep, dreaming of Alex finally apologizing for all the bullying.

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