The Shower Room - Part 1

By PupScout
published April 2, 2019

A new shower system is installed for the university jocks by Master Mike

The three coaches walked into the new locker room facility of the university. They had been in temporary offices for some time. They had just returned from a run while their office belongings were being moved back to their permanent offices.

Looking at the new locker room, they were pleasantly surprised. The area before them was a large open area of benches. It was huge with at least fifty benches. Far to the right was an area of small square lockers for clothing and shoes. To the left was a magnificent shower room tiled in the gray and red, the University colors.

All three sweating coaches stood there in their gray, cotton compression shorts exhibiting the healthy manhood they all carried under the fabric. Coach Pierson, the wrestling coach had already shed his shirt, exposing his thick muscled torso and hairy chest. He was a typical wrestling coach, short and solid, sporting a thick brown goatee with face and neck under heavy stubble. He was a man’s man. Comfortable with his masculinity and he let it show. No surprise he was the first to take off his shirt.

“I like it. I like it” said Pierson. “It’s a shame we couldn’t all get a separate locker room for our teams, but this is a pretty nice set up. It’s so much better than the dark shower room and exposed piping we had before with half of the shower heads not working.”

“I really like what I see” interjected Coach Sampson, the baseball coach. “It was tough after every game with all the players waiting for a place to shower. This is excellent.”

“I’m glad you like it gentlemen” replied an unknown voice.

The coaches turned around to see a man walking through the benches towards them. He was dressed in a form fitting one piece, similar to what you may see on a surfer, with no arm sleeves and short legging. His musculature could rival that of any of their finest athletes, the bulge in his crotch accentuating the manliness on display. He was tall with a commanding presence. His facial features were chiseled and he sported no facial hair. The sides of his head were shaved while the top was buzz cut giving him a no nonsense, military appearance.

“My name is Mike. I finished the final inspection to the shower room. Excuse my clothing. It propels water making the job much easier. And since many times I’m working in the midst of naked men, it doesn’t create a weird dichotomy of me being fully dressed while the other men are not.”

The three men shook Mike’s hand and gave their compliments to the great job on the renovation.

“What about gear storage? Shoulder pads, helmets, back plates, hip and tail pads, where is all that stuff going to be stored?” asked Kirkland, the coach of the football team. Kirkland was a typical ex-football player. Huge arms and shoulders and a bit of a belly. His massive legs and muscular ass strained against the fabric of his compression shorts. Unlike his wrestling coach buddy with a goatee and stubble, he wore a brownish blonde heavy thick beard which offset his thinning hair on top, but complemented his heavy blondish brown hair all over his body.

“There are several gear rooms back there for storage. Choose one for storage and team meetings. And gentlemen, down the hallway are your offices” Mike said as he pointed diagonally across the benches to the far left of the lockers to three offices grouped together off a small hallway. “All the belongings from your temporary offices have been moved to your new offices.”

“Excellent! I want to take a shower and change into some fresh clothes” responded Coach Sampson, the baseball coach, as he began undressing. Although in his late thirties, he had not an ounce of fat. His body was solid muscle particularly his legs and ass being a former catcher. Like his football buddy, he had a thick black beard over his face matching a thick full head of black hair and a heavy pelt of dark hair all over his body. Many say baseball players are the best looking jocks, and Coach Kirkland did not disappoint.

“Agreed” said Wrestling Coach Pierson as Football Coach Kirkland gave an approving nod.

“Great! Let me tell you a bit about the showers and how they work” answered Mike.

Football Coach Kirkland laughed. “I think we can figure out how to turn a shower on and off and adjust the flow and temperature.

“Oh, can you?” asked Mike as he pointed into the shower room.

“Whoa! You’re right Mike” exclaimed Wrestling Coach Pierson, “I don’t see any control handles. How do you operate these things?”

“Fully automated. You stand under the shower head, the technology detects your current body status and room environment, expels the water at just the right flow and temperature. For example, right after a game a player is more heated and may like cooler water than say when waking up at home on a cold morning when warmer water would be more pleasant. And the locker room will tend to be more hot and humid depending on the number of men showering. The automated controls will adjust the water temperature and flow accordingly.”

“Wow” answered Coach Sampson, “very nice.”

“Additionally, there is an automatic blowing system that dries you as you leave so the locker room doesn’t get cluttered with wet and musty towels.”

“Ha. Just like a car wash” joked Coach Pierson.

“I’ll give you your privacy gentlemen. Just stand under a shower head and state your name and position. The program will then save your settings and adjust accordingly during future showers. Oh, and the light on the shower head nozzle will activate to give you a more relaxing shower. Enjoy.”

Mike left the locker room as the three men fully undressed. The three men were comfortable with their nudity being work out buddies and having showered together many times. Their banter was light, mostly talking about finally getting a decent locker room.

Mike gave a glance behind him pretending to pick something up from the floor. He saw each coach had a hefty cock of considerable length. Each man’s cock was thick, emanating from dark fur with a heavy set of balls stretching low in their warm, sweaty sacks. As they turned for the shower room, Mike was also glad to see muscular furry asses, with a dark crack filled with even more dark fur.

They all entered the shower room naked. Football Coach Kirkland stood by one shower saying, “Well guys, let’s give this a try.” He stepped under the shower head and nothing happened. He then remembered he had to speak his name.

“Football Coach Kirkland”

The few seconds elapsed and the water began to stream down over the football coach.

Coach Sampson was to the right of Coach Kirkland and did the same stating his name as the baseball coach. Coach Pierson was behind the two other coaches using one of the many shower pillars. After both the baseball and wrestling coaches stated their names, the water began.

“This is great!” said the baseball Coach comfortably. “It feels so good and it’s just the right temperature and volume.”

“Amazing indeed” interjected Coach Pierson, “my wrestling guys are going to love this.”

The men chatted as they washed themselves and took time to stand beneath the water feeling its soothing effects. The lights in the shower room dimmed as the lights around the shower heads lit up. Each man looked up at the shower head light and their conversation suddenly came to a halt.

The three naked coaches were staring at the light as the water fell on their shoulders, chest and stomach trickling down the rest of their body. The water washed away every drop of sweat sending a sweat filled flow of water down into the drain on the floor between the three of them. Without any communication, they turned around and let the water wash down their backs. After five seconds, each man spread open his ass cheeks, at the same time, allowing the water to wash its way around their holes. The men then turned back facing the water, and in sync without a word, raised their right arms with the water washing away the stench from their armpits. Once the water had thoroughly rinsed their right pits, they raised their left arms together allowing the water to do the same to their left pits.

Moving in sync, with no communication, each man then became to rub his chest. All three men had a healthy amount of chest hair and they moved their hands in circles, the exact same circle at the exact same time, cleaning their chests in perfect unison. After the circular motions, each man began to squeeze and pull at his own nipples. As they did, they arched their backs further to give the water better access to their nipples. The coaches squeezed and tugged, allowing the water to run over the nipples, down through their crotch area, flowing down the legs and following the path to the drain.

After a few minutes of mindless staring at the soft light around the shower head, the men uniformly moved both hands down across their bellies until they stopped at the patch of dark fur over each of their crotches. The water intensified when the men reached their cock fur and they began to wash and clean the area aggressively with circular motions and pushing down on the area with the palms of their hands. The water flowed over the cock fur, down between their balls and legs.

With another pulse of light the men began to rub and clean their balls. The water remained aggressive as they cleaned their sacks. But the men lingered with their hands on their balls sacks. In exactly the same movements at the same time, they rubbed, pulled and cupped their balls as they gave them a good wash. Several minutes passed as the coaches were handling their balls together until another pulse of light burst from the shower head and each man grabbed his cock and began to stroke. Within seconds, each coach had a pulsating hard-on of a healthy eight inch size. Their cocks were rock hard standing straight up at attention, as the three men stroked their cocks and massaged their balls.

The water changed to a more pulsating stream as the men continued to stroke their cocks, lifting their balls upward and outward to receive more of the pulsating jet on their sacks. After several minutes all three men began to leak pre-cum, pushing their thumbs against their main vein to push it all out. Each drop of precum was quickly washed away, flowing with the water into the drain below.

The shower head light pulsed again with each man turning and beginning to play with his hole, still being erect and hard. They fingered their holes in unison, bending their knees a little to allow access. The coaches played at the rim at first, not being accustomed to hole play. The shower head began to pulsate at smaller intervals and with each pulse, the men inserted more of their finger into their holes, and then two fingers once they found their hard, awaiting prostates. They bent their knees further to allow greater access inside their holes as the water washed over their asses falling directly onto the tiled floor.

Mike returned and peered into the shower room to see how the three men were doing. As he looked at each man bent at the knee, furiously trying to get as much finger into their holes, he smiled and said to himself, “Perfect installation. A few more minutes and these men will be done.”

He watched for a short time longer knowing their climax was about to happen. The three men began to breathe heavily, stroking their dicks harder and trying to get as much of their fingers in their holes as possible. Then with one loud grunt made by the three, they shot their loads. Cum shot in all directions, big creamy loads after a hard work out. The cum went everywhere, hitting themselves, each other, and several globs on the tiled floor. The water did its job and washed the cum away, off their bodies and down the drain.

The shower head light pulsed three more times in rapid succession and the three men returned to their normal standing position. The shower head lights turned off as the shower room lights illuminated back to normal.

“Man that was a short shower” said Coach Pierson still with a raging erect cock, not seeming to care about his aroused condition.

Coach Kirkland added, “Weird. The shower went on for only a few seconds, and what the hell are we all doing with hard ons?”

Normally Coach Kirkland would never have mentioned anything regarding a hard on while naked with his buddies, and would be eternally embarrassed to sport a hard on in a shower with other men, but now it was simply a matter of fact and he had no hesitation bringing it up. The other two coaches simply laughed while both giving a whack to their own members.

Mike interrupted, “Gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed your shower. And your physical state is normal. That reaction happens a lot on these shower systems. You’ll get used to it.”

The baseball coach interjected, “I don’t think I want this physical state in front of my players. Way too awkward.”

“You may change your mind about that Coach, but come on out now” said Mike who had shed his lycra suit and was now standing at the shower room threshold completely naked. Not one of the coaches registered any surprise.

Each man complied and began to walk towards Mike into the locker room. As they passed through the threshold of the shower room, the air drying blast initiated and all three men stood immobilized like statues in the air stream.

Mike stood before them. They could hear the air rushing through their ears into their minds. All thought ceased.

“Gentlemen” said Mike, “I want you to release all your thoughts and resistance. Let them blow away with the air. Think of your teams and its members. Retain only the expertise you have in your sports, your job and the knowledge of your players.”

Each coach instinctually tried to hold onto their thoughts for a bit, despite their instructions. But the air was too powerful. One by one memories and thoughts were released and blown into the wind. After a few minutes, their minds were empty except for their coaching jobs and members of the teams they coached.

With all thoughts now gone, Mike began to speak. They could do nothing but listen. It was difficult to hear what Mike was saying, as the air passed through their ears. But the words registered and became part of their thoughts.


The air stopped and the three muscular coaches exited the shower room in a daze. Mike spoke one word loudly while pointing at the bench closest to the shower room entrance.


Each man immediately sat. Facing Mike, Coach Kirkland the football coach was on the left, the wrestling coach Pierson in the middle, followed by Coach Sampson of the baseball team on the right. The men sat naked, staring forward in close proximity with their legs open and knees and lower legs touching each other, cock and balls hanging loose and low between their open legs. Their cocks by this time had lost their rigidity as they all sat quietly staring forward. Mike walked into the shower room and removed the drain cover by the three showers the men were at.

“Let’s see what we got here”

Mike reached down into the drain and brought out a clear container filled with an amber jelly-like substance.

“Well done my slaves. I got more here than I anticipated. You are better acquisitions than I had hoped for. I can’t wait to see what I can harvest from all the men on your teams.”

Mike approached the three men with the container of the amber substance.

“This, my slaves, is your male essence. The pheromones and musk from your pits, nipples and ass. The sweat that dripped down your bodies and saturated your cock fur, mingled with your sweet pre-cum. The very essense of life in your hot loads of sperm. My shower system takes these from your bodies and filters them from the water as it passes down the drain. With you high levels of masculinity, this should indeed by a potent batch.”

When I approach you, you will stand.

Mike worked from his right and approached Baseball Coach Sampson. Coach Sampson stood. Mike noticed how beautiful he was standing there, bearded with his tight, muscular body covered with black fur particularly thick in the cock and arm pit areas. Mike chuckled with a smug self-satisfaction with his work, as the coach stared straight ahead, mindless. Not a care in the world except for his next command.

Mike dipped his finger into the gel and wiped the substance on Coach Sampson’s mustache and beard. He then instructed Coach to raise his arms where he added more gel to his hairy, dark pits. Mike again ran his finger through the gel and rubbed it entirely over Coach’s pubic hair, saturating the hair with the gel. Mike then instructed the coach to turn around and bend over after which he rubbed more gel in the coach’s hairy ass crack gaving a slight penetration to the hole leaving some gel inside and along the rim.

“Now” commanded Mike, “I want you to crouch down and get into the best catcher position you can.”

Coach Sampson complied, crouching down with his legs open and his dick and balls hanging low between his legs. He extended his right arm as if waiting for the pitch. He was a perfect baseball specimen and Mike couldn’t wait to do this to the actual catcher tomorrow.

Mike moved onto the wrestling coach, admiring the short, solid brick house he was. In the same manner as the baseball coach, Mike applied the gel to the coach’s facial hair, pits, cock fur, ass and hole. He laughed as the coach got hard again at the scent of the gel.

“Now how are you going to wrestle getting all hard like that?” asked Mike.

Coach Pierson gave no response. He stood there motionless, staring straight ahead and breathing in deep to get more scent from the gel.

“Be a good boy and get into the bottom wrestling position”

The wrestling coach complied and got down on all fours looking forward like a dog waiting for his Master’s command.

Mike then moved onto the football coach doing the same with the gel to his body. Like the wrestling coach before him, he instantly got hard at the scent of the gel. Once the gel was applied, Mike commanded him to get into a defensive linesman position prior to a ball snap.

The football coach obeyed leaning over with one arm on his knee and the other fisted against the ground, staring forward waiting for the snap. Mike addressed the men.

“What good jock coaches you are. Obedient and compliant.”

The Coaches answered in unison, “Yes Master. Obedient and compliant.”

“The gel I put on you will accentuate your natural scent. Men will find it alluring and seductive and become compliant to your words. The shower system will not cleanse it, but rather enhance it.”

Mike then walked back toward the baseball coach in his catcher position. Placing a spare baseball cap in the backwards position on the coach, Mike scooped up a finger load of the coaches’ male essense and coated his cock with it. He then lifted his cock and pointed it towards the crouching coach’s mouth. He was pleased the coach made no move, but waited for a command.

“Stare at Master’s cock before you. Take in its power, its majesty.”

The baseball coach stared at the powerful erect cock and let out a little wimper.

“You want that cock in your mouth don’t you slave? To feel its power and masculine energy in the very area you receive sustenance.“ “Yes Master.”

“Now be a good baseball player and please your Master.”

Coach Sampson opened his mouth and enveloped Mike’s cock head. He liked the shape of it in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the head back and forth feeling every shape and contour of the cock in his mouth. He covered every area of Mike’s cock in every conceivable way to taste more of the male essence from the gel. As the power of Mike’s cock and the earthy taste of the other Coaches’ male essence filled his mouth, Coach Sampson was the happiest he had ever been. As his desire for cock grew stronger, he went further down on the cock, little by little absorbing the energy that he was discovering a man’s cock had. He felt its strength and power as he became more and more submissive.

The baseball coach continued going lower, eyeing Mike’s thick, dark, pubic hair coming towards his face. He breathed in deep to catch the last scent of the fur before his throat was plugged with his Master’s cock.

Coach Sampson heard Master say, “Stay” and the coach remained motionless in his catcher’s position with Mike’s cock hard down his throat. As the coach gasped in air from the sides of his mouth, Mike began to squeeze the main vein of his cock, unleashing torrents of pre cum down into the coach’s mouth.

“Good boy” said Mike. “You’re getting all that juice, aren’t you slave?”

Coach Sampson simply gave a grunt for a yes as he heard his new Master continue.

“You love to suck cock and feel its power. All men like to feel the power of cock. Baseball players and baseball coaches make good cock suckers, always sucking and being sucked.”

The baseball coach continued to grunt affirmatively as images of his team all sucking cock after a game filled his mind.

Mike then withdrew his hefty cock and left the baseball coach alone, in his catcher’s position, savoring his new found obsession of sucking dick and the ever increasing need to have his dick sucked by another man.

Mike then moved leftward to the wrestling coach on all fours staring straight ahead. In front of Coach Pierson, Mike turned and got down on all fours placing his hairy ass right in front of the wrestling coach. Again, Mike scooped out the male essence and rubbed it all through his hairy crack and into his hole.

“Look intently at my ass slave.”

“Yes Master” answered the wrestling coach.

“You love ass. You love the sight of a man’s ass in front of you. Muscular, hairy, with a masculine scent only an ass can give.”

“Understood Master.”

“All throughout your wrestling career, you have had ass in your face. Your wrestlers in their singlets proudly displaying their muscular asses. Singlets stretched tight against a wrestlers ass during a match highlighting the sweaty crack and hole. You always pretended to ignore it, but no more.

The wrestling coach stared forward into Mike’s ass as Mike’s words increased his desire for ass. Man ass, hot, muscular, flavorsome and furry.

“Now be a good wrestler pig and eat my ass and hole” instructed Mike.

The wrestling coach leaned into Mike’s ass and started to gently lick the wiry hair at the bottom of Mike’s ass. All his could see before him was man ass, just like a good wrestler should see. He wanted more and pushed further into Mike’s ass feeling the tasty, aromatic hole on his tongue.

Mike could feel the wrestling coach’s beard on his ass, moving his head aggressively back and forth to get deeper into Mike’s ass crack.

“That’s a good wrestler slave. Get in your Master’s ass and enjoy.”

Coach Sampson grunted. He lunged further into Mike’s hole with abandon. He couldn’t get enough, putting both hands on Mike’s ass to spread the cheeks further apart. He licked up and down with huge long strokes. Once the gel was gone from Mike’s hairy crack, the coach burrowed his tongue deep into Mike’s hole, coming up occasionally gasping for air.

Mike reached back and held the head of the wrestling coach against his ass while he grinded his hole further into the face of the coach.

“There’s a good wrestler, always having your face near or in another man’s ass as you wrestle. Wrestlers love ass, to eat hole and to have their holes eaten. Wrestlers are good hole pigs.”

“Yes Master. Wrestlers love hole. Master” said the wrestling coach with a muffled voice as his head was lost in ass.

That’s right slave. And tomorrow you are going to show your wrestling team how good it is to eat hole. Wrestler hole, baseball hole and football hole. All musky and sweaty, wrestlers cannot get enough hole.”

“Yes Master. We are wrestlers. We eat and love hole.”

Being satisfied that Coach Pierson had become a complete hole slave, Mike moved his hole away from the wrestling coach, leaving him on all fours staring forward with the scent of his ass on the coach’s beard, taking a step towards Kirkland the football coach, bent over with his right fist on the ground as on the scrimmage line.

Mike moved behind the football coach and started to move his fingers up and down Coach Kirkland’s hairy crack. He scooped out some gel and pushed it deep into the Coach’s hole. With the remainder, Mike coated his cock.

Coach Kirkland felt a stinging heat as Mike inserted the gel into his hole. Suddenly his only thoughts were for his hole to be satiated. Played with, filled, it didn’t matter, his ass suddenly needed serious attention.

“Football players love to have their asses played with. Always bent over before a play, hole open, waiting for the snap. Hole after hole on the scrimmage line waiting for some action.”

The coach knew it was true. On the scrimmage line, every man’s ass crack was open waiting for the play.

“Yes Master” replied the football coach as Mike felt him move just the slightest bit backwards to get more action on his ass.

Mike then took his hard cock and began to move it up and down on the football coach’s open ass crack.

“Football makes men. Big, tough, strong men. Men whose cocks need attention and whose holes need to be filled with another man’s cock. Another man’s essence.”

“Yes Master, my hole needs to be filled with another man’s cock and essence.”

“That’s right. Football players love their chutes filled with another man’s hard, throbbing cock. All the energy and battle out on the field being brought to each other’s cocks and holes. Football players need to be fucked and to fuck. To fuck and to be fucked like men, powerful men.”

“Oh yes Master” said the football Coach as he moved his ass up and down, side to side, hoping to have it filled.

Mike placed his cock against the football coach’s waiting hole. He let spit fall from his mouth onto his cock at the waiting hole. The spit mixed with the male gel, and as the coach’s begging intensified, Mike slid his eight inch cock deep into the football coach’s ass.

Coach Kirkland gasped and then began to moan pleasurably.

“That’s right. Football players love to look at each other’s asses in those tight pants, knowing that good football players take cock up their ass. Knowing behind each of those tight lycra pants is a hole waiting for attention.”

“Yeah Master! Heard! Football players take cock up their ass."

“Good slave” replied Mike. “Football players love to fuck and be fucked. Every man needs to know how good it is to have cock up his ass and a football player has the power to show them.”

“Yes Master. Football players have the power to fuck men and be fucked by men.”

Mike rode the football coach’s ass for a couple more minutes and then instructed the coach, “Tomorrow you will show the football team all about fucking men and being fucked by men.”

“Yes Master” replied the football coach as he as getting impaled from behind. “ We are football players. We love to fuck men and be fucked by men. To feel the power of cock in ourselves and in each other.”

Mike pulled out of the coach and stood before all three of his newly acquired slave coaches.

“I’m going into my office now and you three will once again take a shower remembering all that you have just become.”

Mike walked away towards his office on the far side of the locker room. The coaches got up and began to walk towards the shower as if nothing strange at all had happened. Their conversation was light and friendly as it always was without a mention of what had just occurred.

Mike fired up his computer in his office and watched as the three coaches showered. He clicked the icon of the shower nozzle on his screen under which the baseball coach was showering. A drop down menu popped up with the choices of “ENGAGE” and “DISENGAGE.” Mike clicked on “ENGAGE ” as he watched the baseball coach grab his cock and face the other coaches.

Mike then did the same procedure to wrestling Coach Pierson. Upon clicking “ENGAGE” the wrestling coach began to move to position himself behind the football coach. Then onto the shower head of the football coach, Mike clicked “ENGAGE” and the football coach immediately put his hand back on his ass and started to probe it with one hand while stroking his cock with the other hand.

Mike sat back and watched the coaches begin to play. It took them a while to find their way, Baseball Coach Sampson desperately wanting to suck cock and have his cock sucked, Coach Pierson continually getting down and working his face into one of his buddy’s hairy hole and Coach Kirkland with a raging hard on and a wanton hole begging inside to be fucked and to fuck.

They worked beautifully together as a team. The football coach fucking the wrestling coach as the baseball coach sucked his wrestler cock . It moved onward to the football coach being sucked off by the baseball coach while the wrestler went back and forth eating the holes of his two former buddies. The scenarios continued to play out, each coach pursuing his new found passion while allowing the other coaches to engage in theirs.

All the while, Mike watched as the shower did its job. The water fell on the men as each indulged in his new lust. The water wrapped around each man, saturating their lusts and desires into the water and moving upward. A continual cyclone of water coming from the shower nozzle, around the men and returning to the nozzle full of their new cravings, longings and gratification.

As the drains had filtered and stored their physical male prowness, so did the nozzles filter and store the carnal and psychological attributes the coaches had developed. Every shower from here on in would solidify and increase each man’s desire for the cock and ass he was programmed for.

Mike smiled as he clicked “DISENGAGE” on all three nozzles. The water stopped and the men headed for the benches. Mike left his office and passed the men on the benches.

“Good night my slaves. Rest well at home tonight. You have provided everything I need to make each man on your teams one of my new slaves. We shall get to work tomorrow.”

The three coaches smiled that their new Master was happy with them.

“Good night Master” they said in unison as the three sat on the bench looking up admiringly at their new Master.

“Wrestlers love hole, right Coach?” asked Mike while looking down at Wrestler Coach Pierson.

“Yes Master. Wrestlers love to eat hole. Raw, sweaty, jock hole.”

“Tomorrow you will show all my wrestlers how good it is to eat hole. Wrestler hole, baseball hole, and football hole. Because when men smell so good, you cannot resist eating and licking and sucking their holes.”

“Yes Master. We are wrestlers. We eat hole.”

Mike then switched his stare down towards the baseball coach.

“I got all hard with your wrestler bud eating my hole there Coach. Why don’t you suck me off until you feel my hot blast of cum filling your mouth and falling down your throat.”

“ Yes M…”

Coach Sampson couldn’t even get the word “Master” out of his mouth before he swallowed Mike’s cock completely.

“That’s a good boy. Suck my cock like a good baseball pig should do. Baseball players are strong and athletic, always grabbing their crotches on the field, signaling to each other how much they love cock. Powerful, hairy cocks with thick veiny shafts topped with thick leaking mushroom heads.”

“Mmm huh” was all the reply Coach Sampson could get out.

“Keep it going catcher. Feel your balls hanging low, just like they do when you’re behind the plate. Power is cock. Cock is power. Worship that cock knowing cock is where you get your strength. Jock males love to suck their teammates’ cocks."

Mike continued installing into the coach how much the coach loved sucking cock.

“Tomorrow you will show my baseball team how good it is to suck cock. Wrestler cock, baseball cock, and football cock. Because when men smell so good, you cannot resist sucking their cocks.”

“Yes Master. When men smell good, ball players suck their cocks.”

Mike got quiet for just a bit and then with a loud grunt, shot his thick, chunky load down the baseball coach’s throat.

“Now take that cum in your mouth and wet your dick with it real good boy. Then give your wrestling buddy there a big sloppy kiss and transfer the rest of my cum into his mouth.”

Coach Sampson obeyed, wetting his cock and then transferring the remaining cum into Coach Pierson’s waiting, open mouth.

“Now go to your football pal here and get his hole wet with all that cum and fuck him until your balls are drained.”

Football Coach Kirkland got back into his scrimmage line position as wrestling Coach Pierson came up from behind and began to pump his hole full of the cum swimming in his mouth. Coach Sampson stroked his cock waiting for his chance to fuck the football coach.

As the wrestler withdrew from the football coach’s hole, Coach Sampson plunged his cock deep into the football coach’s hole. Football coach Kirkland enveloped the cock with his hole and began to move back and forth savoring the feel of his chute being filled with cock. Meanwhile, Coach Pierson moved behind the baseball coach and began to feed on his hole as the baseball coach fucked the football coach.

Mike walked towards the door. He took one last look back. The football coach bent over getting fucked by the baseball coach, with Pierson behind getting the taste of as much baseball ass as he could.

“Good night my slaves. I shall see you tomorrow.”

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