Kaa and Mowglis's Encounter. 1º Chapter - Part 2

By Hypno-Tales
published April 2, 2019

This is a RP turned into history that we have written a friend and me. Mowgli decides to escape from the wolf pack and start a new life, but he will meet the naga Kaa and his plans will take another course.

Author’s note: | Sorry for the delay in publishing a new chapter. I have been very sick and I could not take care of this. Thank you very much for your kind comments! I still doubt about my level of English, but you are very kind!!!! I’m glad you like this story. :D |

And finally the boy was defeated. Of course, he never had a real chance, but Kaa had to admit that he had been a worthy adversary. Nobody before had been so stubborn and rebellious in his coils, but in the end… those things did not help the insolent mancub.

See the tireless rebellion of the young human was the best show that the naga could have wished to end his boredom, even in his last moments the young human took a breath to say something… maybe growling… the boy took a breath through his nostrils, filling his chest with that deep breathing, would the boy want to ask for help? to reason with the naga? supplicate? Kaa was tempted to allow the cute meow of the helpless kitten, but at the last moment a strong pull ended with the boy’s resistance, whatever his pathetic plea was.

The color rings slowly left Kaa’s eyes, they were no longer necessary. Kaa felt the human boy reach the climax inside the dense and tight cocoon, spilling his seed against his own body and the coils of Kaa. It’s not the first time that this happens, many preys once the trance is complete, it’s simply superior to their strengths. Kaa tutted with his tongue scolding the boy.

“Do you love so much to lose your mind that you cum over yourself? What a cute and pathetic boy, hehehe.” The young human’s head was leaning forward without strength like that of a doll sitting on a shelf, held only by the strong coils around his neck, strands of dark hair hiding the face of the silent boy. Kaa took the boy’s face with his hands lifting it and pushing the long strands of bright black away so he could see the boy well.

Colors, a huge stupid smile. Kaa had seen that expression before in hundreds of preys. Kaa gently stroked the cheeks of the unconscious boy and brushed his fingers through his messy hair. “What do you have to say in your defense? Horny mancub.” Kaa said feeling the warm sexual liquid infiltrating between his thick coils, Kaa squeezed his coils a moment squeezing the boy’s body and spreading the warm, thick seed of the human against the boy the tighter he was. “Then I’ll have to clean you up, my pathetic and cute toy.”

Kaa caressed the human’s nose with his finger, carefully observing the human’s beautiful face. The boy’s eyes were open to the maximum, observing the infinite void, hundreds of colors swirled in his eyes at a dizzying speed, in the young human’s mind there was no resistance to stop the advance of those colors, Kaa knew it well, now the mind of the young human is a colorful void, bands of colors, the purest and most extreme happiness but not a single thought, not while Kaa did not order something, not while Kaa did not fill that pretty head with suggestions that would change the boy to his whim.

Kaa’s finger traced the outline of the huge smile that pressed painfully on the boy’s cheeks, Kaa already knew that stupid smile… he and that smile are old friends, companions of mischiefs… and without doubt this boy could be the funniest toy that the naga had the pleasure of capturing.

“What’s your name? Poor little maaaaaancub” Kaa asked. The naga was leaning against the cocoon of coils resting his face on the thick staggered coils, a few inches from the boy’s face. Kaa had a privileged view of the beautiful face covered with that idiotic and mindless expression. A young face, soft but masculine, beautiful and boyish.

“Mowgli?” Kaa said when he heard the answer. “Mowgli, Mowgli… M-O-W-G-L-I… I like it! It’s a cute name. You can keep it” Kaa said to the boy, who thanked Kaa for the privilege of keeping his name. The power of the naga over the young human was immense at this time, and if that were Kaa’s wish, Mowgli would lose even his own name and he would even be grateful for it. Now Mowgli is a toy in the hands of the whimsical naga, everything Kaa would like, that’s how it will be.

And of course that was so. During the hypnosis Kaa’s words were siren songs, attractive suggestions difficult to ignore, but during the trance… now Kaa’s words were absolute laws, universal truths that Mowgli could not even think of contradicting. For all intents and purposes, Kaa was the new God of Mowgli.

Eventually Mowgli’s eyes closed, obeying delayed suggestions of sleep and rest a few minutes ago, after the excitement the boy’s body was carried away by the dream. Kaa did not care about this, the Naga man allowed the teenager to close his eyes and have a little rest… the night had just begun, and it would be a long night of fun. In addition, even asleep Mowgli will always answer him, always be attentive to his orders.

“And what’s your story, Mowgli? What brings a cute and sexy mancub to go deep into the nocturnal jungle without company?” Kaa stroked Mowgli’s hair, playing with the tufts of the sleeping mancub, the expression of the young human was angelic, the big smile pressed his cheeks without had been reduced by a millimeter, and the boy with his eyes closed and his head tilted to one side, pressing his right cheek against the thick coils that tightly surrounded his neck. The boy yawned sweetly, Kaa love when his victims sigh and yawn in his coils, that reminds the naga of his enormous power… even surrounded by huge coils of snake that could crush him, strangle him or worse things that boy slept peacefully calm, happy, ignorant of the dangerous situation he’s in.

There are two types of hypnotized people. The first type are those whose brain is turned off in the most pathetic and boring way, barely able to form a phrase of two words, incapable of the slightest reasoning and only useful to follow concrete orders; and the second type, which Mowgli fortunately proved to belong to, those who are capable of having a talk, talking coherently and even a certain type of hypnotic reasoning, almost robotic, but sufficient to be useful, they are still stupid and pathetic, but at least they are not boring.

Kaa heard Mowgli begin to talk about his life in the jungle, while the boy spoke the naga lifted the large cocoon that imprisoned the mancub, Mowgli was raised in the air as he spoke feeling the coils move, restructure and tighten his body. A short time later Mowgli was slowly deposited again on the branch, this time with a cocoon that surrounded his legs and held them firmly together. Now only Mowgli’s head and feet stand out against the cool night air, in the process of wrapping his legs Kaa could feel how Mowgli’s massive cock was still hard and firm, that made the naga smile.

The boy spoke uncontrollably like a clock that has been too much wound, his words were soft and sleepy, but the boy spoke without stopping without hiding anything from Kaa, without hiding his secrets and most intimate thoughts. Kaa listened attentively to Mowgli, it is useful to know his toy to know how to play with him.

Kaa learned that Mowgli was not a boy from the man’s village, he was a jungle boy raised by wolves in the jungle, which explains his extraordinary resistance and stubbornness, he had been a member of the pack of wolves, Bagheera had been his tutor… “Oh, that panther” Kaa thought, remembering the one who was once his friend. Mowgli talked about how the threat of Shere Khan had pushed the wolves to decide to send the man’s village against his will, and that is why he decided to escape to start a life on his own in the jungle. “I’m glad you were so stupid and proud to believe you could live on your own in the jungle, manling, otherwise you and I wouldn’t have met…” Kaa said interrupting the boy’s words with a kiss on his cheek, the boy murmured words of thanks showing his agreement with that statement, and then continued with his story so much.

Kaa heard the boy talk about his thoughts about the man’s village, why he didn’t belong there, why he wanted to stay in the jungle, even the boy started wandering around telling stories and anecdotes about his life in the pack of wolves, as he played with his brothers, as Bagheera and he were good friends, their pranks, training… Kaa heard stroking the neck of the young human until he felt it was enough information.

“Ok, enough.” Kaa said placing a finger on Mowgli’s lips to stop the uncontrollable torrent of words, memories and useless information.

“Well, Mowgli, I also agree… the man’s village is not a place for you. A boy so handsome, so strong… so stupid and wild… no, your place is in the jungle.” Mowgli yawned, the boy seemed happy to have found someone who also thought that he belongs to the jungle and not to the man’s village, a friend who understands him “How could you belong to that place? Duh… a place so boring and sad, with rules and rules even more stupid and strict than those of that buzzkill Bagheera. Believe me, the man’s village is a terrible place. You don’t want to go there ever.” Kaa had fun playing with Mowgli’s hair, enjoying the long soft hair of the boy, in fact, Kaa even made a small braid with a lock of black hair without the boy could object, anyway Kaa undid the little braid, the naga prefers the boy’s loose and messy hair, it was just fun to play with the boy. “Why would you want to leave the jungle? Here you can have all the fun you want, have good friends… Although of course, you can’t be on your own… after all… you are a helpless little mancub, unable to protect yourself, is not it? Look at you. Your first night alone in the jungle and you have already been captured as a helpless prey, turned into my pretty brainless puppet, was this what you imagined when you escaped? It’s lucky that you and I are friends, right? It’s lucky that I will not hurt you, I’ll take care of you…” a warm kiss caressed Mowgli’s smiling lips, the naga kissed the boy with sensual sweetness.

"I will take care of you, since you are not capable of taking care of yourself. I will protect you from Shere Khan, and you can fulfill your desire to live in the jungle forever… with me. Does that sound good, darling? You will be a good submissive boy for your lover. "Kaa said laughing. Kaa’s laughter caused Mowgli’s coils to vibrate intensely, tightening and loosening his body, sexually constricting the boy and stimulating his big erect cock tightened under the coils. “And that’s why you’re going to thank me for hypnotizing you. I want you to thank me for having freed you from your useless mind, from your annoying thoughts, from your stupid and petulant character. I want you to recognize how helpless you are and how stupid you were, and thank me for making you my toy.” Kaa said in a voice full of amusement, what better way to start the night than making the mancub himself grateful to have been enslaved. Kaa stroked Mowgli’s cheek and enjoyed looking at the happy, relaxed face of the boy who had defied him so much. With his finger Kaa gently raised one of Mowgli’s eyelids, the bright colors swirling behind the delicate eyelid, infinite, without limit, swift and uncontrolled like a raging sea whose waves are waters of brilliant colors. Mowgli’s eyelid fell heavily as Kaa pushed his finger away, returning to the happy, unconscious sleep.

The boy took a breath and obeyed satisfactorily. Kaa laughed loudly, happy to humiliate the boy even after completing his trance. And this is only the beginning! Kaa rewarded Mowgli by giving him a big hug with his coils, cutting off his breath for a moment, squeezing him, making him feel the enormous power of the coils around him.

“Tell me Mowgli… in the pack of wolves they never told you to be careful with snakes and nagas like me? Did they never tell you what we can do? Tell me, did they tell you about hypnosis? You were so rude and petulant… you even hit me! I think I deserve an apology.” Kaa smiled remembering the rude boy who pushed him, and who was willing to kick him hard if he had the chance. Listening to a heartfelt apology would undoubtedly be another victory tonight.

“Sorry…” Mowgli mumbled out in an adorable, sleepy tone once Kaa playfully scolded him for having orgasmed and shot his seed all over his coils, the white milky substance squelching as they rotated around him in a snuggier embrace. Formerly invasive and threatening, they were now a welcoming hug for the boy, whose smile grew bigger under them.

He allowed Kaa to caress him, not that he had a vote in the matter, his wide open pulsing eyes gazing into the naga’s face as the boy finally took in his handsome features, even if his mind was currely warped to associate Kaa with nothing negative. Those green eyes were hypnotic on their own, and Kaa looked at him in such a dominant, possessive way that was seductive. He could make Mowgli feel like he was a piece of meat for him, but the mancub was starting to like that feeling. Like being worthy of the naga’s attention was a new goal in life. Mowgli blushed as Kaa’s finger traced his smile, contemplating his own features, as the naga’s made himself comfortable on the cocoon, gazing possessively at him.

“It’s… Mowgli…”

Despite not being resisting now, the blissful hypnosis still made it hard to think for the boy, whose speech was slurred and breathy, due to the tight constriction around his throat keeping him in place. He giggled softly as Kaa repeated his name a few times to test how it rolled on his tongue, before granting him the privilege of keeping it.

“Thank… you…” the boy smiled, feeling honestly thankful of the granted privilege, assuming now that his name was an easy thing to be taken from him.

The additional effort of uttering those two words made Mowgli yawn again, as his eyes drooped close and Kaa’s commands finally had their delayed effect, the boy sighing softly as he fell into a deep slumber, without a single care in the world. His peaceful expression was a sharp contrast to his current predicament, as Kaa could now do anything he wanted to his restrained, limp body.

As Kaa played with his hair, letting Mowgli’s head fall onto the side so his right chick was comically pressing against the thick coils, Mowgli yawned again in such a sweet, adorable way. Mowgli’s body was sinking into sleep so fast it almost bypassed the rapid eye movement stage, the naga waiting until Mowgli was fully sunk into a blissful sleep to inquire him about his life. Due to his hypnotized state, it was much easier for Mowgli to sleep now, since Kaa was speaking directly onto his unconscious, easily plucking out anything from the slumbering youth.

“I was found as a baby by Bagheera the panther, who brought me to Akela’s pack of wolves, who became my family. They raised me and trained me to become strong and nimble, much stronger than the men of the man village, according to them.” Mowgli said, the sentence ironic considering his current predicament. He was blissfully unaware of the fact he was being lifted higher in the air and spun so the naga could add thicker coils around his legs, all the way down to his ankles, his cock still hard as it was clamped between his body and the snug scales, before he was laid down on the branch. “But one day word of my existence came to this tiger… Shere Khan. He was afraid I would discover some red flower and be a threat to the jungle, so he spread the word that he would kill me if he found me. Akela’s pack decided I had to depart for the man village with Bagheera this morning, but… I ran away during the night, very far so they couldn’t find me. I don’t know what I will do to Shere Khan yet, but… I want to stay in the jungle. It’s where my brothers and friends are, and it’s where Bagheera also is. They played with me, they trained with me… I didn’t want to leave them.”

Mowgli was eventually silenced by Kaa’s finger hushing him down by pressing into his lips, before he listened raptly when the naga resumed speaking, hearing that he did belong in the jungle, which made him happy to know he was right.

I knew it! Kaa understands me!

He dared not to interrupt the naga, as he kept listening to those manipulating words coated in sweetness, explaining to him how awful of a place the man village was, painting a sharp contrast of the careless, blissful state Mowgli was in now. It felt nice to have the naga playing with his hair as he spoke, even feeling Kaa braiding it and letting it go free, Mowgli thinking he’d be happy to wear whatever hairstyle Kaa gave him. He realized that the naga was right. What hope could he have had in the jungle if in just one night Kaa had reduced him to become a brainless puppet, easily restrained in the naga’s coils. Mowgli was more than lucky that Kaa had been the one to find him. It only made sense. “Mmm…” the soft moan escaped the boy’s sleepy lips as Kaa kissed him, his cock twitching at it, apparently ready for more action. The poor aching member was further stimulated when Kaa’s coils squeezed him like a stress ball, the young man moaning his approval to spending the rest of his life with Kaa, if the naga would protect him from Shere Khan.

Mowgli then listened carefully to the naga’s request, not daring to utter a word until he felt he had permission. He allowed Kaa to examine him to test his eyes were still pulsing with colour under his eyelids, the pupils long gone. Once the naga had confirmed they were still pulsing at their maximum speed, his eyelid shut again, the boy mumbling in his sleep as he gathered his thoughts, wanting Kaa to feel his full appreciation.

“Thank you so much for finding me and hypnotizing me, Kaa. I was rude and petulant, trying to hurt you as you kept casting your spell on me, helping me by freeing me from my useless mind and my annoying thoughts. I was stupid for trying to fight so hard, to desperately keep my consciousness, even though I was helpless from the start. I am so helpless, trapped in your coils you could do anything you’d want to me. But I am thankful for it, for you having made me your toy-HERK!”

The boy’s appreciation of thanks was interrupted by Kaa cruelly squeezing around him and cutting off his breath, compressing his lungs tightly. His cock throbbed wildly throughout the entire constriction, as Kaa let go just enough for Mowgli to be able to speak.

“They never… they never told me about you. That you could trap me with your eyes, before you wrapped your coils around me. That you could dominate my mind as easily as you did, despite how much I resisted. I’m sorry I tried to hurt you Kaa! I’m sorry I pushed you, tried to kick you and even headbutt you. I’m sorry! Please forgive me! What can I do for you to forgive me?!” Mowgli shouted desperately within the tight constriction, his breaths growing more ragged as his cock seemed to be ready for yet another orgasm…

Kaa always enjoyed the way hypnotized victims respond to his questions happily, if Kaa wanted to, he could force them to tell their most intimate and embarrassing secrets, and they would respond complacently.

Kaa laughed out loud when he heard Mowgli say that he still did not know what he would do with Shere Khan. Even in a deep trance the boy was charmingly daring! The boy wrapped in thick and powerful coils, unable even to escape, still thought he was capable of facing the tiger in some way? "I love, this guy, he’s wonderful. Oh, Gods of the jungle, thank you, I’ll have so much fun with him…” Kaa thought.

“Oh? Don’t you know what you’ll do to the tiger?” Kaa said, stirring Mowgli’s hair, speaking to him in a mocking tone like the adult who talks to a child who has plans too big for him. “What a brave wolf you are made of! So stupidly brave and sexy…” Kaa tasted Mowgli’s smiling lips, sliding his snake tongue over the boy. “Did not you have a plan? Any idea how to face him? Any heroic and stupid ideas about how to stay in the jungle? Come on, cheer me up the night…” Kaa asked, hoping to hear some thought that would make his laugh at the inordinate confidence Mowgli had in his own abilities. “Fortunately for you, you will never have to face that stupid big cat, I will take care of you, I will protect you and you will not have to leave the jungle” said Kaa finally bringing a more realistic point of view to the fantasies of Mowgli.

Kaa listened as Mowgli appreciated being enslaved, as he regretted having resisted and how happy he was to have fallen under the naga’s spell. “Yes, you were a very silly and selfish mancub, so stupid to reject the extreme happiness that I offer you… but it doesn’t matter, it’s okay, your useless resistance was very funny. Uhmmmm, you have been a very funny toy.” Kaa’s words were a double-edged blade, on the one hand they rewarded the boy for having been a good toy, a fun challenge for Kaa, and at the same time they reminded the young human of the insignificant that he was, the futility of his resistance and how he had finally succumbed pathetically. "But it’s good that you recognize how stupid you were, how helpless you were from the beginning, it’s good that now you know how good it’s to submit, how good it’s to be submissive and obedient, your rebellion turned me on so much, but your submission excites me even more. Now, you are my toy. "

Kaa sweetened his words by kissing Mowgli’s cheek several times with sweetness, Kaa is a dangerous predator, proud, malevolently wicked, but no one could deny that he was loving and affectionate with his toys… the naga loves give kisses, hug, give sweet caresses, make the hypnotized victim always feel supported and surrounded with his presence. At the same time Kaa tasted Mowgli’s skin, his snake tongue touched the skin of the boy stroking his cheek, taking the delicious, tasty flavor… marinated by years of living in the jungle, no doubt the boy had a wild taste, a smell to wolf, but also to wood, fresh leaves, earth and grass. Kaa shuddered sweetly when the smell and taste of Mowgli mixed in his senses, the naga trembled slightly and the coils around the boy pressed the boy again, holding tight and firm.

“I guess if they had been told you about me, you wouldn’t have been so rude and stupid, but it’s better that way.” Kaa said temporarily turning his gaze away from Mowgli’s face, the naga looked at the nocturnal jungle, silent, the fresh air was a gift afterwards of the hot day. “My spell, my hypnosis, those beautiful swirling colors that you like so much. No doubt the wolves were stupid not to talk you about me and my hypnosis…” Kaa said looking at the stars, with one hand the naga stroked the neck of the young human who sighed under his touch. Kaa found a delicious pleasure in explaining this to the subjugated mancub… “Although that wouldn’t have changed anything, of course. You would also be sitting there, helpless, happy to be.” Kaa laughed and his mischievous smile met the mancub’s dumb smile.

Kaa’s smile grew when he heard Mowgli’s ostentatious apology, the boy really seemed to feel his actions as grotesque crimes that needed to be punished. The pain and guilt in Mowgli’s voice was a wonderful music for the ears of the sensual naga with long black hair.

“Oh, well, I think I can forgive you… even though you were a rude and ungrateful mancub, I think I can forgive your insolence. If you do something for me, everything bad you did will be forgotten…” said the naga, returning to recline against the cocoon in which Mowgli dreamed of beautiful colors, Kaa could almost feel the tennager’s warm breath hit his face. “I want you tell me how sexy I am, how much you like me, how much you love me and how much horny I put you, how my body is what you most want…” Kaa smiled, his own naga ego capricious filling the night air while he demanded the adoration of the subdued young male. “I want you tell me that I’m your lover, the man you most want to serve, love and please, I want you to say how much you want to wank your cock looking at my hot body and my hypnotic eyes. I want you to love me more than anything else and say how lucky you are to have me around you. Then… then you will be forgiven.” The green eyes watched the stony smile, and Kaa’s hands played with Mowgli grabbing his ears as the boy declared his unconditional love.

Kaa did not feel guilty at all of subjecting and enslaving the young sexy human, however young he was, however much he still had to live and experience, the boy had wanted to live in the jungle and the jungle has its own laws, the boy had to accept the result of his decisions. Besides, Kaa always felt that he was doing his preys a favor, who else but he could offer them such immense happiness? Actually removing their minds and making them happy slaves was almost an act of charity, right? Kaa plucked them from an insecure and boring life, and gave them a simple and happy life, carefree, carefree, full of fun and forbidden pleasures.

The boy slept so deeply, but at the same time he was always at Kaa’s disposal for anything, after the brief conversation Kaa let the boy rest, the naga found a delicious pleasure in observing how the young human was sleeping, as his cheek was crushed comically against the fleshy coil that held him comfortably, the boy smiled happily ignorant of his fate, unable even to have a bad thought. “He’s such a handsome boy” thought Kaa, brushing aside a soft strand of hair that fell over his happy face. Kaa was excited to have captured such a handsome human. That pure and angelic face, but at the same time that youthful and toned body, a sexy body that promised to be even hotter with time. And that’s not to mention the huge member of the mancub… a long, thick mast that would make any man or woman sigh astonish.

Knowing the history of Mowgli, knowing that he was raised by wolves, trained to be fast and strong, a dominant boy prepared to face the rigors of life in the jungle only made it more exciting to master him. The promise of life that Mowgli could have, the adventures he could live, the achievements and merits, the person the boy could become… all that potential, made even sweeter the fall of Mowgli into the colorful abyss by his own pride.

Now that insolent mancub floated in his mind in a vast colorful ocean without limits, naked, with an erection as big and firm as the smile on his lips. Navigating aimlessly, nor worrying about where the waves will take him.

Then something happened that for a moment alarmed and missed the naga. Mowgli’s peaceful sleepy face contracted, frowning and wrinkling his nose for a moment. “What the…” Kaa thought. But the fear quickly disappeared when Mowgli opened his mouth and snored loudly, the boy’s nose vibrated and a sharp noise resounded. Kaa smiled much more calmly as he watched the boy snore sweetly.

“You’re snoring,” Kaa said when the boy sighed and yawned and closed his lips again. It was not really something that bothered Kaa, he found this strangely endearing. The strong sexy mancub with a huge throbbing erection, peppered with his own milky and thick seed, and defenseless snorting carelessly in the claws of the most dangerous predator in the jungle. “My little wolfie…”

After a funny moment listening to Mowgli, Kaa decided that it was time to make things more entertaining.

“Well Mowgli… now I want you open your eyes and pay close attention. I have a big dilemma with you and I don’t know what to do…” Kaa said waiting for Mowgli to open his eyes.

The boy opened his eyes obediently, the hypnotic spirals ran through his eyes like swirls of color, without pupils, only bright infinite colors and a happy smile. What a lucky guy… right?

Kaa was leaning against the large dense cocoon that imprisoned Mowgli and his big hard cock ready for a new sexual assault. The naga supported his chin on his hands looking directly at the young teenager whose attention was totally for the naga.

“What beautiful eyes” Kaa teased.

“Well Mowgli” Kaa said with a sigh. “I still haven’t decided whether to keep you or eat you.” Kaa spoke quite naturally as that was a completely normal topic for a friendly conversation.

“As you will understand, I’m in a difficult position, you know… that little detail of “predator” and “prey”, the law of the jungle and all those things.” Kaa’s eyes rolled upwards, feigning annoyance, as if this were a annoying procedure for him. "You know, I have a reputation to maintain and a stomach to fill, and I can’t say that you don’t look like a delicious morsel. It’s not my fault, you’re delicious and sexy, a perfect hot body and tasty to be consumed. The nagas have a lot of appetite after all… surely you understand it. "Kaa said tilting his head, always looking at the smiling human.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s your destiny to be my food eventually, after all you’re a delicious mancub, my prey. To be a delicious meal will be your final purpose, your last and glorious service, happy and satisfied to serve me to the end.” One of the hands of the attractive naga moved to caress Mowgli’s long hair again, and a thin coil slowly came to the feets. It approached Mowgli’s soles and began to caress and massage them with affection, a touch gentle enough not to tickle.

“But at the same time you’re too… special, too eat immediately, you’re too sexy, a perfect boy to be a toy, an obedient and helpful slave. A boy I could have… a lot of “naughty” fun, you know…” The coils around Mowgli’s waist narrowed in an intense grip on the long penis that pressed against the boy’s belly and the massive scaly coils that caressed him with every movement to reinforce that point. “I really think you can be a very funny slave… handsome, sexy, horny, a disobedient and petulant guy I can hypnotize over and over again reminding you how submissive and weak you are in front of me.” Kaa’s finger played with the strands of black hair, entangling the finger in the long hair and making curls with this, while the big feet of the boy were lovingly massaged by the scaly tail of the snake.

“So… my dilemma is, eat now, or… delay your last purpose some years to have fun and I can enjoy you. What do you think little wolfie?” Kaa asked. Of course Mowgli’s opinion was irrelevant, Kaa was only playing with him again, having fun watching the young human smile even after revealing the danger he was running right now, his fate could be devoured here in this tree, far from the herd of wolves and any friend who could help him, and yet Mowgli smiled happy and helpful.

Kaa listened to Mowgli and smiled. Just as he expected, the boy was always fun.

However, the decision had already been made.

“Oh, well, I think I came up with a good idea, mancub” Kaa said. The cocoon in which Mowgli was trapped was lifted into the air slowly. Kaa sat on the branch, with his back against the tree, slowly the cocoon of Mowgli descended horizontally on the branch, the top of the cocoon and the head of the young human leaned on the naga’s lap.

Kaa took the teen’s head using his lap like a pillow, Mowgli’s head was in direct contact against the naga’s abs, and Mowgli could see Kaa’s chest and of course the beautiful face of his captor, and Kaa had a view privileged of Mowgli. Kaa’s hands held the boy’s head, stroking the hair and cheeks of the mancub always in forced to a permanent optimism.

“I came up with a game to decide, and I know you’ll love it” Kaa said looking directly at Mowgli’s multicolored eyes. “As you will imagine, I need a healthy slave, “fertile”, is an indispensable requirement to be my slave. So I’m going to put you to the test. Do you think that’s a good idea?” Of course Mowgli couldn’t be against it.

"Very well. The test will consist of the following: I’m going to squeeze your cocoon, stronger than you’ve probably ever imagined, you will not be able to breathe… you may not even be able to save enough air in your lungs. You will feel my tail compress to the edge of the fracture, but don’t worry, you will love every moment. And of course I will not damage my new toy. "Kaa could feel Mowgli’s hard cock, rigid as a thick branch, Kaa could feel that Mowgli’s virile member was already oozing precum from the excitement. It seems that the boy is excited by Kaa’s plan.

“You will have a minute to cum, so that your big and delicious cock will spill its warm and milky seed against your body and my coils. Sixty seconds, not one more. If you get cum thinking about the perspective of your new life as a submissive and helpless slave and feeling my coils tighten your body beyond the limits, then you will be a fertile boy worthy of being my slave for many years. If you don’t get it… well, you’ll be a delicious morsel.” Kaa smiled devilishly as the boy looked back with a smile.

“It’s a deal?” Kaa asked as if Mowgli really had something different to say.

"Very well… prepared? ready… now! "

Kaa’s coils shot up in a quick and intense instant with a huge power, the thick loops and coils of snake turned on themselves, tightened and constricted… relaxed Mowgli’s body was immediately physically subjugated, Mowgli’s neck was tight and the boy’s breathing was totally cut off, Mowgli’s face was compressed while the cheeks were tight, and the boy’s feet contorted as he felt how the teenager’s strong chest was crushed by the mass muscle that surrounded him. The air in the lungs of the young human was expelled with a high-pitched sound like the moan of a tree being buffeted by the strong wind.

Slowly the cocoon was lifted a little to accommodate Mowgli closer to the grip of the naga, biting his lip with excitement. Kaa looked at Mowgli’s face, the naga smiled at the boy who looked at the world with his face compressed by the powerful coils with a surprised expression, Mowgli’s smiling mouth looked for air like a fish out of the water, the cute cheeks were comically pressed. The scene could have been terrifying if it weren’t for the obvious excitement in the Mowgli’s face, and absolute desire that filled him with lust, while his body was compressed and his hard cock hit the coils.

Mowgli’s head rested on Kaa’s chest, who whistled reassuringly to the boy’s ear. With great delicacy, Kaa’s hand slowly settled on the boy’s mouth and nose, and the arm also pressed the young mancub dominating him preventing him from even tasting and seeking the cool night air against his lips. Mowgli is being proved, and he had to show his worth.

“1, 2… 3” Kaa began the countdown, the naga was hungry, but he hoped that Mowgli would be able to overcome the challenge, because the naga had an even more intense hunger, a sexual hunger, and he preferred not to waste such a promising boy.

Mowgli sighed in relief when Kaa loosened his coils around him and assured him he was forgiven and that there was no harm done between them, further proven with the loving way the naga filled him with sweet kisses planted all over his cheeks.

“What can I do?” he asked almost with desperation in his voice, waiting for Kaa to tell him how he could atone for his sins, feeling his almost weightless human half lying on top of his cocoon. As the naga grabbed his ears, Mowgli sighed in relief, before he started obeying the naga’s whims.

“You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life.” Mowgli said, which was the truth. Kaa was the only man he had ever seen, so by default he was the most beautiful. “You’ve aroused me like I’ve never had it done to me before, and my cock has never stopped being excited for you. You are beautiful, your hair is beautiful, your eyes are beautiful, and your body makes me want to hug you and never let go. I want to serve you and to worship you, obey every single command, whim and desire of yours as well as I can. I want to please myself by looking into your beautiful eyes forever…”

The way Kaa’s hands played with his ears tenderly reassured the mancub the endless filth he had spewed from his mouth had worked, his mind becoming more and more warped to Kaa’s likes. Weren’t he hypnotized, he’d certainly be insulting the naga back for demanding such things of him, but right now Mowgli truly felt what he was saying.

It was fascinating, how quickly Mowgli went back into a deep slumber once Kaa didn’t require his full attention anymore. Blissful in a deep slumber, Mowgli was oblivious to the watchful way Kaa eyed him down, almost like a protector, as he contemplated Mowgli’s beautiful slumbering face. So relaxed was Mowgli that his body allowed itself to snore, no doubt from the relief of all that accumulated pressure and fear of being alone in the jungle,as well as the tension of having been under Kaa’s spell.

“Sorry…” Mowgli mumbled as Kaa pointed out his snoring, yawning softly and licking his lips. He then went back to listening raptly as Kaa laid out the next part of their plan for that night, opening his eyes and waking up to see Kaa smiling back at him, Mowgli’s eyes having never lost their pulsing.

He listened as Kaa explained that, despite everything, the boy’s status as toy or dinner was still ambiguous, watching the naga’s theatre as he pretended that he had to abide by the law of the jungle to save face and that it was also obviously Mowgli’s fault for being such a young mancub with a succulent toned body.

Even hearing that regardless of status, he’d end up as Kaa’s food, did not disturb the boy, who kept smiling dumbly, moaning softly when Kaa resumed his affective touch, this time both caressing his hair and massaging his tender, calloused feet, an extremely sensitive spot for the boy. Despite everything, Kaa’s touch was so expert that Mowgli did not feel ticklish, only pleased.

“Oooh…” Mowgli closed his eyes momentarily to groan when one of Kaa’s coils squeezed teasingly around his aching erection, which had started to throb and leak precum once more, coating the mancub’s already soiled torso with more of his essence. The idea of being hypnotized over and over, brought back to that submissive state, aroused Mowgli further, his cock poking against the scales that bound him.

“I don’t know…” Mowgli answered truthfully as Kaa finished presenting him his dilemma. Were he awake, he’d beg with everything he had for Kaa to just let him go on with his life, as impossible as that choice would be, the rude, petulant teenager not wanting to become either food or toy. The realization that he had never stopped being in danger did not hit the boy, who just laid there in content, awaiting Kaa’s decision.

“Oh?” Mowgli asked with curiosity as Kaa confirmed he had made up his mind. He waited as the naga lifted him up and assumed his position, happily being laid on the naga’s lap as his head rested against Kaa’s own toned abs, the mancub looking up at the naga’s beautiful face, which smiled down at him tenderly.

An ironic contrast of the cruelty he’d be subjected to. His head was held in place, hair and cheeks possessively stroked without a request for permission, as Kaa explained to him he needed to test Mowgli’s fertility. Mowgli nodded his consent for the test, realizing it made sense, even though he did not wonder why.

As Kaa explained to him he’d be constricted so hard for a minute, hard to reach the edge of fracturing with compression, without the chance to breathe precious air, not once did Mowgli stop to think how dangerous it would be. If things went wrong, that would be the mancub’s last night, for sure. As his cock throbbed in excitement for being wrapped up tight and snug again, Mowgli smiled his consent, foolishly wanting anything Kaa would want from him. He only had a minute to cum, despite having always taken much longer than that.

Were he more awake, he’d object, but now Mowgli would probably even be asking himself how hard it could be.

“Deal,” the mancub mumbled.

Before he knew it, Kaa surprised him by winding out the air from his body with a tight squeeze, making sure the coils around his neck and cock were the tightest, keeping them nice and compressed all the time. His feet were twisted and contorted, pressed against each other, as his ribcage was compressed by the coils around his chest. The mancub could feel all the pain that came from it, but it did not rouse him, so strong was Kaa’s spell over him, as well as the fact he had been previously warned.

The air inside him left with a high-pitched wheeze, followed by a groan, before Mowgli was pulled up, Kaa smiling down at him as the naga brought his head to his chest, revealing that it wouldn’t be just his coils working on the boy.

Between Kaa’s soft whispers, the naga’s well-muscled smooth arms slithered around the boy’s neck and face, one wrapping tight around Mowgli’s neck and keeping his head in place by his jaw, while the other hand pressed tight against his nose and mouth, fully smothering him so no air could go in or out.

“MMmf…” the mancub groaned as all airways were finally sealed, and the game began.

The boy’s chest heaved, sweat running down his body, joining the juices that already coated his torso and legs. His heartbeat became erratic, pulsing through the coils for Kaa to feel and judge, but the mancub did not struggle. He just laid there, slowly suffocating.

However, there was one part of Mowgli’s body that did not hold still. The lack of oxygen made the blood rush down to his cock, which was throbbing violently and spewing out precum like a waterfall. It pulsed and pressed against the scaly prison that it had met on the last hour or so, one that was starting to become the love of his life. The more it rubbed and frictioned against the tightening scales, the hotter it became, the veins bulging out as the mancub’s foreskin pulled back further from the friction.

At around twenty-seven airless seconds, Mowgli’s orgasm was indeed rising up. It was now a race for the finish against the growing darkness within the boy’s mind. A dangerous race to see who would come first: the warm, blissful milky release, or the cold embrace of unconsciousness.

It was tragically funny to see Mowgli excited to prove his worth to Kaa with this test so potentially lethal, and obviously dangerous. But risk and danger were terms banished from Mowgli’s mind thanks to Kaa’s hypnosis.

Mowgli was like a lamb running happily towards the slaughterhouse.

Mowgli’s virility prove started well. Before being squeezed Mowgli had taken air, trying to create oxygen reserves in his lungs, a useless preparation. When the big brown and black coils began their lethal embrace Mowgli’s toned chest was compressed, the air piling up in his lungs simply escaping forced out by the immeasurable muscles of the snake.

“Come on sweety! Show me you’re capable wolfie!” Kaa said encouraging Mowgli like a loving boyfriend who encourages his couple in a competition. At the same time the lips of Kaa kissed the ear of Mowgli, while the arms of the naga narrowed firmly against the neck and face of the mancub, the naga kissed with sweetness the boy wanting to animate him in the first seconds of that rest.

“Eight”, kiss on the ear, “nine” Kaa’s lips kissed the earlobe, “ten” Kaa nibbled sensually on the earlobe of the boy who was suffocating at the same time…

The toned arms of the naga embraced the boy, specifically the right arm held Mowgli’s neck tightly with the help of the rest of his tail, while the left hand firmly pressed Mowgli’s mouth and nose, the naga could feel the boy’s lips as they writhed trying to resist the impulse to look for air desperately. At first Kaa was impressed, the boy was doing his best to resist.

The thick coils, formerly soft and fleshy, were now tense, hard as steel squeezing Mowgli with no chance to escape, the boy was pushed to the limit, his body was tightened with more intensity than Mowgli could have imagined at the beginning of the challenge. The sensitive coils of Kaa could feel the heartbeat of Mowgli, a natural ability really useful when it comes to knowing when a prey has really expired, that is why Kaa could follow with certainty the heart rate of the human that was suffocating pleasantly right now, so Kaa will know exactly when Mowgli’s point of no return is.

“Fifteen… sixteen… eighteen…” Kaa rubbed his cheek against the face of Mowgli with the affectionate sweetness that characterizes this naga so particular, sweet and sadistic in equal parts. “Nineteen… remember the colors… twenty… submission… twenty-one… you’re my cute and stupid toy…” Kaa’s cheek caressed Mowgli’s skin as it was beaded with sweat due to lack of oxygen and body pressure. Actually Kaa wanted to help Mowgli to win, the Naga man wanted to help Mowgli reach the climax, run away and become his slave for many more years. “Twenty-four… you’re so hot for me… twenty-five… you want to ejaculate in my abs, feel like I stroke your cock with my hand…”

Kaa could feel every part of Mowgli’s body, Kaa’s sensitive scales pressed against his skin The boy’s sweaty, sticky grip, molding into each relief of the boy from the enormous pressure, Kaa could feel Mowgli’s strong, shapely legs exercised through long hunting sessions with the wolves, the legs pressed together with each other, Mowgli’s soft thighs were crushed together as if the pressure were able to join them. Mowgli’s feet twisted and contorted pressed hard against each other, joining the ankles even the fingers suffered the stress of the overwhelming pressure…

And of course the cock. The big cock throbbing, burning in exciting… the cock that spilled precum lubricating the skin of the teenager and the big coils that pressed the skin of sexy mancub. A sticky mess was forming inside the cocoon… the semen from Mowgli’s first orgasm and the precum mingled with the boy’s sweat, Mowgli was sweating in stress as he had no air in his lungs, and that sweat mixed with Mowgli’s sexual fluids began to bathe the boy’s body with that concentrated sexual cocktail… the torso, chest, arms… even Mowgli’s legs.

“27… you’re so sexy and hot for me… for my spell… 28… come on sweetheart!” Kaa continued trying to incite the mancub to cum as soon as possible by whispering beautiful words and kissing him with affection, seeking to satisfy his own ulterior motives .

Mowgli’s throbbing penis was harder than it ever was… the pressure increased its hardness, the cock’s veins were full, filled to give the necessary energy to the glorious penis that spilled precum while the foreskin slid down pushed by the Kaa’s scales… the sensitive head was directly crushed by the smooth scales in that merciless embrace. Kaa felt that big cock, struggling to press against the embrace that was like going down into the darkest and most dangerous depths of the ocean. Unconsciously Kaa licked his lips, longing to play with that big perfect penis when all this is over…

“Thirty… half the way, sweety” Kaa say less confident… No, Mowgli will get over the challenge, he is a horny guy, and his penis… Just look at that big penis! He is eager to spill his milk, Mowgli just has to want it.

Kaa’s bobbins pressed every part of Mowgli’s body to the exact extent, applying the necessary pressure to keep Mowgli to the limit, but without damaging his body or causing injuries, each part of the body needs a different pressure and only a professional naga like Kaa could go so far with this wicked game.

“Thirty-one… come on, Mowgli, try it hard!” Kaa’s loving tone now sounded impatient, slightly stressed, maybe… worried?

Kaa could feel how Mowgli’s body suffered the ravages of lack of air and pressure… thanks to the powerful trance Mowgli would be more excited than ever… the pain and suffering for the incredible construction were for him sublime and exciting pleasure. At the same time Mowgli’s body trembled with lack of air, the trance kept the boy calm, and his body under control. As startling as Kaa’s trance seems, it was so deep that Mowgli would faint before the trance broke… in the end.

The final race had begun… the boy had exceeded half, and his cock was accumulating more and more excitement, but had not yet reached in coveted and milky end desired that mancub and naga wanted.

Thanks to the trance Mowgli could not feel the terrible nerves of the imminent danger, but Kaa yes… the naga no longer joked, the naga no longer rubbed his cheek sweetly against Mowgli… Kaa’s arms pressed hard against the flesh of the young human, showing the boy his strength and muscles… the soft touch of his tanned skin.

Kaa felt Mowgli sweating, trembling, as the semen and sweat lubricated the body of the boy inside the cocoon, Kaa still harbored hopes that the nice friction against the scales helped Mowgli to reach the goal, but now the naga remained in a impatient silence.

“Thirty-nine… forty…” Kaa said nothing… suddenly the naga was beginning to feel himself… cold. The end came dangerously close and Mowgli seemed on the constant edge of liberation, but never reached the goal.

Will he get it? Now doubt was inevitable… could Mowgli prove to be worthy? Or maybe… Kaa looked away less and less interested in the cocoon that strangled Mowgli.

Forty-six, forty-seven… “Will I have miscalculated? Maybe… I demanded too much?” Mowgli’s thoughts were deeply disappointed… Maybe Mowgli was not the skilled mancub Kaa thought, a real pity. The naga snorted, expelling the air through his nose sharply unable to hide his frustration. The naga’s arms compressed the boy’s neck and mouth more forcefully as the naga tried to release his frustration without a violent reaction.

In a last attempt to help Mowgli, Kaa caused the coils around Mowgli’s waist and large penis to compress further, tightening even more, to the very edge of the breaking point. Hopefully, that impulse would help Mowgli achieve orgasm.

But it was not like that.

Fifty… fifty-one… fifty-two… There were only 10 seconds left, and Kaa had lost all hope. This was a great disappointment, a supreme disappointment… this boy could have been the jewel in the crown for Kaa, both males could have explored unknown pleasure quotas, unattainable for most… Mowgli could have been such a wonderful slave. And that’s why this failure was so disappointing.

“It was too nice to be true,” Kaa thought, leaving behind the second fifty-five.

Kaa slowly stopped paying attention to Mowgli, the naga assumed that Mowgli would finally not get through the time, the end would soon come and Mowgli’s fate would expire… and then be a delicious snack for Kaa. But as delicious as the prospect of consuming Mowgli… Kaa had placed great hopes in him. Kaa expected more. A great yawn emerged from Kaa’s lips showing how the naga’s interest had slowly distanced himself from Mowgli’s fate.

Fifty-seven… fifty-eight… fifty-nine…

Kaa closed his eyes, a single second separating them from the deadline in the most literal sense of the expression. There was no hope, Mowgli would be devoured, consumed like a helpless prey whose breathing was cut to the point of dying…

Mowgli had failed, despite his excitement, despite the big cock and moans, the body covered by the lustful sexual fluid… the body taken to the limit of the pressure… none of that had served.

Kaa clicked his tongue in outrage… fortunately Kaa’s face was now out of Mowgli’s vision as the expression of the naga was terrifying… Kaa showed no anger, not even anger… his face showed a terrifying inexpressiveness. The green eyes, sweet and flirtatious, were now sharp and empty.


The miracle happened. The thick, milky warm liquid was poured out like a fountain, free and abundant, spreading rapidly against the body and human and the snake. Kaa blinked in surprise. “He really did it” he thought confused, the boy had fulfilled the goal in extremis.

And yet… was that enough?

The grip of the naga did not loosen, the strong coils continued to hold and constrict Mowgli’s body, preventing the boy from breathing or moving, only the toes and lips that contorted in search of air, pleading for a small puff of air under Kaa’s hand. Yes, Mowgli did it, but it was disappointing.

It has not been satisfactory. It has not been up to it.

Kaa heard those words in his head, waiting… deciding what to do with the boy. Mowgli had fulfilled his end of the bargain, but now his life depended exclusively on Kaa’s whim.

Meanwhile… Mowgli was more in need of air than ever. Slowly Mowgli was being suffocated, his mind slowly beginning to fade and go out… surely without understanding why his kind lover Kaa still did not release the restrictive grip.

Kaa’s green gaze was so sharp that it could cut a thick trunk… the look was focused on the boy’s feet, which peeked into the bottom of the cocoon and trembled like the rest of Mowgli pleading for air, however Kaa was not looking, he was thinking…

Mowgli was on the edge, near the point of no return, Kaa knew, could feel Mowgli’s arrhythmic heart beating nervously, but now… the heart began to slow down, little by little.

Even Mowgli’s multicolored eyes showed obvious signs of imminent danger… the colored rings were crazy, the edges blurred and Mowgli’s eyelids flickered madly.

Seven seconds to collapse.

Is the boy good enough?

Six seconds for the point of no return.

He is sexy but…


Very sexy… and fun.


But he did not meet expectations…


The adorable naga showed his other face, the imperturbable predator who had the life of his prey in his hands… he could let Mowgli expire in his arms and still the naga will sleep peacefully tonight.


The naga snorted reluctantly like an angry buffalo. “OKAY FINE!” Kaa said as if forgiving the young teenager’s life was almost a nuisance.

Kaa’s tail loosened, releasing Mowgli’s body and muscles from the unbearable pressure, Mowgli’s throat opened and the arms of the naga allowed access to fresh air. Kaa’s lips unexpectedly hugged Mowgli’s lips as the teenager desperately searched for the first breath of air.

Kaa exhaled air into Mowgli’s lungs with a warm, soft, tender kiss… slowly the bloodthirsty naga disappeared and the loving naga returned, ready to take care of Mowgli to treat him sweetly.

That moment Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde had finally finished.

In any other situation, anyone would have fought, tried to resist, to call for him, to scream and shout as to go down all the way fighting.

But not Mowgli.

The poor, helpless boy had been betrayed by his hypnotized mind and his aroused body, actually draining pleasure from his state of full submission and oxygen deprivation. His cock pulsed within the compressed confines of Kaa’s coils, lubricating them with his own seed, as the mancub didn’t try to move or squirm within the naga’s hold, accepting that this could very well be his last minute.

The fact that Kaa was soothing and calming him down with kisses and soft caresses, maintaining him in his excited, aroused state. Even as Mowgli naturally tried to breathe through the hand that was tightly smothering his nostrils and lips, he didn’t manage to draw in any air, so tight was Kaa’s hold on him. Even if he was drawing arousal and bliss from this, the resisting mood had subconsciously returned to the boy, who clung for life.

Mowgli was sweating further the more Kaa controlled his breathing and smothered him, possibly in a way for his body to try and panic. His cock throbbed the more Kaa painted those vivid, erotic pictures in his mind, reminding the mancub that he lusted for the devious naga, that his cock wanted to erupt and shoot all that delicious cum for him.

Even as his body grew slicker with sweat, Kaa’s coils did not relent, still compressing him tightly like walls of steel. His thighs were almost twisted together with how tight his legs were compressed, and his joints ached from the massive pressure, especially in his ankles and feet.

Still, the boy did not awake.

His cock had leaked so much precum by now that the scales were going sticky, the young man beginning to reek of sweat and sexual fluids by now. It almost hurt with the way it throbbed and frictioned against the scaly flesh of the naga.

And all the while, Kaa had never stopped tenderly kissing the boy as he cheered for him. Poor Mowgli’s face had already been fully claimed by Kaa, no single corner of his deliciously tanned skin above his neck unexplored.

However, as he laid in suffocation, the mancub was briefly aware of Kaa’s mood changing. He could feel the kisses, the strokes, the tender affection and playful cheering ceasing, the naga’s coils squeezing in different parts with varying intensity almost in desperation. There was a hint of stress and worry in the way the naga called for him now, but poor Mowgli was too deep in his trance to force his cock to release. He was now detached from his own body, unable to control his sexual release. Everything depended on his massive member, which still throbbed uncontrollably in the naga’s torturing grasp.

Despite the boy remaining calm, his body was starting to tremble as a reaction to oxygen deprivation, his heart beating continuously like a drum. His skin was beginning to fade and becoming lighter on his face due to the lack of blood, his head beginning to sink deep due to the lack of oxygen, his brain swimming in nothingness. Not once did the boy consider it could be the last few seconds he’d have of existence, of awareness, that if he failed he’d end up finding a new home in the naga’s stomach, even if he’d be perfectly happy to end up like that in his entranced state.

As Kaa grew more distant, Mowgli was still in edge, his orgasm never seeming to come for him. He didn’t notice the naga beginning to look the other way in disappointment, immersed in his own thoughts, trapped as he still was.

Why isn’t he looking at me?

He could only feel himself being further smothered by Kaa’s equally strong, toned arms, which snaked further around his head, nostrils and mouth, being more forceful around him without truly hurting him.

Come on… I need to cum… He wants me to cum.

The boy’s hips twitched involuntarily when the coils squeezed as tight as they could go around his member, though he kept disappointing the naga by not releasing his seed.

Please, come on! I need to please Kaa! I need to cum or he won’t love me!

Eventually, the last few seconds were coming up, and Mowgli had stopped being the centre of the naga’s attention, his status quickly being reduced to just one more morsel to be consumed. He would definitely be a good, delicious meal, but one that disappointed Kaa’s great expectations for him, nonetheless.

Come on!

Mowgli would have broken down crying if he had the air to do so. He felt so useless, so unworthy of being in Kaa’s presence in that moment. His treacherous cock wouldn’t release just like the naga wanted, and he was going to be welcomed in the darkness with his last thoughts being him knowing that he had greatly disappointed the naga who had done nothing but nurture him, take care of him and made him feel amazingly good in the last hour or so since they met.

Please! Just cum! Please do it! Cum! Cum! I have to make Kaa happy! Let it all out!

And then…


At precisely the sixtieth second, Mowgli managed to somehow let out a muffled moan against Kaa’s smothering hand and his cock erupted in the most violent orgasm the mancub had ever felt. It contracted and throbbed, shooting out endless nasty globs of white seed that further coated him and the naga’s scaly coils, almost clogging inside his member due to how tight it was compressed as it tried to release them.

Even as he released, Mowgli was still subjected to the cruel smothering for seven dangerous seconds. No seed inside him now, his orgasm quickly subsiding, the boy’s eyes began closing as his body was finally beginning to shut down, twitching desperately in a final search for that precious air it so craved.

His heartbeat began slowing down as the pulsing colours in his eyes followed, worry beginning to become visible in them.

Then Kaa released him from the unbearable pressure, Mowgli’s body so sore that it did not try to move or break free from the loosening coils. As his face was released, his lungs tried to take in a deep breath that was granted by Kaa, the naga breathing right onto the boy’s lungs, resuscitating him.


However, as Mowgli took in air, his body began a delayed response to the torture he had been subjected to. He spasmed enough in Kaa’s coils to reveal just how much he had shot out, seed dripping all over them, shocking Kaa and making the naga realize why he had taken so much.

Please be proud of me Kaa… please be happy

At the same time, a few whimpers turned into soft, desperate crying, the mancub fully broken by the naga now, a combination of both the torturous suffocation and near decease, and the fact he had disappointed Kaa, the feeling of shame still embedded down in his soul despite his awakening mind. Even if he wasn’t trying to break free, it was obvious his trance had been severely weakened.

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