The Deadliest Venom

By Hypnocigarboy
published March 27, 2019

Aidan works overnight at a research facility studying a strange reptilian creature.

The Deadliest Venom

“And you must never, and i mean never, go near the enclosure alone.” Dr. Raleigh spoke, pointing his finger at the young man.

Aidan was no older than 20, a young science major hoping to work in the field of Biology. Taking the offer of an internship, he made sure to be present as often as possible, hoping that his good work and positive demeanor would make him the perfect person to offer a full position to, as soon as his graduation had come.

Standing tall, Aidan had left some fuzz on his face, regarding it as looking slightly manly, though his interest in bedding a girl wasnt top priority. His hair was somewhat long, blonde, and curly, giving off a younger vibe, and his physique was well kept, taking to going to the gym when he could. He couldn’t stand being out of shape, not even a small bit.

“Are you listening to me Aidan?” Dr. Raleigh leaned in further, snapping his fingers as Aidan came out of his daydream.

Shaking his head, “Yes sir, sorry about that.” He sighed and followed the doctor to the small viewing room, the white of the room almost making him go snow blind.

Dr. Raleigh walked over to the small tablet and pressed a button on the screen. “Now, behind glass, you’re perfectly fine. Outside of the enclosure, it has no ways of causing you any harm. Understand?” He looked down to the boy.

“Yes sir.” Aidan sat down in front of the tablet and inspected it. Several buttons for cameras around the enclosure allowed him to view the many different areas, though whatever was inside had hidden itself quite well.

“Then i’ll leave you to your studies. I’ll be back in the morning to collect the results. Have a good night, don’t fall asleep on us, alright?” Dr. Raleigh headed towards the door. Giving Aidan a nod and a wave goodbye, he closed the door, and his footsteps soon stopped their echo, and Aidan was alone.

The job was relatively easy, to observe the nocturnal activities the creature had, if any, and to write his findings. It was completely easy in his opinion, though being alone in the facility was a bit unnerving. Everything was behind steel doors though.

The creature contained within this certain area was from a forested, jungle environment. The trees within were tall, the canopy hiding the moonlight. From what Dr. Raleigh had told him, it was a sort of reptile, and a large one at that. Maybe it was a newly discovered python? Aidan couldn’t remember them providing any kind of food to it though…

Relaxing back, Aidan took the tablet and scanned the cameras, passing through image after image of forest area, finding nothing, not a single sign of movement. That is, until he spotted something. A pair of eyes staring up to the camera. Blinking quickly, Aidan brushed the screen to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

Surely enough, his brushing seemed to have made the dust disappear, or at least what he assumed to be dust. As he set the tablet down, he looked up to see the sparks, as the lights in the chamber went out.

“Wha-” Aidan stood up and looked inside. All he could see was the small bit of moonlight hitting the outer areas of the containment area. Was it some kind of short within the chamber? Quickly getting his phone out, he attempted to call Dr. Reynolds.

The phone rang for a moment, then another, but the small beep from his phone showed the bars were out. No signal.

Sighing loudly, he groaned and rummaged through the drawer of the desk, finding the map, attempting to find the circuit box, hopefully it could reset the lights if he turned it off and back on, or send the whole facility into a blackout. Hopefully luck was on his side today.

Looking over the map, he managed to find it’s location. Thankfully the containment area had its own circuit system, disregarding his worries. Last thing he had to do was end up hurting, or worse, releasing some of the creatures that were under study. The only issue was, the box was inside with the creature.

Thankfully not too far in, only next to the entrance, but the risk was there. He could either go in, fix the situation, and hopefully gather data and not get killed, or give up and risk Dr. Raleigh firing him. Gritting his teeth, Aidan stood up and exited the small lab.

The walk to the zone was long, and Aidan was sure to pick up a flashlight, as well as his knife, just in case. After entering the code, the doors hissed open, steam blowing past him, as he stepped forward into the exhibit.

The thick trees were eerie in the darkness, the moonlight hitting the floor of the jungle, casting terrifying shadows. At this point, Aidan wouldn’t have even been surprised if a hockey masked serial killer might have been the denizen of this exhibit.

Starting in further, the door hissed shut behind him, not exactly a comfortable sound, but he didn’t have time to worry. He frankly didn’t have the heart for it either, at this point.

Shining the flashlight forward, he could see the circuit box, close and clear. Clutching the flashlight as if his life depended on it, and at this point he did, he sped up, getting closer and closer.

His eyes looked into the darkness of the forest again, stepping a far around it as he could possibly go, he could swear he saw eyes looking back at him.

No, it had to be Aidans imagination. Of course, it could be some kind of a creature, but he just pushed the thought out. He had his objective. Though now, he was finally at the box.

Carefully opening it, it creaked loudly. Who’d have imagined this place wouldn’t oil their hinges once in a while? Reading the switches, he carefully tried to figure out the appropriate combination to fix the issue.

Reaching a hand out to try a switch, he flicked it, and listened. Not a sound. he tried again and again. Nothing. Had it been cut from some other location? Damaged somehow beyond what he had access to?

Laying his head against the now closed box, he groaned to himself. What had he gotten himself into? All he wanted was a night to himself to document and study, and possibly net himself a position here. If this was a common occurrence, maybe rethinking his internship location would be a priority. He was close to the end of his rope with stress.

Before he could notice, he felt the tug on his leg. Could have been the breeze, but he just knew it wasn’t. Looking down in the dark, he saw the inky black tendril climbing his leg. It met the other leg and wrapped them together as well, as Aidans heart sank.

Falling back, he was met with a thick black scaly surface, his hands trying to grip for leverage, as more and more of his legs were cocooned in what appeared to be a tail, winding him up, squeezing him tight.

“Help!” He shouted, his voice cracking from fear, “Let me go, he-“ his body was pulled forcefully away, into the green of the forest, into the dark, as his flashlight and knife, his lifelines, clattered and vanished from sight.

Being hoisted up, Aidan felt the tail of what he assumed to be a gigantic snake bind his hips, his abdomen, and bind his hands to his sides. The pair of eyes from before stared at him from the darkness. He could hear the sound of hissing, sure now that he would end up as the snakes next meal, or possibly heavily poisoned by it’s venom.

The eyes shifted closer and Aidan’s eyes closed tight, fearful of what the creature even looked like. Last thing he wanted to do was look on as he was devoured.

He felt the creature’s breath against him, an odd sensation, considering snakes often were quick to bite and devour instead of going slow. Opening his eyes slowly, Aidan caught sight of something amazingly terrifying.

A man’s face stared back at him. The face was shaped well, a strong jaw, and what he could assume to be a mess of jet black hair, curled on the top of his head. His chest remained human as well, though it was hairless, and pale, nearly completely white, even compared to the most pale person he could imagine. Almost like a corpse, with no blood flow, though this…thing, was most certainly alive. Below, Aidan could see the chest lead to his abs, leading lower into what he assumed to be it’s crotch and tail, no hips or legs seemed to exist.

It’s eyes were the best part though, in the worst way. The irises were like a snakes, diamond-like and sparkling, staring intensely into his own eyes with a force Aidan never knew. They were a bright purple, and the white of the eye instead what pitch black. If he could compare, it was almost demonic.

“There’s no need to scream.” It said, blandly, it’s deep voice vibrating him. It felt commanding, strong, and dominant. “You must be one of the new scientists, am i correct?” His long tail squeezed Aidan tightly.

“Y-yes, i am.” Aidan answered, feeling the growing pressure. He didn’t know what to do. Avoiding it’s gaze by looking down, he tried to think of a way out. There had to be a way out.

Gripping the boy’s chin with an instant snap of movement, it hoisted his chin up, holding his gaze. “It’s impolite to not look at someone who’s speaking to you. Now, what is your name?” It applied a slight pressure again.

“Aidan.” He spoke, his body shaking. This thing was toying with him. What did it want? What could it possibly want with him? “Please, let me go. I didn’t mean to disrupt you, i’ll go, i’ll leave y-“ the tip of it’s tail coiled around his mouth, silencing him.

“Aidan, huh? It’s very nice to meet you.” It spoke smoothly, “My name is Eros, and i believe, you and i, Aidan,” he leaned in close to Aidan’s face, “Are going to become very very good friends.”

Aidan felt Eros slip the tail off him and lay him back on it, his hands holding Aidan down, as Aidan looked up into his eyes. They’d begun to glow. To spiral, the dancing lights fixing his attention as waves of purple and blue and green grew brighter and brighter.

“That’s it…” Eros let him go, as Aidan sat up, trying to get closer to the lights, as Eros’s strong, thick hands traced the boy’s chest. Removing his lab coat, Eros gently traced the boy’s chin, enjoying the rough stubble.

Smirking, Eros’s smile revealed his sharpened fangs inside, growing longer and longer as he felt the venom filling them. Soon, it’d be time, but first, he’d play with his meal a bit more.

Hoisting the shirt off Aidan, he slid his pants down, removing the pair of underwear as well, his shoes and socks discarded on top of the pile of clothing, as they were both left bare to each other.

Hypnotizing the boy further, he let the tip of his tail shake against the boy’s body, as the tail returned to bind him, the tip raised to his vision, as it spiraled and spun, faster and faster.

Distracted and free, Eros slipped low, his hands finding Aidan’s free cock, and gripping it in his hands. They felt warm, as he slowly began to stroke it, Aidan beginning to moan slightly.

“You like that? Isn’t it great when friends help each other out like this?” He laughed, speeding up his assault. The gentle touch he used made Aidan’s cock stand at attention, as his balls were fondled gently by Eros’s other hand.

“You seem so worried and stressed. You just need some relief. Don’t worry, i’m not here to hurt you. So just relax and give in.” Aidan moaned again, in agreement, as he felt his cock get wetter, warmer, and caught in a soft swirl.

Eros began to dip his head lower onto Aidan’s cock, taking it deeply into his mouth, his hands now gripping the boy’s thighs, as the tail hoisted Aidan’s hips forward. Soon, Aidan began to rock his hips into the naga.

Speeding up, Aidan began to moan steadily, getting louder and heavier, his face only visible now as he sat, horny and transfixed. He felt it coming, soon.

Eros felt it too, and gripped the boy, squeezing him tight as safely possible, and shoved the cock deep into his mouth, listening and looking up with his intense eyes in an expression of amusement and pleasure as Aidan gasped loudly, coming out somewhat odd due to the pressure against him, and shot his load.

Taking it happily, Eros smirked, as Aidan regained his composure, breathing heavily, and saw the form of the man rise up again, pulling the boy close.

Aidan’s eyes returned to him, as he realized what he’d just allow happen, and looked up at the naga, feeling it’s tail grip him again, staring into his eyes, “Now, my turn…” Eros smiled, his expression somewhat dark and almost evil, but Aidan did feel…complicit.

Hoisting the boy around, Aidan felt his body become freed again, if only for a moment, as Eros gripped him with his hands and arms, hugging him tightly from behind.

This close moment only interrupted by the pressure building from the scales on his back, as he felt what he could only assume to be Eros’s cock begin to slip against him. It felt different, but also similar to his own.

Becoming fearful, and fighting, Aidan became worried again, fearful. He couldn’t let this thing inside, he had to fight! Twisting roughly, he tried to relieve himself from the vice grip.

Eros, catching onto the boy’s plan, made a quick move and began to slide himself in quick and easy, as he opened his mouth wide and bit into the boy’s neck, injecting his venom into the bloodstream, and tasting his blood as well in the process. It was tangy and strong, and soon, all his.

Aidan, yelping, as he was invaded twice, soon let out his breath and relaxed, calmed and poisoned by the naga’s venom. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t fight, all he could do was look over as Eros kissed his cheek, hypnotizing him again as he slid into him, over and over.

“You feel it now, right? All that venom flowing through you? Filling your body with the toxin? Soon you’ll see what it can really do, but for now. Just let me have my fun. You feel so tight and warm…” The tail wrapped around Aidan’s legs and chest, the tip flicking across his nipple.

Eros gripped him tightly with his arms and kissed his neck again, as Aidan felt a smile barely growing. It felt so good, so nice to be with Eros, to feel his love and affection. Aidan laid his head back and smiled, as Eros pounded deeper and deeper, filling him up.

“Just look at me, Aidan, and you’ll never have to worry or stress ever again. I promise…” his lips found Aidans, holding tight as Eros felt himself getting close, his cock growing in size, and holding him tighter. Groaning louder and louder, they both let out a moan of pleasure as Eros filled Aidan, his cum filling the boy up, as the venom spread faster and faster with the excitement.

Both breathed heavily, as Eros pulled himself free from the boy, leaving him cradled in his arms. “Rest for now, and when you wake up, you’ll be feeling much better.”

Eros cocooned the boy in his tail, climbing up higher into the trees, hidden from view. All that could be heard from then were the sounds of slick wetness, as the tail slowly massaged Aidan within his cocoon, as his change began.


Dr. Raleigh arrived to the lab in the morning, setting his coffee down and looking down at the notes left on his desk. Of course Aidan hadn’t managed to write much, but that had never been his purpose.

Opening his phone, Dr. Raleigh turned the exhibit’s lights on remotely, as he reviewed the camera footage, hidden from view on the desktop. Aidan was more of a test subject, and it seemed to have worked perfectly, with excellent results.

The specimen, “Eros”, a humanoid snake creature had been among the last of his kind, unable to breed with a female, he did seem complicit and had a well enough manner of communication to brainwash Dr. Raleigh to bring him food and keep him housed.

All it took was another push to bring in an “intern” to help him repopulate his species, and if he continued the hypnosis, spread out beyond the containment, and take over more than they ever were able to.

His venom was capable of altering human DNA, as some of his other subjects had shown. As well as his adaptation to take control and dominate the minds of his prey.

Sliding up into view, Eros entangled his body with that of the now snake-like Aidan, his tail smaller and thinner, as the changes developed. His skin had gone just as pale, the tail a shade of dark brown, and his hair pale blonde, compared to its original color.

His eyes seemed to become permanently swirled, while adapting to the diamond shape to go with his now naga body. He was just as his maker, and he’d never felt better. He couldn’t care less about his human life anymore.

All Aidan desired now was to share Eros’s love with the world, whether they wanted to comply, or not. He had his ways to bring them to their side now…

(I apologize for the wait, i haven’t felt so confident writing after Tumblr went down a few months ago. I’m still not too confident, but i hope this is enjoyable to everyone. If you’d like, I have a twitter now, @Hypnoticsymbio2, if you’d like to see the kinky shit i share sometimes. I love criticism, so please tell me what you think!)

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