Frat Brothers of the Corn - Alternate Ending

By Mr. Sandman
published March 26, 2019
Category: Drugged   Tags: #kidnap #latex #leather

Sam discovers the true nature of the farm, but what exactly can he do about it?

You know I actually dig this alternate ending way more than the original, this is now officially canon.

“I’m sorry about Damien by the way,” Sam said, taking a bite of green beans.

“It’s fine my boy, he’s just a little rough around the edges. I’ve dealt with worse, trust me, underneath all the swagger, there’s a genuinely good boy in there.”

With great effort, he ignored the odd words, “I guess you might be right, everyone grows out of being an asshole at some poi-” He stopped. What was that? For just a moment there he’d heard what sounded like a faint moan, but he couldn’t place where it had come from.

“Something the matter my boy?”

Sam didn’t answer in favor of listening for the sound. There it was again, coming from somewhere in front of him. Tom wasn’t moaning, and he wasn’t sure that the ken dolls Tom kept around were capable of vocalizing.

“Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Tom asked in a tone that was just a bit too casual.

Sam’s eyes narrowed as he ran the conversation over in his head. Then, pitching his voice just so and adding the faint twang he’d picked up, he said “Good boy.”

After a second there came a clearly audible moan from the front of the table.

“Well this is a new one,” Tom muttered to himself, though he didn’t move to do anything. Sam scooted his chair back, lifted up the table cloth, and promptly fell over backwards.

“Damien what the fuck are you doing?”

Tom sighed and tapped the side of the dark haired mans cheek. Reluctantly, he slid off of the older mans cock, looking dejected as he did so. Tom stood, nonchalantly letting his gleaming, hard dick air out.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Sam demanded, recovering slightly and scooting back against the wall.

“Well Sam, I’ll give it to you, you’re a pretty smart cookie. Smarter than most of the people that’ve passed through here.” Tom gestured at Damien to come, lightly tapping his dick. The other man fell upon the cock with gusto, openly moaning now as his head bobbed up and down. Sam looked confused and horrified as his friend sucked their host off without a care in the world.

“What did you do to him? Where’s Kyle?”

“I gave them the old Nebraska welcome my boy. Your other friend was never going to wow me with his personality, so he’s been turned into a Husk, like Brian here. Damien though, he’s a special sort of guy. I love nothing more than turning the arrogant into adoring little cock slaves. Call it a profound love of irony.”

“Y-you wont get-”

“Away with this? Come on Sam you’re smart, be a little more original than that. Besides, do you really think you’ll make it off this farm? Damien,” he said.

The aforementioned man popped off his cock again, “Yes Master Tom?”

“If I told you to pin down your friend there and force feed him my corn until he was as slavishly devoted and in love with me as you, would you do it for me?”

“Of course! Anything for you, do you want me to?” He looked almost deranged in his eagerness to please the farmer.

“Perhaps, we’ll see how it goes. So Sam, do you still think I wont get away with it?”

Sam didn’t answer on account of the fact that he’d slid out of the room and was booking it through the house. Careless of the noise he made, he bolted for the front door, threw it open, and hurled himself down the steps.

Gotta get outta here gotta go. The truck was still parked where Jason and Carter had left it, and he made a beeline for it. The door was unlocked, after all who here would even think of stealing from the owner? The keys were still in the ignition, so he buckled himself in, turned the car on and tore out of the farm. The path to the road was a straight shot down a long stretch of bare ground. As he neared the road, he kept an eye out for mindless corn zombies. Who knew if they’d throw themselves in front of the car to stop him?

His fears were unfounded though, he turned onto the road without anything happening and soon enough he was burning rubber down the highway. Where’s the town, where’s the town? The rows of corn seemed to stretch on to infinity, and for a moment he felt like he was trapped in an endless nightmare. Soon enough however, a beacon of light appeared on the dark horizon. The little lights of a little town grew closer with every second, and soon enough he found himself passing by little rows of shops.

“Where the fuck is the police station?” He thought after a few minutes of nothing. The town was small but it had to have one, he was sure of it. There had to be some kind of law about the minimum amount of law enforcement required for any part of civilization. Ignoring his wishes entirely, the universe refused to conjure one up. A minute or two later he spotted an all night diner.

“Good enough,” he muttered to himself, swinging into the lot. Truck left idling, he barged into the dinner. “Someone help me please!” The diner was largely empty, save for a tired looking waiter, and a few men enjoying midnight coffee and waffles. The waiter was the first to respond.

“What do you need? Are you in trouble?”

Sam tried to explain the situation, but the words just wouldn’t come out. It was too much, it was patently insane. “Just please tell me where the police are, you have to have police don’t you?”

The waiter nodded reassuringly, “Well sure we do, it’s not much but there’s a little police department just a little ways up the road. It’s on the right side, dark gray, you can’t miss it.”

“Thank you!” Sam cried, before rushing out the door. It didn’t take him long to find the building now that he knew where to look. He’d passed it by on his way through the first time, which made sense considering it wasn’t in any way labeled and the cars out front looked indistinguishable from any other. Running up to the door, he threw himself inside.

“Hello, is anyone here? I need to report a crime!” The officer at the desk looked at him in annoyance.

“I’m right here sir,” he said dryly.

“Oh thank god, listen I need to report a crime, there’s something extremely wrong going on and-”

“Sir please just take a deep breath, it’s going to be alright, I’m going to give you a form and I need you to fill it out.”

“I don’t have time to fill out a fucking form, this is an emergency! There’s-” he cut off in horror, as the sound of a second car pulling up to the station reached his ears. Turning, he saw through the windows that an old Jeep had pulled up beside the truck. Stepping out from the passenger side was Tom, from the right Damien. Coming out of the back was none other than Kyle, looking, he thought, just as blank faced as the other men of the farm.

“Oh god, oh my god he’s here, he’s here. That’s him officer that’s the man who- who!”

“Who what?” Tom asked as he stepped through the door.

Sam turned back to the desk worker who now seemed much more attentive. “Listen I know this is going to sound weird but those two are my friends and he,” he jerked a finger at Tom, “did something to them!”

The desk worker didn’t seem overly concerned however, and Sam paled as he realized how crazy he must sound. Oh god, I’m the crazy out of towner that comes in with a story no one believes and then gets dragged away to his doom!

He fully expected to be dismissed and sent on his way, only to be abducted a block over by corn zombies. What came out of the officers mouth however, made his blood freeze.

“Hi Master Tom, can I suck your cock?” The officer asked eagerly.

Sam was going to be sick. He rallied futilely, looking past the now evidently love struck officer to the back of the building. “Hello! Someone please help me, he’s got your man too!”

“Officer Ridley, you were one of my best boys, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for your treat, I’m in the middle of dealing with something right now.”

“Of course Master Tom,” Officer Ridley acquiesced.

Three more officers emerged from a back room and Sam found to his utter horror that each of them gained the same love struck, dopey expression when they caught sight of Tom.

“Master Tom!” They chorused.

Backing away from the counter, Sam pushed passed Tom and his friends, running back to the truck. Behind him he heard Tom speak “Officers, I’d like to report a theft, that young man has stolen my truck.”

Sliding into the front of the truck, he backed out of the parking lot, catching sight of the angry looking faces of the officers as they ran to their cars.

Of course he’s got the police, that’s the only way this thing works! Too many disappearances, too many questions.

With nowhere left to go, he set his sights on the diner. I just need to get to a phone, I just need a phone and I can call someone. Pulling into the diner he left his the truck idling again. As he ran in, he locked the door behind him. The customers and waiter turned at the sound of the jingling bell above the door.

“Does anyone have a phone that works?”

The customers looked confused, and the waiter made his way over to Sam, offhandedly pouring coffee into someone’s mug. “Weren’t you just here? Could you not find the police station? I know it can get a little difficult to navigate at night. Tell you what, it’s right up the road, and we’re pretty slow, why don’t I take you there myself. The rest of you gentlemen alright with that?”

The other patrons nodded “Sure thing Jerry, not like there’s anything here worth eating.” A man with a broad chest said in reply, voice pitched to carry to the window. From the back a rougher voice spat back, “Fuck you Marty, my eggs are the best in town!”

“They’re the only eggs in town Serge!” The man laughed back.

“Alright let me just grab my coat and we can go,” Jerry said.

Sam shook his head harshly, “You’re not listening to me, I’ve been to the police station, he’s gotten to them too!”

Jerry gave him a confused smile, “What are you talking about?”

The Jeep rolled up in front of the diner, accompanied by several other cars. Tom stepped out, waving the officers away. Sauntering up to the locked door, he knocked at it politely, pointing at the lock.

“Oh, let me get that!” Jerry said enthusiastically, reaching for the door.

“No you can’t!” Sam said, reaching to bat his hands aside. His attempt was too weak however, and Jerry unlocked the door, Tom stepping in a moment later.

“He’s the one I’ve been talking about, he’s the guy who did something to my friends and the officers!”

“We’ve got the house specials up on the board if you’d like to read them, or I can just tell you that the only good thing is the bacon and eggs, but you already knew that.” Jerry said with a laugh.

“That I did, but I appreciate the thought anyway my boy.”

“Anything for you Master Tom,” Jerry sighed dreamily.

“Hey there Master Tom,” the rest of the diners said happily.

Sam collapsed, body numb as he processed that. “H-how many-”

“All of them,” Tom said, cutting him off.

“B-but how?”

Tom sat down at the closest booth, snapping his fingers after a moment and barked out “Strip!”

The entirety of the diner save for Sam began shucking their clothes. From the back, a burly man emerged wearing nothing but a stained white apron. His words seemed to have carried, because outside the officers, Damien and Kyle all stepped out of their cars and began denuding themselves.

Sam rose shakily to his feet and slid into the other side of the booth.

“Now to answer your question, one second, orgy!” He declared, and the patrons paired up immediately, cocks growing thick and heavy. “But not you Jerry, I might want something to eat later, stand right there.” As the beginnings of a carnal feast took place around them, Sam focused strictly on Tom, ignoring the way Jerry the waiter stood patiently beside them, cock hard and pointing at his face.

“You were saying,” Sam said numbly.

“Oh yes, as I was saying, you wouldn’t know because you weren’t in the room, but I run a farmers market stall from time to time, and what do you guess I sell at that market?”

“Corn,” Sam answered.

“Knew you were a smart one, yes corn. And wouldn’t you know it, I did my first market right here in town. It took me a while, had to make sure that the coast was clear given the ah, effects of my corn, but inside of two months I had this town lock stock and barrel. You’ve heard people say they own a town? Well I literally own, this town, isn’t that right Jerry?”

“Oh yes Master Tom, you own this town and everyone in it.”

“Good boy,” Tom smacked his ass, and the man sighed in pleasure, pre cum spilling onto the table.

“Everyone? I didn’t think women were your type.”

“They’re not, so once I had everything in order, I sent them away. They’re out there somewhere, my special little sleeper agents you might call them. They send any guy they think I might like my way though, so I still get mileage out of them.”

“Why are you doing all this?” At some point he’d begun to cry, and he couldn’t bring himself to stop.

“Why? Well there are a number of reasons, but fun mostly. I understand this is all pretty horrible from your perspective, but for me it’s just … something I enjoy. Also I always kinda wanted to take over the world, and I figured this was a good way to start.”

In spite of it all, Sam snorted, “You’re going to take over the world … with farmers markets? That might take awhile.”

“Oh I know, that’s why I’m not using farmers markets anymore. Well I will for the health nuts, it’ll be the easiest way to get to them, but everyone else? Nah, I figure I can get the country in one fell swoop, for the most part, once I’ve got everything in place.”

Sam’s grin froze, “What?”

“Well certainly, you didn’t think that eating the corn was the only way to be affected by it did you? Come on now Sam, you’re smarter than that, give it a shot. What’s something that’s in nearly everything? Something millions of people consume on a daily basis?”

The horror inside Sam’s heart doubled, tripled, and quadrupled in size.

“Corn syrup,” he breathed.

“Atta boy, I think I’m gonna let you keep those brains of yours, could be useful to have them working for me.”

“No, I wont do it, I wont I wont I wont.”

Tom stood, shaking his head in disappointment. “Sammy, smart boy like you, I’d have thought you’d have realized by now, you don’t have a choice." Reaching into his jacket pocket, he pulled out a bag of corn. There were two ears inside the bag, one white and one yellow. Sam thought it might be the lighting or the discoloration of the bag, or perhaps even the revelation of just what they could do, but the corn looked somewhat discolored, not as clean as it had earlier.

“Now then Sam, I think it’s time you finished your dinner.” Opening the bag, he pulled out the two ears of corn.

“Pardon me, I didn’t know which one I’d be having you eat, so I brought both.”

“Lemme get this straight, if I eat the yellow corn, I’ll become just like these guys,” he gestured around freely, “and if I eat the white, I’ll become like Kyle?”

“You’d become a Husk, that’s right. But you’re not getting a choice in this Sam, eat the corn,” Tom said, holding the yellow corn. Sam froze for a moment, looking down at his hands, then he reached forward. In one swift movement he smacked the yellow corn from Toms hand and snatched the white from the table.

“You might get my body, but you wont get my mind, so Fuck. You.” And so saying he bit down on the all too white corn. For the briefest of moments a bitter tang hit his tongue, like the taste of cheap food dye. Then he was awash in flavor and bliss as he was overwhelmed by the taste.

“Sorry it took us so long to get to you, but I knew it’d come down to this, so I figured I might keep the game going,” Tom said as Sam collapsed, pants growing wet with cum. “Clean him up for me Jerry,” he ordered and the waiter quickly stripped Sam’s pants and swallowed his cock, taking in the spurts of cum as Sam devoured the corn and drowned in ecstasy.

“Thankfully I own the dollar store and its owner, he gave me all the edible dye I needed. You’re clever Sammy boy, but not so clever as all that. Orgy resume,” He called out, before knocking on the window and grabbing Damien attention. Crooking a finger, the man came running eagerly, as around them the scent of salt grew ever stronger.

If someone were enterprising enough to use a satellite to look at a sizable farm in Nebraska, they might find a curious sight indeed. In the fields of corn, a veritable army of muscular men worked, nude as they day they were born, mechanically and endlessly working to some unknown goal. A ways up from the field, that someone might spot a rather nice house, and on the second story of that house they might spot a sundeck.

On that deck, they would see a chair, and in that chairs, a man. That man would be surrounded by a quartet of slightly younger men, and all of those men would be nude. The younger men would stand attentively and happily, waiting to serve and service the eldest among them.

One of them, with a short shock of blond hair would be fanning the man devotedly, another man with fiery curls would be standing beside him devotedly, holding an umbrella to keep the sun off when it wasn’t wanted. The third man would be kneeling between the mans legs, mouth serving as a cock warmer and eagerly learning every trick of the trade to please and pleasure.

The last of these men would stand just to the side, cold drink in one hand, a tablet in the other. And if you were able to hear just what was going on on that sundeck it might go a little something like this.

“Production is going well sir, our plans to seed other farms with the modified corn is proceeding as scheduled, and if things stay on track in a few months the first coordinated shipment of corn products will hit the shelves, just in time for the radio broadcast to air. Furthermore, we’ve managed to supplant the corn of every farmers market in thirty three states, and our inter continental inroads are advancing marvelously.

“Excellent work Sam, you’ve been a very good boy to have.”

A spurt of cum shot out of his cock, and he shivered with pleasure from the tips of his toes to the roots of his curly brown hair. Sam grinned.

“Anything for you, Master Tom.”

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