Grizz & Revenge

By PreppifiedGuy
published March 25, 2019

Grizz & Jim discover what happened to Ricky, and Grizz can’t escape the same fate.

Grizz and Jim hadn’t seen their bro Ricky in, like, well, forever. Long enough for Grizz’s red and black Osiris D3 skate shoes to have gotten noticeably scuffed up. They didn’t understand it. Ricky didn’t call, didn’t text, didn’t show up at the skatepark. The guys had even banged on their bro’s door to no avail. It seemed like he had just disappeared. Little did Grizz and Jim know that’s precisely what happened: Skater Ricky had become Preppy Freddy. Their friend didn’t exist anymore save for his preppy clad body.

Grizz wriggled his toes in his cool sneakers as they waited at the skatepark once again. “Fuck ‘dis!” He chucked his board to the ground and scooted off.

Jim put his blue Pumas to work and caught up to him. “Wherez we goin’?”

“Ricky’s. We’z gunna wait fer his no show ass. He’z gotsta come in or out SOMEtime!” Grizz sounded angry.

“But Grizz, he coulda bounced entirely. Like left town or whatever.”

“Without a single word to his best buds?? He’z a major prick fer ditchin’ us and I wanna know what wez did. Or wot HE thinks we did.”

“Well we did razz him about those redonkulous sneaks he got.”

“Yeah, but we had regular bro time after he put his real Vans back on. Naw, either he soured for some damn reason or somethin’ happened to ‘im. And I’ll be damned if we ain’t gunna find out whut.”

“Ok Grizz.”

So they sat on the stoop of their former bud’s place and waited. And waited. They discussed skating maneuvers and how to correct each other’s errors. They wasted time showing each other YouTube videos on their phones. They talked about the latest action flicks and about the new album from their favorite band. They wondered if Ricky picked it up too. Did he like that one song as much as them? Then, after a little while longer, the door opened.

Grizz and Jim turned in unison to see who was coming out. But it was just some dumb preppy.

“Excuse me, fellas,” said the prep. “Could you kindly move out of the way? I’d like to get by now. Thanks so much.”

Grizz grumbled and scooched. Jim didn’t really move all that much. But his eyes did. He stared at the preppy for a long time as he walked off. He even turned his head to keep gazing at him.

“What da hell, brah?? You gay fer preppies now?” Grizz said with a bunch of disgust.

“Fuck off. Take a good look at ‘im.”

“You ARE gay.”

“Grizz. BRO. Dat’s RICKY!!”

Grizz stared and stared. “Ho-ly SHIT!!” He wanted to rub his eyes like a cartoon. That couldn’t be their bro. But he also couldn’t deny it. “da FUCK??!!”

“Wha’happen to ‘im?” wavered Jim, with a little disgust to match Grizz’s and a little fear.

“He’z gone prep!”

“I can SEE dat, bro. But WHY??” His voice cracked a little.

“Let’s ask him,” Grizz said, darting up and skating toward him.

Jim followed, and caught up just as Grizz whirled around in front of this preppy that bore a resemblance to their lost bro.

“Yo, Ricky! What’s the deal, brah?”

“Yeah, what’ta’fuck?” chimed in Jim.

Somewhere in him, somehow, Freddy felt like he knew these two ruffians. It was like a faint trace of the words on the next sheet of paper from pressing hard with a ballpoint pen, unmistakably there but impossible to fully make out. So Freddy tossed it off as probably having seen them loitering before.

“Pardon, fellas, but I’d appreciate it if you would let me be. I do have an appointment to keep.” Freddy sounded very polite.

“RICK-EEE!” Grizz waved his hands in front of the one formerly known as Ricky.

“Gosh, I don’t use that part of my name. You may call me Freddy.”

“Ricky! What’s the matter wif you?” Jim nearly bawled. “WHY are you preppy?”

“I’m preppy because that’s the way young men should be. It’s so much better being a prep. You fellas would do well to try it.”

It pained Grizz and Jim to see their buddy like this. Not only did he talk like a little gentleman, he looked even worse. His hair was short and trimmed and parted so neatly it didn’t seem possible. It also had a slight sheen to it, from the pomade to keep it in place. He had a little red bow tie nestled into the collar of a cream colored button down shirt and a pullover white tennis sweater vest complete with the navy and red decorative chevron on the chest. He had grey slacks and some kind of white dress shoes on his feet. The guys certainly didn’t know what kind they were by name, but Freddy sure did, and he loved them: Bucks. White bucks. Very preppy. And that’s just how Grizz and Jim saw their old friend - very preppy.

“Seriously, bro,” said Grizz. “Fun’s fun but let’s get you back in your skater garb. “

“Me? In skater togs? Oh my no, that would never do for me. Do I seem like a skater to you?” He laughed, but it didn’t sound like Ricky’s laugh . It sounded hollow.

“You WAS a skater YO!” growled Grizz.

“You should be mindful of your grammar. And get rid of that shaggy hair. And how can you wear those garish clunky things on your feet?”

Jim said, “You talkin’ ‘bout his D3s??!! You crazy? They’re totally bitchin’!”

The prep nodded in a way that couldn’t be mistaken for anything but polite sarcasm.

“Dude, don’t you remember? You wanted to get D3s like Grizz’z but in blue like my Pumas. Like the ‘middle ground’. We wuz gunna be the three sneakerteers!”

“No no. You must be mistaken. I’d never wear those awful things,” he said, pointing to the Osiris. “Nor would I wear blue shoes,” he said, looking over at the Pumas. He looked upon each of their shoes with a wrinkled nose. The he looked up and out to nowhere in particular. “Unless they were navy blue Top-Siders,” the prep said, smiling in a way that truly sacred Jim. It looked like the guy enjoyed thinking about blue boat shoes a little too much.

“Snap out of it, Ricky! PLEASE!” said Grizz, and there’d been a waivering to his voice now, too. Strong burly Grizz, usually gruff and severe now had a hint of crying in him. “Come back to us, Ricky! You’re not like this.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean. And I’ve already nicely explained that I prefer Freddy. Now if I may please take my leave of you. Forgive if that sounds rude, but I really do have to be going. I don’t want to be late for the loafer polishing seminar!” And with that, the Bucks started on their way and he walked out of sight. “Mmmmm, navy blue Sperrys…” he could be heard muttering.

Grizz and Jim watched him go, too dumbstruck to do anything else. When ‘Freddy’ could no longer be seen, they turned to each other. But they didn’t say anything out right. Instead they traded looks of bamboozlement and terror.

Finally Jim said, “So this is like, fer real?? Ricky’s…” he could barely get out the word, “p..preppy now?”

“Seems so,” replied Grizz. He had that severe look to him again Jim noticed. Like he’d been lost in thought about something other than preppified Ricky.

“Wot? What’s that look for?” asked Jim.

“Nothing. C’mon, let’s go to my place and play XBOX.”

The black and red Osiris D3s and the blue with white swish Pumas pounded board and pavement to get the baggy jeaned and too big T-shirted shaggy haired SnapBacked young men to their destination. And when they got there, they did just as Grizz suggested. Plus some junk food and soda pop.

As they played their game, neither really had game. For neither of them wanted to admit it, but they couldn’t get past the sight of their once fellow skater bro looking like a damn preppy in a bow tie and sweater vest, slacks and dress shoes. Much less did they want to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Freddy made it just in time to the loafer polishing seminar. He had meant to be early. But his encounter with those…he shuddered…skater boys delayed him. ‘Why can’t they just be preppy like they should be?’ he thought.

Freddy was grateful for the seminar. He learned the very best techniques to keep his loafers shiny and respectable. Like a good boy should. He was eager to try it out at home on his own black penny loafers instead of the practice ones at the class. Of course, he could just as well shine up his cordovan penny loafers, too. For Preppy Freddy had acquired a good many articles of clothing. And he sucked a lot of hot preppy cock to get them. Some of them he bought on his own. But why make a purchase when you can earn each piece of preppy simply by having hot cream as white as his Bucks from one of your prepster pals shoot down your throat?

Freddy had learned the rules of the warehouse long ago. And like a good preppy boy he always followed the rules. Guys could only go into the warehouse once per day. They would either suck or be sucked, but not both. This was left up to the honor system, and naturally all the young men adhered to it. The one who sucked would always be bestowed a new preppy clothing item. But the item (including color) would be left up to the one who got sucked. If the pleasured preppy felt particularly gratified, he had the option to reward his preppy pal with another article of clothing. Of course, Freddy proved his pleasuring prowess to both Joseph and Chad who both gave him two items. Freddy often got two items. How he loved helping out his preppy brethren! And to be sure, Freddy got helped out by his fellow preps, too. He’d given out his share of polos and striped cloth belts and ties himself. He didn’t know which he liked more…giving or receiving. It hardly mattered, though, it was all so much fun and someone got preppier. Win-Win!

And now Freddy found himself longing for those spiffy navy blue boat shoes. He had the classic brown which Chad bestowed upon him when he popped Freddy’s collar and he officially became a prepster. But so far that is the only pair he had. He thought it time for another pair of Top-Siders. He felt himself to be sufficiently preppy enough to wear the navy blues. Of course, a guy could always be preppier, and it would be up to his brother to decide if he could have them. He thought he’d ask Mason if he could help him out. Mason would sometimes let you get the togs you wanted, but not always. Besides, he thought he might have seen Mason wearing a pair of blue Sperrys. Maybe he’d share the joy when he saw his enthusiasm in wearing them, too.

As luck would have it, Freddy spied Mason going toward the diner for an afternoon snack. He walked briskly and met him at the door, which he held open for him. “Greetings, Mason!”

“How do, Freddy? My, you look swell in that red bow tie!”

“Thanks! Tell me,” he said as they walked inside. “Have you been to the warehouse today?”

“I have not. But I will say that I’m more in the mood to get helped out.”

“That’s perfect! I would love to help you out, Mason. May I?” Freddy grinned, with a certain sparkle in his eye.

“I know that gleam,” laughed Mason. “You want a particular article, do you not?”

“Hee hee,” said Freddy. “You are correct, Mason!”

“Very well, Freddy my brother, what is it you seek to preppen up?”

Freddy looked down. Yes, Mason had them on. “Today I can’t stop thinking about navy blue Sperrys. I surely hope you’ll want to see me in them, too!”

“I just might at that. Let’s go into the warehouse after we have some catfish fingers.”

“So shall it be,” said Freddy.

And so Freddy and his pal Mason had a very pleasant afternoon delight.

Jim eventually had to head home. And that’s when Grizz really started fuming inside. Ricky had been his best bud. He’d known Ricky since the third grade, and they’d always been skater bros. But now he was just another preppy putz. A tear did streak down his cheek, but he quickly whisked it away. For he truly did harbor more fuming than fussing.

Grizz never told Jim or the former Ricky this, but he had always known what happened to Jumpin’ Joey. He just played along that he thought he moved away. But no, Grizz had run into Joey, and saw for himself that he had turned into the Preppy Joseph. Naturally, it really freaked him out. Why would a guy, especially a skater guy just…go prep? Grizz didn’t understand it then, and he didn’t understand it now. “DA FUCK??!!” But the difference with Joseph had been that Grizz wasn’t really buds with Joey. Sure, they shared fist bumps for wicked board action and chit chatted at the skatepark. But buds? No. Not like his bros Ricky and Jim. Well, Jim. Ricky turned preppy. RICKY. Grizz growled. He didn’t know how, but he knew something happened to both of them to make them turn. And he figured the preppies had something to do with it. Well he wasn’t going to stand for it anymore. Make his best bud PREPPY would they? His anger switch stuck in the on position, he felt determined to act out.

When Freddy next saw Mason, both of them sported their navy boat shoes. Freddy had on a navy polo shirt from Lacoste and some Brooks Brothers khaki shorts held up with one of those striped cloth belts. Mason had paired his Sperrys with white slacks and blue vertical striped oxford shirt. Both looked positively preppy, naturally, as did all the other fine young gentleman who had gathered at the diner.

But they were not there to eat. Rather the bow tied host who had sold the water to the former Ricky had called his fellow prepsters for a solemn and important reason. For the past week, a bully had been threatening and beating up preppies around town. They were certainly doing their part to turn the other cheek and ignore this bully. But the activity only increased in amount and intensity.

Ricky and Mason looked at each other. They’d not realized how bad it had gotten, fortunate enough to have been untouched by this ruffian. But after hearing the tales of terror perpetrated upon their fellow preps, they agreed with the rest of them. Something had to be done! They had to stop this bully.

“Gentleman,” said Jasper, the bow tied host, “it makes my heart sad to hear your tales of woe. But you were not called here tonight just to commiserate. The truth is I have captured this ruffian and he is in the Changing Room.”

Gasps of surprise and delight rang out among the preppy young men.

“Shall we?” grinned Jasper.

But he didn’t really have to ask. Every guy there knew it had to be done. And oh, how they wanted to do it!

They piled into the Changing Room. But this wasn’t a little cubicle to try on your togs. No need for the cubicles at the diner and warehouse. The guys all intimately knew each other’s bodies anyway. So what was this Changing Room? A spacious adjunct of the warehouse with several large machines and rolling full length mirrors. In the center, though, was a heavy duty uncomfortable chair. It had metal clamps for arms and legs (several for each) as well as one around the chest and lastly at the neck.

And who did Freddy see bolted into this chair? None other than one of the skater boys who nearly made him late. He would recognize those red and black chunky atrocities he wore on his feet anywhere.

Grizz had his head drooped, like he was asleep. He didn’t seem conscious at all. Last he remembered a spray flew into his face when he’d been pushing around, as in physically, some preps who deserved it. Just for being preppy, of course. Or so thought Grizz. But he was clamped into the chair of the Changing Room now. He would be changed. And there wasn’t anything he could do about it. He currently had a gag in his mouth. But not for any kinky reason. Rather it was to prevent him screaming obscenities when they revived him.

Jasper took out some smelling salts from his trousers and wiggled them under Grizz’s nose. The skater boi awoke with a jolt, only to discover he couldn’t move beyond tugging at thick metal clamps. His eyes shone with terror at this, the gag in his mouth and especially at the room full of preppies.

His eyes asked, “What are you going to do to me??!”

Jasper smiled his plastered smile and straightened his bow tie. “Let me assure you, you uncouth skater, you will not be harmed. Well, at least not physically.”

This didn’t reassure Grizz at all. He didn’t even understand what the prep meant.

“As you are aware, skater, you’ve been quite the menace to nice good boys around town. You’ve knocked them down, punched them, called them names, torn their nice clothes or threw mud at them and even kicked dirt on them like some bad cliché. We just can’t have this. So we’re going to fix you.”

Grizz shook at the clamps again but he was locked down tight. ‘Fix me?? Wot da fuck he sayin’?’ he thought.

“The only way to prevent you from picking on preppies is to make you into one,” said Jasper. “Would you like that, boy?”

Grizz shook his head violently.

“Aw, that’s a shame. Because even if you don’t like it, it’s going to happen anyway,”

Grizz started to sweat a little. For given the current state of Joey and Ricky, he figured they just might be able to do it. But he also figured he was strong willed, and he vowed to not let them make him a preppy. He shuddered. Ugh! The very thought of himself as a good prepster boy made him sick.

“I’m sure you have a name, boy. It doesn’t matter what it is, even if it’s a name with a long form that can be considered preppy. You’re going to have a new moniker entirely. We’ll never know what you were called. And you’re going to forget. You will henceforth only be known by your new preppy name. Is that okay?”

Grizz said his name and protestested, but he his voice came out in swallowed muffles.

“I bet it’s not okay from your expression. But no worries, it will be okay very soon, because you won’t know otherwise,” grinned Jasper. “Would you like to know what your name shall be, boy?”

Grizz looked pained. Like he wanted to know and yet never wanted to hear it.

“Given your pugnacious behavior, one could say you have a chip on your shoulder. And given that we don’t already have any fine young men by this name, you, young sir, will be…”

Grizz’s breathing picked up. The seconds felt like minutes.


Grizz made more muffles. But none of them cared what he had to say even if any of it made sense.

“Preppy Chip. That’s who you will be, and will only want to be,” said Jasper. “Now, shall we begin your preppifcation, Chip?” He sounded so eager it had been like a dagger for Grizz.

Jasper turned to his fine preppy lads. “Who among you wants to remove his footwear?”

“I will!” sang out Freddy. He knew what would happen afterward and he wanted to be the one to get rid of the awful monstrosities that were supposed to pass as shoes.

Grizz huffed and his eyes began to water. Ricky, betraying him even further! He screamed “Fuck you, Ricky! FUUUUUCK YOUUUU!” But it only came out as prolonged noise.

Freddy knelt down toward the Osiris D3s. Classic skateboarder kicks, often thought to be the most iconic even. He winced, not really wanting to even touch them. But he did, and quickly wrenched them from Grizz’s feet. He dropped them like hot potatoes, with no care or respect at all. He then took off the socks, too. Gross, but he knew they had to go.

Jasper wheeled over one of the giant machines. “Know what this is, Chip? No? Well you’re about to find out. Freddy, if you will do the honors?”

“GLADLY!” Freddy grinned and bounded over to pick up a D3 in each hand. He stepped toward the clamped in skater boy and held them close to his head. “Say goodbye!” the preppy said with glee.

Then a great metallic grinding noise started up. Grizz turned to look, suddenly mesmerized by the sight of sharp metal teeth spinning wildly around - an industrial strength shredder.

Without warning, Freddy tossed the skater’s beloved sneakers into the shredder. The noise was horrendous, and burly Grizz had tears going down his face as he sat helpless watching them being garbled into a twisted mass of rubber and mesh. Those great giant padded tongues were now nothing more than fraying noodles. The awesome funky looking loops crushed into oblivion. The shoes churned and churned in the blades, ripping and tearing apart. In short, his fantastic skater sneakers were reduced to black, red and white confetti.

“GGGFFTHHUUKTH RUUGH!” he screamed, unable to wipe his tears.

“Awwww,” cooed Jasper. “You’re crying. Sorry to see your… kicks… is that the word? Too painful to see your ‘kicks’ shredded into scraps? Don’t worry, Chip, it’s for the best. You wouldn’t ever be wearing them again anyway. You’re a preppy boy now. And these are what preppy boys wear…” He brought out a shoebox and lifted the lid.

Grizz looked upon a true horror. At least for him. Many of the guys in the room already sported them, including his former friend, the one who mangled up his precious D3s. But Grizz wouldn’t start out with navy blue. No, he stared at classic mahogany brown Sperry boat shoes. The pungent stench of new leather filled his nose. He gasped and weezed, as much as he could with the gag at least and his face contorted to disgust.

“What’s the matter, Chip? Not to your liking? Don’t worry, that won’t be true for very long. You’re going to love them very soon when you’re preppy. You’ll be so glad to wear them.”


“You probably think they’re going on your feet right now. No, not just yet. I want them to be in front of you so you can get a good look at them.” He placed them on a little table, and angled the famous wave-patterned white sole of one so as to be seen, resting at an angle onto the other shoe, its white stitching around the toe grinning at Grizz. “There. Aren’t they nice, Chip?


“And here’s the rest of your outfit, Chip.” A few preppy guys each put down an article of clothing on the table. Ralph Lauren underwear, khaki shorts from Dockers, a striped cloth belt from J. Crew and pale yellow Lacoste polo. “You’ll be wearing all of these soon,” said Jasper. “You’ll beg to be able to do so.”

He shook as best he could against the clamps in vain.

“But in order for that to happen, we’re going to do some prep work.” He opened a drawer on the table with the preppy garb that was to be on Grizz’s body soon. Jasper lifted out a syringe. He walked over to the boy.

Grizz’s eyes bulged out and watered. He shook and shook harder to the point of hurting himself against the cold metal forcing him in the chair. His breaths from his nostrils were short and quick.

“Such an extreme measure does not normally need to be used,” Jasper said as he moved the needle to the boy’s helpless waiting arm. “It’s usually a gradual process, but in your extreme case of needing to be preppy right away…I’m going to give you quite a big dose.” STAB! He pushed the plunger down quickly and whatever the clear liquid in the barrel was seeped into the boy.

Grizz reeled with panic.

“Don’t worry, Chip. It’s harmless. Well, by that I mean it’s non-toxic and such. It will cleanse all those nasty habits and ideas and behaviors of yours. It will fill you up with traits and codes of conduct befitting a good boy, a fine upstanding gentleman. However, if you consider erasing who you are to be harmful, then, I suppose it is. But eventually you won’t mind. You’ll enjoy being Chip.”

Grizz could feel the serum moving around his body. He squirmed and squirmed, for he knew it would make him preppy. He freaked out. He fought it, or tried to. And then he swore he could feel it fill his head.

After a little bit, he found his wriggling slowed down. He started to feel serene. Like he didn’t have to think about anything. A refreshed and renewed feeling. A good feeling.

‘NO!’ the inner skater screamed, for with the direct injection of such an amount of the serum that’s normally diluted in the water, he could sense himself slipping away. ‘NO!! I DON’T WANT TO BE A PREPPY! I’M A SKATE RAT! I WANT MY D3s!! I …. I…. I want to wear that polo…. WHAT!? DA FUCK! FUCK! NO! I’LL NOT BE PREP! I SKATE! I…I…I used to be a bad boy. BAD! WHaT? NO! FUCK THIS! I REFUSE TO…be a bad boy like that again. I should be a good boy and wear nice clothes. GAHHHHH!! HELP!!! HELP ME!!! HELP Me to be a good boy! NOOOO! I…PLEASE…GOD NO!!! I’M A…SKA…I’m PR….’

And while the boy struggled with the rewiring of himself, he could also sense the emptying out of useless knowledge. Things like grip tape, skate brands, how to do a simple kickflip…’Wait…what’s a kickflip?’ he now wondered. His whole repertoire of tricks on a skateboard were now impossible to perform even if he could try. Pop Shuvit? Plasma Spin? Half Cab? These were just stupid words to him now, and now he couldn’t even remember the names of them even though he just had them. They vaporized from his head along with his personality and thoughts of how he should be polite and courteous took their place.

The skater inside was dying quickly, and in a desperate attempt to save himself he wanted to scream out his name. But he couldn’t. Not from the gag in the mouth of his body, but from a total lack of knowing what it had been. Even his allegedly cool nickname that Jim and Ricky called him. He found he had no idea.

“How’s it going, Chip?” asked Jasper.

‘CHIP!’ thought the boy in the chair. ‘Yes! That’s my name! How could I forgotten? I’m good ol’ Preppy Chip!’

Jasper took note of the plastered smile that appeared on the boy’s face. Then he saw a look of horror. But he knew it wasn’t from the former skater. It was Chip. Chip wanted to be set free because he realized he wore jeans with holes and a humongous T-shirt with a demon on it. Chip could see those nice preppy clothes in front of him and it was torture to not be able to be wearing those Sperrys.

Jasper took out the gag.

“Please kind sir,” said the boy, “may I be released from this chair? I’m guessing I must have been very bad to be bolted in like this, sir, and I do apologize for whatever transgression I might have made. But I am a good boy at heart, sir, and having these awful clothes on is such a terrible punishment. I’m sorry for being bad.”

“I accept your apology, boy. And I shall release you. But first, tell me your name.”

“CHIP!” he said happily, with that grin, mirrored in so many of the preppies around him.

The clamps retracted. The boy couldn’t get out of the unseemly clothes fast enough and tore them in the process. Now completely naked and not caring that all the other guys saw him, he grabbed the preppy clothes and put them on speedily, but with care.

The skater that had once been in the chair heard and saw all of this, but had been incapable of making it stop. He barely existed way down deep inside. He didn’t even have a voice, much less any memories of skaterdom at all. Just that he might have been one, once.

Chip reached for the Top-Siders, but Jasper snatched them away.

“Please sir, may I wear the boat shoes? I SO want to wear them!”

“If you can prove that you’re a good boy by helping out one of your fellow preppies.”

“Oh yes, sir!” smiled Chip. “What do you want me to do?”

“Freddy…,” said Jasper, “do you want your new brother Chip to help you out?”

“I sure do!” His Brooks Brothers khaki shorts dropped to his navy blue Sperrys. His Brooks Brothers Traditional Fit Framed Stripe boxers slid down and his big preppy cock sprang out, fully engorged and ready to be sucked.

At first Chip hesitated, as if the guy he once was had an objection to sucking dick. But it looked so inviting, and he couldn’t help himself. He dropped to his knees and placed his hands on the navy leather shoes of this hot preppy young man. If he was to just start sucking, he too could be wearing fine deck shoes himself. He licked the dick first, then stuffed it all into his mouth eagerly. Brother Freddy face fucked him. Forcefully. And Chip loved it.

Freddy didn’t do all of the work. Chip got really into it, and slurped and slurped until Freddy’s jizz rocketed down Chip’s throat.

Jasper placed the boat shoes in front of Chip and he slipped into them just as eagerly as sucking his buddy’s dick.

After replacing his pants and tucking in his shirt, Freddy came over to his new preppy pal. “Thanks, you did very well. Here,” he smiled, “one last thing.” He touched the collar on the pastel yellow polo.

POP! The mindless flicker of the skater inside extinguished forever.

Chip looked at himself in a mirror. He looked great. A classic casual look. So preppy! Just like he should be. And he felt preppy, too.

“I need a haircut,” he said with a placid smile.

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