KING REX 2 -- CHAPTER 2: Energy Boy

By absman420
published March 23, 2019

Rex begins recruiting his team…


Whatever else he thought of his predicament, Rex was LOVING his new, twenty year-old body. When he’d actually been twenty, over fifteen years ago – well, over a thousand and fifteen years ago – Rex was more concerned with thickness and power – he’d been a college football player when he’d discovered his powers, remember – the physique he had now, very different from the one he’d had when he was twenty the first time, was more like a hyper-developed bodybuilder, lean, defined muscles and a tiny, rock-solid core. Having almost no body-fat made his oversized package stand out all the more. But then top that with this boyish, youthful face – it was almost too much to believe.

He and Energy Boy were squatting in the Horde Gym. Even though he’d been a member of their future-hero club for less than a month, he and Energy Boy could already be described as training partners – both of them spent more time in the gym than anywhere else in the facility. For his part, Energy Boy was just happy to have someone in the club who took weight-training seriously. The only guy Energy Boy could get to train with him consistently was Tundra Fox – and that guy’s nutty acrobatic fighting style kept him away from the truly heavy weight (even though he had enhanced strength). Besides, Tundra Fox was kind of a lone wolf and Energy Boy liked being part of a pack.

“Let’s go, Jonah,” said Rex, indicating the bar.

Energy Boy huffed his way to the bar. Both he and Rex were wearing only shorts made of some material called “NuFab” – it was tighter than spandex and infinitely more comfortable – which had their future-hero logo printed on the ass (a space dragon for Energy Boy, a lightning bolt for Rex) and lightweight training slippers. To Rex, the advances in things like clothing and shoes were sort of incomprehensible. Comfort went hand-in-hand with minimalism, and the days of 21st century puritanism seemed long behind them – although Rex’s endowment still raised some eyebrows.

Energy Boy was the kind of wannabe Alpha Male that fell into hero-worshipping Rex without any prodding on Rex’s end at all, but simply because Rex had all the hyper-masculine attributes that teenaged boys yearned for, especially his big, heroic cock. Of course, Energy Boy had already tasted Rex’s power – why, Rex had been a member of the Horde for barely a half hour before he found himself joined in their battle with the Horrid Half-Dozen. While his teammates had kept the other five busy, Rex and Energy Boy had worked together to take down Electro-Lummox, the mega-strong giant whose electric brain shot bolts of lightning. As they’d charged the beast, Rex had amplified Energy Boy’s strength (who could only use his Space-Dragon Energy for one super power at a time), then he’d latched onto Electro-Lummox’s leg and had done his best to drain the creature’s strength as Energy Boy had punched it into unconsciousness.

Apparently, nobody had ever felled the monster before, including Teen Superion and the other Horde powerhouse, Teen Superion’s “older brother” Val-Or. Energy Boy felt triumphant – he and Rex had been besties ever since. And when Rex had learned to his disappointment that Teen Superion would return to the past at the end of the day’s adventures, he welcomed the company – and the subservience – of Energy Boy. And he DID love having a real training partner – it had been too long…

Energy Boy had been dating Ghost Girl for many years – when Rex had first met Ghost Girl, he was unimpressed, thinking, “Mean Girls exist in the future, too…” – but Rex concerned himself very little about that. With his power, Rex had reduced many straight men into muscular, gay servants. Energy Boy would take little manipulation – he already worshipped Rex. (And obviously envied Rex’s junk.) His little relationship with Ghost Girl was no threat.

Energy Boy hefted the bar onto his shoulders and prepared to squat, Rex in position directly behind him, hands on Energy Boy’s rib cage, to spot. Without much fuss, Energy Boy knocked out the first five or six reps, but then started to falter. “C’mon, Jonah,” Rex growled, “keep ‘em coming.”

“Grife!” Energy Boy swore, descending into another rep.

Rex could feel him struggling with the weight, so playfully – devilishly – he gave Energy Boy the barest jolt of power. Energy Boy stood.

“Another,” said Rex, and Energy Boy descended. Another jolt, this time he added a little mass, too. Energy Boy stood.

“Another,” said Rex, smirking – he was enjoying this game. So was Energy Boy, who’d obviously figured out what was happening as well. After completing the next rep, he went for another without being asked.

Rex rewarded him.

When he finally re-racked the weight, nearly a dozen reps later, his legs were easily twenty pounds heavier – Rex had added that much mass. Energy Boy was sweating heavily, exhausted, but still able to admire his pump in the mirror. “What the sprokk..?” he mumbled, while he flexed. “Look at me! Did YOU do this?”

Rex shrugged and smiled. “You looked like you needed a little help.”

Like most straight guys, Energy Boy expressed his affection towards another guy by mock wrestling. When they went back to flexing together in the mirror – comparing legs – Energy Boy had a bit of a hard-on. Rex noticed it and let Energy Boy notice him noticing it. Embarrassed, Energy Boy tried to adjust himself but the Nu-Fab shorts kept no secrets.

Rex smirked. “You know,” he said, matter-of-factly, nodding toward Energy Boy’s bulge, “the same way I made your legs grow, I can make your cock grow, too. It’s one of my weirder powers…”

“Are you serious?” Energy Boy asked, glancing down at Rex’s monstrous package. He’d fantasized about it more than once while he’d fucked Ghost Girl – imagine having a cock like that? Balls that big? He’d have to be careful or he’d get a full-on erection right here in the Horde gym.

“Yeah,” Rex said, cradling his own sac. “I mean, obviously, I’m not gonna let you rival mine or anything, but I think we can get you something you can be a little more… proud of.”

Energy Boy continued to flex in the mirror, pretending to think about it – he just didn’t want to seem that desperate – but of course the answer was yes.

“Here’s the thing, though,” Rex said, “in order to use my power, I have to… touch it.”

Now Energy Boy was defensive. “Hey, pal, you know I’m with Ghost Girl…. I don’t do guys.”

Rex chuckled. “Dude, whatever,” he said. “You’re not exactly who I’m looking for, either. I’m telling you I can add some size to your prize – not jerk you off. And later, when you’re stuffing Ghost Girl so full of cock that she has to phase out, you’ll thank me – and you’ll wish I’d held it longer.”

Energy Boy was clearly debating – he wasn’t afraid of Rex touching him, exactly. He was afraid of enjoying it! – but the cost seemed worth the price. “Okay…” Energy Boy said, cautiously, “but no homo.”

Both he and Rex smiled.

Maintaining eye-contact, Rex stepped up to Energy Boy as if they were about to kiss, but instead reached out and cupped Energy Boy’s balls – he wasn’t tentative, or even gentle. It was as if he’d touched many men before this, with that kind of confidence – but Energy Boy didn’t see how that could be possible. Rex looked a year or two younger than Energy Boy, though he acted like he was a much older man sometimes – it was weird.

But before Energy Boy could make some sort of defensive joke, he could feel Rex’s power moving through him. And though Energy Boy had had sex with Ghost Girl any number of times, like many teenagers, he still lacked real experience – he’d never had any kind of suction, or pumping, so he didn’t know how to describe the sudden stimulation in his balls. He could literally feel the swelling of them as they gained size, the weight suddenly beginning to tug on his taint.

“Holy grife,” Energy Boy mumbled as he nearly lost the strength in his legs. He held Rex’s massive shoulder for support. He felt himself growing, like he was getting an erection without getting hard, his cock simply expanding. It was the most sexual non-sexual thing he’d ever experienced as he felt his genitals fill up Rex’s hands. It was incredible, indescribable – and it bonded them in a very weird, unexpected way, Energy Boy gained a reverence for Rex that elevated him in Energy Boy’s mind – almost worshipful. All because of his perfect cock.

And just at a moment when Energy Boy felt like he was about to release sexually, the energy stopped – completely and abruptly, leaving him breathless, almost WANTING an orgasm.

“There we go,” Rex said, removing his hand and checking his handiwork. “That’s better…”

Energy Boy glanced up and saw his reflection in the mirror before he saw his actual package. But what he saw in the mirror stunned him – not only were his legs so much bigger from the muscle Rex had packed on them, but what happened to his package was incredible! It was like somebody stuffed a Kono fruit in there! He was so much bigger than before, easily twice the size he’d been, nearly as big as Rex himself.

There was no hiding this – he was all man.

He’d touched it with his hand before he’d stopped staring at his reflection and looked at the actual improvements in the flesh. He was so turned on – it was incredible! – he couldn’t help but get an erection. “Holy sprokk…” he said. “It’s sprokking awesome! Look how BIG it is!”

“Nice,” Rex said, watching Energy Boy in the mirror, while he played with his own burgeoning erection. He could’ve turned Energy Boy into another mindless slave – as he had so many others, including the adult Superion – but Rex wanted to bide his time. There were a lot of members of the Horde, no need to rush – not until he had a fully-developed plan. Which isn’t to say he didn’t give Energy Boy a nudge or two in the right direction.

He and Energy Boy began flexing in the mirror, both of them half-hard, presenting, preening like cocks on the walk. Energy Boy had never felt so masculine – fully hard, but still held by the scant Nu-Fab shorts, his cock extended nearly to his hip bone

He pulled it out and began stroking it, needing to use his entire hand – and he STILL couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he couldn’t wrap his hand entirely around the shaft! It was so big, so hot – then he and Rex were stroking together and it was so masculine and so powerful…

And then he shot a load unlike anything he’d ever shot before, buckling his knees and overwhelming him – his big new balls produced some big huge loads. He ended up spent, a blissful smile on his face as he lazily coaxed the last few drops out, on his knees before Rex as Rex reached his own climax.

Energy Boy happened to look up at Rex’s magnificent hard-on – Rex could see the envy and desire in his eye – that was what sent Rex over the top, that worship. How badly he wanted to cum all over Energy Boy, but Rex hadn’t pushed his transformation that far – Energy Boy wasn’t ready yet. Instead, he let his cum hit Energy Boy’s reflection in the mirror some three feet away.

“Holy sprokk…” Energy Boy mumbled, impressed – Rex just grunted.

Energy Boy got another hard-on while soaping up in the gym shower a few minutes later. “Grife,” he said, turning so that Rex got the full-view from his shower on the second spigot, “I’m getting another one…” Energy Boy’s big new dick rose from it’s soapy base.

Rex chuckled. “It takes a while to get used to it,” he said, purposely touching his own, “but you will. You’re all-man now. And you’re a good training partner for me.”

Energy Boy smiled. “Thanks, Rex,” he said genuinely. “I just wanna get as big as you.”

Rex smirked. “We’ll get you there,” he said, letting his cock get hard again.

He and Energy Boy beat off facing each other across the showers, not breaking eye contact this time. Of course Energy Boy came first, but Rex wasn’t long behind him. “Grife, I love this,” Energy Boy said, rinsing off before ending his shower.

“Don’t waste it jerking off,” Rex said as they dried off. “Go give it to Ghost Girl – see what it feels like to fuck with a man’s cock.”

And Energy Boy did, hurrying off with an anticipation that belied his age – like a kid on Christmas. He and Rex flew to the dormitories, then separated. Rex sure didn’t feel like he’d put any sort of plot in motion, but the Time Stalker thought otherwise.

In his lair at the End of Time, the Time Stalker chuckled dryly as he watched through his Viewing Globe.

It was only a matter of time.

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