Board Games and "Beer"

By Nascent Scribe
published March 22, 2019

A friend brings a couple of six packs to board game night, but the beers aren’t quite what they seem.

I’ve wanted to create something on this site for over a year now, and I’ve finally worked up the courage to write something. Please let me know what you guys think! I’ll gladly take suggestions for future chapters and my writing in general!

Kyle got into his car with two six-packs in hand and spotted the clock on the dashboard. “Shit! I knew I was late, but man, not THIS late!” he thought. He hurried and put the six-packs onto the seat beside him, started his car, and peeled out of the parking lot of the corner store.

As he drove down the narrow brick streets of his friends’ neighborhood, he began wondering what game they were going to be trying tonight. Lately, they had played the same game every week, because Jacob wasn’t too adventurous with games and didn’t want to branch out. But Scott and Christopher found a new game last weekend at the board game shop at the mall, and they had said that they were going to convince Jacob to try something new.

Parking the car in front of the less-than-pristine Victorian house that his three friends shared, Kyle let out a long sigh, fully prepared to have to play the same stupid card game for the fourth week in a row. He reached over and took a look at the beers he had picked out at the corner store.

Part of the reason why he was so late was that he had taken so long to decide on a beer. At first, Kyle had planned on grabbing something boring and familiar to save time, but then he had noticed a small section of beers in the back that were marked down to make way for the new season’s selection. After perusing bottles with weird flavors and cans with what looked like taped-on labels, he had noticed two six-bottle variety packs in the back of the pile.

Sitting in his car, Kyle more closely inspected the beers. The cardboard carriers were very plain and had only a few words on it. “Radeberg Brewing Co., Tasting Pack”. The words looked like they were written in sharpie, and Kyle had assumed that it was some microbrewery in the area, so he figured it’d be a cool selection of beers to share with the guys. Satisfied with his beers and mentally steeled for the inevitable argument over board games, he got out of his car and headed inside.

When he stepped onto the porch, Kyle could immediately hear two of his friends arguing. Letting out another sigh, he gave a quick rap on the door, before opening it and heading inside.

A tall brown-haired guy was storming around the living room while loudly complaining. “Why is it that every time we find a game and I finally start getting good at it, we have to switch to something new? I spent the whole week working on my strategies, just so I can win this week! This is getting annoying.”

“Getting annoying!?” the short, stocky blonde yelled back. “Jacob, we get stuck on the same games for months at a time, all because you can’t pick up new games as quickly as everyone else! WE want to move on and experience other games, but we can’t because we’re bored off our asses playing the same things over and over again!”

Kyle looked over to Christopher, who was sitting calmly on the couch, and rolled his eyes. Taking his shoes off, he quickly checked himself out in the mirror. His curly, black hair was a little frizzy today and he had forgotten to shave this morning, but he figured he looked good enough for board games with friends.

“Hey man, welcome to the thunderdome,” said Christopher, putting his feet up on the coffee table. “Toss me a beer; we’re going to need it.”

As Kyle took two beers out of one of the packs, he turned to Scott and Jacob with a disapproving look. “Seriously, guys, let’s play both games tonight. There’s no reason why we can’t try out the new game for a bit and then take a break with something we’re more used to.”

Both annoyed that no one took their side, Scott and Jacob stormed their separate ways, presumably to go cool down away from the rest of the group.

Looking back to the beers, Kyle realized that none of the bottles had labels. “What kind of idiot brewery would forget to label their beers in a freaking variety pack?” he said to Christopher as he handed him a beer. “You gotta let me know what yours tastes like, just so I make sure I didn’t get a shitty one.”

Cracking open the bottle, Kyle got a whiff of pine. Maybe it was some sort of IPA? He looked over to Christopher, who was already taking a swig, and decided to dive in. As the beer hit his mouth, he felt a tingle go from his shoulders to his toes.

“Woah, dude, this beer is weird. Where’d you get it from? What company makes it?” said Christopher, somewhat in a daze.

Kyle leaned over and read off the front of the carrier “Radeberg Brewing Company. Never heard of ’em. How’s yours tasting? Mine’s like a pine IPA.” He felt his stomach gurgle a little, like a burp was coming.

“I’m not too sure. It’s weird, it tastes kind of dark, but it’s got a hint of something. Like coconut curry. Not really what I’d pick in a beer flavor.”

As Kyle continued to drink his beer, he felt the pressure build up in his stomach, pushing it against his shirt. He let out a few small burps, but the pressure didn’t seem to be going down. “I don’t know, dude,” he said, “I’m not sure that this beer is any good. It’s making me feel kind of weird.”

“I know what you mean. I feel kind of itchy and tingly from the beer,” said Christopher as he breathed heavily.

“No, man, I mean I feel kind of gassy. Like I need to burp, but not much is coming out.” But as Kyle mentioned that, he began to feel the itchy feeling Christopher was talking about. He started to scratch his chest through his tightening shirt, feeling increasingly sweaty and uncomfortable.

“Dude, I can see it! You look like you’re having an allergic reaction! You’re swelling up!” Christopher shouted. He looked on as Kyle’s shirt continued to strain under the pressure from his expanding stomach and pecs. “And have you always been so hairy, dude?” he said, as he continued itching his own chest while rubbing his back against the couch.

“What do you mean, dude? I can barely even grow scruff. You know that!” Kyle responded. But as he looked over at Christopher, he was amazed. “How about yourself, man? YOU’RE the furball here! And have you been tanning?” Kyle looked over at his friend, whose skin seemed to be slowly darkening to a caramel color. As he watched, hair began to curl out of the top of Christopher’s shirt, and his jawline began to get darker as a beard started to grow in. “Holy fuck, dude!” Kyle yelled.

Hearing the commotion, Scott and Jacob ran into the living room, just as Kyle’s shirt burst open from the pressure, revealing his hair-covered and swollen pecs and muscle gut. “What the fuck, guys?!" Scott yelled. “What’s going on?”

The two changing men felt tingling waves pass through their bodies as the hair on their heads grew out and longer, matching their growing beards. Kyle’s bushy beard tangled together with his long, curly hair, only adding to his wild, masculine look. His beard spilled onto his growing belly, blending in with the brown mat of fur that covered his chest and gut and ran down to the growing bulge inside his jeans.

Christopher’s beard continued to grow and spread up his cheeks, covering his face in a straight, jet-black curtain. Finally giving up on trying to itch himself through his clothes, he pulled his shirt up over his head and threw it onto the couch. Everyone in the room could only stare at his newly changed body. Dark, curly hairs covered his entire torso, front to back.

As the changes seemed to come to an end, the four men stared at each other in silence. Kyle, the out-of-season lumberjack, locked eyes with Christopher, who was suddenly now South Asian, and felt something stirring deep inside him. The two men could feel the newly formed and primal masculinity oozing from the other. His mind filled with the possibilities of what these new bodies could do.

Scott and Jacob, on the other hand, were oblivious to the newfound attraction between the two men. “Dude, that looks like such a trip! I’m grabbing me one of those beers,” said Scott, always excited to try something new and adventurous. With a sigh and a look of defeat on his face, Jacob followed along behind him, hoping they weren’t making a huge mistake.

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