Helping a Brother Out part 3

By The Flesh Lab -
published March 16, 2019

When his buddy Ron gets dumped, Tamal turns to The Flesh Lab for help.

I don’t go on that many work trips, but when I do I like to enjoy myself. Eat well, sleep well, expense everything, charge up the company card. This time though, I couldn’t help but keep one part of my mind on Ron, and what I was doing to him. Or more like, what the lube was doing.

When I worked out in the hotel gym, I thought about him working out and getting big and swole. When I showered, I thought about him showering and lathering up all that hair and muscles. When I lubed up my cut cock at night and jerked off, I thought about him jerking off, and his lube, and his new, big, black cock, his foreskin sliding up the shaft, and how long was that skin getting. And his hairy chest, all that coarse black hair, and him running his hand over it, pushing his fingers through all that hair as he looked at me. And that made me cum every time.

Which, I’m not gonna lie, was fucked up. I shouldn’t been thinking about him like that. I didn’t understand what was going on at the time though. I wasn’t gay. I wasn’t into dudes. And when I thought about dudes, even other black dudes, not that Ron was really black, I didn’t get quite as boned up. Was I just obsessed with Ron? Worried about the lube, and the changes, and what would happen if Ron learned the truth? Was there some weird, freaky thrill in him changing like this? It kept me up, and occupied my mind, and I couldn’t stop jerking off and thinking about him, and it made my trip a kind of hell.

While I was gone folks kept emailing me like, De’ron is handling that, and make sure you copy De’ron on everything. And I was like, who the fuck is this De’ron? Before I realized they meant Ron. My Ron. He was going by another name now. So, then I knew the changes had continued and he must’ve been embracing them even more if he wasn’t being called Ron no more.

I came back late on a Sunday night and he was still out at the clubs. Which was fine. I kinda dreaded seeing him, seeing how much he’d changed, ‘cause I knew he had, and I didn’t know how I was gonna react to that.

I didn’t hear him come home, but I heard him fucking somebody around two in the morning, heard their bodies slapping together, the bed banging. Ron’s deep voice all like, “Yeah, yeah, take it.”

I got hard as fuck. And it was almost like I was in a dream, but fuck if my hand didn’t slide down into my shorts and start jerking off. Their moans and groans, and this other voice calling out, “De’ron, De’ron!”. It was too much for me. I came when they did.

The next morning i woke up thinking, did that really happen? but there was dried cum all over my shorts, so i guess it did.

I was jet lagged, and dragging. I made myself some breakfast and heard him come stumbling downstairs, scurrying to get ready for work while he said goodbye to last night’s fuck. Turned out to be some muscular, dark skinned dude with a goatee and a pink bomber jacket. I could hear them scrambling around, trying to get this dude out the door. I tried to get myself all situated, tried get myself ready to play it cool.

When Ron finally came into the kitchen I was like, “What’s up De’ron?”

And I expected that to sound ironic, like what was Ron trying to do being De’ron?

But when I saw him, this man, stepping into the kitchen, all I could think was damn! He’d gotten more muscular and darker, his lips had gotten fuller and thicker, and his nose wider too.

This dude walking in was a black man. A big, bearded, muscular, manly-as-fuck black man. He was De’ron and he was fine as fuck. There was no irony about it.

He simply smiled that gap-toothed smile, clapped me on the shoulder, and said, “Welcome back!” All happy to see me. He was tucking in his white dress shirt, which was all tight around his chest and shoulders, his top buttons undone so I could see a flash of that curly, black hair against his chest.

I was like, thanks. But I was kind of shook. I didn’t know what else to say. Damn he was fine. It was so weird seeing him like that. He didn’t seem shook at all though, acting like it was no big thing, like he was used to being himself now, and I couldn’t find the words to bring it up, or ask him about it.

We slipped into our usual conversation. Got caught up on the drama at work, made plans to hang out and go to the gym. Briefly discussed what we was gonna do about dinner. It was like everything was normal. Like we was just two black roommates living the life. Which, I mean, I guess that’s what it was now.

Work that day was crazy, ‘cause I’d been gone and needed to catch up on all sorts of shit.

De’ron gave a presentation in the afternoon and was all cool and confident, and speaking with his deep voice. I saw some of that old shyness though when everyone congratulated him at the end, telling him how articulate he was, and how good it felt to have diversity on our team. He just smiled.

And after work De’ron and I went to the gym and De’ron had so much swagger. He seemed to know everybody at the gym now, and I was like some hanger-on as he clapped these dudes on the back and shook their hands, all smiling and charming in his white t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and his red gym shorts. His thick, hairy arms, shoulders, and legs all proudly on display. He was giving hairy side-pec too ’cause of the way that shirt had been cut. It was hot as fuck.

I tried to keep up with him, and tried not to get distracted by the hairy, black curves of his pecs peeking out the sides of his shirt, but he was out-lifting me, so I had to go and do my own thing anyway. But the gym felt good after my trip.

I don’t know if the hotel gym just sucked or if my usual gym just gave a better work out or what, but I was swole as fuck afterwards. I was feeling myself by the end, flexing in the mirrors, which I almost never do.

I came around the locker room to the showers and there De’ron was, soaping up his thick hairy ass, big black cock swinging between his legs. And I mean swinging! I could see it from behind him, through his legs! And his black foreskin covering up the whole head.

When he turned around I was like, damn, ‘cause he’d gotten so dark and hairy, and thick as fuck, and with all that wet black hair he looked even darker.

He was grinning like a fool, with that gap-tooth smile. I was like, this is too much. He was like, “‘Sup, yo?”

I stepped into the shower next to him, like I done a million times, but I had to keep my eyes to myself more than ever ‘cause I couldn’t deal with him lookin’ like that, and I didn’t know what my cock was gonna do. I could already feel it waking up and I didn’t need it getting hard and embarrassing me.

As I pumped out the soap, I was like, “So, now you ain’t circumcised?” I don’t even know why that was the first thing out of my mouth, like it was all I could think about or something. It was embarrassing.

He was like, “Not anymore I guess. Like I showed you, that skin kept on edging over my cock. It’s attached now. I gotta force it back if I wanna see the head.”

He bent down to wash his legs and feet, his hairy ass right there, and as he bent over I spied his heavy black cock dipping down between his knees.

“It was fucking weird at first,” he told me, “To always have this skin over the head. I gotta pull it back to piss, or it just sprays everywhere.”

“Damn that shit’s messed up.” i had to keep one hand over my cock as i washed ’cause i could feel it gettinf hard and i didnt want De’ron to notice.

But he was like, “Naw, man, I’m into it. I love having a foreskin. And other dudes love it too. At least they ain’t asking me what i am any more, ’cause there’s no question. I want even more, man. I’m happy to be uncut like these other dudes.”

I was like, what other dudes, cause I wasn’t about to be checking out other dudes cocks at the gym.

But he was like, “You know what I mean. All these other uncut dudes. I feel bad now for dudes that’re cut.”

And then this weird thing happened, and we both noticed it at the same time. I’d lathered up, feeling swole as fuck, and I looked down at my pecs as I rinsed off, and there, right between them, were some curly black hairs.

De’ron saw them too. I was like, what the fuck? I rubbed them with my thumb and they was for real. And more around my bellybutton, like a trail down into my pubes. I was like, when did those get there? De’ron turned away, but I could tell he was grinning. The whole moment was fucked up.

I toweled off and tried not to think too much about it. I was having a hard enough time not being distracted by De’ron and all his hairy muscles, not to mention his now uncut cock. I’d take a better look at myself in the mirror when we got home.

But once home, we got to making dinner and chillin’, and it was like old times. De’ron was so easy to hang out with, I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed being with him. He was cracking me up as we cooked and ate. He had changed into this tight, gray v-neck that showed off his muscles and just enough of his hairy chest to keep my attention. With all this weird shit going on, The Flesh Lab, and the lube, and him turning black, and not just black but black and fine, and me being jealous, which, let’s be honest, that’s what I was, it was nice to just hang out and have fun.

We played some Mario Kart, some Super Smash Bros, and then some more Mario Kart ‘cause we were cracking each other up so much, leaning into each other and laughing.

“I could get used to this,” I told him.

He smiled, dimmed the lights, and grabbed us some beers.

“Wanna just Netflix and chill the rest of the night?” He asked me.

And then I was Iike, wait a minute, what? He must’ve read the look on my face because he smiled and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Look,” he said in his deep voice, “It’s alright. I know about the lube. I know about The Flesh Lab, and what you was trying to do. I know about all that shit. And it’s okay. I ain’t mad or nothing. I’m happy about it.”

But I was shocked. "How you know about all that?”

“I saw your email when you left your laptop on the counter, and I couldn’t help but read what you wrote.”

“You read my email? What the fuck?”

“Man, calm down, don’t act like you all innocent. Yeah, I read it, and then I emailed The Flesh Lab myself. I was like I’m the guy Tamal is writing about. I’m the dude he’s turning black with this lube.”

“Shit, why’d you do that?”

“Why you think? I wanted to know what was happening. They explained how you’d been doing it wrong. That lube wasn’t for me, it was for you. When the directions said to apply it liberally, they meant for you to apply it liberally to yourself. It was supposed to turn you into me. I mean, you into this.” He gestured toward his body.

“What?” I was stunned as fuck. “What for?”

“Weren’t you tryin’ to ‘help me out?’” He made air quotes with his fingers “Get me laid? Well, who you think I been brining home? I ain’t been fuckin’ no white dudes.”

“Holy shit, you always been into black dudes?”

“You think?” He grinned at me.

“But you had a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, that’s called being in the closet. Why you think I couldn’t get it up for her. Why she thought my sex drive was low.”

This was blowing my mind, and it was all making sense, except for one thing.

“But I ain’t gay,” I said.

He kept his grin up. “I think that’s partially what the lube is for.”

“The lube? It’s gone. I was gonna take it back when you started changing, but I couldn’t find it.”

“It ain’t gone. I swapped it for yours after I read them emails. I ain’t needed it since I started getting this foreskin. You took it with you on your trip, and you been using it, if I’m right. Looks like it’s been working too.” He looked down at my chest and my swole muscles.

“Fuck.” So, that’s where that hair came from and why I felt more muscular lately. I was turning into De’ron! I mean, I was getting a body like his! And that lube must’ve been why I was feeling so attracted to him too. Shit, I was turning gay for De’ron!

“But how you gonna do this?” I started to panic to be honest. I was like, “You can’t do this to me! How you gonna turn me gay? You can’t make me be someone I don’t wanna be.”

But he was like, “Why didn’t you think about that before you started this shit? Before you gave me that lube?”

And I had to admit, I didn’t have an answer.

“Don’t matter now anyhow,” he said. “It’s done. The process has started."

“I don’t wanna be getting all hairy and getting no foreskin back!”

"Man, relax. It ain’t so bad.” He stepped up to me, his hard pecs pressing down on my chest. “I think you’re gonna enjoy having a body like this, and we gonna have a lot of fun together, same as always.”

“I don’t know about that,” I said. And I wanted to push him away, to resist, but his dark eyes, his beard, his thick lips were all right there. And next thing I knew, we were making out, hands groping each other’s bodies. I was hard as fuck, he was hard as fuck. And that stopped me for a moment, ‘cause I ain’t never felt another man’s hard cock pressed against me like that, but then my fingers began unbuckling his belt, scurrying to get into his pants, like they had a mind of they’re own. He was pulling off my shirt, and then his, and pushing me back onto the floor, his eyes locked on those new hairs on my chest, and they was looking like they was even more there.

He reached down and rubbed them and that made me moan.

“Damn, you huge,” I said. His thick, black cock was sticking straight up and bobbing between his legs, a short, veiny snout hanging over the head even when hard.

His cock against my stomach, our lips and tongues and faces pressed together, my fists gripped his hairy chest, his hairy shoulders, his hairy back.

“Fuck, why is this so hot?” I asked. “Why do I want you to fuck me right now?” And why couldn’t I wait, like something that had been building up in me was finally ready to be released.

My legs over his hairy shoulders, he began to press his thick, uncut cock between my ass cheeks.

“Good thing I got practice fucking with this foreskin,” he said.

But I didn’t know how to be fucked, and I wasn’t sure I could handle it.

But when he saw the look on my face he said, “Don’t worry. I brought the lube.”

It got easier after that first time. As the days went by, I applied the lube liberally when I jerked off or when me and De’ron fucked. And day by day, I got more muscular and better looking. I also got hairier and of course my foreskin began growing back too. Every day there was something new to explore, but it was kind of nice that De’ron had led the way. It gave me an idea of what to expect. If he had hair there, a few days later I did too. If his foreskin did that, a few days later mine did too.

We’d be having sex, and I’d be feeling the hair on De’ron’s back, thinking, fuck this is gonna happen to me. Or I’d see some uncut dudes at the gym, and think damn, it’s gonna suck to have all that skin on my dick. But by the time the changes happened my attitude had shifted, until I couldn’t wait for more hair to grow in. Even on my back and my shoulders, and places I never wanted to think about. And maybe that’s ‘cause I just got used to the idea, or maybe it’s cause the lube was making feel that way, making me want the changes even if I didn’t want them, that it was turning me into this muscular, hairy, uncut beast, whether I wanted it or not.

Me and De’ron would explore each other’s bodies, feeling all the hair and muscle, and I’d be loving every inch. And foreskin, God yes, let me get more. Let it be long, and heavy, and thick with veins. Let me suck on De’ron’s while he sucks on mine, let our tongues be in there, our lips pulling and stretching that shit out.

Until we used up all the lube.

People for sure thought we were brothers now, but I told them we was more like boyfriend twins. Although our faces were pretty much our own, De’ron kept his beard while I had just a thick mustache, we had nearly identical bodies. People mixed us up all the time. We shared clothes, and shoes. De’ron got his nipples pierced and a Prince Albert, so we had something setting us apart. He’s talking now about getting tattoos, talking about he wants full sleeves. I was trying to keep my body smooth there for awhile, my back and shoulders at least, but De’ron wasn’t into it, so he stopped helping me, and then it all became too difficult to shave on my own. There was some adjusting to be had sure. I had to learn how to have skin on my cock, when to pull it back, when to not, how to clean it. But we soon settled into a comfortable reality.

To be real though, I didn’t have as much adjusting to do as De’ron did. For me, the biggest thing, and there were a lot of new things, and sensation, and shit, but for me the biggest things was learning that, when you’re a hairy dude, or gonna be one, you don’t just grow hair on your chest, and then as you get more it grows up over your shoulders and down your back. No, fuck that. If you’re a hairy dude, that shit grows on your chest and your back at the same fucking time. It kind of grows up and around your neck and shoulders from all sides at once. This was news to me, and I was like, can’t I just enjoy the one without the other for a damn moment? Can’t I just enjoy having hair on my chest without also having it on my back? But that was not the way it was meant to be for me, and I suspect for De’ron neither. When it started growing, all that hair grew in all the places at once.

When Takisha and Porsche found out De’ron and I were now a couple they were all like, YAS! Clapping their hands and squealing and shit.

I was like, “It’s on the DL.”

But De’ron was like, “Shut the fuck up.”

And that cracked everyone up until Tom had to come around and be like, “Folks, unless you’re on a break…” and waved us back to our desks.

One night, weeks later, while we were out for dinner, we ran into Angie, De’ron’s old girlfriend. She was with some other man already, some bearded blond guy. They were arguing out front the restaurant and she was throwing some kinda fit about some shit. She didn’t recognize us or give us a second glance, but we laughed about her over dinner. That night after we had sex, De’ron thanked me while we was in bed. Thanked me for changing him, for contacting The Flesh Lab, and for getting us together. I didn’t know what to say. A part of my mind would always think that The Flesh Lab had tricked me. That they’d given me what I wanted, but somehow twisted it.

Truth was though, I was happy as fuck with this new body, and this new life, and that by trying to help De’ron I had helped myself as well.

So, I just smiled at him as I ran a hand across his hairy black chest, and said, “I’m always happy to help a brother out.”

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