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The Grandfather's Gift: Path 2.1

By Frapsity published March 16, 2019

Sam gets the best of both worlds and enjoys his formerly straight friend.

This is a choose your own adventure story, where I put the set up and you guys write what happens next in the edition section, lets make the longest story here(?), so I could add it as a new chapter/option path. At the end of each chapter you should put at least 2 option. You can make more than that or write an option that is not listed (remember, those are suggestions, not mandatory).

For those who don’t know, lets put an example: Tim finds a magic rock, he tried on his friend just for fun playing and his friend complied, so he decided: A. Make him strip B. Try it on the coolest guy on college.****

And yet you write about Tim falling on the ground and the rock goes near his friend, then that friend would pick it up and use it against him. Making him do: A. Dance naked B. Forgive him and go together to control the bully on the neighborhood C. Use the rock to enslave Tim’s dad.

Etc. The limit is your imagination. One path could have humiliation while the other one just plain vanilla, or not, your call. But remember: What you write needs to have at least 400 words. More than 1 path can be made, like chapter 2.B and there would be chapter 2.A too.

Chad continued to look confusedly at his phone. His brow furrowed like he was trying to remember the details that his roommate and best friend were telling him. Sam looked at his friend and considered his options. His friend was hot and now thanks to his grandpa, ready and willing. He hesitated as he agonized over his situation. A couple choice phrases and Chad would be his personal fuckboy or whatever he wanted. But Chad did seem really infatuated with Mary and from what he heard she wasn’t terrible.

“Let’s get the best of both worlds.” Sam said to himself. Sam’s dick began to awaken at the thought of what he was going to do to his friend. “Chad look at my hand” Sam said quietly, steeling himself to his decision. Chad looked up from his phone staring contest at Sam and down to his hand. Cupped in Sam’s hand was his grandfather’s pendant, still attached to his neck. Chad’s face instantly went slack as he starred at his friend’s new adornment.

“Chad, you remember your girlfriend and your feelings for her.” As soon as Sam spoke those words the lingering tension in Chad’s face faded. “You are now bisexual. You also are still really into me. We’ve been friends with benefits for as long as we’ve known each other. We use each other to get off in private and are just friends in public. This is a secret we don’t tell anyone. You love all sex with me more than anything else, though you’d never admit it. You don’t want to date me at this time but you really love me. You will forget your previous confusion. You will never notice my pendant unless I point it out. You will never touch my pendant.” As Sam deliberately spoke each phrase the words elicited a response in both boys. By the time Sam had finished speaking both were flushed and feeling horny.

Chad grinned mischievously and said, “I know how to get your mind off of your grandpa.” He reached forward and kissed Sam passionately. Chad continued the kiss sensually and began rubbing Sam’s cock through his clothes. Chad began pressing Sam back with the kiss and down onto the bed. Once they were down Chad pulled up Sam’s shirt and began giving gentle kisses slowly down his body. Paying special attention to Sam’s erect nipples. As he smooched his way further down Chad began inching Sam’s basketball shorts down. With a springing motion Sam’s cock came bursting out, gently slapping Chad’s face. As he admired his best friend’s dick, he gave a small laugh at being dick slapped. Chad slowly teased the cock, rubbing Sam’s body in the process. Sam moaned as he arched his back in anticipation. Once Chad felt he teased him enough he began swallowing the cock down into his throat. Despite the fact he had done this many times he was unable to take much of it.

“Chad, look up here.” Chad looked up, dick still in his lips. Sam appeared to have something in his hand but he couldn’t see anything. A look of remembrance flashed across Sam’s face and he clarified, “Look at the pendant.” From Chad’s perspective the pendant appeared in his hand. His face instantly went slack around the throbbing cock in his mouth. “Chad you are easily able to deep throat a cock. You have complete control of your gag reflex.” Sam put the necklace down and Chad blinked for a second and returned to his oral invader. Sam grabbed his friend’s head and pushed downward, going as deep as possible. Without much issue was able to take the length down his throat. Sam’s muscles flexed and he through back his head. He was in heaven as he shot ropes of cum into his previously straight roommate. Chad eagerly swallowed the cum and suckled gently before pulling off.

“Feel better?” Chad asked, sweaty with some tears.

“Much” Sam said with a smile and a pat to his new pendant. He silently thanked his grandfather in the afterlife and looked at the clock. They have just enough time to make it to Professor Evan’s class if they leave now. With a glance Sam could see Chad’s formidable woman pleaser in his pants bouncing for attention. He looked over at the nightstand where he kept a condom and lube. Should they go to class or cement their new relationship ( or from Chad’s perspective, old relationship )?

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Author's & Reviewer's Panel
This is a community series!
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