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The Grandfather's Gift: Path 2

By Math_Reez 💙 published March 16, 2019

You choose a new path, stay with your dear friend to help you sort things out… and maybe more.

This is a choose your own adventure story, where I put the set up and you guys write what happens next in the edition section, lets make the longest story here(?), so I could add it as a new chapter/option path. At the end of each chapter you should put at least 2 option. You can make more than that or write an option that is not listed (remember, those are suggestions, not mandatory).

For those who don’t know, lets put an example: Tim finds a magic rock, he tried on his friend just for fun playing and his friend complied, so he decided: A. Make him strip B. Try it on the coolest guy on college.

And yet you write about Tim falling on the ground and the rock goes near his friend, then that friend would pick it up and use it against him. Making him do: A. Dance naked B. Forgive him and go together to control the bully on the neighborhood C. Use the rock to enslave Tim’s dad.

Etc. The limit is your imagination. One path could have humiliation while the other one just plain vanilla, or not, your call. But remember: **What you write needs to have at least 400 words. **More than 1 path can be made, like chapter 2.B and there would be chapter 2.A too.

“Well… maybe you’re right. I need some time to think before I go to my father’s house”. I said as I put the pendant inside my shirt. Chad just smile and come to me to give me a hug.

“Great! And I now how to help you forget about it for a moment at least.” Chad said and go to his room and come back with some beers with him. “I was saving these for the weekend with Mary, but I can get more later".

We start drinking and chatting about everything and nothing. He was doing a great job keeping me distracted. And after a couple of beer we start talking about our romantic life, or in my case the lack of it.

“You know sometimes I wish I could meet a good guy like you” I said to Chad. He just smile.

“Sadly for you I’m one in a million.” Chad said with a cocky tone. “I bet you can’t find someone like me that easily”.

“I know it" I said and then remember the pendant. “You know, my grandfather gave me this with a letter that said ‘it will help you when you need it’.” I show him once again the pendant “It will be great if was a wishing kind of help. Just wishing things…”

“Yeah!” Chad said looking straight to my chest.

“… like ‘You are gay and really into me since we met and forget ever having a girlfriend’”. I said in a joking tone. But Chad didn’t say anything and keep looking at my chest. “are you already drunk Chad?" I say as waved my hand in front of him.

“Sorry, I just… man how I can say it" he say really uncomfortable. I guess my ‘wish’ make the mood kind of weird.

“Look Chad, if I say something that make you uncomfortable, I didn’t mean it…” I start apologizing, but Chad just came closer and kiss me. It was a long and sensual.

“I just… never think you feel that way for me. I been waiting that for so long, but I never said anything because I don’t know what I will do if you don’t feel the same". He kiss me once again and exploring my body with his hands. I just can’t believe it.

“But, what about your girlfriend Mary? You always seem so in love with her". He just look me like if I say it in another language.

“What do you mean? You know I never have a girlfriend. Also, I’m gay, so I will never fall with any Mary or something like that"

“But… you always talk about her. And she even come here once" This is nonsense, this pendant actually made my wish a reality?

“Oh… you know, if you didn’t mean it when you said you want a guy like me you can just say it, you don’t need to make up a story like that" Chad say in a tone half sad and half angry.

“Is not a lie, I can prove it if you give me your phone for a moment" Chad looks still mad, but pass me his phone. I just check the photo gallery and there it was, tons of pictures of they smiling, kissing, going out, even some photos of them in bed. I just show him the screen. “See, you have a lot o photos together, also in social media and a chats with her".

He just check his phone with a surprise expression. The more he looks, the more worried he was.

“You are… right? But why I can remember her? What’s wrong with me? I mean I see this, but I don’t feel it right. I’m into you, I want to be with you, date you, kiss you, and you know… made love with you. But, if this photos are real, I shouldn’t feel that with her?”

He was so confused, but now I was sure, this pendant do it. I’m not sure how, but I know it.

What should I do now? I can try to fix this error, so Chad will be back to normal and even try to make him forget this. But that kisses were amazing, I really want the full experience, so I could push this a little further and make him mine for good.

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Author's & Reviewer's Panel
This is a community series!
Everyone can contribute to this story. Please click "Edit" below to edit it, or "Add chapter" to add your own chapter!