A Bigger Family - Chapter 1 : A Small Rumor

By Axel R. - Axelcyclone210@gmail.com
published August 31, 2016

As Jason finishes his workout, he confronts the new guy about a small rumor going around the gym. What he doesn’t know is that the new guy is going to change his life forever.

A/N - Hi everyone! This is my first story so sorry for anything that’s lackluster. Comments are encouraged so i know people are reading and i can continue to pump out more chapters! I have the next few chapters planned out but haven’t started on any yet, I want to see how many people like the story before I continue it. If enough people like it il start the next chapter ASAP and i can also type out a preview summary of whats to come in the next chapters. Below is what I picture what the two main characters in this chapter look like. You dont need to look and follow the pictures since I tried not to detail them at all so everyone can have there own idea of what they look like.

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—- Jason’s new Life - Chapter 1 : Small Rumor, Big Changes —-

"Dude when I left your brother was bright red!"Brian said laughing his ass off “I can still see the look on his face in my head” I would be lying if I said I wasn’t laughing too. Last night my brother was being a pain in the ass like all little brothers do so long story short he pissed me off, he tried to start a fight and I put him in a rear headlock.This time it was a little while longer than I usually do and at the perfect time my dad walked in on us. That’s when Brian ‘Had to go’. “How pissed was your dad when I left I swore you’d be dead by now.”

“You know him, as long as I don’t kill Max he wont be too mad.” Though he was still pissed. He sat Max and I down talking to us about how we should act like brothers and be there for each other. After he did his speech we apologized and that was that.

“I’m telling you man, with how fast you took Maxi down, you should think of joining a wrestling team just like high school.”

“And you keep telling me.” Brian brings this up time to time but its been years and my techniques gone down. It was fun back then but now.. “I’m over it really.”

“Just saying” Brian says before switching the topic. “Hey! have you heard about the new guy?”

“Yeah. Supposedly he got a membership without paying. He’s suppose to be some big deal or something”

“Suppose to be but have you seen him? Our bodies are bigger than his so I don’t know what he did to get a free pass.”

“Passing himself around maybe?” I joke both of us laugh before someone walks in. Someone I haven’t seen around here before.

“Hey that’s him” Brian whispers to me trying to be subtle while closing his locker.

“No way! Him?” I whisper back or at least try too. Brian wasn’t kidding that the guy is smaller then us. Hell he was shorter too even though that doesn’t matter but how the fuck did someone like him get a free membership but me and Brian never heard of anything like that before. Plus there are a good amount of other guys that workout here with bodies just as good and usually the manager of this gym is a pain in the ass when it comes to paying for membership. That’s pretty much the reason everyone is making this rumor a bigger deal than it really is.

“Yeah. Hey I’m heading out Jay I’ll text you later.” Brian said before leaving we just did finish working out longer than we usually do too. I should leave as well but that guy… how did he get a free membership? I shouldn’t care but looking at him take off his shirt he is nothing special, he has a solid and lean torso but that’s about it. Maybe he knows someone that works here? No that cant be it. Maybe he’s some big shot? But then he probably wouldn’t even need the free pass he would easily pay for one.

“Later” I respond not paying attention as he makes his way out of the locker room. I’m looking at the prized newbie. “What makes him so special” I mutter before deciding to find out myself. So I walk over in my sweat drenched workout clothes “Hey whats up!” Not the best time since he was stripping down out of his normal clothes but I wasn’t going to wait for him to change.

“Hey” he says before looking up and seeing me. A grin forms on his face as his eyes move up and down… is he checking me out? “Names Barry, I’m new here” Barry says standing up to give me a handshake.

“Yeah i heard, I also heard you got a free membership here, that true?” I ask ignoring his hand and getting straight to the point.

“Its true” he says like hes proud of it I quickly reply.


"How?"He repeats like if hes confused.

“Yeah how did you get it? Your body isn’t even that great.” I reply my eyes roaming over his body once more. Maybe a harsh choice of words but its true, hell compared to Brian’s body hes out of his league. “What did you do? Beg? Blackmail? Know the manager? How?” I ask getting more impatient as the more curious I get.

“You really want to know?” I just nod a reply. Of course I want to fucking know. That’s when he leans in and kisses me. My eyes widen and my body is frozen from the shock before I shove him. His back hitting the lockers but he never lost that cocky grin on his face.

“I knew it you are a fag. You did suck someones dick to get a free pass.” My rage boiling inside me from a mix of me being right, him planting a kiss on me like it was nothing and him laughing and still grinning with that stupid look on his face.

“I didn’t suck his dick, he sucked mine!” Barry said before he leans in again to kiss me again. I stop him before he could even get close and held him against the lockers raising a fist. I’m about to nail him in the face with my fist before he suddenly says “Stop!” and my body is frozen.

“T-the hell..” I mutter trying so hard to even speak. Whats going on. I could only watch as he circles around my frozen body rubbing my arms. His hands moving to my chest and grouping them through my shirt. “Wh-why ca-can’t…. how” I managed to get out. It felt like I was buried in concrete, I couldn’t move at all!

“Because I told you too” Is all he says before stepping back. “Take off your shirt” He commands. My body moving on its own as if he was in control of it… No he was in control of it. Whats going on?! My hands move grabbing the bottom of my shirt and lifting it off before letting it drop to my side. My body still frozen as he licks his lips. His hands moving back to my pecs rubbing them. His fingers brushing against my nipples earning small moans from me. “I guess I should thank you. When I came in and saw you and that other guy I thought of doing this. I said no though but you had to confront me and make fantasy into reality. By the way who was that guy? Is he coming back?”

“His name is Brian. He left and is going home for the night” I said in a monotone voice. So he can make me talk too. What did I get myself into?

“Shame.” He says disappointed “I could have had two slaves for the night. Oh well, another day.” He leans in his mouth hovering over my nipple before he rolling it around his tongue. He moves up lightly kissing my chest then going up my neck getting right in my face. “Kiss me” He commands. I lean in locking lips with him. I could feel his tongue again sliding in my mouth taking control of the forced kiss. I just want to pull away and beat his ass or at least throw up but its like I’m someone just watching this whole thing happen! After what seems like hours he pulls back “What are you thinking stud?”

“I’m grossed out. I want this to stop. I want to beat your ass for making me do whatever your doing” I respond honestly but again he just laughs making me even more pissed off but you wouldn’t be able to tell with my monotone voice and blank face.

“No your not.” He says “You love this, you love me.” What is he talking about? Of course I love this and him! Why wouldn’t I? “You would do anything to please me. Right?” Of course! “You can speak and move freely.” He says and I swiftly spit out.

“Of course I love you!” I say genuinely before i get a worried look on my face. Does he think i don’t love him? He must have noticed the look on my face as he quickly reassured me.

“I know you do! That’s why when I ask you if you could suck my cock you’re going to say?” He say letting me quickly answer.

“Yes Barry!” I say quickly dropping to my knees.

“Yes Sir.” He says. I already understand what he means.

“Yes Sir!” I repeat looking at him. My body getting warm as i see the smile form on his face.

“Good boy. Now lower my briefs” he commands as i nod my hands moving to pull them down but he slaps them away “with your teeth” I nod leaning forward as I bite down on the waist band of his briefs lowering them enough that when I let go they fall to his feet. My eyes lock with his 8 inch cock already rock hard waiting to be serviced. A drop of precum slowly parting from the tip. I stick my tongue out getting the precum before it drops and gets wasted while licking the underside of Barrys cock. I take in the head first before slowly working my way down finding my self struggling to take in just half of his cock. I started panicking not because I was gagging but because what if Barry wasn’t happy with my blowjob what if he gets mad at me? That’s when his hands gripped my hair pulling me out of my thoughts as he forced me down further onto his cock until all 8 inches was shoved down my throat. My face started to turn red and my eyes started to water as I gagged on the Barry’s cock slamming in and out of my mouth. It wasn’t much longer until Barry roared out he held my head in place while quickly yanking his cock out fast enough to blow his entire load in my face. I just knelt there gasping for air feeling the warm cum move down my face and some getting in my mouth. I didn’t mind it or the humiliation as long as Barry is happy I’m happy. I’d do anything for him! I was glad to see the smile on his face as he looked at me. I’m eagerly awaiting his next command as he finally says something. “Revert back to your original self.”

“What the fuck…” I managed to say still wrapped in shock. What the fuck! Did I just suck his fucking dick? And I said I would do anything to please him? What the fuck is going on! What else can he do, what else will he do?! My mind is racing while im still on all floors looking at the ground. I see some of his cum drop from my face and onto the floor next to my hands. My shaking hands. I clench them rage taking over my thoughts again as i start to get up “your fucking dea-”

“Shut up and stay on your knees” The fag says and of course I’m helpless. My body betrays me, while it listens to him. My mouth closed shut and my body frozen like a statue. “I want to have more fun with you and I’m sure you do to but I did come here to work out and its getting close to the gym shutting down. So instead I’ll leave you with a couple fun commands. First you will find yourself subconsciously taking off your clothing. The more you feel safe and comfortable in the area you are in the more pieces of clothing you take off. Two the less clothes you have the harder your cock gets. Three when you go to sleep or daydream you always replay what happened here in the locker room.With you making out with me, wanting to please me and sucking my dick. Last but not least you wont clean the cum off your face until someone points it out to you. When I snap my fingers your going to forget everything that happened from now to just before I kissed you but you will still follow my previous commands.” Barry was about to snap his fingers before he stopped “Oh, almost forgot. I guess I’ll have to wait to workout I need to ask you some questions after all I need to know who my new play toy is.”


A/N - So what did you think? All opinions and comments are welcome! Would love to hear what you think and what you would like to see happen! There’s alot more people to introduce in the upcoming stories. Also if you have your own idea on how Jason or Barry look like i would love to see pictures of who you see them as. I’m not too crazy of Brent everett being Barry so im curious if you guys have a better guy for the part. Who knows i might use them instead! Also Brian, Jason’s brother Max and his father are being introduced soon so if you have an idea of what they look like. I already have pictures on who i view them as but would love to see you email me your ideas.

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