Fan Fiction

By Tkhon published March 13, 2019

Write a few words and suddenly you’re fucking guys

Someone stood in a football field, holding something tightly. They look at it with fear but curiosity. Soon the fear fades. They made their choice.


“Found ya, fag,”

Corbyn jumped his erect dick flopping erratically. Someone else was here?

“Yup. Knew it. Whatever, take a picture faggot, it’ll last longer,” Corbyn turned to see Riland from his football team standing in the middle of the locker room. But Carbyn barely processed that because Riland also had his dick out, and it was hard. Corbyn just stared, transfixed.

“Yeah, I knew it, you in here fantasizin’ ‘bout me walkin’ in and getting’s to see me with my dick out,” Riland said confidently, stepping forward. He wasn’t sure how he knew his friend was doing something so specific, but he definitely was. There was no doubt about it.

“Listen, Riland, you’ve got the wrong idea,” Corbyn tried to regain his composure, though he didn’t feel any need to cover himself up. In fact his hand had made its way back to his dick at some point during the ordeal, “I have a girlfriend. Just because I was waiting here jerkin’ off, imagining you finding me…”

Riland looked at him incredulously.

“L-look I came out wrong. I mean that came out wr-“ Corbyn spluttered.

“Yeah yeah whatever,” Riland rolled his eyes. He was right next to Corbyn now, his dick fully hard. he could feel Riland’s breath, “I know what you’re about.”

“Oh yeah?” Corbyn countered limply, “listen I’m just gonna finish and go so…”

“Yeah… no,” Riland said. There was a sudden blur of motion and Corbyn found a strong hand wrapped around his cock, “you’re a freak, and we’re gonna have to settle how you’re gonna make that up to me.”

“Make it… up?” Corbyn repeated. His eyes darted nervously downward. Riland’s cock was as hard and huge as ever.

“That’s right,” Riland said with a wide grin. Corbyn shuddered as he felt something cold on his back. He only now realized he had bakced into a wall, instinctively keeping distance between him and his teammate. But he was out of room and Riland just kept moving forward.

“I think,” Riland said, a hand slamming into the wall inches from Corbyn’s head, “from this day on? You’re gonna be my bitch.”

“B-bitch?” Corbyn repeated.

“Hell yeah,” Riland said, backing off slightly, his grin growing even wider, “from this day forward you’re gonna use me as your fuckin’ cum dumpster and you’re gonna LIKE it.”

“W-what?” Corbyn’s head was swimming from the whiplash.

“Yeah, bitch. From now on you’re not gonna waste a drop of that hot cum,” Riland growled, “it’s all going down my throat or up my ass. You ain’t wasting it on women and you sure as hell ain’t jackin’ off anymore. You’re letting a real man take care of that dick.”

“What the …fuck… no…” Corbyn squinted trying to focus. Things were all moving so fast, it was like the world was spinning around him. But one thing stood perfectly clear. It’d be nice to have a hot cum dump all his own. Fucking chicks was a waste of time, and it’s not like he ever masturbated. In fact he was really starting to get into the idea. As his eyes came into focus he say Riland was already on all fours, his tight ass aligned perfectly with Corbyn’s cock. Riland looked back with a wild grin, with Corbyn knew matched his own expression. With no hesitation he took his first plunge into hot man ass.

“Aww fuck yes, gonna milk that cock,” Riland grunted with a look of satisfaction. His body began to move in an automatic rhythm. As far as he was concerned his body existed to receive cum. The only thing more satisfying than taking a load was taking a bunch. That’s why he spent his time searching for bitches, to keep his holes filled. As he felt Corbyn’s twitch and shoot inside him he sighed. Nothing like dominating a guy and taking their hot load.

Riland and Corbyn both discreetly exited the locker room. Corbyn for his part tried to clean himself up, but Riland didn’t bother. As far as he was concerned looking like he’d just been fucked only made him sexier.

“Oh there you are!” they looked to see Jamie, another teammate, rounding a corner, “where were you guys? Coach wanted me to tell you practice is gonna be late this week, some construction needs to be finished up or something.”

“Sure, gotcha,” Riland called out. Eyeing Jamie hungrily. He was worn out from Corbyn but he could still suck.

“Anyways, I’m glad I finally found you, I’m late for my appointment with Doc,” Jamie said turning to leave, missing the look of annoyance and disappointment on Riland’s face.

Peter Cranyon, the university physician, affectionately referred to as “Doc” by most of the students, sat fidgeting uncomfortably in his chair. He hated waiting. Finally there was a knock on the door.

“Ah, Jamie, come in,” Doc said spreading his hands across his desk.

“Sorry I’m late Doc, coach had me running errands, took forever,” Jamie said, slightly out of breath.

“I’m definitely going to have to talk to him about riding your so hard,” Doc grumbled, “he has a whole team of perfectly capable students.”

“Oh I don’t mind,” Jamie said, blushing, “ma and pa say it’s good to help out.”

“Well he can keep it to days when it’s not going to keep me at work late,” Doc shrugged, “now, on to business. This is just a standard checkup on your butt plug.”

“My… what?” Jamie couldn’t really process what had just been said.

“Your plug, son,” Doc said plainly, “you have been using it, right?”

“I’m sorry I…” Jamie trailed off, “I’m sorry, I haven’t been.”

“Unbelievable,” Doc threw his hands in the air in exasperation, “the coach’s favourite fuck toy and you’re doing this. Well, whatever, let me see your ass, boy.”

Jamie obediently dropped his pants and allowed the physician to poke and prod him with various instruments.

“See, you’ve got a nice hole, perfect for fucking,” Doc said warmly, “but if you’re not using that butt plug you’ll never be loose enough to take two dicks at once, like the coach wants.”

Jamie looked down sullenly. His dads had been so proud of him, star player on the football team, and commendations from the coach for being an excellent lay. He felt like he was letting everyone down, not stretching his hole to suit a man’s fantasies like any good fuck toy would.

“Well, don’t worry,” Doc continued. Jamie’s eyes lit up, “we’ll just have to switch your over to a bigger size to compensate. I don’t think you’ll take long to acclimate, I swear your ass was made for fucking.”

Jamie’s face reddened at the praise. He took the large butt plug Doc handed him, and turned to leave, thanking the man. He didn’t make it out the door before meeting Louie, presumably arriving for an appointment of his own. He had a sort of worried look on his face, but Jamie didn’t have time to worry about that. Not only did he have to find time for this new dildo now, he also had to get ready to meet up with coach for their nightly fuck.

“You don’t actually think it’s true, do you?” Lars asked, lounging with his friends after a long class, “that swallowing nerd cum makes you smarter?”

“S-so what if I do?” Louie said, a bit too defensively.

“WOW,” Corbyn laughed, “I guess you really need it if you believe something like that.”

“Hey, it’s worth a try right?” Riland said, leaning back and closing his eyes, “I’d do it.”

“It’s different for you,” Corbyn’s boyfriend, Jesse, said, “you’re a fuckin’ spunk junky.”

“Hey, jizz is jizz, and it helps that all the nerds at this school are gay as fuck,” Riland grinned.

“That really doesn’t mean much,” Jesse laughed, “every guy in this school’s a total dick lover.”

“I don’t think you need to get any smarter,” Adam interjected, pulling Louie into a bear hug, “I like this dumbass just the way he is.”

“My ass ain’t dumb,” Louie retorted angrily, “that’s just for fuckin’ it can’t think.”

“God you’re adorable,” Adam began making out with the befuddled man.

“Jeez at least suck his dick first,” Corbyn said rolling his eyes.

“Would if I had time,” Adam said, “but I’ve got a game to win!”

Adam ran off to the locker room and began preparing for a football scrimmage. He dropped off his clothes and walked out onto the field, making sure the crowd got a good look at his dick. Nobody was really sure how it came to be this way, but with it being an all boys school, and with a 100% homosexuality rate, their football matches had evolved somewhat. Nobody saw the point in wearing clothes to these events anymore, not the students, not the players, not even the dads in the audience. The intense, full contact matches that had a tendency to devolve into naked wrestling were recorded and shared on the internet, and every match ended with a lengthy social gathering as the dads barbequed, fucked, and bragged about their kids. The football team was made up of the strongest and manliest men in the entire university, so they got first pick on whatever dick they could fit in their ass, but winning a football match guaranteed the winners would be stuffed full for hours on end as everyone showed their school spirit by blowing their loads.

As Adam lay in the middle of the football field, utterly drenched in cum, he smiled in satisfaction as he fell asleep from exhaustion. He loved this school.


You stepped through the cum soaked football field. Something has caught your eye. A book, or maybe just a piece of paper? You pick it up. You see familiar words marking its pages. Instinctively you know that you can decide what happens next. Anything you want can happen after this story. But in return one day you’ll be a part of the fiction, and it’ll up to someone else to decide your actions. But already you find yourself thinking that’s not a bad price to pay… if anything it’s sort of hot. You’re almost anticipating it now, as you reach out and write the first word to a brand new chapter…

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