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Reparations: Fuck Yeah

By Wonder Bread published March 13, 2019

Kevin becomes part of a government pilot program that doesn’t allow straight men to marry until they have gay sex. Will Kevin make it through or become a cock addict like his brother?

There was no two ways around it: Kevin felt targeted. His brother had gotten the letter, and it had changed things for him, and Kevin had thought that there was no way that he was going to get one too. But there it sat, federal postmark and all. It made his stomach drop, and it almost made his eyes water. He didn’t even open it as he sat on the couch. Kevin didn’t know who to talk to, who to call, even if he could tell Heather. This was his nightmare scenario, in more ways than one, with his wedding only four months away and March Madness about to begin, he had no time for this.

God, even the font was faggy. In bold, pink letters, the return address read “THE DEPARTMENT OF GAY AFFAIRS.” Kevin unsheathed the letter and read with a mixture of disgust and disappointment.

“Dear Mr. Unwin,

Congratulations! You have been chosen to participate in the Department of Gay Affairs’ pilot reparations program. Historically, gay Americans have been greatly discriminated against, and we are offering you a chance to help correct that narrative. It has come to our attention that you and your partner, KAYLIE ASHER, are to be married this summer. While we share the joy that you must be feeling, as part of the reparations program, you will be expected to have some new experiences before your marriage. At some point within the next three months, you will have to have a homosexual male sign a sworn affidavit that you have had sexual relations with him. Should you fail to do so, your marriage license will not be recognized on a state or federal level.

Your first date will take place at WASHINGTON PARK with GREGORY SCHOEN. Mr. Schoen will be wearing blue jacket with a pink t-shirt. Please meet him at the park center at noon on Monday the 14th..

Warmest regards,

Steffano del Riviera, Secretary of the Department of Gay Affairs.”

This is really too much, thought Kevin. Like any red-blooded American man, he tolerated the Department of Gay Affairs, but didn’t like their social experimentation. The Department had been started after the election of the first gay president two years earlier, and had grown exponentially in power. At best, they were helping gays and lesbians feel more welcome in society; at worst, they were offering controversial programs, including the reparations program, that sought to increase the gay population. Kevin didn’t think much of it until they got his brother Alex - now spelled Alyx - the year before. Kevin had since lived in terror of the Department, but thought that since they had gotten to Alex, he would be spared.

Kevin tried to calm his nerves. He summoned the bravery to call Kaylie. She cursed him out and hung up abruptly. Kevin had had low moments. He had dropped the game-winning pass in his senior-year homecoming game. He had flunked out of college before going to community college and earning his way back in. He had nearly lost his job at the bank a few times when he was a little younger, a little wilder. But now, at 29, with things just starting to look better, he was to experience what he thought was the lowest moment of his life. But what could be done? He wanted to marry Kaylie more than he wanted anything, and he knew that she would welcome him back if he could just tough it out. In a moment of desperation, and without a clue about how to handle it, Kevin did something he hadn’t done in a year.

He called his brother. If you could even call him a brother anymore.

Alyx’s apartment was much nicer than Kevin had expected. What he had expected was kitsch. What it was instead was a tastefully decorated two bedroom with a grey-white walls and trophies from his recent world travels with Francis, his boyfriend. Kevin was sort of touched to find two prominently displayed pictures of himself, his brother and his sister hanging on the wall. He was less touched to see a large black and white print of a big, black Robert Mapplethorpe cock on the wall as well. He tried to avert his eyes as Alyx fixed him a drink.

“Kevin, I missed you so much,” Alyx said as he brought Kevin a martini, which Kevin had never had before.

“Yeah. I, uh, missed you too,” said Kevin. There was an awkward silence, and the some even more awkward conversation about what had happened in the past year. Both brothers were secretly resentful that the other hadn’t checked in.

“So, anyway, I got chosen for that program you did,” said Kevin.

“SHUT UP,” said Alyx, with a swish of the fingers. Kevin sighed. This person was so little like the older brother he had known. Alex was a three-sport athlete in high school and had played college football. Alyx had his massive build, but also sported a suspiciously enormous ass that twerked as he walked, and had shifted his color palette to baby blues and whites, and wore pretty much only sweatpants that showed off his massive rump. His brother was still in there - Alyx brought up sports and movies occasionally, his old favorites - but this new version of him was unfamiliar.

“What - what should I expect?” asked Kevin.

“You mean should you expect to turn out like me? Sweetie, it’s unlikely. Everyone has a different experience. I loved it. Francis showed me so much. But are you going to end up, well, a big ass bottom like me? I doubt it. Lots of people stay with their fiancees, almost 45%. I’m sure you and Kaylie will be fine,” said Alyx.

“I’m nervous, I really don’t want to do it,” said Kevin.

“Have they set you the pills yet?” asked Alyx.

Right, the pills, thought Kevin. The Department sent medication that was supposed to help relax reparation program participants before their dates. They only sent three per person, which seemed reasonable to Kevin.

“No,” said Kevin.

“Do you want one? I have a spare, I didn’t need all of mine,” said Alyx with a wry smile.

“Um, sure,” said Kevin.

Alyx brought a loose pill from the bathroom and put it in his brother’s hand.

“I’ve heard it helps to take one before the date. Pop it before you pull your pud next, and try to do it with gay porn. That’ll prepare you,” said Alyx. Kevin shuddered internally at the thought of ‘gay porn.’ Ugh.

“Thanks Alyx. One thing: you should take that cock off the wall,” said Kevin.

“Why? I think it’s handsome,” said Alyx.

“Okay, whatever. See you soon, man,” said Kevin.

“Love you, little brother,” said Alyx. Kevin gave him a wave in response.

That night, Kaylie moved her stuff out. She said she understood, and that it wasn’t Kevin’s fault, but that she needed some space if this marriage was going to happen. She gave him a kiss goodbye and went to stay with a girlfriend. Kevin tried to drink himself to sleep that night, but it wasn’t working, so he tried to jerk himself to sleep. But none of the old stuff was working, not twerking milfs or amateur Japanese girls. Mostly drunk, Kevin decided that this was as good a moment as any to try the pill. As he swallowed it, he went to YouPorn, typed “big booty” into the search bar, and then, with bravery, typed “gay” at the end. He grimaced as he chose his first video, in which a white guy with a big ass moaned as he arched back on an enormous latin cock. It was awkward at first, but Kevin started to tolerate, then enjoy the white guy’s whimpering and the way his fat ass moved. It was like he was a girl, but he threw himself back on that random cock harder than any girl Kevin had ever seen. Kevin also found himself thinking that the boy’s soft cock bouncing around as he rocked the latin guy’s big cock was at least aesthetically pleasing. The video was 20 minutes long, but Kevin lost track. He came when the latin guy came, but Kevin felt something strange. He didn’t go soft after he busted his massive nut. He stayed hard, and felt sort of proud as he looked at the huge mess he left on the floor of his apartment.

Kevin looked at himself in the full length mirror. God, he hadn’t worked out much that winter. He was a couple inches over six feet tall, but had put on a few pounds since the winter began, a weighty 210 from his normal 190. Still, though, he looked okay, and his cock stood proudly at its full 8 inches. Rarely with Kaylie had it ever gotten as hard or as big.The pill had helped Kevin relax. Maybe, he thought, he needed to chill. It’s not a bad thing to switch up your porn sometimes.

Kevin thought of his brother and texted him as he continued to ogle himself in the mirror.

-Thx for the pill, Alyx. -No prob Kevy. Did it work? -Fuck yeah it did lol -Aw. Love u little b -Love you too

Kevin smacked his little belly. He was going to start hitting the gym again tomorrow. Kaylie would be pissed if they got to the wedding and he didn’t have his abs back.

Three days later, Kevin was in Washington Park. He was as sore as he was nervous, as he’d spent two of the last three days at the gym, but he could already feel himself pulling it all back together. He tapped the side of his coffee as he waited for Greg to arrive. His hands actually shook as he looked around. This was Kevin in his relaxed state, after his second pill. Before long, Kevin could see a man in the tell-tale blue jacket and pink t-shirt advance toward him. He wore aviator glasses and had a mohawk with no trace of a beard. His jeans concealed an ass not unlike his brothers, not that Kevin noticed THAT much. Kevin felt underdressed. He was wearing a Chargers jersey and his best pair of jeans, which were shit compared to Greg’s, as well as his comfiest hoodie.

Greg sat down and looked at Kevin. Kevin was frozen. He had no idea what to say.

“I like your beard,” said Greg, with a smile. This calmed Kevin down.

“I like your mohawk, did you lose a bet?” Kevin asked, jokingly. They both laughed. They talked about lots of things, first about how Kevin shouldn’t feel pressured into anything and had plenty of time, then about how hard it was to get around the city by car, then about where they were from. It all felt very natural to Kevin, very pleasant. Greg was a nice guy.

“So what do you want to do?” asked Kevin.

“Whatever you want, I have no plans. Just want to get to know you,” said Greg. Kevin leapt at the opportunity. He could keep the ball in his court. So he took Greg to the court where he played pickup basketball in the summer and to his favorite lunch spot. Kevin laughed as Greg tried to shoot a ball, and helped him order his lunch.

Well, Kevin thought, I know it’s not really a DATE but if it were one, it’d be a good one.

The two hung out until sundown, and Kevin walked Greg home. Greg had been talking about how he had the new Super Smash Brothers game all day, and asked Kevin if he wanted to try. Kevin, of course, couldn’t say no. Kevin was oblivious. He felt nothing different. Sure, Greg had been flirty with him, but this was just guy stuff, gaming. Greg set Kevin up with the controller and excused himself as Greg set up his first round. He had always been a Mario main, and was enjoying himself until Greg reappeared and gave Kevin the single most shocking moment of his life.

“Weird, Mario. I normally use Ness,” Greg said as he stood in front of the TV, naked but for a yellow, lace thong that held in his cute little cock. Kevin almost passed out as Greg turned toward the TV in an obvious attempt to show off his but. He was slim, but not cut, no intimidating ab muscles, with cute pecs that jutted out a bit and a meaty, wrestler’s ass. Hairless as a salamander, Greg turned around fully to let Kevin have a look at his tramp stamp, a heart in the shape of a big, pink cockhead.

“Second time you’ve been speechless today,” said Greg with a giggle.

“I’m sorry, I –,” said Kevin.

“You don’t have to be sorry. I like you, you’re sweet. Do you like me? Do you like what you see?” asked Greg. Kevin felt his nervousness leave him, and a strange confidence filled him.

“Yeah?” asked Greg?

“Fuck yeah,” said Kevin as he unbuckled his pants and drew out his rod, now throbbing and dripping pre-cum at its full, proud 8 inches.

“Let me take care of that for you, babe,” said Greg. Greg swallowed Kevin’s cock in one great gulp, and then spit on the head before kissing it tenderly. Kevin found himself smiling dumbly as he received the best blowjob of his life. Greg worked the head, Greg worked the shaft. Greg’s blowjob was loving, and as he knelt before Kevin, Kevin felt cared for. Kevin was in such pleasure that he couldn’t even tell Greg when he was coming. Greg swallowed the first jet before letting go of the cock, which swung back to Kevin’s stomach. A stream of cum smacked Kevin in the face, but he didn’t even care. Greg leaned over and, in a single swipe, licked the cum off of Kevin’s mug, before sitting down and challenging him to a one on one battle.

They played for a few hours before Kevin realized that it was well past midnight. Kevin said goodbye as Greg put on his night robe. At the door, Kevin tried to say goodnight.

“Hey, all this was fun. I guess I’ll see you soon, dude,” he said.

“Ew, I don’t like being called dude,” Greg responded.

“What do you like?” said Kevin.

“Babe. Honey. Sweetie,” Greg said.

“Well then, goodnight sweetie,” Kevin said.

“Goodnight, stud,” Greg said before he gave Kevin his first ever gay kiss, full on the lips, no tongue. “Next time we hang, wear something nicer. And keep going to the gym.” Kevin was fully hard in the elevator down. He didn’t know what to make of what had just happened. A notification rang on his phone that Davidson had gotten into the big dance.

He didn’t give a fuck.

Kevin was in something of a haze a few weeks later. He could feel himself changing, but he couldn’t tell himself how. He had lied to his girlfriend, and said that nothing had happened between him and Greg, when in fact Greg had sucked Kevin’s dick a couple more times. Kevin was certain that he wasn’t gay, no, and that it was just some experimentation. Pre-wedding nerves. It had distracted him so that it was all he could think about. He had taken a bath in the tournament, lost $300 and had to take his buddies out for drinks. He had been working out incessantly, particularly on his pecs, which were already starting to peek out over his stomach, and he had been wearing tighter and tighter clothes to work to show himself off. Kevin’s taste had changed too. Where once his workout music was Megadeth and Pantera, he found himself listening to Mika and Robyn and Daft Punk. Naturally, metal made its way in, but it wasn’t the cornerstone of his musical diet. Tastes change, after all.

The gay guys at work had taken to joking with him, smacking his ass and complimenting his wardrobe change. He just blushed and shook his head happily at the taunting, and jerked off at least once a day in the bathroom. The jerking off was taking over Kevin’s life. He jerked off three times a day, with big, fat ropes of cum each time. He found it harder and harder to jerk off to the thought of Kaylie, and had PornHub Gay in his favorites on both his phone and his computer. But again, he thought it was just a phase.

So too were the dates he went on with Greg. Not gay. Just experimental. And because he was doing it for reparations, almost patriotic! They hadn’t even slept together yet, hadn’t even fucked, just gone on dates to go bowling and see European movies and explore the city. But none of this was the reason Kevin’s haze, really. It was the upcoming wedding he had been invited to by Greg. Greg’s friends from school were to be married upstate, and Kevin had accepted the invitation, but had grown nervous. It seemed extremely gay. He had texted Alyx about it, and his brother… had not helped.

  • Alyx, I don’t know if I can do this
  • Kevin its gonna be sooooo cute do it do it
  • Seems super queer though
  • You don’t think ur queer r u serious this boy is sucking ur dick like a fuckin banshee
  • Yeah but wut about Kaylie
  • yo fuck kaylie
  • hey man shut the fuck up
  • kevy you sorta like boys now you have to deal with that first just like me

And Kevin had not responded to it for a week. He thought about his brother, and how much happier he was now with his massive black husband. That clearly wasn’t in store for Kevin, which was something of a relief, but he still loved Kaylie. That wouldn’t change. And fortunately, he wasn’t growing an ass like Alyx. That would have been ridiculous. Ri-dick-ulous. He thought about that big black dick on Alyx’s wall and his cock began to inflate. He excused himself from his register to bathroom, where he began to play with his cock. Someone walked in the room, and Kevin froze with shock.

“Hey, um, Kevin, like it’s not my place but do you want help with that?” asked a shy and lisping voice. It was Matty, the bank president’s simpering, faggot son who Kevin had only recently started noticing. At 19, Matty was a skinny little nothing, an annoying intern. But to Kevin, he was meat.

“Fuck yeah,” Kevin said for what seemed like the millionth time. It was becoming his catchphrase. Kevin opened the door, pulled the boy on and made him kneel on the floor as he sat on the toilet. Matty went to suck on the big cock, but Kevin gave him a little slap in the face, pointed to his growing pecs, and said “these first.” Matty hungrily sucked at Kevin’s nipples before he allowed the young man to suck on his cock. When the two left the bathroom at the same time, the whole floor knew what they had done.

Matty was so full of cum that he burped, which caused Kevin to laugh.

Kevin sat down at his stool as his female coworkers looked at him with disgust, but it made him only feel pride. A few weeks ago, he would have broken his own finger to get a little guilt-free flirting from one of them. Now? Ha. What the fuck ever. As he happily helped the next client in line, Kevin began to accept something. Alyx was right. He was queer. Queer could be a lot of things, he thought. Could be that you like boys on rare occasions, or that you’re bi. Could be that you’re into trannies. Could be whatever. Just not 100% straight. And Kevin found himself caring less and less what anyone thought. He was turned on by the idea that he was changing. It wasn’t just mental, this change, but physical. His balls felt more full, his cock seemed more veiny, his pecs were growing with his pride and his ego. Parts of Kevin felt the same. His hobbies, the people he cared for, and those he loved, like Kaylie. But fuck. Ever since he played with Greg, he felt stronger and tougher and more confident.

And he wanted much, much more. Something about his meeting with Matty had moved him. Kevin wanted to fuck a big, bouncy man ass. He wanted to taste that pussy, to see a hole swallow his cock and to hear a lesser male call his name. It was time to fuckin’ fuck. Kevin knew that that’s what Greg had planned for him at the wedding, and churned out nut butter that night thinking of it. Kevin felt free. He changed his Facebook orientation from Straight to Queer, and was immediately blown up with messages both asking if he was okay and if he wanted to fuck. Kaylie tried to call through many times, but Kevin texted her that he needed to figure some stuff out. Alyx texted him congratulations on his coming out, although Alyx seemed to imply that there was more to come. Kevin even called his mom to tell her, and even though she really didn’t understand what ‘queer’ meant, she sounded happy, because to her, it meant Kaylie was out of his life, and his mom couldn’t stand her. And when Kevin’s mom asked about this boy, he found himself speaking like he never had before.

“Mom, you have to see this guy. He’s so fuckin’ handsome. And he’s ripped! Where does he work? He does PR, but at one of those big firms. Makes a lot of money. Gay?

C’mon mom, no, I’m just queer. That’s different. Is he my boyfriend? I don’t know, I’m engaged. This is just a government thing, really. Boyfriend would be a big leap. I’m just trying to get through this.”

After he got off the phone with his mom, Kevin tried to fill out the paper work that he had to send to the Department - sexual contact, number of liaisons, blah blah blah - but was taken by her question. Was Greg his boyfriend? Could he really have a boyfriend right now? Could a government appointed reparations officer be his boyfriend? Kevin texted Greg.

  • Hey… are you my boyfriend
  • Uh
  • Oh shit im sorry
  • of course i am dummy

For some reason, Kevin felt pride.

  • Fuck yeah
  • l fuck yeah

Kevin found himself enjoying the wedding more than he’d ever enjoyed one before. It was a beautiful, outdoor affair. Greg’s friends Marc and Jon were getting married, and Kevin had to admit, they looked handsome in their sharp tuxes. It was a strange feeling for Kevin, who had never really considered whether or not a stranger was handsome, but he liked it immensely. He enjoyed Jon’s strong chin and Marc’s pretty eyes. The vows were so sweet and the weather was so lovely that Kevin found himself tearing up as Greg held his hand. No part of Kevin even considered how much he had changed in the past few months. He really didn’t even notice the physical changes that he had sustained from hundreds and hundreds of hours at the gym. His pecs had grown greatly, as had his butt. He definitely hadn’t notice the little swish that he’d developed as his waist tightened and his ass grew. And he was fond of his new look. Greg had suggested that he shave his head and grow a beard, and Kevin thought that it looked really tough. In all, Kevin had never felt better about himself.

Still, part of him felt for Kaylie, and part of him even imagined that he would return to her once he shook this phase. He was just queer, after all, exploring a new side of him. Not gay like Greg or Jon or Marc.

The reception was fun, but tiring. Kevin and Greg danced the night away, extremely sluttily. By the time they returned to their hotel room, the two were very drunk, very sweaty and very horny. Kevin wasted no time. He wanted his big cock sucked. Using his newly developed biceps, he threw Greg onto the bed. Greg, instead of kissing his boyfriend’s cock per usual, pulled down his pants to reveal his great, beautiful ass, wrapped tightly in a pink mesh thong. Kevin could smell his cunt and sweat from feet away, and he became hungry.

“Tonight’s the night you fuck me,” Greg said as he kissed Kevin’s neck. “And you’re going to suck my cock.”

Kevin was in Greg’s thrall. He’d not taken any of his pills in weeks. This was what he wanted. Kevin had never sucked a cock before, as he had let Greg do most of the work but instinctively moved his lips down to his boyfriend’s crotch. He reached for his dick pouch, but Greg gave him a playful slap. Months ago, Kevin would have panicked if Kaylie had done anything like that, but he enjoyed it when Greg did it. Greg told him to pull back the underwear with his mouth, so he did. The smell of Greg’s cock made Kevin hungry, and his mouth fell upon the straining 5 inch rod. It was delicious, and Kevin found that he could take it all. When he had enough, Greg pushed Kevin back, grabbed his rock-hard cock and smothered it with lube, before finger his ass and laying on his back. Kevin knew what was happening, but for some reason he was scared.

Yes, he wanted to fuckin’ fuck as bad as he had ever wanted anything, but what about Kaylie? Really, he could finish the Department paperwork by saying that he got head from Greg. Greg grabbed Kevin’s head and rubbed it on his ass.

“What’s wrong, baby? You want this,” said Greg.

“It’s just, what about Kaylie?” asked Kevin.

“Forget Kaylie. You want this. You want ass. You want cock. Look at you, handsome. When I met you, you were a shlub with a heart of gold. Now you’re a gay fuckin’ stud with a heart of gold. Why don’t you flex for me, baby, show me those muscles,” said Greg. Kevin did so, smiling the whole time.

“Fuck yeah,” Kevin said.

“Own it Greg. What are you now?”

Kevin thought for a second. Thought about all of his times with Kaylie, about the day they met, about their plans for the future and the things they’d made. And he realized that it was all fuckin’ worthless. Kevin wanted ass and Kevin wanted cum.

“I’m a big fuckin’ gay stud about to fuck his boyfriend,” said Kevin.

Greg grinned wildly as Kevin pushed his way in. Kevin had never felt more pleasure in his entire life. It was better than losing his virginity. He could feel the hole swallow every millimeter of his dick. He could feel his massive vein groove its way in. Kevin grabbed his nipples, and then grabbed Greg’s waist and drew him closer. Kevin found himself yelling and howling. He grunted like a gorilla. He slapped Greg and Greg asked for more. And when he came, blasting what seemed like a gallon of cum into his boyfriend, Kevin immediately bent over and ate out his asshole, savoring his cum. Then Kevin, still powerfully horny, grabbed his camera and told Greg to arch his ass up in the air. Kevin took a shot of his boyfriend’s ass and sent it to his older brother. It didn’t even take a minute for him to respond.

  • Wowowow Kevy

  • Fuck yeah lmao

  • Was that the first time? Was it at the wedding?!?!!!

  • Hell yeah bitch!

  • So proud of you. How do you feel?

  • Gay dude. Gay as fuckkkk

  • You told mom you were queer tho you said that over and over

  • Time to make an edit bb. I’m gay.

    Alyx sent his brother a dozen rainbows. That night, Kevin fell asleep with his boyfriend’s cock in his mouth and a butt plug up his ass. Kevin had never taken anything up the ass before, but he loved it.

    The wedding date came and went. Kevin continued to change. By the time the summer had come, Kevin was as musclebound as a pro-linebacker, great drooping pecs and sagging, bloated abs. He had happily filled out the paperwork from the Department of Gay Affairs and had even been figured in some of their propaganda. A before and after picture on a billboard showed a before and after picture, one of him shirtless and skinny at a waterpark with Kaylie, and another of the new him, with his penis fully erect. The pilot program had since become mandatory, and Kevin took special pride when his friend Wiley became an especially slutty bottom afterward. He felt prouder still when Wiley sat on his cock. Greg and Kevin stayed together, but opened their relationship, and had made Matty his project, just like Greg had made Kevin his. Matty had gone from spindly dork to tight scenekid, wearing eyeliner and piercing his nipples and, most importantly, riding Kevin’s cock and letting Kevin have a taste of his deceptively huge dick whenever.

Kevin was so happy with his life that he didn’t even care about what he was doing that day. He was sitting in the park where he had first met Greg in order to meet Kaylie and talk out what had happened and officialize the paperwork. When Kaylie came into view, she was not happy. Kevin stood up to give her a hug, but she turned him down and sat across from him.

“Love your pumps,” said Kevin. Man, even he could notice how gay that was.

“Fuck you.”

“Look, you only need to sign the paperwork and we’ll, like, get out of here,” said Kevin, blithely.

“Kevin, please, just tell me what happened? To us? To you?” begged Kaylie.

Kevin tried to feel sympathy for Kaylie, but he couldn’t. Sure, he was still the old Kevin, in part, but why had Kaylie moved out when the government told him he had to try this? Why had she abandoned him? Instead, he put her on blast.

“Like, look bitch. The fuck you want? You pretty much left me when I had to do this, and guess what? You couldn’t suck that good a dick before anyway. If you didn’t want this to happen, you could have tried to slow it down, but guess what? I suck mad cock, I fuck mad ass and I’m, like, bad as fuck now. I’m gay honey. GAY. The Department helped me all the way the fuck out. So just sign this thing so I can get back to being a queen and fucking my boys, kay? And FYI: those pumps actually suck.” Kevin said.

Kaylie signed the paper and walked away shocked.

Kevin sat back in the park chair and thought about the huge cock on his brother’s wall.

I need one of those, he thought.

“Fuck yeah,” he said as he imagined a massive, pink-and-flesh cock with sagging balls adorning his wall.


Hi guys! I don’t get to write much because I work a lot, but I’m hoping to turn this into a series about a world in which the government is trying to make the public gayer as a form of reparations. If you have any cool ideas, leave them below or leave your contact info! or, if you’re just another young former straight stud trying to make friends ;)

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